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Late Night Talks | Jikook

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After their great concert in Japan, the seven super exhausted members who have had a very stressful day with hours of tiring dance rehearsals and a whole night of performing on stage, can finally return to their hotel rooms and get some well deserved rest.

Everyone is too tired to even take a shower, so they head straight to their bed and fall asleep instantly.

Except for Jeongguk and Jimin.

These two guys decide to stay up for at least another hour, just to talk about random things, since that is their favourite thing to do.

They've gotten really close, especially in the past few weeks, probably because lately Jeongguk has been a little homesick, since he hasn't seen his family in a while now, and Jimin was always the one, who took care of him when he was feeling sad, so that made him his "Go-to Hyung".

They've been in their room for about half an hour now, talking about this and that
until they run out of topics to talk about.

The boys are sitting on their two seperated beds, sighing because of boredom, but then Jimin suddenly has an idea for a good topic.

"How about we talk about something more private.. uhm, like... Oh yeah! Let's talk about first kisses! Tell me, when did you have your first kiss and with who?", the smaller asks with a smirk.

Jeongguk stares into his Hyung's eyes, trying to think back to the time where he had his first kiss.
Has he ever kissed anyone?
Oh yeah, once there was a little peck.

"I remember, when I was 13 years old, before I became a trainee, there was one girl in school. Her name was Vanessa and we were actually dating for... 3 weeks maybe? Anyways, once she visited me at home and uhm.. when she left, we... kissed", Jeongguk replies kind of proudly.

Jimin starts grinning from ear to ear after hearing Jungkooks story.
"Whoaa! Our Jeonggukie had his first kiss with 13 years. Such a player hahah. When I was 13, I didn't even know how to kiss."

"Me neither, it was just a like a little peck, nothing crazy. We obviously didnt use tounges", the maknae says laughing.

Jimins expression suddenly turns into a surprised one.
"Oh? Then that doesn't count! I mean a real kiss!"

The younger gulps. He can't remember really kissing someone.
Jeongguk starts playing with his fingers, his head turns red and he doesn't know what to say.
Of course he doesn't want to lie to his Hyung, but also, he is too embarrased to admit that he never really experienced... anything.
But when should he have experienced stuff like that? There wasn't any time for him to have a love life.

At the age of 13, Jeongguk started as a trainee and since then there was a lot of stuff going on in his life.
24/7 working hard on dance rehearsals, vocal and rap lessons, performances, photoshoots,...

None of the members really had much free time and if they had a few weeks of 'vacation', they all went to their hometown to visit their families.

So technically it's almost impossible to find time for romance.

"Jeeeooongguuk-aaahh?", Jimin tries to get his dongsaeng out of his deep thoughts.
The maknae didn't even notice that he drifted off.

"Ah, I'm sorry Hyung"
"So what now?", Jimin asks a little impatiently.

Jeongguk knows exactly what his Hyung is talking about but he doesn't want to respond, because he still feels kinda embarrased, so he just quietly mumbles "I don't know, Hyung".

And that's the moment where Jimin finally gets it.
"Ohh..", the older just responds.

The maknae gets even more nervous, now that he knows that his Hyung knows about his 'secret'.

It's just Jiminnie-Hyung. Jeongguk should actually feel confident because they always talk about awkward stuff together, but this time, it's a little different. Even though Jeongguk didn't really open up much, he feels so exposed because none of his Hyungs actually know that he hasn't kissed, nor, of course, had sex with anyone.
In Jeongguks eyes, this is a little weird and embarrasing, because he assumes that all of his Hyungs have gone through all that kind of stuff already but he himself hasn't.

And if he is being honest, he isn't really interested in dating a girl. He isn't even sure if he is sexually attracted to girls at all.

And suddenly he feels so... strange. Seems like he isn't an international playboy... or daddy af.

All of these mixed feelings start to shoot into his eyes and he can feel his tears collecting in them, which Jimin notices, so he decides to stand up and head to the younger's bed.

As soon as he sits down besides Jeongguk, he hears a quiet sobbing from the other.

Jimin, being the nice, caring friend he is, tries to comfort him by carressing Kookies head with his small fingers.

"If I get this right, you've never had a real first kiss. But that is absolutely okay. No need to be ashamed or sad, you're completely fine", Jimin says to his dongsaeng in a deep voice.

