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Knocked Upp

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My head is still spinning.


Sitting up and taking stock of my surroundings, I remember where I'm at as memories of loud music and bright, colorful lights drift like heavy fog through my heat-addled brain.


And everything smells like coconuts but damn if my skin wasn't soft.


Shafts of sunlight peer through dark slates in orderly columns, swirls of dust that sparkle and dance against the back drop of dark wood floors is mesmerizing.


My jaw aches, rubbing at the joints near my ear as I consider whether I actually like the taste of coconut oil or not. Personally, I think I'll just stick with whipped cream next time.


I smack my lips, trying to get some of the heavy, oily taste out of my mouth. My tongue was sore, like those times as a kid when I'd buy those 'jaw breaker' balls of hard candy and lick them until my tongue bled.


Speaking of balls...


The warmth next to me shifts, hands seeking me out even in sleep.


Kirishima's Alpha scent lingers heavily in the air, clinging like dust to my nose and skin.


We had met at the Club last night and came to his place later. Mina is going to be so pissed, I'd promised her I wouldn't ditch her this time.


In my defense, however; I was drunk and in the middle of a heat cycle.


And I can never resist Kirishima's charms even when sober.


Just looking at him laying there, I knew I was in deep. As in, I'll-drop-everything-and-come-running deep.


A heat creeps up my neck, recalling last night's antics and how that newest position we tried got me to scream the loudest.


A light snore interrupts my reverie, running my fingers through the tangled mess of greasy red hair.


More coconut oil? Got that stuff everywhere, didn't we?


Even at rest, his tanned body looks like a Greek God. The memory of taunt muscle scraping against my tongue is enough to bring a smile to my face.


Almost as it he senses me watching, his eyes open and he smiles faintly.


“Morning.” He says.


“Morning yourself.” I say with hoarse voice.


The bed creaks as I get off, searching for my clothes that lay scattered in a trail from the front door to the bed.


“Leaving already?” He asks.


“Yeah, I've got work tonight.”


In the lengthening silence that follows, I wait for words that will never come.


You could ask me to stay anyway but you never do.


Stretching my arms over my head, my shoulders are stiff and my back cracks, aware of the lingering soreness below.


I'm pretty sure his neighbor banged on the apartment wall at least twice.


My hand goes to the aching bite on my shoulder, fingering the chewed and frayed choker that shields my neck gland.


I hear that having the scent gland bitten while in the middle of sex is one of the best things in the world. It's also something that only mated pairs actually do and Kiri and I are not a mated pair.

It also leads to the dreaded P word; pregnancy.


At 25, we're both full fledged Pros and Kiri is rated as one of the Top 10 Heroes in the city. It's almost become habit to spend our ruts and heats together


The heat of his gaze rests on my back, watching as I dress slowly.


“Will I see you tonight?” He asks, voice muffled in sheets.


“Er, I'll be getting off work pretty late but you can come over if you want.”


“I'd like that.” He says with a soft smile and my heart floats.


“By the way, what was that position we tried?” I say, trying to ignore the way my face heats up.


“Which one? We tired several.” He grins salaciously.


“The one with my legs over your, uh, shoulders.”


“Yeah, I really liked that one too.” Kiri says, his voice dropping a few octaves so he comes off sounding a bit huskier than before.


I'd practically been on my head. There's even some light bruising from where he'd held onto my thighs.


Heat rushes to my face and I pick up my shoes, taking them over to the bed to slip them on.


A hand slices over my thigh, brushing my crotch before I snatch his wrist away.


He whines, looking like a puppy that's been scolded.


“Later.” I promise.


“But I want you.” He pouts, kissing the back of my shoulder.


I turn, giving him a quick peck on the lips before leaping to my feet, out of reach.


“See you later.” I call over my shoulder.


“Later.” he says, sounding only half dejected this time.


Even behind protective dark lenses, my eyes smart painfully the moment I step outside, the morning sun already heating the asphalt to an uncomfortably hot temperature.

This being hypersensitive while in heat sucks.

I can smell every person that walks by, regardless of whether they've closed off their scent glands or not.


The aroma of spices and coffee from the little cafe down the road permeate the air, mixing with exhaust fumes and the horrid stench that wafts from the sewer gutter as I pass by.


I stop to pick up a white mocha chocolate grande, an intricate part of my morning routine. The clerk behind the counter grins hugely at me, no doubt the collection of hickies and bites on my neck the source of her amusement.


I sip the coffee, relishing the warm, sweet liquid as it gives me life. Almost as good as an orgasm; almost.


Resuming my walk down the sidewalk and towards my own apartment block, I check my phone to see what the latest news has to offer.


Chargebolt and Red Riot; are they official?


What the hell is this?


Clicking on the article, I scroll down and see a picture of us leaving the club together, my hand down his pants.


Goddamn vultures.


It's almost impossible to get any privacy these days. A Hero is either being hounded constantly by rabid fans or avoiding the telltale click of a camera. So what if I was grabbing his junk in a parking lot, it was still an invasion of privacy!


“What about that guy I took down the other night?” I grumble to myself. “How come I don't see anything about that?”


A classic case of being in the right place at the right time, a government official had had a hit put out on him and asked our agency for added security while attending a party.


His stupid security team had taken all the credit for the capture, even though it was my lightning that had immobilized him!


The screen scrolls down a bit more and I nearly drop my coffee and stop, the person behind me nearly running into the back of me.


There's a picture of me and Kiri, through his bedroom window, in some very compromising positions. They'd blurred out the nasty bits but left enough that there was very little left to the imagination.


Want more to see more of these lovebirds? Subscribe now for only 10 dollars a month!


Those bastards!


My phone rings; it's Mineta.




Well, well, well! Did you see?” He asks, tone riddled with sarcasm.


“I'm going to call that goddamn magazine and give them a piece of my mind!”


Just close your blinds next time.” He laughs. “By the way, I had no idea you were so flexible.”


“You didn't!”


Of course I did. I may be Omega but I'm just as curious as the next guy.”


“How much did they get?”


Enough to know that neither of you got any sleep last night.”


“Oh my god!”


I cover my face with my hand, burning crimson with embarrassment. No wonder that lady at the cafe was looking at me like that!


And I'd recognize the Sphinx anywhere! Gotta hand it to Kiri though, he's got endurance.”


“Mineta, sometimes I wonder about you. I really do.”


So, you two ever go on that date or what?”


“Pfft!” I say as I toe at a bit of dirt on the sidewalk. “Wouldn't surprise me if he called up another Omega the moment I left.”




“Yeah well, he's a popular guy.”


You should make the first move.”


“What if he turns me down and doesn't wanna see me anymore?”


Well how much longer are you gonna wanna live like this?


I chew my tongue, not wanting to answer the question.


Mineta huffs knowingly. “Stop dragging it out.”


“Thanks for the lecture, mom.”


I'm just tellin ya like it is! Besides, I kinda got the feeling that he wouldn't mind going exclusive with you.”


I shake my head, by now reaching the main gate into my apartment complex.


The building is kept secure behind 10 foot brick walls, a shield of cameras and wrought iron bars. Kiri rents from the same group of apartments, he's just in a different block that's down the street.

Most of us Pros live in similar places in order to avoid being harassed by either our loving fans or the paparazzi.


It works at keeping the fuckers out most of the time.


Oh! Momo is calling, bye!” And with that, Mineta hangs up.


I scan the door's key pad with my card, buzzing as it unlocks with a click and swings shut behind me on automated hinges.


The grounds are well kept, trimmed hedges line the sidewalk to act as a deterrent so people will keep to the paths. Several large trees dot the park-like grounds, benches bolted to their trunks where I often find myself passing an afternoon with my face in a book.


I cast a critical eye over the length of the fence, black bars jutting skyward serve as perches for the local hawk that's set up residency here last year.


The sounds of traffic fade, blocked by the fence and replaced by the chirping of birds and the screams of playing children.


I note the man standing off to the side near the playground equipment, his back is to me so it takes me a second to recognize him as one of the parents to a toddler playing in the sandbox.

They're new arrivals, moved in just last week. His Alpha wife works as a secretary for a neighboring Hero Agency. He just looks like the stay-at-home parent.




I can't imagine being stuck home all day with kids. I mean, I've thought about raising a family because who hasn't but it's not something I'm sure I'd be happy with. Or even good at, for that matter.


Not that mom has given up on pestering me to settle down and raise a family.


I step into the indoor hallway, the darker environment gives my eyes a break and the headache building behind my eyes backs off.


Tossing my paper cup into the trash, I make for the elevator and am grateful that it's empty.


My apartment is on the top floor, apartment 5C.

When I first moved here, I thought I'd hate it. Turns out, I've got one hell of a view of the city and skyline. It's also quiet; I don't have to worry about kids thundering up and down the floor above all day.


I open my apartment door and go straight to me bed, flopping face first with a loud, groaning sigh.


The magazine article bothers me, a lot. Maybe if I call them and threaten to sue their asses, they'll take it down?


And my house is a mess. If Kiri is coming over here tonight, I should probably clean it up a bit.


I turn onto my back and yawn, clasping hands behind my head and staring blankly at the bamboo fan overhead.

Strings of cobwebs run from blade to blade, doubting in the three years that I've lived here that I've dusted the thing even once.


I mull over what Mineta had said but know that I don't have the courage to come right out and say it. I mean, we had agreed to no strings attached. If I tell him how I really feel, he'll just tell me we shouldn't see each other any more because he's not ready for something like that.


I've seen it happen to friends who spent their heats/ruts with their 'hook ups', the aftermath is nights in front of the TV eating ice cream while watching romantic comedies to bolster their spirits.




I stare at my phone, resisting the urge to tear the hair right out of my own head.


Those bastards still haven't taken down that goddamn article! Even after getting my agencies lawyers involved, they still refuse to take it down!


The pictures for subscribers were, as I saw for myself, not blurred.


They saw everything.


Mina was kind enough to point out that I've got a smokin' hot bod and that all the people sending the hate mail and leaving nasty comments on social media were just jealous.


The worst part about the fall out was I haven't heard from Kiri. Like, at all. It's been a week and he hasn't called or text since he called off coming over that night over text.


A weight sits in my stomach. Nerves rattled, my hair stands on end just from the static build up from stress.


This could be the end. It could 'finish us' and all because we forgot to close the goddamn blinds!


Depression sets in, hanging over like a dark cloud.


Boss had given me the rest of the week off until the hubbub died down, assuring me that the agencies lawyers were going to take care of the matter. I'd rather take a leaf from Bakugou's book and be out there bustin' heads to deal with my stress.


I thumb through my contacts, pacing the floor of my apartment. I stop tap the page with my thumb, hovering over Kiri's name.


You should make the first move. Mineta's words come back. I contemplate this, wondering if it could possibly get any worse if I were to come right out and say it. Its just three little words, right? It shouldn't be that hard.


And maybe Mineta is right and he liked me enough in return, enough to be 'exclusive'.


Taking a deep breath, I let it out and press dial keypad. It'll be quick and easy, just tell him how you feel.


Hey.” He says, picking up after the third ring.


“Hey.” I say, clearing my suddenly squeaky voice. “So um, we should talk.”


Yeah, we should.” He sighs. Muffled movement comes over the speaker, his voice distant from the speaker.“Take that one first. Everything'll fit better, trust me.”


“Is this a bad time?”


Listen, Kami, I think it might be better if we don't see each other for a while.”


I squeeze my phone, a cold shock like being doused with water flushing down my back.




Just until things cool off, I mean.”


It sounded off until it hits me; he's trying to let me down easy.


“That's... that's fine.” I say, lying straight through my teeth.


Hey! Get off the damn phone shitty hair and help me move your shit!”


That was Bakugou's voice. What's he doing there?


“Is that Bakugou?” I ask, hoping I didn't sound as betrayed as I felt.


Yeah. He's helping me move.”


Who the fuck you talkin' to, anyway?” Bakugou barks.


“M-move? Youre moving? Why?!”


I suppose you wouldn't know yet but I kinda lost my job last week.”


I spark and fry my phone, a blaze of static crackling over the speaker.


“You what?”


It's okay, man. Really!” Kiri hastily explains. “I'm just moving into Bakugou's house until I get back on my feet and find another place.”


“Kiri! This is not okay! It's not!”


I already got another job offer so its fine, dude. I'm just glad that you have some really cool bosses that'll help you out.”


“It's because of that goddamn article, isn't it?” I've ever been so angry in my life. Right now, I wanted nothing more than to march down to their studio and fry every piece of equipment they owned.


Its fine! Besides, I've been wanting a change of scenery.” He says, trying to laugh it off. “Listen man, I gotta go. I'll call you later, okay?”


“Ok.” I say but it comes out as more of a choked squeak before I hang up.


I stare out the window at the darkening skyline, the setting sun paints the sky with a glorious orange red and the city is alight, sky scrapers striking brightly lit sentinels against the backdrop of the mountain.


So, this is how it ends.


And he's moving into Bakugou's house. Bakugou, an Omega and one of the few people that he actually gets along with is Kirishima. He's also rich and is the Number 1 Hero in the world.


I scroll through my contacts with the idea of calling Mineta to release the storm of rage when I happen upon another number that I haven't called for so long that guilt instantly stabs me in the heart.


I press it and the phone rings a couple times before a cheerful, female voice picks up.


Hello, Denki! You never call or come over anymore!”


“Hey, mom. Can I come visit for a few days? I need to get out of here and clear my head.”



Chapter Text

I'm exhausted, unbelievably so. Is this stupid day ever going to end?


The warm summer evenings are starting to give way to cooler nights, the season beginning it's ageless shift into autumn once more.


Thunder rumbles outside, static cling prickles along my skin and making the hair stand on end. It's one of those dry thunder cells, where the air is so charged that sparks jump between myself and anything I touch.


“Kaminari, what the hell am I suppose to do with a 1466 Form?”


I turn and regard the Beta, Kosei, sweeping out of his officer with the fury of hellfire behind him.


“1466 is what's used for cemetery property damage restitution.”


Cemetery property damage?! They have a separate form for that??”


I shrug, sipping the lukewarm coffee. “The city likes to make things difficult.”


“You can say that again! You know, I really don't understand why you didn't get this promotion!”


I smile, setting the paper cup back on the table.


“You've even been here a whole two years longer than I have!”


“It's because I'm Omega.”


He stares at me, trying to figure out if I'm joking or not.


I wasn't.

This was the third promotion I've been passed up for in a year. I've been here so long that even my bosses boss comes to me looking for answers.


To add insult to injury, Kosei was even my same age, as well as my junior by two years.




The man shouting my name was the director for the annex we worked from. He's a good guy and has been rooting for me from the start but, unfortunately, he's not the one calling the shots.


“Better go see what the big man wants.” Kosei says. “I'm sure I'll have something else to ask you when you get out.”


Covering the short distance to Bosses open door, the moment I step into the room I know this isn't a regular visit.


The man is sitting in one of two chairs before Boss's desk is watching me expectantly, an eye brow raises curiously.

The stranger is Alpha, clearly so, with lavender purple hair, eyes and a felt fedora. He watches with eyes at a slant, his expression neutral. He's attractive, good looking even. And even a bit familiar but I can't place him just yet.


“Have a seat.” Boss says, all smiles as he takes my elbow.




The man jumps back in surprise and I shrug apologetically. “It's this weather.”


Striding across the fluffy carpet, sparks dance around my feet and I take a seat, the ache in my back more apparent when I do so.


“Kami, I'd like you to meet Commissioner Seiji. We'd like to talk to you about something.”


That doesn't sound good.


“Commissioner?” I say in surprise. Never mind that his name's familiar, he looks so young to be on a government board.


There's intelligence behind those eyes though. It makes him all the more appealing.


He leans forward and shakes my hand and I return the gesture out of habit.




“Wow! That kinda smarts!” Commissioner Seiji laughs off while shaking his hand in the air.


“I-I'm sorry.”


“Don't be, it's useful.”




“The Commissioner and I have become good friends.” Boss explains with a kind yet nervous smile, his eyes continually darting between us. “And you've been here the longest and are one of my best men.”

He adds with a nod.


“Thank you.” I say, surprised and appreciative of the man's recognition.


“The reason we called you here was to talk to you about a little problem we're having.” The Commissioner says, fingers tenting as he leans forward in his chair.


“Problem?” I scour my brain, trying to think if I've done anything recently that might've pissed somebody off.


“How would you like to do some undercover work?”


My jaw almost drops but I manage not to make a complete ass of myself.


Undercover work? For real?


“M-Me? I mean, sure!”


My worries vanish like frost in the sun, replaced with that too-long-absent draw of excitement.


“But you don't even know what it is we want you to do yet.” The Commissioner says though he looks as though he weren't the least bit surprised.


“It's always been my dream to work undercover! Plus, it'll good on my repertoire.”


“True.” the man nods.


“So what is it? Spying? Gathering intel on some drug lord? An overnight stakeout?”


Boss clears his throat to get my attention, leaning forward and picking up a manila envelope that's been resting among the the clutter of his desk.


“This file is for your eyes only.” He says.


The knuckles of my fingers touch his metal desk, the snap of current going through Boss's fingers has the man jumping back from his desk in surprise.


“God, I'm so sorry!”


However, I open the envelope spreading the mouth with two fingers, take a peek inside.


Police reports, Missing files, what is this? I pour the contents onto Boss's desk, opening one of the flip folders.


The picture of a young woman smiles brightly, long dark hair and beauty unmarred by the grainy photo.

Her name is Sasha Vitch and had come overseas to work as the Commissioner's secretary. She worked there for a month before vanishing from off the face of the earth.


The other two files are also missing people from two years ago, their only correlation is that they had all been the Commissioner's secretaries.


“You want me to investigate a police case?” I ask, giving Boss and the Commissioner a questioning look.


“The police are useless.” Commissioner Seiji says. “They aren't getting anywhere so I've decided to hire Boss.”




