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Multi-Fandom Hunger Games

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Note: set in hunger games universe, but doesn't involve said fandom. this is one of my first fics, so sorry if it stinks. Also I am new to ao3 I shall fix the grammar later

The scene opens to a woman in black shorts and a sleeveless band tee, she was fair skinned with brown hair and green eyes. she smiled brightly staring intently at the camera with her microphone held high enough to speak through. her extroverted personality betrayed the grimness of the hour which had ironically become normality over the last 30 years. this woman was called Evallene, and she was the capital's top news reporter, especially in the hunger games report. she was also president Aaron's daughter. as the camera's red light turned on, she began to speak.

"Hello Panem, It's that time of year again, and the games have began again, but with a twist! we shall bring in tributes of other universes!" she said excitedly.

the camera zoomed out to show a flat device rectangular with two circles, and many translucent metal lines which were revealed to be wind tunnels upon closer inspecion protruding from the side onto twelve glass spherical bowls without holes on the top each one holding slips of paper with names written in bionary code. Evallene picked up an intricate remote for the decice from the podium which her microphone now resided. she hit a button and the first glass bowl surged with electricty in the form of a blue light as a wind spun the slips of paper within the bowl. two slips of paper went through the translucent tubes and the main tube which all twelve fed into split into two which fed into two slots on either side of the rectangular device.

Note: the rectangular device is a teleport pad, and the glass sphere-bowls are now called ballet bowls)

the two circles began to glow with a purple black light as two figures began to take shape on them. one a male, and one a female. the male was a fairly tall football headed teen with a look of arrogance upon his face and a gun in his hand. the female teen wore a pink attire and benie with glasses and a startled, half worried expression on her face.

Evallene beamed with excitement and said "Straight from Petoria (Family guy universe name) we have the siblings Meg, and Stew "Stewie" Griffin!"
Meg smiled with a clueless look, and Stew frowned, realising which universe he was in as he recently integrated his multiverse checker into his gun. he then grinned, self satisfiedly, the makinks of a plan to takeover panem and win the games taking shape in his mind. he feigned the ignorence as to what the games were, and would pretend to share the reporters glee as not to reveal his intention. Meg relaxed slightly at the sight of stewie cause he was atleast someone she knew and shared stew and the reporter's
joy to avoid looking clueless. it was stewie who broke the silence.

"Meg? where the devil are we, and why did you drag me to one of your sleepovers with this attractive woman?" stew asked as the reported smiled slightly, her cheaks a slight pinkish red. Evallene took her moment to introduce hereself "This is the 30th annual hunger games of course! an annual multiversal event which you two, and twenty-two others shall pertisipate in!"

Meg beamed after wiping a tear of sweat, blissfully unaware of what the games were. "Games? OOOOH! sounds fun!" Stew mentally faceplammed and stepped off the teleport pad circle gesturing Meg to do the same.

the second ballet bowl lit with the same blue light as the first as two more tributes were selected.

there was a red and blue light as two males stepped out on to the teleport pad.

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"From the shinigami realm's companion universe Shagisill (Death note universe name), Light Yagami, and the misterious Ryuzaki!"

the red light unfolded and a brown haired teen dressed in a brown formal suit stepped out a piece of paper sticking out of his boot. L stepped out of the blue light. he was a pale dark brown eyed guy dressed in a simple white tee and jeans.

Light crossed his arms mentally cursing his luck, and L introduced himself "I am Ryuzaki, and this is my college Light, who might you be and where are we?" L asked raising an eyebrow slightly. Evallene explained the games as L and Light then followed Meg and Stew to the apartments they'd stay for for training.

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The electricity surged through yet another ballet ball and a pinkish white light and two females, one with pink hair and one with black hair stepped off the teleport pad. Eevilene introduced the crying, and why girls respectively as Sacura and Hitana as they went to meet the only current other girl in the games meg.

The next contestants appeared from a green and red light of teleport,taking shape as a blonde haired male in black robes with green accents along with a grin radiating overconfidence, and the brown haired female word similar attire but with red accents. evilene introduced them "from Hogwarts Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy!"

The next contestants were an odd sight, one was a grey robot, the other a purple haired one eyed female human. "From the year three thousand Bender B. Rodriguez, and Taranga Liela!" evilene said introducing the two.

Evilene opened her mould to announce the next contestants but a strange whirring sound interrupted her. Startled, the reporter jumped and spin around doing a double take.behind her a british dark blue police telephone\public call box began to materialize. Out of the box walked a ginger haired female in a brown leather jacket with an annoyed look upon her face. She was followed by a man in a black pinstripe suit, and messy brown spiked hair, he wore a grin, and scratched his head with a curious look, then he said was rather supprised to see earth rather than Fiddlespoon. Evaline