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angry bull

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“Two venti coffees, please,” Kirishima said dropping the cash on the counter. “Black.”

“Right away,” the cashier said. “Names?”

“Kiri and Baku,” he answered, the girl on the other side of the counter wrote down the names, and only after setting them aside for her colleague to prepare the coffees she looked up. Her mouth dropped.

“Red Riot?” she exclaimed, and Eijiro smiled. “I saw you at the sports festival, fighting the guy with the same quirk.”

“Second year in a row, yeah,” he said a bit embarrassed. “I won both times, though.”

“Yeah, that was cool. You did really well.”


Eijiro stepped to the side to let the next person order, and he saw how the eyes of the cashier scanned the shop. She got the order of the client efficiently, and as soon as that was done, she came closer to him.

“I think there might be some seats upstairs,” she told him. Her tag said that her name was Nakimura.

“Thanks, I’ll wait for Katsuki first, though. I’m sure he’s coming.”

“Katsuki?” Nakimura asked wide-eyed. Her colleague handed her the coffees Eijiro had ordered, and she read the names thoughtfully. “Kiri and Baku. Bakugo Katsuki? Didn’t he win both years of the sports festival?”

“That’s the guy.”

“Not to be rude, but he looks like he fell from the cuckoo’s nest.”

Kirishima guffawed, and didn’t disagree with her.

“His heart is in the right place, though,” he said and she shrugged, handing him the coffees.

He accepted them with a bow right when the door of the coffee shop opened with a dramatic bang, making everyone inside jump startled. Eijiro turned on his heels and almost stepped back when he saw Katsuki come in his direction like an angry bull, but he knew Bakugo, and there was no need to run; he stopped in front of him snorting and Kiri opened his most sincere smile.

“You okay there, buddy?” he asked and made it to offer him one of the coffees, but before he could do anything, Katsuki snaked his arms around him and rested his face against his neck, surprising him with an embrace.

They stood there tensely for a moment, and then Bakugo sighed, starting to relax, which made Kirishima smile even more, now in relief. He hugged him back, careful not to drop the coffees, and waited a moment more until Katsuki said something.

“I’m fine,” Bakugo finally said, but didn’t let go of Kiri just yet. “I’m fine now.”