“You've been with me the longest and I trust you explicitly.” Boss says. “What we need is someone not easily noticed to go undercover at the Town Hall and investigate these missing persons before it happens again.”


“Well, 'easily noticed' being a flexible term.” The Commissioner says with a broadening smile.


Hm, charming too. But where have I seen him before?


“Also, a word of caution.” Boss says. “That hit man you captured a couple months back has escaped; I advise you to use the utmost caution.”


“Hit man?” I ask, drawing a blank. Then it clicks.

“Oh! That hit man! So, he escaped, huh? Well, I'm pretty sure the regional governor has more to worry about than me, since he's got the 'best team in the world' watching his back.”


“Do I detect doubt in the Governor's security team?” Seiji asks, again raising his eyebrow in wonderment.


The irony is not lost on Boss but he waves it away impatiently before I have a chance to explain.


“So, should I masquerade as your new secretary?” I ask.


“That position has been filled. How you choose to infiltrate the Town Hall is up to you, however.” The Commissioner says.


I gather the folders and stand. “Can I take these?”


“As long as you keep them secure, I don't have a problem with it.” The Commissioner says, glancing at Boss to see if he had anything to say about it.


“No, no, please do!” Boss says, waving me away. “As of tomorrow, Sound Strike is going to be taking over your routes. If anyone asks, just say that you've been transferred to another annex for desk duty or something.”


“Sure! Oh, um, one more thing?”


Both men stare at me, waiting for me to speak.


“I just have the simple question about 'pay'.”


Seiji bursts out laughing, crossing his legs. “I like you already.”


I can feel the embarrassed blush creeping up my neck and face. “Well, I kinda have to earn a living, you know!”


“You'll be compensated regularly until youre at the Town Hall. There, you'll be paid double and have hazard pay on top of that.”


“D-double?” I say, practically drooling at the thought. Maybe I can finally buy that game console I've been wanting, or get my bike into a shop or something.


“One more thing? Do be careful. Whoever is responsible for my missing secretaries has been very good at covering their tracks.”


“Don;t worry, I got this!” I grin, saluting him with the envelope as I back towards the door, carpet sparking.


Heading back towards my tiny office, I find there's a small group of people standing in front of the door. It's possible that rumor of a sort of promotion had gotten around and they were all here to congratulate me, until I recognize the somber looks on their faces.


“Whats going on?” I ask.


“Hey Kami. So, I was sorting mail today and, well, there's another one.” One of the agencies secretaries says.


On my cluttered desk is a plain white envelope, affixed to the lapel is a single, bright yellow heart sticker with the words you make my heart sing printed across it's surface.


I already knew what to expect. Snatching the envelope off the desk, I tear it open and remove the plain white card I knew I'd find.


Has anyone ever told you what lovely skin you have? I can't wait to touch it, it'll be so warm when I peel it off your body.


That's all it says and is, in fact, rather tame compared the letter's prior.


“Well?” Sound Strike, my replacement, demands as I tuck the card back into the envelope and toss it on my desk.


“Well what?”


“Aren't you going to finally do something about this?”


“What's there to do? Its just some sick joke.” I say with a shrug.


“Kami! Don't you think you should be taking this a little more seriously?” The secretary who had brought me the mail says, the lines appearing on her face makes her loo 10 years older.


“They'll get tired of me eventually.” I say.


Since the fiasco with the Mega News Network and the risque magazine article, I'd started receiving these messages alongside other hate and soliciting mail. The cards promised to do things that would certainly make my skin crawl if I let it get to me, claiming thinks like it was their job to 'put Omegas in their place' and that 'disobedient Omegas must be punished', adding explicit detail as to how, exactly, they would do those things.


“You should take it to the police!” Sound Strike says, her Alpha pheromones filling the room.


“And what? Have them tell me that this sort of thing happens all the time? That I'm a Hero and should expect these sorts of things? No thanks.”


“What-who said those things?!” Sounds Strike blusters, fists clenching at her sides.


“The fat Sergeant behind the desk. Seriously, I'm fine.” I assure the small group.


To be honest, I've come to expect such things. Spotting chauvinistic bastards has become quite a skill set for most Omegas.


Once the small group departs, I close the door and lock it, again pouring the manila envelopes onto the desk's surface. I start with the police reports, hoping to absorb every word and trust that someone incompetent hadn't taken the notes down.




I open my fridge and stare at the contents, nose wrinkling and closing the door again.


Normally, I'd just order some take out after such a long day at work, since I'd fallen asleep at my desk with my face stuck to the printed police reports, clocking out a whole extra hour past my shift.


The janitor woke me up by rattling the door knob and then commenting about the envelope with the yellow sticker on my desk.


“Love letter?” He says but I just smile and slide the envelope into my desk drawer.


“Busy night?” I ask, closing the drawer and gathering up the documents.


“Well, you know, a little here, a little there.”


“Whats the latest gossip today?” I ask, stifling a yawn.

“Found some condoms in Otoha's waste bin.”

“You're kidding! Who'd fuck her?”


The man laughs, shaking his head as he picks up the waste bin, adding it's contents to the large grey trash can outside the office.


“Amazing what you'll find in some people's trash.” He says. He was an older Alpha, carried himself with a limp and had something wrong with one of his arms but he was a good worker, always on time and never had a complaint to make.

I wanted to order some take out, too tired to want to go home and make something but my funds are really low and payday is still three days away. I'll just have to settle for something I already have.

Once I’m back home, I dig some out-of-date soup packets from the back of the pantry, busying myself before the recently cleaned stove top. Readjusting the blanket tied around my shoulders to make sure it doesn't catch fire, I turn the burner on high and set a saucepan of water over blackened coils. 

I can't wait to put my feet up, god they hurt! And my back has been bothering me all damn day, what the hell? I stare at my kitchen floor as if noticing it for the first time as old coffee and milk stains reflecting up at me, caught in the kitchen light glare. I hadn't realized how filthy I'd let my apartment get, finally reaching the point to where it bothered me enough to clean it.


Even the cobwebs on my ceiling fan above the bed were bothering me.


Once the soup is ready and plopping some toast on the side, I walk across my recently mopped floor and ease onto the ratty old couch, switching the TV on.


The channel is already on the news, the blare of reporter's voices in the background as I eat.


Today, Vice Counselor McMadden was found dead just outside his penthouse, while returning from a local function.”




“Huh.” Is the only thing I can think of to say.


Clearly this is the work of The Spiker, as the Vice Counselor was found to have been killed using the Spiker's preferred method.” The anchorman continues.


A shiver runs down my spine, skin crawling as I think back on the 8 inch pins that are inserted in the base the skull; the Spiker's preferred method of dispatching his victims.

Talk about a horrible way to go!

Guess that security team wasn't so awesome after all, was it?


The anchor went on about how this would affect some regional thing blah blah blah so I switch the channel.


Personally, I didn't care. Some might call me calloused for it or even a fool but these political workings are beyond me, especially when they start killing each other.




Something is wrong. It's been a full week now and my heat has never been this late before. Ever.


According to internet search results, it could be any number of things. The top results being;


A late heat can be in indication of a serious medical problem. If you have inconsistent heats, this could be the symptoms of ovarian or uterine cancer. On a lesser dramatic note, you could have a hormonal imbalance. In either case, it is best to see your doctor; don't take the risk!


Another common result is impossible but no less alarming.


A late heat can indicate pregnancy.


Well I know it's not that. I haven't even gotten laid since that time with Kiri, either too busy with work or too gun shy to call Kiri up.


Or anyone, for that matter.


While waiting in the small conference room designated for applicants filling out forms at the Town Hall, I place a call to my regular physician's office and I explain my situation.


“Whats the soonest that I can get in?”


Well lets see...” the receptionist, a motherly type of woman with a penchant for idle gossip, muses over the sound of a clacking keyboard. “Well, you're in luck! We had a cancellation with Dr. Suzuki for tomorrow at 10. Would you like that one?”


“Can't I see Dr. Ueno?”


I'm sorry deary but Dr. Ueno is booked clear until next week. Dr. Suzuki might be new but he's a very good doctor. I have no doubt that you'll be pleased with him.”


Well I wasn't about to wait a whole week and a half to find out if I've got cancer or something.


Since I don't have to be at the annex for a while, I of course take the appointment.


Being sick would certainly explain my constant fatigue but I'm only 25; there's no way I can have cancer, can I?


I fill out the rest of the application and turn it in to the front desk lady, working my charms is always a little bit trickier on a Beta but I think she likes me well enough. As I leave, I pass a familiar purple haired man leaving a room with a hassle of people following.


The hubbub seems to be focused on McMadden's untimely death and how this will affect the cities workings.


Our eyes meet, the ghost of a smile plays on his lips as we pass each other, watching them over my shoulder the people part ways like leaves scattered to the four winds.




Stirring from a deep sleep, I roll over and slap-grab my phone, snoozing the alarm.


I have to pee, and now that I'm awake, my bladder presses uncomfortably against my other organs so I sit up and toss the blankets off.


Padding towards the bathroom and flicking the light on, I stare at my disheveled self in the mirror for about two seconds before it hits me.


Nausea roils up from my stomach like a tidal wave and I barely get the toilet open in time.


Voiding last night's stomach contents into the toilet bowl, I retch until there's nothing but stomach acid coming up.


Holy fuck, what the hell was that all about!? I really am sick, aren't I?!


The spell of nausea nausea passes, getting to my shaking legs I wipe a trembling hand across my mouth.


It's 6 am. Another 4 hours before my doctor appointment and it can't get here fast enough. Still sick to my stomach and maybe even a little woozy, I climb back in bed and hope to be able to sleep off whatever this was.


Forcing myself to have some toast, I shower and leave for the doctor's appointment.


My phone starts ringing and think that it's way too early to start dealing with Mineta right now, I answer with a monotone “What?


Is that how you answer the phone now, fucker?”


My back straightens, curiosity begs the question as to why 'he' is calling me.




Who else? Listen, asshole, I dunno what kinda game our playin with Shitty Hair but he's been moody as fuck and I'm sick of it!”


“Pfft!” I snort in dismay. “Well you're the one who let him move in with you! He's in rut, so why call me?”


Why?! You know damned good and well why!”


“What, you gonna tell me that you two aren't bangin each other?”


I had heard they were just roommates, information passed down from prior classmates and that Bakugou was interested in 'someone else'. Though, this had come from Mineta and info from him was sketchy at best.


Don't make me sick! Why'd I be interested in his sorry ass?! Since neither of you are gonna do anything about it, I am!”


“Sorry but no.”


What do you mean no? I thought you two couldn't keep your hands off each other!”


“Yeah well, being ignored for three months kinda kills the romance, ya know?”


Jesus christ!” Bakugou growls on the other end as though he can't believe he's gotta put up with this shit. “You two are the biggest fucking morons, ya know?”


“Thanks. Seriously though, he's the one who said not to call so I'm not going to.”


When did he ever say that?”


“The last time we talked!”


And that's what you took away from it? You're even dumber than I thought!”


My patience snaps. There's only so much insulting and name calling I can take in one day.


“I gotta go, bye!” I say and hang up immediately, fuming out the ears and sending the little old lady walking past away in a scurry.


I reach the clinic building, a nondescript white two story with large, mirror-like windows and a strip of grass in the front.


Being ushered into the waiting room after signing in, I browse their magazine selection for about 15 minutes before I'm taken to one of the clinic's back rooms behind the counter.


The medical assistant takes my vitals. Her questions are quick and to the point but she's friendly enough.


“So, you think you might be getting sick?” She asks while typing something into the computer.


“Um, like, really sick.”


The girl smiles assuredly, typing this into the medical chart computer. “I'm sorry to hear that. Well, Doctor Suzuki will be in shortly.”


'Shortly' could mean 10 minutes or an hour from now. Leaning back, I massage my aching lower back and scroll through my phone in an attempt to conceal how jittery I was.


So, Bakugou and Kiri aren't fucking each other. That's a surprise, really. Both of them are very desirable people, Pros that have become a household name and have adorned many a body building calendar.


The thought bolstered my spirits but I was resolute in my decision. If he's actually interested, then he'll call. If not, well, it was fun while it lasted.


It was still depressing to think about though.


Someone comes up to the door, there's a light exchange of voices before someone raps their knuckles and opens the door.


“Hello. Mr. Kaminari. How are you?” The doctor greets with kind smile. The first thing I notice are the ketchup stains on his white jacket. At least, I hope they're ketchup stains.


I shrug. “I hope to find out.”


He sits on the bench in front of the computer, reading through the electronic chart.


Dr. Suzuki looks young but his hair is thinning at the top and wears thin, square framed glasses.


“So, you think you might be sick?” He says after about 3 minutes of complete silence.


I nod quickly. “My heat is a whole week late and I've been exhausted for weeks! I think I might be having some sort of bad reaction to my birth control or something too because when I got up to use the bathroom this morning, I threw up.”


Dr. Suzuki smiles as though he knew something I didn't.


“When was the last time you had penetrative sex?”


“About three months ago but I know it's not that.”


“You seem confident.”


“He used protection and I'm on birth control.” I explain flatly, in no mood to be treated like an idiot.


“You do realize that these methods are not infallible? Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?”


“No because I know it's not that!”


“Just to make sure we have all our bases covered, I would like to take a blood sample and perform some preliminary tests.”


“Blood test?”


“A blood test should be able to give me a more in depth idea as to what is going on.”


“Okay sure, let's do it then.”


“I would also like you to take one of our pregnancy tests.”


I open my mouth to say something but close it. I might as well let the doctor do his job.


The silence of his departure weighs a little heavy, anxiety worming it's way through my guts.


There's another knock on the door and the medical assistant from before pokes her head inside.


“You ready to go get poked with needles?” She smiles.


I practically leap to my feet and follow her down a winding hall, closed clinic doors on either side.


The phlebotomy station is in a room at the end of the hall, rounding the corner I spot the plaque glued to the door indicating that we'd arrived.


The moment I step into the room, I recognize the scent of a fellow Omega.


He's a bit older, gesturing for me to have a seat on the dentist-like chair in the middle of the room and the medical assistant hands him the paper with his orders with a smile.


“When your finished, just go back to Room 4.” She says. “Once we have your results, Dr. Suzuki will go over them with you. This is for you to use once you're finished here.” She says, handing me a box that contains a generic pregnancy test kit.


I nod, the door closing behind her with a gentle click.


“So, think you're preggers, huh?”


I look up at the phlebotomist, scanning his order page with a critical eye.


He thinks I am but I don't”


“Well, it's not the end of the world if you are.” The Omega says. “As a parent, I can tell you that there's nothing quite like having a pup of your own.”


“Do you have a kid?” I ask as the man pulls my sleeve up, strapping a cuff around my bicep.


“Yep.” He answers. “I thought about putting my little girl up for adoption a couple times but I'm glad I didn't.”


“So, you're a single parent then.”


“You're still pretty young.” He says. “The system isnt so prejudiced against single parents like it used to be. You still got time to find an Alpha to take care of you, if that's what you want. Personally, I don't need two kids to babysit.”


I nod in agreement to that. The whir of the machine fills the room, the cuff tightens, threatening to cut off all circulation.


“A word of advice? Invest in crackers and tums; it'll help with your morning sickness.”


“For the last time, I'm not pregnant.”


The phlebotomist preps a patch of skin near the crook of my arm and inserts the needle, filling a single tube. Switching off the machine, he tapes a band aid over the needle mark and begins putting everything away.


“Whatever happened to your pup's father?” I ask on impulse, pulling my sleeve back down.


“That abusive bitch? I don't want her anywhere near my pup! She's a damn druggy, stole my money and my mother's necklace to support her habit. What about you?”


“We had a sort of 'falling out', you could say.”


“You'll find another. You've certainly got the looks so shouldn't be too hard.”


I thank him and leave the office, going to the bathroom and using the kit as directed. Wrapping it in a towel, returning to Room 4 and wait the required two minutes before checking the stick.




That can't be right, this must be a faulty stick or something, these things happen sometimes.

I refuse to believe one stupid testing stick and Once Dr. Suzuki returns, I'll insist on using another kit.

Still, I can't shake this feeling, this overwhelming panic that wells inside of me. I feel like vomiting again and clutch my uneasy belly.


Dr. Suzuki knocks on the door and steps inside, closing it behind him he sits on the computer's bench and rolls towards me until we're about 3 feet apart.


In his hands are a sheet of paper, undoubtedly the printout of my blood test results, and several glossy pamphlets.


“What are those?” I demand, reading Parenthood for Beginners and How To Eat for Two or More printed across the covers.


“I don't have to look to know that the pregnancy test was positive.”


“It's faulty, I want to take another.” I argue with the man.


“A stick can be faulty, however; your blood test results are fairly definite.” He hands me the printed page, sliding his finger down the front until the tip rests on a set of numbers. “This indicates the levels of progesterone in your blood and as you can see, they are very high. That's the clearest indication that you're pregnant.”


I stare at the paper, the black numbers and letters fading to white before my very eyes.


I shake my head to clear it, meeting the doctor's eyes.


“I can't be pregnant!”


He smiles patiently, eyes softening. “The test also shows that you're low in iron and magnesium, which would also be attributed to your constant fatigue.”


I stare at him, still trying to process what he was saying.


“I can't possibly be pregnant! We-we used condoms and I have my pills and-and... I can't be pregnant!”


“Your birth control is a prescription for a low dose. At the peak of your heat, you're extremely fertile and all it would take is one faulty condom.”


“But we were using the thick ones!” I blurt out before blushing, vaguely embarrassed by this tid-bit of information.


“Did you use any lubricants?” He asks, which seemed to be an odd question to me.




“What kind?”


“Well, it wasn't a lubricant lubricant because he ran out so we used coconut oil instead.”


“I see. Are you aware that oils of any kind are very corrosive to latex products? In some tests, all it took was a matter of seconds before microtears formed.”


I swallow as a cold weight of realization settles heavy on my stomach and it really starts to dawn on me.


