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taking the control

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A/N: Hello before you begin Reading, if am going to say some things.

I have noticed that there is no Danny phantom smut (F/M) so I will write one, to see how it goes.

My first language is not English so forgive the bad grammar

This is not going to be a serious story, I tried that with another fic and I am stuck trying to see if I either abandon it or just finish it with some rushed chapters.

This will be a one shot. If I got more than 15 reviews/favs, I might make more

I am not going to bother with plot holes; it is a bitch trying to justify something. I will give short or no explanations.

So if the characters are too different from canon, do not complain.

Just do not ask and enjoy the story, and do not think too much about it.

The chapter happens during control freaks, and begins after the detention (with lancer) of them for being discovered in Circus Gothica. The incident of Danny skipping detention (and imprisoning lancer) occurred like 2 pm, the encounter in Circus Gothica about 9 pm there are seven hours more or less for the events happening.
The "fight" with Val was short, but to be fair Danny knew her identity and always hold back, now he did not. From here everything is going to be an AU I will try to see how it evolves.

Library at Casper High

"I wanted to experience something horrific and unimaginable". (Holds up Circus Gothica ticket). "This isn't what I had in mind" (watches Lancer clip his toe. nails)
"We can always go to the circus tomorrow. That is, assuming we're not grounded and your parents let me within two-hundred feet of you."
"Guess we'll have to settle for the live web-cast of opening night." (Hiding PDA behind a book)
Freak show appears on Tucker's PDA.
"Freak show: Creatures of the night, unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica!"
"Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica..." Danny walks towards the door
"And just where do you think you're going, Mr. Fenton?" (Jumps in front of Danny)
Danny's eyes turn red, he smiles and leaps into Lancer.
"Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica..." (Walks into janitor closet)
Danny phases out and locks Lancer inside.
"Cask of Amontillado! (Bangs on door) Let me out, let me out!"
"Danny, what are you doing? We're in too much trouble as it is!"
"No such thing as too much trouble. Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica." (Phases through ceiling)
"Man. We better follow him."
"(sarcastic) Oh no! But that would mean skipping detention and going to the circus! (Notices Tucker's stare) Hello? Irony" (grabs Tucker and runs off)
With Danny in the forest outside of amity park
Danny was flying to Circus Gothica to unleash his dark side. Given the fact that he was flying up to the forest (the circus was outside the city and passing the forest) where there is no ghosts and/or ghost hunters he could be forgiven for not noticing that Valerie was on the ground training in the same forest.
Valerie was training in the forest, in the provisional training grounds she created, it was more a cave where she put her personal belongings and road of obstacles and targets than anything else, but still in her opinion it was perfect. The place was so inside the forest so no one would bother her, and it had everything she needed to improve and get better. Hell, it even had a small source to take a bath if she wished.
She created this place a few days after receiving the ghost hunter equipment, because obviously she needed to practice how to use it, yes the jet sled was "automatic" but the guns and the rest weren't, just because she could throw saw blades and press a button to shoot, that didn't mean she could hit the target, she needed to practice to do that. It wasn't like she could train in her house, not only for the lack of space but also because her father will have discovered her.
Therefore, she came here to train; after all running in to the woods was a good way of build stamina.
She had been coming here after school and trained until night, She always practiced in her suit, she felt comfortable in it, it was incredible flexible and didn't limited her movements, hell it was almost like being naked, and best of all for some reason it didn't ended smelling of sweat like other normal clothes she used (she suspected that there might be some sophisticated technology or some shit like that, but she didn't really care).
She was distracted with her thoughts, when the ghost detector beeped.
Ghost signature detected
She removed her hood and looked at the sky to see the ghost scum, and was surprised to see with ghost it was.
"Phantom" hissing
"Mm… he hasn't seen me, I have the element of surprise if I attack him right now I will have the advantage, I could finally get rid of him," she said to herself
Without more thinking, she took her bazooka and shoot before she lost sight of phantom.
The blast hit Danny and sent him crashing into the nearby threes and finally the ground. He groaned as he picked himself off the ground and blinking at seeing Val in front of him.
"I am going to destroy you where you stand ghost" Valerie was confident that she would take him today.
It was never a good idea to engage in a fight with a powerful ghost, especially one that wasn’t going to hold back.
"Jajaja, ah Val that is a good joke, didn't we have this exact conversation some time ago? Like I do not know…yesterday. “Chuckling
"Yes, but this time will be different ghost, I stabbed you last time and really hurt you, and there is no way in hell you could have healed so fast" smirking at seeing phantom angry expression.
"Yes thanks for reminding me Val, maybe I should repay you the favor"
Before Val could respond Danny pounced her and tried to take her weapon and disarm her, but she didn't let it go.
"What the hell, you shouldn't be this strong," said while struggling to keep her weapon
"I have always been this strong, I am just not holding back right now” he then hits her in her left leg and she drops her weapon because of the pain.
"Ahhh!" she screamed and falls in the ground in pain.
Danny took advantage of that, created an ecto rope and proceeded to tie her legs and her hands behind her back. He then puts her down with her back against the ground, once done he removes her hood and while kneeling he stops her from struggling and makes her face him.
"Seriously Val, we danced this tune before, what made you think this was going to be any different?" curiosity in his voice
"I caught you by surprise, this should have been easy" said Valerie while wincing in pain and struggling to get free.
"You are really a slow learner like skulker, aren't you? Maybe I should do something harsher to show you not to mess with me" Chuckling
"Go ahead scum, do your worst I am not afraid" confident that she could take a beat down. The idea of him using a permanent solution never crossed her mind.
"You know Val I was going to unleash my dark side at Circus Gothica, but why wait until then?"
Danny got up from his knelling position and was preparing to launch and ecto ray to implement the "idea" of Sam to just break her legs (she was kind of vindictive when someone hunted her best friend), after all if she was confined to a wheelchair she couldn't hunt him, when suddenly he noticed how erotic Val looked right then.
Val was in her jumpsuit bound and helpless; struggling to get free but it did her no good. She had couldn't break her bonds, and no time or patience to try and loosen them by relaxing and flexing.
Seeing her in her jumpsuit tied up and completely at his mercy reminded him of the porn videos and pictures that he saw on the internet (sue him he was a teenager).
"What are you waiting ghost? You think you are going to scare me with the suspense? Begin to bet me if you want but when I am back in health I will came for you" angry with the ghost for thinking he could scare her.
That broke Danny of his trance.
"You know Val, I was thinking of breaking your legs to take you out of the game," said Danny like he was speaking of the weather.
A chill run down her spine, for the first time Val realized that she was helpless, for the first time she realized the danger she was.
"I-I am not afraid of you phantom, if you do something like that I will report you to the police, it doesn't matter if my identity is discovered, everyone will know that you did it" trying and falling to hide the silver of fear it was forming inside of her.
"Relax Val I said WAS. After all it will be a pity that someone with such beautiful legs can't use them anymore" chuckling
Before Val knew what was going on, she found her head forcefully put onto the ground again. "G-Ghost, phantom, w - what are you doing?" asked a frightened and shocked Valerie, who was trying to pull herself from the ground and failing to do it.
At any other time, she would be angry and starting to insult and curse the ghost, but right now, she was too afraid and shocked to do so.
"W - What's going o - on phantom?" Val asked again, as she tried to remain calm, "What's g - gotten into you?"
"What has gotten into me?, it's a short story, we are alone and thousand miles away from civilization, you are a bitch that is has been hunting me and will never stop hunting me even if you don't have a good reason, all because according to you I am nothing more than an animal that should be put down."
"Not a good reason? not a good reason?, you ruined my…"
"Ruined your life blab la bla, that is not a good one, so I will make both of us a favor" said Danny while ogling her body.
She was getting worried about the looks phantom was giving her and whatever sick plans he was forming.
"What are you planning to do with me?"
"Why Val? You are slow, aren't you? I will rape you of course" chuckling
"R-rape me?" now she was really afraid "b-but you can’t, you are a ghost and I am a human, a-and and ghost can´t have sex that easily they... " shuttering unintelligible things
"Why not? It will give you a good reason and even the right to hunt me, for me, I will have my revenge on you, have some fun and it will let me unleash my dark side" happily explaining like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Val became horrified at the idea as Phantom was walking up to her. As he got near to her, she tried to fight the bounds she was in. As he got next to her, he ran his hand over her entrance, making her shiver.
Danny smiled at the fear that Val was showing, it excited him, he felt her need to fight, to get away from him and he liked it.
"Now I think I should have some fun with you." Smirking
Valerie looked fearful as Danny was walking up to her. With the shock of what was happening, she didn't react in time as Danny lift by her hair, using force to push her against a nearby tree and began to kiss her.
However, when He forced his tongue into her mouth, and begun to play with the entrance of her pussy, before pushing his fingers into her, it took a few moments before her senses kicked in again and bite down onto Phantom's tongue. Whilst this had the effect she wanted, having him stop and back away a bit, it also made him angry.
"You fucking bitch!" Danny snapped at Val as he fought against the pain, as he slapped her hard and knocking her to the ground again.
Danny was happy that Val was going to be an easy girl, seeing that she just seemed to freeze in fear when he first kissed her, so he became really angry when she bite his tongue. Sure, he appreciated a bit of a challenge from her, but to bite his tongue, that pissed him off big time. Val would pay for that.
As Danny saw Val getting back up off the ground, he took her by the throat as he used his free hand to play with her breast. However though, Val was trying to get free. Danny just smiled at this, he liked the fight Val was giving, and she wasn't giving him an inch. However, with the grip on her throat, Val wasn't getting far though.
He then leaned in and whispered darkly into her ear, "I'm going to kiss you again, and if you try and do what you did last time, you'll regret it."
Danny then began to kiss her roughly, as Valerie tried to push him away from her.
This can´t be happening to me, I can´t be having my first kiss with phantom or that I am going to lose my virginity like this. She was crying
As Danny was kissing her, he had his tongue down her throat, and was using the hand that was playing with Valerie breasts to finger fuck her pussy. In addition, as he did so, he made it so that he became relaxed and his hand become loses around Valerie throat.
This to Valerie was the perfect time to push Danny's hand away from her throat, and make her move to knock Danny out and go for her weapons.
However it wasn't to be, as she pushed Danny away once her throat was free, she saw him Danny smirk, it seem this was a game to Phantom, and this was just another part of it. It seemed that Phantom was only toying with her.
Before she could formulate a plan take him down, he hit her again and forced her onto her knees. Danny began to undress and Valerie paled as she realized what was about to happen.
"If you try and bite this, I would make sure to break all your bones, your pain will last for weeks, making you beg for death for biting my cock off. Is that understood!?" Danny asked darkly to her.
Valerie only nodded in fear at this, before Danny forced his cock down her throat with his hands on her head. Valerie tried to swallow as much as she could, so that she wouldn't choke on it, but Phantom's hands never left her head, and he went faster. Every time his hands pushed her head harder and faster onto his cock and Valerie would have to swallow deeper, until she began choking on it.
The sick little perverted bastard, he was hard at what he was doing to her, was bigger than any sixteen year old dicks she had seen when the creepy stalkers send her pictures of their cocks by cell phone. She didn't know if it was a ghost thing or not, but he had a thick eight and a half inch long cock.
When she managed to swallow about the half of that monster cock, she started gagging and choking on Danny's cock. Her saliva streamed out of the corners of her mouth and down that erected shaft. There was so much saliva that it made a pool on his pubis.
Danny noticed this and he understood that Val wouldn't swallow it any deeper. She would need some time to get used to the size of his dick. Not wanting Valerie to die by his cock, to Danny it would be a mood killer, he let her head go. And as he did, Valerie pulled away from Danny's cock, and in doing so give a gulp of air.
As Valerie caught her breath, she couldn't believe what was happening to her, but before she could think more of this, she found herself with her body bent over again with her breasts touching the ground and her hands still tied behind her.
Danny smirked as he looked at Val, he had no idea what she was thinking nor did he care. All he wanted was to fuck her.
She still begged him to stop as she tried to free herself.
"Please no, not that anything but that. I beg you Phantom, just stop I will stop hunting you, I won´t say anyone but please just stop, I beg you" crying
But Danny didn't give her any thought what she wanted, he wasn't stupid he knew she wouldn't stop and besides if she was going to hunt him restless the least he could do was to give her a reason.
"Listen carefully Valerie, I'm going to fuck you, there is nothing you can do to stop me so I will give you an advice, relax and try to enjoy it, who knows you might ended up liking."
Phantom didn't strip her from her suit, he teared the suit a little between her legs, but that was all, maybe because he find it more arousing that way or he hasn't realized in his lust.
Valerie almost choked with his member, so she was terrified of what phantom big member will do to her virginal pussy.
"Please no, not that, anything but that." Valerie was crying and begging him to stop.
Once again, Danny didn't listen to her, he didn't care if she wanted this or not. All he cared about right now was to fuck her.
He felt some resistance when he took her first.
She screamed in pain at her purity being taken
Danny was enjoying himself, Valerie was so tight and warm, He was holding onto Valerie' tied hands as he fucked her, holding onto her hands so he could fuck her even harder. As he did so Valerie kept on screaming, begging him to stop, even crying out for help - which wouldn't happen after all they were miles away from civilization.
However, as he was fucking her, Danny felt Valerie bite his free hand (or at least try it) to get free. This angered Danny, and as he pulled himself out of Valerie, before picking her up by her neck and slap her across the face before saying darkly, "What have I told you about biting me?"
"I'm sorry, but I… ahhhhh -" began Valerie before she screamed out in pain as Danny hit her again.
"I don't care the reason, you never listened to me why should I? told you to relax and enjoy. I was being gentle before but no more, I'm going to show you what happens when you hurt Me.," he said
Valerie felt a chill running her spine at hearing that.
Fearfully she asked
"W-what are you going to do?" she shuttered
"Well Val I have already taken your first kiss and your first time, but you still have one virginity left," he said
She became white as his hair
"But I am good guy, so if you call me master and ask nicely I will let you lubricate it before that" he said
Valerie wanted to fight, to break her ties from her hands and legs and run away, but she have been trying for who knows how long.
Not wanting the pain anymore, she resolved to do what she should have done from the start.
She gave up
“Master can I suck your dick?” she whispered
“That is no way to ask, maybe I should just your arse in one go” he said
“Fine you can slut now suck me before I change my mind." he said firmly, quite enjoying her helpless desperation.
He kneeled her in front of him and unzipped his pants
She didn’t make him wait for long fearful to make him angry again.
She began sucking immediately
He watched with great satisfaction as Val began reaching up tentatively with her tongue, the tiny pink appendage flapping around almost eagerly.
As much he would like to have her arse right there right then, he saw how late it was, and still needed to go circus gothica, so he said to Val.
“Change of plans Val, I have some business to attend, so lick me until I come as a reward for being a good girl” he said
She obeyed him without protesting. Her tongue moving, slowly and carefully at yet increasing in pace, flicking her tongue awkwardly.
"I am Cumming bitch, don't let a single drop fall or you will regret It." he said
"Hhhgh, God!" The taste made her cringe visibly, and she quickly turned away. "Yuck!"
"Is there a problem, bitch?" he asked with his voice hard.
"Nothing master, it tastes delicious," She said fearful of making him angry
"You have been a good girl Val.," he said softly
Gently, he untied her hands.

“Sorry I couldn’t take your arse, maybe next time” he apologized while gently slapping her backside

He zipped his pants and left her alone.

