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Spira's Wizard and Ninja

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Lily Potter knew that her time was near. She had already planned everything out, from the protection she would put on her son, to sending him away when the time came. She knew what would happen if James and her died, and she would not let that happen. She just couldn't send her son to her sister Petunia, not if she had anything to say about it.

She had everything all set up, all the runes were drawn and the charms set. All she needed to do now, was to give the ultimate sacrifice. May Lady Hecate have mercy, and place her child someplace safe.

In Spira

Tidus was practicing Blitzball with the team when he felt...something. This wasn't like anything with Sin, or Jetch, or any fiend really. It was almost like, it was protecting something.

Tidus absentmindedly catches the ball that was tossed to him, and Wakka, (Captain, not on the team itself due to his child) looks right at him. "What's going on?" He asks, looking around.

"Just a feeling, as if, pyreflies are forming an Unsent, who is fading, keeping something safe, to be protected." Tidus responds, before taking another look around.

"That's not something you hear everyday, where?" Wakka asks.

"If I'm right, coming our way. Everyone, this may get rough." Tidus says, and pulls out Caladbolg, while Wakka pulls out World Champion. What they don't expect is a child wrapped in a blanket floating down to them. The last few remaining pyreflies floating away as Tidus gently grabs hold of the child.

"Please, keep him safe. There is a letter, in his blanket. Please, help him." Tidus had never heard anything quite like it. So, pleading about the child.

"What do you think, brudda?" Wakka asks.

"I think we need more information, what does the letter read?" Tidus feels around carefully, trying not to wake the child, before pulling out the leter that was presented. "Ah, here it is, let's see," Tidus quickly reads it, before starting to shake slightly. "We need the girls, everyone really. I'm going to call Yuna and tell her to gather the old crew. We need all of their opinion."

"That bad?" Wakka asks.

"About the same as Sin, not as destructive, more localized, but definately as evil as Sin, and to think, the mom pulled a High Summoner, without the aid of a Guardian." That told most everyone around that the mom did not make it, and that it was specifically for her child.

"Let's get going then." Wakka says, and launches World Champion at a fiend that though it could sneak up on them. This will take a while to explain.

A few hours later.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Rikku yells out.

"Shh, you don't want to wake him," Tidus says, as Yuna gently rocks Harry.

"Are you telling me that the mother of this child sacrificed herself, without attempting to find another way?" Well when it was put like that...

"Maybe there wasn't enough time, ya? What if she only found out her life was in danger the day before, or to be more specific, the life of her child." Wakka points out.

"Aw, why did you have to ruin my fun?" Rikku pouts, only to, quite suddenly, snatch Harry away from Yuna and to start cooing over him.

The letter that started this entire thing is still sitting on the table, where Kimahri picked it up to read.

Dear whoever recieved my son, Harry,

First, I thank you for taking him in, and know that his life will be hounded for before too long. This is due to a prophecy concerning him and a great evil of the land that I live in. It goes: The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... And the Dark Lord will mark him his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... This is all that I know, and that the Dark Lord Voldemort knows as well.

I suppose I should explain Lord Voldemort as well, he is a person of great and evil power that is trying to rule a certain part of the world, and I fear that if he isn't stopped, he would continue on to other places before trying to take over the world completely. His past, his upbringing, and nearly everything else remains a mystery, and yet appears convinced that my child will be the one to vanquish him. I know that should he turn his sights towards my family, I will not last long dueling him, however, I have already planned for that.

Ancient magic, a willing sacrifice at a certain time during the year, and blood being spilled in defence of another, all comes together to form a nearly perfect shield for my son, the only thing is, only those that share blood with him can be able to hurt him. I know the way the legal system will work, and it will cause him to go with my horrid sister, of which I have alreadytaken care of by sending him far away.

If you do not wish to take him in, could you at least please give him to someone who would be able to take care of him? I know that he will be powerful in the future. Please, do not turn him away because he is different.

Lily Jean Potter nee Evans.

"Kimahri not like all of letter, but is willing to admit strength in going to death knowing to die, with no way around."

"She mentioned him having strength, Kimahri, could you scan Harry to see just what she meant?" Lulu asks.

Kimahri does as requested, and almost faints in shock. "Magic user, very powerful, but, something different. Mana is around him, like Shell, and Protect, but very specific protections towards person Kimahri does not know."

"Considering the way she wrote out the letter, she was probably already against this Dark Lord, and then the prophecy comes about. I think, we take him in," Paine says, causing everyone else to lok at her. "He's strong, and knowing everyone else, he'll be protected, from the Ronso in the mountains, to the Al-Bhed in the desert. I mean, if he has the High Summoner Yuna as an adopted mom, with the Guardians of Tidus, Rikku, Kimahri, Lulu, Wakka, and me as his adopted family, who would want to go after him?"

Paine did have a point, and with everything all settled, Harry managed to gain seven very close, if dysfunctional, family members. However, there seemed to be one person missing, they just wouldn't find that person for a couple of years yet.