"No Jimin, you d-don't understand, I'm eighteen... Oh god, I feel-"
Jeongguk is being interrupted by himself because he needs a short break to let out another sob, which kinda turns into a crying mess.

He feels like, he is overreacting over such a stupid thing but he can't help it.
Good thing that Jimin is such an understanding person.

Not only he understands the problems, he also finds a way to solve them.

Suddenly an idea pops into his head but Jimin doesn't know if that's a great idea, but maybe it will help the younger.

"Listen, seeing you like this makes my heart break and... you know.. I just don't like seeing you sad. So, uhm, maybe I can help you to stop being so sad."

Jeongguk looks up into his Hyung's eyes. His expression is almost puppy-like.
Kookies dark and still teary doe eyes sparkle in the light of the lamp.

"H-how?", Jeongguk asks, not having a clue on how to make himself feel better.

Jimin removes his finger from the youngers head and starts playing with his hands.
''Well... you know, we don't have to do this, this is just a request. But if you want, we can just.. you know, kiss...''

These words make Jeongguks head snap up, so he can make eye contact with Jimin, who isn't really sure, if it was a good idea to request such a thing.
Jeongguk's kind of surprised, worried gaze leads to Jimin being kind of insecure about his recently spoken words, so he adds: ''Ah, I'm sorry. This was really weir-''
''No! No... It's-.. It's fine.. I guess.. Your idea isn't weird, Hyung'', Jeongguk interrupts him.

By now, his tears got less and he blinks his wet eyes at Jimin and waits for him to respond.
Jimin gives a little smile and says: ''Okay then.. you want to do it? You know, you can always stop, if you are feeling uncomfortable or anything, okay?''

Jeongguk blushes and nervously plays with the hem of his shirt.
''Yes, we can try. But I really don't know what to d-''

''Don't worry about that, Gguk! It's really not that hard, just kind of try to move your lips in sync with mine. It will be okay, if it is not perfect. It's your first time, so don't think too much about it. Just... kiss'', Jimin tells him with a caring voice while rubbing Jeongguks shoulder.

''A-Alright'', the younger stutters.

Then, Jimin finally makes the first move by shifting a little bit closer to Jeongguk, so their thighs make skin contact. He gently puts his hand on his dongsaengs cheek and traces small circles into it, while his other hand rests on Jeongguks mid-thigh.

Now there they are, looking into each others eyes, only a few seconds away from kissing.
Jimin leans in and closes his eyes, while Jeongguk is copying his Hyungs move.
They inch closer and closer until their lips finally meet.

Both of them feel like, they're in heaven.
Oh my god, Jeonggukie's lips feel so soft! This is the best thing ever, he's so incredibly cute, Jimin thinks.
I can't believe, I am really having my first kiss. With Jimin Hyung. Ah, this is so beautiful, Jeongguk thinks.

The kiss is sweet and innocent. None of them uses their tounge and they move their lips pretty slowly.
It's not very hard to tell, that this is Jeongguk's first kiss, because you can feel, that his movements are still a little shy and hesitant.
But he really is not bad, Jimin is more than happy about how his dongsaeng is doing.

After about ten seconds of gentle kissing, they remove their lips and open their eyes.
''See? You were pretty good for your first time!'', Jimin tells him cherishly.

Jeongguk can feel the redness in his face again, but he tries not to act nervous to prevent this situation getting even more embarrasing for him.
''Thanks Hyung. I really liked it. Your lips are so plush and they feel really nice a-and I.. I also really liked when you put your hand on my face, because that felt really good too'', Jeongguk reveals, which makes Jimin smile widely.

Jimin just can't hold back his happniess. His little dongsaeng just had his first kiss with him! And seeing Jeongguks cute, adorable face just makes him want to kiss him again.
So he's just doing it.

This time, Jimin puts one of his hands on Jeongguks waist and the other one behind his neck. Jeongguk gets a little surprised by this action but he quickly gives in and tries his best to kiss as good as he can. Jeongguk doesn't really know what to do with his hands, so he just puts them on Jimins hips, hoping, that this is alright.

Right now, Jimin is kind of straddling Jeongguk on his knees, while Jeongguk now lies on the bed. Their kisses are getting more intense and the older wants to experiment something by tracing his tounge over the boy's bottom lip.
Even though Jeongguk might be inexperienced, he unterstands what Jimin tries to imply, so he opens his mouth a bit and waits for what is about to happen next.