“Until next time master” Val said

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A/N: thanks to their last encounter Val wasn’t hunting Danny and as such she didn’t catch skullker´s interest.
Valerie’s house 5 pm
The days passed and nothing special happened, Danny knew no one was coming to arrest him in his human form, and he was almost convinced that Valerie would not denounce him in his ghost form so as not to explain to others what was she doing alone in the woods and have to reveal her identity and explain, but even so he had many things to think about, from the moment when he pushed her on the ground, everything had been crazy and the strangest thing was that he did not feel any remorse.
Moreover, he felt better than ever in his life, he remembered again and again how he had been penetrating, biting, licking ... several times he had to masturbate thinking at that time and especially in the shower, he could not help remembering the change on her face from fear to hate and acceptance when he forced her to swallow his cum.
He had never experienced anything like that, for the first time in his life he had felt he had control, and he had loved it incredibly.
Perhaps unconsciously he always fought ghosts for that reason, he liked the feeling of control he had in a fight, maybe his parents were right, he just believed naively that he did it to help others like a super hero, after all why the hell did he bothered to help people like Dash or his classmates who tormented him in school?.
Danny was no longer believed it, now he was a new person, born from his last encounter with Valerie, he felt like a savage beast, free from the chains which bound him for too many years.
He had thought a lot to reach that conclusion, now he will only took care of his own affairs, he will take what he wants… no what he deserved.
No one would ever steal his control again, ever.
He had crossed with Valerie as Phantom and had greeted her affectionately as always, but she only ignored him and left without even firing a single shot,
They haven’t talked before as Danny Fenton and Valerie Gray, until this baby project came around.
He was taken from his thoughts when she talked
“I left our baby in the bed Danny.” Valerie said
She was she was referring to the sack of flour that was their homework
“Wow Valerie you are taking this project very seriously” Danny said nervously
“Of course” she said smiling
Why wouldn’t I? After all it is a good practice for when we have one.
“So, not that I don’t appreciate you inviting me to your house I mean I didn’t need to come here “he asked
“oh I didn’t invited you for the project master, my dad isn’t here until night and I thought it is time for you to finish taking my anal virginity like you promised” she said with a smile on her face
“W-wait what?” he said Shocked
“You know when you were as Phantom about to take my ass but flew away” she said
He was too shocked to deny or ask how she knew.
But at the word Master Danny remembered a quote he read from one of Jazz´s books.
Victims of sexual assault endure physical AND emotional trauma; therefore it is crucial that victims of sexual assault receive medical attention that includes examinations by both a physician and a mental health professional.
One of the least socially understood side effects of sexual assault is Stockholm syndrome. Stockholm syndrome is when a victim emotionally “bonds” with his or her abuser. The bonding is considered a survival strategy for victims of abuse and develops subconsciously and involuntary.
There have been reports of people becoming suversient to their abusers and even falling in “love” with them.
If someone has been a victim of sexual assault, he or she must seek help.
“You invited me, so I can take your anal virginity?” he asked incredulous
“Master I know I disappointed you last time, but… ” she said meekly
She looked up expectantly and straightened their posture with a smile adorning her face.
The Danny from a week before would have told her that she should look for help that she wasn’t thinking right. Something like:
"I . . . I don't think that we should do this. It . . . it isn't right Val."
But that was the naïve Danny from the week before.
“How do I know this isn’t a trick to stab me or shot me as soon as I get my guard down? Like last time” he asked curiously
She gaped in shock and her eyes widened. Fearful of punish she reassured him.
"My lord . . ." said Valerie uncertainly, "what, what do you mean? I . . . I didn’t knew what I was doing last time, I was a fool, please forgive me, I only wish to serve you my master. If you think I will harm you, then please just punish me and I will obey." She said meekly
Danny walked closer to her and looked at her eyes.
she knew his identity, she could probably shot him from distance while he didn’t expected it, or poison the soda he was drinking or tell his secrets to his parents, or who knows what.
Still as soon as he saw her eyes he knew she was telling the truth.
Still given how much trouble she had given him when hunting him she deserved to sweat a little.
"I want to believe you Val, so I will give you a chance, convince me that you mean your words. Don’t just tell me; show me that you are my girl… No! Show me that you are my bitch, my Slave." he said
As soon as he said that she began to speak
"My lord, I beg of you to have a seat!" pleaded Valerie, as it was unbefitting for a proper slave to demand anything of her master.
She continued getting behind him
"My lord . . . please, relax; let me show you that I really mean it." She said moving behind him, smiling as she moved a hand to cup Danny's cheek and turn his head so that his eyes gazed upon her. Valerie began rubbing his shoulder blades and neck. Danny moaned as he felt the knots in his back ease.
Valerie smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek.
"I live to serve you, I love you more than you can imagine" she said
Valerie slowly got to her knees and moved her fingers around Danny's belt. She swiftly unbuckled it and tossed it aside. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants; she kissed Danny on his lips causing him to lose focus, and removed the front of his underwear. She smiled at his manhood and began to give hot kisses on the tip of his cock, the long shaft, and even gave hot kisses to his balls.
Danny let out an animalistic noise and Valerie took the head of his penis into her mouth. Valerie had been training with bananas since last time she saw it and watching videos to not disappoint him again.
Danny cried out from pleasure as Valerie was bobbing of his shaft. Valerie began to lift and gently remove his shirt while smiling at her master.
"Please, my lord! Accept your privilege and let this worthless whore to please you." She said
Valerie continued moving up and down Danny's shaft, she eagerly licked his manhood as if it were a lollipop and moaned in contentment as she gradually increased her pace of her master's manhood.
Danny moaned from Valerie's aggressive bobbling of his shaft. He put his right hand atop her head and began petting her like a dog.
Valerie took the hand of on her head as encouragement and positioned herself to fully deep throat Danny's entire manhood into her mouth.
Danny blue eyes looked down at Val as she took his shaft into her entire mouth and moaned in contentment. Danny hummed in pleasure and arched his back from the pure ecstasy that reverberated throughout his body at Valerie's obedience and passion to service him like a good slave.
"This is your privilege, my lord," whispered Valerie while licking his cum keeping her eyes up at Danny as she moaned in pleasure from engulfing his manhood into her mouth.
Her tongue swiveling around his balls and patting them causes Danny to moan in pleasure.
Danny's shoulders slackened at Valerie's soft and comforting whispers. He groaned in pleasure as he felt Valerie's tongue tickle, slap, and swivel around his balls and felt the pressure building up in his nether regions.
"I exist solely to serve you faithfully master. Please Danny, believe me that I will always respect and submit to you my beloved master." She said pleading
Danny closed his eyes and accepted the pleasure he was feeling thanks to her.
Danny felt the burst and his manhood as his cum shot into his Valerie´s warm mouth. He cried out in pleasure. Valerie's eyes widened and she moved her mouth back and forth vigorously. Danny cried in pleasure as Valerie relentlessly continued her fellatio and obediently drank his cum. Her tongue flicked around her lord brother's cock and she continued to give her brother a blowjob unimpeded as her saliva covered his shaft and balls.
This saliva is proof of my dedication to my master! Thought Valerie engorging herself on his manhood and retracting as if she was savoring a lollipop.
With a soft pop, Valerie finished drinking her lord's cum and removed her mouth off of his manhood. She kissed the slit of his cock as she looked up at him in adoration and servile worship.
Danny felt his cock twitch and then grow rigid once again as he saw it.
Danny smiled as Valerie moved her body up on her knees. Danny slapped Valerie roughly on her cheek and shoved her onto the bed. Valerie smiled up at her lord, her eyes shining in gratitude. He is finally treating me as he should, I must serve as I should.
"Thank you, master" said Valerie, referring to being slapped and shoved onto the bed.
"Spread your legs," ordered Danny as if she was nothing more than property. "You may cry out any pleasure that you feel while submitting yourself to me as proof of understanding your place."
Valerie obediently spread her legs wide to her lord so that he could position himself above her womanhood. She felt her purpose in life was fulfilled as his property by awaiting her Master manhood to take her again.
Danny positioned his manhood above Val´s womanhood. He felt Valerie warmth, heard her whispers encouraging him to take like did last time. Danny lifted both of Valerie's legs onto his shoulders and moved her closer as he repositioned himself.
Danny plunged his shaft fully inside Val´s womanhood. Valerie cried in pleasure as Danny settled his manhood fully inside of her before moving back and forth in a berserk pace. Tears filled Valerie's eyes, her breasts bounced, and her hips swayed as Danny thrust himself in and out of her womanhood. Danny went at a frenetic speed and let his hips loose as Valerie cried out. Danny scowled and slapped Valerie harshly as he continued his pulverizing her womanhood with his rapid thrusts inside of her. Danny threw his head back and continued to relentlessly thrust inside of her.
"Yes, oh dear master, yes, yes, yes!" cried Valerie, as tears of joy fell down her cheeks. "Oh yes! My Lord, please! Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes . . . Thank you master, thank you! I am happy to finally service you as I should have from the beginning." She said
Danny felt Valerie's walls clench his manhood as he buried deep inside of her pussy. He tightening soon overwhelmed him and the siblings climaxed together. Danny let out an animalistic gurgling and Valerie cried out "Yes! YES!" as Danny's seed spilled forth inside of her claiming her as his personal property.
Danny sighed as he felt five spurts go forth and shoot into Val´s pussy. Once he was finished, he pulled out and moved her legs off of him. He fell to the side next to her and lay on his back as he tried catching his breath.
Valerie didn’t waste time and moved her sweaty towards him and pressed her breasts on his shoulder. Danny moved his arm so that Valerie tucked her head on his neck.
Valerie began to kiss his cheek as he lowered his arm and firmly squeezed her bum with his hand. Valerie jolted and then giggled as she continued kissing his cheek. I finally fulfilled my purpose as his property!
Valerie swiftly descended and moved her face towards Danny's manhood and kissed the tip affectionately before she took his shaft in her mouth tasting his seed mixed with her own. Valerie began bobbing her head on Danny's manhood and Danny cried out in pleasure.
Danny's phallus became rigid and Valerie finally removed her mouth. She shifted her body above him and positioned her anus entrance above his master’s dick. Valerie looked at her lord expectantly.
Danny nodded. "Fulfill your duties and give yourself to me, finish what you should have done last time."
Valerie obediently plunged downward so that Danny's shaft slammed into her arse in one fell swoop. Valerie cried out in pain and joy while Danny moaned in pleasure. Danny removed his arm from underneath Valerie and moved his body to a sitting position. He pulled Valerie closer to him, allowing her to wrap her legs around his waist, and moved his face over to her firm breasts.
Danny began to lick, bite, and suckle each of her areolas and around her breasts interchangeably as she cried in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Danny slowly began to thrust inside of her and gradually picked-up the pace as her mewling increased in octave from his quicker thrusts.
Finally, Danny no longer wanted to wait, and began thrusting into her ass at a rapid pace. Valerie held the back of Danny's head with both her hands and pushed her breasts closer to his face as she grasped large swathes of his hair with both hands. Danny licked, suckled, and bit her breasts as he thrust into her and felt her tightness clench around his shaft.
"Oh . . . ohhh master, oh yes . . . .!" cried Valerie, as Danny vigorously continued thrusting causing her breasts to bounce. Danny smirked as he continued licking, biting, and sucking her breasts as he relentlessly continued thrusting inside of her.
"Thank you, my Lord! Thank you! Please, make me yours! I exist only to service you!"
Danny continued thrusting into her and felt her arse clench as he felt his balls well-up in intensity. Danny came inside and Valerie cried out in pleasure as she felt five spurts shoot inside of her.
Danny smiled as he fell back to the bed on his back. Valerie fell on top of him, her legs still entangled with his.
Danny moved one of his arms behind Valerie as she readjusted her head on his shoulder; Danny moved his other arm onto Valerie's bum. Danny caressed her back and squeezed her bum and smiled.
"You are mine." said Danny firmly
Valerie snuggled closer and kissed his cheek to confirm it
"Yes master, I am yours." Valerie responded with a servile.
They just stayed there relaxing until Danny spoke again
“I have just one question Val, How did you discovered I was Danny Phantom?” he asked
“Easy master, I used the cum you gave me to track you with my suit, I thought it was broken when it pointed at your human form, but it did the same when you were in your ghost form, so I followed you in secret at distance, and saw you transform. Don’t worry you were careful, I saw you from distance.” she said smiling
“Lets change Val, your father is probably on the way, we will talk later” he said
“All right master” she said like nothing was wrong
“And don’t call me master when there is other people, if someone asks just say you are my girlfriend” he said
“Yes master” she said
Casper high
“Well it appears that only you, Miss Valerie and Manson got an A.” the teacher said
“Hey what about me” tucker protested
“You pass with a B and by the way I think some people want their money back” the teacher said
Tucker saw the angry students and proceeded to return the money
“So Danny wants to go to nasty burger” Sam asked
“All right, I will see you later Val” he said
“Actually can I come with you? I have a part time job there and it is going to start in an hour” Val asked
“Sure lets go” he said
Sam noticed the casual way they talked and asked
“Danny why are you inviting her?” Sam whispered
“Well it is complicated but the short version is that a lot happened when we were working together and we kind of became an item” he said ogling Val´s arse
Sam froze at those words
“Aren’t you coming Sam?” Danny asked already walking
“I-I remember that I have something else to do, I-I will see you later Danny” she said
“All right see you later” he said following Valerie
Sam just stayed there frozen

Chapter Text

“...So to summarize, Valerie attacked you when you were flying to circus gotica ant thanks to freakshow´s order of freeing your dark side you ended up brutally raping her. " she said dumbly
"You forgot the part where she later cornered in my secret identity and pretty much offered herself to Me." he said
"And you sodomised her and ordered to pretend to be your girlfriend" she said
"Yes, I understand that you probably hate and will go to the police so I will leave immediately..." he said nervous thinking where could he live now that his previous life was over
"Is it true?" she asked hopefully
"Everything I told you is it true Sam" he said
"Even the part where you said you love me too “she asked hopefully
"Y-yes especially that" he said blushing
"Danny I won’t go to the police, I never liked Val she is a psycho that always attacked you, and everything that happened was her and freakshow´s fault, you can relax” she said
Thinking that the love of her life loved her and ignoring everything else
"A-all right" he said not believing her and making a list of what will he need to become a runaway
She noticed it, realized what he was thinking and said.
"Fine let’s go to Val´s house" she said
"What? Why?" he asked
"To give you proof I will not go to the police, follow me." she said
"W-what? What do you mean by that?" he said following
After some time in which Sam ignored Danny attempts to ask what she was doing, they arrived to Val´s house
"Hi Val, can we enter there is something we have to discuss" Sam said
"Manson? Danny? Of course" she said not knowing what else to say
Once inside Sam spoke
"Well go ahead Danny take that bitch" she said before they could say something
"W-what?" both Val and Danny said
"well Danny you are afraid that I go to the police and planning of running away, but see if I am here while you fuck Val I become accomplice and so I couldn´t go to the police without having to get into trouble too." she calmly explained
There was so many wrong things with that, but what he was about to say was interrupted by Val
"NO! PLEASE MASTER DONT LEAVE ME" She screamed while trying to get close to Danny
Key word trying, Sam slapping her stopping her and making her fall in her ass
“Stop screaming, didn’t you hear me? Just be a good bitch, let him fuck you and everything will be all right” she said
“Y-yes thank you Sam” Val said
Sam slapped her again
“Don’t call me Sam we aren’t friends” she said angry
“Yes mistress” Val apologized
“Mistress? Well anyways go ahead Danny fuck this bitch” Sam said
Not believing what was happening, with hesitation, he asked.
“You aren’t going to change your mind right?” he asked unsure
“Danny you know me, so what do you think?” she answered
"Let's… go ahead and get this over with." he said, biting the inside of his cheek. "Where's your bedroom Val?"
Val snapped to attention.
"Just follow me! Master and mistress" she said, a slight grin on her face.
She moved her ass seductively while guiding them
The three of them strode to the bedroom, Sam gently closing the door behind them.
There was a chair beside the bed that Sam sat down.
"Alright." Sam murmured. "Just… start, I guess."
Valerie swallowed nervous of having public, and then, gently, she peeled off her clothes.
She stood in front of him, her face a thick shade of crimson. Clad in a pair of lacy dark violet lingerie, she looked breathtaking. The bra seemed a size too small, struggling to contain her rather large breasts. The thong seemed even tighter, the outline of her snatch clearly visible through the fabric.
"Hmm…" Danny hummed, as he folded his arms over his chest.
"Go ahead Danny, take her" Sam said
"Get on the bed," he told Val. He peeled his clothes off, stripping down to just his boxers. He folded the garments up, setting them down carefully onto a dresser.
Val gulped, catching an eyeful of the significant bulge that her master possessed, before quickly flitting her gaze away. She climbed onto the bed, easing herself onto her back.
Danny crawled onto the bed as well, a curious glint in his eye. He watched Sam out of the corner of his eye.
Somehow having her there was making him incredible aroused.
With a sharp jerk, he yanked his boxers down - freeing his hardened cock.
Sam gasped. What… what in the God's name was that thing? She had seen some members on the internet out of curiosity, but they didn’t compare, it was… massive, monstrous. Majestic. So thick, so long, throbbing veins and muscles running along the length of his member. She merely gaped at it for a moment; her violet eyes the size of dinner plates.
He would have to take this slow, that much was obvious. Considering Sam's presence… more likely she being a virgin, he wasn't interesting in scaring his best friend towards sex, so he will go gently.
The idea of hurting Val with his mammoth cock didn’t cross his mind.
Danny advanced forward, Val cowering as his mighty member pressed eagerly against her thigh, smearing drops of precum across her skin. With a yank on her hips, he pulled her close, her body laid bare before him.
Every inch of it, from the black skin of her neck, all of the way down to her smooth and long legs.
She flinched, as his fingers slinked behind her back. Danny unhooks her bra easily - pulling the garment away, and discarding it onto the floor. Her breasts spilled free from their confines, showing her nipples to her master.
He leaned down. One hand gently squeezed one of her tits, his mouth working over the other one - tongue swirling around her nipple. All the while, he gently rocked his hips against hers, his enormous member rubbing against the fabric that covered her slit.

