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Get Well Soon

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He was hoping two Tylenol and a day in bed would be all it took. After three days of not feeling well, he'd finally had to make up some lame excuse for Dean, and then just retreated under the thick covering of his comforter for the rest of the day. Tylenol really didn't do much for the fever though, and he tossed and turned through various uncomfortable dreams before it was clear that he was not going to be able to just sleep it off. He was slick with sweat when he pushed the blanket off, but instantly the loss of warmth made him shiver. 

"Sam?" Dean's voice, sharp and low on the other side of the door made his head pound. Without knocking twice the older Winchester twisted open the knob and barged in holding their med kit and another leather bag. Cas was behind him, concern painted on the angel's face. 

He groaned, shifting his back against the wall so he could sit up with support. "What?" He rasped. He knew Dean had already figured out he was sick, no point in putting up a facade. 

"Jeez, you look worse then I was expecting." Dean put the med kit down on the bedside table and pushed up the sleeves of his navy flannel. 

"Just a fever, Dean." He muttered, expecting his brother to start yelling and give him another dose of Tylenol. He really didn't understand why Dean had to bring the whole damn med kit in. 

"Yeah, sure." Dean scoffed and then looked over his shoulder. "Cas I'm gonna go wash my hands, get Sam out of his clothes and take his blood pressure."

He groaned. "What? Dude, I'm not hurt or anything." Dean gave him a look and he instantly shut up. Fine, the sooner Dean got what he wanted, the sooner he'd leave him alone. Dean left to wash his hands and Cas took off his trenchcoat and his blazer. He rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt and then opened the leather bag. 

"Start getting undressed Sam, or do you need help?" He questioned, pulling out a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer. He rolled his eyes and shucked off his t-shirt, tossing it to the floor by the bed. It was all sweaty anyway. Cas raised an eyebrow. "Dean said all of your clothes." Huffing, he pushed the blanket down a little further so he could wrangle out of his sweatpants. Just as he started to pull the blanket back up, Cas stopped him. "ALL of your clothes." He repeated, eyeing his boxers. 

His mouth fell open for a second as he processed what Cas had meant. "Oh fuck no." He muttered, pushing Cas back. 

"Sam." There was a warning in Cas's voice. One that meant that he really didn't have a choice. The angel was watching him pointedly and he really, really didn't have the will to argue with both Cas and Dean. So with a glare he wrestled himself out of his boxers under the sheet and dropped them with his other clothes. "Thank you." Cas replied sincerely. "Can I have your arm?"

Obediently he stuck his right arm out. Cas wrapped the cuff around his upper arm, and then placed the bell of the stethoscope against his inner elbow. Holding it there with one hand, he inserted the plugs into his ears and then took hold of the bulb of the sphygmomanometer. He watched Cas's eyes narrow in concentration while he pumped up the cuff and then released the pressure valve. "What does your blood pressure usually run?" 

He thought for a minute. "Normal, I guess. 120/80 or whatever." 

"It's a little high, 142/94. But you're sick and unlikely to have hypertension given your lifestyle, so it's probably nothing to worry about." Cas undid the cuff from his arm and put it back in the bag. "Dean's not back just yet, so I'll listen to your heart and lungs." 

"Whatever." He replied, shifting his position the bed so Cas could press the bell of his stethoscope to his chest. He hissed as the icy metal touched his skin. Cas moved the bell from one end of his chest to the other, and then down around the left side of his pectorals. "Still ticking, doc?" He asked with a smirk. Cas didn't respond. "Well?"

"Heart rate sounds a little fast. I'm gonna check your pulse." Cas placed two fingers against his right wrist. 

Dean came back in just then. "What are his numbers?" He asked as he approached the bed. 

"Blood pressure was 142/94. Pulse is 102. Respirations 12." The angel answered, taking his fingers off Sam's wrist. 

"Numbers are kinda high, Sam." Dean remarked. "Did you check his lungs yet?" Cas shook his head no and Dean gestured for the stethoscope. "Get me a pen light and a tongue depressor out of the bag." Cas did as he was instructed as Dean once again placed the cold bell to his chest. "Deep breath, Sam."

Groaning he took a deep breath in and then let it out. Dean moved the bell down his pec and asked again. Another deep breath. Two more on the other side. Then Dean moved the bell unto his back. "Again for me, Sam." Four more deep breaths. Dean pulled back and took the stethoscope off, draping it around his neck. "Lungs are clear."

"Told you." He hissed. 

"Uh huh." Dean replied. "Open your mouth and say Ahh." He rolled his eyes but opened his mouth. Dean stuck the tongue depressor over his tongue and shown the light into his mouth. "Throat looks fine." He took the tongue depressor out and handed it to Cas, who tossed it in the trashcan by the table. "I'm gonna look in your eyes, Sam. This is will be bright." He took the penlight and swung the light over his eyes. He groaned at the brightness and blinked. It made his head pound. "Sorry. Just wanted to make sure it's not a concussion." 

"Well it's not." He was really getting sick of this. At least it's almost over, he thought to himself. 

"Ears hurt?" Dean was poking at his face and head, and then behind his ears. He shook his head. "Any of this hurt?" Dean's fingers slide down to his neck, feeling at the glands under his jaw and down his neck. Again he shook his head no. Dean slipped his fingers down his arms, pads probing lightly over the muscles. "Any muscle pain?" He placed his fingers into his palms. "Squeeze my fingers."

"Pfft." He squeezed his brothers fingers, hard, on purpose. 

"Good. Push me away."

"With pleasure." He forced his brother back and then pulled him towards just to make a point. "See. No muscle pain." 

Dean nodded. "Alright, lay down for me." 

He groaned. "Dean...really? Can you just be done now?" 

"Nope." Dean answered, watching him expectantly. He rolled his eyes and shifted around, grabbing the sheet to protect his dignity as he stretched out unto the bed. Dean moved the sheet down to his pelvis, so that his pubic hair was just barely vision. He blushed and looked at the wall. He hissed when Dean put the bell against his stomach. "Sorry, it's gone cold." Dean moved the bell and he hissed again. "I'm gonna push on your stomach, let me know if it's hurt." 

"Just hurry up, I'm over this." He bitched. Dean pressed into his stomach at several different spots. "Nothing. Are you done now?" Dean handed the stethoscope to Cas to put away. He lifted the sheet up over his legs, felt the muscles. "I'm gonna kick you in about two seconds, Dean." 

"So no muscle pain?" 


"Good." He looked over at Cas. "Get the thermometer out, Cas. Roll over, Sam." He muttered, patting Sam's thigh. 

He looked at his brother, first confused and then horrified. "Wait. Seriously, dude? No." 

"Only way to get an accurate reading Sammy. Besides, I still gotta check down here and back there, so might as well get it out of the way." 

He was moving to sit up now. "You're not gonna "check down here" OR "back there." 

Dean smirked. "Yeah, I am. If you rather, Cas can tie you down while I do it, but I AM gonna check everything, Sam."

He grunted, staring daggers at his brother. He knew he wasn't going to win. This was not the first time Dean had put him through something like this, and he had had to do it to Dean as well. In their line of work a full body exam was necessary because neglected or forgotten injuries, even embarrassing ones, could crop up and start causing trouble. The smallest nick or neglected bruise could turn into something serious overnight. So he swallowed his pride and turned over on his stomach, burying his face into his pillow. 

Dean rubbed his back and pulled the sheet off, revealing his naked ass to the whole damn room. He heard Cas squirt lube unto the damn rectal thermometer and the snap of his brother putting on rubber gloves. "Relax, Sam. This is going to be a little cold." 

He groaned into the pillow, feeling Dean spread his asscheeks apart. "You're gonna feel my finger." He nearly jumped out of his skin when Dean touched the outer ring of muscle around his anus and then pressed his fingertip in, coating his rectum with lube. The finger came out only to be replaced with the cold probe of the thermometer. His ass clenched tight around it, until Dean smacked his asscheek. He howled. "Stop clenching." Dean spanked him a second time, and he begrudgingly relaxed his butt. 

Dean slowly slid the thermometer out and handed it to Cas. "102.6." Cas confirmed before he sterilized the thermometer with some rubbing alcohol. "What do you want to give him?"  

"The Tylenol he took before hasn't quite worn off yet. I'm going to finish my exam before we give him anything." Dean replied. His stomach sank. He could only imagine what their treatment plan would consist of. Today was officially the worst day of his fucking life. "Back on your back, Sam." He rolled over and covered his eyes with his arms. He knew what Dean was gonna do and he just wanted it over. "Deep breathes, Sammy." Dean touched his dick with his gloved fingers and his stomach rolled. He wanted to die. Even though Dean's touch was light and he took no more time then necessary, just the feeling of his brother's fingers on his dick made him nauseous. "Cough, Sam." Dean suddenly cupped his balls and he coughed, though it sounded more like a retch. "Good enough. Turn back over." 

Dean stripped off his gloves and Cas handed him a pair of new ones. "Draw up 10 CCs of B12, IM." Dean muttered, softly so Sam couldn't really hear. Cas nodded, taking a syringe and vial out of the med kit. "Sam, get up on your elbows and knees and spread your legs apart."

He got up into position, fairly certain the burning in his head had down spread down to his face and neck. Dean poured lube unto his index and middle fingers. "Okay, here we go." He spread Sam's ass apart and slid a slick finger into his rectum. He groaned, whining softly as Dean's finger sunk in to the first knuckle and then deeper. He rotated his finger 360 degrees in both directions palpating the walls of his rectum. "Good. Adding a second finger now." He swore outloud, feeling Dean penetrate him with both fingers and swept them around inside him. His thighs started to shake and his whole body quivered. "Easy, Sam. Almost done." Dean grabbed his hip and sunk his fingers in as far as they would go.  

Cas meanwhile opened the rubbing alcohol and cleaned the top of the B12 vial with a cotton swab. He opened the syringe package and uncapped the needle, sticking it into the top of the vial and drawing out 10 CCs. He then pulled the needle out and recapped it, pulling of the needle and setting it aside. He attached a new needle in it's place and poured alcohol on another cotton swab. "All set Dean." 

"Okay." Dean withdrew his fingers and stripped off his gloves. He grabbed a pillow and pushed it under his pelvis. He collapsed unto it, still a little shakey. "Stay just like that, Sam." He patted his ass. "I'm gonna give you a B12 shot now. This is gonna sting." Sting? It was gonna burn like a motherfucker. He hated those fucking shots. 

Dean really didn't give him time to complain as he put on a new set of gloves and took the needle from Cas while swabbed his left asscheek. Dean uncapped the needle and flicked the barrel of the syringe to release the air bubbles. Cas moved down to towards him and kindly took his hand. "It's okay, Sam. It's only gonna hurt for a minute." 

He looked up at Cas and could have punched him. Unfortunately Dean took advantage of the momentary distraction and jabbed the needle deep into his ass. "Fuck!" He swore and then cringed as Dean pushed down on the plunger, injecting the drug deep into his butt muscle. "Ow." He muttered, squeezing Cas's hand as Dean finished and pulled the needle out. He swabbed his ass again with the cotton swab and then put the syringe aside. 

He looked up at Cas, hoping they were finally done, but Cas kept holding his hand and when Dean moved back to the bed, he figured out why. "Last thing, Sammy. Time for your next dose of Tylenol." Dean told him, opening a blister pack. Not in pill form, either. Because this actually was the worse day of his fucking life. "Deep breath for me." Dean spread his buttcheeks apart for the third fucking time and placed the suppository against his rectum. When Dean heard his brother exhale he shoved the suppository in, followed by his finger. 

"I fucking hate you." He swore, just about jumping out of his skin again. God, this had been torture. Bad enough he had this fever, now he had a sore ass to contend with. 

"What was that?" Dean withdrew his finger and then slapped his ass, hard. 

"Ow." He said again. "Fuck you." 

"Yeah, fuck me." Dean spanked him again. "If you had just told me you were sick, instead of hiding it, none of this would have been necessary." He smacked his asscheek a third time. So who fucked who, Sam?" Dean spanked him a fourth time, followed by a fifth for good measure. 

"I'm sorry." He muttered, sincerely, between curses. He really actually was. As horrible as this whole exam had been, he was already starting to feel better.   

"I know you are, Sammy." Dean rubbed his back and then pulled the sheet up over him. "Try to sleep, alright? I'll check on you in a couple hours." He planted a chaste kiss on his forehead. 

Cas gathered up the supplies. "Let us know if you need anything." He tossed the younger Winchester a smile before following Dean out the door. "So." He muttered when Dean had shut the door and they headed down the hall. "That was..."

"Just my way of telling Sammy to get well soon." Dean finished with a smile.  



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In reality Dean should've just locked the door. It might not have kept Cas out, but it sure as hell would've kept Sam and their fucking medical kit far away from him. Of course, nobody has ever accused Dean Winchester of thinking things through.

"It's okay Dean." Cas assured him, rubbing his hand over the naked skin of Dean's shoulder and sliding down to rub his back. "It's okay." The angel turned his attention to Sam who had snapped on a pair of latex gloves and was shaking down the mercury in the thermometer he was holding.

"Deep breath Dean." Sam advised, before he spread apart his brother's asscheeks and stuck the thermometer into his rectum. He slid it in a little further, ignoring Dean's groans and twisted it into place. "Three minutes." He patted Dean's ass before taking off the gloves and throwing them away.

Dean turned his face into the pillow, groaning again as he tried to get the universe to just swallow him whole. Cas rubbed his back again. "Sam, what are you planning to do?" He kept his attention on Dean, but Sam had moved back to the dresser where he had set the med kit and other supplies.

