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The Other Half of Me

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“Kami,” Matsuda’s voice was small and quiet, and he was already curled into himself defensively. No one liked to be the bearer of bad news to the God of the New World. He was not forgiving. “There has been a… problem.”

The crop struck the base of the throne, sending an echo through the room.

“Say that again,” Light spoke softly, “Say that again, and remember to whom you speak.”

“I am sorry, kami,” Matsuda’s throat was dry. He feared the wrath of his God, as he should. “Please, please do not kill me… I am but a messenger…”

“Then speak freely, Matsuda,” Light sounded almost kind, but the crop’s rhythmic tapping on his boot sent jolts through his slave. “Do not dawdle.”

“Yes… yes, kami,” Matsuda did not dare wrap his arms around his head to protect his face; his kami would permit knees pulled into chest, as was his pet’s preference, but nothing more. “Beyond Birthday has disappeared from the security cameras. With… the sheep.”

Light stood abruptly from the chair, Mikami rushing to correct his robe but Light slapping him away with the crop. “What?”

“It is as I say, kami,” Matsuda shook beneath his God’s wrath. He dared not say it again.

Light stroked the crop over his slave’s cheek, slipping the tip between his lips. Matsuda obediently laved it with his tongue, eyes downcast.

“You have done well, to bring me this information,” he praised gently. “Where did they disappear from?”

“The roof,” Matsuda breathed.

“How long ago?”

“Fifteen minutes…” Matsuda shrieked as Light’s foot collided with his now relaxed middle, sending him sprawling.

“And how long have you known?” Light’s tone was still gentle, but the crop that traced Matsuda’s thighs was firmer know in its strokes.

“… seven minutes, kami,” Matsuda breathed, believing himself ready for the pain.

The crop left his skin and did not strike back down.

“Misa,” Light held out his hand to the almost naked woman, who took it eagerly, trying to move in close but restrained by a hand on her other shoulder. “You still have my cane?”

“Yes, kami,” she breathed.

“Do you remember what happened the last time you withheld information from me?”

“Yes, kami,” Misa practically melted at the knees.

“Good,” Light praised. “Then, you can show Matsuda what happens to those who have secrets from their God?”

“Yes kami,” Misa reluctantly released his hand, taking the cane and moving around Matsuda’s back. Light did not wait to watch the punishment be carried out. Matsuda was a slave, beneath his notice. Let Misa have her fun fucking him with the cane; he had more important things to do.

Like finding his pet.

Into his earpiece, he spoke, “Give me a trace on all airborne craft within five miles of my location.”

The area over Kira’s palace was a no-fly area aside from his own helicopters, so any air traffic whatsoever would be suspicious.

“We have one moving south from your location, Holiness,” the operator at the other end responded. “It is masquerading as one of your personal craft.”

Light burst out onto the roof, hissing.

“Not masquerading,” he growled to the air traffic coordinator. “Clear the air space between, and send me a faster route.”

“Yes, your Holiness, as you command.”

Light fired up the helicopter, disliking having to do this for himself without L to pilot. He had seen L do it more than once, understood how it was done and was naturally talented, but he was a God, and Gods did not have to fly their own aircraft.

Still, she secured the earpiece beneath his noise cancelling headphones as the rotors spun to speed.

South, over the Tokyo skyline, out into the countryside.

“The trail ends here, your holiness,” the operator sounded nervous, fearful of being bearer of bad news since he had no view of the landscape below.

“Good work,” Kira praised, assessing the huge rooftop complete with two helipads below. They weren’t exactly hiding. “I’ll take it from here.”

“Is there anything else I can do for…” Light cut the line before he could hear any more of the fearful snivelling.

“Ryuk,” Light commanded, glancing at the Shinigami as he brought the helicopter down to land. “Fly ahead, identify and disarm any traps.”

“You got it, Light-o,” the Shinigami phased through the floor of the helicopter and towards the huge compound, obedient to a fault.

Light had killed one Shinigami. He had obtained all the power he needed to kill a second, should the moment be right. Ryuk was no less a pawn of his God than the rest of them.

The helicopter landed heavily; if anyone had been watching, Light would have denied this. Nothing God did was ever less than perfect; the helicopter was clearly meant to land that way. He flicked the switch to deactivate the rotors but did not wait for them to stop, collecting weapons from under the seat. A pen, a notebook, and a gun – for those occasions when forty seconds just wasn’t fast enough. He didn’t like to get his perfectly manicured hands dirty.

