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You were in the Tardis, three years after the 11th Doctor took you with as your companion.
Before that, you were solving crimes with Sherlock and John, until the Reichenbach Fall happened - Sherlock told you, of course, that he was still alive. He had asked you to keep it a secret from John. Scared that you might tell John, you left 221b Baker street and went looking for another job, out of London into the world.
That is were you met him, in a small park in Paris. It was a strange meeting. The one moment you were looking at the little fountain that attracted all the birds, and the next moment your view was blocked by a big blue box. A man jumped out, looked around and caught you staring with big eyes.

Something so strange like this hadn’t happened since you left Baker Street.

"Hi there!" He said. You were surprised. The man was clearly English. What was he doing in France in this box?
“Hi,” you replied uncertain. “Who are you?”
The man smiled sadly. “They call me the Doctor,” he looked at the blue thing where he had jumped out of. “And this is the Tardis,”
You nodded. Now that you looked closer, the blue box looked quite like a phone box of some sort.
“Want to take a look?” The Doctor opened the door and disappeared inside.
You shook your head and stood up, following the Doctor. You stepped in, and looked around.
No, that wasn’t possible.
You stepped outside again, and walked around the so called Tardis.
“Are you coming or not?” The Doctor asked you. “Yes..” You replied. “But how..”
“It’s the Tardis,” the Doctor said simply. “Come,” you went inside again and was stunned- how could the inside be bigger then the outside?
“Stop wondering about the size of the Tardis, it’s not gonna help,” the Doctor smiled. “Where do you want to go?”
You frowned. “What do you mean?”
“Where do you want to go! We can go to the building of the Pyramids! Visit JFK! Go to other planets!”
“Eehh..” This man was quite.. Weird. You liked it, it reminded you of someone..
“I don’t mind,” you said eventually.
“Come on, don’t be boring, I am sure you can think of something!”
“Okay,” you said. ” show me the making of the Mona Lisa,”
The Doctor smiled and went to twist buttons and knobs. Before you knew, you were watching Leonardo Da Vinci paint one of this most famous paintings.

Now you were, three years later, still at his side. You had fought Daleks and other monsters, saving the Doctor quite a view times.
You were floating through space, going nowhere special and just enjoying the view, when the Doctor received a call.

"Base 11 to Doctor! Base 11 to Doctor can you hear me?" a voice said. It sounded vaguely familiar.
“Doctor to Base 11, I can hear you perfectly, what’s the matter?”
“Oh, just checking on my old friends,” you were pretty sure you’d heard the voice before.
“You are never ‘just checking’ Mycroft,” the Doctor said. You jumped up. Mycroft! Sherlocks brother. You walked to the Doctor and grabbed his funny walkie talkie thing.
“Mycroft, is it you?” You said. The other side was silent for a moment, and the Doctor gave you a strange look.
“…is it..” The other side said.
“Yes, it’s really me,” you smiled.
“…What a good news! Good, yes, very good.” Mycroft paused. “Mind joining a wedding?”
“A what?” You shook your head. “Who is getting married?”
“John,” Mycroft replied. “Sherlock needs you,”

"So, how do you know Sherlock?" The Doctor asked you after your phone call with Mycroft.
"Oh, that is a long and complicated story.." You sighed.
"I love long and complicated stories!" The Doctor exclaimed. "Always so exiting. Now, go on, begin from the start,"
You shook your head and smiled, thinking back at your first meeting.