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The Other Half of Me

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Light Yagami, the God of the New World, did not like to be denied anything.

Bound by silk ribbons and gagged as he was there was little he could do but wait, but he was not patient, and he had been alone strapped to his imitation throne for nearly an hour without any direct stimulation.

The first half hour was necessary; he was practically insensible, not that he would admit that if anyone ever tried to bring it up later. The God of the New World was always in control, including of himself. But the second half hour felt like pure torture for the God, and he was contemplating the punishment for his pets whilst he waited.

Mello was still there, still bound and masked, so Light did at least have something interesting to watch as the young dog fell apart gradually from the steady throb of the vibrating anal plug with its attached canine tail, unable to do anything to relieve the slow torture his own master put him through for Light’s amusement. It was only once Mello came from the steady stimulation that Beyond returned to the room.

He unleashed Mello, leaving the band that bound around his cock and balls although it had loosened with the softening of Mello’s cock.

“Look at this mess,” Beyond scolded the dog, assessing the otherwise clean floor where Mello had spilled. “Clean it up.”

Light grinned behind his gag as Mello eagerly lapped up every last drop. He found himself wondering again why he had ever thought to be jealous of the dog; Beyond was his, to claim and take. He was the only one who could make the otherwise alpha male bend and break and fall apart, make him submit. No normal man could do that; only a God. Only his kami.

Beyond’s hand moved in a practiced gesture, calling Mello to his side. The dog rushed to obey, sitting dog-like beside his master, who unclipped the leather mask from his face. Mello was indeed gagged, a porcelain bone held between his teeth, and Beyond took that away from him too. Light was curious, briefly, how long it had taken Mello to learn to wag that tail he wore like that. Beyond ran his clawed nails though Mello’s hair, scratching carefully so as not to break the skin but Mello pushed his head onto the claws to draw blood, lips curling into a cheeky smile as his master licked the blood from his fingers.

“Bad dog,” Beyond scolded, making Mello whimper and cower. “Go to your kennel.”

Mello whined but he was an obedient dog, and he obeyed readily, allowing Beyond to focus his attention on his kami. Beyond settled himself in Light’s lap on the throne, alight with mischief.

“No more warnings before we act, kami,” Beyond told him, “Will you trust us to please you?”

Light narrowed his eyes at his favourite pet, suspicious of the glee in Beyond’s tone. It promised pain and something that was not the worship that was offered. Given the choice Beyond was not the one he would trust with this, though he had no way to communicate that to him with the gag in place.

“Of course, kami, you do not trust me,” Beyond recognised, looking dejected. “Would you trust L? We want to give you the best chance to enjoy today. I can give him control, if you would prefer?”

L was a more suitable choice, would not cause Light any pain or suffering. His worship of his God was absolute, and his own proclivities were not sadistic as Beyond’s. Light would allow him more liberties, though Beyond was by far his favourite fuck when he was in control of the game. Light nodded, and Beyond removed himself from his lap to calm himself and allow L in.

“Kami,” L’s childlike smile, most frequently seen when trying to charm new acquaintances and therefore one of his most dangerous, broke through Beyond’s evil smirk. “I am honoured, to be the trusted one.”

There was something about L claiming this victory that irritated Light, but he was at least reassured that he was more likely to remain uninjured if the detective was taking the lead rather than his assassin.

L called Mello forwards out of his kennel, the dog sitting panting at his feet.

“Your tail,” L requested, Mello standing on all fours and presenting his arse to L, who removed the plug. In the brief time he had been in the kennel he had already begun to harden and watched behind him over his shoulder eagerly, expectant for what L would do next. The detective collected a pair of toys from behind Light, setting one in his kami’s lap for him to inspect whilst he inserted the other into Mello’s stretched hole. “You’re going to be a good boy and show your master, aren’t you?”

Mello nodded eagerly, yipping with excitement. L ignored him, catching his collar with careful claws and guiding Mello’s face close to Light’s cock.

“My dog would very much like to be able to worship you, kami,” he told his God. “He would not presume to be allowed to touch you, to fuck you or be fucked by you, but he is good with his tongue.”