“So youre saying that... I really am pregnant, aren't I?”


Dr. Suzuki nods, turning to the computer he begins typing.


This can't be happening...


“Have you had any nesting symptoms?” He asks without looking away from the computer screen.




“It's the natural instinct of any expecting Omega to create a safe environment for their pup, usually the bedroom is chosen as the nesting site but sometimes closets provide more mental comfort.”


“I know what nesting means! The only weird thing I've noticed is that I've been cleaning. Lately. A lot.”


“That is one of the symptoms for nesting. You will also have the urge to collect soft items such as pillows and blankets, as well as stockpiling food items.”


“This can't be happening...”


“Your hormones are going to be fluctuating wildly as your body adjusts to caring for the fetus. You probably don't want anyone but your closest friends coming into your home. Your moods are going to be all over the place, just know that this is perfectly normal until you're into your third trimester.”


I nod but it's mechanical, as though my body is being controlled by someone else.


“Are you still working as a Pro Hero?”




Oh god, what is this going to do to my job? And my going undercover??


“I don't need to tell you that this is going to change your life permanently. I highly advise that you request a position that won't put you or your pup in danger, as it's important that you avoid a stressful environment as much as possible. Your agency happens to have a very good health insurance that is well known for their maternity plans.”


I stare at my hands in contemplation, willing myself to speak.


“Um, do you know if my insurance covers abortions?”


There is a halted silence between us, the doctor does some tapping on his computer before turning and facing me.


“I believe so. Is that what you want?” His tone is different, it's soft with understanding but it carries a hint of... sadness?


“I don't know yet.” I admit truthfully.


On one hand, I'm single and I might have to put my career on hold, not that there's a whole lot going on in that department. But I can barely afford to support myself, let alone throwing a freaking baby into the mix!


Mom is going to be so psyched though.


And this decision doesn't only concern me, does it? What is Kiri gonna think when he finds out? Is he going to be angry? Indifferent? Will he even want to know?


“I... need time to think about it.”


“Of course. There are many resources and groups out there that help single, working parents like you so you're not alone in this. You approve for child care services through the government's benefit program but your insurance also covers that so you won't have to worry about paying for childcare when you go back to work.”


He reaches towards me, the small stack of pamphlets in hand.


“These all groups that have numbers and websites that you can use. I highly recommend that you do some reading, educate yourself a bit so you can make an informed decision about how you want to proceed.”


The pamphlets have smiling faces plastered all over them.


“This one has a talk line that specializes in Postpartum depression. Being single and Omega, you're more at risk for it if there's not going to be an Alpha in you or your pup's life. It's very important that you give in to your 'pack' instincts; it will not only help you but will help your pup as well.”


He hands me a business card, white with silver shiny words imprinted on one side.


“I've already referred you to a gynecologist so I want you to call and set up an appointment with them as soon as you can. I've also written you a script for a prenatal vitamin and a medication, Omeprazole, that should help with your nausea. Would you like me to send it to your usual pharmacy?”


“Hm? Oh. Yeah.”


The doctor does some more typing before he turns and faces me again.


“You're need to change your diet lifestyle as well as your particular line of work, at least until your pup is born. One of these pamphlets is a booklet on dietary needs and recipes. After you see your gynecologist, I want to see you back in here within a month so we can make plans for your pregnancy as it progresses.”


He does some more tapping on the computer, allowing time for the information to sink in.


“It's usually during the early stages of pregnancy that you experience the most nausea and fatigue but it should get better once you're in your second trimester. However; you have the added advantage of being male and Omega so it shouldnt be as severe for you.”


I look over the shiny cover of the diet booklet, about 50 pages in all. There's a family of 5 emblazoned across the cover, all big grins and bright eyes in spite of the fact that they have 3 newborns to care for.


“Hey, doc!” I exclaim in sudden panic. “Is it true that most male Omegas have only one pup at a time?”


When he nods I relax just a little bit.


“It's rare for a male Omega to carry twins but not unheard of. About 1 in 3000 end up carrying twins.

Your gynecologist will perform scans and should be able to tell you for sure but I'm confident that you're not carrying twins.”


Not the way that my lucks been going...


“Are there any more questions you have for me?”


“Um... how soon before I start actually showing?


“It depends. Male Omega have a smaller uterus and it could be tilted. Because this is your first pup, your stomach muscles aren't stretched yet, it probably won't be that noticeable until the end of your second trimester. You're probably going to start noticing some snugness around your middle soon, if you haven't already.”


“When the hell is the second trimester?”


“Weeks 13 thru 28, which is months four, five and six of your pregnancy.”


“So I have some time then.”


Dr. Suzuki studies me with a critical eye but says nothing, getting to his feet and gesturing me towards the door.


“Please be sure and pick up your scripts tonight, if at all possible. You'll start feeling better as long as you take them consistently.”




By the time I leave the doctor's office, the sky has clouded over again and the smell of rain is in the air. It's gotten a tad warmer, thanks to the cloud cover, but I'm still freezing and have my coat buttoned all the way up.


It's a slow walk home, in spite of the cold weather, still grappling with the idea of being pregnant; it's so weird to think that there's actually something living and growing inside of me.


I get out my phone and wonder who I should call first. Should I even say anything? I don't want Kiri to find this out from someone else, that would be awkward.


It's not like it's something I have to do right now either, of course, but I should at least tell my closest friends.


I scroll down my contacts list and stop, staring at Kiri's name and number, stomach twisting.


Instead, I call Mineta, picking up after the 5th ring. Music booms in the back ground, shouts and laughter clearly heard.


Kami! You should come join us! Get out of that dungeon of yourself for a day! There's some hot Alphas here right now, you should check'em out!!”


“Dude, it's 11:00 in the morning!”


Yeah?” He answers distractedly.


“Listen, I've something to tell ya.”


What's goin on?


“So, I went to the doctors office today and...” I pause, knowing that if I told him the whole city was going to know in a matter of days.


And what, pal? You can't just leave me hangin like that!”


“Well, I'm pregnant.”


If it weren't for the music and laughter in the back ground, I would have thought our call had been dropped.


Hahahahaha that's a good one!”


I grin my teeth with irritation.


“I'm not joking, you idiot! I really am pregnant! Why would I joke about that? It's terrifying!”


Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the fuck man? You're really serious, aren't ya? Whose is it?”


“Whose the hell do you think it is?” I snap.


Right, right. Um, well, have you told him yet?”


“Of course not! Youre the first person I've told! I'll probably call mom next.”


I'm flattered! And this oughta make her happy.”


“Well, that'll make one of us! You don't seem too shocked.”


Should I be?”


“Dude, how am I supposed to take care of a kid? I can barely take care of myself!”


True.” Mineta agrees right away. “Well, you really should tell Kiri about it as soon as you can. I'm pretty sure he's gonna--”


A car horn blares at the vehicle in front of them, effectively drowning out the last of Mineta's sentence.


“Asshole! What the hell did you just say?”


Whoa! Sexylicious just walked through the door! Gotta go!” And with that, he hangs up.


What club is open at 11 in the morning?


Just as I reach the gate into my apartment complex, my phone buzzes with a message from Mina.


Kaaaaamiiiii! Is it true?! Are you really preggers??


And then seconds later Iget another message from her.


Oh my god, does Kiri know?! Are you gonna tell him??


Back in my apartment, I collapse on my bed, more exhausted than I've ever been in my life.

I still haven't gotten a cal from the Town Hall yet. What if they don't take my application? Shit, I didn't really think about actually not getting a job.


Rolling over, I stare up at the screen of my phone, swiping until I reach mom's number.

Pressing my thumb to the call tab, it rings four times before she picks up.


Hello Denki, dear!”


“Listen, mom, you sitting down? I got some 'news' today.”


News? You didn't lose your job over that nasty little article too, did you? I am going to have your father march right up to that Director of yours and punch him in the face! That'll teach them to mess with my Denki!”


“Mom, have you been drinking again?”


No!” She says much too quickly and much too innocently. “Why would you say that?”


Mom has always been having trouble with drinking lately. It's barely midday and she's already hitting the bottle.


“So, I went to the doctor today.”


Oh dear, are you sick? How bad is it? Do you need to come home for a few days again?”


I sigh. “No, mom, just listen! I'm pregnant.”


I could hear a pin drop, the silence drags on long enough that I wondered if she had fainted or something.




“Yeah. Pregnant. I'm about 3 months in.”


Denki! I—I'm--thrilled for you!”


My apprehension fades ever so slightly, the tiniest bit of relief sends my emotions over the tipping point and I burst into tears.


Denki! Are you crying? Whatever is the matter?”


“What the fuck am I supposed to do?!”


Denki! Language, we talked about this, remember? Now, I want you to eat a healthy meal and get a good nights rest and everything will feel better for you in the morning!”


“Mom, it's still morning!”


Would you like it if your father and I were to drive up this weekend and surprised you?”


I sniffle, head shaking. “Well it wouldn't be much of a surprise, would it?”


No, I suppose not.


“I've got some things with work so I'm really busy and it wouldn't be a good time for visitors.”


Denki, you need your rest!”


“I'll take some days off from work this week or something, okay?”


Let's see, you're going to need a bassinet, as well as a car seat... I still have that old stroller that my sister gave me for Christmas.”


“Mom, don't worry about any of that. It's not like I haven't got another 6 months to go.”


Its all been rotting in the garage for years and things have become so expensive these days! Just remember, your old room is exactly the way you left it if you should ever need it.


“I'll talk to you later.” I say with a shake of the head.


Bye, love! We'll see you later! Get plenty of rest! Wait until I tell--”


Disconnecting the call, I sit up and contemplate eating something, even though I didn't have an appetite I should probably force something down my throat though, if not for me then for... the pup.


Wow. It's so weird when I think about it.


Staring down at my belly, only slightly bumped but flat for the most part.


I'm going to be clothes shopping for an elephant in a few months. Damn. I forgot to stop by the pharmacy.




“P-pregnant? I see.”


Boss was staring at me with wide, blinking eyes, just as shocked as I had been upon firs learning. “W-well congratulations! Might I inquire... no, that is too personal, isn't it?” He smiles a little while fumbling with his bottle of contact solution, the kit laid out before his desk.


“But I'm still perfectly capable of doing my job!” I assure the man.


“Well, we should probably put you on desk duty, don't you think?”


“I'm pregnant, not helpless.” I say with perhaps a bit of an edge in my tone. “Besides, my doctor says I need to get in plenty of exercise.”


“Yes, I suppose youre right. I mean, until you get, you know...”


He emphasizes by moving his hands around his belly as though cradling a large, invisible gut.


“Uh huh.” I answer.


At least Boss was taking it so well.


“Well then, be about your duties.” The man says, waving me off.




There's a suspicious, excited knocking on my front door. I've been home for no more than 5 minutes and already someone's at the door.


I groan, walking my aching feet back over to the door.


The cracked peephole shows a head of dark, bulbous hair and a very bright, pink figure.


Ah. I wondered when they were going to show up.


I open the door to a very enthusiastic Mina, who throws her arms around me and gives me a giant hug.


“Kaaaaamiiii! I'm so happy for you!” She squeals, then holds me at arms length while jumping up and down.


“We come bearing gifts.” Mineta says, presenting a little pink and blue striped bag that he pushes into my chest.


A quick peek reveals the edge of a book.


“Thanks. You guys didnt have to do this, you know.”


“Nonsense!” Mina exclaims, taking me by the shoulders and steering me towards the couch. “Now sit down while I make us some tea! Momo showed me how to make the best damn cup of tea ever!”


“I hope it's not more of that Rooibos crap.” Mineta mumbles as she goes into the kitchen.


“I heard that! And Rooibos happens to be very good for you!”


“About the only thing I have is that green tea mom got me for me for Christmas a couple years back.”


“So it's ancient.” Mineta scoffs, plopping down into one of the cushioned chairs opposite the couch.


I place the little gift bags on the warped surface of the coffee table, dented with permanent mug rings and names carved into the wood, later joined by optical illusion designs.


There's a clatter of cupboards opening and closing as Mina searches for my old stove top tea kettle which had also been apart of the green tea gift.


“Wow, I didn't know you were infested with house elves.” Mineta says as he looks around, eyes slanted in suspicion.


“Huh?” I ask.


“Dude, youre house? It's clean. That's like, never happened.”




“Wow! I seriously can't find anything since you cleaned your kitchen!” Mina calls from the kitchen.


“Yeah.” I say while tapping my cheek. “Apparently, it's a nesting thing.”


Mineta snickers so I level him with a dirty look and he shuts up right away.


“Ah, there it is!”


Some more banging of cupboards in the kitchen and Mina promptly returns to my side.


“By the way, I'm hosting the baby shower so don't you dare let anyone else do it!”


“Baby shower? What baby shower?”


“You have to have a baby shower!” Mina exclaims. “It's traditional! Besides, think of all the cool stuff you're gonna get!”


“I don't need a baby shower.”


“Don't argue with me, Kami. We're throwing a baby shower and you're going to like it.”


“Have you told Kiri yet?” Mineta asks. I'd been waiting for one of them to drop that loaded question.


I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, catching my bottom lip between my teeth.


“I have no idea how I'm going to tell him.” The very idea makes my stomach knot and writhe and I feel like I'm going to throw up again.


“We haven't talked since that day. Honestly, he's probably forgotten all about me by now.”


“Nah, he misses you.” Mina waves off.


“Just send him a text.” Mineta says.

“You can't tell him over a text!” Mina chides him as she pokes him in the forehead. “That's cheap!”


“Why not? I've dumped plenty of people over a text message. It happens. You move on.”


“Kami may be tactless but he's not that tactless. Besides, Kiri will make a wonderful daddy!”


“I don't...” I begin and pause as both of them look at me expectantly. “I don't know that he's going to want to have anything to do with me or the baby.” I finally say. “I want to tell him because he deserves to know but I don't expect him to put his own life on hold for this.”


Mina rests her chin in her palm and stares.


“If you really think that then you don't know Kiri as well as you should!” She mildly scolds. “Once, there was this one Omega that thought she was pregnant and he took her to the doctors office and everything! Turns out it was just a false alarm but that just goes to show that Kiri's a good guy and will do the right thing!”


“What Omega?”


Mina's mouth clamps shut with an audible clock and she looks over at Mineta.


“Oops. I kinda forgot; he kinda didn't want us telling you about that.”


“Why not?” I ask, suspicious. “It's not like we were dating or anything! And besides, I don't want him to do it just because it's the 'right thing to do'. If he wants to be with me just because I got pregnant then I'm not okay with that.”


“Kiri didn't want me to say anything because he was worried it might upset you.” Mina explains.


“Why would he be worried about upsetting me?” I growl. It did upset me but it's not like I had any right to be.


No strings attached, remember?


Both Mina and Mineta exchange looks but it's clear my question had created an awkward tension between us.


“What?” I demand again.


They're both acting very suspicious, like they had something to hide.


“Kami, you do realize that Kiri likes you, don't you?” Mina says.


“Like, a lot.” Mineta adds.


“Oh, is that why he hasn't called or text me for the last 3 months?”


“I can always tell him for you.” Mineta offers and is promptly swatted by Mina.


“What?” He asks, truly offended. “I'm just helping my fellow Omega out! Plus, Kami is my bro too!”


“Kami is my bro too but he needs to be the one to tell Kiri!” Her look that promises certain pain and death if he should breath a word of it to Kiri.


“Mina's right.” I agree. She sits back with an expression of self satisfaction. “I should be the one to tell him.”


“Yes, you should! So, I came over here to tell you that I'm having a barbecue at my place this weekend and you have to come!”


“A barbecue?” I say as I glance out my window at the grey, stormy sky. “But it's freezing outside!”


“Nah, you're preggers so you're gonna be cold no matter what.” Mina shrugs.


Mineta covertly shakes his head and stops just as Mina snaps her head around to glare at him.


“Thanks but I don't really feel up to it.”


“Aw?! You have to come!” Mina complains. “It won't be the same without you!”


“I've been on my feet a lot and just need to rest.”


“Have you been taking those pills?” Mineta asks.




“Okay but about the barbecue...” Mina says.


“Mina, I don't...”


“Kami, you have to come!” Mina says and leaps to her feet when the kettle starts whistling.


“You'll really hurt her feelings if you don't go.” Mineta whispers. “She's been planning it for weeks!”


“I said I don't feel up to dealing with everyone!” I growl through gritted teeth.


“There's gonna be free food though. And Mina got a buncha soda and stuff for you, since you can't drink alcohol. Plus, it'll be indoors.”


I realize, with a growing sense of horror, that this means I can't have any alcohol for 9 months.


“An indoor barbecue?” and Mineta shrugs.


I have to admit, the free food was tempting. And it does sound like Mina put a lot of work into it.


“I don't think there's even gonna be that many people that show up.” Mina explains, returning to the sitting room with three steaming hot mugs held between her hands. “Besides, you need to be around your 'pack' right? So, if you don't come to the barbecue, then the barbecue will come to you.”


“Mina!” I say, massaging my temples in frustration. “Why are you even having an 'indoor barbecue' for in the first place?”


Nodding my thanks, I take the offered cup.


“It's my last hurrah of summer, plus everyone is gonna be so busy with work and school and stuff after the month ends that it's gonna be hard to hang out.” Mina pouts as she sits next me.




“Oh, didn't I tell you? I've enrolled in a Spanish and Latin classes. My agency is paying for it so I thought, why not? I've always wanted to learn different languages, never know when it might come in handy.”


“Spanish I get but Latin?”


“You never know!” She affirms and sips hot tea. “Sero is trying to get his Bach in business with Bakugou.”


“They're getting a business degree?” I have to wonder.


“Going to a private university.” Mineta explains with a nod, sipping the tea and grimacing, he sets it aside.


“Did you hear about Ochaco?” Mina continues. “She's taking over her parent's construction company this fall and I heard that Momo is taking this teaching part time gig at UA. Isn't that cool? All this stuff made me want to try doing something for myself.”


