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Hobbit Shorts

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Balin did not venture down in to the poorer district of the town very often, just every once in a while he would go down there to talk to the merchants and take notes for Thorin.
But today Balin were not out for Thorin, today he were in need of a new coat.

And he had been supriced to learn that according to all he spoke too, he had been pointed to a small tailor shop down here. Everyone had stated that as far as tailoring went, this place were the best.
So of he had gone.

Balin had not been quite sure what he had been expecting as he stepped in through the door to the small tailors shop.
The usual were of course expected, such as fabrics of different colors, patterns and verities filling the shelf's and behind the small old counter stood a dwarf.
The dwarf had not yet noticed Balin as he focused on the small dwarfling at his side.
He had not expected the small family.

He were gently petting the head of the small red headed dwarfling hugging his leg, whining softly in to his hip as the elder gently spoke:
“Nori, my gem, go rest.”
And even as muffled as the small voice were in the others hip, Balin could tell, that the young 'Nori' were sick and tired.
And if the messy mithril hair of the older dwarf were anything to go by, he were just as tired.

And so were the baby restring against his free shoulder, fussing and close to crying.
If Balin were to guess then the baby were sick as well.
At least if the greenish-gray substance on his free shoulder were anything to go by.

The dwarf spotted him then and a gentle blush spread over his cheeks.
“Oh! Hello... Dori at your service. What may I do for you?”
Balin dropped in to a bow as he responded:
“Balin, son of Fundin, at yours. It would appear I am in need of a new coat.”

Hair in disarray, bags under his eyes and covered with stains Balin were unsure of what they were from.
Dori were a mess.
But Balin had never seen anything so beautiful before in his life.