"Standard exam: heart, lungs, stomach, rectal." Dean cussed into the pillow at the last word. "I'll probably give him an enema."

Dean's head came up from pillow and he twisted violently to look over his shoulder at his brother. "Fuck you." He hissed.

Sam shook his head. "You can have an enema, or I can shove a suppository up your ass every four hours for the next two days. And if you choose the suppository I will take your temperature every time."

Dean snorted. "You'd do that anyway."

Sam shrugged. "Alright, but remember you asked for it." He put on a new pair of gloves and walked back over to the bed. Cas put his hands on Dean's shoulders and coaxed him back down to the pillow. Sam spread Dean's ass apart and pulled the thermometer out. He held up to the light, squinting to see where the Mercury had stopped rising. "101.9" he announced.

"Not too bad." Cas remarked.

"High enough." Sam grabbed the pack of lube he had put on the bed. He squeezed some on his fingers and turned back to Dean. "Alright Dean. Get up on your knees, head and shoulders down."

Dean groaned and muttered curse words under his breath as he pulled his knees up and dropped his chest so that his ass was pointedly up in the fucking air in front of his brother. Cas' warm hands came down to rest on his asscheeks, spreading them slightly apart for Sam. He muttered something about Cas having a light touch, but between fever and exhaustion his words were lost. He was actually falling asleep, despite Sam's finger probing around in his ass, even when his little brother nailed his prostate with one large finger, pad rubbing heavily against the organ, his response was just a brief moan.

"He's really out of it." Cas sent a worried glance to Sam, eyebrows raised in concern. "Dean? You still with us?" He brought one hand down to stroke Dean's hair.

"Yeah, yeah. Just really tired." Dean finally answered. He raised his head and twisted to look behind him. "You about done back there, Sammy?"

Sam huffed in response, sliding his finger out. "Yeah, you're fine. Turn over so I can listen to your lungs." 

"Need some help, Cas." He gestured to his angel and Cas helped him roll his body unto his back.

"Maybe I outta take your blood pressure again." Sam put a hand to Dean's face and shined a flashlight into his eyes. "It wasn't too bad, but you're starting to look dehydrated." He pinched the skin on his brother's forearm to see if it puckered. "Cas can you get the IV supplies ready?" He decided. Better safe then sorry. Dean would probably return the gesture in kind the next time Sam got sick or injured, but that wasn't on Sam's mind right now.

The angel left Dean's side to get the supplies. Dean glanced over at his brother but said nothing. Sam wrapped the blood pressure cuff around his upper arm and pumped it up, the cold stethoscope bell was pressed into his inner elbow as it deflated. "It's 100/60, Dean. That's getting kind of low." Sam remarked, undoing the cuff. "Your color is off too." 

"I'm sick." Dean huffed as Sam's fingers rubbed circles around his neck, feeling his glands. 

"You're pretty swollen under here." Sam muttered. He picked up a tongue depressor from the table and turned back to his brother. "Open." Dean obediently opened his mouth and Sam pressed the wood against his tongue, he flashed the light into the back of Dean's throat. "And that would be why." He replied firmly. "Your throat is red, swollen, and you've got white patches all down the back." He threw the tongue depressor away and picked up the stethoscope again. "Deep breath." He pressed the bell against Dean's chest, holding his brother's shoulder as he listened both in front and across Dean's back. 

"Strep?" Dean questioned, looking up as Sam put the stethoscope away. 

"Strep." Sam confirmed. "Or viral pharyngitis, technically. Do your ears hurt?" Dean nodded after a moment. Sam sighed and then glanced back at his brother. "Do you want a penicillin shot?" 

"Do I need it?" There was a whine at the end of that. "You said it could be a virus." 

Sam sighed. "We could try for twenty four hours and see if you get any better. But you run the risk of Scarlett fever if it is strep." His brother groaned and and laid down against his pillow. "Dean?" 

Dean opened his eyes again just as Cas came into his room. "So basically my options are either you stick me with penicillin and shove a thermometer up my ass every four hours, followed by a butt pill until my fever breaks, or you stick me with B12 and I still get a thermometer and a pill shoved my ass followed by another b12 shot in 12 hours, followed by a penicillin shot if I'm still sick tomorrow, right? And hooked up to the IV the whole time." 

Sam went over the scenario in his head before nodding with a slight smirk. "Yup." He gestured Cas over to start prepping the IV. "If it helps I'll probably give you a B12 shot in 12 hours regardless of whether you get penicillin or not." 

Dean stared at Sam for exactly five seconds before cussing in his face and then turning over unto his side. Cas grabbed his arm and helped him unto his side. "Just fucking do the penicillin and hurry up so I can go to sleep." 

Sam smirked a little before getting up and going over to their med kit. "Do you want me to start the IV now?" Cas asked, going over to Sam. 

"In a minute." Sam pulled out a syringe. "Can you go get the penicillin from the fridge in the infirmory?" Cas nodded and stepped out of the room again. Sam glanced at their supplies and then grabbed a pair of gloves and the box of Tylenol suppositories. "Let's get this out of the way." He took one out and went back over to Dean. "I need you to relax." 

Dean scoffed, throwing his arm over his eyes. "This sucks." 

"Hazard of the job." Sam snarked. "That's what you always told me." He lifted Dean's asscheek and placed the suppository against his hole. "Deep breath." Dean inhaled and Sam pushed the pill in as quickly as he could, followed by his index finger. Dean grunted at the feeling of Sam's finger up his ass. Sam kept his finger still until he felt Dean's body melt the pill. He slide out slower then he entered and patted Dean's ass. "That's usually the hard part." He pulled off his gloves and got up again as Cas came back with the penicillin. "Thanks Cas, you can start the IV now." 

Cas put in some gloves and sat down beside Dean. "How are you, Dean?" He asked pulling out the needle and tubing. 

"Fantastic, Cas." He replied, smirking softly. Cas leaned forward and kissed his forehead. "Mmm, that's the best medicine I've had yet." 

Cas chuckled, taking Dean's arm and rubbing it down with alcohol. He wrapped a rubber strap around his arm and poked at the vein in his inner elbow. "Sam's right, you are dehydrated." 

"Having trouble with the vein, Cas?" Sam questioned from the dresser. He had unwrapped the syringe and was drawing up the penicillin. 

"No I've got it." Cas stuck the needle into the vein, followed by the tubing. Once it was in, he checked the tubing to make sure there was no back flow of blood and began to tape everything in place. 

"Looks good?" Dean questioned. Cas nodded. Dean sighed, his brow was sweaty and he rubbed his face against his pillow. Cas finished and got up, putting his hands on Dean's back and hip as Sam came over with the syringe. 

"Shot time." Sam told him, rubbing alcohol over the top of Dean's ass. Dean shuddered but Cas held him down firmly. Sam uncapped the syringe and flicked the barrel. "Alright. On three..." He positioned the needle over the skin at the top of Dean's hip. "One..." He jammed the needle in and fingered the barrel. "Three." 

"Fuck." Dean cursed. He groaned clawing at Cas's hand on his back as Sam injected the thick substance into his ass. Cas grabbed his hand and squeezed, but held it down against his side. 

"'s almost over." Cas soothed. 

Sam pulled the needle out and rubbed the alcohol swab over the wound. "Done." He declared. "Hold that there, Cas." Cas nodded, holding the swab in place for a few more seconds while Sam cleaned up.

Once Sam had their supplies cleaned up Cas took off the swab and helped Dean turn over on his stomach. He put an extra pillow behind Dean's neck and shoulders and pulled the sheet up over his body. "I'll be back to take your temperature in a couple hours." He whisphered into Dean's ear. 

Dean moaned softly, kissing Cas' cheek. "Okay." 

"Go to sleep." Cas muttered against his skin before pulling away. 

Dean woke up to Cas checking his arm and fiddling with the IV. "You need me to turn over, Angel?" He muttered. 

Cas smirked looking over at him. "I already checked. You slept right through it." 

Dean raised an eyebrow but decided that was a good thing. "So?" 

"Your fever is down to under 100 so congratulations you don't need another suppository. You've gone through a whole bag of fluid so I'm hanging a second. If you can pee and eat in a couple hours you'll probably avoid the B12 shot Sam has for you too." Dean silently made that his goal. Cas leaned over and kissed his brow. "You look better." 

"I feel better. Just tired and I've got a great ache in my hip." Cas slipped a warm hand under the sheet and rubbed Dean's ass. "Mmm. Careful, you'll start something you'll have to finish." Dean warned. 

"Is that so?" Cas rubbed the tender spot for a few more seconds. "Should I give you a quick exam?" He gingerly pulled the sheet down past Dean's pelvis. "Looks like you're getting pretty swollen down here." He put both hands on either side of his pelvis. "Lymph nodes are a little enlarged." He moved closer to his cock. "I should examine the organ." Dean moaned, thrusting against Cas' hands. "Careful of the IV." Cas lead a heavy hand on Dean's arm. Dean nodded, reaching up and grabbed the bedpost to keep that arm immobile. Cas bent over him. "I think this needs a specific instrument." He opened his mouth and swallowed down on Dean's erect member. 

"Oh my god, Cas." Dean moaned. He squeezed his eyes shut as Cas wrapped his tongue around his cock. "Mmm. Oh god." He ran his fingers through the angel's hair, bucking his hips into Cas's throat. The angel's lack of a gag reflex came in handy. Cas wrapped a hand around Dean's cock to keep his rthyme steady. "Jesus Christ, Cas." Dean cooed as the angel sucked him off. Cas unwound his tongue and pulled off only to lick Dean from shaft to hilt. Sloppily he worked his tongue over the head of the hunter's dick. "Cas. Cas. Cas." Dean called to him as he felt his belly tighten. "Jesus I'm already close. Cas..." 

"It's okay, Dean." Cas assured him. "Go ahead." Cas swallowed him down again and held his hips so that as Dean came he could swallow the entire load.

Once Dean had finished he slumped back against his pillow, combing his hand through his angel's hair. "That was the best exam I've ever had." He muttered as Cas released him and crawled up to lay beside him in the bed. The angel reached over to check the IV tubing before settling back down beside Dean. "Thank you." Sleep was heavy in Dean's voice again. 

"I love you." Cas muttered against his skin, kissing his cheek as Dean lulled himself back to sleep. Something that sounded like "I love you too." Came out of Dean's mouth before he was out again. 

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Dean paced around the main of the Bunker, idling back and forth and casting nervous glances at his phone, which lay face-up on the table. Sam looked up from his laptop and rolled his eyes. "'re not gonna just conjure a phone call from them out of thin air."

"I know." Dean snapped. "But it's been too long. They should've checked in by now."

Sam sighed and closed his laptop. "Dean, it's Cas and Crowley, how much trouble can an angel and demon really get-" He was cut off by Crowley appearing near the stairs. The king of hell was literally holding Cas up, the angel was unconscious, bloody and bruised about his face and blood soaking the front of his shirt. Fresh, oozing blood stained the front of Crowley's suit jacket. "Into." Sam finished as he rushed over, Dean on his heels.

"What happened?" Dean demanded, grabbing for his angel. He looped Cas' other arm around his shoulders to steady him.

Crowley rolled his eyes upward at Dean. "What the bloody hell does it look like?" The demon sneered. "Angels ambushed us! It was chaos! My own fucking demons turned against us."

"Why isn't he healing?" Sam gestured to Cas as Dean tapped his face, trying to get the angel to open his eyes. His hand slipped to Cas' neck and then to his mouth.

"Angel nonsense." Crowley huffed. "They poisoned him."

"We gotta get him downstairs to the infirmary." Dean looked up at Sam, eyes full of anxiety. Sam quickly moved between Dean and Crowley to Cas' other side. "Come on. You too Crowley." Dean barked as he and Sam headed downstairs with Cas. Crowley threw his hands up in surrender and followed after the hunters.

"Careful, careful." Dean eased Cas unto the surgical table. Sam immediately started collecting their med kit. "What did they poison him with?" Dean ripped opened Cas' shirt to look at his chest, but his head came up in Crowley's direction.

"Hell if I know." The demon muttered, standing close to the doorway. "It was green and there were sigils on it."

"What sigils?" Sam asked as he hurried past to grab a few more tools.

"What do you want, a picture?"

"Yes!" Dean sneered, tossing the rest of Cas' shirt to the floor. Sam passed him the rubbing alcohol and he soaked a square of gauze so that he could start to clean away some of the blood. Dean worked down one side and Sam worked down the other, both of them taking mental stock of the angel's injuries. "Crowley, come here. I need your help." Dean tried to remain calm, but his voice was low...threatening. 

Crowley rolled his eyes and walked over. He tossed his suit jacket unto one of the nearby beds, along with his tie, and rolled up his sleeves. "Monitor his vials." Sam directed, handing a stethoscope to Crowley. He excused himself from the table to get the suture kit. Crowley placed the bell of the stethoscope on Cas' chest. 

Dean pulled off Cas' shoes and socks, and then moved up to undo his belt. Crowley raised an eyebrow as Dean slid down Cas' pants and tossed them into the pile on the other side of the room. "Hand me that drape." Crowley handed the blue drape Dean had asked for and the hunter placed it over Cas' lap before pulling off the angel's boxers. Crowley got a flashlight from among the tools Sam has set beside the table and opened Cas's eyes. "Is he still unconscious?" Dean asked, looking up at Crowley. The demon nodded. 

Dean pulled on a single latex glove. Wordlessly Crowley reached over and handed him a packet of lube. Dean tore it open and squeezed some unto his index finger. "Hold up." Crowley walked around the table and grabbed one of Cas' thighs, he pulled his knee up nearly to his chest and held it there. 