“You're really good at dancing.” I say, to which she grins hugely.


“Lemme know when you wanna have another dance off.” She winks.


I stare into my own cup, wanting so badly to tell them about my undercover work, if only to brag about it. I couldn't blame Mina for feeling like her life was stagnating.


As Pro's, it's too easy to get stuck in a rut and get too comfortable. Next thing you know, it's been 10 years and you're wondering what the hell happened.


“If you come, I promise you'll have fun!” She says, raising a hand in the classic Vulcan hand gesture.


“What're you doing?” I ask.


“I'm making a promise.”


“That's not what... never mind.” I say as I shake my head.


“Pleeease?” She begs me.


“Well, I'll be back from the gynecologist's by then.” I say. “Maybe I'll be feeling a little better about things.”


Mina bounces excitedly on the couch.


“Do you know what you're having yet?” Mina asks.




“What are you having? A boy or a girl?”




I hadn't really thought about it, honestly.


“I have no idea.”


“What do you want to have?”


“Uh, I really haven't thought about that either.”


“Haven't thought about it?!” She exclaims as though this were the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. “How can you not think about it? Well, I hope it's a girl! She'll be an Alpha just like her daddy and will lay waste to the countryside.”


“Sounds... charming.”


“Nah, you should have a boy.” Mineta waves off. “And he has to be Omega too, just like us! Omegas rule the world, ya know. And he'll be super smart too, just like his mom.”


“Or, it could be a Beta.” I reason with them. “Beta's are wicked smart too.”


“Can an Alpha and Omega even have a Beta?” Mina wonders. “Seems like there was something about birth ratios or something weird.”


“Birth ratios?” I say before I shrug unconcernedly, since it wasn't really important. “I just hope I'm not having twins.”


Mina's eyes sparkle with excitement at the prospect.


“No.” I say.


“Yes!” She says and squeals.


Please god no.




The shiny silver-emblazoned name on the card was for a Dr. Rina Arai, OB/GYN that specialized in Omega pregnancies and birth, at least that's what the card said.


I type in the number that Dr. Suzuki had circled in red pen and place the call.


The appointment making itself was quick; 10 am appointment with Dr. Arai tomorrow, which is a Friday. I must admit, I'm surprised they're able to get me in so soon and hope that doesn't mean the doctor isn't very good.


Most comments I've found on her seem to be alright though, the only complaint a patient of hers had was with one of her other staff that hadn't knocked before coming into her waiting room while derobing.


I'm in my room tidying things up a bit when I catch myself browsing baby blankets and hats. My shopping cart had over 100 items in it and it was all baby stuff that I had added in the span of 10 minutes.


I had also moved half the bookshelf from the sitting room into my bedroom, stacking them on the floor near the bed as though I were preparing for a month long reading marathon.


This nesting stuff is ridiculous.


After putting the books back on the shelf, I spend the rest of the day fighting the urge to rearrange my entire bedroom and do some much needed reading instead.


Invest in knitting or crotchet! It's the best way to fight off nesting urges because it keeps your hands busy and youre making something useful!


I make a note to try it, though Mineta must never find out. At least, not until I knit him a Christmas sweater.




Do all doctor's offices look the same?


White walls, examine chair, counter with sink, and two waiting chairs under the window.

The only difference here were the photographs on the wall, taken from a countryside I didn't recognize.


There's a soft knock on the door and the doctor steps inside.


I immediately look her up and and down, all 6'7” of her.


“Good morning, I'm Doctor Arai.” She smiles, no doubt used to this reaction the first time someone meets her. She's Omega and looks to be in her late 50's?

“Now, am I correct in that this is your first pup?”




“Before we begin, we're just going to go over a few basics real quick, such as the progress of your term and birthing options.”


“Birthing options?”


“Most Omega males have C-sections, since they have smaller wombs and birth canals and more often tan not, your tailbone may actually harm the baby.”


“My tail bone?”


“Typically, males have longer tailbones and narrower hips, unlike females who are more accommodated to birthing pups. Though that's not to say that Omega vaginal birth's aren't successful, they are, it's just safer all around to go with the C-section.”


I nod, indicating that I understood.


Together, Dr. Arai and I go over a diet plan, what to expect during each term and that she herself will be performing the procedure when the pup comes due.


“Your due date is March 2.”


“That's a... Saturday.” I say, quickly scrolling through my calendar app.


“Now be aware that it's just an estimate and your pup may decide to come early or later. Later is always better, since Omega males are prone to birthing too soon you should expect to get a lot of bed rest during the last month of your term.”


“Is it too early to tell what I'm having yet?” I ask.


“It depends on your pup or pups.” She grins.


I swallow, nervous prickles running through my stomach.


“We can take an ultrasound scan, if you'd like.”




“I want to take some blood samples and just make sure that you're all in tip top condition. Your chart says that you have no venereal diseases that you are aware of?”




“And you have no history of gestational diabetes but that doesn't mean youre in the clear.”


We had gone over this while talking about diet. It's a good thing I don't mind fish however; vegetables are another matter entire.


My phone buzzes again, ignoring it for the 5th time in a row.


“Someone seems to want to get ahold of you.” Dr. Arai says.


“It's my mom.” I explain and Dr. Arai smiles even wider.


“Is this her first grandchild?”


“Yeees.” I growl, eyes rolling. “You'd think I was birthing the next Dalai Lama.”


“So, I see that you have listed the father of the child; will he have an active role in the pup's life?”


“He doesn't know about it yet.” I admit. “I only found out a week ago myself.”


“Since his secondary is Alpha, it is likely that you will have either an Omega or Alpha, since those are the most dominant chromosomes. There is a small percentage of the pup being Beta but that's very slim.”


“But possible.”


“Yes. Well, would you like to go meet your pup?”


'Meeting' my pup sounded more intimating than it really was.




I can't stop staring at the grainy, black and white picture, displayed like a windshield over the large, wall mounted flat screen. There are several small, white arrows that seem to be trying to indicate something.


“I have no idea what I'm looking at.”


Dr. Arai chuckles, touching the keypad with a steady hand.


“Well, it's still too early to tell what you're having. You look bigger than you actually are because there's two of them---”


“Wait, wait, wait! What do you mean 'two of them'? I'm having twins?!”


Dr. Arai smiles patiently, readjusting the white arrows.


“This is one and this is the other. They are smaller than expected but that's because of your male Omega biology.”


“I'm seriously having twins.”


“It would appear so, yes.”


My head bonks the headrest, eyes closing. “Unbelievable.”


“Yes, it's a bit of a shock realizing you're carrying twins for your first pregnancy; I would know.”


I open my eyes and look at the screen again and at this point, I'm really not surprised.


“Youre carrying two fetus so I'm going to want to keep a closer eye on you. I'd like to see you back in here next month so I can check the progress of their growth. I highly recommend you get your prescriptions as soon as you can; your pups are going to need all the help they can get.”


“Sure.” I sigh in aggravation. I was freaking out about one kid, now there's two? And honestly, at this point I'm not even surprised.


“Would you like a picture?”


“Yeah, sure. My mom is so gonna freak.”


“It's a pretty exciting prospect, being a grand parent.” Dr. Arai grins. “I would know.”


Somehow, I knew she was going to say that.




Momo's and Midoryia's eyes were wide with amazement and Sero just laughs, slapping my thigh.


“Wow! Are you serious, man?” He laughs. “So that's why you aren't drinking anything! I thought maybe you were turning over a new leaf or something!”


“I am.


Momo returns the ultrasound photo and I slip it into my coat pocket again.


“So, when do you think you'll find out what your having?” Momo asks.


“The Doctor says maybe next month. She says it kinda depends on whenever the babies decides to show us or not.”


“Well, I think it's wonderful!” Momo smiles.


Music plays low enough that it doesn't interrupt our conversation, the sitting room cast in a bloody red light since Mina had taken the time to replace nearly every single light bulb in her house with red ones. Everyone's face was awash with a permanently florid look.


More people than expected had showed up. Midoryia had been out of town and only just gotten back and wanted to catch up with all of his old classmates.

What better way than to come to one of Mina's parties?


Plastic solo cups and paper plates cover every available surface, there's balloons and confetti everywhere and everyone was getting rowdy in the dining room, where a drinking game had commenced and so far, Mina was in the lead.


“So, who's the father?” Sero asks and both Momo and Midoryia look aghast at what they perceive to be an intrusive question.


“Uh, yeah... he kinda doesn't know yet.” I answer with an uneasy smile.


Sero slaps my thigh once more and stands, swaying enough to one side that Midoryia looks ready to leap out of his chair and catch him.


“Well congrats, man!” Sero says. “I'm gonna grab another beer to celebrate!”


Momo, like myself, was drinking fruit punch from red solo cups, the fizzy drink enough to sate my thirst for something more potent.


The pleasant smell of friendly, happy people mingled with pizza and lasagna. Laughter dominated, party whistles and squeals of delight had left me craving somewhere quiet and I found it in the sitting room because everyone else had congregated to the dining room.


Since eating, I felt even more exhausted than before but had to admit that I was actually having a good time. There were a few new faces of both Heroes and civilians alike.


Apparently, Mina's parties have a reputation that's spread far and wide. Most of our old 1A class were here and about half of 1B. I think that's Hatsume from Support with the pink dreadlocks.


The only down side to this whole thing was that there's always someone in rut or heat and if there's anything I know, it's that sexual tensions mixed with alcohol is a recipe for disaster of epic proportions.


Just look what happened to me.


Were it not for our Beta friends all running interference, the city would have burned down an hour ago and the society collapsed.


“Well, I'm sure when the time is right, you'll tell him.” Momo says.


She's one of the calmest, most leveled headed people I know, often surprising the people she meets when they discover that she's an Alpha.


Midoryia on the other hand is beta, another big reveal since he's the inheritor of All Might's legacy.


Midoryia is may be collected but he's certainly not the most calm of people, several incidents come to mind and nearly all of them involved a certain red eyed, blonde haired Omega.


Sero returns, carrying two bottles in one hand and a paper plate with a slice of cheesecake that he hands to me.


“Here. You need some fat on you.”


Sero was Alpha, though he's always been a really good guy who always looked out for his team mates but I found his doting a little comical.


“Uh, thanks.”


“Just lookin out for our favorite, electric Omega.” He laughs. “And that cheesecake is to die for so you shouldn't let it go to waste.”


I wasn't really hungry but I didn't want to offend him so after taking a couple bites, I put it aside, still much too full after gorging on lasagna.


A loud shout rings out and I glance over my shoulder to see what was going on and everyone breaks out in a deafening cheer.


“Mi-na! Mi-na! Mi-na!”


Mine tosses a shot back and claps the shot glass upside down on the table before sucking the life out of a lemon wedge. Her opponent, TetsuTetsu, was holding his own but Mina was the drinking queen.


She's out drank both Kiri and Bakugou so it's a sure bet TetsuTetsu won't stand a chance.


“Sounds like they're really having fun.” Momo smiles. The noise wasn't doing my headache any favors.


I wonder how late the buses run in this part of town?


“Kaminari, if I may...” Momo begins in much quieter tones. “The father of your baby, it is Kirishima, isn't it?”


“Kirishima?” Midoryia says, eyes widening in surprise.


“What rock have you been living under?” Sero asks.


“Well, I mean... I'm really happy for you!” Midoryia says, recovering from his initial surprise.

I knew he had a thing for Bakugou, everyone knew that even if he himself didn't think anyone knew.


The gorgeous Omega has many adoring fans and Midoryia was his biggest one, hands down. Midoryia was also a bit of the jealous type, which was another surprising thing about him.


The front door opens and I smell him right away, that dusky scent like rain on stones warmed by the sun. I knew it very well.


Midoryia is staring at something over Momo's shoulder while Momo discreetly hides behind the rim of her cup.


Bakugou is in heat, obviously putting a burr under Midoryia's saddle right away.


But the worst thing wasn't the pair of them arriving together; it was the Omega latched onto Kiri's arm.


“Who the hell is that?”


The voice had come from me but I don't remember telling myself to say it.


Tongues of fiery jealousy burn through my chest, emotions crashing and tumbling through my mind so fast that I don't have time to register what I was even feeling.


Tasting bitterness on the back of my tongue, I force myself to look away and suddenly wish I was home. Or drunk.


“Guys, calm down.” Sero says, exerting his soothing Alpha pheromones in an attempt to smooth frayed nerves. “We're all just here to have a good time, right?”


“Thats Kendo.” Momo says in some surprise. “But I thought she...”


Momo stops and looks directly at me. “Don't stress yourself out Kami, think of the baby. I'm sure they're just friends.”


“I need some fresh air.” Midoryia growls, as he gets up and heads towards the back patio door. The sliding glass sliding reflects his dark expression before he opens it, a blast of cold evening air sweeping through the room and rinsing it of smells.


“Where are you going?” Sero asks.


“Home.” I say in a voice so low it almost breaks. Sero's hair stands on end because of the static electricity from being in my close proximity.


“Hey, man, this is the perfect time to tell him, don't'cha think?” Sero says, reaching for me before thinking better of it.


“He's clearly got other things on his mind.”


“You don't have to give him a speech or anything.” Sero suggests.


“Kami...” Momo begins and gets to her feet. She wanted to say something encouraging but what could she possibly say to make this any better?


“Kirishiiimmaaaaaa!” Mina calls, accosting them at the door in a drunken swagger. “Bakugouuuuu!”

“I'm so glad you caaaaaame!”


“Yeah well I didn't have a fuckin choice!” Bakugou snarls with an angry glance at Kiri and Kendo.


“Well you and I are gonna have a contest!” Mina says, slapping his butt before wrapping an arm around his shoulders and dragging him off.


Midoryia stands behind the pane of glass, looking in from the outside with narrowed eyes that follow the pair.


Kiri and Kendo greet some other people from 1B and Kendo making a show of staying close to Kiri's side, all smiles.


The tension in the room instantly doubles when Kiri and TetsuTetsu lock eyes; two Alphas vying for the affection of the same Omega.


What makes Kendo so great? Why does Kiri want her instead of me now? Why do these normally good friends want her so badly that they'd willingly declare open hostility against each other?


I've seen enough.


“Do you want me to walk you to your car?” Momo asks as she lays a gentle hand on my shoulder.


“I don't have a car.”


“Oh that's right, you must've come with Mina and Mineta, didn't you? Well, maybe I can give you a rise? I'm sure Todoroki won't mind.”


“Thanks Momo but it's fine. I'd rather walk anyway. I'll just take the bus home.”


She looks troubled, I can tell that she wants to say something but she doesn't.


“Hey man, ya not even gonna say goodbye to everyone?” Sero wonders.


“What for? No one cares. I'll see you guys later.”


It's going to be a 20 minute walk to the bus stop and I didnt now how much longer I would have to wait after that so I should probably use the bathroom first.


The thumping music fades as I turn down a corner and go down a short hall. The door is slightly ajar and the absence of lights means it's empty, for once.


I stare at myself in the mirror, the deep scowling expression probably wasn't helping my headache any. I glare at myself, as though it were another entity and were responsible for my predicament.


I open the door and turn out the light.




I jump back in surprise and already know the shock of red hair and tall form.


“Fuck you scared me.” I hiss, sticking my hands into my pockets. The ultrasound touches my fingers, crinkling inside the pocket.


This was the perfect moment, the one I've been waiting for. It's just the two of us now.


“Where's your girlfriend?


No, that's not what I wanted to say!


“Uh, if you mean Kendo then she's back enjoying the party. And she's not really my girlfriend, we're just hanging out.”


Maybe Kiri thinks I was born yesterday. It's all I can do to force a sort of strained smile onto my face.


“Right. Just hanging out.”


“Sero told me you were leaving so I wanted to catch you before you left.” Kiri says with an shrug. “Just kinda catch up.”

“Well, maybe you better get back to your girlfriend before she comes looking for you.” I say.


“What is wrong with you?” Kiri demands, brows furrowing with confusion and wonderment. “I told you we are just friends, Kami. She doesn't deserve any of that so knock it off.”


“Yeah, like you and I were 'just friends'?”


Kiri squares his shoulders, eyes narrowing to annoyed red slits.


“I don't know what's gotten into you but youre being really shitty. Fine. Would you believe me if I told you she was interested in somebody else? Does that make you feel better?”


“Sure. Is that why she was hanging all over you when you showed up?”


“A little jealousy is flattering, Kaminari but if this is how youre gonna act then maybe we really shouldn't be such close friends.”


“Oh, you mean, ignoring someone for 3 months is what close friends do to each other? I'd hate to find out what you do to not-so-close friends.”


“Oh, so that's what this is all about.”


“Don't act like you've got me all figured out!” I snap, hackles raising.


“If I was so important to you, why didn't you call me? Or are you just going to blame all of this on me?”


What are you talking about? I was giving you your space, just like you asked!”


“Since when has that ever stopped you before? And you have no room to be angry with me for bringing a friend to a party when you openly flaunt your little boy toys in front of me all the time! That's a little rich coming from you!


Something inside of me snaps.


The ultrasound is wadded in my grip and tearing my hand out of my pocket, fling the piece of paper at Kiri. It bounces off his chest and hits the floor, rolling away.


“Yeah, since it's all about you, isn't it?!”


Angry tears stream down my cheeks, cooling in the light breeze created from my brisk march down the stone walk path across Mina's front lawn.


“Hey Kaminari—whoa!”


Midoryia's head was sticking over the top of Mina's yard fence.


“Went well, did it?” He says gently.


“Yeah. Whatever.” I say with a great sniff as more tears pour from my eyes.


“Want me to drop you off?”


“The party...”


“I'm not going back in there. Too much testosterone.”


It had gotten a great deal colder and I didn't fancy sitting alone at some bus stop and freezing.

Midoryia easily vaults the fence, following him down the sidewalk he gets out his phone sends a text.


