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Notepad Poetry

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when the blackness curls 
tightly around you
and i don’t know what to do
my heart shatters for the fifth time this week.
because you want me to give you faith
when i have about none.

you expect my soul to be pure
when it’s gasping for breath.
i hope God holds you tightly,
because right now-

i cannot.

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I adore you.

I adored you when I shook your hand
and said, “Nice to meet you.”
I adored you when I walked away
and you said, “Nice to meet you too.”

I adored you when you took me skating
and even when you laughed as I fell,
I adored you.

I adored you when you held my waist
as we danced. 
As the mgaic burst forth from our chests
and I shuddered from the weight of it all,
I still adored you.

When we kissed
and I felt small and afraid,
I adored you.

I adored you through summer
and fall
and winter
then spring.

I adored you as I pictured our future
of joy and pure unending love.

I adored you.

I adore you.

But I think that you just
stopped adoring me
the second you realized 
I was adoring you.

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words spill.
i wipe them up.
you ignore them.

words spill.
i scoop them up.
you’re reading the newspaper.

words spill.
i throw a veil over them.
you continue watching t.v.

words spill.
i hesitate.
you don’t notice.

words spill.
i leave them there;
i hope they burn into your heart and soul.

you ask me where we’re going for dinner.

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Loneliness is a chill that holds my jaw steady.
Loneliness sits on my chest and I can’t breathe.

Your arms are made of warmth that cups my cheeks.
You make me feel soft and it scares me.

But loneliness scares me more
because my jaw
is starting to ache.

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the lights are off-
my eyes are heavy.
you’re holding me
and i know you’ll let me
escape if i must
but my body is heavy.
haze comes in softly
and chokes me to sleep.
in my slumber,
i cannot breathe.
the world keeps moving
and trepidation keeps me under.

wake me up.

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My love for her is

sex dusted in flowery prose.

My love for him is

wrong but my love for her is

just as wicked.

I choke on their blood

and they call it my own.

Cut my chest,

I’m broken less

but still the example

of a fallen angel.

In the mornings I undress

and bathe in lust.

I lay aside my bottles of fire

and torture the ones of yesterday.

My breath drips with dirty passion

and my stench is of blood.

In reality-

I lay down beside her,

she holds my head as I whine

and she says,

“Turn the heat up.

You are cold.”

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I sat in class at ten years old and I was told
of the rolling fields and lush skies;
the wars that were fought and won;
the bloodshed was wrapped in packages 
that we sold in bite-sized pieces
for the kids to consume.

We lived with starry eyes and wide smiles;
spread it far and wide- America the beautiful.
Home of the brave.
I see opportunity on every sign in my street;
opportunity my mother carried as a young woman
and passed onto her quiver. 
America’s idea holds onto my heart.

Then I watch the rivers on the television screen
stain with blood.
I begin to wonder if I’ve outgrown
the American Dream.

On nights when I hear neighbors 
who shout in jubilee 
and nights my phone shrieks with 
letters bulging with hopeful faith and belief,
I turn the television off
and cradle the future’s dream.

I keep the dream nestled beside my friends
and my joys of being here-
even when the skies aren’t as bright
and the hope isn’t present,
I keep it beside me.

Sometimes my voice grows lurid 
during the storms in this place;
I make it gentle when we grieve
the storm’s destruction.

Through my life I shall sing-
The storm has come through 
and it changes us but I still
fight for change where it’s due
and I praise where we’ve grown.

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We live in separate mindsets,
define beauty with different terms.
You’re a fan of vivid colours and noise;
I like the gentle fade.

You sing with exuberance,
eyes trained to the skies.
I sing quietly with you,
much joy in my eyes.

You take leads but sometimes you fall back;
you always plaster your hurt
with an over-plastic laugh.
You wear sunlight in your smile,
moonlight in your hair.

You love too much but with more reservation than I
and your heart is crowned with dignity.
I hope whoever you find
treats it kindly.

We may move to different cities,
settle down in different towns.
We may live in different spectrums
of what we are, who we are
and what we’re meant to be-

But if you call me at three in the morning
and want to talk about
soup cans in our mailbox,

I am there.
And will always be
if I can help it.

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I’m sure that boots on bruised ribs hurt more than
and I’m sure that hips slamming into cabinets hurt more than
But I am so hateful right now
and I realised I haven’t let it go.
But I’m so pissed you didn’t bruise my ribs
or kick me into the cabinets.
Instead, you crushed the gentleness of an innocent.

And honestly?
I hate you for that.

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Claws are outside my window.
Claws are out there, waiting to rip me
away from you.

Why are we waiting?
We are alone!
It’s just you and I.

They’ve twisted the knob,
we need to leave.

Why are you still waiting?
For there is no one;
there is only you and I.

Darling, they creep near,
they catch our scent,
why in God’s name
are we still waiting?

And it hits me;
as they drag me away
and you run to her.

Oh my,
I guess it wasn’t just
you and I.

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He sits there beside me
and tends to my head;
he counts down the hours
and I break with dread.

He laughs when there’s no joke
then cries for a while.
He says that he loves me.
He praises my smile.

He gropes every piece 
that I have forsaken.
I try to return them
but find they are taken. 

He calls me his baby
and I tell him no.
He gets angry and
buries me in snow.

My family begs us to marry
and he agrees.
I am stuck in this house
with unspoken pleas.

In the night I cut away my pride;
he sleeps safe and sound.
And when he awakes;
he finds I’m not around.

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My world is a scene from a movie
that goes to slow.
Winter nights,
under the stars
wondering who I am
and where you are.

My world is a scene from a movie
and it’s tinged in grey.
Without you-
without him-
without her.

It’s lonely to know
I am alone.
In this scene that repeats 
over and over and