Light was curious, not for Mello’s tongue as such but certainly to learn what L was building towards, and so he nodded without hesitation. Mello’s tongue was hot and wet as it lapped over Light’s cock, never taking him into his mouth. The licks were searing, but they were no substitute to L’s tight lips or Beyond’s occasional tendency to add a little danger with the brush of sharpened teeth, never enough to harm but only to excite. Still, Light was hard and ready and he was only more so with Mello’s attention.

L had moved behind him, the toy he had initially placed in Light’s lap slipping into his previously lubricated arse without any difficulty; it was narrower than the previous toy and did not stretch him in the same way. It also weighed more, and there was a pull downwards that meant Light had to clench his hole to keep it inside.

“My darling pet Mello is a dog in heat,” L told him, taking the pump that hung down from the toy in his pet’s arse and placing it into Light’s free hand. “Do you know what happens when dogs fuck, kami? Forgive me, kami, you are a God; of course you know, you know all.”

L’s fingers tightened around Light’s on the pump, the first squeeze beginning to inflate the toy in Mello’s arse. L had to press it back inside fully, the shape at that point not holding it in place as Mello clenched, back arching though he never stopped lapping at Light’s cock.

“Dogs swell, they lock together,” L told Light anyway, guiding another squeeze of the pump. “My Mello is a dog in heat, and he is desperate to be stretched and filled until it hurts, until he cannot escape the sensations.”

Mello was whimpering now, continuing to lick diligently but his hole was clenching and relaxing around the toy, seeking more.

“Kami, you are certainly no dog,” L promised, showing that he was holding another pump that connected to the toy in Light’s arse. “It is your decision whether you will tolerate this, but I promise you that it will be worth it, in the end, that there is a purpose for this game if you would allow it.”

Mello’s hot tongue stroking over Light’s cock was enough, when combined with L’s words and the sight of Mello’s arse being increasingly filled, to stop him fully thinking through the open-ended promise and instead make him simply nod his agreement, squeezing the pump to inflate the toy inside Mello a little more.

“Thank you, kami,” L breathed, and gripped tightly around the pump once, twice, three times in quick succession until his kami tensed a little at the pressure and the stretch, not used to the size that Mello was taking easily. Light would not be outdone by a pathetic dog, and glared at L, a challenge. The detective beamed, inflating the toy a little more. “Please, no more yet, kami, I would not hurt you.”

Light squeezed the pump to the toy in Mello’s arse, inflating it rapidly until the dog cried out and stilled, clenching his eyes shut as he held back from his orgasm.

“Have patience, kami,” L requested, managing to crouch over Light’s hips as Mello’s head continued to move beneath where he crouched. “Mello would not be the one with the honour of making you come.”

Light nodded, but his glare promised retribution if he had to wait much longer. L was forced to ignore that demand, trusting that Light would enjoy what they had planned even more, perhaps, than he would later admit.

L’s tongue traced over Light’s neck, sharp teeth catching over his collar bone when he next squeezed the pump, the slight sharp pain distracting as Light was stretched again. He was sucking hard on one of Light’s nipples when he next squeezed, and with Light almost stretched to the point where the pain would not settle, he inflated the toy just once more.

“Mello,” L drew the young dog’s attention. “Back to your kennel.”

Mello was so close, so desperate, that he whined loudly and rubbed his cheek against L, pleading to be allowed his release.

“Bitches can wait,” L snapped at him, dismissing. Mello whined once more before he went.

L allowed the toy in Light’s arse to deflate, removing it carefully as Light clenched desperately.

“Light, Kira, kami,” L breathed into his ear. “I promised a purpose to this.”

He had, and Kira had not forgotten. Light nodded, fingers twitching to the button that would cause the lighting to turn red and stop their game; he was losing his patience, and if he didn’t come again soon he would press it and fuck L, hard and painfully, over the kennel roof.

“A God would worship you, Kami, if you would permit him the honour.”

Light’s eyes widened, startled, as Ryuk emerged from a corner of the room behind him out of his line of sight. The Shinigami kept his eyes down from Light’s as if nervous to meet his eye.

“I… checked, with a Shinigami who would know, what the punishment was for breaking this rule,” Ryuk told Light sheepishly. “It’s worth it, if…”

If Light would allow it. The sentence remained unspoken, but Light knew what he would say. However, he disliked not having all the information, and a sharp glare at L was enough for the detective to prompt the Shinigami to explain further.

