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Fired. Adam couldn't understand what had happened. He spoken to Harlan afterwards, who had told him he'd need to get a job right away to pay his mortgage so he wouldn't have to move. The boy was stressed. The last person he wanted to see as he carried his box full of office items was Beth.

He'd just gotten up the stairs to his apartment and set the box down to unlock his front door when she approached him.

"Adam, hey."

"Hello Beth." Adam didn't smile, he was too upset.

"I'd like to talk to you about the other day, if that's alright?"

"I don't want to talk to you."

"You need to hear me out and I'm not leaving until you do." Beth placed her hand on her hip and stayed right where she was.

"What is it?"

"I feel bad about how things happened with you and Nigel, but I think you should know he's not a good man. He's a criminal Adam. I think he's just using you for sex, or who knows what else."

"No, h-he loves me, he even said so!"

“You know, Beth, it’s very rude to talk about people behind their back,” a voice said from behind Beth, Nigel standing there in a grey suit, no tie, first few buttons undone, looking very put together and very lethal.

“Nigel-” Adam jumped a little, not having expected Nigel, but he immediately went to stand next to him, wrapping around his arm. Beth stepped back, clearly startled as well.

“I’m just looking out for him, trying to keep him safe. Are you… stalking him now? What are you getting out of this? Someone like you with him? There has to be a reason.”

“I find it even ruder to assume you know anything about someone based on their clothing and appearance. One might assume you’re a rich uppity little twit with nothing better to do than prey on unassuming young men like Adam. The question is what do you get out of it, Beth? Superiority complex? So far, you haven’t listened to Adam at all, you’ve told him what he should do, but you have no idea what’s good for him or what he wants.” Nigel put his arm around Adam and kissed his head. “Are you alright, darling? You’re upset.”

“No, Nigel, I’m not. I was f-fired and I wanted to go inside but Beth came over and said she wouldn’t leave until I listened to her, even after I told her I didn’t want to talk to her,” Adam explained, shaking. Beth huffed out a breath, shaking her head, and then she turned to walk away.

“Adam, I’m sorry you’re fired, and that I upset you,” she said, then headed off after giving Nigel a scowl. She’d try again later with Adam.

“Can we go inside now, Nigel?”

“Yeah,” Nigel said, taking out his own key to unlock the door, and then lead Adam inside. Once in he hugged the younger man tightly. “What happened? Fired?”

“Yes, he said a lot of stuff about how I was making everything too good, and that he only hired me as a favor to my dad before he died,” Adam said, taking a shaky breath into Nigel’s chest.

“Oh did he?” Nigel all but growled, formulating plans in his mind on how to help Adam and show that asshole a lesson. “You can find better, darling. You’re much smarter than them.”

“I have to find something Nigel, and interviews are hard for me. Harlan said I need another job so I can pay my mortgage. I don’t want to move, I can’t m-m-move.” Adam tensed up again, not knowing what he would do. He appreciated Nigel’s support though, even if he didn’t say it.

“Adam,” Nigel said and lead him to sit down, and then knelt in front of him, taking his hands. “We’ll find something. You can work for me until then, okay? I’ll pay your mortgage.”

“I can work for you?” Adam asked, willing to do that to earn the mortgage payment. He rubbed his thumb over Nigel’s skin. “I can help with your finances or any rewiring the club might need. Thank you, Nigel.”

“Anything you’d like to be a part of, Adam, you can be,” Nigel insisted, kissing Adam’s hands and then his fingers one by one.

“Okay,” Adam said softly, calming completely. He felt better and he supposed that just doing computer work, or numbers for a club wasn’t illegal. “Can I do it from home most of the time?”

“Nothing illegal, I promise, Adam,” Nigel leaned in and kissed the boy on the mouth, able to already tell when he was nervous about something, and nothing Nigel did was legal, but, he’d find something.“Everything will be fine. You’ll start tomorrow?”

It was like Nigel had read his mind. Adam nodded, smiling over Nigel’s lips. “Yes, I’ll start tomorrow. What time?” He kissed him again, holding his face between his hands.

