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Dirty Little Secret

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August 2015

Tyler found out about his infidelity kink when he met Jamie and Jordie Benn.
Jamie and Tyler had been dating for months, no problems. Physically and mentally, Tyler was one hundred percent committed to Jamie until one day, Tyler and Jordie were left alone for a little too long while Jamie went to run a few errands.
After all, why would he not trust his own brother?
At first, Tyler and Jordie felt extremely bad, but after a few more times together they became numb to the guilt.
Now, everytime Jamie is gone Jordie comes around and Tyler enjoys his company.
Nothing about Jordie and Tyler is serious, but the sex is just amazing and for some reason they have amazing chemistry between the sheets. It’s a not so common case of Boyfriend’s-Brother-With-Benefits.
Tyler knows it’s gotta end before Jamie finds out. He can’t risk losing the best thing he’s ever had for a fuck, but he can’t help himself.
Jordie Benn is like his kryptonite.

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August 2016

The sweat glistens on his familiar forehead, god, he looks so much like his brother. They even have the same bedroom eyes. A deep, throaty, grunt interrupts Tyler’s thoughts and he’s brought back to reality. He smiles, his teeth running over his bottom lip.

Jordie’s warmth envelopes Tyler as his arms wrap around the slightly smaller man. His scent fills Tyler’s senses, overwhelming him. He closes his eyes, enjoying the strong cologne.

Tyler’s not supposed to like this as much as he does, he knows it. Sleeping with your boyfriends brother is definitely gonna be at the top of the list of reasons he’s going to hell but it’s so amazing he can just about be okay with it.
Of course, Jordie isn’t so innocent either. Going behind your brothers back to fuck his boyfriend is probably just as bad, if not worse.

Jordie sits up, alarm on their phones blaring to ruin the peace and quiet. “Fuck, I gotta go.” He says, glancing down at his watch. “Same time tomorrow?” He asks, sliding off the bed and locating his pants. He pulls the jeans up his legs, looking at the messy bed. Tyler pouts, the time truly is five o’clock. He of course misses Jamie when he’s gone in a meeting, or even just at the gym but Tyler does take advantage of the opportunity.

Tyler laughs quietly, admiring the mess. It’s almost like a work of art, too bad it must be erased.
“Yeah, he’s gonna be here soon.” Tyler says, standing as well before throwing on his grey sweatpants.
Almost everyday at five, Jamie finishes his shower at the gym and gets dressed before heading over to Tyler’s. The only exception to this is when Jamie has a meeting, and those are usually on the weekend. Otherwise, like clockwork, Jamie is there.

Tyler turns to face Jordie, stepping a bit closer before pressing a kiss on his face. His beard is longer than Tyler’s and it brushed against his lips. It’s the face he’s gotten beard burn from so many times, he’s lost track.

Jordie pulls away, giving him a patronizing look. “I’ll help you clean up, it’s only fair.” He says, buttoning the remainder of his shirt buttons.
“No, cause if you’re here I’m gonna be all over you and I need to focus on getting this mess, and myself cleaned up.” Tyler responds, smiling sweetly. He walks Jordie to the door, once again kissing him before sending him on his way.
Last time he let Jordie help him clean, they were both almost caught in the act. Tyler’s words are full of truth, and Jamie was only a little suspicious when they were hanging alone without telling him. Although, they are on the same team after all so it’s not that weird. It would be like him having Janmark or Eakin over.

His phone chimes, the text tone making him smile.
‘On my way!’ the screen reads, from Jamie. Tyler’s heart flutters, skipping a beat.
Don’t get me wrong, Tyler knows him and Jamie are meant to be together. He loves him with his entire being, but sometimes love doesn’t mean you can’t crave a good fuck.
Tyler and Jamie spend as much time together as possible, however both of them have such tight schedules even during off season and it’s hard to be together every moment.

With the arrival of that message, Tyler knows he only has 30 minutes before Jamie arrives. He strips his clothes back off, jumping into the still cold shower. He winces as the water hits his back, the water like ice bullets against his hot skin. The water slowly gets warmer until it’s at the right temperature and Tyler washes the sin away as he lathers himself with the over priced body wash Jamie got him.
He steps out of the shower, steam fogging up the mirror. He wipes the condensation away with his hand, taking in his damp appearance. He flexes his bicep, admiring his tattoo covered muscles. The tattoo below his right pec is an amazing reminder of the Stanley Cup he helped win back in 2011.

Once out, he towel dries before putting on a clean pair of sweats.
If he’s gonna be qualified as polite about the whole situation, it’s with the hygiene of keeping the brothers separate.
He pulls the sheets off the bed, rolling them up and throwing them into the laundry basket. He goes to the hall closet, getting a fresh sheet before returning and putting it onto the bed. He spreads the dark brown cloth along the mattress, folding the fitted edges over the corners, replacing the almost identical sheets he’s just tossed to the laundry bin.
Every single day Tyler does this, he owns more sheets than a twenty something year old man probably should. Jamie doesn’t ask, he figures it’s just a quirk or an OCD thing. Jamie has always always found it odd, but hardly notices anymore.

Jamie knocks on the door, flowers in hand. He’s always been cheesy like that, a blue ribbon boyfriend. The door opens, Tyler greets him with a sloppy kiss.
“Hey Babe.” He says, breaking the kiss for a moment. Jamie’s beard is nowhere near as long as his brothers, but it still tickles Tyler’s face.

Tyler’s eyes light up when he sees the roses, he feels his cheeks get hot as he blushes bright red. “For me? You’re too good to me.” He says, accepting the beautiful bouquet. He pulls Jamie in, leading him by his hand into the kitchen. He pulls the only glass vase he owns from the cabinet and brushes the dust off, it’s been a while since he had fresh flowers.
It’s not that Tyler doesn’t admire them when he has them, but the last few occasions Jamie brought him flowers were during the playing season when Tyler was only at his house every two or three days depending on game locations. They just sit and wilt, collecting bacteria until eventually they die and rot in the water.
Then, Tyler being himself is too lazy to clean the dead flowers so they sit, composting on his kitchen counter. It took Jamie half an hour to clean up the mess, and flowers used to make him want to vomit after cleaning the rotten ones. He’s gotten over it now, slowly but surely growing to love the plants once more.

The cold water runs onto the glass as Tyler rinses the vase, wiping the dust off with the tips of his fingers. Jamie watches him, admiring the delicate work.
“How was your day?” Tyler asks, breaking the silence as he proceeds to fill the vase.
His eyes stray from the glass, meeting the deep brown eyes of his partner in crime and in life. The water spills over the top, and Tyler almost drops the glass in surprise. Jamie maneuvers from where he was leaning against the counter with a rag. He wraps his hands around his boyfriends gently, pouring about half of the water out before drying the vase and setting it onto the counter.
“It was okay, I missed you though. The gym kicked my ass, I’m doing this new training regime.” Jamie replies, answering Tyler’s question.

Tyler arranges the flowers in the vase, making sure every petal is perfect as he goes. He leans back into Jamie, eyeing his perfection. “Beautiful.” Jamie says, pressing a gentle kiss to his temple. Tyler closes his eyes in contentment, he could stay like this forever and not miss a thing. His whole world is here, with him.
They stand together for a few moments, the world still turning as they enjoy the company of one another.
Tyler pulls Jamie to the living room, leaving the vase on the marbled white countertop.
Tyler sits, hand in hand with Jamie before patting for him to sit next to him. Jamie obliges, plopping onto the couch. Jamie hits the remote, TV soon illuminating with colors. Tyler slumps down against the cushions, slowly sliding all the way down. They enjoy each other’s company, sitting and watching a few hours worth of crap TV. Tyler’s fingers run along Jamie’s, attempting to memorize every part of his hands.