Val bit her tongue, to stop the mewl that strained to break free from her throat. She groaned as he teased her nipple with his teeth, and bit back another mewl as he gave her breast a good grope.
As much as he enjoyed playing with her bountiful breasts, he knew that Sam was waiting for some more… action. He cast a quick glance at her, who was watching the scene in front of her.
Danny sighed, before pulling back more. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her thong, before gently pulling it off - discarding it behind him without a care in the world.
He took a moment to examine her shaven snatch, running a hand over the vulva, spreading her folds a tad. She was incredibly wet just after some simple foreplay. Her juices were already dripping copious amounts from her slit, dripping onto the sheets.
Another gasp escaped her, as he pressed the tip of his member against her entrance.
"Enjoy it Val." And then, with a soft pump of his hips, he slid inside of her.
Val jolted. Her lips formed a tiny 'O', her fingers digging into the sheets. It felt… it felt as if a sword had pierced her. It stung a bit at first, before gradually feeling better, and better, as her walls grew used to the massive invasion. Just like the last times
Danny smirked.
His hands on her hips, he continued to feed his enormous monster into her. Inch after inch, he burrowed into her incredibly hot and wet pussy.
He could almost laugh at the look on her face, clearly torn on pleasure at how good he was starting to feel inside of her.
Danny leaned down, until his breath was tickling her ear.
"How does it feel…?" he whispered teasingly.
"It feels great master…" Val grumbled
Danny didn't respond, although he couldn't help the thin smile that appeared on his face.
He prided himself on how he had became at fucking Val, almost making her orgasm as soon as he puts his tool inside of her.
And judging by the way Val was feeling, her inner walls grasping at his member like a lifeline, he knew that she was already well on her way to Cumming herself.
Possibly his favorite part of making love, was making Val cum.
And now… for the same finishing blow. The one-two punch.
He drew back until just the tip was left in… and then thrust in, his member grounding against her G-spot. At the same time, he nudged her engorged clit. Just like that, fireworks went off inside of Val's mind.
"Argh…!" she groaned. Her walls tightened around him in a vice grip, her eyes rolling back into her head. She shook and shook beneath him, before stilling. Her chest heaved up and down, her black hair in disarray - as if she had just been through a marathon round of sex, despite the fact that it had lasted less than ten minutes.
Danny smirked, shaking his head slightly.
He pulled himself free of her cunt, and as if on cue, blew a load onto her stomach - bathing her navel in hot and sticky cum. Val could only stare at him, eyes half lidded as his warm essence coated her.
Danny chuckled. He eased himself off of the bed, his still hardened member dripping a mixture of cum and her juices. He wiped himself off with the sheets, before turning to Sam.
"Satisfied?" he asked.
Sam flashed him a massive grin that almost seems out of character. "Oh… oh hell yeah, I'm satisfied." She said.
As Danny began to dress, Sam threw himself onto him. In an instant, she had kissed him, she grinned widening at feeling her member gotten hard again.
She directed Danny towards the bed, threw Val from It. And sit there
“Come here Danny please” she said opening her legs showing him her panties
Danny was too aroused to think and just did what she asked
Now… Sam wasn't going to lie; she was terrified of how well endowed Danny was. But she also loved Danny and knew she wanted him to be her first, so she decided to make her move on him before she lost her nerve.
Sensing her nervousness at having the tip of his member on her pussy he calmed her down.
“Sam if you aren’t sure…” he said
She silenced with a kiss
“Do it Danny, I trust you.” she said
“I will be gentle” he said
Danny kissed her, his tongue slipping into her mouth.
Sam could feel her arousal with every second.
Though Sam didn't have much experience, Danny reveled he got some from fucking Valerie.
Sam lost herself in her lust.
Danny running his hands lovingly through her hair.
"Mmmmhh…" Sam moaned, melting into the kiss.
Danny held her in his arms, his removing off her black shirt making it intangible, leaving her body on display for him to marvel.
When Danny pulled away finally Sam leaned backwards, her head tilting back as taking air as much as she could.
Danny took advantage of Sam's disorientation by attacking her breasts, cupping the round melons in his hands and applying his tongue to them.
"You know, Sam, you've always had such nice tits. I'm sorry I never told you before," he noted before licking her hardened nipples.
"D…a…nny…" Sam moaned her mind opening up to the lust within her.
She grasped his bare shoulders and leaned back more, letting Danny's hands travel all over her body.
Sticking out his tongue, Danny licked up the front of Sam and kissed her again.
Slowly Sam began to rub her body into Danny's.
When he broke the kiss, Danny traced her lips with a finger, ready to end the foreplay.
"Sam, who am I to you?" he asked
"Danny…" Sam moaned as Danny reached down and rubbed her pussy, her honey pot dripping onto his fingers. "You're my friend…"
"And?" Danny asked with a smile,
"You're the man I love…"
"And?" Danny repeated, leaning forward to lick Sam's ear. "Say it…"
"You're my…my…You're my boyfriend!" she said
Her strength suddenly returning to her, Sam wrapped her arms around Danny and pushed him back. The two rolled off the bed as they kissed madly, Sam's body burning up with unbridled lust. Danny was amused as he struggled against the strong girl, giving up a token resistance before using his inhuman strength to pin her to the bed, holding her wrists over her head with one hand.
"Shall we finish the fore play?" Danny asked, his fingers tracing her body again.
"Yes!" Sam said, her loins burning with arousal as Danny rubbed his long cock against her tender folds.
Danny grinned above her before devouring her lips with another breathtaking kiss.
"Danny…" she cooed as Danny sat back, putting her legs over his shoulders. "Stop teasing, do it!."
"As you wish Sam," Danny said as he lined his cock up with her entrance.
The Goth gave a loud cry as Danny plunged his cock into her entrance, taking her swiftly. Danny gave Sam a chance to get adjusted to his large size before start to move.
"Ohhhhh!" Sam wailed letting a few tears, her mind turning to mush as Danny reshaped her pussy. Danny leaned forward and pressed his full weight down onto Sam, pinning her to the bed while slowly fucking her brains out.
The room became filled with both the sound of his hips slapping hers along with the constant spewing of moans that left Sam's lips with each thrust into her tight honey pot.
"Oh! Oh god! Danny! Ah! Ahh! Ohhh!"
Sweat dripped down Danny's back as he fucked Sam relentlessly. He gave small moans each time Sam's cunt tightened around him, the boy reveling in her tightness. He loved how tight her virgin pussy felt around him.
"Ahhhh!" Sam shrieked as she came, her vision spinning as her pussy gushed around Danny's cock, the boy not stopping his thrusting even as she came. Danny silenced her with another passionate kiss. He let her legs fall off his shoulders and let her wrap them around his waist. He felt so good he felt he could fuck Sam forever.
Sadly he was tired from fucking Val. Soon enough Danny's balls swelled up, ready to pump his load into Sam's hungry pussy.
"Gonna cum!" Danny grunted, his hands squeezing Sam's breasts.
"Yes! Inside, Danny! Cum inside of me!" Sam pleaded lewdly. "I want your cum!"
"Ah! Arghhhh!" Danny cried out, throwing his head back as he slammed his cock into Sam one last time before letting go of everything. He filled Sam's pussy to the brim, filling her womb with his cum.
Sam shuddered as she was pumped full of cum.
Sam moaned lewdly as Danny pulled out of her, sitting up and wrapping her arms around them. Danny stuck out his tongue and she did the same, the two entwining their tongues while Sam rubbed her breasts into Danny's chest.
Finally they both fell onto the bed at each other’s side.
"Fuck…" Sam muttered, running a hand through his hair. "That was… that was awesome."
Danny propped his head up with an elbow. His gaze drifted to her abdomen, which was bathed in the long since dried cum of Danny - her normally pale skin a shade lighter where his seed had marked her.
"We have to do that again." he murmured. "I mean… uh… if you're alright with it, that is." A pause. "It was just… that was… amazing, Sam." He said
Sam glanced at him. "Are… are you sure, Danny? What about your girlfriend" she asked with mirth.
"I'm sure Sam. And what girlfriend? Val is just a cum dumpster, she is nothing against you" He said
"Alright…" she whispered, as he pressed his member against her entrance. "We can do it again, you can even bring Val next time." She said
Danny grinned. "I love you so much" he murmured, as he entered her.
A thin smile curled her lips. "I love you too." she replied.
As great as Danny felt there was something that was bothering, he was about to ask when Sam beat him to it.
"What is with that look Danny?"She asked
"Is can you be all right with all this?" he asked
"You still think I am lying?" she asked incredulous
"After the way you treated Val like a bitch and throw her from her own bed to make space... not in the slightest. Still how can you be Ok with this?" he asked
“First don’t compare female dogs with Val, second, let me ask you something Danny and I want you to answer me honestly” she said
“Ok” he said
“Lets say that Dash hits me for you ruining his favorite jacket –don’t interrupt me- now for whatever reason I tell you not to do anything to him, this continues for a few days, him hitting me I making you promise not to do anything to him, and you getting angrier. Until one day he hits me harder than other times and I snap, I take him by surprise and hit him in the hard in the balls and kick his head until he falls unconscious. The next day the police goes to school to interrogate suspects because a popular student ended up in the hospital and it is possible he doesn’t survive. I don’t have an alibi so they will discover me and would probably send me to jail, what would you say them when they ask you?” she asks
“Officer she couldn’t have done it, she was with me and tucker last night” he said without doubt
“Why would you lie to them? ” she asked
“you are my girlfriend I am not going to let you go to jail just because you killed an asshole that deserved it, honestly how can you think I will let him hurt you….” he said angry
Sam silenced him with a kiss
“Now you understand, I never liked Valerie, but I hated her when she began hunting you like an animal, and also girlfriend? When did agree with that?” she said smiling and blushing at the same time
“I-I me-mean if you want it, I know you said it in a moment of passion, but I c-can break with Val in public and we can become an item.” he shuttered
“oh Danny I would love it, but you know my parents, they got an restriction order against you, if we began dating we would probably move to another state, lets keep pretending that bitch is your girlfriend” she said ignoring the fact that said bitch was a few feet from them
“All right Sam, we should go by the way it is already late.” Danny said
“Lets go, by the way Val you should clean this place” she said agreeing
“Mmmmhh” she said to tired to answer
Sam kicked her
“Answer bitch” Sam said
“Yes mistress” Val answered loudly
“Good, let’s go Danny” she said

Chapter Text

Memory blank

AN:Danny Phantom belongs to nickelodeon, not me.

Quotes of the chapter:

be careful what you wish for, you might get it!

There are two great tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want. The other is getting it. - Nicolas Cage

Our memories define our identity? If we are merely the sum of our experiences, what do we become if those experiences are lost?- The outer limits Blank Slate

We never stop to consider that our beliefs are only a relative truth that's always going to be distorted by all the knowledge we have stored in our memory. -Miguel Angel Ruiz

THIS begins after the part where they remember Sam convincing Danny to entering the portal.

"How it is bad (raises her arms to the air) I was there? If it wasn't for me, (points to Danny) he'd be flying around with his dad's face on his chest".-Sam

"Yes, and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have become a half death freak, and wouldn´t had been mind controlled in doing the things I did last week." Remembering what he did to Val.

"Danny we had gone over this, freakshow lied to you, you weren't in control of your actions. You need to get over your guilt of almost killing Sam"-tucker

"Yes, Danny besides it was just a few burglaries; no one was really hurt by them."- She's rather bothered in an apathetic way.

"Yes, not one was really hurt, but still…" He replied

"Honestly Danny I think I miss when you were still under the effects of the orb, yes it was bothering seeing you act like you didn't care for the thefts you did, but you were more relaxed"-Tucker

"Yes, you need to get over you guilt. And you know the best way of doing it?"

"How?" asked Danny happy to change the conversation.

"By doing good actions, and you know how you can begin?"

"By crushing a few trucks!"

"Sam, (throws his arms to his sides) I'm the good guy! and besides I have already done it. Do you remember ember´s spell?"

"Yes, but it wasn't enough Danny, this evil ecological nightmares still exist."

"Sam they are trucks not - evil ecological nightmares – and unless these super-awesome trucks are being used for evil, (crosses his arms defiantly) I *can't* do anything."- Happy for the convenient change of topic and return to normalcy.

"Yeah, they can´t be evil, I mean they have GPS satellite guidance system."-Tucker

"And rims."-Danny

"Big, spinning rims."- Danny and tucker in unison

"Oh, I give up." She turns away, incredulous and sullen.

"I just wish somebody would destroy these stupid trucks!"

"Well, it's about *time* you made a wish."

"And so you have wished it, (lifts her hands and they glow pink with magic) so shall it be!"

The destruction of the trucks and everything happened the same until the scene with the fight between Sam and Danny.

"Saaaaam…" Terminatra

Terminatra glows with a red aura as her full robotic skeleton is revealed under her humanlike exterior. Then she fades away leaving nothing but red smoke billowing from the water as the lighting resumes to normal day.

Danny was sitting in the fountain and Sam with her hands on the rim. Both of them look at the smoke rising. Sam smiles as Danny stands up, putting his hand on the rim.

"Man, you're right!"-Sam

Sam is taking her hands off the fountain and looking at her belt, which sparkles.

"That Specter Deflector works like a charm."

"Nice save!"

"Although, to be fair, I probably (puts out his hands to explain) wouldn't've needed it—"

Sam reaches out to help Danny out.

"-if it weren't for you in the first place." Commented while confusing Sam in the process.

Danny takes Sam's hand with both of his climbing one foot out of the water. He didn't remember she had the Specter Deflector which activates and began glowing green.

Suddenly, Danny screams out in pain as he glows green, being pumped full of Specter Deflector energy trying to shock him out.

Danny, in contact with Sam, is still glowing green and crying out with the jolt he's getting. He breaks contact with Sam by falling back into the water, his hair all disheveled and shocked. Sam puts her hands on her hips defiantly.

"Uh, excuse me? I save your butt and you're giving (points to herself with her thumb) me grief?"

Danny is sitting in the water, equally annoyed.

"Welcome to my world, remember?" angry at her not seeing his side.

He smiles as he puts out a palm as an example.

"We should make the menu recyclo-vegetarian!, lets forget what other people want and rather than offer them an alternative menu lets force them, that my techno friend has never ever eaten vegetables and could probably get sick by suddenly being forced to it, that the bullies would take it on my best friend."

"We should let the gorilla out! it a sentient being and should be free, lets ignore how dangerous it will be to set free a wild animal in a populated city."

"We should sell all of your dad's stuff at a garage sale! granted that was my idea and I am at fault for what happened, but you could have lend me some money and prevent all that."

"oh, it is the ghost boy lets run form that criminal, I will have your pelt today, we will capture you for painful experiments, I will rip him molecule by molecule ghost boy"

Danny crosses his arms, making his point.

"Danny first of all Dash will have bullied you given any excuse don't blame it on me, I freed the gorilla to distract skulker I was going to offer you a loan but you interrupted me, hell I was even going to tell that I was rich right there. And for the last remarks those aren't my fault"

"Sam you are missing the point, you took decisions that weren't yours to make and others paid the price or faced the consequences"

"Anything else you want to blame me for? (Looks back to the right) World hunger? (Looks down to the left) The ice age? (Leans toward the camera) Puberty?" getting angry

"Sam, both monsters knew your name. (Arches his eyebrows) Either there's another Sam involved in ghost fighting or it's one of your personal agendas. I think that freeing some ghosts from the ghost zone in order to get revenge on Paulina is something you would and could do."

"Rather than some blameless accusations. How about a "thank you", huh? You think Paulina would've saved your butt back there?"

Cut to Danny in the fountain addressing Sam with her arms crossed next to the fountain. Danny stands up and puts his hands on his hips.

"Sam she doesn't have any ghost fighting equipment or the skills to use it, and she was clearly the victim. And I will give you a thanks when you give mine, after all the weapon you used to ward off Terminatra? I just put it on you a few minutes earlier. So if I am thanking you, you should thank me in turn for handing you the deflector just in time."

"Danny, I swear. There are days I wish I had never even met you!" Sam sighs, sick of all this, then she turns and walks off.

"Why can't you just accept your mistakes?" He screams.

Danny slumps back. He reaches for something behind him and looks at a dripping wet piece of paper.

It says "You're invited to PAULINA'S Birthday" with a pink border, two purple balloons, and two blue stars.

Suddenly the sky turns dark again as his ghost sense goes off.

Danny is standing in the fountain by the edge. Behind him, pink bubbles rise and pop from the water. Danny looks over his shoulder at it. He turns to face it, then looks up in shock as the bubbles unleash smoky streams of pink that turn into a swirling river, panning up as it loops around. Desiree is heard laughing as the pink smoke materializes into her, tall and very powerful with her blue ghostly tail flowing down. She has her fists clenched by her face in satisfaction.