“When I go, you can come with me, and I’ll show you everything else,” Nigel suggested, gazing up at Adam, nothing but love in his amber eyes.

“Okay, I’d like that,” Adam nodded, then leaned over once more to kiss him again. If one looked hard enough, the love was in his eyes too, even if his gaze didn’t show it right away. “Why are you still on the floor Nigel?”

“To be at your feet, darling. To gaze on you,” Nigel said, a romantic at heart, he wanted nothing but the best for his Adam.

“Oh,” Adam said, realizing it was a romantic act now and not just a preferred seating place. He blushed deep crimson with the epiphany, and met his eyes. “You’re really good to me, Nigel. I hope you feel like I’m good to you too, even if I don’t get on the floor.”

“You are,” Nigel stood and straightened his suit jacket and shirt. He sat down with Adam. “Now, is Beth bothering you?”

Adam thought Nigel looked extra handsome in that suit, which distracted him briefly. He ran his fingers down his lapels as he contemplated the question, feeling out the texture of the suit coat. “She did today, yes. I don’t know why she thinks your using me and that you’re bad for me. I know who you are and I accept you anyway. Why can’t she just leave us alone?”

“She wants to believe she is best for you, not me. She’s taken my cover and judged my book by it. She isn’t wrong, I’m not a good man, but I’d never do anything to hurt you, Adam. You know that.”

“I do know that.” Adam nodded, then snuggled into Nigel, breathing in his rich, smokey, musky scent. Clean but manly. He closed his eyes and felt himself melt into him. “I’ll have to speak with her again I guess or ignore her. I’m not sure how to handle the situation but I can research online.”

“You’ve told her before to leave you alone. If she doesn’t stop, we can get a restraining order.” Or, Nigel would deal with her himself.

“That sounds really involved, but yes, if she doesn’t stop, I think that might be the next step,” Adam said, a little sad that it might come to that. He didn't want to deal with any legal things. What he’d wanted was to be her friend, but she wasn’t cooperating.

“If she is bothering you, we can talk to the HOA manager of the building,” Nigel suggested, kissing Adam’s cheek.

“Okay, that’s a good idea.” Adam hoped Beth would just stop though. He turned and kissed Nigel properly. “Thank you, Nigel.”

“Anything you need, just let me know.” Nigel pulled Adam into his lap, holding him tight around the waist.

“I will,” Adam said with a soft tone still flat. He held fast to Nigel’s shoulders, gazing at him in the eyes before looking at his lips. “If you need anything, let me know okay?”

“Of course I will. We’re a team, hm?” Nigel leaned in and kissed Adam softly, finding his interesting boy ever fascinating. Unlike most people who Nigel could read emotions on easily, Adam was a puzzle, but one he didn’t mind figuring out.

With a gentle nod, Adam laughed, his whole face lighting up. “Yes, we are a team.” He kissed him again and then backed up. “I’m sorry, I forgot to offer you a beverage. Would you like one? I probably need to get some beer so you can have them here when you visit.”

“That’s alright, gorgeous. Just seeing you quenches my thirst,” Nigel said with a wink.

Adam was learning that anytime Nigel winked, it was either a flirtation or a joke. He assumed this time it was a little of both. The boy tried to wink back, but it didn’t quite come off as planned, so he giggled. “I’m happy I satiate your thirst. I like being a good host.”

“No need to be a host when we’re together, okay? Just be you,” Nigel whispered, hands on Adam’s waist, splayed over his lower back.

“Okay.” Adam rocked his hips slowly, enjoying the feel of Nigel beneath him and then head leaned forward, nuzzling between his neck and shoulder. “How was your day? You’re dressed up.”

“I had business to attend to,” Nigel explained simply. “People respond better to a well dressed man than they do a frumpy one.”

“Oh. Well I know I respond well to you looking this way,” Adam stated, trying to flirt. It wasn’t easy for him though to be honest. He also wouldn’t inquire more to the business matter. “But you have looked attractive each time I’ve seen you.”

“Thank you,” Nigel grinned, baring his sharp teeth at his beau. “I do try, but I try a little harder with you.”