"Thanks." Dean muttered. "Sorry about this Cas." He slid his lubricated finger into Cas' rectum, moving it around in a circular motion. He pulled his hand back out almost as quickly. "No blood. That's good." Crowley nodded, returning Cas' leg to the table. Dean pulled off the glove and readjusted the drape and Crowley went back to checking Cas' heart rate. 

"I found the penicillin, no idea if that's gonna help until we figure out what the hell they poisoned him with." Sam set the vial down among the other tools. "Is he healing at all?" 

Dean wiped away more blood from Cas' chest. "I can't tell. Still looks the same." 

"Alright." Sam snapped on a pair of gloves and handed some to Dean. He opened suture packs for them both and handed Dean his. "Lidocaine first?" 

"Not unless he starts to wake up." Dean gave Crowley a look. "Give him a dose of morphine to keep it that way." Crowley nodded. He hung the stethoscope around his neck and moved to grab a pair of gloves. While Dean and Sam got their sutures ready he filled a syringe with morphine and grabbed the rubbing alcohol. Cas suddenly shuddered. "Woah." Dean his hands on Cas' shoulders. "Cas?" 

Cas weakly opened his eyes, trying to move his muscles. "Cas, we're patching you up." Sam told him, holding his hips down firmly. "I know everything hurts right now, but we're gonna make it better." 

"It's alright Feathers." Crowley moved the drape away from Cas's hip, just below Sam's hand. He quickly wiped off the muscle with alcohol. "Go back to sleep." He plunged the needle in and injected the morphine in the angel's hip. The morphine only took a moment to pull Cas back out and his went slack against Dean and Sam.

"Do you think we'll be alright without lidocaine? I just want this over with." Dean asked, looking at Sam.

"He's unconscious again, just hurry up." Crowley replied. Sam nodded and Dean exhaled deeply before starting his first stitch. 

"Shine that light over here, Sam, I can't see and this one is deep." Sam adjusted the light over the cut Dean was flushing with sterile water. "Ah shit." He put the syringe of water aside and felt the wound with the tip of his finger. "This is a mess."

"Can you close it?" Sam asked getting ready to hand Dean some more sutures.

"Yeah...yeah...I guess I gotta, huh?" Dean glanced up briefly at Sam and accepted the needle and thread.

"Crowley, how's he doing?"

The king of hell glanced up briefly at the younger Winchester. "His pulse is slow, and his blood pressure is almost non-existent."

"What? Damnit! Why didn't you say anything?!" Dean pulled back from Cas' chest and glared at Crowley.

"It just started! Calm the fuck down, Squirrel."

Sam put his hands out to block Dean from Crowley. "Okay, okay. I'm gonna start an IV of fluids and some blood. That might bring him up. Keep stitching, Dean. You've gotta get that wound closed." Sam excused himself from the table to grab the necessary supplies. Dean continued to work, but he kept a glance fixed on Crowley.

"Crowley, help Dean, I got his vitals." Sam got into the chair Crowley vacated and took the stethoscope from him.

"I've got it closed." Dean said after a few more minutes. Crowley handed him the syringe of water for a final flush. "How is he, Sam?"

"Blood and fluids are doing the trick. He's coming up back."

"Maybe too much." Crowley warned, as Cas began to twitch.

"Shit. Cas? Can you hear me?" Dean put his hands back on Cas' shoulders, holding him flat against the table. "Cas, man. You're hurt. You've got a lot of stitches. I need you to stay still." Sam grabbed another syringe and started to fill it with morphine. 

"De-Dean." Cas gasped staring at the man with blurry eyes.

"I know. I know." Dean cooed. "I'm gonna make it better." He watched Sam hand the syringe to Crowley. "You're gonna be okay, Cas." Crowley slammed the syringe into Cas' hip, injecting the morphine. "I know. There ya go." Dean rubbed the angel's shoulders as he drifted off again. "Okay. Cas?" When there was no response Dean took a deep breath and backed away from the table. 

"Hey. Dean." Sam's voice was sympathetic but firm. "He's gonna be okay. But he needs you right now."

"We better figure out what the hell that poison is." Dean started to bandage Cas' chest, wrapping long stripes of white gauze over the wounds.

When he finally had Cas bandaged and cleaned up he lifted the angel into his arms. Sam grabbed the ivs and Crowley moved the table out of the way so that Dean could carry Cas over to one of the infirmary beds. With Cas in bed Dean tucked the sheet over his lower half, keeping his chest exposed while Sam arranged the IVs out of the way. "Probably check his temp and vitals in another hour or so."  

 Dean nodded. "Yeah." he glanced over at Crowley. "You staying?" 

Crowley shrugged. "What do you got on tap?" 

Sam patted Crowley's shoulder. "Lets go find out." he gestured for the stairs. 

"After you, Moose." 

With Crowley and Sam gone Dean grabbed a chair and sat down beside the bed. He grabbed Cas' hand in both of his, biting his lip softly as he watched the angel sleep.  

Chapter Text

Mark struggled hard against the demons who held him, pinned against a wall while another pulled out iron handcuffs. "Hold him still." The demon rasped, as Mark arched himself to try and free his hands before he could be cuffed. It earned him a heavy punch in the face that nearly caused him to black out. Still he tried to pull his wrists free as the demon locked him into the cuffs. He was thrown hard to the ground, consciousness slipping, and then dragged. 

"Boss say what he wanted done?"

He felt like he was underwater now as he was roughly dumped unto a table. Another punch in the face for good measure and then the cuffs were removed, only for him to be placed in restraints a few seconds later. He didn't have the time or the sense of space around himself to struggle much. 

"He's got something special for the kid."

Mark really didn't want to find out what that meant, but he was tied up and nearly unconscious. Whatever sigils had been painted on the floors of the warehouse had sapped his power and given him a splitting headache. It was suppose to be a routine raid, but the ambush had come quickly and effectively cut Mark off from his brother and the other hunters in their crew. He hoped his brother had gotten out of there. He knew as soon as Noah got back to camp he'd send a distress call to their father. Dean Winchester would come for him, in time, he just needed to hold on.

The thump of a heavy box being placed on the cart beside the table got his attention enough that he looked over. Lucifer's current head of torture opened the box and pulled out a vial that glowed a sickly grey. Mark had seen enough of the experiments Lucifer did on humans and monsters alike to know whatever was in the vial was designed for pain and probably death. He took a breath and resumed his attempts to struggle from the restraints.

"What's in that?" One of the demons asked, wheeling over a cart full of silver instruments. 

"A little of everything. Mainly a ground-up angel blade, salt, and holy water." The torturer selected a large syringe and needle from the tray. "Boss is curious to see if it will poison his grace. Eat it up from the inside." He filled the syringe from the vial and turned back to Mark. If the sigils on the restraints hadn't blocked his telekinesis, Mark would be bouncing the demon's head off the cement floor by now. That's what he told himself anyway, when his arm was pinned down and the needle stuck deep into his vein.

It burned. Shit it burned. Mark gagged as the pain consumed him. His eyes fell to his arm and he watched in horror as his veins began to turn black. Poison alright. He broke out into a cold sweat. His grace surged to try and heal, try to repel the poison, and he felt it literally rip through the healing touch and start to consume it.

One of the demons laughed. "Looks like it works. Gonna make dealing with angels a lot more fun."

"Speaking of." The other demon was suddenly touching him. "Boss said we had to bring the body. Didn't say what shape the body had to be in." His jeans were torn open.

"D..."His throat was constricted, dry and words were painful on his tongue. "Dahh." He tried again.

"You say something, boy?" One of the demons leaned in, grinning gleefully at his inability to speak.

"DADDDDDDDDDDD!" He screamed, the action leaving him mute as the pain began creep farther up his arm. He arched his back, both because they were touching him and because the pain seemed to wrap itself around his spinal nerves, sending waves of pain throughout his body. 

They only laughed at him. Wether they were confident they could finish him off, or they were ignorant of that fact that he was Dean Winchester's son, he didn't care to know. "Daddy isn't get here in time to save his little girl." One of them spat.

"Jesus he's tight. You'd think Winchester's kid would be getting it on the regular. His daddy certainly did."

He couldn't scream. After another minute he couldn't see. And thankfully he couldn't hear anymore either. He couldn't even really feel what they were doing to him. The pain was all he felt, and it robbed him of every other sense. He was clawing for unconsciousness, for anything that would black out the pain, but it seemed that nothing would starve it off. So he endured it, trapped within his own self, the tendrils of his grace, as physically present as his arteries and veins, ripping away, shriveling, dying as the poison crept ever closer to his heart.

"Mark!" The sound of his name sounded so far away. His vision was still mostly dark. Someone was touching him again, and he realized he must have lost track of time. The pain was still so intense, it burned to breath and he could only wheeze as someone called his name again.

"Fuck. Look at his veins, Cas."

"I see. Hand me that syringe."

"Mark!" The third time he opened his eyes, trying to focus. Something freezing cold was flushed into his veins. It moved more rapidly then the poison. The pain relented if only for a moment. "Son? Can you hear me?" 

"Dad?" He tried to say. The pain was starting to snap back again. He was vaguely aware that something was strapped to his chest and his arms. 

"We're losing him again, Cas. Try flushing the IV line again." Freezing cold slushed over him. "Son?" Dean tried again. "Son, you're safe. But you gotta stay awake, you hear me? You've been poisoned with some fucked up shit, but we're gonna flush it out."

"Dean, his grace is too damaged for this to work. We've gotta try something else to flush this out of him." Cas passed him a large syringe.

"Mark, I'm sorry about this, but this will hurt, son." He stabbed the needle into Mark's neck. The pain, whatever it was, was nothing compared to the feeling of his grace and the poison attached being drawn out. Cas threw himself over him to keep him still as Dean grimaced, pulling out all he could into the syringe. "Alright it's done, give me something to knock him out." Syringes were exchanged and Mark was thrown back into unconsciousness. 

He came to slowly. His body ached. Everything hurt. At least he could see and hear again. He looked around, finding himself in his father's bed, strapped up two different IVs and a blood pack. An assortment of instruments and vials sat on the bedside table beside a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope. "Dad?" He called, his throat feeling raw, his tongue like cotton.

Dean walked into the room and immediately picked up the stethoscope. "I've got water right here, kid." His father's warm hand slipped behind his neck, helping him hold his head up as a glass of water came into view. The cool glass touched his lips and he managed to swallow a fair bit of it. It cooled his throat just enough. "How's the pain, Mark?" Dean asked seriously.

"Twelve." He muttered in response.

"Okay. Look at me." He cringed at the penlight his father shown into his eyes but nevertheless followed it. His father's hands palpated his neck, down around his lymph nodes and over his shoulders. He heard the protest of velcro and watched his father move the cardiac monitor away from his chest and to the side. "Take some deep breaths." Dean instructed, putting the stethoscope into his ears and the bell against Mark's chest. He felt his breath hitch and he coughed, grabbing his chest in pain. "Easy." Warm fingers splayed across his back. "You've got broken ribs, but I need to make sure you don't have fluid in your lungs. Try to breathe but not so deep this time." The bell slipped unto his back and he felt the cool surface against his skin.

"Fluid?" He questioned softly, trying to speak without bothering his throat.

Dean shook his head. "No. You're lucky there. Squeeze my fingers." He offered his son his hands and Mark clumsily grabbed for them, his limbs felt extremely heavy even as he tried to make them work. "Push me back." He could barely do the motion, let alone conquer his father's strength. "Lot of weakness right now. Especially that right arm. I'm not surprised and don't worry. You're in super rough shape."

Mark turned his head and lifted his right arm just enough that he could see that his veins were still black around the injection site. The IVs were situated above that site. "How's my arm?" He asked seriously, trying to muster the words. 

"You're not gonna lose it, if that's what you're worried about. It's just the poison in your grace, your fingers are nice and pink, if a little cold, but that's the saline that's flushing out what's still in you." He flinched at his father's word choice, remembering what else was done to him. 

"Dad..." He muttered. Dean was feeling his stomach now, fingers pressing deep into his abdominal muscles. "'re gonna have to..."

Dean stopped and looked up at his son. "Yeah." He nodded, his face was grave. "A lot of under the sheets stuff coming in a minute here. Tell me when you need a break, alright?" He uncovered Mark's feet and legs. "But right now, try to kick me off." His legs felt heavier then his arms if that was possible. "We gotta get you moving a bit, don't need a blood clot on top of all this other shit." He scanned his legs and then set Mark's feet unto the bed. "Alright."

Mark swallowed thickly. "Dad?" His father drew his knees apart. "I...don't...I don't know if I can stay like this."

"Do you want to try on your side?" Dean looked his son in the eyes, trying to keep this as clinical and as non-traumatic as possible. When Mark nodded slightly he grabbed a pillow and put it under his sons ribs before helping him move unto his side. "Do you want Cas in here?" 

Mark swallowed. "Cas." He said after a minute, kicking himself for the sob that followed.

"Shh. Alright. Stay right there on your side. I'll be right back." His father covered him back up and moved to the doorway. Cas came in a few seconds later, sitting down in front of him. Mark was sobbing now. Cas shushed him quietly, squeezing his hands. "Son..." Dean looked at Cas.

"'s..."Mark shook his head. "It hurts, Dad." He sobbed.

"Alright. Hold tight." Dean grabbed a syringe and a vial from the table. He filled the syringe and picked up a swab. "This is gonna burn, Mark, but it will help." Mark squeezed Cas's hands, cringing as the needle went in, followed by a burn that spread across his body. Everything felt heavier, and he laid his head against Cas's arm and the pillow.