Quickly, Jimin takes the opportunity and shoves his tounge into the younger's mouth, tasting the insides of his hot cavern.
Jeongguk just feels so good, he appreciates how his caring Hyung is just making him feel so loved and... turned on?

Oh no Oh no Oh no, Jeongguk repeats over and over in his head, when he feels, that something in his boxers is hardening and forming a little tent in his sweatpants.

Out of panic, Jeongguk pulls away his head, which makes Jimin worry, because he thinks, he might have gone too far and maybe pushed the younger too much.

"Jeongguk-ah? Are you okay? Did I go too far? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean t-"
"Ah no! Don't worry Hyung. I just.. I..."

Now Jimin is even more confused. So if it wasn't because of him, then why did Jeongguk pull away so hastily?

Meanwhile, the younger tries to think of a solution on how to get rid of his problem. Should he just try to hide it? Or maybe fix it in the restroom? Or should he be honest and just tell the older about his situation?
Well, he is way too embarrased to just openly tell him.

Jimin just stares at his dongsaengs puzzled face, but when he shifts his hips, so he can sit more comfortably, he notices, that Jeongguk lets out a quiet whimper.

They are still in this straddling position, so when Jimin moved his hips, it kind of grinded on Jeongguks crotch, which gave his errected member some friction.

"Are you really okay, Gguk?", Jimin asks concerned, but then he just notices what the problem is, because he can feel a little hard spot on his butt cheek now.

Jeongguk just closes his eyes to prevent that Jimin looks at him.
His nervousness shoots right into his cheeks which are blushing in the reddest shade possible.

How cute, Jimin thinks.
He's always had a weak spot for the younger, so seeing him in this state is just one of the best sights he's ever seen.

After a few moments, Jeongguk finally opens his eyes again, just to see that Jimin has been smiling at him the whole time.

"Hyung, why are you smiling? This is so awkward for me", he pouts.
"Because you just look so cute! And you don't have to be ashamed. That's a completely normal thing, you know. It happens", the older tries to tell him.

The younger doesn't answer him, he's just playing with his fingers, because he doesn't know what to say.
So, Jimin tries to think of a way to get Jeongguk more relaxed.
He actually even comes up with an idea, but maybe Jeongguk might get even more embarrased if he tells him about it.

Slowly, Jimin rolls to the left side of the bed, so that he doesn't lie on top of Jeongguk anymore.
Now his buldge under his pants is clearly visible, so Gguk immediately takes his hands to cover that area.

Then Jeongguk feels Jimins fingers gently tracing his arm, from his shoulder to his hand, which still rests on his crotch.

The skin contact feels really good to Jeongguk and he doesn't want his Hyung to stop, so he leans into his touch.
Jimin Hyung is just someone really special to him and normally, Gguk isn't a super touchy person, who's always craving for skin contact and such things, but when it is with Jimin Hyung, it's just something different. Then it's okay. No, actually it is more than just okay - it's amazing.

Right now, Jeongguk doesn't want anything else more than to just cuddle with his Hyung, even though this whole situation is still a little awkward for him. But maybe cuddling might be a good distraction.
That's why he shifts a little closer to the older and snuggles into his chest.

"Aww, you want to cuddle, Gguk?"
Jimin now slings his other arm under Jeongguks back, while his other arm still fondles his dongsaengs shoulder.
Jeongguk nods his head after hearing his question.

"That's good, because I want you to feel good and relaxed, so if you're okay with that, i'll touch and massage your body a little bit and if you want me to stop, feel free to tell me, kay?"

That's when Jimin begins to massage the sore muscles on Jeongguks mid-thigh, causing Jeongguk to let out a loud sigh.

"Feels good?", the smaller chuckles.
"Yeah. Please don't stop."
"Don't worry, I won't. I'll make you feel really good", he promises.

This is probably the best massage, Jeongguk has ever had. His Hyung's fingers just put the perfect amount of pressure on his muscles and he can feel how he slowly gets more and more relaxed.

"Whoa your thighs feel really dense, you've been working hard recently, huh?", Jimin asks the younger, who nods his head in response.

"Hehe, I'm proud of you, you always show impressive progresses."
Jeongguk blushes at the praise and starts playing with his fingers again.
Seems like this is a habit, he does whenever he feels nervous or touched.
The case right now is that he feels very touched by his Hyung's nice words.