Between him and the helicopter opposite was a door that led in to the building. Ryuk had not yet returned, so Light was sure the path was safe. He moved away from the helicopter, ducking below the blades (a God should not duck, but the last time Ryuk lifted a helicopter to let him walk beneath without doing so, the Shinigami dropped it), and began to walk down the steps.

Beneath, in a singular huge room, both Near and Beyond were bound, gagged and unconscious. Beyond’s toys were still in place, though Light noticed the presence of additional decorative nipple clamps in the shape of two small letter K’s inset with topaz stones. Along the other wall was a couch and, on that couch, the one who had the nerve to take his pet away.

The young man, who looked Near’s supposed age of eighteen or so, was lounging across his chair in a posture that almost mimicked Light’s across his throne. He was dressed entirely in black leather straps, the widest only about an inch across, which curled artfully around his body, down his legs to thigh high boots and up at the collar to snake around his neck, evidently gently compressing his airway. Enough that every breath was a gasp; not enough to block the air entirely.

“God,” the man on the couch breathed, getting to his feet. Light turned his gaze on the younger male, and stilled his hand on the gun when the blonde dropped to his knees heavily. “I knew you would come.”

“You are bold,” Light allowed, “to take my pet from under my very roof.”

“Oh,” the blonde man breathed, a shiver running through him at the sound of Kira’s voice. “Let me explain, please, God,”

“Go ahead. You’ve got the rest of your life,” Light removed the safety from the gun with a click.

“I had to get your attention…”

“Consider it captivated,” he snarled. “You might regret having it.”

“I would never,” the blonde gasped. “Even if it ends in my death.”

Beyond’s eyes opened slowly, assessing the room around him. Light noticed, but gave no sign of this to the blonde. He could shoot, could kill the one who would take his favourite pet from him, but he could not deny that he would regret not seeing Beyond make him bleed.

“Do you ache for me, child?” Light questioned as he strode imperiously forward, studying the man. “Does your heart beat for me, your soul burst upon the very sight of me?”

“Yes, kami,” he breathed, prostrating himself on the floor before Light.

“And yet, you have defied me,” Light scolded. “And denied my pet his due.”

“I shall pay my debt to God,” the man offered, crawling forwards low to the ground, his nose scraping against the concrete. “Please, tell me how.”

“What is your name?” Light questioned.

“Mello,” the man breathed, then quickly corrected himself. “Mihael Keehl.”

“Mello,” Light considered. “Another student from L’s home? A ghost from his past?”

“There is only one ghost here,” Mello’s eyes strayed hatefully to Near.

“Yes,” Light chuckled. “Beyond?”

“Yes, kami?” his assassin moved, fully awake and aware now. He crawled on nail tips to Light’s feet, leaning his forehead against his knees for comfort. “How may I please you?”

“He is a little dark for a ghost,” Light pointed out. “Still so rosy, cheeks flushed with the heat of life.”

“Allow me but a moment and I shall rectify that for you, kami,” Beyond pleaded.

“Go,” Light allowed. “Do not kill him. Not yet.”

Beyond growled, but would not argue with his God. Restricted as he was, he did not use his talons, instead biting with his sharpened canines, making Near bleed. The white clothing was steadily soaked with the red of his own blood, which Beyond lapped away eagerly.

“God,” Mello breathed. “Please, may I please you?”

Light glanced away from the delight his pet was providing, seeing the blonde’s excitement and arousal.

“Who is he to you?” Light asked curiously. “Near?”

“A rival,” Mello spat the words, disgusted. “An enemy.”

“So, you would enjoy seeing him hurt like this?”

“And more, kam… God,” Mello corrected himself quickly. Light strode forward, over Mello, studying his form and judging it suitable.

“I would see you share,” Light commanded, “in his death. If you are creative… I would consider a place for you, in my court.”

“Yes, God,” Mello kissed the ground beside his feet, wise not to let his lips touch Light’s shoes. He had not earned that right.

He moved to join Beyond, the two on all fours looking more like animals than humans. Beyond’s metal reinforced talons created fine rivulets of blood on Near’s skin as he gave up trying to restrain his need to see the thick red flow freely, the clothing shredded now. He hovered over the limp, unconscious body with a possessive snarl, a growl ripping from his lips. His kill.

Light watched, delighted, as the pair appeared more wolf than human at the sight of blood faced one another over their kill. They circled one another, Beyond never taking at least one hand from Near’s limp form, and Light realised that those grey eyes were not as unseeing as they appeared; the pale man was alert, awake, simply paralysed.

“Together,” Light reminded as the two looked more dangerous by the moment.

They struck, teeth and nails and feet, clashing viciously.