"I'm just gonna take your temperature first. Alright?" Thanks to the morphine he wasn't feeling much of anything and there was no complaint as the thermometer slid in. Dean went over to the table to prepare a few more things while the device began to beep.  

"What's the number, Dean" Cas asked softly, still holding Mark's hands. Dean reached over and eased the device out.

"101.2. That's not bad for what he's been threw." He dropped the thermometer into the bowl of alcohol he had set up and put on a pair of latex gloves. 

"Mark? Are you out?" He asked as he came closer. Mark barely opened his eyes and blinked, otherwise he closed them again. "Mostly out. Good. Son, not gonna lie, this is gonna suck, but I gotta make sure you're not torn up and bleeding. This is just like any other part of you I would check, right? It's just me." He put a hand to Mark's lower back and then moved lower, so he could spread him open. Tentatively he worked a finger inside. Mark choked down a sob, clinging tightly to Castiel. "Mark, hey," The hand was back on his hip. "I need you to relax. I can't do anything with you tensed up like this. Let the morphine do it's job, yeah? Cas, distract him, would ya? Sing to him or something."

Cas nodded, leaning in closer to the kid. He began to hum something that sounded like Smoke On the Water. Tension worked it's way out of Mark's body, his muscles falling slack as the darkness of the morphine finally began to pull him under. The sound of Cas humming just above his ear was the last thing he could remember.

When he finally came to again the room was dark and quiet. He moved to sit up, his muscles aching in protest. He was still attached to an IV, but at least it was only one instead of three. The only light in the room came from the bedside table, which held the dreaded syringe that contained his grace. It had been dull and gray when Dean pulled it from him, now it was blue, swirling brightly against the glass. "Dad?" He called, reaching over to the table for the glass of water. He stared at the syringe again. With the light from his grace he could just make out that his veins didn't look black anymore. He drank from the glass and then struggled to move again. He would kill for a warm shower.

The door opened and a light flicked on. "Hey Mark." Cas said softly, approaching the bed slowly. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I need a shower." Mark answered, setting the glass back on the bed. "Where's Dad?"

"With Noah. Lay back." Cas grabbed the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope from the other table. He wrapped it around Mark's upper arm and set the bell of the stethoscope against his inner arm. "Veins are looking good."

"Normal color and stuff."

"Your blood pressure is back up. That's good." Cas moved the medical equipment out of the way.

"Did you cleanse my grace?" Mark gestured to the syringe. Cas nodded. "Thanks. Can I have it back now?"

"You feeling up to it?" His father stood in the doorway, the chill from the night air hitting the small room and Mark shivered against the blanket. Dean took three long strides to the bed, sitting down next to him. "Son?"

"Yeah, Dad. I need it." He finally replied. 

Dean smirked softly, a calloused hand resting on his boy's cheek. "Alright. Get comfortable." His hand slipped to Mark's chin, turning his face away. "Cas."

Cas took the syringe and put it into Dean's hand. "He should be alright after this." Cas assured him. "The poison is gone. His grace should be able to heal his body now." 

Dean nodded. "Thanks Cas." he turned back to his son, positioning the needle against his neck. "You ready for this, Mark?" Mark nodded just slightly and Dean drove the needle deep into his neck. Mark hissed, one hand clutching at Dean's jeans, the other at the sheet as he struggled to stay still while his grace was injected back into his body. Dean shoved the plunger down to the end, pausing for a second to make sure he'd gotten it all before he pinched Mark's skin and slide the needle out. The wound at his neck healed almost instantly. Mark blinked and the bruises to his face disappeared. "You good?" His voice was softer then Mark was expecting.

"Yeah Dad, I'm good." He sat up a little straighter. "Can I get a shower and something to eat now?"

Dean chuckled softly. "Yeah." He clapped his kid on the shoulder and got up.

"Dad?" Dean turned backed around. "Thanks for saving my ass." 

Dean nodded. "Be more careful next time."

"Yes, sir." 


Chapter Text

Cas came too to find Crowley bending over him, fiddling with a tube that was seemingly attached to him. "What...are you doing?" He tensed. His body was wracked with pain that seem to come from the core of his being. He blinked and realized he could not heal himself. His grace felt too light and too far away.

"You're in bloody poor shape, feathers." Crowley rasped, placing something on his forehead. He pulled it back and wrote something down on a pad that sat on the table beside Cas' head. "Whatever they poisoned you with did you in."

Cas' head felt like bricks and his throat was dry. "Water?" he asked. "And Dean?"

Crowley smirked at the requests, grabbing a glass from the table and bringing it to Cas' lips. "Slow." He instructed as Cas sucked up the water from the glass. He watched the angel's face twist with confusion and pain as he tried to swallow. "That's why I said slow. You're bloody fucked right now. You've got more stitches then a mattress, a nice little infection and a raging fever despite the ass full of penicillin we've been pushing."

"We? Dean?" Cas managed to say, once Crowley had taken the glass away. He shivered involuntarily and Crowley adjusted the blanket so that it was pulled closer to his chest.

"And Moose." Crowley replied. He looked at the pad of paper again and move away from the bed.

"Where is Dean?" Now that he was more alert he realized just how bad his vessel-his body- was. His skin burned on the outside but froze underneath. His head throbbed painfully in time with his heartbeat as did the wounds on his limbs and chest. He moaned a little, seeing like the proper response for the pain in his body.

"Moose finally dragged him to bed. Threatened to sedate him if he didn't sleep at least two hours." Crowley was doing something outside of his line of sight and it made him uneasy.

"Why are you here?" he managed to ask. Crowley picked up one of the tubes and he saw the flash of a needle before it entered the tube.

"Trying to help Moose figure out what poisoned your grace." whatever Crowley had put in the IV was making him feel heavy and he found himself drifting back into darkness.

When it relented he opened his eyes and found himself staring at the bars of his hospital bed. His body was on it's side, hands that weren't his were positioned on his shoulder and held fast against his hip. A searing pain lept up from the base of his spine and he cried out.

"Shit. Sam he's awake." Dean? Cas tried to find his hunter's face but his body was held in a heavy restraint. Tears were now falling down his face.

"I'm almost done, Dean. Just keep talking to him. Calm him down." What he assumed to be Sam's hands were pushing against his back and he realized the red hot pain was a needle in his back.

"Cas, man. Its okay. Sam's called a spinal tap. We gotta figure out what the infection is so we can treat it. You're not doing too well with the penicillin." one of Dean's hands came up to brush through his hair. "Shh...I'm here. I'm right here. He's almost done." The hand came down to brush the tears out of his eyes.

"I've got it." There was a sound of something being dropped into a tray. "Stay still Cas, I'm just taking the needle out." the pain in his back lessened as the needle was pulled out. Sam bandaged the spot and stepped away.

"All done Angel." Dean's face finally came into view. "Sorry. I was hoping youd still be out for that." the hand was back in his hair. "Cas...I...I'm Sorry I wasn't there. I should have been."

Cas shook his head. "Didn't know. Couldn't...couldn't help."

"Yeah I could have. I could have stopped this from happening. Or at least known what they poisoned you with. I'm tired of sticking you with needles and all these machines..." Cas forced his hand to move so that he could touch Dean's arm. Dean sighed and pressed his forehead against Cas' own. "I dont want to lose you." he muttered.

"Crowley is gonna get back to us." Cas was only mildly aware of Sam's presence returning. He felt the heat from the second Hunter behind him and the rattle of various instruments. "His blood pressure looks a little better."

Dean moved away slightly to look at his brother and then to one of the machines. "Yeah." He checked the heart monitor himself. "Heart rate too." he accepted the stethoscope Sam handed him. Cas shivered a little when the bell was laid against his back. "I dont hear fluid in his lungs."

Sam passed Dean a pair of gloves and took a set himself. "We're just gonna look at your stitches, Cas." the blanket was taken away and Cas shivered, now aware that his naked form was visible to both brothers.

Sam and Dean seemingly talked over him as they worked, unbandaging and rebandaging several places on his body. It was strange to be so exposed and Cas couldn't help feeling afraid and embrassed. The sensations were too much and he felt tears roll down his cheeks again.

"Hey. Hey. Shh. Cas what is it? Do you need pain meds?" Dean was instantly back in his line of sight, ungloved hands at his shoulder and in his hair.

"No. I...I feel..." He curled into himself. "Dean..."

Dean's heart broke with his angel's plea. "Okay. Okay, shh." He pulled the blanket back up around his chest. "There's some more stuff we gotta do but I'm right here. Its alright. Its gonna be alright."

"Do you want me to..." Cas heard Sam say. "instead. And wait on the..."

Dean shook his head. "No. We gotta keep comparing the readings. And he needs it. I got him, Sam." Dean's strong arms came up around his shoulders. "Just focus on me and breathing Cas. Let Sam do what he's gotta do." The blanket came away from his hips. Dean reached down and grabbed one of his knees. Something cold and slippery was placed inside him and he could feel Sam's hand pressed behind it. He squirmed but Dean held him down. "Its okay Cas. Its just a thermometer. We need to watch your fever." He winced, shivered, and pressed himself closer to Dean.

"Deep breath Cas." Sam was saying. The cold instrument was removed and a moment later something equally cold was rubbed against his ass cheek.

"This is gonna sting, Angel." Dean warned. His grip moved to pressed against his side. "Try to relax and breath through it." Cold metal jabbed into his ass, followed by burning heat that surged into the muscle. "Breathe." Dean demanded, rubbing the spot the metal had been as the heat began to defuse across his skin. He took a deep breath and tried to relax back into the mattress. "We're done messing around with ya." Dean promised, tucking him back into the bed and adding an extra blanket when he saw him still shivering. "At least until Crowley gets back." 

"I...I feel like I can appreciate what you went through in hell." Cas gasped out. Dean's brow wrinkled, he frowned and rubbed the angel's chest.

"I'm gonna get you through this, Cas. I promise."

"Crowley says the infection is staph, so we have to change drugs because it's penicillin resistant. It's IV, and he said he'll get it for us." Cas opened his eyes, his vision was hazy. He felt something warm leaning against him and realized it was Dean. He had apparently climbed into the bed beside him at some point while he slept. The angel wondered how long he'd been asleep. "So get this, Rowena called. She thinks the poison must have been created using holy oil, and that's why it's messed up his grace so badly. She thinks she has a way to cure it, so she's on her way over as well."

"So he'll be alright soon, then. Get the new drugs in him while Rowena mixes her cocktail and he'll be back to normal." Dean looked over and realized he was awake. "Morning Angel. How do you feel?"

"Groggy." Cas answered. "And a little..."

"Hungover? Loopy? It's all the morphine." Dean patted his chest, moving off of the bed. "You still chilled? You were shivering in your sleep. Extra blanket wasn't doing much."

Cas shook his head. "His temp was down when I checked it this morning, Dean." Sam added. "His body is fighting back even without the drugs." Dean smirked like he was proud of Cas for something. It made the angel blush just slightly.

"You just hang in there, Cas. We'll get you back up to speed soon. Ya hungry at all?" Cas shook his head, he still felt weak and fevered. His body was heavy and the thought of food made his stomach roll. And then his stomach wouldn't stop rolling. "Oh shit. Sam." Dean was beside him in an instant, holding his forehead and rubbing his back as he wretched against the basin Sam slide unto his lap. "It's just the morphine, Cas. You don't have anything in your stomach so you're not gonna throw up."

"I'll get him a shot of something." Sam got up while Cas continued to wretch into the bowl, his stomach clenching and unclenching painfully. Dean rubbed his back a little harder, looking up as Sam came back with a syringe. He injected the drug into the IV line and after a few moments the urge to throw up began to decrease. "Okay now Cas?" Sam was looking at him intently. He nodded slightly, settled back down against the bed. Dean laid a hand on his forehead and then to his cheek and neck. "He feel okay?"

"He's not hotter or anything." Dean replied. "Give me a stethoscope, I want to check his lungs." Sam handed him the instrument and he placed the cold bell against Cas' chest. 

"What did you do to him this time, Squirrel?" Crowley walked carrying various objects. Dean did not look amused, but Sam quickly took the objects from Crowley and began to set them up on a table near Cas' bed. "Anything I can do?" He asked Sam quietly.

"Help me get another IV going."

With Crowley in addition to Sam and Dean's hands on him Castiel quickly became claustrophobic and he could feel himself slip into panic. Thankfully Dean noticed the change in his angel's demeanor almost immediately. "Woah, woah. Hold up." He demanded, forcing Sam and Crowley to step back. "Cas? Angel?" He put the stethoscope aside, focusing on Cas' face. The angel took a breath, eyes finally focusing on Dean's face. Dean grabbed his hand and laced his fingers into Cas'. "I gotcha. They're just gonna set up a new IV, and then we can leave you alone for awhile. Just hold my hand, and stay with me, okay?" Cas nodded keeping his focus on Dean as he tried to hold still. Sam moved in to replace one of the existing IVs in Cas' arm with the one Crowley had brought. He looked up at Dean and nodded that the IV site was viable. "Sam's not gonna have to stick you again, babe. Just change tubing so they can get this new drug into you." Dean explained. It was hard not to notice the relief on Cas' face. 

Cas winced when the drug began to hit his bloodstream. "Vancomycin." Sam muttered to Dean, who could've cared less. "We gotta keep watching him though, I think deafness is a side effect." Dean sighed and nodded to his brother. Cas was beginning to fall asleep again, and Dean quickly moved to tuck him into the blankets. "You should eat, let me watch him for a little while." Sam gestured for his brother to move. "Just until Rowena gets here?" Dean sighed, knowing Sam wasn't really giving him a choice. 