Desiree is floating above Danny from behind, her hair flowing in tresses. Danny looks to her, responding quietly.

"Desiree?" confused

"You look different "A ring forms around Danny's waist to transform him back into Danny Phantom.

"More powerful?"

She looks gleeful, standing up and clapping her palms together.

"Why, yes! (Looks down to Danny) The more wishes I grant, powerful I get!"

Desiree resumes her evil laughter.

"I was gonna say more attractive since last time I saw you, but that too"

Danny was trying to distract her with a small banter.

"Oh" blushing

"You are very charming child, but that is not going to help you." Ignoring the warm feeling forming inside of her.

"You see the more wishes I grant the more powerful I become. And we are only days away from the meteor shower where *everybody* will be (looks as she's revealed her plan) making wishes!"

Desiree laughs as she pumps her fist and launches an ecto ray.

"What do you want?"

Danny is lying on the ground as he looks up at Desiree floating in front of him.

"You, out of the way. (Closes her eyes) By Friday night."

Desiree leans in toward Danny.

"But it's not about what I want."

"It's about what your little friend wants".

"And she just wished she never met you!"

Cut to Danny, tired and realizing what's going to happen.

"Oh. Oh no!"

"And so (sweeps her hand) she has wished it, (stands up, turning to the side) and so it shall be" She thrusts out her hand unleashing a beam of pink ghostly magic.

Danny was engulfed in a pink glow as he screams, falling backward into a black screen and spiraling around due to the effects of the magic performed on him. He falls farther and farther away until the screen fades to black.

If Danny hadn't been caught too off guard by his realization, he probably could've unwished Sam's wish before Desiree had a chance to cast it, but…as they say hindsight is 20/20.

I am making a jump when Sam realized the consequences of her wish.

"Oh no."

Seeing a picture at the back of the locker. It has Tucker and Danny, but there is a giant gap between them and they are looking in different directions. Sam takes it.

"Last night I wished Danny had never met me. And Desiree must've made it so we never met!"

There is a picture in Sam's photo diary that displays the trio. Danny is on one side with his hands on his hips, Sam is in the middle holding the shoulders of both her friends, and Tucker is on the other side crossing his arms and leaning back. There appears to be a flash by-product in the center, making it look a little washed out.

"This means he never got his powers!"

Sam is comparing photos. She looks up from the book.

"Danny!" calling him out

She closes the book and holds it and the photo in each hand while she runs down the hallway.

"You've got to listen to me!"

Sam is following Danny home. While he is just minding his own business, and Sam has her arms up and out, serious about her explanation.

"Why won't you believe to me?"

Danny is walking down the sidewalk looking back and holding his backpack straps.

"Believe what? (Grows incredulous) That I had super powers?"

He turns to Sam and points to her.

"You and I are best friends even though I never met you?

"And you're the only one that knows it?"

Disbelieving her to the point of being bugged

Sam's arms are still up and out, trying to tell an obvious truth.


Danny turns without stopping to walk up his stoop, and Sam turns to the stoop but stops there.

"Isn't that crystal clear?"

"NO!, what is clear is that you are a stalker and a clearly crazy girl that is beginning to creep me out"

"How can you said that?"

"listen girl, no offense, but I have had my fair share of people claiming to be my best friend even though I hadn't met them -and tucker too- or only went to the same kinder garden as them or was in class with them but never cared too much about them."

"Surely half of them don't mean wrong, but they are the reason –mostly- why I don't and will never have a Face book. The worst one was one time when I went to see the x-games, I was minding my own business when some boy belonging to the extreme ghost hunters recognized me as the son of two -famous ghost hunters- (sarcastically) and tried to embarrass me telling them that my parents were a joke in the ghost hunter community, luckily my dad was there, I told him that the boy was overshadowed by a ghost and suggested him to use the Fenton Ghost Peeler. He ended up naked in front of all his buddies."

"Now leave me alone and go to do what other gothic's do. Go to drink blood with others, destroy public property or something, just don't bother me anymore"

The front door to Fenton Works is slammed shut in front of her.

"I've gotta do something to get him to listen to Me." panicked with urgency

She looks to the side, thinking.

"But how do I get through the thick head of a fourteen-year-old boy?"

Sam's eyes pop open as she realizes what she has to do.

"Oh well I have already sleep with him, besides I really want my old life back." Sam said to herself

Fade to the pharmacy.

Danny and Tucker are sitting at a table and both are enjoying pink ice cream cones with chocolate sprinkles. They look self-conscious as the shadow of Sam descends upon the table, apparently wearing a bow.

"Hi." Said Sam only half-hearted

Cut to Sam's lower half, her hands on her hips. She wearing high heels, black tights, a black mini skirt, and a white blouse two sizes smaller and slightly unbuttoned were showing her breasts from the right angle. She is also wearing a garish amount of purple eye shadow and pink blush. All in all she looked really like an easy girl.

(A/N:yes I know is different from the show but they drawn her like a clown, no pun intended, so I changed it to something more realistic).

"Mind if I join you?"

Danny and Tucker are flabbergasted as they hold their ice cream cones. A drop of ice cream on both their cones melts and splatters on the table in unison. Danny just chucks his ice cream away and smiles, rudely shoving Tucker out of his seat so he loses his grip on his ice cream and screams at the sudden push.

Star and Paulina are there holding paper red-and-white striped soda cups. Paulina has her arm on the back of chair, looking over it as she sees what's going down.

"She surrendered her individuality for a boy!"

She and Star take their hands off their sodas, curling them into fists and gleefully shaking them.

"I'm so proud of her!"

Danny is ogling at Sam or more specifically her unbuttoned blouse, while leaning his head on his fist, his elbow on the table. Sam sits down next to him in a no-nonsense manner, her backpack on the table as she reaches inside it.

While she doest it. He discretely whispers to tucker.

"Tuck make me a favor and get lost"

"Dude, a hot girl is talking to us, there is no way I am going to get lost" whispering while ogling Sam.

"No tuck, she is talking to me not you, she is obviously obsessed about me, but she is hot so who cares about that. If I play my cards well I might get a chance with this girl, please tuck don't be cock blocker. We both know we aren't very…popular with girls, and no don't give that look we both it is true."

"Fine, I will be waiting for you in your house." Not happy but recognizing that he was right and not wanting to be a third wheel he leaves quietly.

"Hey where is tuck?"

"He remembered he had something to do but he will see us later, in the meantime why don't you tell me you wanted to say me last time?"

"Oh, alright" she makes the connection of Danny hitting on her and gets happy, after all they went from friends to a couple whitout the need of flirting, so this is something new for her

She begins to tell him about their friendship, him entering the ghost portal and all their adventures. And gives him some proof.

"So, this is a photo I have of the three of us."

She takes out two photographs and puts them on the table.

Danny looks down that them confused and no longer distracted by Sam's looks.

"From eighth grade"

Cut to Sam's photo of the trio. She points to it.

"This is the same one you have in your locker."

Sam points to Danny's photo without her in it.

"trying to make her point) Notice anything?"

Danny taking this as any normal and logical person would do.

"Yeah. (Rolls his eyes downward) You broke into my locker and doctored an old photo of me. You must really like me. Or you're nuts. You're not nuts, are you?, because you are really hot and it will be a pity.

Sam groans. She stands up and grabs Danny by the shoulder, pulling him into her seat and forcing him to look into her diary.


Danny rolls his eyes and reads.

the photo diary has a picture of Sam and Danny laughing together, a picture of Sam, Tucker and Danny in a line, a claustrophobic shot of Sam and Danny laughing, and one cut-off showing Danny's hair and Sam's pigtail.

Pan right to a picture of the Fenton Portal, the doors shut. Tucker stands in the back on one side, with Danny standing with his hands on his hips on the other, and Sam is in front of him in the foreground.

"Wait a minute. That's my parent's lab!"

Danny is looking down. Sam is standing behind him. Danny lifts up Sam's diary, turning a page.

He sees a photo of Danny Phantom with his fists up and his ghost tail behind him on a turquoise action background. Danny turns the page back. There's the picture of him and Tucker on the floor of the zoo, sleeping and in each other's arms. Danny turns the page back again to show the very shot Sam took during the flashback in the opener, the one of Danny holding his jumpsuit in front of the deactivated Fenton Portal. Zoom in on that picture.

When Danny closes the diary, Sam began to talk.

"You see Danny, this is undeniable proof that I am telling the truth, however bizarre is it" Sam was sure Danny was seeing reason.

"While I will admit that they look a little too hard to create by doctoring alone. That doesn't mean anything, I mean if what you say is true, none of this ever happened, ergo this pictures shouldn't exist in the first place. And if according to you I have no memory of any of this in my personal experience for the wish you made then neither should you. So how could you remember?"

Sam holds up the Specter Deflector in her two hands.

"I was wearing this, which is why I think the ghost didn't affect me, which is another proof. There's no way I could break into your house and steal one of your family's own inventions."

"Break in?, you obviously don't know my parents, which is proof that you are lying. My parents would let anyone remotely interested in ghost hunting enter to the lab (even a ghost if he could just look human), and if you told them you were worried about ghost scum they would probably even give you weapons for free."

"Well you are right about that one. B-but, but there must be something I can do to convince you I am telling the truth." Growing desperate at her lack of success and fearing what Desiree might do if Danny doesn't recover his powers to stop her.

"I am sorry babe, but I don't believe you and think you are nuts. But hey nobody is perfect; you are still hot even with gothic makeup. If you don't mind I have to go I have other things to do" said while he gets up and began to leave.

Sam cursed, thinking how stubborn and ridiculous Danny was being by not listening. The idea that her story was so absurd, bizarre and ridiculous, that no sane person would listen didn't cross her mind.

"Damn, he didn't listen at all, he was busier leering my body than…"

And then it hit her. That was the answer.

"The only reason I did get through his thick head to listen what he considered an insane talk was for me showing him a little flesh. So that means, to get him really listen I just need to do something a little more…suggestive." she sees Danny getting close to the door.

"But can I do it?, can I act as an easy girl? Can I.." she stops at seeing his butt while he is walking. "Oh who I am kidding, I really want to do it, I have been wanting to have sex with him again since I finally accepted my feelings. This is just giving me the perfect excuse. But there is no time, so I will just have to do something faster but equally enjoyable. Those videos I saw on the internet and the times i saw Valerie are really going to help me" hey a girl can be kinky.

Before Danny reached the door she stopped him.

"Wait Danny I have proof you can't deny, I just need you to come with me to the alley behind the pharmacy and give me five minutes"

He didn't even bother to turn around when she called him

"Listen, I am not going to go alone into an alley with a nuttier girl like you for anything in the w..".

He froze in mid sentence when he felt something soft against his back.

"Please Danny, I promise you won't regret it" whispering in his hear.

"A-alright, I g-guess five more minutes won´t matter." Shuttering.

Once they are in the alley and Sam was sure they were completely alone, she begins to speak.

"Listen Danny, I know there is no way to convince you that I am telling the truth, so what if I pay you?"

Danny was surprised by this and asked.

"For what exactly will you pay me?"

"Simple, you say you don't believe me, so there shouldn't be anything wrong if we go to the lab and you enter the portal which according to you doesn't work"

"What would you gain from that?" not understanding why wanted him to enter the useless invention.

"Well, if am right you will recover your powers and stop Desiree"

"And if you aren't?"

"Then nothing happens, you laugh at me and I paid you regardless"

"I am not sure. How much would you pay me?." Thinking how much money could he get. The idea of the nutty girl close his house doesn't worry him, after all the house is very well armed and as he said his parents would let anyone enter anyways.

"How about 50 bucks with an special bonus."

"50 bucks? That is cheap." It was actually a very good offer for just wasting a few hours of his time, but like they said: always reject the first offer.

"And a very good bonus"

"A bonus? And what could it be?" he asked curious, because he stopped listening the first time after she said 50 bucks.

She gently puts her hand in his chest and makes him rest against the wall.

"Just relax Danny everything will be all right"

She kneels in front of him and slowly she opened his pants, took his big friend out of His boxers and gave a kiss to his eight and half inch cock to wake him up.

"H-hey, W-what are you doing? " shuttering and blushing like a lobster.

"I am giving you an advance of course, just enjoy it." she said while blushing

Gently put her lips against his member and began to lick it. Then without a warming she brings it down to her throat in a single stroke. It was very difficult at first, but as she could and did ignore spasms and the like until she got the trick of it down (along with His full length), it was a matter of seconds before she was sliding his member down all the way, tongue-lavishing all the way up, and seeing Danny's expressions.

For Danny's part, he could hardly speak, Sam was good and getting better at it each second.

Sam let his member go to take a breath and smiled as she started deep throating again, finding his expressions and moaning very pleasant.

Soon she felt a hot load of cum filling her mouth. She drank the mouthful of cum gleefully and hungrily as Danny emptied his load in her.

"So tell me Danny did you liked the advance?" asked while liking her lips in suggestive and erotic way.

"Y-yes. And you will give this bonus if I do what you said?"

"Bonus, this wasn't the bonus. It was only a small advance of what I will give you. So what do you say Danny? Do we have a deal?"

"And you would give me this…bonus even if the ghost portal doesn't work?" Asked dreamily


"Then we should go to my house fast, we need to stop this ghost as soon as possible"

Sam begins to walk and he follows her. He didn't care if she was insane; all he cared was that he would do anything for that bonus.

They where leaving the alley in a hurry, so neither of them noticed a shadow in the corner that saw everything.

Fenton´s lab

Tucker is in the lab near a giant console, peering up the staircase as he peeks around the corner. Danny stands in front of the deactivated Fenton Portal with his hands on his hips. His white suit is hanging on a hook next to Sam. Sam is shown by a console next to the portal, holding up a photograph. Cables run all over the floor.

"Once again, why are we doing this?" tucker

"Because I am giving him 50 bucks and I will give you the same to you if you shut up and help us".

"How's it going over there?"

"Pretty good, I'm guessing if we set everything the way it was when it happened it'll happen again."

Sam's hands are on the gauges. One is in the proper 2:00 position, Sam turns the one in the 4:00 position to 2:00, a bell dinging with the setting. She then turns the last one in the 7:00 position to 2:00, and a clinking sound is heard.

"Are you sure about this?-tucker

"Tuck, she gave 50 bucks just for this, and regardless if it works or not, she will give you 50 to you. Think of what we could buy with it, besides the portal doesn't work, it will be the easiest money both of us has ever won" he wasn't going to mention the extra.

"You, lucky bastard, a hot girl offers money just for nothing."

"Okay guys, everything is ready"

"Well, (zips his suit) here goes everything."

"Wait a minute."

Sam peels Jack Fenton's face off Danny's jumpsuit, sticks her black emblem on and puts some leaves, branches and seeds inside the suit.

"Uh, why the plant stuff and the logo?" tuck asked

“the logo will look cool and as for the rest…I made some research before, you see when a ghost dies there are many factors that determinate what powers he/she/it could gain in the after life.

the most common are the how he died and his last thoughts, for example if a ghost died from cold or a fire he could develop an ice or hot core, not always the case, but even if it didn't gave them some powers at least affected their appearance a little.

And the last thoughts can influence their obsession and sometimes give them an ability. A good example of this is the box ghost he worked in box shop, don’t look at me they exist, he died working there, in the after life he could control boxes. It doesn’t sound impressive, but you get my point.” Sam said

“ookay you want me to gain plant powers? Why?” Danny asks rolling with everything

"several reasons, it will help you in fights, they are cool, it will help the environment, etc, Just trust me, okay?" she said reassuring Danny by putting her hands on her hips

Danny turns his body around and walks up to the portal.

The tension builds with Sam and Tucker.

Danny is inside the chamber, everything illuminated in eerie green light as he walks in, panning right as he reaches the red and green buttons, holding his palm up to the green "ON" subconsciously, looking away from it. Danny presses the green one. It beeps.

The whole chamber fills with green light, zapping Danny and spilling the extra light into the lap. Danny screams with hideous amounts of pain.

He flickers, showing his internal skeleton as he flickers back, showing that he is now Danny Phantom, his suit colors reversed, his hair white and his eyes green, but that hasn't stopped him from screaming any. His pupils change to green color.

A slow-motion of purple DNA strand is spiraling onscreen. Some green ectoplasmic thing with red eyes and a mouth dives onto it, smothering the strand in its ectoplasmic influence as the strand ends and spirals off-screen.

Everything was happening the same, everything except for the details Sam changed and as weird as it sounded, were working as Sam predicted.

When everything ends, Sam is waiting him outside and asks him.

"Danny, are you-?" she stops speaking when she saw him

"You're a ghost! (Puts her arms out and smiles) Again!"

"You're right! (Looks up) I am a ghost!"

"Cool! Dude!" he says


Danny's eyes widen in shock at a voice calling out to them.

"(Off-screen) what's going on down there?"