“The punishment is an exchange,” Ryuk told him. “The Shinigami loses a bit of themselves to the human, or if a child is made…”

To the child. Light looked curiously at L, at Beyond behind that human half, wondering whether Beyond was created from such a union.

“So, if you would let me worship you, Light, you’d get something out of it,” Ryuk shifted awkwardly. Light had seen enough of the Shinigami to know that he was awkward with all physical contact, and though he evidently wanted this, his wariness was not going to leave him as easily as that. “I would still be useful to you, but you would have more power for yourself, as a God should.”

Light had not forgotten, even as he created his new world, even as he became its God, that Ryuk still held the power of death over him. He had not forgotten that the Shinigami could grow bored and kill him at any moment, the one being with that power over him for as a user of the Death Note the only way he could be killed was by his Shinigami. He had devoted enough energy to keeping Ryuk hooked and as he became a God, to turning the Shinigami into another of his most loyal worshippers.

He had not hesitated to use his sexual appeal as a part of that, never scolding Ryuk when he remained in the room whilst he fucked Beyond at the beginning, even when he tore apart his favourite pet for his defiance. He wasn’t sure when the line was crossed and Ryuk began to desire him, but it had certainly grown quickly after that until it was clear that Ryuk did experience lust for him, if not the potentially lethal love.

Ryuk was devoted as the rest of them.

And he was an actual, immortal God of Death. He was a God in the only way that Light could not yet claim.

A God would worship him, and Light did not want to turn down that chance. Especially since it would be at no cost to him and would indeed give him more power. He was reminded when he had suggested jokingly making a deal with Ryuk for wings instead of Shinigami eyes, and wondered if Ryuk’s long pause after he made that suggestion so long ago could be explained by this punishment by Shinigami losing a power to a human. Had he wanted Light even then?

Light was an arrogant God, and he wanted to think so, therefore it became truth in his own thoughts and those were the only ones that mattered.

Light tried to grin around the bit gag, nodding to the Shinigami.

“You will call him kami, if you wish to do this,” L warned Ryuk, who nodded, his jaw dropped as he stared at Light. “You will not damage him in any way, with your claws or those sharp teeth. You will obey the same rules as the rest of us; if the lights turn red you will stop. Am I clear?”

“Yeah,” Ryuk was beaming, winds arched tensely behind as he held his patience with difficulty, waiting for the final part of the deal L and Beyond had offered him to be complete. The detective retrieved what he needed from behind Light, a needle and syringe filled with a clear liquid, touching the tip of the needle to Light’s bound arm but not pressing in.

“Kami, this would make it easier, if you wish it,” L offered. “If you would trust me to protect you from harm, not that Ryuk would deliberately harm you but…”

Make things easier? Light considered the Shinigami, for the first time considering the sheer difference in size between them. Ryuk was hardly intimidating and in his worship of Light he was proven the lesser being, which gave Light some strange and out of place impression that Ryuk was somehow smaller than him, even though he stood closer to eight-foot-tall when he actually drew himself to his full height. Light connected the stretch of the toy L had used on him, the offer of a drug to aid him in this and wondered just what he was agreeing to and how concerned he could be.

Did he trust his pet? A God did not allow anyone to have power or control over him, a God did not allow weakness. A God would not give up his faculties to be fucked, even by a God of Death.

But a God could also do whatever they wanted to do, and right at that moment Light wanted to solidify his control over Ryuk ever further.

And if the God of the New World was also intrigued with the possibility of being fucked by Ryuk’s monster’s cock, no one but he needed to hear that confession.

But the question of the needle, of the drug…

The God of the New World was no coward, but he also intended to enjoy every experience in life to the fullest, and L’s offer was tempting. He nodded his consent, and L injected the drug, Light’s flushed skin not needing a tourniquet to bring up the veins.

The detective moved from Light’s lap with a swift parting stroke to his kami’s hard cock, making room for the Shinigami.

The monstrous creature hardly seemed threatening to Light anymore, but as the Shinigami approached he was grateful for the beginnings of the clouding over his more insightful thoughts as the drug began to take effect, chasing away the immediate concern as the Shinigami’s razor like teeth moved to within inches of his cock.

Ryuk’s tongue was long, long enough to wrap around his cock without taking it into his threatening mouth, dextrous enough to twist and stroke in ways a human tongue simply could never do. Light’s eyes were slightly unfocused, the blurred vision filled with wing feathers and the sight of black talons against the tan of his own skin.