What the maknae didn't notice, is that, when he started playing with his hands, his crotch area was revealed and on full display for Jimin.

Of course, Jimin eyes his dongsaengs buldge, because... why wouldn't he?
He's also getting more turned on, now that he has this beautiful view of his sweet little Jeongukkie, who is lying under him, eyes closed, bangs covering his forehead, simple white t-shirt paired with black sweatpants, which more or less hides his boner.

Now or never, the older thinks as he starts sliding his hands higher up Jeongguk's thighs. His thumbs are tracing small circles in Gguks inner-thighs as they get closer and closer to his dick.

When Jeongguk finally notices in which direction this is going, he slowly sits up and opens his eyes to see what his Hyung is doing.

"J-Jimin Hyung, what..."
For a split second, Jeongguk thinks about stopping him, because he feels kinda nervous again, but then he remembers that this is Jimin Hyung and he knows that his Hyung would never do something, that he didn't feel comfortable with.

Plus, his dick really needs some friction, because his hard-on already starts to hurt.

Jimin gently places one of his hands on Jeongguk's.
"Should I stop? You don't have to worry, I'll stop any second if you want me to", he asks the younger calmly.

"No, I trust you Hyung", the taller says shyly.
This sentence makes Jimins heart flutter.
Jeongguk trusts me. He trusts me. Me,
he repeats over and over in his head.

And with that, Jimin can't resist anymore and just cups his dongsaengs member and rubs it through his sweatpants.

Finally, after a long time, Jeongguk finally gets the pleasure he needed, so he can't hold back a little high-pitched moan.

Surprised by his own sound, he accidently made, Gguk instantly puts his hand in front of his mouth.

"Aww Jeonggukie, no need to cover your mouth, I want to hear your sounds, they really turn me on", his Hyung tells him sweetly.

Oh my god, Jeongguk definitely did not expect this kind of reaction. He expected to be laughed at or something like that, but hearing Jimin say, that he gets turned on by him... Wow. He would have never thought, that this is even an option.

Jimin continues rubbing him in a slow pace, when he grabs the waistband of Jeongguks pants to slide them down.
Now the navy blue, loose boxershorts are the only thing that seperates his hands from the youngers skin.

He could just slide the boxers down too, along with the pants, but he decides to go slow, so Jeongguk doesn't feel too rushed and exposed.

"Hyung, what about you?", Jeongguk asks curiously.
"What do you mean?"
"Why don't you take off your clothes as well?"
Now Jimin gets the point. He thinks, Jeongguk probably would feel more comfortable if both of them are undressed and not only him.
And that is exactly the case.

The older doesn't hesitate and quickly pulls down his dark grey shorts and throws them down the bed, revealing his loose, black boxers and a visible tent in there.

After that, he trails kisses along the youngers thighs, because he just really adores how smooth the skin is and how sensitive Jeongguks seems to be there because when Jimin lightly sucks at the flesh, he lets out a whimper.

Jeongguk can't help it. Jimin Hyung just feels too good, his plump lips on his sensitive areas and his beautiful face, when he looks up to him, to check if he's alright. His blonde hair, his loving smile, his gentle movements, his ability to make Jeongguk feel so so good...
Jeongguk just appreciates every single thing about his Hyung.

Suddenly he feels Jimins hand on his dick again, causing him to buck his hips up and moan.
Jimin could cum just from this lovely sight and the sound of Jeongguks soft moans.
He continues to massage the youngers dick with his one hand, while the other hand fondles his balls.

He can feel, that Jeongguks dick isn't super big, it's a little bigger than the korean average size, which fits absolutely perfect in Jimins hands.
Everything about him is absolutely perfect, Jimin thinks.

After some more touches and kisses,
the smaller hooks his fingers under the waistband of Jeongguks underwear and watches his face to look for any signs of discomfort.
And actually, there really are some signs.

"Do you just want to keep your underwear on or do you want us to stop completely?", the older asks him while gently stroking his thumb over the back of Jeongguks hand.

"N-No, I don't want to stop, its just..."
Then he stops talking, trying to find the words, but they just wouldn't come to his mind.

After a couple seconds of thinking, Jimin says: "Hmm, let me guess.. This is the first time someone else will see you naked and that's why you're nervous?"

Dang, those are the words, I was looking for, Jeongguk thinks.