Tyler lays on the couch, Jamie’s arms around his waist as the television flashes with all sorts of colors. They’re watching reruns of some television show, you know the ones that play after everyone should’ve gone to bed. For them, it’s prime TV time. Jamie’s hand runs along Tyler’s stomach, gently scratching his skin. He feels goosebumps appear along his tanned torso and his hand moves a bit south.
His fingers gently run along the line of his boxers, stretching the elastic out slightly, only enough to slip a few fingers inside. Tyler feels the digits along the tip of his growing erection, putting his own hand onto Jamie’s to guide him further.

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Jamie always finds himself awake before Tyler, he thinks it’s because he’s not as heavy of a sleeper and Tyler could be dead asleep during a hurricane, but he never wants to move or disturb his sleeping partner. He carefully slides out of Tyler’s reach, moving his tattooed arms off Jamie’s body and onto the bed.

You never know how amazing food can smell, and taste until you’ve woken up to the aroma of breakfast made by the love of your life. Not only is it food, breakfast food which is undoubtedly the best, but it’s made with love.
Tyler has decided his favorite thing is when Jamie stays the night, he cooks and even cleans up while Tyler sleeps into the late morning and sometimes early afternoon.
Tyler isn’t as nice of a house guest, although Jamie’s place is never as unorganized and messy as Tyler’s. He cares too much, it’s the captain in him. When and if the team hangs out, it’s either at a bar in the middle of the city or it’s at Jamie’s house. He’s such a good host and everyone has appointed his, the unofficial hangout spot.

Tyler rolls around in the blankets, reaching for Jamie even though he’s long gone by now. His indent is hardly in the sheets anymore and the empty spot has gotten cold. Tyler rubs the sleep from his eyes, squinting as the bright light peeking through the curtains nearly blinds him. He sits up, his dark, curly hair still a mess from last night. He scoots closer to the edge of the bed, blankets still tangled around his bare legs.
He yawns, ears popping in that ever-so-sweet sensation, before standing from the mattress where the cuddly, still warm blankets fall to the carpet. Tyler stretches each side and then his back, joints popping with the movement. He pulls on a pair of boxers, deciding that’s good enough for his own home, and exits into the kitchen where as he suspected Jamie has cleaned and made breakfast.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Tyler says, Jamie turning to face him with a huge, white toothed smile.
“I know, I really am.” He replies, his canadian accent thick as he speaks. Tyler only really notices a difference in his speech when they’ve just woken up.
Tyler rubs his eyes, the sleep now gone leaving only adoration for Jamie.
Tyler sits at the wooden, mahogany table, a plate already in front of him. He picks up the brass fork, stabbing into the eggs. “So, I have training at noon and then I’m free the rest of the day if you wanna do something.” Tyler says, eggs almost spilling out as his mouth is full of the half chewed food.

If Jamie accepts his offer to hang out Tyler can always cancel on Jordie, no questions asked. Their relationship is more of an on-call kinda deal. If Tyler is free and Jordie is free, they fuck. If one or the other has plans, they don’t.
Tyler and Jordie know Jamie’s schedule each week, and they plan to meet up whenever they know he will be out or busy.

“I have to go to the gym but I’m free all day tomorrow so we should go out tonight. Anything you wanna do, we can. But then, Sunday, there’s a birthday party thing we are all invited to. I hope you didn’t forget.” Jamie says, shaking his head as he notices Tyler’s blank expression. He definitely forgot. The whole team is invited but it’s just exactly like Tyler to forget.
On the bright side, Jordie will be there.

“Oh no, I would never forget.” Tyler says, wiping his mouth with a napkin from the table. He clears his throat, swallowing the remainder of the food in his mouth before speaking again. “You know me, I have an excellent memory.” Tyler lies, making a smile appear on Jamie’s face. “Sure ya do, whatever helps you fall asleep.”
Tyler chuckles, nodding. “It does actually.” He adds, stuffing some of the fluffy pancakes into his mouth.

It’s rare they have something with this many carbs for breakfast, they have to keep themselves in shape before the season is.
When Jamie cooks, it’s usually something heavy with protein. He must be trying to butter Tyler up for something.
Tyler isn’t one to complain about food though, he still enjoys the occasional bowl of sugary cereal so having pancakes instead of an egg white omelet with half a scoop of protein supplement and a pre-workout shake is more than okay with him.

“Can’t we just work out together today? I miss youuuu.” Tyler whines, dragging out ‘oo’. Jamie looks at him for a moment, slowly blinking, thinking.
“I guess I don’t see why not, but we have to go to my place afterwards so I can get the stuff together for the party. Jordie is gonna come over around ten tomorrow morning and we can all drive together.” Jamie says before clearing the eggs from his plate with the metal fork.

Tyler’s eyes light up, maybe at the thought of seeing Jordie in the morning but probably because he gets to spend the day with his love.
There isn’t a time Tyler isn’t thinking about sex, whether it be Jordie or Jamie he’s always ready to strip and get some.

“I bet you’re wondering why we are having pancakes because you know how much I despise sweet carbs in the morning. I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I wanna hear your opinion.” Jamie adds, looking up at Tyler. “I was just wondering when we are gonna move in together, I’m so tired of going from my place to yours every night. I just want us to be together.”
Tyler thinks for a moment, shrugging.
“I think that’s something that should happen in the near future, I would love to be roommates.” Tyler says, sweetly smiling before he finishes the food on his plate.

He stands, grabbing the empty plates before heading to the sink where he cleans the dishes. He scrubs the debris off the plates before doing the same with the pots and pans Jamie used to cook.
When he’s done his fingertips resemble raisins, the water causing them to shrivel up.
Tyler and Jamie return to the couch, sitting together in the peace and quiet for as long as they have left before they have to get ready to go to the gym.
Just being in the person you loves company is perfect, you don’t even have to communicate to enjoy it.

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Jordie arrives at Jamie’s house early, earlier than either Jamie and Tyler expect and they’re both sill indecent in bed.
Jordie knocks on the wooden door, obnoxiously ringing the doorbell as he waits for his baby brother to answer and let him in.

Jamie groans, standing from the bed. He takes a minute to put on some clothes before letting his brother inside. He stares at Jordie like he’s crazy before letting him enter the apartment.
“You’re here so early, it’s like eleven.” He says, sleep still in his voice. Jordie laughs, patting his brothers shoulder.
“Long night, chubbs?” He asks, chuckling before scooting by him as he walks into the kitchen to begin brewing a pot of coffee. Jamie sighs loudly, flipping his brother off before returning to his bedroom. He flops onto the bed, face buried in a pillow.
“Jamie? Are you okay, babe?” Tyler asks, sitting up and maneuvering closer to his boyfriend. Jamie nods, face still pressed against the fluff. Tyler laughs, pressing a soft kiss to Jamie’s neck before he slides off the bed. He pulls on some sweatpants and a grey T-shirt before returning to get Jamie up.
“Babyyyy.” He sings, running his hands through Jamie’s hair as he sits down onto the mattress beside him.
“I know he’s early, but it’s gonna be time to get ready soon anyways. Let’s just go have some coffee and wake up.” Tyler says, lifting Jamie’s face gently. He presses a soft kiss on his nose, making Jamie smile. He sits up, nodding.
Tyler’s right, he needs to get up and enjoy the morning with his brother. Jamie and Tyler exit the bedroom, joining Jordie in the kitchen. Jordie hands them each a cup of hot coffee, smiling proudly. “I remember how you like it and everything, sweet and creamy.” Jordie says, nudging Tyler’s stomach.
Tyler nearly chokes on the hot liquid, laughing nervously before shooting Jordie a look. Jamie chuckles, looking at his brother. “You’re so fucking weird, dude.” He says, punching his brother gently.

