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The Ties That Bind

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It had been a long, tiring day for Sophie. She had spent most of the day doing an art favor for her parents. Her job was to paint a large brown tree-like structure on the side of the house. It took all day, minus some breaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it was finally complete. Sophie laid down on the ground to rest as it was already dark outside. She heard some footsteps come near her but was too exhausted to open her eyes.

“Hey, nice job on the tree,” Blik said standing next to his sister’s body inspecting her handy work.

“Thanks… just one question. Why did mom and dad want me to paint a tree with no leaves on it on the side of the house?” Sophie asked.

“Dunno. They said it was a surprise for tomorrow… whatever tomorrow is,” Blik answered shrugging.

Sophie groaned. “You mean I spent all day painting this and I don’t even get to know what it’s for!”

Blik chuckled. “Guess not. C’mon it’s getting late and it’s cold out here.” Blik started to walk away when he realized Sophie was not following him. “Missy? What are ya doing?”

“Blik… I can’t move… I’m too tired.” Sophie answered. She managed to raise her arms up and say “Carry me?”

Blik sighed and picked her up. “Fine. You owe me for this though.” Sophie couldn’t even respond back as she was already fast asleep. Blik softly smiled as he carried her back into the house.

He helped her get her pajamas on and washed her face and hands before tucking her into her bed where Lion was already resting. Blik shut the lights off and quietly said “Goodnight Missy.” He shut the door softly as to not wake her and went to clean up her mess outside.