Adam’s breath hitched at the sight of those teeth. He wanted to feel them on him again. “Nigel… you’re arousing me, sexually.”

“Turning into quite the mynx aren’t you?” Nigel asked, scraping said teeth against Adam’s bottom lip.

“I think you’re aiding in my transformation. Teamwork, remember?” Adam moaned, then suckled Nigel’s full protruding top lip.

“Transformation, huh?” Nigel leered and licked at Adam’s mouth.

“I read that it happens in relationships; altering one another. Maybe not full on transformation,” Adam whispered, when they parted to breathe. He wrapped his hand around the back of his boyfriend’s neck and pulled him in for another kiss, hips grinding down.

“I don’t mind if you alter me a little,” Nigel groaned, kissing Adam with abandon.

“I already have I think,” Adam moaned, wantonly, and sucked Nigel’s tongue, slipping his fingers into that striking coat to bring it off his shoulders. He knew that likely Nigel wouldn’t normally be with someone like himself, and that routines and such weren’t his forte. But he saw his boyfriend acclimating for him, and that made him happy. “We can for each other.”

“Change is good, Adam,” Nigel managed, and shrugged the jacket off and tossed it over the side of the sofa, his shirt pulled tight over his barrel chest.

“It can be,” Adam breathed out, and unbuttoned Nigel’s shirt, his own a dress shirt from work. He ran his fingers through his beau’s chest hair, then circled his nipples, leaning down to lick one, all the way up to his neck tattoo.

“Mn, I like that, Adam,” Nigel groaned, undoing Adam’s shirt and then his belt, his pants, suddenly all of them were offending.

Adam got up long enough to completely be rid of his clothing, then finished helping Nigel out of his. He set them down over the back of the couch, neatly, then took his hand, tugging. “Let’s go to the bedroom. I would like to give you oral sex if that’s okay?”

“Yeah. More than okay,” Nigel said, watching Adam as he took his hand and let himself be lead.

In the room, and both men naked, Adam guided Nigel to the bed kissing him the whole way there. When they bumped into the mattress, he gestured for him to lay down, and climbed over him. He kissed his lips, his neck, down to his nipples, where he gave each one equal attention as he writhed atop him. The boy continued his downward descent until he reached the thicket of hair surrounding the thick shaft he was seeking. Slow, warm sweeps of his tongue circled it, his own hard flesh throbbing, and at least he took it into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks with a hungry moan.

Nigel’s fingers dug in heavy to Adam’s neck, massaging there as he went down on him. “Fuck, gorgeous, look at you.”

Adam flicked his eyes up to Nigel’s, just a fleeting second, and laved his tongue under the head of his cock, over the nerves there. He bobbed up and down next, taking him down as far as he could, opening his throat.

Nigel held Adam there and pushed his hips up, cock sliding down Adam’s mouth, over his tongue. “God, fucking-- Adam!”

Pleased he was doing a good job, Adam went a few more passes and then got up to straddle Nigel's shoulders, facing his cock. He went right back to sucking his boyfriend, his ass and cock right near the Romanian’s face, where Nigel grasped roughly and began lapping at Adam’s balls, proud of his assertiveness to get what he wanted. Nigel gave his ass a playful swat.

Adam was learning and he felt comfortable with Nigel. He took him down again, up and down his shaft, then to his balls also, taking one into his mouth where his tongue swirled around it. He moaned rocking back against his beau’s hot tongue. “Nigel…”

Nigel pulled Adam forward a bit and grasped his thighs, lapping up to his taint and then circled his tongue around his pucker, teasing at first, watching the way the hole twitched with each pass. Adam gasped, his hand working Nigel’s cock as proverbial comets and stars shot behind closed eyes. He lolled his head forward lost in the moment and then went back to sucking his boyfriend off.

“Adam-” Nigel groaned, gripping his thighs harder as he slipped his tongue into his beau and wrenched it around, working him open.

Adam clawed at the sheets as pleasure overtook him in a hot, wonderful wave. He went faster, cheeks hollowed, and lips tightly sealed around Nigel’s impressive girth.

“Sit on me,” Nigel demanded, pulling off and putting his finger right in Adam, pushing all the way in.