Soon the proper time arrives and Tyler and Jamie begin to get ready. They get dressed for a birthday party, putting on casual clothes which is a change for them. They’re used to wearing either business suits, workout clothes, or hockey gear. It’s a treat to be able to wear whatever they want, without limitations.
Tyler wears a white vneck t-shirt, black jeans, a backwards grey snapback, and some white adidas.
He adjusts his pants, making sure they’re not wrinkled before heading back into the living room where Jordie is waiting for the boyfriends to be ready to go.
“You ready for the party, Seggy?” Jordie asks, face lighting up when he sees Tyler. Tyler nods in response, smiling weakly at the bearded man. “Yeah, it’ll be fun. Hopefully there’s a vacant room upstairs?” Tyler says in a hushed tone, glancing back to make sure Jamie hasn’t unexpectedly entered the room.
Jordie nods, loving the way Tyler thinks.

The car ride is fairly short, although in Texas anything less than an hour is a quick ride. You can drive hours and hours and still be in the lone star state, so any distance to them is measly.
They make it to the house where the party is being hosted, being greeted by teammates and their families. Everyone is pulled inside, mocked of the crowd overwhelming Tyler. He smiles before gripping onto Jamie like his life depends on it and in the moment, it does. Tyler isn’t usually shy, especially in front of his team mates but it’s just the sudden amount of social interaction that creates a wave of anxiety. Tyler takes a few deep breaths, pushing the stress from his mind before heading to the backyard with Jamie.
After a few minutes of chatting and greeting everyone Jordie and Tyler decide it’s time to excuse themselves and find an empty room.
Jamie casually separates himself from Tyler, not thinking twice when him and Jordie disappear into the house for a drink.

Tyler and Jordie chat in the kitchen for a moment to not seem suspicious to various party guests but one they’re alone, the pair ducks behind a wall. They slowly make their way upstairs to begin searching for a bedroom. They end up finding a linen closet first and they snatch a raggedy looking towel before they find a dark bedroom, the master.
The door locks behind the duo and they make it to the large bed in the center of the dark room. Jordie presses his body against Tyler’s, the unfamiliar mattress below them shaking slightly with the new weight. Jordie’s beard scratches Tyler as his lips run along the tender skin of Tyler’s neck.
Tyler pulls away slightly, not wanting Jordie to get too carried away and accidentally leave bruises along his skin. Jordie nods, instead helping Tyler pull his shirt over his head of short, brown curls.
Jordie tugs at the waistline of Tyler’s dark jeans getting them down slightly, exposing the high part of his hips. Jordie runs his hands along Tyler’s muscular legs, hardly able to control himself at the mere sight of Tyler’s body. The room begins to get foggy, the sexual frustration in the air making it harder for either of them to breathe. Soft grunts can be heard as the pair undress each other, clothes flying everywhere.

Once unclothed Tyler flips himself onto his stomach, letting Jordie run his hands along his back. Jordie crawls down the length of the bed slowly, making sure to have Tyler waiting for him.
Jordie takes his position behind Tyler, pulling his hips up towards him before using a thumb to stretch him slightly. Tyler winces at the feeling, shuddering at the sudden entrance. Jordie smiles wickedly, erection twitching in delight. Jordie adds a second finger, his hard cock growing more and more eager to fill the man below him. Tyler readjusts his position, giving Jordie full access to his hole.
As Jordie enters him, he feels Tyler shake and notices his mouth falling open. Tyler grips the bed sheets to stabilize his body, biting his lip as he tries to get a good view of Jordie thrusting in and out of him.
Tyler rocks his hips to the pace or Jordie’s thrusts, head falling back in the pure bliss of each one.
Jordie runs his hands up Tyler’s hips, squeezing roughly before letting his hands trace the muscles in Tyler’s bare ass. Jordie feels himself getting closer with each sloppy thrust, the smooth rhythm he once had disappearing as he arrives at his orgasm. Jordie can only get a few more in before his limit and he soon finds himself coming inside of Tyler.
Tyler gasps as he feels the warm liquid filling him up completely and he grunts when Jordie pulls himself out. Tyler feels the liquid dripping down his legs and he flips himself over to allow it to flow out, using the towel they brought with them to soak up any of the remaining liquid. Tyler sits on the edge of the bed, the towel under him as he catches his breath. Jordie slides off the mattress, crawling over to Tyler and sitting between the man's knees.
Jordie hasn’t forgotten him.
Jordie lowers his mouth to Tyler’s erection, the pink tip already leaking precut. He uses his tongue as a torture device, running is ever so slowly along Tyler’s length. His breath hitches, hands automatically taking their place in Jordies hair. He tugs the ends roughly, getting Jordies attention.
They make eye contact for a moment as Jordies lips are wrapped around Tyler before Tyler whines,
“No teasing, p-please.”
It comes out as more of a plead, a wish for the older man to have mercy. Jordie almost laughs, enjoying the amount of power he’s been given a bit too much.
He obliges, as Tyler has given him what he needs already. He wraps his lips firmly around Tyler, bobbing his head against this firm cock. Jordie wraps his fist around Tyler, giving him the tightness he needs to reach his orgasm.
Tyler can tell he’s close when he falls back into his elbows involuntarily, but he holds onto his release for as long as he can. He wants Jordie to work for it now, he almost had him coming a few minutes ago when he was repeatedly slamming into his prostate.
Tyler can’t hold it any longer and he releases into Jordies mouth. The liquid begins to spill out, dripping down his long beard. He swallows what’s in his mouth, the bitter taste disappearing when it’s gone.
He stands slightly, pressing a gentle kiss onto Tyler’s lips before looking around for their clothes.

The room they have somehow found themselves in, turns out to be connected to a bathroom so they utilize the facility and clean up before redressing. Tyler washes his face and hands, among things and Jordie does the same. While Tyler cleans up Jordie tidys the room, not wanting to leave any evidence of the act that’s just occurred. They trade places, Tyler dressing and making sure the room is up to standard while Jordie gets redressed. After they’re both clean and dressed they triple check the room before exiting, making sure the sin towel is hidden at the bottom of a laundry basket.

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———October 2016

The ‘16-‘17 regular season starts at home, with a win against the Anaheim Ducks. Tyler feels like he’s on cloud nine as a high from the win takes over his body, adrenaline coursing through his veins. Everything is once again normal and he’s back to doing what he’s meant to be, playing hockey and doing it well.

They sit in the dark car, on their way to Rogers Place from their hotel where they will play the Edmonton Oilers.Tyler leans into Jamie, staring at his phone screen.

“Whatcha doin’?” He asks, mimicking a childlike voice.

Jamie can help but smile, shaking his head at Tyler’s ridiculousness.
“I’m gonna change my voicemail greeting, it’s getting too outdated.”
Jamie replies, eyes meeting Tyler’s. A wide smile appears across Tyler’s face.

“Can we do one of those cheesy couple voicemails? I’ve always wanted to do that.”
Tyler asks, beaming with happiness at the thought.
Jamie shakes his head slightly, rolling his eyes at Tyler.