"Oh man, (looks to the side) your dad!, you've got to change back to normal!"

"Change back? (Arches his eyebrows) How?"

"I don't know, (raises her arms) you just think about it or something!"

Jack marches downward. Zoom out as he's in the lab, Tucker beside the stairs hidden from Jack's view. Jack and Tucker turn to the left. Jack gasps.

Danny Fenton is holding a totally confused Sam by the arm so she's leaning under him. Their lips are touching.

Danny stops, whispering to her.

"I still want my bonus after I take care of this ghost."

Sam blushes. Danny stops smiling.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry you will have it"

Cut to Danny holding Sam. Danny lets go so they both stand up and turn, zooming out as Tucker and Jack walk in.

"You're in a lot of trouble, mister!" jack

Jump to the fight with Desiree

Danny catches the thermo uncaps it, and tries to dump something out of it, but then turns back, shrugging with the thermos and cap in his hands.

"I don't know how to use this! I told you, we should have made a plan!"

"And I told you Danny, there is a plan, you need to distract her while I made her grant me what is in here" she said showing a bunch of papers

Zoom out as the giant Desiree floats up while the meteor shower continues. She swats him away with the back of her hand. Danny grunts in pain.

Cut to the ground, panning left. Danny flies back, landing on the ground and bouncing off, tumbling until he lands prone on his stomach, grunting in pain. He gets up on one foot, his hand on his knee. Desiree's giant hand just squashes him. Zoom out to show Desiree floating just next to the cliff, pleased at how she defeated Danny. She turns to the side, holding out a hand that glows pink with magic. She looks back to the sky. A purple and green dragon pops up into the skyline, then a giant pink bat. And some form of green Cyclops monster.

In the ground a crowd of teens, had their eyes closed as they wish on the falling stars. Zoom out. A green hairy monster pops up roaring and smiling, then a black and red horned thing, a Grim Reaper with a black robe and scythe, a green cobra flicking out its forked tongue, and an evil purple cat beast.

Danny is hunched on the ground with a hand on his head as he picks up the thermos. Desiree's giant head leans in on him.

"You don't remember anything, do you?"

Danny becomes serious

"I was promised a great, great payment if I stopped you. And no one, not even a giant ghost grant wishing like you will stop me from getting it." He points at her.

Danny shots a spear of wood before he changes back to Danny Fenton without warning. He looks down at his current form, and then looks back.

"Although, remembering would be nice, I will find a way" he says

Desiree found strange but didn’t comment

Cut to Danny from behind as Desiree peeks over the edge of the cliff. Zoom out as she floats up. He hand swells to the form of a sledgehammer.

Sam is behind, seeing how Desiree is really smug and overconfident she makes her move.

"Desiree I wish for you to grant me exactly what is written here” sam shouts lifting some papers

"So you have wished it and so it shall be!" not even thinking she could be tricked

“I wish Danny and I never had that fight!, and I wish Danny, Tucker and I remembered everything and he keep his new powers and his costume stays the way it is because I really, really like it! smirking

"So you have wished it and so it shall be!"

Danny begins to remember.

Fade to Danny Fenton during the accident wearing the emblem on his suit, his colors fading to Danny Phantom. Zoom in on this Danny Phantom's green-eye into the pupil.

Fade to show a freeze-frame of Skulker on a pink background. Zoom out to show Danny giving him a spin-punch.

Cut to a freeze-frame of Danny on purple giving an uppercut. Zoom out to reveal that he is punching Vlad Plasmius.

Another freeze-frame flashes in to show Danny being held by the neck on blue-green, trying to pry a giant black-gloved hand with both of his hands. Zoom out to reveal that Walker is holding him up.

Flash to the next freeze-frame of Danny flying on purple with his ghostly tail trailing. Zoom out to reveal that Danny is in hot pursuit of The Box Ghost, who is running away with a hand on his head and another forward.

Cut to a sudden shot of the GIRLS LOCKER ROOM. He is seeing all the girls chatting while completely naked. Zoom out to reveal Danny smiling as he is alone installing occult spy cameras.

Flash to a frame of the Fenton Thermos blasting out rings of blue light on pink, zooming out to show Danny's gloves holding it so he recalls how to use it.

Cut back to the GIRLS LOCKER ROOM, zooming out to reveal Danny drooling invisible while seeing two girls kissing in secret.

Cut to Danny on black, zooming out and rotating around him until it stops with him standing in the dark looking at the camera. A ring forms around his body and transforms him back to Danny Phantom, all his old memory recalled. He bends his knees low and takes flight toward the camera.

Danny smiles broadly, transforming back to Danny Phantom. He grips the Fenton Thermos and holds it out, it charges with blue energy. But sadly Desiree is too powerful right now to be affected.

"You are too late boy, I am too powerful" laughing and launching an ecto ray

“yes, yes I wish you enter the thermos” sam says apathetic

"So you have wished it and so it shall be! WHAT?! WHY THE HELL I AM GRANTING THAT WISH?!!" she entered the termos


Her shouting echoes as she is pulled by her magic in the thermos.

Sam was satisfied that her plan worked.

Danny caps the thermos and catches the other ghosts. The purple and green dragon flicking out its tongue. The giant pink bat. The Cyclops monster.

He frees Sam from the ghost-infused bushes, now with his new plant powers

Tucker is left running away from the monster truck. The truck opens its mouth to roar, but then turns into a perfectly normal truck. Tucker stops screaming and turns around as the truck skids on the ground.

"(Happy) Yes!"

It poofs away in a cloud of smoke.

"(Covering his eyes) No!"

All the teens at the party are still wishing. The five monsters and things in the skyline all pop away in a flash of pink from left to right.

Back with our heroes.

"couldn’t you gave me better new powers?"

Sam acts innocent.

"Yes. but… (Shrugs) you will thank me once you see how useful they are"

Tucker walks in, relieved.

"Oh, man, that was close."

Danny bends down to pick up the thermos. Tucker looks scared at Danny's butt, which is pointed in his direction.

"Watch where you're pointing that thing!"

Fade to the Amity country club where Paulina party resumes and everyone is dancing to the music. Pan up to the right to show Danny, Sam and Tucker on the hill watching. Danny and Sam are sitting, but Tucker is leaning.

"Um, weren't we invited to that party?"

Sam is smiling, her legs to the side. Danny is sitting in a fetal position. Tucker is leaning, supported by his arms.

"Yeah. And now that everything's back to normal, she's sort of expecting a visit from the ghost boy. (Turns to Danny) You should probably keep your promise."

"Yeah, I promised it after all, but it is early, it is only seven. I will go later after the movie, right now I just want to enjoy the moment with you guys."

Fade to a movie theater screen. Femalien steps back into the shot, but Terminatra steps in and punches her away with her robotic left hand. Terminatra turns, then jumps away as Nightmerica steps in, clawing at her but missing. She looks up with surprise.

Sam, Danny and Tucker are enjoying the movie. There is a soda cup in Danny's cup holder. Blasting is heard from the movie.

"Well you will have to enjoy it without me dude, I have other thinks to do right now" he walks away but not before yelling "enjoy your time alone lovebirds" smirking when he hears them denying it. It was always fun to tease them. "Those two would probably wait to marriage before kissing"

When they were completely alone Sam began to speak.

"Danny I wanted to apologize about that stupid fight. Can we forget it ever happened?"

"So you have wished it, so shall it be."

"Thanks. You know Danny I promised you a bonus if you took care of Desiree" she says starting to strip

"S-Sam shouldn’t we wait to being in private?"

"No Danny, I promised you a bonus as soon as everything ended and will give it to you, besides no one comes here, just lie in the grass and relax please, this is also my apology for the stupid fight."

When she unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra Danny just gaped.

When he saw her firm breasts as beautiful as he remembered them, he couldn't help staring at its nipples, surrounded by its areola with prominent circle of raised dimples, wanting to suck them like a newborn baby, and quickly glanced up to see if she had noticed him staring at them.

Her eyes met his and she smiled a knowing smile. She removed his shirt without resistance and unbuttoned his pants with grace, making him hard.

She took advantage of that and kissed him, Her purple lips were soft and gentle at first as she placed them softly against his, he could feel the warmth of her breath caressing him.

Sam could sense his arousal and desire as his breathing was faster than normal, but she was in control and took her time, not rushing in and enjoying the moment. She was inviting his tongue to slip inside and explore her mouth. Such an intimate act that only lovers ever get to do.

Danny began to relax as the kiss deepened and continued. He pulled her hungrily towards him so that they could be facing each other kissing passionately. He loved the feel of her soft lips against his while her rigid tongue probed the inside of his mouth.

Danny sucked tentatively, which caused her to push it harder against hers, feeling his passion increase as her soft curvaceous body pressed against him. It was turning him on so much feeling her soft female curves, her allowing him to stroke, caress and explore her body.

"What a sweet little butt you have" he murmured in her ear, getting courageous and finally breaking off the kiss.

"And is all yours Danny, you have earned it for defeating Desiree" giving him a naughty and sexy smile.

Sam felt his hand move higher up her leg gently massaging her privates under her mini skirt. She couldn't help but open her legs a little so he could reach her better. She shivered when she felt his fingers making her panties intangible to remove them.

"Sam, you are really wet there!"

"Iii-it's not my fault! you are really good at this. And the sensation of feeling my panties go intangible while wearing them is…well unique." Shuttering

Sam felt the pressure of him pressing against her cunt, no pain, just a tight feeling as she felt him slipping into her and opening her up gradually. The tip of his cock pushing against her pussy and slip a little bit inside. She groaned at feeling herself stretched open. Danny rested a little to allow her to get used to the feeling.

Sam sighed with pleasure when his mouth continued to suck and lick her breasts, the two sensations were incredible. Her pussy was on fire while her breasts felt warm for his breath.

"Sam I am about to cum you need to…" began to say Danny when Sam interrupted him

"cum inside Danny, it is my safe day (she might love Danny, but she didn't want to be a mother yet.)"

"Then, take my seed Sammy," he cried out while thrusting harder against her and playing with her nipples to increase her arousal.

He pummelled his huge cock into her again and again as he continued to cum inside of her.

Finally she collapsed on top of him as he'd emptied himself into her. Both of them laid there panting.

"Sam we should probably go home now" panting slightly

"Danny I am too tired to move and no one comes near here. Maybe we could rest a little." having just had her second time with his best friend let her really tired.

"Yeah, you are right I can fly us latter anyways no need to rush." (Yawn) said while resting her head against the grass.

Both of them resting there just enjoying each other’s company

None realizing that someone has been following, or rather stalking them for a while, since sam talked alone with danny, discovering a lot of interesting things


Chapter Text

Sam´s house (the one her grandma gift to her)

As Danny told her, once someone is freed from being in the thermos a few days they are disoriented by some moments. This was perfect for what she had in mind

Window of opportunity occurs when Desiree drops from the thermos, Danny knocking her out with a blow behind the weakened genie's head. Pulling her by one of her Sleek smoothly toned legs and dragging her to the bedroom that will become her euphoric hell like prison for a time. Danny tossing her limp form onto the bed

A few minutes after securely binding Desiree with reinforced ectoplasmic  suppressing chains used for high risk captures ghosts and giving her a few drugs, borrowed from Danny´s parents.

Danny takes a moment to stare at the Female genie.

Hesitantly he helps his lover and real girlfriend set up what is needed for her plan, from drugged massage oils to needles. Knowing full well how capable she was against ghosts, he knew he shouldn’t be worried especially when said ghost is incapacitated. But he still fears for her safety. His face revealing deep concern

“Sam …. Please, be careful." Danny said

Sam just takes his hand to reassure her.

"Although your concern is appreciated, your lack of trust is disappointing Danny, I spent a small fortune in the contract Desiree granted, believe I am going to be safe around her, safer than you were when you did the same to Valerie at any rate”

“Hey I didn’t planed that, it just happened” he defended

“Yes, and according to you it was the best experience you ever had, I want to have revenge in the bitch for using me and feel that. To have my personal bitch like you have Valerie”

“Besides how would you like the hottest and one of the strongest Ghosts, eating your cum from Valerie´s gaped holes after a thorough ploughing her like a bottom bitch?" Sneaking her hand past his crotch feeling how hard he was just from the thought alone

“Fine you win”

"Good, not that I mind the company Danny but I've got a stubborn, arrogant bitch to break-in."Sam said

Danny nods curtly, leaning down and giving her an affectionate, heated tongue twirling kiss before flying away leaving Sam and the bound Desiree in the room.

Sam taking off her clothes and taking some body oil and lube from her bag. Then moving to the bedside contemplating tearing of Desiree's clothes before ravaging her, to let the fact that she is about to experience a full hentai heroine package (hey just because she is a girl doesn’t mean she doesn’t watch porn).

Though feeling a sense of doubt settling in wondering if she really wants to go through with it, she remembers, how she tricked and used her against Danny, the new and unpleasant memories from not evet meeting Danny, because you see while Danny had tucker as a friend and just had a boring life, Sam had a lonely and depressing life, she had no one… well that isn’t true, she got one friend later lover in last 3 months, although that was mostly because she adopted her after being kicked out from the A list.

She didn’t know why but somehow star ended in Valerie’s place, sadly because star wasn’t as good at fighting and Vlad didn’t need a pawn to fight Danny, and she being hated by all for being the satellite, well…as much as star didn’t like it at first she didn’t had any other options as friends but Sam, honestly who knew they could become friends… no lovers in just 3 months?

And now things were back to normal, and she was forced to look at her being Sanchez frien…no duff, they weren’t friends star was just Sanchez satellite.

The pain was reassuring her, strengthen her resolve to hurt the female before her, she put the strap dildo and prepared herself penetrate the bitch before her.

Sam kneeling hunched over between bound spread Desiree's legs. Cutting a perfect opening in her rather boring white panties the fabric framing her moistening pussy

'Good, the drugs are working, say what you say about the Fentons but their stuff works'

Trying her best to refrain from just impaling her and fucking the ever living shit out of the genie

Starting off by playing with her clit alternating between sucking and gently nibbling on the hardening but after peeling back the clitoral hood with the tip of her hungry drooling tongue

Gently rubbing and slightly spreading her pussy lips with her fingers in little massage like touches.

Enjoying the taste of her pussy, Sam was so engrossed with slurping up and savoring the nectar oozing from her delicious tight pussy, that she near misses when Desiree spasms to consciousness by the orgasm induced by her worshipping her cunt.

"G-girl?, w-what a… are you doi-" Unable to finish her sentence as she looks with her half lidded slightly dopey, unfocused gaze due to being high on custom drugs. Pulling at her restrains. And looking back down at Sam who licks her glistening lips, wiping her chin dripping clear silvery slimy looking fluid. Using the same hand and bringing it down on her exposed over sensitive pussy with a resounding swat.

Desiree's incredulous retort stuck in her throat as her back arches. Her spasming gushing cunt letting out two brief short spurts of piss as a sudden climax ripples through her.

Barely able to make out what is happening. Trying to access some of her ectoplasm to help focus when she realizes that she can't. The action causing her pain that somehow ramps up her current climax.

Letting out a gasp when ghost boy girlfriend rips off her clothes


Retort met with a stinging backhand to her face followed up with a gasp inducing swat to her gushing inflamed pussy. Sam who gazes down at her 1.66 metre tall sleek yet curvaceous womanly form, Flawless fair skin now flushed starts to perspire. The droplets of clear sweat droplets on her skin giving it a near inhumane beauty. Like an erotic goddess lying helplessly before her.

Straight silky smooth ankle length black hair with waist length strands framing her face, black clip parting hair to the left. Very beautiful round face with smooth soft features and greencolored eyes,pouty soft lips, firm tits with small green areola and perky nipples. Slender feminine waist and smoothly toned, flat abdomen,feminine meaty hips and a plush, firm bubble butt. Tight smooth waxed pussy (who knew?). Sleek smoothly toned legs with thick thighs and toned calves.

Unable to hold back any longer he lunges forward and latches onto the thoroughly disorientated and utterly confused Desiree's mouth. The taunts and degrading insults she had in mind would have to wait.

Desiree's half lidded eyes going wide as Sam explores her mouth with her rather long tongue. Forced to swallow her surprisingly tasty saliva as her mouth is tongue raped. Her eyes roll to the back of her head. Fists gripping the chains of her furry coated manacles, her pretty black painted toes curling as she is hit by the biggest orgasm of her life and after life. All that from merely kissing, chains clinking as her spasming limbs strongly pull at them

Sam breaking away from their lip lock,lips connected by silvery strand of saliva.

"This is going to be easier than I thought. Though your pitiful display is rather disappointing, Aroused from ther crude foreplay?." Giving her gushing, reddening pussy slick with slimy arousal a swat causing her to jolt in pleasure

"Seems you hadn’t have a good fuck for a while"

Well I hadn’t got laid since being imprisoned in my bottle- Desireetought to herself

Desiree letting out an involuntary aroused mewl, Sam using that moment to grab her velvety slick tongue between her index finger and thumb before piercing it with a thin needle coated in aphrodisiac.