Doing as told, Adam sat right down, moaning loudly at the feel of Nigel’s finger in him. He started to wiggle, wanting to feel even more. “Oh, yes, Nigel-”

Nigel could only hum as he stuffed his face into Adam’s ass, licking and lapping at his sensitive nerves, pushing another finger in to brush against his Adam’s prostate. It made Adam cry out wantonly, leaning forward so he could at least stroke Nigel’s cock. “Nigel… please… oh…”

Nigel crooked his fingers inside of Adam licking at him lavaciously. “Do you want me, darling?”

“Yes, I do,” Adam managed to say, sweat forming over his smooth skin in a fine mist. He was ready to be fucked, or ride, whichever Nigel wanted but Adam needed his cock.

Nigel flipped his boy over and loomed over him, wrapping Adam’s legs around his hips, he slid right into after using a little bit of lube. “God damn…”

“Mm, oh, ” Adam moaned, grunting softly as he was filled to the hilt. He tightened his legs around Nigel even more, raking his fingernails down his back.

“Look at you, Adam, my Adam,” Nigel all but roared out as he started pounding into Adam’s ass, moving his legs over his forearms to leverage him.

“Yes...” Adam panted, groaning, and clamping his hole around Nigel’s cock. He loved how his beau fucked him, loved him, and everything about what was happening right now.

“Good, fucking good.” Nigel snapped his hips forward and down into Adam, thrust hard enough to shake the bed.

“Nigel!” Adam cried out, digging his nails into the Romanian’s biceps. He felt his orgasm swirl in his core, threatening to spill all too soon.

Nigel used one hand to grasp Adam’s cock and then stroked him with every whip of his hips, gasping raggedly now as he started to come, heat coursing through his veins. “Oh, Adam…”

Adam came right with Nigel, his cock pulsing with each stream of come that shot out of the tip. He kissed his own name from his boyfriend’s mouth, his body quaking, and shaking, sweaty, and spent.

“Fuck-” Nigel managed against Adam’s mouth, kissing him slowly as their hearts pounded against one another.

“That was very good,” Adam whispered, running his fingers all over Nigel’s skin. He just wanted to know every bit of him, at least the parts, as well as aspects, that he could know, in and out.

“Yeah it was,” Nigel laughed, boisterous and loud, and wrapped Adam around himself. “I can’t get enough of you.”

“I’m relieved to hear that,” Adam said, snuggling into Nigel as they got into a comfortable position. “I don’t see myself getting enough of you either, Nigel.”

“Good, ‘cause I’m keeping you around for a while, if not forever,” Nigel grinned and bit into Adam’s lips, slowly.

“Or until one or both of us dies. Best case scenario being we pass at the same time after a long and pleasant life together. If we haven’t broken up before then, which I don’t want to think about,” Adam said, and kissed Nigel again, holding onto him tighter.

“That won’t happen. If you’re mine, you’re mine. No doubts about that. I’m a committed kind of guy when it comes to love and you, Adam.” Nigel smiled down at his darling boy.

“Oh good.” Adam smiled back and nuzzled into his boyfriend. He was glad Nigel wasn’t planning on leaving. It would be hard to lose him since he was such a big part of Adam’s life, routine, and security. More than that though, it would hurt if he left, because the boy was very much in love. “I don’t want to leave the relationship either, nor can I see that as something that will happen.”

It was soon, but Nigel was drunk in love. He was making plans in his mind, and he didn’t want Adam to ruin the surprise. “Let’s not worry about that, hm? Everything will be fine, Adam.”

“Okay,” Adam nodded, and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I need to clean up in a few minutes. Would you like to take a bubble bath with me?”

“I’d love to.” Nigel rolled off Adam and stretched as he stood. He didn’t do baths often, but he loved any reason to be close to his Adam.

Adam didn’t do baths very often either, and he always finished a bath with a shower, but he felt he needed to, as much sex as they’d been having. He didn’t mind at all, plus it would be really relaxing. Holding out his hand to Nigel, he smiled, leading him into the bathroom once he took it. Inside, he bent over and started the water, adding some bubble bath to it.