“I would but my mailbox has to be professional Ty, you know that.” Jamie says, causing Tyler to pout.

“Fine, I get it if you don’t want to show me off to the world.” Tyler mocks, the pout still apparent on his face.

Jamie laughs, pressing a soft kiss onto Tyler’s lips before continuing to edit his phone settings
He calls his own number and the phone redirects him to his mailbox, where he can access his personal greeting. The phone tells him when to begin and as soon as the beep is heard he behinds to speak.

“Hello, you’ve reached-“ He begins but he’s quickly interrupted by Tyler’s loud voice, talking over his own.


Jamie laughs, slapping his hand over Tyler’s mouth to hush him.
“Tyler, no.” He says almost indistinguishably, as he’s laughing extremely hard. The mailbox cuts off his recording, the robot voice begins speaking once again.

“If you are satisfied with your greeting, press pound. If you would like to re-record your greeting, press star. To replay your greeting, press 1.”

He immediately presses 1, listening to the jumble of voices and laughing. He laughs at the recording, pressing the pound key to set it as his voicemail. It’s definitely not what he was going for, but it’s too special to get rid of.

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December 2016

The longest break of the month is between the LA and Arizona games. The Stars play the Kings at home on the 23rd and then they play the coyotes in Arizona on the 27th.

Jamie and Tyler sit in Jamie’s bed, arms around each other as they sit in utter silence. It’s lovely, the feeling of just being in the moment together. Jamie sits up a bit, smiling over at Tyler. “Are you excited for the game tomorrow?” He asks, smiling at his boyfriend with adoration in his eyes. Tyler nods, propping his head onto his hand. “You know how much I love playing with you.” He says with a sly wink. Jamie laughs, pressing his fingers into Tyler’s abs.

That night they take on the Los Angeles Kings at home. It’s the last name before Christmas break so everyone is on edge to make sure they win before a break. Those are always the most intense, besides the games that end breaks.
Tyler sits on the bench of the locker room, warm up gear on as he wraps tape around his stick. Eakin sits across from him along with Faksa and Elie. You can feel the tension in the room from everyone being stressed about winning.
Hitchcock enters the locker room, giving one of his motivational speeches before allowing Jamie a few minutes to inspire his team as a captain should.

Tyler zones out, lost in thought of the next few days. It’s been a while since he last saw his family and he’s super excited to finally be reunited. The part he’s really nervous about is Jamie’s family, he’s met them before but last year they went to their separate families for the holidays so he has yet to spend a holiday with them.

Tyler’s thoughts are interrupted by Eakin smacking his back, and he’s instantly brought back to the moment. He stands and heads down the walk, high fiving people as they enter the hallway to the ice. As soon as Tyler’s blades hit the ice he instantly forgets everything but how to play hockey. He skates around, occasionally shooting the puck at the net. Him and Jamie practice passing, including Jordie in their warm up. Tyler reads some fan signs, one in particular catching his attention and he heads over to her with a puck. He tosses the puck over the glass and smiles as her face shows the pure happiness she’s experiencing thanks to him. He skates back, wrapping up the warm ups.
After warm up they head back to the locker room and Tyler makes sure to be the last off the ice, a superstition.
They sit in the locker room, bodies hot as they change into their game jerseys. The team heads back out, the starting line taking the ice and the rest of the team sits on the bench. The puck drops and Tyler is in the zone, keeping his focus on the game.

Jamie and Tyler return home later that night. The game went well and they beat the kings in OT. Tyler plops onto the couch, the team decided against a celly as they all have Christmas preparations or arrangements they can’t oversee for a night with the boys. Tyler’s head falls back against the cushion in exhaustion, they played a hard game that night and sleep is well deserved.
Jamie sits next to his sleepy boyfriend, patting his toned thigh. “Hey wait, don’t go to sleep yet I gotta talk to you.” He says, and Tyler’s eyes flash open. He sits up a bit, listening as intently as he can. “Speak to me babe.” Tyler replies, eyes meeting Jamie’s. “Well, you know how we are flying home to Canada tomorrow to see our families?” He asks, and Tyler nods in response. “Yeah, which I’m excited about by the way.” He responds and Jamie chuckles, shuffling in his seat.

The cuckoo clock on the wall chimes and the little bird appears twelve times in a row, signaling midnight. Tyler’s watches the little bird, he loves the cuckoo clock as much a child would.
He turns back to Jamie who’s now on the ground, kneeling in front of him. “How would you like to go back home to Canada as my fiancé instead of my boyfriend? Tyler Paul Seguin, will you marry me?” Jamie asks, opening a small, velvet box. A shiny golden band is revealed, glistening off the bright kitchen light. Tyler’s blinks slowly, half expecting this to be an exhaustion induced dream. His eyes flutter open, mouth falling open in shock. “Are you serious?!” He exclaims, standing. “Jamie Benn, of course I’ll marry you.” He says, tossing the ring onto the couch and pulling Jamie up by his shirt.
Tyler throws his arm around his new fiancé, pressing kisses all over his face and neck.

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The next day Tyler and Jamie are up early, making their bed before putting the suitcases in the car. Tyler slides into the black car, insisting they leave early for the airport to get to Canada sooner. As soon as Jamie is buckled the driver pulls off the curb, heading to the destination.
They sit in the car, not much conversation as they head off to DFW airport. Tyler fidgets with the ring on his finger, still in shock from the proposal. The metal still foreign to his finger as he slides it up and down the digit.
“I love you.” Tyler says, smiling up as Jamie before kissing his cheek. “We need to get you a ring soon, like as soon as possible.”
Jamie nods in agreement. “We will, soon. Once we get back we can start looking, okay?” He asks, and Tyler jets out his bottom lip but nods. “Fine, but that’s not soon enough.”

Once they arrive at the airport, they pull into a private back entrance where people using private planes go to board their flights. The car pulls up beside the plane and the driver gets out to help unload their bags, giving them to one of the men helping get the plane ready. The boarding steps jet out the side of the plane, inviting the men inside.

They’re first flying to Victoria where they will spend Christmas Eve with Jamie’s family and then Christmas morning they fly into Brampton where they’ll stay with Tyler’s family for a night before heading out early enough to be home on the 26th for a last practice before they fly with the team to Arizona for the game.
It’s a lot of traveling, but it’ll be worth it to make sure both families see them for Christmas.

Tyler and Jamie board the plane, showing the pilot their identification before the doors are shit behind them. They take a seat in the white leather chairs, leaving back as they prepare for takeoff. The time in Victoria is two hours behind Dallas making it 7:30am currently. The flight is a solid six hours and they fill that time catching up on sleep or watching movies together.
They land at a small private airport around 11:30am and step off a plane where a car is already waiting for them. They help load their suitcases into the car before sliding into the backseat of the luxurious black SUV. They ride for a while, Tyler nor Jamie are sure how long at this point due to the little sleep they’ve had. The arrive at Jamie’s parents house in the early afternoon, sun reflecting off the white snow that covers the ground.

They rarely see snow anymore and they miss it so much, it hardly snows in Texas. If it does it’s not real snow, it’s like a layer of ice covered in muddy sleet. Tyler nor Jamie have ever had the opportunity to build a genuine snowman on their lawn in Texas, it’s just not possible with their difficult weather.