"Come on Crowley, we still have booze somewhere, unless you drank it all." Dean directed his snark to the King of Hell just to take his mind off Cas for a moment. Crowley rolled his eyes but followed Dean up the stairs.

"What's this about my mother coming?"        

Chapter Text

"I noticed something a wee bit strange about the blood sample you sent me, Samuel." Rowena poured what was left of the vial of Cas' blood that Sam had sent her into a small bowl in the table. Sam sat beside her, watching intently. Dean stood off to the side, arms crossed, expression critical. Crowley was sitting in the corner drinking expensive booze and mumbling to himself. Rowena lit a match and dropped it into the bowl. Instantly flames rose in the air. "Look at that." 

"Holy fire." Sam muttered. "Which means..." 

"His blood is full of holy oil." Dean's voice was strangled as if he was resisting the urge to break down in tears. 

Sam pressed his lips into a thin line. "I'll be right back." He got up and headed down to the infirmary. 

"What are you doing?" Dean followed him down to Cas' bed, watching as he unwrapped a new syringe. 

"I want to see if..." Sam attached the syringe to one of the IV ports and drew Cas' blood into the barrel. Dean hesitantly moved towards his angel, just in case Cas woke up. Thankfully the angel slept through it. "I want to see if the oil is still as concentrated. If it's not that might mean that we just have to keep giving him blood and fluids." Dean nodded, Sam's explanation making sense. He handed Sam a basin and followed him up the stairs.

"Sam wants to see if there's any change." Dean muttered, letting Sam return to his seat beside Rowena. Sam squirted the blood from the syringe into the basin and took the match Rowena offered. This time there were sparks when the match hit the blood, but after a moment the holy fire rose almost as the strong as the one burning in the bowl beside it. "Son of a bitch." Dean cursed.

"You rang?" Crowley snarked.

"Really Fergus?" Rowena rolled her eyes. Crowley smirked. 

"Alright so how do we...clean out his blood." Dean struggled to find the right words.

"Is there such thing as a supernatural dialysis machine?" Sam raised an eyebrow, looking towards Rowena.

The witch nodded adamantly. "I believe I've found a cure in the Book, but I need time to gather the ingredients and assemble it." 

"How much time? Sam asked. 

"At least a day, maybe more." 

"Alright, do you have a list?" Rowena took a rolled up scroll from her pocket. "Give it to Crowley." Crowley huffed in protest but the glare Sam sent his way shut him up. He took the list and immediately disappeared. "He'll get the supplies you need, you can set up here. Dean and I will be in and out. Let us know if you need help." 

 "How long does it take to burn through this?" Dean tore his gaze from the bowl that was still burning to his brother. 

Sam looked up from the book he was reading. "It doesnt, remember? It traps angels. It can burn forever." Rowena looked up from her spellwork cautiously, interested.

Dean scoffed a little. "Nothing lasts forever. Even God has an expiration date." Sam shrugged. "It acts like normal fire." He got up from his chair, starting to pace. "Water puts it out." 

"The fire, not the oil." Sam reminded him gently. "Two different things." 

"But the oil doesn't hurt angels!" Dean took a breath as if trying to blow out his frustration. "So why is Cas-" He cut himself off, looking back at the bowl. Sam seemed to catch on to what Dean was thinking. 

"The fever." Rowena answered. Both brothers turned to her. "His body temperature is causing the oil to ignite inside him." 

"If we break the fever maybe that will help restart his grace." Sam got up.

"But we've tried that. We've been giving him fever reducers."

"There is one thing we haven't tried." Sam winced sympathetically when Dean realized what he meant. 

Dean shook his head. "No. That could also kill him!"

Sam sighed. "Bare with me here. If we drop his body temperature to hypothermic, that would essentially stop the "burning" and then we're just left with the holy oil." 

"And kill him."

"Not necessarily. You're not dead till you're warm and dead." Rowena added. 

"But wouldn't that just give us the same problem all over again?" Dean shook his head again. "Wouldn't it just light up the holy oil in his blood as his body temperature lights back up?" 

Sam sighed and set back down, knowing Dean was right. Rowena shook her head. "No. No, because that's when we give him the cure, before his body warms enough to alight again." 

Dean sighed. "Alright. Alright, we have no choice." Crowley appeared back in the room holding bags and a jar under his arm. "Crowley, help your mother get the spell going. Sam and I need to start cooling Cas down." 

Crowley nodded going over to table where Rowena had set up her spellwork. Dean and Sam headed downstairs to the infirmary. 

"I need a pinch of wormwood and spoonful of poppy seeds." Rowena directed. The spell was smoking within the bowl she was using. Crowley added both things and Rowena mixed them with a weird looking spoon that seemed to resemble a tree branch. "It needs to rest for three minutes before you pour in that teaspoon of iron." 

Crowley raised an eyebrow. "I can't. It's iron." 

Rowena looked up and then realized. "Oh, right." She took the bottle of iron and move it closer to her. "Sorry Fergus." 

Crowley huffed. "That's the first time you've ever said that to me." 

Rowena smirked. "Well dont get used to it." She glanced at her watch and then back towards her son. "Why are you helping them anyway? Castiel and the Winchesters." 

Crowley sighed. "I suppose they do have me by the short and curlies." 

"Hmm." Rowena tried to hide her smile before she added the iron. "Seems to me you have a bit of fondness for them." 

"Speak for yourself." 

"They do rather make a mess of things. Hand me that vial of phoenix tears." Crowley passed over the vial. "But they also have a habit of keeping the world in balance. Better to be the evil they know I suppose." 

"Yes." Crowley agreed. He handed Rowena a bag of ground herbs that she added to the bowl. 

Downstairs Sam rolled a cart over to Cas's bed. "I've got all the ice packs I could find, and another B12 shot." 

Dean was sitting beside the bed holding Cas's hand. "Alright, let's give him the shot first." Dean leaned over and kissed the angel's forehead before grabbing his shoulder and pulling him on his side. Sam drew up the shot and moved behind the angel. Cas twitched, moaning softly when Sam rubbed alcohol on his hip. "Ahh, it's okay. I've got you." Dean moved closer, throwing his body over Cas to keep him still. "It's just me, Cas. Shh, you're okay." Cas moaned loudly as Sam injected the vitamin. "Shh...relax, almost done." Dean rubbed Cas's lower back to sooth him through the sting. "There, all done." Sam pulled out the needle and Dean carefully moved his Angel unto his back. 

"We're gonna cool you down a bit, Cas." Sam handed Dean an icepack and they both started to tuck them around the burning angel.

"You're okay, you're okay." Dean soothed, as Cas tried to move away from the sudden cold. Dean wrapped the sheet around him to protect his skin and reduce the sudden shock. 

"I'm gonna check on Rowena and Crowley." Sam got up and left the room while Dean stayed behind, lightly pressing an ice pack against Cas's face and forehead. 

"Hello Samuel." Rowena glanced up as Sam came upstairs. Crowley was sitting at the table drinking scotch. "The spell is assembled." 

"Good. How long until we can give it to Cas?" 

"It needs to cool for another hour, then you can inject it." 

"Vein or muscle?" Crowley snickered, taking another gulp of his booze. Sam raised an eyebrow, turning back to Rowena who looked embrassed. "What?" 

" has to go into his veins and muscles, but it also needs to enter his internal organs and the quickest way to do that is to have him drink it and...well..." 

Sam's jaw opened slightly and his lips formed an "O" shape before he bit them back. "Okay. Dean should probably handle that bit." Crowley snickered again. Rowena looked relieved. Sam really just wanted the entire ordeal over. "I'll go get the supplies." 

An hour later Dean was still applying icepacks to Cas's face and neck when Sam, Rowena, and Crowley all emerged from the upstairs. "It's ready, Dean." Sam told him. 

Dean nodded. "Good. Alright, what do we do?" 

"Rowena is gonna introduce it into his veins, and then Crowley has to give him a shot into his hip. I'm gonna give it to him orally, and uh...wuh... we figured you'd be the best one to give him the...enema part." 

Dean raised an eyebrow. He took a calming breath and nodded. "Alright. This is gonna be torture for Cas. Could we sedate him? Or will that mess with the spell? I really dont wanna tie him down." All eyes went to Rowena to shook her head. Dean sighed. "Alright. We'll do the best we can." 

"Get him on his side." Dean, Sam, and Crowley removed the ice packs and moved Cas into the best position they could for what was to come. "Okay, Rowena get started." 

Rowena slide the first syringe into the IV port and pushed the spell right up into Cas's veins. It hit him almost instantly and he cried out, causing Dean, Sam, and Cas to hold him down. "Shh, dont struggle Cas. We're not done yet." Dean leaned over kissed Cas to try and calm him. "Crowley." Rowena handed Crowley another syringe, which he jabbed into Cas's hip. Sam held his legs down firmly until the demon was finished. 

"IM is in, Dean. Open his mouth." Sam urged. Rowena handed him the oral syringe. Dean grabbed Cas's jaw and forced it open so that Sam could insert the plastic tip. He pushed the plunger, forcing the spell down the angel's throat. Cas's eyes went wide with fear, but Dean held him fast. "Okay, okay, it's empty" Dean let go of Cas's jaw and his Angel gasped for breath, coughing and retching. 

Dean rubbed his back and looked towards Rowena who handed him the biggest syringe. "Alright Cas. I'm sorry about this." He moved lower, and Sam reached down, pulling back one of Cas's asscheeks so that Dean could insert the tip of the syringe. Once in place he gripped the plunger and pushed it down. Cas howled in agony, but the force of Dean, Sam, and Crowley kept him from moving away. "Almost done, almost done." Dean threw his weight behind the plunger so that it depressed completely and then pulled the syringe out as gentle as he could. "Alright, get him back on his back." 

Cas was gasping for breath, his eyes began to spark blue. "Crowley!" Sam pushed the demon away just in case Cas went nova.

He didnt, but his body glowed for a split second before returning to normal. Cas opened his eyes and sat up, staring down at his hands and running them over his stomach. "Car?" Dean took a tenative step forward. 

"Hello Dean." Cas replied. 

Dean let his breath out, laughing in relief. He grabbed Cas's shoulder. "Don't ever do that again." He pulled the angel into a hug. 

"'ll be upstairs." Sam coughed, gesturing for Crowley and Rowena to follow him. 

"That was...not an enjoyable experience." Cas commented as Dean removed the IVs and leads that were attached to him. 

"Yeah...that's unforunately a part of being seriously injured as a human." Dean handed Cas his boxers and pants. "You're gonna have to-" Dean snapped his fingers. "For your shirt." Cas nodded and a moment later he was dressed in his signature outfit. Dean smiled, but his eyes were sad. 

Cas got up and wrapped his arms around Dean. Dean wrapped his around Cas and Hunter and Angel held each other for a long moment. 

Chapter Text


Dean looked up from the silver tray of medical supplies he was assembling. Across the room Cas was laying, reclined slightly on the examing table, wearing only his boxers and a thin sheet draped across him. The sheet was splotched red with blood. "Yeah, Cas?" He asked. 

"Are" Cas made a distinct motion with his fingers. 

Across the way there was a sound of clattering and then a yell, Dean and Cas both reacted, taking defensive positions beside each other: Dean to protect his injured angel, Cas to protect Dean with whatever little grace he could muster. 

"Gabe it's just a shot!" Came Sam's voice, which seemed to come closer.

A few seconds later Gabriel, in bloody jeans and what remained of his t-shirt rushed towards Cas. "Gabriel?" The angel questioned as his older brother grabbed his arm and pressed himself behind both Cas and the exam table. 

"What the hell?" Dean turned from the angels to face his own brother who appeared in the doorway. Sam's clothes and hair were rumpled, just as Dean's were, but the lack of blood on both hunters indicated their angels had bore the brunt of battle. 

"I tried to give him lidocaine and he freaked out on me. I thought we were past this fear of needles." Sam explained, hand behind his head, rubbing his neck in a display of awkwardness. 

"It's not just Gabe. Cas is freaking out on me too." Dean lowered his voice.

Sam sighed. "What are we going to do? They're both depleted thanks to Lucifer. It'll take time before they can heal themselves and in the meantime..." 

Dean nodded in understanding. "Yeah I know, wounds like that get infected quick, especially on depowered angels." He crossed his arms, tilting his head to the side before glancing back at their lovers. "Cas?" He walked over to Castiel and Gabriel. Sam also stepped forward, though he showed both hands to Gabe in surrender."You know you're both in rough shape, yeah?" 

Cas nodded. Gabe sucked his breathe in sharply. "No needles." He hissed. 

"Gabe I can't patch you up without needles, and you can't heal yourself. Just a topical and a bandage isnt gonna hold while your grace regenerates." Sam explained, stubbornly.

"No needles." Gabe insisted again, shaking his head.

"No needles." Cas echoed. 

Dean raised an eyebrow. "You're hurt worse than he is. If you think I'm gonna let you walk outta here without stitches and an ass full of penicillin, you're insane." 

Cas let out the smallest moan. Gabe grabbed his shoulder and before either hunter could react their angels were on their feet and on the run.

Sam caught Cas easily, however, moving only a few steps and grabbing the angel around the waist. Dean had Gabe by the shoulders a few seconds later, dragging the angel back towards the table.

"I'll sedate yours, you knock out mine." Sam joked, trapping Cas between his chest and the wall. 

"For Chuck's sake Gabe." Dean rasped, forcing the angel face down against the table. Without his grace Dean is consideredly stronger than the archangel, with the advantage of being 50 pounds heavier as well. He easily holds him down with an arm against his shoulder blades. "You know, you're in a great position for me to actually sedate you, and if I didnt think it would traumatize you, I would, for your own damn good." He slaps Gabriel's ass hard, hard enough that it knocks the breath from the archangel. "Now, you're gonna go with my brother and let him patch you up, or so help me I will come in there and spank your bare ass raw, understand?" 