L was behind him then, whilst Ryuk teased with that clever tongue, fingers spreading a new lubrication over and into Light’s hole. He clenched as the oil began to cool and tingle, soon trying to seek friction wherever he could find it as the area became increasingly sensitive and distracted from Ryuk’s clever ministrations.

“Ready?” L breathed in his ear, removing the gag and unfastening Light’s hands and legs from where they were bound to the chair. Light moved as soon as he could, spinning to L and grabbing his hair in a fist, tugging the detective to him and biting the bottom lip to draw blood before forcing a searing, demanding kiss. L obeyed his God, allowing himself to be pulled onto the chair so that Light was straddling him and pressing in to him, unprepared and sore but so very ready for his God’s attention that he didn’t care. The back of L’s head struck the back of the chair as he clenched his eyes tightly shut, the taste of blood threatening to bring Beyond to the surface but forced back, for his God was trusting him to keep control of the Shinigami. “More, kami.”

Before Light could snap his hips forwards and fuck L viciously, the drug L had given him driving him entirely out of his own control, his hips were caught in two large taloned hands which held him perfectly still, and Light gasped as the Shinigami’s two large thumbs parted his ass cheeks.

His head turned to look over his shoulder, trying to see, and drugged mind struggling to process the monster’s cock that stood erect and ready – perhaps twelve inches, and broad, larger than he had even imagined it could be, and not at all human in appearance, its ridged surface more reminiscent of one of Beyond’s favourite toys than real flesh and blood.

But Ryuk was not just flesh and blood, he was a Shinigami, and through the drugged haze Light was certainly not disappointed. Although, even with the drugs, the God of the New World was just a little… nervous. A God should not be afraid.

“Look at me,” L guided softly, catching Light’s face in his hands and guiding him for another kiss. “Relax. It is… possible.”

“You have tested this?” Light accused, the betrayal lancing through the drug’s effect and solidifying to anger.

“The size, on Mello,” L explained hurriedly, fearful of his kami’s wrath especially now whilst he was disinhibited by the drug and may actually just kill him for his slight. “A toy, kami, not this, this is just for you, only for a God…”

“Your God,” Light growled, biting hard over L’s collar bone. His hips fought Ryuk’s grasp, trying to thrust forwards deep into L, but he could not move an inch for all his trouble and instead felt a single digit piercing his ass carefully, avoiding any damage with the claw.

Ryuk’s singular finger was larger than any toy Light had used before today, but after L’s stretching beforehand with the inflating dildo he was able to take this easily, and a second before he felt anything near to filled. The claws crooked against his prostate, his hips still held to prevent him from moving and hurting himself on the claws.

“That’s good Ryuk,” L agreed as Light’s eyes glazed, the drug and the sensations taking all thought away and leaving him only with need. “One more, first.”

The Shinigami’s third claw pressed carefully at Light’s hole, stretching enough to cause pain. Light struggled, insensible and resisting, but Ryuk leaned down and pinned him chest to chest with L, holding him still enough that he could force the third digit inside.

“Too much,” Light managed through the haze, hand reaching for the button which his mind connected with getting this impossible stretch to stop.

“A God can take it,” L challenged, knowing exactly what to say to silence his kami’s protests. Ryuk purred, cat like, in his ear, approving.

“I need to move,” Light demanded, rising to the bait.

“Not on the claws,” L argued, watching the drugged God make the connection between that and what he would need to do next.

“Ryuk, your cock,” his kami demanded, the command shameless and impossible to disobey. The Shinigami had no intention of missing his opportunity, careful with his claws as he removed them and aligned the ridged monstrosity with Light’s still tight entrance.

L watched as Light’s eyes widened abruptly, hips jerking forwards to avoid the stretch as Ryuk began to press the head of his huge cock inside.

“Bite,” Light demanded of L, forcing his head to his shoulder. “Distract me.”

“It would mark your perfect skin, kami,” L protested, wincing as Light’s fingers tightened in his hair enough to pull out a chunk.

“I don’t care,” Light demanded. “Now.”

L sank his teeth carefully into the skin, trying not to break through despite the sharpened canines. From this angle he could see Ryuk’s huge cock, only the head inside but moving forward, two more ridges managing to be pressed in before he drew one back and Light followed the motion with a gasp.