Jamie leads Tyler to the door, pulling two suitcases behind him. Tyler pulls the third and carries a smaller bag. So much luggage for such a short trip but how else are they supposed to bring presents for their families. They both have two parents and two siblings each and being who they are, they’re almost expected to bring expensive and extravagant gifts.
Jamie’s mom, Heather, opens the door in a green spotted christmas sweater with a reindeer decal on the front. Jordie is already inside with Jamie and his father, Randy, having a conversation about the type of lights he used on the house and why. Jenny, their sister, is in the kitchen mixing up some holiday eggnog.
Heather pulls the pair inside, the scent of cinnamon filling Tyler’s nostrils as he enters the warm home. He admires the pretty decorations, thinking to himself how he wished they’d decorated their home more thoroughly. Jordie’s face lights up when he sees his brother and Tyler, standing to greet them.

He embraces Jamie first, quick and simple before wrapping his arms around Tyler for a long hug, maybe too long. He clears his throat as he steps back, smiling at the duo. “Sorry I didn’t fly in with ya, I just wanted to get a head start.” He apologizes, gesturing around the living room. “Who would want to miss a single moment here?” He asks, laughing before returning his attention to Randy and their conversation.

Tyler drags his suitcase along, following as Jamie leads them to his childhood bedroom. They set their luggage inside, letting the extra weight be lifted from their responsibilities. Jamie places a quick kiss on Tyler’s lips, sighing after it ends. Tyler pushes Jamie’s hair out of his face, noticing his fiancés saddened expression.
“What’s wrong babe? Are you okay?” He asks, tugging on Jamie’s arm lightly. Jamie nods, shrugging slightly. “I’m fine, I just hate that we are only able to see our families for 24 hours on Christmas.” He says, probably sounding ridiculous. “Well, let’s not waste them sulking. Let’s go tell your family our news” Tyler says and Jamie’s head perks up. Their news, how could he already forget? He nods, smiling creeping back onto his face. Tyler smiles back at the handsome man, squeezing his hand before heading back to the living room with Jamie.

Tyler and Jamie slide down onto the couch, ecstatic to no longer be on a flight.

Chapter Text

The men sit within inches of each other, Tyler smiling like an idiot as Jamie prepares to let his family in on the biggest secret of his life.
Of course it won’t stay secret for long, especially after they get rings.

“Ty and I have some big news.” Jamie begins, getting the attention of his family.
All eyes are on the pair.
Jordie and Jenny sit on the floor across from the couple while Jamie’s mom and and dad sit onto the couch next to the pair.
“You have our attention, go ahead.” Heather says, nodding as she folds her hands in her lap.

Jamie swallows at the same time as Tyler and then they both open their mouth to speak.
“We’re engaged!” They say in unison.
Heather is on her feet before anyone else, arms wrapping around the couple. Jamie and Tyler rise along with her and they share a group hug for a few moments before Jamie’s dad joins in.
Jenny’s hands raise to her hands to her mouth, covering her wild smile in shock.
Jordie smiles widely, standing and walking over to the couple before giving each of them a quick hug.
“Congratulations guys, I’m so happy for you both.” He says, Tyler and Jamie beaming with happiness.
Jenny stands and walks over to the pair, hugging them tightly together and then each of them separately. She hugs Jamie first and then leans to Tyler, her arms wrapping around her soon to be brother-in-law.
“If you hurt him I will fucking kill you.” She said sweetly, patting his back before hugging them again.
Tyler heard it in her voice, she was serious.
He laughs nervously, smiling uncomfortably until the awkward hug is over. After the chaos of the exciting news, everyone returns to their seats and they prepare to exchange christmas gifts. Jordie passes around the presents, making sure each present gets to the recipient.

They unwrap each beautifully wrapped gift, the family all laughing and making christmas memories. Tyler has never been the best at wrapping presents so all the ones from him and Jamie are professionally done, he took them to the mall one afternoon and paid someone to do it for them.

Tyler, Jamie, and the Benn family have one of the most special family celebrations in a long time and they even include Ty in one of their famous Benn holiday photos.
Tyler and Jamie go to bed happy that night, their tummies full of the christmas feast Heather prepared.
The next morning they’re up rather early to spend the morning with the Benn’s for a few more hours until their morning flight to the Seguin house.


It’s around 2pm when they knock on the door of Tyler’s parents house, Jackie almost instantly opening the door. Her arms fly around Tyler first before pulling Jamie in for a hug too.
“I’ve missed you both so much!” She exclaims excitedly, opening the door a bit wider so the pair can enter.
“Come in, Come in.” She tugs on their jackets, moving aside so they can enter with their luggage and the bag they’ve brought with all of the presents. After the visit with Jamie’s family the bag is half as light as it was when they left Texas, which benefits Jamie as he’s been hauling it around.

They set the bag of gifts down on the way to the room they stay in anytime Tyler’s back home.
Tyler always likes staying in his old bedroom, it’s nostalgic for him and he always has fun remencising on his childhood.
After they put their bags away the men make their way back to the living room where Tyler’s whole family is waiting. Cassidy and Candace each hug their brother before sitting onto the white leather couch across from the neatly decorated tree.
Jamie and Tyler sit together on the plush brown loveseat which is positioned next to the burning fireplace.

Cassidy begins passing out presents and once everyone has their pile Tyler gets everyone's attention.
“So, guys, Jamie and I have some news to share with you all.”
Tyler sees his sisters faces light up as if they already know what he’s going to say. They get all excited, squeeing hugging one another.
“Oh c’mon guys, at least let me say it!” Tyler pouts, and the girls giggle before nodding to let him continue.
“We’re engaged!”
The girls erupt in giggles standing up to hug their brother and his fiance. Jackie’s face gets red and she feels tears begin to roll down her face. She walks over to the couple and wraps her arms around them, pressing her face into Tyler’s shoulder and accidentally getting tears all over his shirt. “I’m so happy for you both!” she says, voice muffled.
About an hour ago goes by before all the ‘congratulations’ have been exchanged and everyone has settled down to finally open presents. Once again the room is filled with the sounds of paper ripping and excited laughs as the girls love the presents from their brother and soon to be brother-in-law.

Jamie and Tyler end the trip to Canada on a high note, Jackie packs them some egg sandwiches for the drive to the airport. If you don’t know Tyler that well, the only thing that you really need to know is that he LOVES his mother's egg sandwiches.

Tyler happily stuffs his face with three of the six sandwiches as Jamie and him ride in the uber to the airport. He reaches over and grabs Jamie’s hand, tangling their fingers.
“You’re getting me all eggy.” Jamie whines, chuckling quietly.
Tyler pulls his hand away and wipes them on his shorts,
“Sorry princess, didn’t realize that was an issue.” Tyler says before pressing his lips against Jamie’s bearded cheek.
“Those were supposed to be for both of us, there better be some left for me.” Jamie says, reaching for the paper bag. Tyler presses his lips together, only the corners of his lips opening to pull in a sharp breath of air.
“Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

“That’s definitely your way of telling me you ate all of the sandwiches, isn’t it?” Jamie says, rolling his eyes. “I’m gonna let it slide because I know how much you love them and I’m awesome.”
Tyler hugs him as best he can in the back seat.
“Good news though, I did leave one for you.”

Tyler pulls open the paper bag, fishing out the last sandwich and ripping the tin foil. Tyler feeds his fiance the sandwich and is proud when Jamie makes a face of complete and utter bliss.
“You’re right, this is the best sandwich ever.”

“Damn right.”

Chapter Text

Jordie clears his throat a few times, practicing the tone he’s gonna use. He speaks quietly, deciding which sounds best.

