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A Gravity Falls Fan-Novel

Written by Cactus_Candy








 Time waits for no one.


 Growing up, this was something their mother would often say to them. Over and over. Again and again.

From the time they were small boys chasing each other with sticks on the beach, well up into their years of knocking on adulthood's chiseled and weather-stripped door.

 For the most part the gig she ran was a fraud, but until this day Ford swore up and down that his mother had a real supernatural gift to see things beyond the horizon of fate. Things that were beyond her time on this earth.

Even now as an old man, that saying of hers was still something that came to his mind often. Ingrained in him like iron. As much a part of him as salt was the sea.


Looking back on it now, he believed that her repetitive riddle was a warning.

The most important lesson to them that she would ever teach.