“I always shower after a bath, but it’s up to you if you want to do the same as I do.”

“Why is that?” Nigel asked, gazing at Adam’s ass, and then rubbed it with one hand.

“B-Because,” Adam began, his breath hitching. He steeled himself and giggled. “Sitting in the bathtub isn't sanitary after a while. The dirt collects in the water, and the only way to really get clean is rinse in the shower.”

“Bathing in our scum,” Nigel whispered, pressing closer. “Yeah, we’ll sit in our filth and then rinse it off, okay?

Adam wrinkled his nose at the imagery. No, he certainly wouldn’t stay in the bath for very long, but he liked Nigel getting close. Finally the water was at an acceptable level and the boy turn to kiss his beau. “I think you should get in first, and I’ll sit in front of you. If that’s a good arrangement for you.”

“Sounds great, darling,” Nigel said with a returned kiss and then slipped down into the water, legs spread, reaching for Adam.

Adam sunk into the suds, and leaned back against Nigel, soothed by his presence and the warm water. It felt good to ass too, in all honesty. “This is relaxing.”

“Yeah, it’s not bad.” Nigel’s wound was better and healed enough to withstand without a deep ache.

Adam nodded, and took a washcloth in hand, lathering it up. “Is the temperature okay?”

“Perfect. I got you here to warm me if I get cold,” Nigel whispered, lips against the back of Adam’s neck.

Adam felt his skin goose up, and he sighed, happily, turning his face to kiss him, then turned all the way around to bath him. “You do keep me warm too, so I’m glad I do you.”

Nigel tilted his head up to gaze at Adam, smiling at him, more in love than he had been. Infatuation was coming to a close and replacing itself with love and adoration. “I love you, Adam.”

“I love you too, Nigel,” Adam smiled, feeling that same swell of emotion in his chest, his heart racing in ways it hadn’t ever before. He’d never experienced a truly deep love like this, maybe only a few who just seemed to want to get in his pants, metaphorically, but not anyone like his Nigel.

Nigel had a lot of plans, but he’d move slow and make the changes with Adam, not for him. Nigel had too much respect for his little aspiring astronaut for that. “Good.” Nigel squeezed Adam in his arms, limbs heavy.

Adam sighed happily, and leaned his head on Nigel’s shoulder, moving the washcloth to clean his back since he was in a good spot. He was glad they were together. After his back was clean, he leaned back with a smile and started to wash his chest. “It’s been an eventful day.”

“It has. Lots of changes, Adam. Are you alright with that?” Nigel asked, checking in as he moved forward to kiss Adam’s chin and let him wash his chest and shoulders.

“It takes some adjusting but yes, I am,” Adam decided, rinsing the soap off of Nigel. He put the cloth down and grabbed the shampoo, starting to lather his hair after pouring water over it with the little cup nearby. “Being with you makes changes easier than they might otherwise be.”

“Does it?” Nigel smiled toothily at that and pet down Adam’s hair, getting it wet, and then did the same to him as was done to himself.

Adam smiled and leaned in to kiss Nigel sweetly, soap running down his head but not in his eyes. He massaged his scalp, then parted his hair to keep any shampoo from stinging him also. “Yes. I think it’s good that we’ve found each other, Nigel.”

“I think so, too.” Nigel helped move the water and suds from Adam’s face and then kissed him sweetly back.

“Are you spending the night again? You don’t have to, but I just thought I’d ask. I know it’s still evening,” Adam said, and then rinsed the shampoo from Nigel’s hair, staying still so he could be next.

Nigel did and then laughed. “Yeah. If you want me to.” He started to wash Adam’s back, and then rinsed him off, and then pulled the plug so they could rinse in the shower.

“I like sleeping with you. You don’t steal the covers which is nice,” Adam said and then stood up, starting the shower water so he could clean his private areas too.

Nigel ran hot, usually he was kicking covers off. Nigel got the soap again and started to wash Adam’s cock for him, slowly, soaping him up. “You can have them all, darling.”

