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Close Your Eyes

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5 days until


Shouto, despite learning just two months that the world was going to end any day now, he felt at peace. He feels happy. No matter how much chaos the world is in, everything was so cozy and safe in the Midoriya household, which as the moment was full as hell. Shouto has been here many times over the years, with friends from Yuuei sometimes as well, but goddamn its full. Fuyumi is here, along with their mom, who they kidnapped from the hospital the day chaos broke out. All Might came here every day for a while, and today he was with his mentor Gran Torino, who just showed up, and no one really asked why. The Bakugo family came as well for dinner, and Kirishima just arrived, because, well, his boyfriend and good friend were here at the moment, so it was a win-win for him. Despite some awkwardness, everyone in the Midoriya household found a way to talk, make jokes, sometimes crude, but Shouto didn’t really mind. It was the end of the world, after all, and who was he to judge?


Its been two hours since the guests left, and Shouto is so tired. Being with Midoriya alone was the greatest feeling after a long night, especially when they were curled up next to each other. He really didn’t know when it started, but listening to Midoriya ramble on about video game strategies under his breath was so calming after a long day. “Do you want to play for a while?” Midoriya asks.
“No.” As his answer will always be.


Shouto didn’t know when he fell asleep. Midoriya and him were still cooped up together, explaining his neck hurting. Sometimes, it’s moments like these where Shouto regrets getting close to his friend. Years have gone by, but every day, somehow, he falls in love Midoriya all over again like at the sports festival. “Do you want to go to bed? You seem tired,” Midoryia was still wide awake as ever, and Shouto couldn’t blame him.
“No.” Shouto replies.
“No? Are you sure you don’t want to sleep?” Midoriya asks again.
“Do you want to play a game then? Like, Overwatch? I can see if anyone is up.”
“Hell no. Our friends are bad when it comes to Overwatch. We lost due many games due to Kaminari being Winston.”
“Don’t Starve?”
“We die on day two trying to kill spiders for Tokoyami.”
“Sleeping Dawn?”
“Bakugo always tries to fight the torch men, so we all die.”
“Why do I even try with you?”
“I don’t know, why do you try?” Shouto asks, making Midoriya nudge him and laugh a little. Shouto himself giggles - which used to be a rare sight, but Yuuei changed all that - and nudges Midoriya back.


“Are you finished yet?” Shoutos yawns.
“No, Undertale is about six hours of gameplay.” Midoriya replies.


Midoriya yawns, finally. Shouto couldn’t bear to keep his eyes open for a few more minutes to watch his friend play Undertale. Even though it was relaxing as comfortable as hell to. Midoriya slides into his bed, Shouto laying down on the futon that Ms. Midoriya set up. “Night Todoroki.”
“Night Midoriya.”