It lasted seconds before Beyond had Mello pinned, his skin shredded to ribbons. He pinned him, sharp filed canines pressing on the pulse point.

“Beyond,” Light warned, forcing the man to draw away and leave his defeated opponent alive but bleeding. Mello laid panting, pupils blown with desire.

“Kami,” Beyond drew away, his eyes closing; refocusing. “May I kill the ghost?”

“Together,” Light reminded. “You may guide him, but he shall strike the blow.”

Beyond groaned, desperate to feel the blood on his hands, and yet…

“Yes, kami,” he deferred to his God, letting Mello take one of his finely crafted knives, gold plated silver handles and fine silver blades with diamond edging.

Mello resented having his moves controlled by Beyond; that much was evident in his resistance, his reluctance to move the blade Beyond allowed him to the locations he intended.

“Beyond,” Light commanded after a few moments, curious. “Stand back; watch.”

Beyond scrambled to follow the command of his kami, coming to kneel at his feet like the dutiful dog he was.

Mello stroked the blade gently, back and forth like the waves lapping on the sea. Soon Near’s skin was awash with the fine trails of blood, droplets pooling and soaking into clothing and outwards onto the floor.

“Who’s the cleverest now, Near?” Mello taunted as that blade stroked above his eyes and downwards. “Who is in control now?”

“Kami,” Beyond breathed. “He is… delicious.”

“You approve, pet?”

“I do,” Beyond purred.

“Then finish this sheep,” Light demanded. “And bring me my wolves.”

Beyond raced forwards, his body wrapping around Mello, over him, engulfing him. His hand grasped the wrist that guided the knife, drawing it over Near’s lips, cutting deeply, and down, over the less vulnerable areas of the neck, down again, cutting harshly into the skin over his chest.

“Have you felt it before?” Beyond asked temptingly in Mello’s ear. “The rush of blood that comes from a wound to the heart? The terror in those seconds before the stabbed expires? The delight of your kami fucking you, afterwards?”

“I want it,” Mello pleaded. “Please…”

“Do it,” Beyond whispered, sweet temptation in Mello’s ear. “He represents your old life, where you were nothing. Kill him, and join me, not as nothing, but as my pet.”

“But, kami…”

“Has deemed you unworthy,” Beyond laughed in his ear.

Mello looked around, meeting the gaze of his God, who closed the space between them.

“I could please you, I know it.”

“Is that true?” Light stroked a finger under the leather clad man’s chin, forcing him to look up. “Are you capable?”

“I am unworthy,” Mello breathed. “But I would like to try to be, for you, kami.”

Light slapped him to the floor.

“Did I give you my permission to call me that?” he snarled ferociously. To his credit, Mello straightened from the floor and settled back to his knees, his pink tongue catching the drops of blood where his teeth had cut his lip and drawing them into his mouth. “No.”

“Please!” Mello shrieked it, grasping at the cuffs of Light’s trousers. “Please, I’m begging you, I will be worthy, I will prove myself worthy…”

“Do you want to please your God?”

“Yes,” Mello nodded frantically. “Yes, my God, please, let me please you…

“There is a way,” Light grinned, kicking forcefully at Mello. The quick movement was not intended to do serious harm, only shake off the grasp.

“Anything, God,” Mello pleaded.

“Then you will belong to Beyond,” Light told him, opening his palm to encourage his pet to come closer. Beyond obeyed, resting his cheek into that palm. “Being the God of the New World takes time. My pet gets bored. You will keep him amused and ready until I have need of him.”

“Kami?” Beyond breathed, hardly believing his luck.

“I have been neglecting you, my pet,” Light allowed. “Would you like to keep this new toy?”

Beyond’s grin was feral. “Yes, my kami.”

“He will not be allowed to make you come,” Light instructed. “Your pleasure belongs to your God.”

“Yes, kami,” Beyond looked only more delighted with that.

“You are permitted to give him as much or as little pleasure as you choose, but you will not break him.”

“Perhaps just a little, kami, please?” Beyond pleaded; Light laughed.

“My pet, I will not find you a replacement if you do,” he reminded.

“God, please,” Mello begged. “I will please your pet, I will do anything you ask of me, if only for one night in your bed, beneath your hand…”

“Be careful what you wish for,” Light warned. “As Beyond’s pet, you will likely have more than the one opportunity to join us in my bed. However, you are nothing compared to my favourite pet, you would be unable to satisfy me alone. Do not promise more than you can give to your God.”

“I swear I shall not,” Mello promised, kissing the ground Near Light’s feet.