Hands a blur as she does the same to her perky nipples and erogenous zones on her front, Desiree's bound form locking up in a seizure, her eyes tearing up as the first waves of a near endless climax rips through her form. Mind drowning is a sea of euphoric hell.

Sam inserting two of her thick digits in her tight smoothly waxed, inflamed cunt

The excessive amounts of pussy juice gushing from it allowing it to slide in between her slightly parted swollen outer labia with no resistance. Prodding for her G-spot then spreading her fingers so that it's between them, inner folds of her tightly clenching walls making it feel and sound like her cunt is hungrily sucking on the intruding digits.

She then starts rapidly finger fucking her in machinegun like short thrusts while making 'come hither' motions with the probing fingers. Nearly driving the incoherently moaning, lust addled ghost on the brink of mental breakdown, off the edge.

Desiree seeing stars and black spots as her back lifts up and arches painfully off of the now drenched bed. A pleasured wailing screech escaping her mouth. A needle piercing through her tongue prevents her from closing the said orifice.

After a while, her shuddering, sweat-slick bound form now powerless to do pretty much anything. Sam taking off the chains but leaving on the ectoplasmsuppressing manacles as a precaution. Hands gripping the insides of her sweat and pussy juice slick inner thighs. Taking time to enjoy the feel of her toned thick thighs as her fingers sink into the luscious flesh trailing down to her cunt

Pulling back her thick dildo,Desiree let out a moan as Sam pushes the big sized tip of the dildo (no need to be gentle) at her entrance. Instead of working her cunt wrecking tool into her tight cunt

Any doubts Sam had went out the window as Shelooks at her terrified face, she spreads Desiree's thighs wide and impales little less than half of her enormous bitch breaking dildo into her painfully tight pussy.

The panting ghost's face contorting into a soundless scream portraying the pain filled euphoric pleasure felt at having her cunt utterly wrecked as she impales her with her bloated dildo.

Feeling as if she's been split in two, the bulging outline of sam´s dildo visible on her abdomen (ghosts are really flexible).Sam withdrawing slightly, Desiree´s pussy lips clinging to the immense bitch breaker, before violently thrusting back in driving the air from the gasping woman's lungs (ghosts need breathing at least to produce sounds) with a lewd cunt squelching thrust

Desiree's pain filled pleas for her to stop lessens in between wailing squeals and increased pleasured painfilled gasping mewls. Her cunt stretched to its limits as the enormous toy relentlessly ploughs in and out of her near painfully tight pussy

Sam speeding up her violent thrusts uncaring of Desiree's pleasure, feeling the need to fill her pussy and hurt her for all the troubles she caused.

Sam pulling out the needle piercing her rock-hard nipples and weak-spots on her front causing Desiree to suffer a sensory overload, fucked silly expression morphing into one of euphoric maddening bliss at the feeling of cumming fromthe bitch breaker buried in her deepest part of her

Sam falling on the sweaty front of the fucked silly Desiree, Action causing more of Desireestreams of cum seeping from her cock plugged sloppy cunt. Palming her full firm tits her head rests between. Licking the sweaty orbs and alternating between sucking the erect perky pink nipples. Slight taste of blood from the brief piercing adding to the delicious sweat tasting flesh

Sam shifting up to the drool, sweat and tear stained, beautiful heavily flushed face of the slowly recovering ghost. Grabbing a fistful of her now sweat matted and dishevelledblack hair

Pulling it so her head cranes slightly, her rolling half lidded tearing eyes fixed on the headboard. As Sam licks the side of her face before removing the needle piercing her drooling stuck out lolling tongue.

"I hope you enjoyed it." Sam said mocking her

She gave her a brief heated sloppy smooch, sucking on her limp drooling tongue savoring the taste of her saliva. Looking into her tearing half lidded slightly unfocused, dilated eyes she says something that chills the ghost

"Because we're just getting started"

Desiree's only response is a weak whimper. As the start of her torture begins when her sweat sheened sleek smoothly toned legs with thick thighs and toned calves are lifted in a spread wide V. Sam slowly fucking her sloppy stretched pussy, electing a pleasured moan from the fucked silly Desiree's drooling mouth.

Every time Sam grinds her toy against her steadily weakening cervix. Sloppy, squishy, squelching queening sounds from her green cunt being ploughed and the steady rocking of the bed, sounds out through the bedroom. Incensed with the strong heavy scent of sweaty raunchy, messy sex

Over a long period of time, what seems like a hell like mind breaking eternity for Desiree. Having climaxed more times than she can count. Each wave dwarfing the one that came before it, the only thing keeping her from griping on to her sanity is the growing craving since the first time Samentered her pussy.

Staring down at her with a knowing somewhat bored look, making her feel insecure and degraded more than what she already does. Her pleasured sadistic smirk having faded as she somewhat waits for her. Sawing in and out of her at an agonizingly slow pace, her exhausted form unconsciously tiredly bucking into her thrusts as if trying force herdildo past the cervix it grinds against.

An untold amount of time the drugs caused Desireeto crave more fucking, more trusts, harder trusts, just MORE, as she rests with the side of her face in an cum pool created on the sheets of her ruined bed.

Her plushfirm bubble butt in the air. Rippling and jiggling at every impact of her violator's animalistic brutal thrusts. Slick ass flesh sending droplets of sweat into the air at every ass reddening impact and the occasional hard stinging spanking swats, plump puffy inflamed lips of her stretched cunt being destroyed.

The back of her lower ass and upper rear thighs connected to Sam´s toy while her feminine meaty hips held in place in a painful vice like grip guaranteed to leave bruises, as she is forced to take what is being given.

Limbs limp and occasionally spasming at every body jolting thrust into her thoroughly abused pussy. Bouncing, flopping full firm tits littered with hickeys and light bite barks. Even in her mind broken state she still fights off the urge to beg for more.

Though it's not until she is being bounced in Sam's lap.The rays of the rising sun peeping through the cracks of the bedroom window's blinds.Her body seemingly making the decision for her

Impaled intimately in the lotus position, her strong delicate arms hug Sam to her front. Black painted nails of her hands raking her sweaty back. Sleek smoothly toned legs wrap around her waist as her hands roughly knead her reddened plush, firm bubble butt rippling at every impact.

Using them as handhelds to bounce her up and down the painfully big toy like a weightless fleshy fuckdoll. Asif her body had rejected her will and decided to give in to a primal urge and submit to the queen that conquered it. Like she did a long ago when she was a slave of rich merchant

Looking down into the eyes of Sam looking up at her expectantly with sadistic satisfaction,opening her mouth and sticking out her drooling tongue

Desiree as if in a trance leans in and latches onto her mouth. Wilingly initiating the heated sloppy lip lock

' Why I am doing this? I am not a slave anymore, B-but I can't take it anymore. I need it…. OH god I NEED IT!'

Desiree swallowing a mouthful of their combined saliva, drool glossed pouty soft lips parting to utter the magic words.

"Please… I c-can't take it anymore."

As if a switch had been flipped Sam falls forward with Desiree. Gripping the bottom of her thick milky thighs. Pushing it up and pinning it to her sides, knees on the bed as he squats on her haunches assuming the mating press position for maximum penetration. Rearing back before, in a hip blurring thrust. Their crotches connecting in a thunderclap of slick flesh that dwarfs that of the bed frame finally giving in causing the bed to break and collapse to the floor.

Desiree wails like a banshee, toes curling and nails clawing bloody gashes on Sam's back as her bitch breaker pushes past her cervix and hits the back of her uterus hitting to wall. Soon rippling constantly and gaining a redder shade as Sam goes deep into her with rapid jackhammering thrusts intent on fucking her through what's left of the bed and into the floor.

Desiree's face contorting into an Ahegao portraying the delirious euphoria of being ruined. Squirting jets of piss staining their crotches and their fronts currently mashed together, adding to their already messy animalistic rutting.

Sam slapping her a few times with increasing power to gain her attention,wiping the drool from her lips and firmly clamping her hand tightly around her neck.

"Tell me bitch*GRUNT**MOAN*, do you enjoy this? Do you like being shown your place?".Sam demands rather than asks.

Desiree, shaking her head from side to side in both defiance and a failed attempt to clear her fucked silly mind enough to regain her long gone senses.

But it is pointless her lower legs bobbing in a limp flailing like motion clamps around her blurring hips, hooking her feet together at her lower back.

Knowing that telling Sam what she knows he wants to hear, will reward her for what her punished, aching pussy constantly burning with need so desperately craves.

"You are insane *PANT**MOAN* when I get free I am going to – OOHHGOOD!"

Sam not really needing the ego boost knowing full well that she has the fucked stupid bitch on the ropes. Gripping her neck tighter depriving her of air. Asphyxiation added to the mix nearly driving Desiree mad.

Desiree letting out a garbled choking, raspy, breathless, squealing moan before her body violently spasms as if having a seizure. Mind broken at feeling her uterus being destroyed, she lets abreathless content sigh escape her lips before going completely limp. Her body and mind finally unable to continue all the while Sam continues to play her like a doll.

Sam recovering after a while uses Desiree's hair to wipe her coated toy clean.

The comatose Ghost's abused pussy thoroughly gaped after all it endured. Thick pearly, slimy cum stream flowing from her wrecked spasming sloppy cunt now making lewd

2 Days Later

In the dimly lit bedroom, Desiree is sleeping form lay on her now clean bed with her arms bound behind her back. Waking with a start

Memories of being forced into depraved acts of nonstop animalistic sex with the girl…Sam that was her name, flashes though her mind. Desiree's body aching, her swollen pussy sore Inner thighs slightly raw from friction burns

Slight bruises covering some places of her body as a result of Sam's more bestial heated outbursts, tensing when she hears phantom's voice coming from the living room

"I still can’t believe your grandma gave you your own house, I mean is not a mansion like the one you share with your parents, but still.."Danny laughing awkwardly

"Yeah,don’t be surprised, she tends to spoil me a bit how do you think I can go to public school when my parents want me in private one? Luckily the money belongs to grandma" The familiar voice of Sam sounds out.

The same voice she recalls whispering, degrading insults. Harsh jibes, humiliating her and voicing the pleasure taken from her body only to force it to experience so much more, into her ear still fresh on her mind. Her body betraying her as her raw, sore and now slightly loose pussy moistens at the sound of her tormentor's voice.

Desiree shouting out to Phantom to help her, she smiles when she seems him enter, only to froze when he speaks

"Wow, she is very loose, who knew you were suck a 'freak'." He said looking at the flowing pussy of the tied genie

"I know right." Sam said


Sam and Danny just ignored the sudden slurs and incredulous death threats spouting from Desiree's pouty soft lips.Letting her get it all out of her system before continuing.

With tears in her eyes Desiree mutters.

"W-why?. Why are you doing this to me ?. What have I done to deserve this?"

"You mean besides, using me against Danny?, meddling in our lifes? And attacking us with increasing frequency at every turn? And granting a wish to make mine and Danny´s life lonely and bitter? " Sam snarls out the last part with venom and irritation in her voice before reaching out and grabbing a handful of Desiree's hair, pulling her on her back to the edge of the bead.

“Obviously same as me you didn’t enjoy your life without having met me, want to talk? ” Danny commented

"Maybe later, right know I just want to sodomise one of the most powerful women in the world” Sam said

“Most powerful?” Danny asked

“Even if it is limited by granting wishes and who knows what other limits, how would you call someone capable of overwrite reality itself? ”

“Point” he said

“Yes, one of the most powerful and if you don’t let me go now I am going to grant a wish from your parents to never have you” Desiree threatened

“just for that I am going to fuck you harder than you could ever imagine" sam said

“One we could have you trapped here forever I honestly doubt that there is anyone looking for you” Danny said

“And two those suppressors aren’t really need it, there are more to calm Danny more than anything else, let me prove it to you, open bracelets ” Sam said

InmediatlyDesiree was freed and Danny transformed in case she tried anything

After a few moments she asked


"You probably don´t even remember, but before we trapped you in the thermos you granted what was written in a contract that i had in my hands. it is very long but basically you granted my wish to become my slave, you can’t harm me, not really and you have to grant my wishes without twisting them, although as far as i know that is a side effect of long lasting wishes, so would only be able to grant me temporary wishes and you won’t become more powerful until certain conditions are met"

"I will get out with a loophole and kill you!!"

"i honestly doubt it, for one you never read what you granted, for another i paid a lotof money to our lawyers, an rectified with another lawyer`s firm, both told me it was ironclad, but moving on i wish for you to put the bracelets again"

"So you ..No.. Wished, so should be done" Desiree tried to resist whitout success

Ignoring her Sam asked 

“Don’t you want to stay Danny? I will let you play with her a bit” sam asked

“No, I have a date with Val, we are going to see advengers endgame”

“Ok have a good date with the bitch Danny” sam said

As Danny become intangible and flew away sam said to Desiree

"Maybe if you get as good as pleasing me like Val and be a good whore I might show some restraint and give your holes a break from time to time." Sam said

Making Desiree let out a despaired sob

Chapter Text

About this chapter, Danny only met the character reporter of the series once and that was at the reunion, other then that they never meet again in whole show.

So I thought to myself why don't we try someone different and use famous characters of other series? Because lets be honest there isn’t many human characters in danny phantom

So I took a famous character and made her appear in this chapter.

One thing, this world is going to be like the incredibles were metahumans, either heroes or villans are not tolerated.

Assume the reason Danny git away is because the local government gave him permission, even if the giw still hunted Danny, for either being cheap than the giw, being a distraction of the ghost or the Fentons causing destruction, atarction tourist, etc.

If you can suggest possible girls I will consider them.


As soon as Friday hit the Fenton Family were on there way to Wisconsin. It would of taken them a day to get there but thanks to clear traffic, and Jack's reckless driving, the family was able to make it to Wisconsin in only a few hours. On the way Jack told Danny and Jazz about his, Maddie and Vlad's college's days, how he and Vlad were best friends, and how they worked of the first ghost portal together. But when they were testing out the prototype Jack activated the small portal and it blasted Vlad in the face, despite Maddie saying the calculations were wrong.

The result was Vlad getting what Jack called Ecto-Acne, a rash like skin growth on Vlad's face that nearly killed the man. Luckily he survived but was bed ridden for a few years and his social life was destroyed. At the time Jack made his move on Maddie and the two started dating. Jack tried to get in touch with Vlad but the man dropped of the radar, Jack stayed in touch with letters whenever Vlad popped up in hops to reconnect with the man. It also turned out that Vlad was Vlad Masters, one of the richest man in the world.

When Danny hard all this he raised an eyebrow at everything. From what his dad said Vlad wouldn't have gotten in that accident if he wasn't trigger happy, not only that Jack seemed to just blow the thing off as a 'simple accident'. It's one thing if you run over your friends foot or kill his goldfish, but to send someone to the hospital just because you weren't patient is another thing, and as icing Jack simply say it's all in the past like it was nothing.

In other words, Jack was a huge dick.

After a few hours Jack parked in front of a large mansion as everyone slowly got out. "Here we are!" He shouted in a booming voice as everyone got out.

Jazz got out of the RV while looking at the reunion paper. "Dad, you do know the reunion is on Sunday, right? Today is Friday." Jazz said as she pointed to the date.

Jack just turned to Jazz with a grin on his face. "I thought we could all spend some time with Vlad."

That made Danny raise an eyebrow. "You want to take time away from a billionaire without telling him?"

Jack just shrugged. "I called ahead and Vlad said it was okay." He said before walking forward, his family fallowing.

The inside of the mention was not what Danny and Jazz expected. Green, gold, and jerseys filled the hallway along with a tone of footballs and cheese heads. Danny instantly figured out that this Vlad guy was one big Packers fan. Looking up the family was granted by a man in his late 30's wearing a business suit and had long white hair. Above the man was a picture of a short man with a cheese hat and golden staff.

Danny instantly felt on guard when he saw the man that greeted his parents, the way he interacted with them was also a big give away. With Jack Vlad see passive aggressive, especially when Jack tried to throw Vlad's prized football around, and when Jack brought up the past like it was nothing. To Danny it seemed Vlad still hadn't forgiven his dad for the accident back in college, not only that Jack was oblivious to the whole thing.

With Maddie on the other hand it was the exact opposite. Vlad seemed to have a genuine smile on his face when talking to Danny's mom, and seemed to invaded her space often. Now Danny had a clear understanding what was going on.

Vlad hated Jack for what he did in college. Not that Danny could blame guy, no matter how much Jack said it was in the past the fact was he nearly killed Vlad when he went trigger happy with the portal. Even if it didn't kill Vlad he scared his face and left him bedridden for months to a year, and as icing on the cake Jack took Maddie, the girl they were both interested in, while Vlad was in the hospital with his face messed up, and Jack was the one who did all of this.