"Yes, that too. And also, I..."
Jimin patiently waits for him to talk further.
"...I'm not that big, if you know what I mean, so please don't laugh"

Now he finally said it, with the expectation that Jimin will laugh. Okay, actually that is something, Jimin would never do, because he is the most kind and understanding person on this planet.

"Aww Gguk!! You shouldn't worry about things like that. You are 100% perfect the way you are, and yes, even your dick is perfect. Mine isn't really big either, so don't worry", Jimin reassures him.

"You always have the right words, do you know that, Hyung?", Jeongguk says with a smile on his face.

With blushing cheeks, Jimin just smiles back at him and leans down to give his dongsaeng a little peck on his lips.

Now his focus goes back to their make-out session, as he begins to slide his own boxers down first, knowing the younger will appreciate it.

Jeongguk drops his mouth at this sight. Jimin was right, they both are almost the same in length but Jimin's is definitely thicker. And the way his dick stands up straight on his flat tummy just looks incredibly breathtaking.

"Like what you see?", Jimin asks while showing a smirk on his face.

"Y-yeah", is the only thing, Jeongguk is able to stutter out.
He's never seen a dick, except for his own,
that close and in real life, so he is truly impressed and feels the need to just touch it, but of course, he is too shy to do so.

After Jeongguk had been staring for a while, his Hyung decides to go a step further by grabbing his underwear again.
This time he finally pulls them down, revealing his hard, pink member.

Now Jimin is the one, who's staring.
How can he be so perfect, he thinks and then says:
"Precious. Beautiful. You are absolutely beautiful, Jeongguk"

Leaning his head down between his dongsaengs legs, he starts tracing his tounge along the smooth skin of his pelvis, reaching the errection that has been waiting for Jimin's mouth for too long.

Starting at the base, the older licks a long stripe up the whole length until his hot, wet tounge reaches the tip, which he immediately takes into his mouth to hardly suck on it.

An overwhelming wave of pleasure rushes through Jeongguks body. A feeling, he has never felt that strong before.

This feels way different than masturbating.
Way better.

"Ah-Ahhh..Hyu-..Ahh...", the maknae moans, even though he was really trying to hold it back, but he kind of fails, because, well, Jimins mouth just does wonders to him.

It's not only just Jeongguk's first blowjob, actually Jimin is experiencing this for the first time too, so he is more than satisfied, that he is able to make his dongsaeng feel so pleasured.

In a fast pace Jimin keeps bobbing his head up and down the younger's shaft while there are moans leaving his full mouth, causing vibrations to go through Jeongguks dick.
This makes him groan and whimper even more and he already feels like he is about to cum. It was predictable that he would cum that fast, since this is his first blowjob after all.

"O-oh no, Jimin Hyung, I think I'm a-already close", he reveals, fighting back to buck his hips up into his Hyungs throat.
"Then cum for me", Jimin commands and puts his mouth back on the dick, digging his tounge into the slit and using his hands to stroke the base.

Few moments later, Jeongguk spurts his loads between the elders lips, right into his mouth, so Jimin can swallow it all. Tastes good, just as I expected, the elder thinks.
He moans uncontrolably load and high pitched while grabbing the bed sheets with his fists. This is by far the best orgasm he's ever experienced.
Now he is just completely exhausted and he looks totally fucked out, even though he only had a blowjob, but damn.. a really good one.

Jimin is adoring this beautiful sight underneath him and strokes Jeongguks sweaty hair out of his forehead to place a gentle kiss there.
The younger is still breathing heavily, coming down from his high, when he realizes that Jimin still has a hard on that hasn't been taken care of yet.

"Uhm, what about your boner?", he asks and his Hyung just chuckles and says: "Jungkookie, don't worry about that, we already did a lot of stuff tonight.. I think, we should go to sleep now.''
Then, they both cuddle under their blanket, still naked but their body heat makes everything warm, cozy and just perfectly comfortable.

Both are already really tired, almost falling asleep when Jeongguk mumbles a quiet "Thank you for everything, Hyung. You.. you are really important to me and I care about you a lot"
Jimin just really doesn't know how to handle this situation. Everything is so overwhelming right now and his dongsaengs sweet words just drive him over the edge.
I have to say it. There's no other way.

"I love you Jungkook"

"I love you too Jimin Hyung"

Both smile and lean in for one last kiss before they drift off to sleep.