“Thank you,” Adam said, taking a breath as Nigel washed him there. It felt good, but everything Nigel did so far felt that way. Adam took another bar of soap he had there and in turn began to wash his beau’s cock, carefully pulling back the extra skin. “If you get cold though, please get under them, so you don’t get sick.”

“I run hot, baby, don’t worry about me.” Nigel gazed down at Adam as they fondled each other, smirking.

Adam blushed. He liked that petname a lot. He understood them now so it made him happy. “Yes and you are, um, hot.” He was trying to get with the lingo, as it were.

Nigel all but purred and nuzzled against Adam’s nose. “Thanks, Adam. I know you mean it.”

“I do,” Adam said softly, and let the water rinse Nigel’s cock before he wrapped both arms around him in a loving embrace. “You’re welcome.”

Nigel made sure they were very clean and then hugged his Adam. Water off, he reached for towels, making sure to get Adam first. “So, dinner Or what would you like to do?”

“Yes, I’m hungry and it’s almost dinner time,” Adam smiled, securing the towel around himself.

He stepped out of the shower, onto the rug, and went to brush his hair. “If you’re tired of what I eat, we could order a pizza for you or something else? I know not everyone likes to eat the same thing every night.” Harlan had informed him of that some time ago.

“I could order pizza and still make your dinner,” Nigel offered, wrapping Adam up in the towel and held him close a moment from behind and then let go, drying himself.

“Thank you, Nigel. You are a very good boyfriend,” Adam hummed. He walked with Nigel into the room and put his towel in the hamper. He’d need to get his clothes from before too and put away the things in his box from being fired.

“I’ll do that then while you get situated,” Nigel said, comfortable to walk around and do chores in just the towel.

“Okay.” Adam turned and kissed Nigel, then went to put on his pajamas. He was comfortable too but he had to put on his bed clothes because it was customary after the evening shower. When he was done, he tidied up, and then went to find his beau.

Pizza was on the way and Adam’s dinner was just finishing cooking. Nigel plated the chicken and broccoli and then set the macaroni and cheese on it. Placing the plate down on the table, Nigel smiled to himself and then went to get Adam his soda. Adam walked over and looked at everything, noticing that Nigel had set the table how he had the other day. It made him happy, and he set up his laptop too, getting the show ready.

“This looks really good, Nigel.”

“Enjoy, darling,” Nigel said and bent to kiss Adam’s cheek, leaving him to his meal while he got dressed before the pizza arrived.

“Thank you.” Adam thought about waiting, but at the same time, it was dinner time, and the food would be cold, so he started up his show. As it played, he mouthed the words, and then took a bite.

Nigel watched Adam from the door, completely in love with his little spaceman. The door bell rang and Nigel answered it, handing over a wad of cash and then taking his pizza to the table to sit with his beloved. Adam looked up at Nigel, smiling, and then took another bite, a bit of macaroni falling down on the table. He furrowed his brows, and wiped it up.

“This is good. I hope you enjoy your pizza.”

“I will.” Nigel took a piece out and ate over the box, not to messy up any more dishes. He pretended to watch the show with Adam, but mostly just watched Adam, taking in everything about him.

Adam side eyed Nigel and grinned to himself, picking up on the observation for just an instant. Then it was back to his show and his food. After a few minutes, he’d finished, and turned off the show, looking back at his boyfriend. “What should I expect tomorrow for work? I need to be prepared. If I’m to meet people, I’d like to practice introductions if that’s okay?”

“You might meet a few, but I mostly just want you in the back house, working the accounting and stuff like that, maybe help with the lights and music,” Nigel said, after chewing a bite.

“Okay, that sounds like a good idea. I would like for you to meet Harlan some time by the way. If you’re agreeable. He’s important to me, and so are you, so I feel it’s only natural that you two should meet.” Adam looked at Nigel, trying to search his face to see if he could gauge a reaction. Again though, that wasn’t his strong suit unless it was overt.

“Of course. Do you think he’ll like me?” Nigel asked with a little smile, only wanting to see his Adam happy. Nigel knew that most people wouldn’t like him, but he wasn’t here to make friends, but for Adam, he would try.

