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Blood on the Waves

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My ship just glided into the port of Nassau, I saw tents on the beach and small boats propped up on the shore. We tied the boat off, we were the only pirates brave enough to bring our ship this close. I was the only woman captain when I stepped foot on this island, but one that was feared, I even put Captain Vane in his place. As soon as our boat stopped I walked onto the wooden gangplank and headed straight to the nearest tavern, that was owned by a Miss Guthrie of course we didn't like each other but it was the best tavern with the best ale.
I walked in many a male gaze turning towards me. "Unless you wanna keep those eyes you would do best to turn around." I said. I walked to the barkeep and grabbed an already poured rum and began to take little sips the last thing I needed was to be drunk, my ship perhaps, but didn't want to be like one of those whores in the brothel here. "Captain Flint it's nice to see you arrived here so safely." I heard Guthrie say, I turned pulling my tricorn down a little more.
"You were expecting me?" I asked.
"Indeed, have you heard about captain Vane?" She inquired. I paused holding my rum in front of my face. I lifted my head.
"What about him?" I asked. My gaze landed to the door as my father wandered in, our eyes met and he quickly walked over to me,I turned back to the bar in no time I felt a hand on my shoulder pull me around to face him.
"I'm glad you're still here, I thought would be going after Vane!" He exclaimed. I shrugged his hand off.
"Now is the time you wish to seek me out?" I asked.
"You don't know do you?" He quizzed me.
"No." I answered looking at both of them.
"He's been caught and is being tried for piracy in Port Royal." Guthrie answered. I dropped my rum I was very shocked.
"Men return to the ship! We have a pirate who's in need!" I yelled, my men cheered and headed back to the ship immediately, I went to walk away when my father grabbed my arm very tightly.
"You're not going anywhere!" He exclaimed.
"I'm old enough to go where I wish!" I said and grabbed his pistol and pointed it at him.
"You would turn on your own father?" He asked surprised.
"You turned on me once, this you had coming." I snarled. He stood still with his hands in the air.
"You will pay for this." He said.
"Don't think I will, you will have to catch me first, I have the fastest ship on the sea." I reminded him, my dress got caught under my boots and I nearly tripped so I tore the bottom of the dress and I could manoeuvre easier, as soon as I was outside I dropped his pistol down the well and headed to my ship.