“Tyler, I can’t-“
“Tyler, we shouldn’t-“
“We can’t fuck anymore, Ty.”

This is ridiculous, he doesn’t need to be practicing for this. It’s not a big deal, it’s the right thing to do and it needs to happen.
His thumbs drum the leather steering wheel pounding along to the beat of the radio. Jordie glances over at his phone, nearly reaching over to check the messages that are displayed on the screen. He looks back at the road, deciding not to drive any more distracted than he already is with his thoughts.
He notices the gas tank is nearly on E and he pulls over to the next station he sees, parking in front of a pump before he inserts his debit card to pay for the gas. He types his PIN number onto the keypad, lifting the pump before he fills his tank to the top. A few moments pass, turning into minutes and once his tank is full he replaces the pump and heads back on his way. The music on his phone changes from classic rock to some old school country, the atmosphere of the drive shifting to fit the music.
Jordie is man of great music taste as he listens to everything from Weezer to My Chemical Romance. Everyone is bound to hear something they like when riding passenger in Jordie’s car.

He pulls into the driveway of his brothers home, putting the car into park before heading inside. He walks up to the front door, knocking a few times before entering.
He’s astonished how clean everything is. Of course Jamie keeps things tidy, but it hasn’t been this clean since they moved in a few months ago.
New Year’s Eve is tomorrow and they have a game against the Maple Leafs before having New Year’s Day off. He knows Tyler plans on having a huge party, he’s already invited the whole team and their families along with him and Jamie’s friends.
Around 11pm the following night there will be a few hundred people crammed into the large, mansion like house so it really shouldn’t be surprising how clean everything is.

Tyler is the only one at home, having just flown back in from Los Angeles this morning. Jamie is probably at the gym, or maybe the store but it doesn’t matter. Not this time.
Jordie walks through the hallway, entering the living room where Tyler is lounging on the couch.
Tyler glances up, half expecting Jamie but his face lights up when he sees Jordie.
“Hey, what’s up?” He asks excitedly, grabbing the remote and pausing whatever he’s watching on the television.
Jordie smiles, sitting beside him on the leather couch. Tyler takes a deep breath, elated to once again be alone with Jordie. Tyler places his hand on Jordie’s thigh but is a bit confused when Jordie pulls away.
“I have to talk to you, Ty.” Jordie says, nervousness apparent in his voice. Tyler looks at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, of course. What’s up, Jordie?” Tyler asks, leaning in slightly.
“We can’t do this anymore, I mean like.. what we used to do.” Jordie says, using his eyes to gesture between them. Tyler nods, understanding.
He knew this was gonna come sooner or later, he just didn’t expect it right now. Maybe after the wedding but, it’s best if it ends now.
“I just don’t feel comfortable being with you when you’re engaged to my little brother. It was fine when you were just dating but now you’re gonna be married and I don’t want to be in between you guys, at all.” Jordie continues, explaining his thinking to Tyler.
“Even though I had a ton of fun with you, Jordie, I think this is best for us. It’s gonna be tough though, keeping my hands to myself at first.” Tyler says, laughing at himself. Jordie joins in and the two share a quick hug, signifying the end.

The end of Jordie Benn and Tyler Seguin.

If Jordie is honest with himself, he doesn’t want to stop sleeping with Tyler. He doesn’t want to have to let Jamie and Tyler be happy, he wants him to himself.
Some part of Jordie has always felt this way and even though he would deny it to Tyler, or anyone, it kills Jordie to see Tyler and Jamie happy and in love.
Jordie wants that, happiness and love. He used to think him and Tyler could fall in love but that all changed when Jamie proposed.
Ever since hearing the news he’s tried to move on, tried to get Tyler off his mind. It’s impossible, especially after the times they’ve had.
Jordie hasn’t had better sex than he did with Tyler, and it worries him he might not find another person he feels this way about.
He hopes it’s the novelty and he’s not actually in love with his brothers fiancé.

Chapter Text

January 2017

They get back from the hockey game, a difficult loss of 5-4 against the Minnesota Wild. Sometimes, it’s just not your night.
As Tyler sets he suit jacket onto the back of a kitchen chair, he can tell Jamie is upset. Tyler hates a loss as much as anyone of the Stars but even more he hates it when Jamie is upset.
He heads to their joint bedroom, starting to get changed into clothes to sleep or just lounge around in. He unbuttons the sleeve of the suit shirt, the white button directly beside his wrist. Once both sides are open and loose, he begins on the ones lining his chest. He takes his shirt off, muscles tightening as the cool air of the house runs along his skin. Jamie enters, still brooding with the huge loss still lingering his thoughts. He changes as well, not saying a word to Tyler.
Ty can’t help but stare at Jamie, his figure and demeanor of the loss pulling Tyler in like a moth to a flame. He wants to run across the room and pull the rest of his suit off before getting onto his knees in front of his captain. The things Tyler thinks in the locker room makes this seem like going to church.
Tyler smiles wickedly, the naughty thoughts making his cheeks turn bright red.
He looks at his phone, replying back to a few messages he’s received over the span of twenty minutes. A few from a girl he met a few days ago at a bar in Downtown Dallas. The night he met her is still in his mind, she is just such a character.

He remembers the win against the Red Wings, the happiness overwhelming the team as they all decide to go out for drinks to celebrate. The only few declining the invitation were some of the married guys on the team and Jamie. Tyler tried to coax him into going, promising him a bathroom BJ if he came along and as tempting as it was Jamie still declined.
He had a meeting with his trainer the next morning and he couldn’t miss it.
Still, Tyler decided to join his teammates and he found himself at a swanky bar fairly close to the AAC. A few vodka sodas in and he was dancing with a few girls in the middle of the place. She was doing her best to grind on him and he got himself into a position where it was just friendly, nothing sexual. She bought him a couple refills and he tried to return the favor but she declined. It was his night, she said, he earned them that win and he deserved a few free drinks.
She’s clearly a fan, her knowledge of the sport and team was actually impressive.
It was also very apparent she was trying to get him drunk so she could make a move. Her hand on his thigh, laughing at all his incoherent jokes. He knew exactly what was happening but her personality kept him chatting with her, not trying to give her the wrong impression. She’s a art major who’s twenty three with dark hair, dark skin, and she has some of the most beautiful brown eyes he’s ever seen. Her life, by the sound of it, was something of a movie and he almost couldn’t believe her tales.
By the time most of his teammates had gone home he’d been talking to her for a couple hours, and still he was the last of his teammates to leave the bar. She left at the same time as him, offering to let him spend the night or give him a ride home but he had to decline. He took her phone number though, telling her he would let her know when he was home.

Tyler’s a strong willed man, but under the influence he tends to let his body take over without consulting his brain first.
A pretty girl like her could have had him in two minutes if he wasn’t with Jamie, and that’s how it used to be.
Back when he played for Boston, he would go out and party every single night. He would find hot girls in the clubs he could get into and he would take them back to his apartment for the night or at least an hour or two. It happened a few times with some guys too, but it was usually the attractive girls who could get him to abandon any will power he had.
Tyler a ‘flirty by nature’ 19 year old would come across as hitting on some of the Bruins wives and rumors began to fly which eventually ended up getting him traded to Dallas for not “fitting in with their brand” and “not playing their hockey.” It was a mistake but the most amazing thing came from it and Tyler can’t complain about the trade.