Danny could only sigh as he put all this together. Jack maybe his father and a scientist but he was a dumbass in his opinion, first he nearly killed Vlad in college and nearly killed him a few months ago. If this keeps up Jack was really going to kill someone some day.

As everyone grabbed their bags and went with Vlad to show them their rooms the doorbell suddenly rang, making everyone pause.

"Now who could that be?" Vlad said with a confused look on his face as he walked to the door.

When Vlad opened the door it was revealed to be a woman.

The woman was very attractive in her own right. She looked to be in her early to mid 20's with European features, she was couple of inches taller then Jazz but barely reached Maddie's high, she was warring a whitedress. She had long white hair that was in pony-tail, blue eyes, pink lips and flawless skin. Her body was also very attractive, C-cup breasts, narrow hips, long legs, and a tight bubble butt.

She looked exotic and sophisticated.

"Elsa Anderelle? I wasn’t expecting you until ne" Vlad said in a surprised voice as he let the woman in.

"who is the lady?!" Jack said in an exited voice as he rushed over with a big smile on his face.

Elsa winced at the volume and took a step back.

"hello, nice to meet you, I'm Elsa Anderelle."She said before giving a smile



The two shook the woman's hands as Vlad walked forward with a confused look on his face. "Miss Elsa, I must ask what you are doing here?"

Elsa looked to Vlad with a confused look on her face.

"What are you talking about, the business reunion is today." She said as she pulled out a paper from her pocket. "See, it says so right here."

Vlad took the flier and looked over it, after a second he clicked his teeth. "Damn, this is a miss print, the reunion is this Sunday." He said catching Elsa off guard.

"Oh, well that's too bad." She said while rubbing the back of her head. "We'll I'm staying in a hotel not too far from here. I booked it for one day but I can just extent the time."

Vlad sighed before putting on a winning smile. "Nonsense, this paper is my mishap, I am more then happy to let you stay for the weekend until the reunion."

"Oh, well if it isn’t too much trouble." She unease in her voice, confusing Danny and Jazz a bit

Vlad answer the unasked question

"Elsa is aninvertor of Dalv co. she is genius 18 year old teenager, and has managed to came in millionairesforbes list, but she is not a…social butterfly" Vlad explained

Getting a grateful look from Elsa when other people will be upset at his comentary

Vlad clapped his hands together, grabbing everyone's attention. "Alright, it's starting to get late so let’s find your rooms." Vlad said before he started to lead the group, but not before the butlers grabbed the Fenton's and Elsa's bags from their cars.

As Vlad led the group Danny and Elsa hung back, both for there ownreason's. For Danny it was because he was still felt something was off with Vlad that he couldn't put his finger on. Elsa on the other hand just found Jack annoying and didn't want to listen to the grown man go on about ghost.

Elsa glanced at the teen at her side as they walked. "So why did your parents drag you to the reunion?" Elsa asked in a hushed voice.

Danny glanced at the woman and gave a sigh.

"Dad thought it would be a good idea to bring us here, family bonding." He said in a dry voice that made Elsa snort.

Once the group reached the third floor Vlad assigned everyone to their rooms. Jack and Maddie's room was on the very end of the hallway by the stars while Jazz's room was right across. Danny and Elsa's rooms on the other hand were at the other end of the hall right next to each other.

"Sorry the rooms are spread out because they are being renovated." Vlad said in a slightly smug voice. "It hard to keep a home this big in shape. Also some of the rooms yourin might also have a few minor renovations, if you had called a week ahead instead of at the last minute, I might of prepared the rooms."

Jack grinned and throw his arms around Vlad's shoulder. "No problem Vladdy, this is great!" Jack shouted before running into his room. "Maddie, check out this room!" He called as Maddie fallowed with a sigh.

Vlad's eye twitched as he turned to everyone else. "Dinner will be ready in one hour." Vlad said before he walked down stairs.

Jazz didn't waste any time walking into her room and closing the door behind her, leaving only Danny and Elsa in the room. The two looked at each other and let out there own snorts before making their way to their room.

"Did you feel the tension there?" Danny asked as he ran his hand through his hair.

Elsa snorted at Danny. "Danny was it,before I invest in a company I investigate the owners. If I missed that then I would quit on the spot." She said with a grin before she sighed. "Look's like Vlad still hasn't forgiven your father for what happened, not that I can blame him."

That caught Danny's attention. "Speaking of 'that', what can you tell me about it?" Danny asked making Elsa stop in the middle of the hallway. "From how Dad mentioned it he messed Vlad's face up with some bad acne that lasted for a while."

Now that made Elsa scoff in disbelief.

"If that was only it."Elsa said as she shook her head. "From what I saw Vlad was in critical condition for years, years Danny, wondering if you were going to die at any moment. The doctors didn't know what the hell was wrong with him and he nearly died a few times, and he was like that for years." She huffed as she leaned against the wall.

"If that wasn't bad enough Jack made his move on Maddie and the two hooked up while his 'best friend' was in the hospital, and he was the one who put him in there." Elsa shook her head as she looked away from Danny.

"honestly when I discovered It I thought Jack pressed the button on purpose." Elsa then waved her hand. "Now don't get me wrong, I have been told Vlad was always been kind of an ass and arrogant to be around, but he was a good guy and friend to Jack, he did not deserve that."

That made Danny wince a bit. He figured all this out himself but to here it from another person was something else. "Look, I'm not going to lie when I say this," Danny said slowly as he grabbed Elsa's attention. "But my dad's a dumbass." He said with such a straight face Elsat actually laughed and almost fell. "He's stubborn as a bull and has an ego the size of a building, but he would not hurt anyone... intentionally at least."

Elsa sighed before looking at her watch. "Lets settle in, we only have an hour before dinner." She said before the two walked into there rooms.

Sometime later

“wow to think that I wouldn’t have done something like this a year ago, it is true what they say power corrupts” Danny said to himself

He was watching a sight that many would pay a fortune to see.

Elsa Anderelle, a hot millionaire naked, sleeping blindfolded, and without arms and legs, letting her completely at his mercy.

He got the idea from the time Jazz was just a head, who knew you could make specific parts of the body intangible.

Now for the fun part

Elsa awoke.

Her bed felt a bit different. It was still silk, but she couldn’t feel it with her hands or legs no mater how she tried.

"What the..." began Elsa. "What the heck is going on?"

"Hello, Elsa."

"Who are you?!"elsa said trying and falling to remove her blindfold, it was like she couldn’t touch it

“it is a bit difficult to remove your blindfold without hands let me help, but first let me gag you in case you scream”

“What do you…” Elsa was silenced

Danny put her panties on her mouth and removed the blindfold. Obviously as soon as she saw she didn’t have either arms or legs started to scream, or try until Danny slapped her.

“First this isn’t permanent so don’t scream, I will remove our gag so you can ask your questions calmly If you scream I will gag you again”

“Who are you?” she asked the white haired boy

“you can call me danny phantom” he said

He wasn’t worried thanks to Desiree no one remembers Danny phantom and he quit his atemps in heroics. There was no way she discovers him, even less connectes him to his human identy

"all right I know thst ghosts exists, but what am I doing here?" asked Elsa. "What do you want?!"

"Oh, well, you see I not just a ghost but also a grown up man with needs, and well you are an atractive young woman…" he was interrupted

“Atractive? Why would you consider me atractive?” she asked incredulous

Danny didn’t know it, but he was the first man to sweet talk to her.

“are you kidding me? You are hot like supermodel with an air of royalty” he responded

”don’t you think I am just an nerdy albino?” she asked blushing

“there is nothing wrong with a woman being smart, and the albino part makes you an exotic beaty”

“you are lying” she said thinking he was lying

To prove her wrong he showed her his erect dick. She blushed at the sight

"I am lying? really? I have wanted to fuck you since the moment I saw you, but being the considerate gentleman I am offering you to make this easier to you, you can think of screaming, in wich case I will gag you, fight me, wich will be pointeless whitout arms or legs, options which will only hurt you, or you could cooperate with me" Danny

"WilI you let me go?" began Elsa.

"Hmm, let me think about this." said Danny as she kneeled on the bed and crawled over her so their faces were close. "I don't think so."

Wich made her blush

"Now choose"Danny said putting his erect dick in front of her

If she tries to bite me I will just make it intangible. Gag her and fuck her- he thought

Well he isnt bad looking and he is the first person, man, ghost? To ever consider me atractive; he is also right I cant do anything and if he is going to fuck me I could at least enjoy it- elsa tought

Suddenly Danny felt a pair of lips wrap around the tip of his cock making him moan out loud.

"Fuck that feel good! I didn’t tought it will agree so easy, I will return your hands just for that"

in a few moments Elsa could use her arms again, and used them to please him.

Elsa had a small grin on her face as her red lips wrapped around the head of Danny's cock. Her tongue ran over the bulbous head tasting the pre-cum and she loved of the fat head on her tongue as she moved it along. Her hands never stopped pumping the rest of the long cock as they glided over the man meat, feeling it pules and throw with each stroke.

Taking her lips off the head Elsa's hands rubbed the tip of Danny's cock that was covered by his pre-cum and her spit. Once her hands were nice and wet Elsa started to rube her hands all over Danny's cock, making it easier for her hands to pump his large cock.

"God, not even porn stars have a cock half this size. You must be quiet the stud in school." When Elsa felt the cock twitch hard in her hands she grows a big smile on her face.

"Oh, did you get a little harder. Does that mean you have fucked some girls, maybe even a milf." Another hard twitch. "No wonder you were not shy around my body, you've probably seen plenty of naked girls all over this big cock." Elsa said before she put her mouth back on the tip and started to move her tongue around the head.

Danny was thrusting his cock into her mouth harder than before.

Without warning Danny's eyes snapped wide open as he pushed his cock balls deep in her mouth

"Oh fuck!" He moaned out.

Elsa moaned when she heard Danny's moans as she bobbed her head over Danny's cock, the tip hitting the back of her throat.

"GLOCK! GLOCK! GLUG! GHAG! GLURK!"Elsa gagged on the cock as she put her hand on the wall to steady herself. "SCHULRP! SCHULRP! GURK! HLKH! GLRK!"

Elsa felt Danny's pre-cum run down her throat as she took more than half his cock. she had never tasted cum before, she imagined it should taste...well if not bad at least not like fruit (unknown to her it was because his new plant powers)

Pulling off the Halfa's dick with a wet pop Elsa started pumping it with her hands, getting it wet with his pre-cum and her spit.

"You nearly chocked me with this fucking thing, and that was only half of it!" Elsa moaned with a smile on her face as she pumped the cock hard in her hands. "Hell your pre-cum alone nearly drowned me."

"Suck my fucking cock and let me cum!" Danny yelled as he felt his dick twitch like crazy.

Elsa raised an eyebrow at that but didn't stop her hands.

"And let this end early?"

"I'll cum again; I'm never satisfied with just one load!" Danny said without hesitation.

That made Elsa grin as she bent down and kissed the tip of Danny's cock. "Now that's good to hear." She said before taking the cock slowly into her mouth.

Danny throw his head back with a loud moan as his eyes widen. His fingers dug into the wall and he nearly felt it break under his hands.

"You fucking cock sucking bitch." Danny growled in a flirty voice. "This is not the first cock you sucked!"

"Actually yours is the first, i just watch a lot of porn"

Elsa had a small grin on her face as she slowly took Danny's cock into her throat. Deeper and deeper the man meat went until Elsa's nose almost touched the base, tears fell down her eyes as her throat was stretched out to the very limits and then some. The girl gagged deeply as she felt the cock almost block her airway; luckily she could still breathe a bit though she did turn a bit red in the face.

Danny was going crazy as he tried not to move. From how tight Elsa's throat felt if he started to thrust he might actually chock her.

"Is my cock in your throat or is this a virgin fucking pussy!" Danny growled as he felt his eyes glow green for a second.

Elsa just gagged around Danny's cock as more tears fell down her face. Slowly she pulled off of Danny's cock with a wet pop before taking a deep breath of air.

"I've never take something that big down my throat, or that deep." Elsa said with a small cough. "Hell I can't even bob my head fast without me passing out." Suddenly a big grin crossed Elsa's face as she felt Danny's cock twitching like crazy. "But I don't think I'll need to bob my head to make you cum."

Without saying another word Elsa put her mouth around the tip of Danny's cock again and slowly started to push her head forward. As she went down Elsa tasted both her own spit mix with Danny's pre-cum, making her moan at the new taste.

Soon all of Danny's cock was in Elsa's right throat, her head pressed against the wall. Elsa moaned loud and longingly, vibrating her throat around Danny's cock while her tongue rubbed the base of his shaft.

Elsa eyes roll into the back of her head as she felt herself slowly suffocate from the lack of air. Her face turned red and tears ran down her face harder then before, but despite that Elsa felt her pussy gush like a fountain as she felt pleasure in her throat like never before. Hell the girl thought she felt the tip of Danny's cock enter her stomach.

Danny squeezed his fist hard as he could. He felt every inch of Elsa's tight, wet, throat as it vibrated with every moan she made.

The Halfa couldn't take it anymore and throw his head back. "FUCK, I'M CUMMING!" Danny shouted so loud he was afraid his parents would of heard him.

Elsa's eyes bulged as she felt Danny's cock get thicker before a hot stream of cum shot right down her throat and into her belly. She could do nothing but moan in pleasure and suck the cum out of the cock. After a few seconds Elsa pulled the cock out of her throat with a wet pop.

Danny panted hard for air as he felt his cock twitch from the intense pleasure. Slowly the Halfa and fell back onto the bed with her eyes closed.

Danny took deep breaths of air while having a stupid grin on his face. That was not the first deep throating he had and it sure was hell not going to be his last, but damn this woman could teach somethings to Val.

Suddenly Danny hear a cough, nearly making him jump out of bed. He almost forgot about Elsa, until she reminded him

“ehem, ehem didn’t you said one time wasn’t enough for you?”

Opening his eyes Danny's jaw dropped at what he was seeing.

A naked and sweaty Elsa on her knees with her mouth wide open showing the small pool of cum on her tongue, her face was slightly red and she had tears in her eyes but she also had a sexy smile on her face.

Her next words made Danny's dick instantly stand at attention.

"Are you going to fuck me or am I going to have to do it myself?"

Danny was already up and before she knew it, Elsa Anderelle was completely naked and sweaty on her bed laying on her back. Her legs were spread so wide apart Danny got a perfect view of her dripping pussy.

The girl gave Danny a sexy smile as soon as she spread her pussy lips, making more of her juices flow out.

"Are you just going to stand there with that hard on or are you going to use it on me?"

Climbing on top of Elsa Danny locked lips with the woman and entered a deep kiss, their tongues entering each other's mouths as Danny's cock pressed against Elsa's stomach.

Running his hand down Elsa's flat stomach Danny soon felt her soaking wet pussy. Moving his hand down Danny pushed one finger into Elsa's lower lips, instantly bringing a moan to the kiss.

Pulling back Danny looked down at Elsa with a grin on his face as he pulled his soaking hand back of.

"Fuck your wet," He said as he licked a finger. "If this is how wet you get from sucking me off I can only imagine what would happen if we fucked liked that." Danny said as he brought his wet hand up to Elsa's lips.

She licked her lips before taking two of Danny's fingers into her mouth, moaning in pleasure.

"why don’t we find out, now come I want to feel your hard body against mine as you fuck my brains out." She said before running her hands over Danny's abs

Danny gave a cock grin as he moved lower and pressed the head of his cock against Elsa's pussy.

"This just in," Danny said in a husky voice before shoving more then half his cock into Elsa's dripping pussy, knocking the wind out of her and making her bleed.

"I cant believe you are, well were virgin”

When Danny started to thrust his hips Elsa screamed in pleasure and pain, wrapping her arms and legs around Danny to bring him closer.

“Elsa Anderelle a cock hungry slut who's about to have her brains fucked out in her first time!"

"shut up and fuck me! Pound me Danny, turn my pussy into mush!" Elsa screamed in pleasure.

Grunting in pleasure Danny grabbed Elsa's tight heart shaped ass before lifting her up off the bed and standing straight up. Elsa gave a surprise yelp and hung onto before moaning when she felt his cock reach deeper into her. Grabbing Elsa's ass in a tight grip Danny started to thrust into her as she hung off his body.

Stumbling off to the wall on the side Danny pressed Elsa's back against the cool wood before he started to thrust again. Elsa bit her lip as her whole body jerked with ever thrust of Danny's hips as he cock got deeper and deeper.

Moving his head down Danny's eyes landed on Elsa's jumping tits as they bounced with each thrust. Leaning forward Danny took her right nipple into his mouth and bit it with his teeth, making Elsa moan harder.