The street in front of Mina's house was littered with cars of every size and shape wouldn't be surprised if there were a few parking tickets in the morning. I can hear the music down the street, dull thumps in the air wonder why Mina's neighbors haven't called the cops yet.


Midoryia drives a souped up black Porsche, I had no idea he had such impeccable taste in cars.


“Wow. Nice ride.”


“Yeah. The insurance is murder though. Listen, I'm not very good at feelings and stuff but it sucks you had such a crappy night.”


“I really shouldn't have come.”


“Did you, um...?”


“Unless he's stupider than I thought.” I growl. “Then yeah, he got the message.” That had been my only hard copy of the ultrasound but since I was getting the CD from Dr. Arai, I wasn't too disappointed at losing it.


“Do you wanna talk about it?”


“There's nothing to talk about. He knows and that's that.”


“I'm sure it's a little more complicated than that.”


“Midoryia, do you think I'm a selfish person?”


“D-did Kiri say that?!”


“Not in so many words.”


I pull a piece of tissue from the glove compartment and blow my nose, taking the silence for what it was and burst into a fresh wave of tears.


“K-Kaminari!” Midoryia exclaims, quite beside himself. “It's alright! I mean, everybody's selfish, right? Don't be so hard on yourself!”


“I try! So hard!” I sob into the tissue. “But nothing ever works! And what future do I have now!?” I gesture out the car window at the suburban house fronts. “How am I supposed to be a Pro Hero when I'm gonna be stuck home raising two kids?!”


“You're gonna be fine!” Midoryia says, giving me an awkward pat on the shoulder. “It all just seems like a bad dream right now but Kiri's a good man. I think you'll feel a lot better once you've calmed down abit and talk to Kiri when you're not being so emotional and stuff.”


“I'm pregnant!” I half shout, half cry. “How do you expect me to be!? A robot?! Well excuse me for crying!”


“I—that's--this your road?”


I'm sure the man breathed a sigh of relief when I got out of his car, the shiny black Porsche making a discreet exit down the street.


Back in my apartment, I tear open the freezer and snatch the quart of vanilla oreo ice cream. I'd finally gone shopping so there was actual food in my fridge for now. Taking my prize into the bedroom, I strip into fluffy teal and yellow striped pajamas and sit a midst a pile of pillows and blankets on my bed, watching something to try and cheer me up.


I found myself watching the Hallmark Channel, sobbing at the fictional heartbreaks behind the screen and thinking how stupid this was.


This didn't help a goddamn thing.


About an hour in, there's a knock on my apartment door and then the sound of it opening.


I'd given a key to either Mina or Mineta and I knew they were more than likely passed out drunk on Mina's bathroom floor.


I already suspected I knew who it was but it still wasn't any easier seeing Kiri again so soon, and especially in my house.


“Stay out of my room!” I bark, staring daggers at the man.


He's wise enough to pause at the threshold, holding up the picture I'd tossed at him though smoothed now.


“We're gonna talk about this.” He says.


“Oh, really? And how the hell did you get into my apartment?” I demand.


“Mineta gave me his key after Iida gave me a lecture about me taking responsibility. Why didn't you tell me?”


“I did tell you.”


“You know damned good and well what I mean.” He says, glaring at me with simmering eyes. “How long have you known?”


I consider the question, knowing that this could only be resolved if we talked it out but I was still angry.


“About a week and a half.”


Kiri runs a hand down his face like he's trying to pull it off.


“Oh lemme guess, now youre gonna tell me how mad you are at me, right?”


“I'm not mad at you; I'm furious! 'Mad' isn't in my vocabulary right now! Were you actually planning to tell me or was I just going to find out through the grapevine?”


I stare at the melting carton of ice cream resting on my pillow, covering my crosslegged knees.


“I was scared.”


“Scared? Of what? Of me? When have I ever given you a reason to be scared of me?


“No, you bastard! I'm not scared of you!” Fresh tears course down my cheeks, staining the pillow.


“Then what? Because right now, everybody at that party is thinks I'm some horrible Villain when I didn't even know anything about it!”


“Just... go away!”


I bury myself under my blankets, peering up to see a rather unimpressed Kiri still standing in the doorway. “You don't have to worry because I'm not going to force you to give up your life for this so just go away!


“Ahhh, Denki...” Kiri sighs from the doorway. “I'm not giving up anything, in fact, I'm gaining something, a lot of it, too.”


A comforting scent wafts into the room, soothing like gentle rain outside the window.


“Don't lie to me, Kiri!”


“See that? When did I ever give you any reason to doubt me? Name one time!”


“Haven't I caused you enough trouble already?”


“What? You think me losing my job in the city was your fault?”


“What was I suppose to think?!” I retort. “You ask me to give you some space and then I don't hear anything from you for three months! But then I'm just this inconsiderate person anyway so why is that important?!”


“That... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say those things, I was upset.”


“Oh, you're upset? Do you... have any fucking idea... how scared I was..?!” I sob into my pillow.


“Then why didn't you... “ Kiri begins and stops himself, sighs, and starts over.

“Can I please come in?”


No! I wanna be left alone!”


It's suspiciously quiet, peeking up I find the doorway empty but I can still smell Kiri's presence so I know he's still here.


Now that I'm by myself again, I sob quietly into my pillow until it's damp almost all the way through.


Is this what the doctors meant when they said everything was going to be out of whack? That my hormones were going to fluctuate?


I'm convinced that there's nothing worse than being pregnant and cry myself to sleep believing it.


Maybe I should consider moving back to my parents house, leave all of this behind for a while? Because about the only thing I have to look forward to is the undercover job at the Town Hall.


That's right. I have to keep it together and find the cause behind these disappearances before another one goes missing.


Chapter Text

A happy little jangle wakes me and reaching over to silence my phone’s alarm, fumble for it on the nightstand. Trying to focus on the ID screen with sleep blurred eyes and wondering who the hell is calling me at 8 am, y eyes widen in surprise.

Town Hall?!

“Y-yes? Hello?” I answer, trying to clear the croakiness and hoping I didn’t sound like I’d just woke up.

Hello, is this Mr. Denki Kaminari?”

“Y-yes, speaking!” I sit up, hoping she doesn’t think I just woke up but who am I kidding.

“Good morning! We’d like you to come in for an interview today. Does 10 am work for you?” The female voice speaks cheerfully.

“Sure! I-I’d love to!”

“Very well, please check in with the receptionist and we’ll see you then!” And before I have a chance to thank her, she hangs up.

I glance at my watch out of habit but it’s still on the nightstand. My phone clock reads 8:05 so I have about an hour and a half to get ready for my big interview, just enough time to shower, get dressed, and walk to the town hall.

Sliding to the side of the bed, I stifle a yawn and stretch, scratching an itch across my chest and wincing with how tender my left breast was. I mean, sure, I get this whenever I’m about to go into heat but it’s really sore this morning. Great, more pregnancy changes.

There’s also a text from Mineta last night, asking if I was going to be alright and if he should come by later today. I assure him all is well as could be expected.

Popping the anti nausea into my mouth and chasing it down with a gulp of water, I end up downing the entire bottle and surprising myself with how thirsty I was. A few crackers later and I’m finally sliding out of bed, standing before the closet in contemplation.

Hm, what to wear though? I should have asked what position they were considering me for, since Seiji said the secretarial position were already filled. Should I go for dressy? Casual?

Voices outside my open bedroom door catch me by surprise. Honestly, I’d forgotten Kiri was here. Sounds like he’s on the phone with someone. Shit. How am I supposed to do this? He’s going to want to ‘talk’. Not only do I not want to do that right now, I don’t have time .

In the end, I decide to go with the silky black dress shirt and dark brown blazer shoved all the way in the back. I bought them for my hero interview and haven’t used them since. A colorful tie to offset the dark jeans or something.

Stepping into the shower, hot water and soap eases the tension in my shoulders and neck. I’d slept fitfully last night, as a result I’m still very tired and not feeling all that much better.

What if I don’t get the town hall job? What if I fail this? And what about those poor secretaries? They had been all betas except for one, she had been an alpha so I didn’t think gender had much to do with it.

I wanted coffee but didn’t know if my stomach was going to allow it. The way my stomach feels right now, churning and unsettled, I wonder if that pill is even working.

My guts clench uncomfortably as I recall the party, the other Omega, Kendou, and my fight with Kiri. Yes, maybe I was being a little ‘dramatic’ but I’m still pretty angry about the whole thing, especially the whole ‘moment he finds out I’m pregnant so now he wants to have something to do with me’ part. Thanks but no thanks. I’ve already seen what can happen to a relationship if that’s all that’s holding them together! My biological parents, for example.

Stepping out of the shower, I contemplate how I'm going to get past him without raising suspicion. Kiri has every intention of having a sit-down-and-talk the moment I stepped out that door. There’s no way I want to have this conversation right now and no way I can miss the interview. So, what am I going to say? I’ll have to come up with some something that’ll get him off my back.

After attempting to style my hair with taming frizz gel, I sit on the bed with my shoes on the floor and stare at the bedroom door. I half expected Kiri to be standing in it but he’s wisely been keeping his distance.

I discover that my brown leather, 6 eye Doc Martins shoes fit a little too snugly around the ankles. Thanks, water retention, just what I need right now. I wonder if there’s a pill for this too? Maybe that's what I can tell Kiri to get him off my back for a few hours… yeah, that sounds good; he’d believe me if I said I had a doctor appointment.

Standing up, I check myself one last time in the full length mirror attached to the closet door, finger gunning my reflection with a wink.

Wallet and phone in their respective back pockets, I take a deep breath and face the door way. Walking through, I spot Kiri sitting on the couch from the corner of my eye.

“Where are you going?” He asks. More like a demand than ‘asking’ and it snaps my patience rope taunt right away. His voice is scratchy and I can see the dark circles under his eyes from where I stood. Apparently, my couch was a lousy makeshift bed.


“Denki!” He says, exuding his Alpha control and I actually pause, reaching for the door.

Denki !” He says, a bit softer this time. “We need to talk!”

“Not right now!” I retort, more than a little irritated at his use of ‘alpha control’ though I understand why he was using it.

“Then when ?” He demands, standing up with hard, red eyes my way.

“Listen, I have to go! I have a doctor appointment that I can’t be late for!” I say, tapping my analog wrist watch.

“Doctor appointment?” He asks. His face is blank but I detect the barest whiff of something sharp with a metallic tang; he’s concerned.

“It’s just the three month check up.” I explain. “Shouldn't be too long.” Damn, I shouldn’t have said that. What if the interview process takes a while?

“Oh. Can I go with you then?”

Fear shoots through my stomach. I’m running out of time here, I’ll be too late to walk if I’m not out the door in the next 5 minutes and he just has to ask that. Normally, I’d consider it, maybe even appreciate it since that means I wouldn’t be going alone.

“I’d rather you didn't.” I say and this time, Kiri doesn’t hide the hurt that’s on his face. I feel bad, I really do, but there’s no way I can blow this.

“Are you seriously okay with it being like this?” Kiri asks, gesturing between the two of us. “With us like this?”

It’s 9:05.

“I have to go!” I growl.

Wait just a second, Denki! Can I at least escort you to wherever you’re going?”

Escort me? ” I say as a cold chill appears in the air from my words alone. “Do I look like I need an escort ? I may be pregnant and omega but I can take care of myself!”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Kiri says quickly, backpedaling with a show of hands. “I just… I just want to talk!”

As he says this, soothing Alpha pheromones waft towards me but they only make me scowl.

“Stop that! I don’t need your help, okay? I’ve been taking care of myself just fine!”

“I know you can! That’s why… that’s why I hadn’t been worried about you!”

My eyes narrow suspiciously. What’s he playing at?

“These past three months, I mean.” Kiri emphasizes quickly. “I had no idea that you felt like that !”

“And just what is it you think I was feeling ?” I demand, voice a sharp hiss as my proverbial hackles start raising. Like he’d know!

“Like I’d abandoned you or something. I’m sorry, Denki. I really am. If I could go back and change it I would but... I can’t!”

Hearing him say that makes me suddenly vulnerable and sensitive. So, he does understand what he’d done, if only a little bit. I’m still very much subject to my chaotic mess of emotions and hormones that flood my body, which is why I’m completely unable to tamp down my disguised bitterness.

“And just what was I supposed to think?” I demand, emphasizing each word clearly so as to be no mistake. Seriously, how did he not think that that’s what he was doing? He can’t possibly be that dumb! The angry prickle of tears in my eyes is infuriating but I ignore it and refuse to be distracted.

And then the doorbell rings, followed by a few hasty knocks.

I stare at the door as though it had just materialized in the wall, blinking away the tears that hadn’t yet fallen and wondering who the hell it could be. Then I catch a recognizable scent.

“Kami! Baby!” A familiar female voice calls through the door, excited and loud enough that it echoes down the outer hall.

Oh no.

A cold sense of dread runs through me and I open the door, immediately engulfed in purple polka dot arms and a flurry of golden locks.

“Mom?! What…”

Blonde hair, dark streak on the left side, golden brown eyes. Yeah, I get my looks from mom, thank god. I wanted nothing from my dad. Mom, alcoholic though she may be, somehow manages a trim figure and has the energy of a toddler. Behind her and waiting patiently is my dad, or step dad if we’re being technical here.

He was burdened like a pack mule, carrying two bulky crates under each arm and a long, pole-like device zipped up in a bag that slung across his back and shoulders.


“Son.” He says with a nod, turning sideways and barely fitting into the room his glasses are nearly jostled off his face in the process.

“Mom, dad, what are you doing here?” And what the hell is all this crap?

“Well that’s a silly question! I told you we’d come up and surprise you, didn’t I? Well, here we are!” She says with a sharp clap of the hands. “Oh, just look at you!”

She lifts the hem of my shirt, staring at my bare belly. “Let me see the little darlings!”

“Mom!” I say, quickly pulling the hem out of her grasp and glancing awkwardly at Kiri, who had stepped forward to help my dad with the crates.

“And just who is this? ” Mom wonders, tapping her chin thoughtfully.

“That’s… he’s…” I begin awkwardly. “Mom! I told you not to come up this weekend! I’m doing things!”

“Clearly.” She says, giving Kiri a very studious once over with sharp brown eyes that miss nothing. She walks towards him, following dad while I contemplate bolting out the door, since it would certainly be easier than sticking around.

“So, you’re the one who gave my Kami pups!” Mom says, barring Kiri’s path with hands on her hips.

“Moooom!” I groan in warning, holding the bridge of my nose and squeezing my eyes shut before opening them to check the time.



“Kirishima Eijirou.” Kiri introduces, remaining neutral as the two alphas stare each other down, neither one flinching. This stupid alpha posturing makes my tired ache and then Mom makes a show of walking around Kiri, as though inspecting a bit of livestock.

“Hmm…” she muses. “I expect we’ll have strong grandpups” She says with a glance dad’s way. “Both of them!”

I want to melt into the floor. Of course, with the way my face is heating up, I just might.

Kiri makes this weird sound, almost like he’s choking and stares at me with this stupefied look on his face.

Both of them?” He splutters.

“I’ll make some tea.” Dad offers, walking towards the kitchen with a questioning look over his shoulder at me.

“I have to go!” I exclaim, louder than I meant because of the panicked anger rising under my collar.

“Don’t be rude Kami, come sit with us!” Mom chides with a wave. “Oh, I found all your old toys and baby clothes! I could only find the one bassinet we used for your sister but there’s plenty of room in there for the both of them! Yes, my Denki is going to have twins ! I’m not surprised though, seeing as you’re quite the virile specimen!” She says, giving him a conspiratorial wink. If I can knock her over the head, she can’t say anymore embarrassing things, right?

Dad takes off his glasses to polish the lens, peering back and forth between us from his position behind the island counter.

“Denki.” Kiri says in that warning tone of his, eyes widening in gesture. “We have to talk!”

“Fine! We’ll talk when I get back! Happy now?” I snap and step through the door, slamming it shut. I pause, listening to them talk through the thin door.

“Oh very well.” Mom says in this resigned sort of way through the thin door. “Well now, being a successful Pro Hero yourself, you must have a good amount in savings, I bet?”

On my god I can’t listen anymore, I’ll charge back in there and make her stop talking. Practically running through the hall and down the stairs, I burst out onto the street and manage to catch the bus before it its doors slide shut.

I make it to the interview with 5 minutes to spare. The Town Hall is relatively quiet, though it is a Wednesday morning so I’d expect everyone to be busy in their offices or something. Stepping through the front doors, I spot the large, half circle desk made of redwood and a blonde woman sitting behind a large computer monitor.

“Good morning.” I greet the woman. “I’m Kaminari Denki, here for an interview?”

“Oh yes, Mrs. L’Nadd will see you right away.” She says, typing on her computer.

“So, uh, what are my chances with her?” I ask, turning on the usual charm.

She leans forward conspiratorially, whispering behind the back of her hand. “She’s in rut. That can be either good or bad for you.” She adds a wink.

I smile wide, nodding my thanks and then approaching Mrs. L’Nadd’s office with its shiny, silver plaque in the center of the door.

“Do come in, I haven’t got all day.” The woman, a tall dark haired beauty with eyes like sapphire, states as she opens the door just before I knock.

Wow, she’s a looker. My eyes wander to her shapely butt, enhanced by the dark grey pencil skirt and black stilettos. She sits, gesturing at one of three chairs with a quick dart of the hand. I sit, removing the thin black folder from under my arm, sliding a slip of paper from the case across her desk.

“My resume.”

“Yes, you have impressive credentials.” She says with a quick glance at the thing. “The fact that you’re a Pro Hero means nothing, however; I am looking to fill a position and you seem the most likely candidate. Are you still interested?”

I wasn’t sure what to say but knew I shouldn’t be gaping like a fish when asked a question.

“Y-yes! Yes, I’m still interested!”

“Very well. This is our contract, be sure to sign and date at the bottom of every page and then return it to me.”