He somehow managed to get himself an Uber and by the time it arrived she had tried to make out with him twice. Both times, however, he stayed committed to Jamie. Before he left he told her he isn’t looking for that right now and they agreed to keep their friendship simply that.
He got into the car, not realizing how late it was until he got home at 3am. He walked into the house he knew and found comfort in, stripping his clothes off and taking a shower to help himself sober up.
Once clean and slightly less drunk he put on a pair of grey sweatpants and crawled into the soft, plush bed Jamie was asleep on. He cuddles into the warm man, wrapping his arms around Jamie’s bare chest.
Jamie is woken up by the cold of Tyler’s hands and body, but before he can say anything Tyler is passed out, alcohol still in his system.
The next morning Jamie said nothing, not a single second thought about what happened but as pictures started to fly around on the internet, Tyler began to worry if Jamie would think something more happened. A few days passed, each day nothing was said about the incident but rumors once again began to follow Tyler, and everyday he heard a new one about himself. It’s almost been a week since the incident and people are still chatting like it’s a big deal.

As Jamie and Tyler get their pajamas on the only thing worse than the sexual tension was the silence. It’s been a few days since they’ve done anything which is unusual and normally they would be on top of each other by now to make up for the loss. The last time Tyler and Jamie had sex was now three days ago, the night before Tyler met his new friend. He didn’t put two and two together, he never really kept track of their sex life. Jamie wasn’t acting weird, wasn’t being distant unless Tyler was trying to make a move or come onto him. Jamie would brush it off as being tired or not feeling well and Tyler understood, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood and Tyler wanted to respect his decision no matter the reason.
Tyler sits on the bed, seductively lying across the mattress.
“Jamie.” He coos, rubbing the sheets in front of him to signal his boyfriend to join him. Jamie glances up, coldly looking at Tyler as he removes his watch. He sets it on the table, looking away. He removes his pants, quickly getting into some striped pajama pants. He sits onto the bed and Tyler takes the opportunity to scoot closer. Jamie looks at him with a warning look, silently telling him not to come any closer. Tyler is confused, he’s never like this.
“Hey, what’s your problem?” He asks, phone chiming with a text tone. Jamie ignores him and he sits up. “Jamie, are you okay? You’re being weird.” Tyler asks, his phone beeping again. He looks over, checking the messages on the screen and replying.

Valerie: ‘Shitty loss tonight, sorry about that one.’
Valerie: ‘You will kick their ass next time, just wait.’
Tyler: ‘Yeah, some of us are more upset than others’
Valerie: ‘Oh no, how’s cap?’
Tyler: ‘No good, he’s cranky. I think it’s bedtime for him.’
Valerie: ‘fuckkkkk’

Tyler chuckles at the messages, and something inside Jamie snaps when he’s no longer the center of Tyler’s attention. Sure, it’s petty but he’s so pissed at Tyler and the loss he can’t help but let all his frustration out at once.
“If you’re so horny, why don’t you go meet your little friend. I’m sure she would love to hook up with a hot hockey player she met in a bar, specifically one with a fiancé .” He spits, causing Tyler to look up from his phone in surprise.
His eyebrows raise in confusion, but he soon realizes what Jamie has just accused him of.
“You’re mad about that?” Tyler asks, offended his fiancé could be so cruel to him with an assumption like that. “Suddenly you believe everything you see online?” Tyler asks, almost laughing at the ridiculousness of this conversation.
He refuses to be an outlet for Jamie’s aggression but being the stubborn man he is, he takes the bait and the third World War has begun in the house.
Jamie stands from the bed, throwing a shirt over his head while pacing. He only does that when he’s super worked up or upset, it’s one of his nervous habits and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

Jamie thinks for a moment, trying to find words to tell Tyler exactly how he’s feeling in this moment in time.
Jamie throws his hands in the air, yelling something indistinguishable before walking out of the room. Tyler heard the door slam. He sighs angrily before turning back around, quickly following Jamie.
Jamie paces around the living room, trying to decide what his next move is gonna be before Tyler enters and makes the choice for him.
“It’s not like you to be jealous Jamie. She’s a friend, probably less than that.” Tyler says, getting more upset with the situation. He pulls his phone out opening up messages.
He holds it out to Jamie who shakes his head, pushing it away. “How do you expect me to believe you if it’s everywhere? All over every sports media platform.
‘Tyler Seguin and leggy brunette seen getting handsy in a bar after the Dallas Stars win.” Jamie retorts, mocking an announcer voice, eyes not locking with Tyler’s own. Tyler feels the frustration rising in him, Jamie’s not listening to anything he’s trying to tell him. “Jamie, I wouldn’t do that to you. Not with some fucking stranger, you have to believe me. I love you.” Tyler says, voice straining.
“You came here from Boston, where they didn’t want you because you were fucking around.” Jamie says, crossing a line. Tyler feels his face get hot, this time with rage.

How fucking dare he.

Tyler squeezes his phone, his anger is almost enough to crush the thing in his first. He looks at it and then back up at Jamie, he throws it in his direction. It hits him right above the eyebrow, the skin splitting open with the force.
Tyler didn’t mean to hit him, and he feels terribly but Jamie went to far. He can’t apologize yet, that’ll be saved for later.
He looks at the door, shaking his head slightly before walking over. “If you really think of me like that,” Tyler says, tears falling down his cheek, “Go fuck yourself.”
This time Tyler’s the one slamming doors, and Jamie is left standing alone. Blood pours from his eye, and he raises his hand to the fresh, dripping wound. He uses his shirt sleeve to stop the bleeding, the gash is nasty but it’s probably not deep enough for stitches.
Jamie cleans his face up, putting a couple bandaids over the swollen, purple cut. He’s definitely going to have a black eye from this. Jamie has a massive headache, the combination of the yelling and the fresh wound adding to the pain. Jamie is so mad at himself, and he knows he deserves the cut. He can’t believe what he just said to his partner, what he just threw in his face. Boston was a long time ago, and he knows Tyler regrets how he used to act.
There’s no way to get in touch with Tyler to apologize as his cell phone is on their apartment floor, smashed to pieces. Jamie’s beginning to worry he messed this up, and he messed it up bad.

The next morning Tyler sits in the hotel room, laying against the soft bed as he thinks about the whole argument. Sleep hasn’t come easily and he’s been up all night, deciding around 3am to forgive Jamie. He’s already busted his face open, and that combined with ruining his sleep for the night with worry feels like enough punishment to Tyler.
Tyler knows he would react the same way if the roles were reversed and somewhere inside of him he knows he would be just as bad as Jamie was, if not worse.
Tyler is the jealous type.

He stifles a laugh, and the laughter begins and doesn’t come to an end until there’s tears pouring down his face. He picks up the hotels phone, dialing the correct long distance combination before pressing the numbers to reach Jamie’s phone.
“Ty?” He hears on the other end, Jamie’s voice is scratchy and weak like he’s been crying. Tyler silently clears his throat, taking a moment to think about what he’s gonna say.
“How did you know it was me?” Tyler asks, voice as charismatic as ever to hide the fact he’s also been crying.
“Lucky guess.” Jamie says, sniffling while trying to laugh.
“We should talk about it, I read somewhere that you
shouldn’t leave a fight unresolved.” Tyler suggests, and he can tell Jamie agrees even before he speaks.
“Please, come home.” Jamie says and Tyler hangs up the hotel phone.
Tyler gets off the bed, makes it out of the room and down hallway to the elevator. He enters the metal box, pressing the button to take him to the lobby. He steps off, handing the key to the room to the woman at the front desk. She thanks him for his patronage and invited him back but he’s already almost out the door.
He gets into his car, speeding the entire way back to their Dallas home.
He pulls into the driveway about twenty minutes later, smiling at the front of their familiar home before entering the glass front door. He missed this place, even though he’s been gone for less than twelve hours.