Gabe groaned softly, conceding defeat and nodding. Dean pulled away and gestured for Sam to release his own angel. Sam walked over to Gabe and took him in his arms while Dean grabbed unto Cas, hugging him and also hefting him into his arms. Sam walked Gabe out while Dean sat Cas back down unto the exam table. 

"You know I love you, right?" Sam asked Gabriel almost timidly as he helped the now docile angel out of his clothes and unto the the exam table in the other room. Gabriel nodded, bracing himself for pain. "Hey. Hey, none of that, angel." Sam rubbed Gabe's shoulder. "Yeah the lidocaine burns a little but it's not that bad and it's over quickly. You're numb before you know it. And yeah penicillin hurts going in and for a while after, but I promise, I've had an asscheek full of it numerous times and it feels nothing like having grace sucked outta you." 

Gabriel sucked in his breath. His golden eyes rolled up to meet Sam's face. "Okay." He consented. 

 "If things were reversed, Angel, you'd have me over your lap." Dean hissed into Cas's ear as he helped him lay down against the table. 

"If things were reversed I'd heal you." Cas shot back. "Without needles."

"Not if you didnt have powers." Dean washed his hands and pulled on a pair of latex gloves. "You'd pin me down and put your knee into my back, so I couldnt move." He drew up the lidocaine and placed it in the silver tray beside the sewing kit. "You'd tell me this was for my own good." 

Cas shifted uncomfortably, rolling his hips slightly as Dean walked over. He eyed Dean cautiously, glaze flickering from the tray to his lover. "Dean..." He whimpered. 

"Shh." Dean coaxed, leaning over and kissing his angel softly. "You're okay, angel." 

"Dean." Cas gasped around Dean's lips. 

"Deep breath." Cas inhaled sharply as Dean quickly punctured his skin with the needle. Cas let out a shaking breath as he watched his skin rise with each puncture as Dean made his way around the stomach wound. The barrel of the syringe empty, Dean put it aside and focused on the sewing needle.

"You're lucky, angel. You get the actual medical grade stitches instead of dental floss and a fish hook." Sam laughed softly as he picked up the rounded needle and looked at Gabriel, who was not as amused as Sam had hoped. "Come on, Gabe. You're not even going to feel them now." He poked the angel's skin with the blunt tip of the capped syringe for emphasis. "See?"

The archangel hissed in response. He adverted his eyes and sank his face deeper into the pillow Sam had given him. Sam frowned. He started to reach out to his angel, but thought better of it. It would easier on both of them to just move it along. The sooner it was over, the better they'd both feel. So Sam brought the rounded sewing needle back to the torn flesh near Gabriel's hip and started his first stitch.

"One done, Cas." Dean soothed, his voice soft as he tied off his first stitch. Cas nodded, focusing on his breathing as Dean had instructed. "Do you want to close your eyes? I'll talk you through everything you're doing. I just don't want you throwing up, you're losing your color fast, man." Cas hesitated for a minute and then closed both eyes, sinking back into the pillow behind his head. Instantly Dean could see his muscles begin to relax.

"Okay, angel. I'm starting the second stitch now. I've got the needle through the skin, that's just the tugging you feel. I've got it closed, just tying it up now."

"I'm just checking to make sure I put the stitches close enough together. No point in doing this if it's just gonna bleed all over again." Sam continued to try and humor Gabriel as he pressed down against the edges of the wound. "Not bad, if I do say so myself. One of my better sewing jobs." He discarded the needle back unto the tray to clean up later and set to work bandaging the wound.

"Sorry if this stings a little, it's just the antibiotic cream shit." Dean pressed the large section of white gauze over Cas' stomach. Cas barely whimpered. "There. Just gonna put the bandage on over it now." He picked up a large white bandage and pressed the adhesive edges against the undamaged skin around the wound. "You can open your eyes, angel." He coaxed.

Cas opened his eyes, blinked a little, and started to reach for the bandage on his stomach. Dean stopped him. "Hey, don't mess with it." He squeezed Cas' hand and moved the silver tray of discarded supplies over to the red trash can in the corner. He replaced the supplies with a bowl of water and some new yellow sponges.

Cas watched him in confusion. "What are you doing?"

Gabe recoiled a little when he felt warm water hit his shoulder. "Wha?" He looked over his shoulder at Sam.

"Shh. Just cleaning you up a little." Sam reassured, running the sponge over his angel's back.

"That usually has a different connotation." Gabriel snarked. Sam snickered, washing blood and grime from Gabriel's skin. "You got an enema bag hidden somewhere? Gonna clean me up everywhere?"

Sam let out a full belly laugh and Gabriel raised an eyebrow. "Sorry. We do have enema bags, but I really don't think you want me giving you one of those. I could take your temperature though, if you want." He winked and Gabriel just shook his head, closing his eyes again and turning his face back into the pillow. 

"Turn over on your side, Cas." The hunter grabbed another pillow and helped his angel over unto his right side, so that Cas faced the wall. Dean sponged off his back and Cas closed his eyes again, feeling himself drifting against the warm water and gentle touch of his lover.

Dean really hoped Cas was asleep, or at least as close to sleep as a de-powered angel got while their grace reset, that way he wouldn't notice Dean go back over to the supply cabinets and root around for the penicillin.

Gabriel, in contrast, knew exactly what Sam was doing when his hunter left the proximity of the exam table and went back over to the supply cabinet. "You probably shouldn't watch me do this." Sam said softly, taking out the supplies he would need. "It will just make you more anxious."

"Having my grace sucked out of me made me anxious, this is just annoying." The archangel rasped. Sam raised an eyebrow, the sudden resurgence of attitude in his archangel was a good sign, it meant his grace was beginning to mend itself. Gabriel huffed a little, but if he flinched while as he studied Sam's movements, even when Sam intentionally angled himself away from him so he could fill the syringe outside of the archangel's periphery, he didn't allow it to be visible.

"Cas?" Dean nudged his angel with an open palm on his hip. He wasn't going to shock the angel with it, he needed him calm and to stay as relaxed as possible. "Buddy?"  

"Hello Dean." Cas muttered, opening his eyes halfway. He noticed the syringe Dean had half-hidden in his hand, he didn't react. 

"I'm gonna give you this, now, okay?" A half-hearted nod from his angel. "Just stay like this, and try to relax." Cas flinched a little when Dean rubbed the cold alcohol swab over his hip. "Sorry, know it's cold." 

"Mmm." Cas replied, closing his eyes again. 

"You can go to back to sleep, if...if that's what you're doing." Dean hesitated, even though he had the syringe uncapped in his hand.

"It's...not really sleep. It's a state of semi-unconsciousness." Cas murmured.

"So it's sleep."

"If you say so." 

Dean bit back a smirk and rubbed the skin at Cas's hipbone with his thumb. "You okay buddy? You ready for this?"

Cas let his breath out sharply. "Yes Dean." He replied. "Just...don't..."

"I'm not going to hurt you." Sam muttered as he uncapped the syringe, bringing it closer. 

Gabriel grunted softly and reached for the restraining hand Sam had placed on his hip. "I know." He squeezed his hunter's hand and took a deep breath, closing his eyes again. The sharp intake of pain when Sam stabbed the needle into him threatened his mind with a barrage of flashbacks, but he pushed them back. Focused on his breathing, the strangled movement of air in and out of his lungs, the swirls of molecules as they moved across space. He tried to break down pain into it's components: the shock waves pulsing up and down the neuronal connections between his skin, and the muscle beneath, all the way to his brain. The stiffness of his other muscles in response. The heightening sensations of flight that it triggered. His mouth was dry, even though sweat formed on his brow. He took another breath that shook his chest and squeezed Sam's hand.

"It's over." Sam reassured him. "Take another breath." When he had the needle was pulled from his body, and Sam pressed the alcohol wipe back over the puncture.  He winced at the burning that remained within his muscle, an ache he just couldn't reach. "Slowly." Sam helped him to sit up. 

He watched Sam empty the silver tray into the red trash can a second time, followed by the latex gloves he had worn. When everything was cleared away, Sam washed his hands and then grabbed for a set of clothes he hadn't noticed before. "Clean boxers and a pair of my sweats." 

He was going to be absolutely swimming in those pants, but maybe that's what Sam had in mind. He let the hunter dress him and then help him down from the table. Looping his arm across his massive shoulders, he allowed Sam to half walk/half drag him to one of the hospital beds. "Really Moose? What's wrong with our bed?" 

"I want you somewhere I can watch you...and where I have supplies in case something goes wrong." He caught the momentary worry in his hunter's eyes and nodded. "Here." Sam muttered, helping him into the bed. "Do you want the blanket or just the sheet." Gabriel grabbed for just the sheet and let Sam arrange it around his body. "Dean should be right in with Cas." 

Dean waited another beat, just giving Cas a moment to relax, get his breathing even. He tightened his grip on the angel's hip and brought the tip of the needle to his skin. Mentally he counted to three and then jabbed the needle through, breaking through the skin down into the muscle. Cas moaned a little, his body twitching in an aborted attempt to move away. Dean pressed down on his hip to still him, his other thumb fingering the plunger of the syringe. The angel bit his lip as Dean depressed the plunger, sending the thick, burning liquid into his body. "Dean..." He finally whimpered. 

"I know, I know. Almost done." He rubbed his hip comfortingly, trying to sooth him through the pain. "Ok." He announced, once the plunger hit it's end mark. His other hand slipped down to hold the skin taunt as he pulled the needle free. He dropped the syringe unto the silver tray and rubbed the abused flesh, making small circles into Cas's skin. "Sorry." He muttered, leaning over his angel to give him a quick kiss. 

Cas whined softly into Dean's lips, but he whined louder when Dean pulled away. "Where are you going?" 

"Shh." he hushed. "Just throwing this stuff away." He threw the contents into the red trash bin, and stripped off his latex gloves. "I've got clean boxers and some of my sweats for you." He grabbed the clothing articles from a nearby table and returned to Cas's side. Gentle as he could he helped Cas into the clothes and then pulled him into his arms. "I'd carry you, but your stomach probably wouldn't like that." 

"I can walk." He muttered, throwing his arm over Dean's shoulders. 

"Careful." Dean instructed, helping him along. They moved into the room where the row of hospital beds was situated, finding Sam tucking Gabriel into bed. Dean stopped at the bed beside his brother's angel and helped Cas into it.

"Hey little brother." Gabriel muttered, reaching across to grab Cas's hand. Cas squeezed it, closing his eyes as Dean tucked the blankets around him. 

Sam turned to his older brother, but Dean just shrugged, making a gesture towards the angels. Sam motioned to the hall and Dean followed after him. "Everything go okay?" 

The older hunter nodded. "Gabriel didn't smite you, so I guess he took his medicine after all." 

Sam snickered. "And Cas isn't crying, so I guess it wasn't as bad as..." He trailed off. "Other times." he finally said. 

"Yeah well...when we finally trap Lucifer maybe we'll let Cas and Gabe put him through the same treatment." Sam scoffed at that, but Dean shot him a side eye. "I'll just be happy when they're both powered up again." 

Sam leaned against Dean, setting on elbow on his brother's shoulder as they peeked around the door to watch their angels drifting, eyes closed, Cas still clutching Gabriel's hand. "Same." 

Chapter Text

Dean was sick. 

Normally that wouldn't be much of an issue, Dean got sick every now and then, like every human did, but this time was different. This time Cas's healing ability, like most of his angel powers, wasn't in commission thanks to the demon they had just ganked. That in itself might not have been a real problem, Cas had helped Dean and Sam deal with injuries and illness before without angelic healing, but...Sam was two states away on a hunt with Crowley and Rowena. Cas had never had to care for a sick human without his healing powers alone before.

So when he found Dean muttering and cursing, swimming in a cold sweat, he worried. He had put his hand briefly on Dean's on forehead, like he had watched Dean do to Sam multiple times, and was surprised just how warm Dean's skin was. Of course Dean had moved away, called Cas some vulgar stuff and told him to go to hell. Cas realized this was typical behavior for Dean when he was sick, he didn't like the extra attention and he definitely didn't like any medical or pseudo-medical stuff done to him (when he was sick, anyway...)

Cas watched Dean toss and turn for almost an hour, wondering what he should do or if there was a way to help. He tried to ask Dean, but he was met with Dean's increasing weak vulgarities. Finally he retreated into the library to call Sam for advice on the best course of action. Sam picked up after three rings, and shouted at what must have been Crowley and Rowena bickering to be quiet.

"What is it, Cas?"

"Dean's sick."

"How sick?"

"Sick. His skin is very warm and he's sweating and cursing."

"What's his temp?"

"I don't have the exact number."

Sam sighed. " know the drill, Cas: do a quick exam and take his temperature. Call me back if he has any sharp pain or infected wounds, otherwise you can just give him Tylenol and fluids. If he starts vomiting you can hook him up to an IV, and if his temperature spikes over 101 you can give him a B12 shot too."

Cas nodded. "Alright. Anything else I should know?"

"If he gets really mouthy you can threaten him with a enema."

Cas's eyes widen a little. "Should I give him an enema?"

Sam laughed on the other end. "He probably doesn't need one. Sounds like he's just got a nasty cold or a 24 hour flu. Just keep an eye on his temp, make him drink fluids, call me if it gets worse. Sound good?"

Cas nodded, and then realized Sam couldn't see him. "Okay."

