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Scoring Your Love

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A/N: So I can’t believe the moment is here, but this story is drawing to its close. This last chapter is, as promised, centered around a wedding, and it packs a lot of feels. Still it seems crazy that this would be the end of the fic… so I’ve decided that it’s not! At least not completely, that being said it will be a while (like a long time) before we get an eventual epilogue. Still I’m hoping all this fluff will hold you guys over, and that you will enjoy the first finale of this story!

For as long as she could remember, Emma Swan had been guided by music. In her experience, when things were truly good, she heard it all around her. It was subtle but it was there, in the laps of ocean water on the shoreline, or in the gentle tinkling sounds of the wind chimes by her window. The melody might change tempo or pace depending on where exactly she was, but music, at least in her mind, was always an excellent sign. Not everyone could hear the songs that came to her, for they were often subtle and tucked within noise that might seem ambient or unimportant, but Emma always heard. Her friends had called it instincts, claiming her intuition was a force of nature, but whatever it was, this music was the most powerful sign Emma had that things were as they should be. And today that music was undeniable, infiltrating each and every part of her being and never letting up.

After what could only be referred to as a whirlwind romance (and it had been so described by nearly every tabloid and magazine in recent weeks), she and Killian were taking the plunge. They were saying ‘I do’ today in a private ceremony at their home, right there on the beach where he’d asked her for forever.

In less than a year Emma had found a way to do what she long thought impossible; she had found out how to give her heart completely to someone and not to feel fear or apprehension. Emma had learned to trust in someone other than her friends, and she’d come to know with an absolute certainty that there was such a thing as true love. This kind of love was big, nearly all consuming, but it filled her world with music, more music than she’d ever thought existed, and it made Emma feel like anything was possible. Gone were the shadows of her often tumultuous past. She had left behind the little lost girl who never knew if she mattered or where she belonged, and instead Emma was choosing to have faith, to move forward, and to love fearlessly.

“God, it really couldn’t be a more beautiful day.” 

Emma smiled at Ruby’s words and not because she was happy over the weather, though she was. In reality she just knew that no matter what this day would be beautiful. Today she was joining her life with Killian’s, and there could be rain or snow or fog or worse and it wouldn’t matter to Emma. All that mattered was the moment that was coming, and the lifetime they’d build together hereafter. That being said, Emma was wracked with anticipation, and she was so grateful to have her best friends all here with her as her pillars of support. She took Ruby’s extended hand gladly and squeezed it tight as a silent signal of all she was feeling.

“And Emma couldn’t be a more beautiful bride.” 

The weepy tone Mary Margaret used brought a welling of tears to Emma’s own eyes, but she had to fight it off. She chose instead to laugh, and she used her other hand to take Mary Margaret’s in hers. Emma knew already how she looked. She’d seen herself in the mirror just moments ago. The ivory color of her dress was classic, but the flowing design was less constrictive or confined than the average bridal gown. If this were a woodsy wedding, it would seem almost fairy-like, but as they were on the beach it still felt fitting and freeing and picturesque. It was Emma’s ideal, and she couldn’t wait to see Killian’s reaction when he finally got the chance to see.

“Okay, enough of the crying. I know you all want a big, sappy moment, but we simply don’t have time. Killian will bang this door down if we’re even a minute late,” Ruby teased and Emma shook her head.

“He’s not that bad.”

“He kind of is,” Belle responded as she adjusted the flower in her hair before looking up at Emma with an apologetic face. “In a good way though. Like an ‘I love Emma so much I may die from waiting to marry her’ way.”

“He has been a tiny bit over dramatic as of late,” Elsa replied. “But I’m not really one to talk. Whatever Killian is, Liam is…”

“Like a thousand times worse, we know we know,” Ruby said with a sigh. “Thank God Graham stays sane. Like he loves me but he’s chill, you know?” 

The friends all gave noncommittal sounds of agreement since everyone knew Graham was hardly ‘chill’ when it came to Ruby. He might have a more laid back attitude, but the truth was nothing and no one could rile him like Emma’s friend. It was love all right, and if it were ever tested, Graham would no doubt rise to the challenge.

“Oh whatever. Anyway, as I was saying. We can’t get too over the top, but I just want to say…” Ruby’s voice broke from emotion, something that so rarely happened and now Emma actually worried she might cry. Still she tried to stay strong, if just to make Ruby happy. “I just want to say that I love you guys more than anything. You are my friends and my family. You’re my people, and that’s not changing today. Today we’re just getting new people – or one person really: Killian. Emma, I don’t think any of us could have picked a better partner for you. He’s the one.” 