Jamie smiles as he hears the door open, knowing it would only be Tyler. He rushes over, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend and holding him close to his body for a few moments. “I’m so sorry about what I said, about everything. I do trust you and I shouldn’t have said what I did.” Jamie begins, pulling away from Tyler to look into his eyes. Tyler nods, accepting the apology.
Tyler knows how sorry Jamie is, how truly sorry he is.
“I’m sorry too, and I promise Jamie, I promise you nothing happened with her.” Tyler says, and this time Jamie is listening.
He trusts him, he believes him.
“I know, I know babe.” Jamie coos, eyes filled with regret. He regrets the things he said in rage, he regrets fighting with Tyler about nothing. Taking his anger at a harsh loss out on his partner, the love of his life.
“I’m sorry for accusing you, I know you wouldn’t.”
Tyler reaches up, thumb brushing along Jamie’s cheek. He looks at his purpling eyelid, swelling going down on the cut itself slightly but his eyelid is now completely darkened and swollen.
It’s not like Jamie Benn hasn’t had his share of black eyes. He plays hockey and he does it well, which sometimes includes him dropping the gloves and getting his face messed up.
Tyler has also inflicted tons of bruising of his own on Jamie’s skin, most of which while they’re in bed, but none have ever been so damaging.
Tyler presses down on Jamie’s shoulders, lowering him before pressing a soft kiss onto his eye.
“I’m sorry I hurt you, but at least you look sexy.” Tyler says, making Jamie laugh.
Tyler and Jamie share a kiss, Jamie’s soft lips sending electric shocks throughout Tyler’s entire body.

Chapter Text

February 2017

Tyler brings the extravagant vase of red roses back to their home of the night, Valentine’s Day has clearly gotten the best of him. He struggles to open the door, nearly dropping the heavy glass in the process. He hip checks the wood door and it finally swings open. The tall vase makes a loud clink as Tyler sets it against the granite countertops, admiring the professionally designed bouquet before setting to work.
Their first and only Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple has to be special, Tyler gonna make sure Jamie remembers it forever even if it’s the most cliche date of his life.
Tyler takes the bag of wax candles out from under the sink, checking the time as he sets it onto the counter. He takes the large paper bag of candles into the living room, elegantly scattering the candles around the room and even making a trail down the hallway to the bedroom.
Tyler realizes it’s a fire hazard to have a rug lining the hallway so he rolls it up, putting it into the small storage closet you get in hotel rooms.
He heads into the bedroom, scattering rose petals all over the bed and using more of the candles to set the mood. He lights the small wax candles along the bedside tables before heading back into the living room, lighting the remainder of them.
Jamie is on time as always, arriving back to the hotel at exactly 2pm like they discussed.
Morning skate went as planned and they are technically supposed to be napping but who has time for that when you’re so madly in love with someone. Jamie walks into the room, eyes going wide at all the lit candles.
“Tyler?” He calls, the room door shutting behind him and he latches the security lock. He spots the roses, smiling spreading across his face. He sniffs the bouquet, enjoying the aroma. He admires all the work Tyler has put into making their little hotel Valentine’s Day special. Tyler has some jazz playing on his iPhone and Jamie follows the music and the tea light candles, making his way to the bedroom.
Tyler is sprawled across the bed, only wearing a pair of silk heart print boxers.
“I’m glad you’re back.” Tyler says, propping himself up with his elbow. Jamie can’t help but laugh, taking his own shirt off before jointing Tyler on the mattress. He wraps his arms around his torso, lips attaching themselves to Tyler’s neck.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you.” Tyler says quietly, chuckling as Jamie sucks at the tender skin. He holds back a moan, moving his free hand to Jamie’s pants.
Jamie can’t keep his hands off Tyler, pulling at the silk fabric covering his growing erection. He slides his hand inside the fabric, wrapping his fist around Tyler’s length.
Tyler pulls back, even though he’s enjoying Jamie’s eagerness. He grabs Jamie’s wrist, moving his hand away. Tyler sits up, maneuvering so he’s in control. He slides Jamie’s pants down, leaving him in only his boxer briefs. Tyler pushes Jamie down onto the mattress so he’s laying down. “No, this is gonna be about you.”


He’s actually leaving, Tyler’s mouth falls open in shock. After all, he’s the one who said it’s always a surprise to get traded, even if you’re expecting it.
Jodie Benn has been traded to the Montreal Canadiens.
It’s all over sports media.
This past year, almost two, has been a dream. Tyler has become so close to him and not just in a brother-in-law kinda way. It’s gonna be terribly difficult not seeing Jordie all the time, but of course he’s excited for him. This is a good opportunity to grow and make himself a name other than Jamie Benn’s brother.
Tyler and Jordie haven’t slept together since the engagement but it’s so surreal that he’s not going to be available all the time anymore, even just to watch a movie and cuddle.

Tyler smiles, messing with the golden band on his wedding finger. He’s happy for Jordie, or at least he’s gonna be to his face. Jamie squeezes Tyler’s thigh before picking his hand up and patting Jordie’s back. The news broke this morning and Jordie has come to tell two of his favorite men in person, although his mom would be next. Hopefully she hasn’t seen it already, he wants to be the one to tell her.
Going back to Canada would put him closer to his family and childhood friends, much closer than Dallas.

Tyler stands off the couch, wrapping his arms around Jordie. “I can’t believe you’re going away.” He says, voice cracking slightly. He sniffles, telling himself he’s not going to cry. Not in front of them. Jordie chuckles, hugging Tyler close to his warm chest. “I’m still gonna see you guys.” He says, warmly.
Jamie smiles, looking sympathetically at his fiancé. He knew they got close over the years of being teammates but he didn’t know Tyler would be this sad his brother was leaving. Honestly, Jamie doesn’t particularly care that he’s going. He loves his brother, of course he does, but he knows how good of an opportunity this is for him.
Tyler pulls away, clearing his throat. “Sorry, I’m just gonna miss you.” He apologizes, laughing at his behavior. “It’s gonna be so weird around here without you.” He adds, steeping back to allow Jamie a turn. Jamie hugs his brother, a smile on his face.
“I’m really happy for you, but we are gonna miss you Darth.” Jamie says, stepping back from his older brother.
Jordie nods, teeth showing as a smile is spread widely across his face. “I’m gonna miss you guys too, so much, but I’ll be around. I’ll definitely be back to visit when the season is over. Plus, I’ll see you when we play and when you guys have your wedding.” He says, gently rubbing Tyler’s arm.
Jordie’s phone begins to ring and he looks at the screen.
Mom is calling.
He excuses himself, answering the call.
“Hello ma.” He says cheerfully, heading into the hallway, leaving Tyler and Jamie alone in the living room.

Tyler looks at Jamie, his happiness for Jordie is all over his face while Tyler is obviously more melancholy than excited. “I’m gonna miss him too, Ty, but this is a good opportunity for him to expand his horizons and be his own person. We can still visit and see him.” Jamie assures and Tyler nods, sighing before plastering a fake smile onto his face.
“You’re right, this is gonna be good for him and all of us.” Tyler says and Jamie nods, hugging his fiancé.

Even though Tyler and Jordie haven’t been sleeping together for a while, Tyler can’t help still feel a special connection to him. Not love or anything but it’s like a special friendship, one held together by the secret of a lifetime.