“Can I do it here?” I ask.

“You’re eager. Yes, use one of the small conference rooms. And knock before you come back in, I have to make a phone call.”

Snatching the paper and standing, I give her a slight bow and then spinning on my heel, exit the office.

The papers look like it was just a bunch of legal stuff about not talking about work, time off and hourly pay and all that jazz. Hell, I could almost make just as much working here as I do being a Pro! Guess if I liked it enough… nah. I love being a pro, chauvinistic pigs and unfair wage gap be damned.

There’s a dark, heavy wood door with a plaque that read Small Conference Room 4 and dart inside, halfway through the door when I realize it’s already occupied by three males, two Alphas and one Beta. One is that Seiji guy and two others, they’re all sitting at the end of the table with computers and documents, one of which the Alpha hastily flips shut.

“Oops.” I say, the first to speak. “Sorry, I thought this room was empty.”

“Well clearly it isn’t!” The man who had taken obvious pains to hide the papers snaps at me, face going red with anger as strong Alpha pheromones assail my nostrils.

“Why don’t you try Room 5? It’s across the way.” Seiji points out, while sporting a small smile.

“Sure.:” I say with a single nod. “Thanks.”

I close the door behind me with a gentle click, still feeling awkward but if they hadn’t wanted to be walked in on, they should have locked it or something. Shaking my head, I resist the strong desire to loosen the tie and shirt collar before stepping into the empty Room 5. It’s getting a little stuffy in here and my feet are starting to hurt.

I give the papers a customary once over, making sure that I at least understood the gist of what it was saying before signing and dating.

When I hand the paper back to Mrs. L’Nadd, she runs each sheet through a scanner.

“So, have I got the job?” I ask.

“Yes. Report to the front desk at 8:30 tomorrow morning, there you will be given your equipment and uniform. And please be timely! There is a lot of work that needs to be done because we’ve been so short of staff!”

“What is it, exactly, that I’m doing?” I wonder, thinking that perhaps I should have asked this a long time ago.

“Don’t be cute. You applied for the janitorial position and that’s what you’ll be doing.”


Janitorial position?? I don’t remember seeing that anywhere in the job listings! Well, I did apply to several job listings though. But still, janitorial? Out of everything else they could give me, a Pro Hero and graduate of Yuuei High, that’s what they picked?

“You’ll be given your clearance badge and work details in the morning.” She says with a flutter of her hands, indicating that I was annoying her and should leave.

“O-of course. I’ll be here in the morning, 8:30 sharp.”

She nods once and then promptly ignores me, tapping away at the computer, sitting with a back that's ramrod straight.

All in all, the whole process had taken a little over an hour. Passing the gate guard and giving him a simple hello on my way out. I was starving, not having eaten anything all morning and was suffering a severe lack of caffeine withdrawal, I decide to stop at a little cafe I’d spotted on my way here.

I haven’t eaten anything except those crackers so I order a blueberry muffin and a green tea steamer, since I’m not sure my stomach can handle strong coffee. It gives me energy but I remember what’s waiting for me back home and my stamina instantly wanes.

I really don’t want to go back home yet because I don’t want to deal with my parents and Kiri at the same time. Talk about a soul sucking environment! And who knows what mom has been saying for the last two hours!

I check my watch again, noting that it’s noon-thirty. I should stop by the office and let Boss know what’s going on, that way I don’t have to go home just yet. Besides, I think today is his birthday.

Maybe everyone’ll be gone by the time I get back and I change course, walking a familiar route. These streets have been so ingrained in my brain, I could do this in my sleep.

The Boss’s phone picks up after two rings, which is usual.

Agent? ” Boss answers as though he’d been expecting my call.

“Hey, I got the job.”

Good! Good! I knew you would!” He answers and clears his throat with a heavy harumph . “You better come by the office and give me the details.”

“Sure.” I answer, wishing I felt as enthusiastic as I’d sounded when I glance over the Employee Handbook for Janitorial Duties. Well, this can’t be too bad, right? I mean, our own janitor is hardly noticeable and that’s exactly what I want.

“Kami!” The two receptionists greet as I step through the door.

“Hey!” I call, waving at them.

“Kami! Is it true?” One of them asks, leaning over the desk and waving me over as the second receptionist leaning in. “Are your really pregnant?”

I knew word would get out eventually but since these were kinda my friends, I didn’t mind them knowing at all.

“It’s true.” I answer, to which one of them squeals and begins jumping up and down.


We all turn our heads towards Boss’s office, he’s standing in the doorway and gesturing me over.

“See you later.” I say apologetically to the receptionists. Once inside the office, Boss closes the door and guides me over to a chair, actually taking my arm and guiding me over.

“Sir, I’m pregnant, not incapacitated.” I explain in as respectful a manner as I can muster. Im not annoyed, if anything I can hardly keep from laughing. He’s so absent about things sometimes.

He seems to realize what he was doing and steps away, nodding as he walks around his desk and sits down.

“Yes, of course. You know that you’re one of the oldest Heroes here and I value you greatly.” He says, which surprises me. A lot, actually.


“That’s why I entrusted you with this mission. Being omega, you’re more observant to certain things, likely to pick up on things that our alpha agents missed.”

Missed? Does this mean I’m not the only agent to be sent to the town hall? I want to ask but Boss isn’t done talking yet.

“I’ve seen it before and since we were getting nowhere with these missing person cases, I decided it was time to try something else. There’s also something I wanted to talk to you about, while it’s just the two of us.”

I wait, breath held. This sounds pretty big.

“I want you to investigate Mr. Shishikura as your prime suspect.”

“Huh?” I answer intelligently, blinking back my surprise.

“These disappearances started around the same time the man took office. I find that very coincidental, don’t you?”

Well, now that he mentions it. I’m pretty sure I’d have arrived to this same conclusion myself, had I had time to properly begin my investigation already.

“Yes, it is very coincidental. I start in the morning at 8:30.”

“Good. Good.” Boss says with a nod, appearing satisfied. “And how are things with your, um…”

Boss is one of those people who kinda leaves it to people to know what he means, often leaving his sentences unfinished.

“Very well, actually.” I say with a smile. I hold off on telling him I’m having twins, since everyone’s already acting weird just about the one.

“Just be careful. Wouldn’t want anything, you know…”

“This assignment is perfect since it’s mostly rooting around trash cans for clues.” I assure the man. Boss leans back in his chair, put at ease.

“Very good. Very good. Well you should be about your duties then.” He says, leaning forward again. “Check in… say… tomorrow at noon?”

“Um, isn’t that a little early?” I say, surprised and maybe just a little bit annoyed.

“Is it?”

“I won’t have had time to do anything yet. I’ll check in Monday say, 6 instead? I’ll come here and deliver my findings personally.”

Boss agrees with a nod, appearing thoughtful. “Yes, you’re right.”

I stand and head for the door, tucking the booklet I’d brought under my arm. I open the door and have every intention of stepping out when I stop, nearly running into someone.

“I thought I heard voices.” The janitor says with a kind smile. “Well now, I hear congratulations are in order?”

Man, word sure travels fast. “Yeah.” I agree, maybe a little sheepish. “Thanks.”

“Take care of yourself.” He cautions, giving Boss a quick nod before walking away.

“He’s here a little early, isn’t he?”

“Hm? Oh, I suppose so.” Boss says, looking up from a paper he’d been reading before returning his focus to it.

I discover the reason for his early arrival was for Boss’s birthday party. They had quite the party in the break room, though I’ve only just caught the tail end of it. There’s confetti and streamers everywhere and I’m pretty sure our janitor is going to love everyone after cleaning this mess up.

“Kami! Get over here! You have to have some cake and ice cream!” One of the receptionists calls, spotting me as I poke my head in the doorway.

“Yes, you need to eat for that growing pup of yours!” Another one calls to which several astonished faces turn to stare at me.

“Kami! For reals?” Kosei exclaims.

“Alas, it’s true.” I say, mouth watering at the prospect of eating chocolate cake and icecream for lunch.

“Why do ya think he’s been gone for the last couple of days?” Someone asks Kosei with a laugh.

“It’s only temporary.” I explain. “Just until I get most of the doctor appointments out of the way and all.”

“Oh. I didn’t know you were married, Kami.” Kosei says.

“I’m not.” I answer and at least Kosei had the good grace not to be ashamed about this question.

“Well, we’re all single here.” He says with a grin and immediately earns a slap on the back.

“Speak for yourself, bachelor!” And everyone bursts out laughing.

All in all, I was having a good time and didn't notice the time, realizing I’d been away from home for about four hours. Hopefully, everyone back in my apartment got tired of waiting for me and went home.

One can only hope.

Stepping off the elevator, I approach my door slowly, keys jangling as I select my apartment door key before stopping dead in my tracks.

There, taped to the door, is a neat white envelope with a red heart sticker taping it shut.

What. the fuck.

My heart is in my throat, wind rushing past my ears and making me lightheaded. I think I might actually faint...

I reach for the envelope, gently lifting it away from the door with a shaking hand. I stare at it as a cold dread claws its way into my chest, twisting until I find it difficult to breath.

Why is this here? When I got them at the office I could brush it off as some asshole harassing me but they’ve taken it to another level by following me home! This is a bit more serious now because I really do have a stalker! I mean, I knew I had one I just… it didn’t really sink in until now.

The door whips open and I stumble back, startled and prepared to bolt down the hall when I find a worried looking Kirishima filling the doorway.

“Denki! What’s the matter? What did the doctor say? Fuck, I knew I should have gone with you!”

“Whut?” My brain scrambles to make sense of his words.

“Wait, no, that’s not… that’s not what's happening here.” I quickly explain as I slip the note into my blazer pocket.

I must’ve flooded the entire floor with my distressed Omega pheromones, even the guy across the hall was poking his head out the door with a look of concern.

“No, I’m fine, really!” I assure him, stepping into the room while forcing a tired smile on my face. The note will have to wait, I’m not so sure I can even read it right now.

“Sit down and eat something!” Kiri urges. “Your dad made some breakfast but you took so long that it’s in the fridge.”

“Kami, baby!” Mom calls from the direction of my bedroom. “You’re back!”

“Mom?!” I rush past Kiri, finding mom messing around with the nuts and bolts of a partially assembled bassinet. I don’t remember it being so big.

“Mom, what are you doing? You do realize it's going to be another 6 months, right?”

“No harm in being prepared now, is there?” She grins. “Now, have your father come in here, I’m having trouble with these bars.”

“Mom, please!” I say, scrubbing my forehead with the palms of my hands. “I-I’m really tired and just need to rest, okay?”

“Oh, alright, baby.” She says, responding to my distress pheromones. Standing, she slaps hair and crumbs off her knees. “This place could use a good cleaning, you know! I’ll not have my grandpups brought up in such filthy conditions!”

I don't argue with her, I’m just glad she’s leaving my room.

I follow her out, stripping out of the blazer and my shoes, tossing them onto the bed and floor and grabbing the pair of shorts and tshirt I usually wore to bed. I make sure to close the door behind me, giving the blazer an uneasy look before pushing it to the back of my mind.

They were sitting down again, mom and dad sharing a cup of black tea and occupying the two barrel chairs. Kiri had taken one end of the couch, leaving the other end the only other available seating.

“I noticed you ran out before you had a chance to eat anything.” Dad says invitingly, setting one plate of scrambled eggs and bacon and another plate of pancakes and syrup on the coffee table before me. They had been in the fridge so they were reheated but I was starving.

“You need to eat better, Kami!” Mom chides, sipping tea. “When’s the last time you went grocery shopping?”

“I’ve been busy! Besides, I wouldn't have kept it down anyway.” I explain wearily.

“So, how’d it go?” Kiri asks.


“The doctor’s visit.”

“Oh! Uh, it went alright. I had to stop at the office on my way home, that’s what took me so long.” I explain while wolfing food down.

“So, what did the doctor say?” Kiri asks, trying to hide his anxiety. He’s been sitting here all day worried and when I’d taken so long to get home, he’d been even more worried. A stab of guilt goes through me and I turn to him.

“Sorry man. I shoulda sent you a text or something telling you I was at the office. Everything's fine. I’ll be seeing the family doctor in a few days and, um, you can probably go too, if you still want.”

“Of course I want to!” He immediately says, finally smiling. God, I haven’t seen that smile in so long I’m almost starstruck by it.

“It’s going to be Tuesday the 14th at 2.” I say, forcing myself away and back to my food.

“Are you seeing our old doctor?” Mom asks hopefully.

“No he’s too busy. I’m seeing this new guy Doctor Suzuki but he knows what he’s doing.”

“Why didn’t you see our old family doctor? He’s treated our family for generations and I trust him!”

I roll my eyes. “Mom, he’s super busy and I like this new guy, okay?”

“I keep telling you that you need to move out of here! There’s so much riffraff here and I’d be happier if you were closer to us, baby!” Mom says in that grating way of hers as she tries to express her concern for me.

“I’m not moving anywhere! Besides, I can barely afford the rent here as it is and this is as cheap as it gets!” I say a bit sharply because I’m tired of being hounded about it.

“You won't have to pay rent if you move back into your old room!” Mom says.

“Thanks but no.”

There’s no way I want to move back in with my parents. No offense to them or anything but I’d have little to no privacy and mom can be a bit overbearing sometimes. Okay, a lot overbearing.

The look on her face tells me that she’s offended but I didn’t care though, my headache was starting to go away but that note is burning a hole in my metaphorical pocket. Besides, I’d have to switch agencies if I moved much further and I really like where I’m at.

“I don’t know why you’re being so stubborn! You won't even have to pay for anything and it’s close to your old school!” Mom grumbles discontentedly.

“Maybe it’s because I don’t want to be constantly interrupted by annoying people, like I am now?”

I had meant it jokingly but it had come off a little too sharply, a little too rude and I realized I’d really offended her when this stricken look darts across her face and she lowers her eyes, a very strong sign of submission from an Alpha as she sets her cup down.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. We should go. Get feeling better, baby.” She says, already on her feet and making for the door while Dad hastily climbs out of his chair to follow.

I open my mouth to say something but dad only smiles and shakes his head, hand held out in a friendly gesture. He’ll smooth her ruffled feathers, he’s been doing it for years.

I take a great big breath and exhale long and hard, ending in a growl as I set one of the plates down with an angry bang .

“Your parents are nice.” Kiri says, the first to speak.

“They’re my parents.” I say as if that would explain everything. Standing, I take the dirty dishes to the sink. Most of the kitchen has already been tidied up, no doubt by my beta dad. More dishes sit in the dish rack to dry.

Kiri is still sitting on the couch and watching, a little more relaxed now.

“You know, it’s been a really long time since I’ve been over here.” he says neutrally, testing the water.

“Yeah, about three months I think.” I bitingly add under my breath.

“Dude, I’m sorry about that. I know that’s not going to change anything but… it’s all I got right now.”

He’s right and I know it but three months of anger and resentment aren’t just going to go away . I tip my head back and sigh, eyes closed and willing the tension to leave my shoulders and neck as I lean against the counter.

“It’s been a long day.” Kiri agrees with a tired sigh of his own. He hadn't gotten a whole lot of sleep and being in the company of my mom for four hours was extremely taxing, I’d know.

“I’m fine . What I really need…” I wanted to say shoulder rub because this headache wasn’t going away but I catch myself. Did I really want to be alone right now? I mean sure, I’m exhausted and everything but maybe I was ready to talk. I needed to find out what that note said and couldn’t help the chills that ran down my arms, as though I were being watched.

“Denki, I want you to know that I’m here for you.” Kiri says, his voice taking on a softer edge. “I mean it. I’ve always been here for you. I’m really sorry for not realizing how that phone call must’ve looked, or sounded to you. I was trying not to get you dragged down with me anymore than you already were. And then I just got so busy with my new job and moving that... I lost touch.”

“You lost touch?” I say, tone scalding as my eyes snap open and I glare at him. “Well thank you for having my best interests in mind but don’t you think you could have, oh I dunno, asked me what I thought about it first? My Agency fought that goddamn magazine for all of 2 months before they finally took those goddamn pictures down! Do you know the field day the media had with that? I’m just some dirty whore omega, nevermind that I’ve been to the most prestigious hero school in the country or that I’ve taken countless villains off the streets! No, they gotta dig up every unsavory thing they can possibly invent! I couldnt exactly go bury my head in the sand like you did!”

“What are you talking about?” Kiri demands. “I lost my job and my home !”

“And just how much hate mail did you get?” I demand.

“Hate mail?” Kiri asks as though befuddled.

“Oh thats right, you’re an alpha . They were probably singing your praises in the streets, praising you for seducing the omega that couldn’t keep their legs closed for anyone!”

“Denki!” Kiri exclaims, more startled than anything else and cuts off my rambling tirade.

I’d felt very alone and very abandoned except for my parents, my Boss and his lawyers. Yeah, I’d been very alone and I wasn’t about to forget it just because the ferver had finally died down a month ago.

I turn and face the balcony window, needing something to do I grab a cold soda out of the fridge and open it, hoping to distract myself from the angry tears threatening to spill over.

And then Kiri shows up out of the blue with some other Omega hanging off his arm and immediately gets into a fight with another Alpha. Over her. God, I sound petty as fuck but it hurt . Now, I’m just going to be huge and fat and pregnant and fucking miserable for the next 6 months until these babies are born. And then what the fuck am I going to do? I can't raise a kid, let alone two! I don’t know the first thing about raising kids!

“I was really hoping to run into you at Mina’s party last night.” Kiri says directly behind me and it makes me jump, spilling soda on my hand. He puts his teacup into the sink, rinsing it out and placing it down on the drying rack. “It was the main reason I went, actually. I was told you’d be there.”

Just how dumb does he think I am?

“Denki, I’m serious . Kendou asked me to go with her because…” he pauses, my heart sinking faster than a rock thrown in a pond. “Because she was trying to make TetsuTetsu jealous and boy howdy did it work.”