"Okay. I've gotta get back to keeping Rowena and Crowley from killing each other." Sam hung up quickly and Cas sighed. He nodded to himself and then went downstairs to the Bunker's infirmary. 

The Men of Letters had kept the infirmary fairly well stocked, and Dean and Sam replenished supplies as necessary. It was quite an upgrade from the basic med kits they carried in the Impala, and Dean once remarked that using actual stitches instead of dental floss was a step up in the world. Cas couldn't quite understand what he meant by that, but he knew better than to question Dean on matters of politics and poverty. 

Cas started opening cabinets looking for the supplies Sam had listed. Luckily Sam made sure to label everything with precise accuracy, or else Cas would never be able to tell the difference between the thermometer marked "for oral use only" and the one marked "for Dean's asshole." Satisfied he had collected everything Sam listed, Cas headed upstairs to Dean's bedroom and knocked lightly on the door. 

"Get out." Dean hissed, rolling over to look at Cas. 

Cas shook his head. "Sorry Dean, but you're sick and I need to take care of you." He took another step into the room and set the tray down on Dean's desk. 

Dean groaned as soon as he saw the tray. "Fuck no, dude. You're not doing any freakin medical crap on me." 

Cas took off his trench coat and his suit jacket. "Sorry, Dean, I know you don't like this, but Sam told me what I'm suppose to do." He rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt and went over to the desk. 

Dean groaned again. He allowed his demeanor to change slightly. "Cas..." He swallowed thickly. "I'm not that sick, dude. You can quit worrying." He set his jaw and pulled off his blanket, sitting up. "See, I can get up by myself and everything."  

Cas raised an eyebrow. He tilted his head as he eyed Dean. "You shouldn't be out of bed."

Dean defiantly stood up and promptly fell back down against the bed. "Oh shit."

"Yeah. Shit indeed." Cas responded, going over to help Dean lay back against the pillows. "First thing to do is to get you out of these clothes."

"What, no dinner?" Cas ignored Dean's innuendo, a reference he DID understand, and set to work pulling off Dean's shoes and shirts.

Once he had Dean stripped to the waist Cas picked up a flashlight and promptly shown it into Dean's eyes. "Ow. Dude. Bright." Dean squeezed his eyes shut and looked away. 

"Sorry. Let me see your eyes." Cas used his fingers to keep Dean's eyes open. He frowned and then grabbed his chin. "Open your mouth, stick out your tongue." Dean obediently stuck out his tongue and Cas raised his chin, looking inside his mouth. 

"You about done?" Dean muttered, moving from Cas' grip. 

Cas shook his head. "I need to take your temperature." 

Dean rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that's not gonna happen." 

Cas shook his head. "Sorry Dean, but I need to." He grabbed Dean's shoulder and rolled him to his side. 

"Cas, what the fuck are you doing?" Dean muttered, though he was strangely calm. 

"The thermometer specifically says "For Dean's asshole" so I'm using the specified orifice." 

Dean shrugged Castiel to the side, using his own weight to knock Cas aside and turn himself back unto his back. "Cas. I said no." 

Cas raised an eyebrow. "Sam said I had to examine you." 

"Sam is an idiot." 

Cas didnt back down. He knew Dean's temper, but he could also see just how ill his hunter was. "Youre sick, Dean. You need to be examed and treated. If our roles were reversed you'd have me in restraints if necessary in order to properly treat me." 

That made Dean pause. He groaned, Cas's lip turning up just slightly in victory when he saw Dean's resolve begin to wane. "I'm going to slap that smile off your face, angel." 

"No, you won't, Dean. Now turn over, please." Cas grabbed a pair of gloves from the tray and snapped them on. Dean groaned softly, unzipping his jeans and pushing them and his boxers down as he turned unto his side. His stomach was starting to complain again and he grabbed one of the pillows, burying his face into it. "Dean...are you okay?" 

"My stomach." He muttered. "I'm gonna hurl in a minute here." 

Cas grabbed the trash bin and passed it over to Dean. "What is the medication you gave Sam? When he was vomiting and incapacitated?" 

Dean rolled his eyes up to look at Cas. "Be more specific." 

"You inserted it into his rectum." 

Dean closed his eyes, wishing he hadnt asked. "Tylenol suppositories, but that doesnt stop you from throwing up, theyre for fever." 

"Well I'm quite sure you are feverish, even without checking your temperature. Was it the injection you gave him that stopped his nausea?" 

Dean hissed, not really wanting to answer. "Yeah. Phenergan." He finally said. "But I don't need that. I'm not that sick. An IV would be more effective." 

"I think you should let me and Sam be the judge of that. I'm going to take your temperature now." Cas grabbed the thermometer and lube from the tray. 

"I'm fairly certain there is an oral thermometer in the cabinet." Dean muttered, watching over his shoulder as Cas squeezed lube unto the end of the device. 

"Yes, but you always say that this way is more accurate." Cas pushed on his shoulder to get him back into place. "Should I insert my fingers first?" 

"No." Dean sighed. "Just...uh...lift my asscheek and stick it in. Not too deep though." 

"Okay." Cas moved down and lifted Dean's cheek, so that his asshole came into view. The depowered angel brought the tip of the thermometer to Dean's ring and began to push it inside. "Huh." He muttered at how easily the device slid inside. Dean winced just slightly, but Cas figured that was more his stomach. "It's inside, Dean. Now we wait approximately three minutes." 

Dean groaned a little, shifting uncomfortably. "Cas..." He suddenly reached for the trashcan and began to retch into it over the side of the bed. 

Cas gently rubbed his back and shoulder. "I am going to call Sam about the phenergan. In the meantime, he said if your fever was over a certain number I was to give you a B12 injection." 

Dean groaned, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Don't...don't like needles." He muttered. 

Chapter Text

Cas nodded, rubbing Dean's shoulder lightly, but firmly, the way Dean would do it to him when he was distressed. "I'm aware of your dislike of needles." 

Dean squeezed his eyes shut, trying to will away the second bout of nausea that was already coming over him. Cas continued to rub his back, and then stoped abruptly. "I'm going to take the thermometer out now." He announced, one hand sliding down to Dean's hip to hold him in place. 

"Careful." Dean muttered, half into the pillow beside his face. 

Cas rolled Dean's hip forward just slightly, and reached for the thermometer. It slide out just as easily as it had gone in. He held it aloft to the light, squinting a little to see the mark where the mercury had stopped rising. He hummed in disapproval. 101.7. Dean was going to endure the B12 shot afterall. 

"What is it?" Dean asked. Cas told him the number and he groaned, in discomfort and in anticipation of what was going to come next.

Cas got up from the bed and put the thermometer unto the tray to be cleaned later. He took out a pair of latex gloves and snapped them on, not missing the shiver that went down Dean's back when he heard that snap. He unwrapped a syringe from it's plastic packaging and inspected the numbers on the side. He started to ask Dean about proper dosing instructions, but stopped when he realized that would only increase the hunter's anxiety. Thankfully Sam had labelled dosing instructions on the vial: "1.0 ml x1/day." Cas eyed the syringe and located 1.0 ml before unwrapping a needle and attaching it to the barrel. He uncapped it as quietly as he could and jammed it firmly into the cap of the vial. Checking the numbers again he pulled back on the plunger until the red liquid filled the barrel past the 1.0 mark. He pulled the needle out and recapped it, and then took the needle off and replaced it with a new one. He wasnt entirely sure why that part was necessary, but that's the way Dean and Sam always did it. 

"Dean?" He asked cautiously approaching the hunter. Dean mumbled a responce. Cas moved back down unto the bed beside him. 

"Can I pull my damn pants up now?" Dean asked, taking his mouth off the pillow so that he could speak clearly. 

"In a minute." Cas replied. He ripped open an alcohol swab and placed it on Dean's butt, using the accessible cheek. 

Dean sucked his breath in sharply, his entire body tensing. "Cas..." He started to say and then seemed to change his mind. He took a deep breath and forced himself to relax. Cas was going to stick him either way, he didnt have to make it worse on himself. "Do it a little higher and out a little more." 

"Hmm?" Cas looked up from where he was rubbing the alcohol. 

"Move higher and out more." Dean repeated. Cas moved his fingers slowly and Dean coaxed him along. "That's good. Do it in the center of where you're rubbing." 

"Should I warn you, first?" Cas made a few more small circles with the alcohol swab before setting it aside. 

"No." Dean said firmly. He had to will himself to relax again. 

Car nodded in understanding. He uncapped the needle and pushed on the plunger to expel a few drops of the fluid. He watched Dean's body tense at the sound and then relax. Not wanting to draw it out any longer for his hunter, Cas brought the needle to Dean's skin and jabbed it in. 

"Ow!" Dean cringed. His entire body seemed to tense around the needle. "Shit. Cas. Ow." He said again. 

"Sorry. I'm sorry. Was that too hard?" 

"Ya think?" 

"Should...I pull it out and inject you in the other cheek?" 

"NO!!! Just fucking do it." Dean took a breath, resisting the urge to rub his ass. He hissed as he felt Cas push down on the plunger, sending burning liquid deep into him.

Cas pulled the needle out, capped it, and set it aside. He picked up the alcohol swab and rubbed it over the spot as gentle as he could. "Sorry." He muttered again. "When I get my powers back, I promise I'll heal you."

Dean reached back and caught Cas's hand. He moved the angel's fingers a little deeper against his skin and made wider circles. "Spread the shit out like this afterward. Burns less." He let go of Cas's hand and buried himself back in his pillow. Cas sighed softly, moving Dean's boxers and jeans back up over his hips. He got up and went to call Sam. 

Sam let a small laugh on the other end of the phone. "Don't worry, Cas. Dean has been heavy handed himself with some of those shots. I had a bruise for a month once. You didn't hurt him, I promise, the ass is a pretty resilent muscle." 

"Say that again, Moose." Crowley snickered. 

Sam rolled his eyes. "So anyway, Cas, I would start him on an IV and give him a Tylenol suppository. Recheck his temp in a couple hours. If he's still nauseous and throwing up give me a call and we'll talk about phenergan." 

 "Okay. When will you be back, Sam?" 

Sam glanced towards Crowley and Rowena. "Not till tomorrow at the earliest. We're still trying to track this thing." 

"Okay. Be careful, Sam." 

"Good luck." 

Cas hung up his phone and walked back down to the infirmary. He opened a box labelled "IV supplies" and took a bag of saline from the medicine cabinet. The Tylenol suppositories were located on another shelf that was labelled "rectal meds" with the word "rectal" crossed out and "ass" written in Dean's handwriting. 

Going back up to Dean's room he found the hunter half bent over again, retching into the garbage can. The angel frowned, wondering if he had misjudged the extent of his illness. 

"Are you very nauseous, Dean?" He asked when he was sitting beside him again, rubbing his back and shoulder. 

"Comes and goes." Dean muttered. Cas laid a hand on his forehead. It did feel slightly cooler, if only just. Dean was very pale.

"I have to put the IV in you now." 

"Great." Dean murmered into his pillow. 

"I should have you on your back for this. Can you roll over a little?" 

Dean groaned softly and reached behind himself for a pillow. Cas grabbed it and tucked it behind his hunter's head before helping him roll unto his back. "Should I use the back of your hand or the inside of your elbow?" He asked, having seen the hunters used both sites, sometimes at the same time. 

"Hand." Dean told him, lifting his wrist towards the angel. 

Cas nodded, taking Dean's hand in both of his and giving it a light squeeze before getting up to grab the equipment. He hung the saline bag on a nail over Dean's bed and attached the tubing, being careful to avoid kinking it in any way. He picked up Dean's hand again and rubbed it with an alcohol swab. 

"Don't tell me when you stick the needle in." Dean hissed between clenched teeth. He threw his other arm over his eyes. 

"Okay." Cas replied softly, picking up the IV needle and the bandage tape to hold it in place. He was less unsure about this part, and he manage to slide the needle into the vein on the first try. Dean jumped a little when he hit the safety cap on the needle, sliding it out once the cannula was in place. He taped the tube in place and hooked the cannula up to the rest of the IV tubing. "There." He undid the clamp and let the fluid drip into Dean's veins. 

"Thank you." Dean muttered softly, to Cas' surprise.

The angel squeezed his hunter's hand for a moment. "You shouldn't thank me." 

"Accept the nice words, Cas." 

"I have to give you a suppository now." 

"Get fucked."  

Chapter Text

"Dean..." Cas chastised lightly. "If you just let me do this, it will be over and done with." 

Dean was sitting back against the headboard, supported by pillows behind his head and back, arms firnly crossed over his chest. "I said no." He retierated. 

"Don't make me hold you down to do this." Cas pleaded. 

Dean raised an eyebrow and gave Cas a look. "You and I both know who would win." 


"Shove it up your own ass, Cas." Cas raised an eyebrow and Dean shook his head. "You know what I mean, damnit." He hissed. "I let you take my freakin temperature and give me your damn shot, which still hurts by the way, and put this stupid IV in, so no. I let you mess with my ass enough." 

"Dean your temperature-" 

"Cas..." Dean sounded more tired than annoyed just then. "You can give me a shot in the IV to bring down my fever. Alright?" 

Cas looked confused. "Then why..." 

Dean sighed, knocking his head back against the pillow. "Because it works faster that way and you can't throw it up like you can pills! And we try to minimize the shots we give each other. Alright?" 

Cas nodded in understanding. "Alright. Is...the dosage readily accessible?" 

"Yeah. Everything should be written down. Sam's good for stuff like that." Dean relaxed a little, sinking down into the pillows. Cas pressed his lips into a thin line, his gaze pulling back towards the suppositories on the bedside table and then back to Dean. He thought about for another moment, before turning on his heel and heading back down to the infirmary. 