“Harlan has a dominant personality like you do. He was in the military with my father years ago. He’s nice but some people think he’s brusk. I think he’s funny too though, he likes to talk about women at lunch and not space. I don’t talk about women at lunch. I’d rather talk about things I’m interested in.” Adam saw the smile, and that made him happy, so he returned it.

“And that’s not women,” Nigel laughed, taking another bite and then stuffed the rest into his mouth. He chewed and swallowed. “I’m sure we’ll get along and have an understanding, hm?”

“How can you be sure of that?” Adam asked, not being negative, but just curious as to how Nigel was sure of it. He hoped so though and took a sip of his soda, watching Nigel eat.

“I just know, trust me,” Nigel grinned and leaned over to kiss Adam’s jaw.

Adam scrunched his brow in thought and confusion, but the kiss softened it, and he decided he would trust Nigel. “Okay, Nigel. I trust you.”

“I can get a feeling for him when we get there, but he sounds like someone who would understand me, and vice versa,” Nigel explained and kissed Adam’s lips.

Adam smiled over Nigel’s lips and then leaned over more to hug him. “That sounds plausible and I understand. I want you both to be friends or at least have a mutual understanding of tolerance.”

“So long as he knows I’m caring for you, I think we’ll have an understanding,” Nigel murmured against Adam’s lips.

“I’ve told him that I’m in a relationship with you. He wants to meet you to um, ask what your intentions are. I told him your intentions are to be my boyfriend. I’m not sure why that isn’t clear to him,” Adam said, then held Nigel’s cheeks to kiss him again.

“Probably wants to make sure I mean well.” Nigel smiled up close at Adam, stricken by him every time he laid eyes on the boy.

“Yes, I think that is likely.” Adam rubbed Nigel’s thigh over his clothing and smiled, finding comfort there. “When would be convenient for you to meet him?”

“Anytime. You said you usually see him at lunch, we could do that,” Nigel suggested, and turned to his pizza to have another slice.

Adam sat back in his chair, nodding. “That sounds good.” His phone buzzed then, on the table, the name ‘Beth’ showing up on his screen. He frowned. “Beth again.”

“The fuck does she want?” Nigel sneered, glaring at the pizza in his hand.

“I’m not sure, the phone is still ringing.” Adam handed it to Nigel so he could see or do as he wished.

Nigel swallowed and took the phone, standing up. He slid the bar and answer. “Hello?”

“H-hello?” Beth said, caught off guard that it wasn’t Adam’s sweet but flat tone on the other end. “Nigel, I guess? I’d like to speak to Adam.”

“I’m sorry, you’ve upset Adam quite a bit today. We’re taking it easy the rest of the night, you’ll have to try back when he’s not so upset with you,” Nigel said in a very stern, professional tone.

“Is that how Adam feels or more of your insecurity?” Beth asked, then sighed. “Nevermind. I’ll get in contact with him later.” She hung up.

“Thank you, Nigel,” Adam said, happy he didn’t have to talk to her.

Nigel hung up with a shrug. “She’ll call back. She seems to think I’m controlling you.”

“I don’t like that. You’re not controlling me at all.” Adam collected the plates and then set them in the dishwasher after rinsing. He walked back to Nigel. “I am not sure how to convince her otherwise.”

“You shouldn’t have to,” Nigel insisted, but he wouldn’t tell Adam what to do, but he would protect him from leeches like Beth.

“You’re right. A good friend would just know I think.” Adam nodded, and then wrapped his arms around Nigel’s middle. “Do you want me to play violin for you before bed? It’s not too late yet.”

‘I would like that very much, Adam,” Nigel said with a smile, kissing his boy on the mouth. “Let me clean up dinner first, hm?”

“I just cleaned the plates but I’ll go get set up while you put away the rest,” Adam stated, and licked his lips before walking off to do just that. He speculated that Nigel might need a cigarette also, which was fine.

“Perfect, I’ll get the pans cleaned up and the pizza put away, how’s that?” Nigel got to work, though he’d been cutting back the smoking for Adam, so he went without, for now.

“That’s good,” Adam called out, as he started getting it all organized, not needing sheet music as he had the piece memorized. He was happy Nigel was cutting back on smoking though.