I snort with disbelief but Kiri looks perfectly serious. His scent gives nothing away, even though we’re standing pretty close together and he smells so good I just can’t tell what he’s thinking.

Our bodies warm the thin strip of air between us, he’s still oozing sex appeal and just being this close sends a thrill of heat through my abdomen.

If I don’t step away from him right now, he’s going to smell the beginnings of my arousal. Instead, Kiri grabs my arms just as I do that, as though he’d been expecting it.

“Would you stop running away from me, Denki?” He demands softly though he’s looking kinda pissed now. “I’m trying to say that I still want you! I never stopped wanting you so would you at least give me the courtesy of hearing me out?”

“You…” I begin but he cuts me off.

“I wanna do this properly this time, okay? No more of this back and forth between our friends and between our beds, okay?”


“I-I’d like to court you.”

Court me?” I exclaim. ‘Courting’ is such an antiquated term. “You mean, like date ?”

“I’m being serious here! I’m going to stick around whether you want me to or not because I’m going to help you! All three of you! I’m sorry that I left you to deal with that shitstorm all by yourself! It was pretty shitty of me and I was too stupid to realize just what it was I was doing but I know what I’m doing now so please don’t push me away!”

His words sink in slowly, my sluggish brain takes a second to wrap itself around what Kiri was saying and when it does, I burst into tears.

Goddammit. I’m so sick of crying but I just can’t seem to stop it. I’m still furious but also relieved. And maybe a little happy. The culmination of my hormone ravaged emotions, combined with exhaustion deep in my bones, was all too much and it’s a full blown cry-fest. Kiri just wraps his arms around me and holds me to him while sobs wrack my body.

“I’m so sorry.” He says, wretched as I bury my face in his shirt and grip the cloth between clenched fists.

“Y-you have… no idea…” are about the only intelligible words I get out before I give up on talking.

I don’t know how long we’d been standing there when finally whatever it is cries itself out. It’s just quiet now. Well, there’s muffled sounds of music coming through one wall and TV blaring gunshots from the other but it feels quiet. Between us. And that’s okay because for a blissful moment, I don't have to think about anything.

A tiny sparrow flits across the balcony window, landing on the steel railing with head bobbing around curiously before taking off again. I watch it, not really caring about anything for just a minute longer.

“I’m really tired.” I finally say, voice hoarse and despite it being 3 in the afternoon, I wanted to go to bed and just sleep .

“Good because you need it.” Kiri says, finally letting me go when I gently push away. I don’t want him to see my face, my eyes are probably red balls of puffiness and I’ve probably snotted all over his shirt.

“Come on.” He says, taking me by the arm and steering me towards the bedroom. “I know how you get when you’re tired.”

“Oh really.” I say but I don’t have the energy to argue. I’m tired, exhausted even but I couldn’t tell myself that I didn’t like the idea of Kiri fussing over me because I was… okay? I think? I hadn’t realized how un-okay I’d been until now and there’s still some things to work out. We definitely have lots to talk about, especially about those things he’d said earlier.

He wants to date, officially. But right now we’re okay like this.

“Yes, really. You’re not doing yourself or them,” he says with a gesture towards my rounding belly, “any favors by running yourself into the ground.”

I bit my tongue, fighting the urge to snap at him but decide against it. Instead, I sit on the edge of my bed, massaging one of my feet as it’s crossed over my knee.

My ankles are even more swollen than they were this morning, the indent of where the shoe’s mouth had pressed tight still against my skin and clearly visible. Great. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to buy another pair of shoes and between doctor bills, rent, and everything else, there’s no way I can afford--

“Want me to do that?” Kiri interrupts, pulling me from my thoughts. I’m surprised to find him standing in the doorway, the rutting musk stronger now though it didn’t annoy me quite so bad. He was also exuding his calming alpha pheromones and that didn’t annoy me as much either.


“Your feet ache, right? I’ll rub them if you want.”

It was odd because, well, he’s never offered to rub my feet before. Other parts of my body yes but never the feet. I’m not about to turn down a free foot rub though, since I’ve had them once or twice when getting a pedicure I knew they were divine.

“I guess if you really want to.” I answer, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and laying back. I sit up and stuff a pillow under my head and neck, the ache in my lower back becoming more intense as I settle deeper into the bed.

Kiri picks up both legs by scooping an arm under the knees, sitting with one leg hanging off the bed while facing me and setting them on his lap. It’s kinda weird being like this, after everything that’s happened. The last time we were like this, we were both wearing our birthday suits and were laughing about something that had happened to one of our friends while chasing down a Villain.

Picking up one foot, he begins massaging with his thumbs pressing along the outer pads of my foot.

“Oh god... yes...” I moan quietly and then wince suddenly when he pushes a little too hard near the ball of my foot, sending pain shooting through my limb.

“Ouch! If I’d wanted to steamroll my feet, I’d have rented one from down the street!” I snap in irritation. That had really hurt!

“Sorry.” Kiri apologizes, going slightly red and easing up the pressure of his thumbs. He applies just the right amount of pressure in steady, upward strokes, soothing the swollen flesh and holy god does that feel good!

My eyes are heavy and I let them close, noticing the other aches and pains in my body slowly fading as I sink deeper into the bed.

It’s not until I’m waking up that I’d even realized I’d fallen asleep. Kiri is on the bed with me and though we’re not touching, he’s close by and sound asleep. I can still smell his rut, the tangy, musty scent hanging thickly in the air now that it’s had a chance to build up.

I gently push myself into a sitting up position and take this chance to examine his face and, unashamedly, his body. I didn’t mind having him this close and my omega certainly didn’t mind either. I kinda wanted to touch him, to be touched but that was just my omega instinct reacting to his rut and to my body being in a ‘vulnerable’ state.

God, I hate instincts. Why does everything gotta be so damned complicated?

I’m going to pee when I notice the letter with the red heart shape sticker laying out on the bed. I nearly have a heart attack, sitting next to my brown blazer that’s neatly folded.

Did Kiri do that?! Was he going through my stuff??

“What’s wrong?” He mumbles, not as asleep as I’d thought because he’s noticed the change in scent.

“Uh, where did you find that envelope?” I demand.

“It was on the floor. I moved your coat and it fell out. Fanmail?” He asks, looking at me with sleepy red eyes and sitting up, kind smile in place.

“Oh um yeah, fanmail.” I say, snatching it as I head towards the bathroom.

Whew. I can only imagine what he’d say if he actually had read the letter! He’d probably think I was more trouble than I was worth or something, judging by what happened last time! Stop that! I tell myself, shaking my head. He’s not like that and it was a simple misunderstanding, even if it did hurt like hell.

Closing and locking the bathroom door, I stare at the offending envelope laying on the bathroom counter. In a burst of courage, I tear open the envelope and read the small note card quickly, eyes widening as  sick feeling steals over me.

I saw your pretty face today. You were so close, I could have touched your smooth skin, claimed you like you deserve because you’re mine, pretty omega! I’ll be the Alpha that you need, that your pup needs! You’re worried about our pups, aren’t you? I can smell it, you little slut! Smell the whore in you! But I forgive you. You’ll come to respect me as your Alpha as in the Old Ways. Isn’t that right, my omega? It’s your job to obey and please your Alpha, do this and and our pups will be safe!

I raise a shaking hand to my mouth, jaw dropping in shock. How the fuck does he know I’m pregnant?! How?? He said he could have touched me! I shudder involuntarily. Was it out on the street today? He must’ve been following me and I was too distracted to notice! How’d he know, though? The most disturbing part about this was only my friends and co workers knew about it. What about the doctor’s office? I wrack my brain trying to remember the people sitting in the waiting room when there’s a gentle rap on the door. I jump, heart beating a thousand times a minute

“Kami, you okay?” Kiri asks.

Damn! He must’ve picked up on my distress again!

“Y-yeah. Just… feeling sick is all.” And boy was that the truth! This is bad, he’s not just threatening me anymore but my babies too? What kind of monster threatens helpless pups?! My stomach roils, my saliva glands jump into overdrive and I barely have enough time to make it to the toilet before I’m retching into the white throne.

“Is there anything I can get you?” Kiri asks, sympathy clear in his voice.

“No.. I’ll be fine.” I explain with a wobbling voice. I retch harder, scrambled eggs and pancake spilling into the toilet. Kiri’s shadow disappears from under the door and that delicious, reassuring scent fades.

It’s between throes of vomit that I realize something about the letter.

He’s written ‘pup’, not ‘pups’. He, or she, doesn’t know that I’m carrying twins. I’m not sure if this could be significant or not but at the moment, I’m leaning over and hurling air and stomach acid into the toilet bowl, since there’s nothing else in my stomach at this point.

Once I’m sure the puking episode is over, I lean back and flush the toilet with a shaking hand, glad I’d cleaned the bathroom the other day. My legs can barely hold me up as I take the note and tuck it back into the envelope, opening one of the bathroom cabinets tucking it into my jewelry case. There. It’ll be safe there until I can take it back to the office and add it to the collection.

After brushing my teeth, I leave the bathroom and walk over to my bed, absolutely miserable as I crawl back under the covers. It’s 6 pm, which means I’d gotten a few hours in. Still feel like a truck load of shit has been dumped over me though.

Kiri appears in the doorway, carrying his phone.

“Hey. I’m going out for a bit. Is there anything I can get you?”

“A new body. This one sucks.” I grumble from the blankets.

“You have a great body.” He immediately replies and without skipping a beat, “I’m going to the grocery store. Call me if you want anything, okay?”

“Are you coming back?” I ask.

“I was planning on it. Unless... you don’t want me to?”

“It’s okay. I really don’t mind.”

“Good.” Kiri says as one of his warm, sunshine smiles brightens the room. “Because I’m coming back regardless.”

I would’ve shaken my head but lacked the energy to do so. He disappears from the doorway, moving around in the sitting room before heading towards the front door.

“Kiri!” I call out when a thought strikes me like a bolt of lightning and I panic.

“What’s the matter?” He asks, appearing worried and immediately returning to the doorway.

“T-take my key so you can lock the door.”

“Okay.” He says without question or judgement, walking into the bedroom and to my nightstand where my wallet, keys and phone lay.

“See you later.” He says to which I mumble a reply. Once he’s gone, I doze lightly but find that I’m too restless to go back to sleep.

That letter is really bothering me. Maybe I should go to the police again? Maybe that fat sergeant will listen this time when I tell her I’m being stalked at my home too.

I finally get out of bed, shitty or not and check the front door. He’d locked it but I slide the bolt just for good measure and then go around checking all the doors and windows, closets and cupboards. I didn’t expect anything but it put me at ease and made my omega relax as well. Just because I’m on the fifth floor doesnt mean someone can’t break in, not with the kinds of quirks people have.

The sun is slipping behind the skyscrapers downtown, casting the eastern parts of the city in shadow. From here, I’ve got a pretty good view of the city as the lights begin turning on in preparations for the coming night.

My stomach rumbles, demanding food. WHich is irritating because it had just upchucked everything at a moment’s notice.

I take a look in the fridge, hoping to find something remotely appetizing. Between the odds and ends of canned food like slivered bamboo shoots and beans to the containers of going moldy leftovers from the last 4 weeks, it doesn’t look promising. I pick up my phone, checking my bank account again.

5 dollars. Maybe if I scrounge around, I’ll find enough change to make it 7.51 and I can buy the burger meal from the McD’s down the street. God, a hamburger sounds so good right now--

My door rattles and I nearly drop my phone, bending to a defensive crouch and ready to summon my quirk when someone knocks several times.

“Kami?” the muffled voice comes from the other side. “It’s me, Kiri. Would you let me in?”

Sliding the bolt back, I hold the door and stare at the bags of groceries he’d carried from the store a few blocks down. I glimpse a carton of strawberries, which look delicious, and a bag of apples and oranges. Anything else is hidden in the depths of the three bags. I close the door, making sure to bolt and testing the knob before turning my back to it.

“Did you carry that all the way from the store?” I ask, closing the door and relocking it.

“It’s not that far.” Kiri answers, placing the bags on the countertop he begins unloading them. “And your fridge is really empty.”

“You bought groceries for me??” I exclaim in dismay.

“Why not?”

“Because I… well, I can pay you back but I can’t until my next--”

“You don’t owe me damn thing, Kami. Don’t be stubborn, okay?” Kiri cuts me off as he places several strange looking boxes of tea on the counter. “Besides, I’m going to be eating it too. Except for this.” He says, sliding the box of tea towards me I pick it up. “That’s for you.”

“Expecting Mothers?” I read the label aloud. “Ginger root? Lemon? Peppermint? Formulated for expecting omegas?”

“It’ll help with your morning sickness.” Kiri explains. “And should help you at night too.”

So he went and bought all this stuff for me and while it was a kind gesture, it must’ve been because I’d given the impression that I wasn’t looking after myself very well.

“What?” Kiri asks while examining my face.


“Kami, with you it’s never just ‘nothing’. If something is bothering you, tell me. I can’t read your mind so you need to talk to me.”

“I just… thanks? I guess? But I really just haven’t had the time to go shopping and was going to do it next week after I got paid.”

“Its supposed to last a while and besides, youre eating for three now. Not only that, they’re my kids too so I should help with groceries and other things.” Kiri says with a faint smile. “I want to help so don’t argue with me, okay?’

“Yeah.” I finally agree, rubbing the back of my neck. “Okay, that makes sense.”

Kiri doesn’t say anything but the look on his face is making me suspicious.

“What?” I growl.

“I don’t want to piss you off but… if money is so tight for you, maybe you should consider moving into your parent’s house?”

That wasn’t what I’d expected to hear and I was a little disappointed, if I’m being honest. Kiri recognizes the scowl on my face and holds his hands up in surrender.

“I’m just asking! I mean, I get it that it's your parent’s house and all but I’m worried about you. So are your parents. Your mom is pretty cool by the way.”

“Oh really? Did you give her a report of your financial status?”

Kiri laughs, moving cartons to the fridge. “She was only making sure that her grandkids were going to be taken care of.”

“Seriously? I knew you’d take my mother’s side!” I grumble, putting the box of tea down and filling the electric kettle. “I can’t believe you think my mom is neat.”

“Why not?”

“That’s… not the word I’d have used to describe her.” I say, turning the faucet off.

“Actually, she reminds me a lot of you. I can see where you get it.”

I glare at him. “Where I ‘get it’?” I say with another scowl.

Kiri just smiles and wisely keeps his mouth shut. I set the filled kettle back on it’s electric coil and turn the switch on, going into the sitting room and folding my legs under me as I sit on the couch, turning the TV on.

Kiri is messing around with a pan in the kitchen and I browse my phone, stumbling across this crafting site and before I knew it, I was adding yarn and hooks, glue and glitter into a shopping cart for later perusal.

When I become aware of this I, as Bakugou would eloquently put it, asked myself what the fuck am I doing? I have never been interested in crafty stuff before, ever! It’s boring as shit. Damn, this omega hormonal instinct shit is real !

I’m momentarily distracted by the smell of something being fried in a pan, mouth watering as my stomach rumbles uneasily again. The kettle’s switch pops up, indicating it’s finished. I decide to try some of the ginger root tea, since I’ve heard how good this stuff is for queasy stomachs.

Kiri is doing something with rice and I have to ask myself when’s the last time I’d actually cooked something. It’s been takeout and cafeteria food for a while, which is why I thought why my thickening waistline had been, well, thickening.

I remember I’d missed taking the prenatal vitamin and use the tea to wash the pill down, returning to the couch to pretend like I was watching TV and end up back on that crafting website. I have plenty of things to do other and don’t need to learn knitting on top of that. God, knitting ? Of all the things to sound appealing, that’s the one my brain picks.

“What’cha looking at there?” Kiri wonders and I stare at the steaming plate of rice and stir fried vegetables doused in sauce.

“Nothing.” I say, tossing the phone aside and taking the plate. “What’s this? Smells good.”

“Just a quick go-to meal I make on nights that have been pretty crazy.” Kiri explains, chopsticks at the ready.

It’s really good and I recall rice being one of the easy-to-handle-foods for upset stomachs. He really didn’t have to do this but I appreciated it anyway. Actually, I appreciate it alot.

“I’ve been thinking about names.” Not really but I said it as a way to break the silence, since both of us were finished eating. It’s mostly dark now, the skyscrapers lit up against the sky and a chopper’s blades thrum overhead.

“Yeah? So, um, do you know what we’re having?”

“No not yet.” I explain. “But I’m hoping to find out with this next appointment.” I admit and I can see the huge grin on Kiri’s face from the corner of my eye.

“I’d like to name one of them after mom.”

“I think that’s a great idea.”

“You can name the other. Seems only fair.”

“Okay.” Kiri agrees with a chuckle. “Sure. Hm, I wonder what quirk they’ll take after.”

“Maybe it's going to be a mix. Something like, electric rocks or something.”

Kiri starts laughing. “Electric Unbreakable, that’ll get some attention!” He agrees. “Hm, but I’d like to name one after us, ya know?”

I turn my head and look at him, surprised. “After us?” I ask for clarification.

“Maybe start a kind of naming tradition or something.”

I grin, finding the whole idea amusing. Some families did that and to some families, it was very important.

“Sure. Why not.” I shrug.

Now that the smell of the fried food wasn’t clogging my senses, I was becoming aware of Kiri’s smell again. His scent is just as intoxicating now as it was back in highschool.

“It’s going to be tough.” I say, resting my chin on one of my knees. “I still want to be a Pro and all.”

“Of course you can. I know lots of Hero parents.’ Kiri says with energy. “In fact, there’s more Pros who do have kids that don’t. I think it’s mostly the singles that don’t stick it out.”

“Why do you think that?” I ask, puzzled to hear this. Seems like singles make up most of working Pro, not less!

“Well,” Kiri begins thoughtfully here, “because they don’t have anything to protect. I mean, they do but they don’t have that motivation like a parent does, needing to keep the streets safe.”

