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Arcane Drabbles

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      Sunlight streamed through the gauzy, purple curtain. Somehow the sun always managed to find the smallest opening and a bright spear of pure sunlight shines directly across your eyes. You throw an arm over your face before turning over in bed.

      Asra’s back had been pressed against your own, but now you spooned the magician. Face buried in the back of his neck, you felt the soft white hair brush your skin. It would be so easy to let the familiar scent of herbs and magic and Asra pull you back to the liminal space of your dreams, but, even after a few deep breaths, it wasn’t happening.

      Resigned, your fingers trail teasingly over Asra’s waist, the way his breath catches in his sleep brings a soft smile to your lips. Turning back over with the decision to start your day, you shoot a glare at the cruel sun. It was unfair, having to wake up this early on the one day a week the shop was closed. With a quietly mumbled complaint you start to slide your legs off the bed.

      Suddenly, Asra is wrapped around you like the ivy that climbs the walls of the kitchen.

      “Asra...” you sigh, looking over your shoulder at him, “Did I wake you?” He buries his face into your skin, lips brushing your flesh as he speaks.

      “Don’t leave... you’re warm.” His voice is muffled and rough from sleep. You huff playfully and turn over to face him, barely managing the maneuver with the way he clings to you with all four extremities.

      “Better?” Smiling at him softly, you card your fingers through the messy, silken strands of his hair. He sighs contentedly and lays his head against your chest.

       He looks up at you through hooded eyes, violet eyes sparkling softly under ivory lashes. He always looks like he’s up to mischief. It must be the way his lips curl at the corners even when he’s holding a neutral expression.

      A smile quirks your lips before you lean in to kiss him lazily. He responds in kind, letting you take the lead with the kiss. The kiss is warm and soft, sleep flavoring it pleasantly. His hand moves to tangle in your hair before he breaks the kiss. The red coloring his cheeks mirrors your own. You giggle softly and press another quick kiss to his lips before burying your face against his chest.

      “Maybe I can sleep a bit longer.” The words are light hearted but also drawled, Asra’s calming aura having finally brought sleep back to you. He hums softly in agreement, fingers running along your scalp.

       Just as you drift off into the grip of sleep, you feel his lips press gently to your temple, his arms squeezing you a bit closer to himself. Sleep takes you gently then and your dreams are filled with sweet kisses.