“Then,” Light asked softly of his wolves. “I have one more question.”

“Yes, kami,” Beyond breathed.

“Why does that sheep still breathe?”

The cold fury in his voice stilled even Beyond; he would be punished for this, and not in a good way.

“Forgive me, kami, I shall…”

“No,” Light’s command stilled him. “No… You will leave him, now. This shall be your punishment, my pet, for your failure.”

“As you wish, kami,” Beyond rested his forehead on the cold concrete floor, trying to restrain himself.

“You will give this kill,” Light told him. “To L.”

“L?” the look of betrayal that crossed Beyond’s face was priceless.

“Would you defy me?” Light was quiet, the warning clear.

“No, my kami,” Beyond breathed, though it looked like it pained him to give himself up to the detective half of himself. “Anything, for you, kami.”

Light waited as the change was slow to come, Beyond withdrawing and locking himself away rather than the usual break through of one over the other.

“Who the hell is this?” L asked, bemused, once he spotted the leather clad male beside him.

“B’s new toy,” Light told him, grinning. “Yours too, if you would like?”

There was a gleam of recognition in L’s eyes as he studied Mello’s fine form.

“Is he clever?” L asked simply.

“I believe so,” Light shrugged. “Why don’t you play with him and see?”

Light ran a finger along Mello’s shoulders. The blonde arched, moaning shamelessly, showing off every finely rippling muscle beneath his skin.

“He is yours,” Light told him, “but first, you must do something for me.”

“Anything, kami,” L breathed.

“Kill the sheep.”

L did not hesitate, would not refuse a command from his kami. He moved forward, studying Near, spying the alertness of his eyes that betrayed that he was paralysed rather than drugged.

“What if I were to shoot you now? Right now?” L breathed in Near’s ear. A delighted shiver ran through Light’s body. L never got the chance to kill directly, only ever getting the opportunity to write names in the Notebook. This was to be something of a first.

Mello rushed to L’s side, catching his hand before he realised that L had no gun, but was only holding his index and middle fingers together beside Near’s head. Still, he warned, “it would be terribly disappointing.”

L shook his hand free of Mello’s grasp, shooting a glare at him. “Know your place.”

Outwith his kami, L retained the same odd ability to command that he had always possessed. Mello backed down, still sore from his defeat by Beyond.

“I may not know exactly how we came to be in this industrial ruin, but I can only assume you have a hand in it,” L moved over Mello, who allowed his back to fall to the concrete below. “God should not dirty his feet to stand in a place like this. You bleed, but you do not die, so you have earned Beyond’s favour. You have not earned mine.”

“Please, Master,” Mello bared his throat, his body boneless on the ground. “I want to serve you, to serve God. I will be worthy, I swear it, I will make myself useful.”

“You will be silent and still,” L snarled. “You will not delay God’s servants from fulfilling his commands.”

Mello nodded, restraining himself to remain on the floor as L moved away, metal talons taking him quickly back over Near.

“So pale,” L turned the boy’s head between two pinched claws. “Dying – too good a death for a heathen such as you.”

The claws ran down, tracing over Near’s throat until he was pressing the tips to the soft skin over the abdomen. Claws pinched, cutting shallowly. L’s breathing was heavy, his eyes coming to rest on his kami. The claws cut deep, breaking through the skin and deeper until blood poured out along L’s arm, and Light grinned darkly as he saw both L and Beyond in those eyes, sharing this.

His pet moved back to his heel, careful not to get blood on his clothing even though it meant he could not get close enough for his kami’s touch.

“We should go,” Light took one further glance around the building, and to his newest slave grinning on the floor. “Come.”

They strode out of the building, Light not bothering to look to see what the blonde was doing as he remained behind for a few moments before emerging and starting up the second helicopter.

Light gave L control of theirs, preferring to sit back and watch as his view of his world expanded beneath him.

“God,” Mello’s voice came through their communications system. “I have a gift for you.”

As Light watched, the old building beneath them began to explode, a string of carefully choreographed blasts that lit it from top to bottom, the foundations shaking and the walls crumbling away as it began to fall in fire and ruin.

Light smiled a little, drawing back into the helicopter and glancing at the man beside him, his eyes still gleaming with the focused intelligence of L and the bloodlust of Beyond.

“Do you like your toy?” he asked. His pet nodded, biting his lip. A long, metal tipped finger reached forward to activate the communications in the other direction.

“So, if you are what you say you are, I will make you beg,” L promised. A harshness came through, the bloodthirst of Beyond. “If you aren’t, I’ll make you into shoes.”