I can see he’s put a lot of thought into this, which isn’t a bad thing. I’d just...never thought about it before. But that’s Eijirou for you. He gets so lost in his own thoughts sometimes, it’s kinda cute.

I look away, hoping he wouldn’t notice the tips of my ears turning red.

“I suppose youre right.” I agree after a moment, staring at the TV screen.

“So, uh, just so you know, I’m going to be moving back to the city.” Kiri says after a moment.

“What?” I exclaim, head snapping up quickly. “You’re moving back?”

“I’ve already talked to Fatgum about it.” Kiri says with a grin. “And I’ve already gotten a few of callbacks for interviews from the other agencies.”

“I-I see.”

I wasn’t sure what to think about it. I was excited that he was going to be back in the city again, which means he’s going to be closer again. But…

“What’s the matter?” Kiri asks, homing in on whatever tiny signal I must’ve given that not everything was well with me.

“It’s nothing.” I sigh but I know full well I can’t get away with that. After a moment, the stern look Kiri is giving me makes me crack like a nut.

“I’m just… would you even be thinking about me at all? If it wasn’t for this?” I ask while gesturing towards my belly. Kiri doesn’t say anything at first but he’s smiling, it’s warm and he’s looking at me in a way that I can only describe as fondness.

“Denki, you’re always on my mind.” Kiri assures me. “I already told you why I even went to Mina’s party in the first place. I wasn’t lying! Why else would I have traveled 3 hours through the miserable traffic? It wasn’t to get shit faced, I can do that at home with my other drinking buddies!”

“I just…” I begin haltingly, not sure how I should put this.

“Talk to me Kami, I wanna know what youre feeling.” Kiri says, encouraging me to continue.

“Listen, you know my dad is my step dad, right?”

Kiri nods, waiting for me to continue. “My dad got pregnant with me and, well, that’s the only reason my parents stuck it out. And he didn’t even do that very well either. I’d have thought that an omega’s instinct was, well, stronger than that.” And it worried me a bit too. I hadn’t wanted to have pups, so was I going to end up like my dad? Would I end up dumping Kiri with the pups and disappearing like my dad had done to us?

“Denki, you’re not like that! You would never do something like that!” Kiri says without hesitation, holding my gaze. “I think you’re going to be the best mom or dad or whatever that anyone could as for! And I’ll be right there with you, not just because you’re carrying my pups! Not just because it’s the right thing to do! I…” He begins and falters, eyes dropping before looking into my eyes again, the look of determination on his face. “I love you, Denki.”

I stare at him, searching his face for any telltale twitch, any sign that he’s just saying that to make me feel better. There’s this warm feeling inside that grows exponentially as I realize, with no uncertainty, that I love him with everything I have. I always have, in retrospect, I just never admitted it to myself before.

A flush of heat courses through my veins and I suddenly want him, want to touch him, kiss him, have him in me right here, right now.

Without another word I lean forward and kiss him, hard.

God that feels good! My body is on fire and I want to be closer, as Kiri recovers from his initial surprise he wraps a hand around the back of my neck and I climb into his lap, straddling him without breaking contact between our lips.

I grind down against his already hardening cock, swallowing his moan and asking for more.

“K-Kami!” He pants, hands on my hips as he pulls me away, face flushed and pupils dilating.

“Mm?” I ask and start sucking on his neck. I want to mark him, let everyone know that this alpha is mine and mine alone and that this omega is staking a claim.

“I can’t… too much…” He breaths as he rests his hands against my sides.

“It’s okay, EIji.” I mouth around his neck. “I want you! I want you so bad!”

There’s a heat under my skin, tremors of pleasure stealing through my abdomen as I grind our clothed cocks together again.

“Y-you sure?” Kiri asks, the desperate question hanging in the air.

“Those were the sweetest things I’ve ever heard you say, Eiji! Bite me Eiji, make me yours!”

“Denki…” He gasps, pulling me away from him again and finally getting me to look him in the eyes. “Are you sure thats what you want?”

“You idiot!” I snap and he looks taken aback. “Do I really have to spell it out for you?”

He blinks a couple times and then grins at me and it’s like the sun has come back up just to fill the room with it’s radiance.

“I love you.” He says and now it’s my turn to be taken aback. I scowl, burying my face in his neck. “I needed to know because I’m not going to stop.” Kiri explains. “Because I really want you, Denki. I want your everything and I’m not going to stop.”

Took ya long enough! My fingers laced behind his neck, inhaling his incredibly stimulating scent. Tangy orange juice on warm, sandy beaches... fresh, salty ocean air... I never really could put it into words.

“Take me Eiji, take all of me!” I mumble against his neck and he grinds upward, the shock of pleasure that shoots through me leaves me gasping in delight.

“Wanna take this into the bedroom?” He asks with eyes that smolder with lust.

Yes. ” I say and then squeak in surprise when Kiri’s hands grip my butt cheeks hard. He stands up quickly and I wrap my legs around him, giggling as he carries me into the bedroom. Laying us both on the bed so that he’s leaning over me, we press together and there’s another, delicious grind.

“God you smell so good.” He mumbles, tucking his face against my neck as I bare it, letting him get as close as he wants. “You have no idea how hard it was to not be hard whenever you were in the room!

“Pfft!” I scoff. “That was cheesy.”

Kiri laughs and it’s this deep, husky sound that reverberates down my spine and goes straight to my groin. God, I love his deep, sexy laugh. It’s a sound I haven’t heard in much too long and I didn’t realize just how much I’d missed it.

I push my elbows against the bed and Kiri, sensing what I wanted, rolls over with hands on my hips until he’s laying on his back and I’m straddling him once again. I kiss him, hard and sloppy again, desperately grinding and moving against him. His hands slip down the back of my shorts, fingers parting my cheeks and holding me in place while grinding hard not just against my cock but also my clothed clitorous.

Oh god! ” I breath, spreading me knees further to each side and opening myself up to more of this wonderful contact. I’m  starving, thirsting man in the desert and I’ve just been given a banquet.

“Hm, no underwear, huh?” Kiri muses in a low, deep growl. His voice his dripping with arousal and I can feel him beneath me, straining against his clothes.

“This is my underwear.” I explain. Already the slick dampens my clothes and my hard cock is straining against the fabric is starting to get a little uncomfortable.

Kiri flips me over suddenly, pinning me to the bed with a surprised but pleased yelp.

“I’m going to get the condom.” He says, nipping almost painfully along the side of my neck.

“Don’t bother with that!” I say, still clinging to him. “Kinda pointless now, dont’cha think?”

“Are you sure?”

“Eiji, are you gonna fuck me or not?”

He laughs, sitting up and peeling his shirt off, throwing it and then helping me out of my own shirt.

“I’m going to make love to you, Denki.” He whispers against my lips, our chests pressing together with each quick breath we take. He rolls and pinches my nipples, the sounds coming out of my mouth are so embarrassing that I clap a hand over it.

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.” Kiri smirks down at me.

“I-It’s just really tender right now.” I stammer.

“So, if I do this…” he says and clamps his mouth onto my left nipple.

“Ahhmm!” I moan, back arching into him from the sensations of tongue licking and flicking my nub, fingers playing with the other.

“God… oh, god!” I groan, gripping handfuls of thick, luscious red locks. Once he’s had his fun with my nipples and they’re good and raw, he moves down, kissing my belly with such tenderness. The flame between my legs flares to life when he kisses the tip of my beading cock and I wonder if I could’ve come right then and there. My heart pounds and the heat burning beneath my skin means I’m probably beet red in the face. Planting kisses around my groin he avoids my aching cock any further, sliding his shoulders under my knees and bracing one hand under my hips, he props my hips up slightly.

By now, my slick is coming pretty freely and Kiri, like all alphas, finds himself drunk on it’s aphrodisiac properties. His thumbs spread my cheeks and he tongues my hole, getting me to make all sorts of noises while I tug and pull impatiently on his hair.

“Oh god, Eiji! Come on! Put it in!”

Just be patient his looks says, eyes meeting mine and slipping his tongue inside. Another moan tears itself from my throat, rolling my hips against him in great need.

“I want you now, Eiji!” I pant, rolling my hips against him. “ Please !”

That seems to do the trick because Kiri sits up, my knees still hooked over his shoulders and lines his cock up with one hand, the other still tightly gripping my hip.

“Yes!” I breath as his thick head pushes through my entrance. “Yes, just like that!” The burn prickles around my entrance, complaining about the stretch but it feels so good , like scratching an itch I couldn’t reach.

Now both of Kiri’s hands are under my hips, resting me against his thighs while he leans his weight back.

“Denki... you’re so tight… fuck, you’re so hot right now! You feel amazing! God how I’ve missed you! ” He says, eyes half closed and unfocused as he concentrates on relishing the sensations of our joining that spread through us both.

I lift my hips and slam down, appreciating the way my tight hole still burns around his cock, both of us left gasping in surprise from the shock of pleasure this brings. Kiri waits, watching me as I impale myself on him when his ever tightening hold on my hips finally clamps down possessively. Unable hold himself back any longer, he thrusts hard and furiously, nailing my prostate on the first try.

“Ah! Eiji! Hm! So good! Ah! Ha!”

He growls, licking his lips and running his tongue over those sharp teeth of his as a knowing smirk spreads across his face. Holding my hips down as our bodies smack into each other, I don’t bother muffling the cries of pleasure wrenched from me as I’m already too far gone to care.

Eijirou leans forward, bending me in half and kissing me. He lets go of my hips and leans his weight onto his palms, the bed dipping on either side of me as he pounds me into the squeaking, squealing bed. This new angle gives him more leverage, evidenced by the sharp, searing pleasure that shoots through me each time he hits my clit. The gland on my neck aches fiercely, I reach up and realize just how swollen it really was. Just touching it feels so good but only seems to leave it aching more, begging to be touched just like my cock that bounces against my abdomen.

My orgasim proves elusive, teaseing along the edge.

“ ’m close, Eiji! So close!” Head turned, shoulders dropped, I bare my neck and our eyes meet.

“Fuck! Eiji, I need more! Please, Eiji!

He covers me and his teeth sink deep into my shoulder. The scorching pain is something I’ll not soon forget. The pain is followed by the most exquisite rush I’ve ever known and the energy building under my skin is released in one bright, exploding charge.

When the swollen gland was pierced, it left an oddly satisfying feeling, as well as sound, of something being popped. Shivers run down my spine from the release of pressure there, my body clenching hard around him as my back arches off the bed. I cry out in relief as loud as I wanted, lost in hot pleasure and chased by the one of the sweetest highs I’ve ever known.

Eijirou growls around my shoulder, stirring me from my reviere while his member is pulsating hotly, filling me with heat. Cracks form along one side of his face, one eye stretched into sharpened angles as he continues thrusting, though not quite as hard as before because he’s waiting for his knot to take hold. Only when his knot forms, locking us together, does he relinquish his hold on my neck. Now, we’re gently rocking together, his knot pressed up against my prostate in the most delicious way.

“Denki?” He asks, voice gravelly. I open my eyes to see him leaning over me, resting on his elbows. “Are you okay?”

“Oh god ...” I huff between pants, letting go of his thighs to give him a cheesy thumbs up with both hands. “That was… awesome! God, this feels so good !”

It’s like we’d never been apart. He still knew what I liked and how to give me maximum pleasure, although it only had only been 3 months it still felt like a lifetime.

I moan with delight when I come again, back arching off the bed and when the gentle thrusting of his hips continues, I’m pushed into clitorial overstimulation. Since I’m much more sensitive because of the pregnancy, this wasn’t hard to do. His knot continues to rub against my prostate gland, leaving me trembling, gasping and moaning from my confused state of pain and pleasure. We’ve only ever gotten this far a few times before, when it had been really good and when we both had plenty of energy to spare.

“Oh god!” I pant breathlessly and clear fluid spills from my cock, joining the cum splattered across my belly and chest.

Kiri chuckles that deep, throaty sound I loved to hear so much, kissing my shoulder and licking the bite mark, tingling from the touch of his rough tongue. I latch onto his shoulder, biting as hard as I could. These marks will telegraph our forged bond in the days to come, proving not only to the world but to myself that we’re together as mates. As mates. That was going to take some getting used to.

And then I was done, exhausted and whining as Kiri works on getting a fourth orgasm out of me. It’s close, bubbling under my skin and leaving me panting harsly as my fingers dig into his arms.

“Come on babe, one more.” Kiri says, pupils blown wide as he stares at my face. “Come one more time for me.”

With a shuddering sigh, I come and then collapse limp against the bed, hands sliding to either side. Kiri can see that I’ve had enough and stops moving, staring down at me with an expression both tender and fierce. We’re stuck together in a sweaty tangle of limbs, just enjoying the following quiet and satisfaction of being so thoroughly sexed out.

Kiri’s fingers thread through my sweaty hair, kissing me softly on the mouth and cheek and eyes.

“God, I love you.” He mumbles, sucking at my neck. “So much.”

“I love you… too.” I say, still trying to catch my breath.

“You sure you’re okay? That was pretty rough, I hope I didn’t hurt anyone.”

I chuckle because he sounded so concerned it was so cute and sweet.

“No, Eiji. You’ve made me very, very happy.”

“I aim to please.” He says with that sexy chuckle that’s music to my ears. His knot begins deflating, allowing us to slip apart. I can’t sit up, I don’t have the energy or the strength to do much of anything except lie here and sleep.

“Come on, babe.” Kiri says, bringing me back to wakefulness as he helps me to sit up.

“Hm? What?” I ask.


“Okay, fine.” I sigh, allowing him to carry me into the bathroom since I didn’t think my legs could carry me right now. I also didn’t want to sleep in our bodily fluids either so tired as I was, I needed to shower.

The last time we’d been here, we’d had lovely, steamy hot shower sex. If I wasn’t so exhausted...

“What’re you grinning about?” Kiri asks, his own smirk widening as he no doubt remembers this too.

I slide my arms around his neck, hanging off him as he’s holding me up by my hips.

“You.” I say and lean in for a kiss. Reaching around for the bottle of liquid body soap, I noticed the angry red scratches on his arms and shoulders, there’s probably more down his back and sides. I blush but at least we’re under a stream of hot, foggy water. Popping the cap, the faint smell of the spicy cologne soap always brought back a slew of wonderful memories.

“So, you still have this, huh?”

“It’s the only stuff I buy anymore.” I admit as I smooth palms slicked with soap over his shoulders, down his sides and around his incredible, round ass. My hands linger there, squeezing.

“Don’t tell me you’re ready for more.” Kiri says with this incredulous tone in his voice.

“This whole being pregnant thing makes me really tired.” I answer, already so drained that I can hardly keep my eyes from closing. “I’m just appreciating for later perusal.”

Kiri chuckles, head shaking and he pecks me on the forehead. “Then let’s hurry and get you out of here.”

Once the soaps been rinsed off, I’m so tired that I don’t bother with putting lotion on and will just deal with my dry, itchy skin in the morning. Changing the sheets, we’re lying soon with my back pressed up against Kiri’s chest, just basking in the warm, comforting scent of each other.

My heart's so full it’s going to burst. So, this is what happiness is. Our imperfect, chaotic happiness. My only regret was not doing something about it sooner.

“Warm, caramelized sugar over ripe peaches.” Kiri speaks, stirring me from my dozing. “Doused in fresh, sweet cream.”

“What are you talking about?” I wonder and hope he’s talking about what he wants to make for dinner tomorrow. I think I saw some peaches in one of those bags, now that I think about it.

“It’s you.” Kiri explains with a slight chuckle. “Thats what I think of when I smell you.”

I smile, bringing my knees closer to my chest and forming more of a ball while my mate wraps his arms around me.

“Well, you’re ocean and sand, salty and tangy like oranges. Or salt covered grapefruit. Something like that.”

Kiri snickers, snugging closer and resting his face against my neck. “I like that. You know, I’m so glad Bakugou talked me into going to Mina’s party.”

I huff in surprise. “ Bakugou talked you into going to a party?”

“Yeah I know. I should have known something was up. I think he and Mina have been planning this for a while.”

“Why?” I have to wonder aloud. Our friends are meddlesome and all so I wasn’t exactly surprised. ”Oh, by the way, Mina is throwing a baby shower for me.”

“What is it with everyone and baby showers?” Kiri wonders.

“That’s what I thought!” I say with a laugh. At least we share the same train of thought after three months apart.

“My mom wants to do one too.”

“Really?” I ask, more skeptical than anything.

“Well, you gotta meet the family at some point.” Kiri says.

“Yeah, that’s true.” I say and then sigh, trying to work myself up to asking him something.

“What’s the matter?”

“How the hell do you keep doing that?” I demand. I didn’t like it, not at all.

“I’ve always had a really good sense of smell, Kami. And on top of that, I know you so well.”

“So, youre saying that everytime I’m bothered about something, you can smell it?”

“I can tell that something’s changed.” Kiri explains. “I’ve noticed that there’s this metallic tang whenever you’re stressing about something. So tell me what’s bothering you?”

I sigh, since I hadn’t planned on talking about this until morning.

“I was gonna say… you don’t have to, ya know, look for another place if you don’t want to.”

“Oh?” He says. Okay, now he’s just teasing me.

“I wouldn’t mind having you move in here but if you don’t want to I get it and I won’t be mad. It’s just an option so I thought--”

“I’d love to.” Kiri says, cutting me off and kissing the nape of my neck, pressing in the curve of his smile. “Thank you.”

I'm relieved. Not only does this mean we can stay together, it also means it’ll be all that much harder for this stalker to try anything. They’re probably just trying to scare me because that’s what gets these rat bastards off. But they’ll certainly notice the presence of a big, strong alpha around and will, hopefully, run off like the chicken shit they are. Normally, I wouldn’t rely on Kiri, or anyone else for that matter, for this kind of thing. I’m very capable of taking care of myself but it’s not only me that’s in the line of fire anymore. As surreal as it is, I have my pups to think about now.