Just as Dean said the dosing instructions for IV administration were scrawled unto a tag on the vials of liquid acetaminophen (the medication's actual name had a black mark struck through it with Tylenol written in Dean's handwriting.) Cas read through it twice to make sure he had the proper dose (100 mL every 6 hours) and understood the administration directions (push slowly, ideally over 15 minutes.) He grabbed a syringe and needle and double checked the marks on the barrel. He drew the drug into the barrel and flicked it a few times before returning to Dean's bedroom.

"Jesus Cas, don't...don't..."Dean shook his head.

"Don't what, Dean?"

"The..." Dean made a wild gesture with his hands. "Put that thing on a tray or something next time. Walking in here with it in the air, Christ. It's like my worse nightmare."

Cas blinked in confusion, looking at the syringe in his hand and then back to Dean. "I...don't understand?"

Dean shook his head again. "Forget it, Cas." He stretched out the bed, but threw his arms over his eyes again. The angel frowned, but sat down on the bed beside his hunter and picked up the IV line. He studied it for a moment, running his fingers over to unto they reached the port beside the cannula in Dean's hand. He rubbed alcohol over the port and inserted the needle through the plastic top. 

"Dean?" He questioned, hoping the hunter would look at him, but instead Dean just seemed to turn away more. "I'm going to count out the minutes. The instructions said to give over a period of 15 minutes if possible. Is that alright?"

"Whatever." Dean muttered.

Cas tried not to look so worried. He counted down the seconds in his head and nudged the plunger on the syringe up another notch. Dean was tense, but he didn't need to react to the introduction of the drug into his system. Maybe because it was going in so slowly, or maybe it didn't hurt like the B12 had. Human reactions to tactile stimulants were so confusing. He still had trouble understanding how pain could have different "types" and cause different reactions. Sometimes Dean didn't react to pain at all. Sometimes, particularly in times where sexual intercourse was involved, Dean seemed to find pleasure in pain.

The minutes were passing a little slower than Cas would have liked. There was still a great deal of fluid in the barrel of the syringe, even as he nudged the plunger again. "Dean?" He tried again, hoping to distract hunter from whatever it was that had him so tense. "Is there something I can do to help you relax?"

"Huh?" Dean turned his head towards the angel, he even took his arm away from his eyes briefly.

"You're very tense."

" 'M sorry." He replied. 

"No." Cas said firmly, shaking his head. "I meant...can I do something that would calm you, relax you? Perhaps if I sing or hum?" Dean chuckled. Very quickly and quietly, but Cas still heard him, and he saw the way the hunter's muscles relaxed with the intake of humor. "Is that funny?"


"Why?" Cas moved the plunger again, focusing on the liquid flowing into the IV before he looked at Dean again. 

"Just..." Dean scoffed. "It's not really something you do." 

"You don't think I'd be good at it?" 

Dean took his arm away from his eyes and smirked. "Okay...if you're so intent on it...let me hear you." 

Cas thought for a moment about the music Dean usually listened to as he depressed the syringe another mark. "Leaves are falling all around, it's time I was on my way." He sang, keeping his voice soft in beat to the music he remembered. Dean was quiet. "Thanks to you I'm much obliged." He moved the plunger again. "For such a pleasure stay. But now it's time for me to go. The autumn moon lights my way..."

"For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it's headed my way." Dean's voice was low, gruff with a little growl to it on the end. Cas looked up and found Dean's eyes on him, green and blown, almost as though they were filled with lust. "Sometimes I grow so tired, but I know one thing I've got to do..."

"Ramble on." Cas replied.

Dean smirked. "And now's the time, the time is now." He couldn't stop himself from laughing. Cas grinned a little, happy to hear him laugh. Dean nodded his head a little, settling himself back against the pillows. "Thanks Cas." He muttered. "That did help." 

Cas smiled as he pushed the plunger down through to the end of the barrel, sending the last of the liquid into Dean's vein. He pulled the needle out and put the syringe aside. "I should let you sleep now." He grabbed the edge of the blanket at the end of the bed and brought it up over Dean. Dean grabbed unto Cas and pulled him down into a kiss. 

"Don't go too far, angel." 

"Never." Cas leaned in and gave Dean another kiss. "I'll watch over you."

"How is he?" Sam came down the stairs dragging his bag behind him. Cas was sitting at the table, leaning back against his chair. "How are you? You get your powers back?" Cas looked up at Sam, but didn't say anything. "Cas? You alright? You're sweating." Sam moved closer to the angel, but Cas pushed him back. "Whoa? What's up? Are you sick? Did you catch Dean's bug." 

"No." Cas shook his head vigorously. "Sam please...could you..." Cas bit his lip. Sam tilted his head as he walked around the table, hands on his hips. Cas moaned softly. 

Sam raised an eyebrow and then kicked the chairs across from Cas apart. "DEAN! Really, dude? Really?! We eat on this table!" 

Chapter Text

Sam opened his eyes and instantly regretted it. His temples throbbed painfully and he realized he was freezing, even under the thick blanket. He moaned softly. 

"You awake, Moose?" Sam shifted in surprise to see Crowley at the far corner of the room, and quickly realized he was not in his bedroom. He was in a hospital bed, but not in the infirmary. It looked like an actual hospital room, the walls all painted white. He also realized he wasn't wearing his sweats, but a thin, flimsy, blue hospital gown. And only the hospital gown. When he looked at Crowley again he realized the demon was wearing white scrubs instead of his usual black three-piece suit and tie. 

"What the hell am I doing here?" He managed to get out. His throat was hurting as well. It felt raw and burned. 

"You're sick, Sam. Dean had to go help Cas with a hunt so he called Crowley and I to keep an eye on you." Gabriel appeared in Sam's periphery, with a damp cloth that he pressed gently against the hunter's forehead and cheek. Gabriel was wearing blue scrubs and a white lab coat, very similar to his doctor sexy attire. He even had a stethoscope around his neck. 

"I'm that sick?" Sam moaned softly. His throat really, really hurt, and he was really, really confused.  

"Afraid so." Gabriel told him. "And unfortunately it's not a fun kind of sick." He dabbed Sam's face a little more and then looked over at the demon. "Crowley get the thermometer would you? He's really warm."

"My throat hurts." Sam muttered, looking up at Gabriel. 

"Yeah? Let me take a look." Crowley handed Gabriel a tongue depressor and a pen light. 

"Say Ahh, Moose." The demon coaxed. Sam moaned for the third time as he opened his mouth and Gabriel leaned in to look. 

"Shit." Gabriel muttered. Warm hands rested on his throat, fingers dancing across his skin. Gabriel felt his throat for a long time. "Yup. Shit." 

"What?" Crowley questioned, handing Gabriel the thermometer and a pair of gloves. 

"I think he's got strep." Gabriel muttered. He heard Crowley groan.

"I'll get the test kit." Sam was aware that Crowley had left his side and Gabriel came back into view. He slid another pillow under his head, propping him up as Crowley came back with a swab and a long tube. Gabriel pulled out the swab while Crowley did something to the tube that Sam could see. 

"Open wide, Sam." Sam really didn't that was a good idea, but Gabriel put a hand to his throat and he found himself opening his mouth anyway. Gabriel stuck the swab straight in and he gagged as it hit his tonsils, trying to push the archangel away. "All done. Sorry about that bit." Gabriel was now holding the swab, which looked gunky and it made Sam sick to his stomach.

"Give me that, already." Crowley sounded annoyed as he took the swab and shoved it back in the tube. He swished it around for a moment and Sam noticed it turned a funny green color.

"Ew." Gabriel muttered. "Glad I have you to do the icky bits." He put on the gloves with a long snap that sent a shiver down Sam's spine. "On your stomach, Samsquatch." The archangel demanded, pulling back the blanket. Sam shivered, trying to reach for it even as Gabriel stripped him of all dignity.

"What for?" He protested, but Gabriel was already rolling him over. "Hey!"

"Sorry Sam, but your big brother threatened to castrate us if we didn't take care of you, and since my baby brother has powers and I don't, we're taking care of you. Say "ahh!" Gabriel untied the gown and let it fall open, exposing Sam's ass to the cool air. He grabbed one of his asscheeks and pulled it back. 

"No! Stop. Come on Gabe, don't." He wiggled to get away from the archangel, and then felt a sharp slap on his ass that left him temporarily stunned. 

"Stop moving." Crowley growled. Another sharp slap for good measure and Sam howled. 

"Ow! Damnit Crowley-gahhhhh." Sam moaned as Gabriel took advantage of the distraction and stuck the thermometer right into his asshole. He must have lubed it up well because there was no resistance and Sam couldn't squeeze his ass hard enough to prevent it from sliding right in.  

"Keep that right in there, Sam. Good boy." Gabriel patted his sore ass. Sam whimpered. He really wished Gabriel would have at least put the blanket back over him.  

Crowley was banging around in the silver cabinets on the far side of the room. Sam turned his head to the side and watched to see what the noise was all about. His eyes widened as he watched Crowley pull open a plastic packet that contained a large syringe. He opened a smaller packet and fitted the syringe with a long, sharp needle. "No! No, no, no." He tried to push himself up but Gabriel held him down with his weight against his back.

"Oops, nope, sorry Sam." Gabriel muttered. He reached across Sam's struggling body and pulled a thick strap from the side of the bed.

"No, no, no." Sam continued, trying to knock Gabriel off him, but with the chest strap secure he had significantly less leverage and Gabriel grabbed one struggling wrist and fascinated it into another restraint. Than he grabbed Sam's only free hand and secured it in the other wrist restraint. Sam kicked and screamed but Gabriel soon had his ankles in restraints as well. 

"You're gonna hurt yourself struggling like that." Gabriel muttered. "Especially with a thermometer in your ass." He took hold of the device and twisted it around for a second before pulling it out. "Hmm...101.7."

"Better make sure he didn't hurt himself." Crowley muttered, looking over his shoulder. He had pulled a fat vial out of one of the cabinets. It held a thick white solution.

"Right you are, Crows." Gabriel squeezed a glob of lubricant unto his fingers. "Sorry Sam, but I'm gonna have to do a rectal exam. This might be uncomfortable."

"No! Stop! Ahh..." Sam struggled as Gabriel sat on the edge of the bed and spread his asscheeks apart again. He pressed his index finger against Sam's hole and increased the pressure until his finger slid right in. 

"Hmm..." Gabriel muttered, rotating his finger around. "Can't feel anything. Better safe than sorry through." Sam cried out when Gabriel pulled out his index finger only to replace it with both his index and his middle finger.

"Please stop." Sam begged. The stretch was painful and Sam bit down on the pillow as Gabriel rolled his fingers inside him.

"Just a little more, Sam." Gabriel cooed softly. "Almost done. All good." Gabriel announced, taking his fingers out and patting Sam's back. 

"Good." Crowley pierced the top of the vial with the needle and drew the white solution into the barrel of the syringe. He filled it half full and then pulled the needle out, holding the syringe aloft as he flicked the barrel.

Gabriel took off his gloves and replaced them with new ones. Sam watched him open a bottle of rubbing alcohol and pour it on a swab of cotton. "Please don't." Sam begged. "Please." He had hot tears streaming down his face now as Crowley approached with the syringe. 

"It will be alright, Sam." Gabriel soothed. "It's only going to hurt for a minute." Sam shuttered and let out a sob when Gabriel rubbed the alcohol over a wide patch of his asscheek. "Just relax, Sam." He took the syringe from Crowley, flicking it a second time before holding it between his fingers to secure the plunger. Sam started crying, giving another half-hearted tug against the restraints when he felt Gabriel put a restraining hand on his back.

Gabriel lined the needle up at an angle with Sam's skin. When Sam took a breath, he jabbed the needle in deep, through the skin down to the muscle below. Sam cried, trembling underneath his hand, but he needed his medicine, so Gabriel pushed down on the plunger with his thumb. The thick medicine gave some resistance, causing Sam to cry and beg for it to be taken out. It burned as it entered the muscle and Sam sobbed harder. Gabriel continued to press down on the plunger until the barrel of the syringe was empty. He kept the needle in another few seconds, just to ensure all the medicine had been injected, and then pulled it out at the same angle he had jabbed it in. "There now, that wasn't that bad." He soothed handing the used syringe to Crowley. Crowley handed him a bandage and he covered the inject site with it. 

""Sam sniffed and hiccuped. He felt suddenly heavy and sleepy. 

"It's all over, Sam. You can go back to sleep now."

"Sam, Sam..." Sam heard his name echoing in his head. He started to come to and then jolted awake. "Woah! Sam!" He was in the Impala, sitting in the passenger seat with Dean at the wheel. Dean looked concerned, passing quick glances between him and the road. "You okay?" 

Sam rubbed a hand over his eyes, adjusting to reality. "What...what happened?"

"We ganked a ghost back there, in Newport. You fell asleep about an hour after we hit the road. I tell ya, man, you gotta get more sleep. You've been out eight hours." Dean smirked, patting his shoulder. "You okay?"

"I...I had the weirdest freakin dream." He groaned a little. His ass really hurt, but maybe it was the way he was sitting. "Gabriel and Crowley were..."

"Were what? Dude did you have a naughty dream about an angel and a demon?" Dean grinned, laughing to himself. "Didn't think you were into that kinky shit."

"I..."Sam shook his head. Better to let his brother believe what he wanted.

"Oh come on, Sam. Entertain me. Hey was Gabriel wearing frilly panties with angel wings? Did Crowley have like a whip or anything?" Dean was making up his own hilarious plot and Sam just shook his head. 

"I'm going back to sleep." He muttered, laying his head against the window.