“Absolutely,” Mary Margaret said, rallying through her happy tears. “He’s your soul mate, and a good man.”

“The only kind of man we could ever think might possibly deserve you,” Elsa said happily before Belle finished up with some thoughts of her own.

“You two just fit, and it’s beautiful to see. It gives all of us hope, and a guide for what we want and what we deserve. So thank you, Emma. You led all of us here, and there’s nowhere else we’d rather be.” 

“I love you guys so much,” Emma said, finally succumbing to the happy tears that had threatened all afternoon. She quickly dabbed them away, but it was hard to resist telling them one last piece of good news that she was holding close. Unfortunately though, as much as she loved her friends, she had to share this special update with Killian first. It was the only way. But soon enough they’d know, and Emma knew they’d be more than excited for this new chapter too.

“And we love you,” Belle said, giving Emma a quick hug. “But Ruby was right. We’ve got a ceremony to get to, and our men don’t like to be kept waiting.”

Well if that wasn’t the truth, then Emma didn’t know what was. With one final hug the friends made their way from the room, forming their procession line organically and walking together until they’d made it down through the manicured lawns of Emma and Killian’s home. One by one they moved into view of the other guests, but when she were right at the point where Killian and the aisle would come into view Emma paused. She stood there for a moment, taking in the feel of the breeze and the fading sun. It danced across her skin, but where Emma expected nerves or worry or anxiety, there was nothing but peace. This moment was so serene that Emma decided to linger in it, just for a few more seconds. She found herself closing her eyes, and taking a steadying breath, and then, after she released it, she moved forward towards her happily ever after.

The walk down the aisle should have been overwhelming. All eyes were on Emma, and she was never fully comfortable with attention like that, but she didn’t notice any of it. It was impossible to see or feel anything beyond Killian. He was so handsome, and so happy, and the look he gave her spoke of an undying love and a hope for forever that Emma shared. By the time she was at his side, Emma felt like she was floating, and when he took her hands in his the last piece of the puzzle clicked into place. This – right here – was what perfection felt like, and Emma was awed and amazed by every little part of it.

“I wish there were words, love,” Killian whispered to her, and Emma could hear the emotion in his voice. “There should be words for how beautiful you look and how happy you make me… but in this moment, all words fail me.”

“Right back at you,” Emma said, fending off more tears as she squeezed his hands, signaling that she herself was very nearly speechless too. Thankfully the justice of the peace took over at that point, pivoting them towards the wedding they’d both been waiting for.

Despite her want to be married to Killian right this second, Emma stayed grounded in each part of the ceremony. She didn’t wish for it to hurry up. Instead she honed in on every part of today. She wanted to memorize what would be one of the best moments of her life, but then they reached the time for vows and Emma’s mind went blank. She had had a whole planned speech for this bit of the service, but it was gone now, and all she could do was go on instinct.

“I never thought I’d be so happy to be crashed into on the sidewalk.”

The blurted sentiment drew laughter from their guests, most notably their core circle of friends, and butterflies erupted in her chest as she waited to see Killian’s response. Then he smiled, his gaze filled with love and adoration, and Emma felt her heart skip almost painfully His blue eyes were so warm and so hopeful, and as his thumb ran across her hand she took a steadying breath and pressed on, trying to articulate all that he brought into her world. 

“But the day that we met I knew there was something about you, Killian. That instinct defied explanation, especially given your tactics at the beginning, but from the first moment I felt like I could see the man you really were. Sure enough, that intrigue grew to more, and it turns out I was right – there was something there. I just never could have imagined how important and incredible that something would be. I didn’t know that it was love. I didn’t know that I was staring into the face of my other half, my ideal partner, or the man who I want at my side for now and always. But you showed me the way. You made me love you by making me believe. You gave me hope, and you continue to do so each and every day. I wake up excited to see where life will take us, but certain that wherever it is we can handle it. Together, we can do anything, but somehow all I want to do is be with you. Forever. I love you, Killian Jones, so so much, and I just can’t wait to be your wife.”

