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No Better Plans

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“Hey,” K-2SO said. “This ship has laser turrets. I could become a space pirate. I suppose you could come too. Your presence is not intolerable, and you can help load cargo.”

Bodhi laughed, hollow, “It’s not like I have any better plans.” The Death Star had tried for him twice, failed both times. He wasn’t giving it a third shot. “But I’m the only one with legs, I’m not just loading cargo.”

“And whose fault is it that I don’t have any legs, hmm?”

“How are we looking?” Bodhi asked.

[[Three point two million credits worth of unmarked weaponry, on board.]] J9-C4 chittered as she sank a grappling hook line to a hook in the cockpit and hoisted herself up to interface with the control board. [[M4RK-S and B8-4 are back onboard as well. K-2SO is…]]

“Having an excellent time,” K-2SO’s said over comms, explosions echoing in the background. “I am nearly there.”

“Got it, Kay.” Bodhi started powering up the corvette, “Any trouble on the departure?”

“The army chasing my remote body is very small.”

Bodhi sighed, “Janine, get me some targets. Let’s give the army something else to focus on.”

[[You got it, B0-D1.]] J9-C4 chirped as lights ran across her chassis, mirrored on the console.

The ship shuddered as a sudden clacking of limbs came from behind him. Even as K-2SO was saying, “Go, go!” Bodhi was already in the air, corvette’s modified engines screaming to life.

[[Targeting sequence prepared.]]

“Got it.” K-2SO said.

The ship shuddered as more weaponry than should really be attached to it jolted to life at once, and half the compound went up in flames.

“Live free!” Bodhi and K-2SO yelled. They broke atmosphere and Bodhi pulled hyperspace lever toward him, driving the ship past the stars.

“Bodhi!” Maz pulled him down for a kiss against his cheek. “Lovely to see you, you old pirate.”

“Beautiful as ever, Maz. Are my buyers here?”

“Late. As usual. But!” Maz gave him a calculating look, which meant things were about to go either very well, or very poorly. “There’s someone I want you to meet.”

Bodhi turned to K-2SO’s massive droid body. K-2SO’s front two legs were crossed in an irritated gesture, his back six twitched impatiently. “This is going to be trouble.”

Trouble, it turned out, looked like a young man. “This is Finn,” Maz said. “He needs passage to the Outer Rim.”

“Maz, this is an all-droid crew.”

“Kay lets you stick around for some reason.”

“We’re partners,” Kay cut in, peering at Finn, who stepped back nervously. “But he is the exception.”

“Finn’s a First Order defector.”

Bodhi swallowed, remembering being a much younger, much more idealistic man, who wanted to make things right. But that idealism had died a long time ago, and—

“We’ll take him,” K-2SO decided. He reached over with one limb and nudged Bodhi’s shoulder. “I’ve got a soft spot for defectors.”

Bodhi chuckled as he patted K-2SO’s arm. “Me too, friend. Me too.”

Bodhi Rook, Outrageous Pirate