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There was the common area at each dormitory building of U.A., all of them equipped with a sort of gym stuff, but the students of all classes also had access to the school’s main gymnasium, with PE teachers working on commercial time to help them develop a routine fit to their abilities.

Needless to say, most people attending the main building were from the hero program. Usually, they would come for a month or so until their exercise circuit was set, and then they’d move on to working on their own until they felt like they needed a change, so the usual gym crew was from other courses, but you could bet your ass there would always be a hero freak going hard instead of going home in those equipment.

By the time Kirishima and Bakugo were in their 3rd year, it already was a known fact around the school that if they were in the gym at the same time as the couple, they’d be in for a treat.

Mina liked to say that Eijiro and Katsuki were pretty much legends in the physical education department, putting any crossfit crazy to shame, and she wasn’t exaggerating it – if word went around that they were heading to the gym, the place would certainly overcrowd in minutes, even though those people had seem them go about their business basically every single day.

That class A had been recognized as next level since their first year was a fact, but no one expected their popularity to last for so long. Had it been because they look pretty damn good or because they were up and coming hero prototypes, it was unsurprising to see Katsuki and Eijiro becoming two of the most popular U.A. students.

(or maybe, as Kaminari once said, they were just the most unsettling good looking couple they’d ever seen, and everyone had a hard one for them, but he only said that because he knew Bakugo wouldn’t hurt him much for saying such thing)

With a new circuit still being printed in their schedule, Katsuki headed to the bar for air squats while Eijiro started off with the weight lifting, a kid from 1st year responsible for spotting him. Luckily for many, the bikes and treadmills were sited right in front of the heavier machines, and anyone in those had a great view of the couple, cellphones in hand for another day releasing the monster.

If their popularity bothered them, they never let it show, and as a matter of fact, sometimes the multiple cameras would catch some steaming interaction.

“Any soreness yet?” Kiri asked when he finished his first round of weight lifting, taking a couple of minutes to rest, and Bakugo smirked, dropping to his feet.

“Babe, I’m just getting started,” he replied reaching for a towel to dry his face. Eijiro stepped closer, staying just a few inches from Katsuki, who frowned. “What do you want?”

“One for the masses?” he asked, ready to peck his boyfriend on the lips, but instead he met with a calloused hand to the face, pushing him away.

“Fuck off,” Katsuki replied. Instead of feeling hurt, Eijiro burst out in laugher and headed to his equipment. Putting a show or not, there was no changing Bakugo when it came down to PDA.