Looking at Killian in the face of her words, it was hard to guess what would come next. There was a very real chance that he would defy tradition and just sweep her away right here and now. The look in his eyes was possessive and hot and filled with emotion, and Emma felt that brewing roguishness he often brought about. He might be a gentleman, but her soon to be husband had a riskier side too. Still, as much as he might like to scoop her up and run away so they could be alone (and boy wouldn’t she love that too), Emma knew her love better than that. He was dead set on giving her everything she wanted, and that meant imparting onto her words that meant everything to her and that she’d cherish for the rest of her days. 

“Emma. Before meeting you I was a man who had lost himself. The world I thought I lived in wasn’t what it seemed, and though I knew I wanted something more and something different, I could never have imagined finding someone like you. You embody goodness in every way. You’ve a fire in your heart, a passion for life, and a spark inside you that never seems to burn out even in the darkest times. You fill the world around you with light and love, and the most beautiful part of it all is that’s just the way you are. It’s all you, Swan. All of it.

“How you manage to be as you are escapes me, my love. You have known sadness and sorrow. You have felt what it means to be alone and afraid, but still you triumphed. Where so many others would fail, you conquered. You had hope, and you persevered and I thank God every day for your strength, your courage, and your grace. Because in bringing yourself to something better, you managed to show me the way too. You brought me to a love I always wanted, and now we get to share. I will never be able to tell you how thankful I am for that, but I aim to show you for the rest of our lives. I love you, Emma Swan, in ways I can’t begin to describe, and I can’t wait to be your husband.”

The echoing of her words told Emma that Killian had also said all his promises from the heart. It touched her and healed her, and as the last of the ceremony was undergone, Emma felt those wonderful feelings grow. By the time the minister told them to kiss, she was set to burst, but just like always, Killian was there to hold her close and keep her safe.

“And just like that we have forever,” Emma whispered as they came apart, neither of them taking in the cheers around them, but instead focusing just on the pull between them.

“Aye, love. Forever and a whole lot more.”


There were moments sprinkles throughout Killian’s life where he felt himself transcend his normal way of being and move into a sense of contentment that was thrilling and enthralling. It happened when he signed his first contract to play the game he loved professionally, when he made player of the year in his rookie season and nearly every damn year after, and when his team won a championship or the world cup. Those moments were made of what he believed to be magic – they were pure blips of happiness, at least that was what he thought. But now Killian realized that assumption he once held dear was wrong. What he had known before was merely satisfaction. It was a sense of pride and of achievement in all that he had worked for, but after meeting Emma he realized he’d never truly known happiness, at least not like this.

Since meeting Emma Killian had moved into a new phase of awareness. He now understood that his old concepts were flawed, and that happiness was a word that should not be taken for granted or used so lightly. It was a rare and precious feeling, but the joy he’d partaken in over the past few months with Emma was proof that it did exist. And even with all that, today managed to eclipse the moment that had come before in ways he couldn’t begin to state. Every turning point with Emma, every milestone they’d shared was a gift, but to have this wedding – to have him and Emma truly tied together for better or worse, for now and forever – was something else entirely. It was the start of a new life, the one he’d been meant to be living all along, and in loving Emma and knowing her so thoroughly, he’d begun to love and know himself in ways he never did before. Finding her had brought him answers and hope and comfort, and no matter what might come in the next chapters of their life, Killian knew they’d always have that foundation of love and care and happiness to fall back on.

“It’s funny,” Emma murmured from her spot cuddled close to his chest as they danced under the stars at their reception, amongst a sea of their friends and family. “I always thought this part was kind of overblown in the movies. The dancing at the wedding shouldn’t be quite so jubilant, you know? The bride and the groom always have those big, over-the-top cheesy smiles. But being here…”

“There isn’t much choice,” Killian agreed, knowing exactly what she meant. “It’s like no one has a right to be this happy, but somehow we are, and there’s no shaking it.” 

“Not even when my husband pulls out his best dance moves.”

The challenge in Emma’s words prompted Killian to show said moves again, and he dipped her low in the slow dance they shared, making her laugh and smile and blush. Of course that reaction from his bride only made the need inside him pull tighter, and he fought off the urge to steal away with her for about the hundredth time this evening.

Out here in the moonlight, and under a grove of golden yellow lanterns their wedding planner had designed especially for the occasion, Emma was truly breathtaking, and he was completely under her spell. But when their guests were gone and when this perfect night ended, he knew this sense of enchantment would remain. All of the pomp and the frill and the ambiance could be gone, and he’d still need her just as fiercely. He could see it so vividly in his head, the two of them dancing just like this in the years to come. They’d be old and gray, forty or fifty years down the line, but Killian would still want to dance with his Swan, especially if his love enjoyed it as much as she seemed to now.