“Yesss…” his kami breathed, slamming forwards into L as Ryuk pushed in to him again, a little more, a little deeper.

“Careful,” L demanded as Ryuk pressed his kami a little more forcefully. “Don’t tear…”

Light’s hand struck L’s cheek and he fell silent, sliding down the chair away from the blow but also improving the angle for Light’s thrusts so that he was able to fuck more deeply.

“Don’t fucking care,” Light growled, and though L was sure his kami would regret it once the drug wore off he could not argue with God, even though God had charged him with his protection. His God was stretched, every movement of Ryuk’s monstrous cock must be painful, but as his kami began to make noises L had never heard from his God he could not protest that this was harming him in any way at all.

“Harder, Ryuk,” Light demanded, slamming into L in rhythm with Ryuk’s thrusts which were easier now, but with every ridge that moved into him he jolted and every time one left him he shook until he was coming apart inside L clinging to the detective’s shoulders as the Shinigami’s thrusts sped up and a little blood splashed on L’s thighs from his God’s abused hole.

“Stop,” L demanded frantically of the Shinigami, eyes wide at the sight; Gods did not bleed.

“More,” His kami demanded, wrapping one hand around L’s neck to silence his protests. L couldn’t talk, couldn’t breathe, but nodded to Ryuk, not that the Shinigami had waited for his permission to fuck harder, to catch Light’s hips in his claws and force him further and further onto his cock.

“Kami,” Ryuk growled, razor teeth firmly clenched in substitute for biting down on Light’s shoulder as he came, the fluids leaking out around his cock from Light’s overfilled entrance.

Light’s eyes widened, his whole body shaking, but stared above L’s head with a broad, mad grin. L didn’t process the change of focus, too close himself to his own release to be aware of anything so subtle.

But then Light was shouting, trying to pull away from the Shinigami’s clutches, and Ryuk growled a warning against his neck. Light froze still, the movement hurting more as he was locked to the Shinigami’s cock as the ridges swelled further within him, forcing him to remain connected.

“Ryuk, you didn’t tell us…” L began frantically as Light leaned his forehead on the detective’s shoulder.

“Didn’t know,” Ryuk’s own deep voice was a breath now, his whole form tense and shaking along with Light’s. “It’s going away…”

And indeed, Light was again moving a little, easing himself apart from the Shinigami with groans and gasps, blood tinged fluids leaking out of him and onto L’s thighs beneath.

Light caught his breath slowly, not bothering to disentangle himself from the embrace of his worshippers. He could hardly support his own weight, every muscle in his body lax and spent, but through the drug haze he took in the mess and the ache, the concern that showed in his pet’s eyes and the delight of the Shinigami who had laid himself out on the floor beside the chair, hand over his heart and huge cock slowly softening as he laughed, almost hysterical with disbelief that he had actually fucked his God.

“Has anything changed?” L wondered, wide eyes searching for a difference in Light, a sign that the promised Shinigami part had transferred to the God.

Light frowned at L, slow to connect the question to a meaning, but then looked up above L’s head; his name, and numbers.

He giggled at the absurdity of it, and at the power he had taken for his own. Not only the eyes of a Shinigami; the eyes of Ryuk, powerless now to see the names and lifespans of the humans that were the source of his life. The Shinigami had lost a vital part of his power to survive, had left himself free to be controlled by Kira.

“Let B in,” Light demanded, curious. L obeyed his God, the eyes changing rapidly.

“Kami?” Beyond was immediately startled at his God’s boneless embrace. Light ignored him, giggling as the name above his pet’s head changed, but more curiously still the numbers remained blurred and unclear, even to his new eyes. Surely, he should be able to see when his pet would die?

Light relaxed into his pet’s embrace, too tired and high to think about it. He would work it out later; he had all the time in the world.

The God of the New World held absolute power over a God of Death, and if that didn’t make him a true God, he would only need claim more power until he was immortal, too. It would hardly be a sacrifice to fuck Ryuk again, after all.

He wondered if the transaction would work if he was the one fucking the Shinigami, perhaps bent over his Death Note writing desk, or whether it would only work if Ryuk took him? Then again, perhaps it took a God to truly please a God.