Done, Nigel took a seat by the window, to at least feel like he was out smoking. He’d catch one later before bed. “I’m all yours, beautiful.”

With a smile and then a nod Adam placed the violin between his chin and shoulder, one hand holding the bow, the other with fingers ready on the strings. He took a breath and closed his eyes, focusing. Softly and slowly the instrument lamented, the notes resonating elegantly, and flawlessly through the room.

Nigel closed his eyes and took in every swell and wonderful tone that Adam stroke, as through the bow were the young man’s heart, and this was his true expression of life and love. Nigel felt closer to Adam, perfectly able to feel every emotion he had deep inside of him through his passionate fingers and bow. After a few minutes Adam opened his eyes, looking at Nigel as the sounds did seem to match that of his heart; a love poem with no words required. It was easier this way to convey his emotions. The boy could feel something like a connection but he wasn’t sure if he was assessing correctly so he just continued to play to finish out the song.

Opening his eyes, Nigel watched Adam as tears swelled and then streaked. He’d never been so connected or so passionately in love. “Beautiful, Adam…”

Adam set the instrument down and move closer to Nigel, his fingers wiping away the tears. He kissed him, in love too. “Thank you. You’re not crying because you’re sad are you?”

“No, it’s… it is amazing, Adam,” Nigel said, hands on his hips to pull him closer, to kiss him properly.

“I’m happy you like it,” Adam responded, kissing Nigel again, slipping his tongue inside to express more of his feelings. He wrapped his arms around his neck, letting them sit on his shoulders.

“Love it, almost as much as you,” Nigel whispered and kissed the promise into Adam’s lips, holding him tight against his frame.

Adam giggled, just once, the whisper tickling his lips. He kissed him again and sighed contentedly. “I love you too. I will play anytime you want, providing it’s not too late or too early, or if I don’t want to.”

“You play when you want and you let me know when you are, how’s that?” Nigel nuzzled their faces together and then kissed Adam sweetly. He’d never been so kind to a lover before.

“That sounds more than acceptable.” Adam ran his fingers through Nigel’s long hair and looked into his eyes for a little bit, then back to his lips. He had never been happier with anyone and Nigel made him feel loved. He trusted him implicitly. “I do like playing for you but it’s almost bedtime.”

“So it is.” Nigel smiled. He’d brought over a bit of his own things for their bedtimes when he stayed. “Shall we brush our teeth and get into bed then?”

“Yes.” Adam took Nigel’s hand--something he was used to and loved--then walked with him to the bathroom. Inside, he began brushing his teeth, meticulous as ever, and rinsed.

Nigel did the same, washing his hands, too, and then stripped down to crawl into bed with Adam. “All set?”

Adam took off his clothes also, wanting to feel Nigel’s skin. He got into bed with his boyfriend and snuggled into him. “Yes, this is very nice.”

Wrapping himself around Adam, Nigel purred his agreement. “Love feeling you like this.”

“I like it too,” Adam said quietly, and rubbed up against him, one leg hitched over Nigel’s body.

Nigel wasn’t tired, but if he got to hold Adam like this? Hell he’d lay there for days. “Good. I could be like this forever, Adam.”

Adam wasn’t super sleepy but he felt relaxed like this with his Nigel. “I am glad you like it,” he said, and then kissed Nigel’s tattoo, his jaw, and turned his face to suckle his lips.

“Mm,” Nigel groaned, holding Adam to him as he wrapped his every limb around him.

Adam felt cocooned in Nigel and it was wonderful. He’d never felt as relaxed as he did with his boyfriend. After a quiet moment he rested his head on his beau’s chest. “Perseids meteor shower occurs on the twelfth.”

“Shall we make a date of it? Go to the roof and watch?” Nigel asked, wanting only to spend his time he could with Adam. He’d sit through stars and other shit if he had to.

“I’d like that, yes,” Adam answered, and then kissed Nigel for it. He strummed his fingers through the soft fur on his love’s chest. The boy knew he was fortunate, and they both were.

“Good. Now sleep. We’ll plan tomorrow.”

“Okay. Goodnight, Nigel.”