“You were saying about my dance moves…?” Killian teased and Emma rolled her eyes in the way he’d grown familiar with. Still she showed no signs of resistance, instead leaning into him more, like she hated the very thought of them being parted.

“Okay fine, they're fabulous. Are you happy?”

“Deliriously so,” he quipped before surprising her with another stolen kiss. He’d taken so many through the course of the evening that it was safe to say he’d lost count, but this one felt different for some reason. It was like they’d both been holding back the depths of their feelings all night, but this time Emma pushed for more, and Killian was damn well going to give it to her.

“Think we could get away with leaving for a bit?” Emma asked as she bit her bottom lip suggestively. Killian grunted out an affirmative sound, and the giggle she replied with made his lust grow even as his heart swelled. When she took his hand and pulled him back towards the house, Killian followed without hesitation, and the second the door was shut behind them he pounced, bringing Emma into his arms and kissing her as he’d wanted to all night. 

“Killian, we have to wait,” Emma said breathlessly, even as she continued to cling to him.

Killian’s kisses trailed down from her mouth to her jaw and then her neck all while his mind tried to think of how to take her without ruining her dress. Emma couldn’t very well go back to the party with a torn gown, and though the dress she wore was brilliant, Killian had been dreaming of tearing it off his Swan all night. Fuck it – who really cared if Emma came back to the party looking fully ravished, or perhaps in another garment all together? After all they were married, and this was their right as husband and wife, to consummate their vows and share everything with one another.

“You say that, my love, but your body’s telling me a very different story.”

His words made Emma shiver and her hands clutched onto him tighter than they just had. If Killian looked to her eyes he knew he’d see their typical jade color now darkened, but as much as he wanted to ravish her fully, he wouldn’t take this any further, not until Emma gave him the all clear.

“Someone could walk in on us here. It’s not like we closed the house.”

“Bloody mistake if you ask me,” Killian said, his hands roaming as he nipped at her creamy flesh, pulling the sigh of need and desire he loved so much past her lips.

“I also have to tell you something,” Emma said, her voice sounding frayed with the battle between giving into what she wanted and doing what she thought was right. And though he hated to stop, Killian did, because he never wanted Emma to have to choose between what she wanted and what she believed in.

“You can tell me anything, Emma, you know that.”

“I know,” she agreed as her hand came to cup his cheek and her eyes took him in. “I just have a feeling that when I tell you this the party will end, and I don’t know if I’m ready for it to be over.”

“It’ll never be over. At least not really. Hell, if you want we can get married a dozen times – a hundred times even. I’d say I do every day if it made you happy.” 

“I know you would. And I love you for that,” she whispered before her expression gave away that she’d made a decision. “All right, I’ll tell you. I’m pregnant.”

Just when Killian thought that there was nothing more in the world that he could ever want or need, Emma showed him exactly how wrong it was. This was another dream come true, and he was so glad that it had come true so quickly. They hadn’t really discussed it at length. Of course they both wanted children and a large family filled with love, but Killian didn’t want to pressure Emma to have such a life now. Even if he’d been praying for the chance to be a father and a parent alongside his Swan, he needed to make sure she was happy. Yet he found that he needn’t ask if she was or not, for Emma held nothing back in the way she looked at him. She was thrilled with her revelation – somehow just as blissfully joyous as he was.

“You were right, love,” Killian said, his tone gruff from all that he was feeling.

“About what?” Emma asked with laughter and a few shed happy tears as she brought his hand down to her still flat stomach. Someday soon her belly would swell with their child, and as Killian considered the adventure they were about to embark on, he knew it would be his greatest one to date.

“This party is definitely over. At least the part where there are other people invited.”

“I figured,” Emma said with another laugh and a soft kiss pressed to his lips. “So do you want to do the honors or should I?”

“Now I think you already know the answer to that, my love.” 



Post-Note: So there we have it! The wedding has come and gone, and this fic is largely finished with its passing. Like I said though there will be more, you just have to bear with me because I am in the thick of school with no real writing time in sight. Anyway, I also want to thank each and every one of you for reading, commenting, reviewing and messaging me. It’s been a real pleasure to write this because of you guys, and I hope you’ll check out my other stories if you haven’t already. Either way, I wish you all the best rest of your weekend and I appreciate you being with me on this fun, fluffy journey!!