Pulling his head back from Elsa's chest with a wet pop the Halfa looked up at the older woman to see her face completely filled with ecstasy.

"From the way your acting I would say you have wanted action from a long time, how the hell someone has hot as you can’t find a man" Danny said in a cocky voice before he gave Elsa's ass a hard smack.

That seemed to smack Elsa out of her daze as she gave Danny a playful glare.

"I just... fuck... I dibt want anyone besides not…god your big dick... so good.... not many find a nerdy albino attractive… actually you are the first man to ever,,,,ahhh…tell me I am attractive…at least not counting those who say it for my money and believe me, I can almost see the dollar sign on their eyes" Elsa said before she leaned against the wall.

"idiots, you are hotter than several celebrities and porn stars” Danny said

Wanting to reward him for that, Elsa Shifted her body Elsa placed her right foot on the ground and rising her left leg in the air onto Danny's shoulder. Placing one hand on the wall and the other on Danny's shoulder Elsa gave the young teen a grin.

"Now this position should be easier to fuck me." Elsa said as she tighten her pussy around Danny's cock, making the Halfa grunt in pleasure. "Now fucking plow me Danny."

Danny grinned at the albino woman as he pleased a hand on her hip and another hand on her thigh before he started to thrust his hips again. Both Elsa and Danny moaned in pleasure as their sex started to feel there buildups. Danny's cock smacked into Elsa's womb with every thrust causing the woman to feel sweet pain like nothing before, his large balls smacking into her clit.

Elsa's eyes rolled into the back of her head as her body rocked with everyone of Danny's thrusts. She thought with the new position she could get the upper hand on the teen by forcing his cock deeper into her tight pussy, but she failed to thing about how fair his thick cock could reach.

"Fu-Fuck!How are you reaching this deep!?"Elsa screamed in pleasure as a fuck silly look slowly crossed her face. "Your big c-cock keeps slamming into my womb and sweet spot!" She screamed as her left leg started to shake as she slowly got week.

Seeing Elsa could barely hold herself up from Danny stop thrusting his hips. He let the woman's leg fall from his shoulder before grabbing her hips and pushing her against the wall. Elsa's tits pressed up against the cool wood instantly making her nipples hard.

Danny wrapped his arms around Elsa's body and was hugging her from behind, her tits between both his arms horizontally.

Moving his mouth to her ear Danny had a big grin on his face. "I'm about to fuck you so hard your not going to walk tomorrow for the party." He whispered before nibbling on her ear.

Before Elsa could say anything Danny thrust his hips up almost going balls deep, but deep enough to enter her womb.

Elsa felt like someone just punched her in the stomach hard. Then without giving her any time to adjust Danny started thrust hard

"WH-WHAT THE FUCK!"Elsa screamed as her body stated to violently jerk as Danny thrust his hips and move her body with his arms like she weighed nothing.

"YOU’RE USING ME LIKE A TOY!" She shouted in pleasure.

"You are my toy!" Danny growled as he reached up and grabbed Elsa by the throat, but was careful not to actually chock her. "You my personal toy slut that I'm going to pump full of my thick milky cum all night lone!"

At those words Elsa's pussy spasmed as warm liquid squired our around Danny's cock. The Halfa felt this and soon had a big grin on his face.

"Did you just cum?" He asked before thrusting his hips hard, his pelvis smacking into Elsa's ass.

"AHHHH~" Elsa moaned as Danny started to thrust hard into her sensitive pussy. "Pound me, pound my sensitive pussy!" Elsa screamed as her eyes once again rolled into the back of her head. "Choke me with your big cock, choke me with your hands, pull my hair, fuck my ass and pussy! Fuck me as hard and rough as you can!" Elsa screamed with a fuck silly look as her pussy spasmed again, though she didn't cum just yet.

Danny felt his cock twitch at the woman's words as he tighten his grip on her throat just a bit and roughly grab her breast with his other hand. "You like it rough huh, like being treated like a common cum dumpster for me to use personally." He said before pinching her already rock-hard nipple.

"Flood my womb with your thick cum! Make me your bitch!" Elsa shouted without any hesitation as she started to meet Danny's thrust.

Danny roughly grabbed Elsa's face and turned her head to him, making her look into his eyes. "I think you were already a bitch and heat when I found you. I just tamed your fine ass." Danny growled before he started to pound her with everything he had.

Elsa moaned, screamed, and panted with pleasure as Danny fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Elsa was grateful Vlad considered her dislike to talk with others, and gave her a room that was at the fair end of the hallway because the last thing she wanted to do was explain a couple of exentric ghost hunters why she was getting the life pounded out of her by a ghost who had a cock to rival a horse.

She shuddered at the idea of what they would do.

Elsa felt Danny's cock pulse inside of her as his pre-cum started to spill out of her pussy, she could tell he was ready to cum.

"Fucking pound me like I'm your bitch Danny! Blast your hot spunk into my womb!" Elsa said as she bet everyone of Danny's thrust with her own, making a loud wet slap every time. "FUCK! ME! UP!"

Danny growled as before he let go of Elsa's throat and pulled on her hair, getting a cry of pain and pleasure.

"FUUCK!" Danny shouted as he pulled out before going balls deep in one thrust, Elsa's body latterly lifting off the floor a good inch.

Elsa Anderelle let out a silent scream as she felt Danny's jizz flood her insides, making her cum again for the fourth time tonight as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Elsa felt herself hot beyond anything as Danny slowly jerked his cock deeper into her somehow, pushing his jizz even deeper into her womb.

When Elsa's feet touched the floor she stood on shaky legs as she used the wall to steady herself. She felt the cock that gave her the first fuck of her life slowly slip out of her, making Danny's cum soon follow.

Danny panted for air as he had his second orgasm of the night, but tonight had been a first with how rough he could be with someone. Valerie didn’t count, and sure he made both Star and Sam submissive in the past and even some spanking, but with Elsa it almost felt like she wanted to be hurt just enough to make it feel good.

Looking down Danny grinned when he saw Elsa's trembling heart shaped ass as cum flowed down between her legs. In fact seeing Elsa's ass trembling with pleasure slowly got Danny's slick cock hard again.

Elsa panted against the wall as she collected herself. Once she could think straight she glanced back with a shaky smile.

"I... I have to say Danny, when I arrived Wisconsin the last thing I thought it would lead was to something so mind blowinGGGGGGG!" Elsa soon screamed when she felt the tip of Danny's cock enter her asshole.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" She shouted in shock as she looked back at the teen. The tip of his cock alone was stretching out her ass beyond anything she thought possible.

Danny raised his hand and slapped Elsa on her right ass cheek, not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to make her jump.

"You got my dick hard again with how sexy you look trembling after I just blasted by load inside of you." Danny said in a husky voice by her ear making her shutter again. "I know I can't fuck you all night but I'll fuck you as much as I can before the party tomorrow." He said before grabbing her wrist and slowly pushing into her tight ass.

Elsa's mouth slowly fell open in shock and ecstasy as Danny was soon plowing her ass like he owned it, and at this point he practically did.


Next morning

Danny sighed as he pulled on the collar to his stiff suit as he watched a bunch of adults pogo around the large room. After his interesting shower with Elsa Danny got ready for the collage reunion along with most of his family, except for Jazz who was in a movie theater watching a football documentary.

Jack and Maddie we're catching up with old friends or pogoing around the room, forgetting Danny at the punchbowl.

"So much for family bonding." Danny muttered s he took a sip of his drink. He would of hanged out with Elsa but the two felt they should give each other some space, Elsa was already walking around with a very noticeable limp.

"Well son, your looking much better."

Danny looked up to see Vlad smiling down at him. "Hey Vlad, how's it going." Danny said with a tired sigh.

"Oh good," Vlad said as his eyes lingered on the party for a moment before looking back at Danny. "Listen Danny, I was hoping you could do me a huge favor."

"Sure, anything to get me away from this party." Danny said getting a small laugh out of Vlad.

"Well you see I have a gift for your father in my lab. I was hoping you can get while I keep him distracted." Vlad said with a wining smile.

"Got it." Danny said as he exited the room.

Danny walked down some stares and quickly found himself in a sophisticated lab after leaving the party. "Why would Vlad keep a present all the way down here?" Danny asked himself as he looked around.

As the Halfa looked he noticed a picture frame on a conceal not fair from where he was standing. Grabbing the frame Danny was it was a picture of his mom and Vlad, both younger. Danny also notice another person was in the frame but their head was cut out.

"Wait a fucking minute." Danny muttered as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the picture of his dad he got from the ghost birds. Placing the picture in the frame like a puzzle Danny was shocked to see it was a perfect fit. "What the hell his going on."


Without any hesitation Danny transformed into his Phantom form and brought his guard up. Felling something for above Danny charged his fist before blasting up without even looking. Glancing up Danny was slightly surprised to see two Ectopusses get blasted into goo.

"What the hell, how did those two get all the way out here?"

"Wouldn't you like to know."

Before Danny could react a green net hit him from behind, pinning him to a wall and shocking him. Groaning in pain Danny looked up and was shocked at who was connected to the net.

"Skulker!?" Danny said in shock before he acted.

Charging up his ecto-energy Danny broke through the glowing net before flying at Skulker and kicking the ecto-suit user right in the chest. Skulker was sent flying into a metal wall so hard it dented almost instantly.

"I don't know how you got a new suit so fast, but I'll destroy it just like the last one!" Danny said while charging up his fists.

"Confident as always."Skulker said before pulling out a black cube and throw it to Danny's feet. "Catch!"

Before the Halfa could do anything he was soon surrounded in a larger black cube from the neck down. When Danny tried to faze through it he was shocked to see it wasn't working.

"What the hell, I can't faze through!" Danny shouted as he started to struggle in the box.

"And that's not all it dose." Skulker said with a sadistic grin before he pressed a button on his gauntlet.

Danny instantly screamed in pain as an even stronger electricity hit his entire body, forcing him to Lanee back. The Halfa slumped in the box as he tried to stay conscious with his vision going blurry. Skulker walked up to the box before grabbing Danny by the hair and a glowing green blade popping out of his gauntlet.

Danny stared at the blade and gave a weak chuckle. "Um, the glowing blade is new." He said with a nervous laugh.

"You like it, I've got some upgrades." Skulker said in a happy voice before a sadistic look crossed his face. "Now then..."


Danny turned to the voice and was shocked to see none other then Vlad Master, glaring at Skulker.

"I didn't kill you to free the boy Skulker." Vlad said with a glare at the ghost, who took a step back. "Your work is done."

Skulker looked a little peeved but pulled his blade back and flew away without saying a word.

"Skulker, the Ectopusses, I don't understand." Danny said while looking at Vlad.

"Of course not your what, 14." Vlad said with a scoff as he walked closer to the box. "Too young to drive and not in college yet, I sent those ghosts and other to test your father's skill."

"My dad has skills?" Danny said in confusion.

That brought a small laugh from Vlad as he turned to Danny. "But imagine my surprise when I find you, the second ghost hybrid his foolishness created."

Danny looked at Vlad in with confusion. "Second ghost hybrid, what are you ta-" Danny cut himself off as something clicked in his head and he stared at in pure shock. "The college accident..." He nearly whispered.

Vlad grow a big grin on his face as he put his arms behind his back. "Smart lad, obviously you get that from your mother." He said before a black ring formed around his waist and transformed Vlad into the ghost Danny fought.

"You!?" Danny shouted in shock as he tried to transform but found it was impossible. "My powers!?"

Vlad floated up to the black box with a grin on his face. "This box was design to neutralize ghost powers, including yours. Made by Skulker and paid for by me, making you as human as your idiot father."

Danny grit his teeth and started to struggle in the box. "Let me out!" Danny growled.

"Why, so you can stumble in your adolescents trying to gain control of your powers. Your talented Daniel, but nowhere close to my level." Vlad said as he charged his fist with pink ecto-energy. "I have over 20 years of experience Daniel, and I have used said powers for personal wealth and gain." He said as he easily used more of his powers in front of Danny without and hesitation or struggle. "I could train you to be just as powerful as me one day, much soon then me. All you have to do is renounce your idiot father."

Danny looked at Vlad and felt two things, fear for his father, and sympathy. "You still hate him for what he did to you in college huh." Danny said in a neutral voice.

Vlad growled at that. "And what, are you telling to forgive him, to forget the past?"

Danny took a deep breath and looked Vlad in the eyes. "I know my father is a moron." Danny said without any hesitation catching Vlad off guard. "You want to know how he did this to me? He created his ghost portal but put the 'ON' button on the inside, me and a friend were checking it out and I went inside before I accidently turned it on."

Vlad face palmed while groaning. "I thought it was impossible, but he has become more stupid."

Danny just nodded his head. "My dad is an idiot. He's selfish, ignorant, bullheaded, he humiliates me at school without any regret, and he contently puts me, my sister, and even my mom in danger with his inventions more times then I can count." He said before giving Vlad a sympathetic look. "And what he did to you was just as shitty. He put you in the hospital for years and took the girl you both cared for while you were gone and all he has to say is he's sorry with a fucking smile on his face like it was nothing." Danny finished

Vlad had a shocked look before he gained a pleased smile. "You see, your father is more trouble then he is worth. So help me-"

"But in the end he is still my dad." Danny said in a firm voice, cutting Vlad off. "You know how fucked up it is to kill your own father, it's pretty messed up. Even letting someone else kill him his pushing the limits and I have morals."

Vlad groaned at Danny. "Well aren't you a goody-two-shoes." He said before a grin crossed his face. "Well when your father is out of the way we'll see how things are." He said before flying out of the room.

Danny grit his teeth as he tried to use his powers, but he felt they were surpassed by the cube. Trying a different approach Danny suppressed his powers even more then the cube for a good long minute before letting it out in one go. Danny felt the cube shake for a second before settling down and shocking Danny.

"No good." Danny panted for air. "I'm not strong enough to break this cube and if I don't do something and save dad."

"Well you like your in a predicament." A voice said making Danny go stiff.

Looking up Danny was surprised to see a ghost that looked like a king, but not just any king.

"Wait I know you, your that king from the painting in the main hallway."

The ghost king nodded with a smile on his face. "I'm the Dairy King don't you know," He said with an ascent and a smile on his face. "And it look's like your in a predicament."

Danny nodded and gave the ghost a small smile. "Yeah I am, could you actually get me out of this?" Danny asked.

Without any hesitation The Dairy King pressed a button on the side of the cube, freeing Danny in an instant.

"Thanks!" Danny said as he kicked the cube. "Now to stop Plasmius and save my dad!" He said before Laneing into his Phantom from and flying out of the lab.


After being saved by the Dairy King Danny saved his dad from Vlad who had possessed him and was destroying the party. The two fought and Vlad was clearly going to win until Danny struck a deal with Vlad. Vlad would not kill his dad unless he wanted his identity revealed to the world, showing everyone how he got so rich so fast. Vlad said he would do the same to Danny but the younger Halfa knew his parents, mostly his mom, would accept him even if he was half ghost, plus Vlad had a lot more to lose.

So the truce was struck and the Fenton family was quickly kicked out of the mansion, thought they were aloud to grab their things.

Danny was able to meet Elsa before they left and found the woman was about to talk to her editor about an article on the ghost incident. Fortunately Danny was able to stop her after he pointed out how she had no evidence or pictures on the incident, much to her disappointment. Though she was thankful to Danny for saving her from killing her career. Danny and Elsa agreed if either were in the area they would have more fun together.

Danny was currently sitting in the passenger seat of the Fenton RV while his dad drove back home. Jazz and Maddie were in the back sleeping after a long night.

"I can't believe Vlad didn't say goodbye after we left." Jack said in a sad tone. "And we used to be such palls in college."

Danny gave a shrug. "Well dad that was years ago, and Vlad is probably still pissed about the accident."

"But that was years ago." Jack whined.

"It wasn't like you broke his leg or stole a paper, you did nearly kill him and left him in the hospital for years." Danny said with a small glare at his dad. "And you made him one of the most dangers beings in the world."

"But it was so long ago, I thought he would forgive me by know." Jack whined again.

Danny sighed and leaned back in the chair, Jack just didn't see how much this hurt Vlad, both literally and mentally.

Danny just sighned and look at the picture he took of Elsa before leaving. She was a fine catch, a pity he won’t see her again.

With Elsa

Ring ring

“Yes?” elsa answered the incoming call

“miss elsa we have the report you asked about studios marvel, I must say they look like solid investment as far as I can tell” a woman said

“All right, I will see them later, in the meantime I have a new assignment for both of you: I want you to investigate all you can about Danny Fenton of amity park, son of Jack Fenton and Madie Fenton.”


“that is what I like of you mercy you never ask questions”

“Is not my place to ask”

Ttttttt cut the call

“sigh, honestly how could he not realize I could connect Danny Phantom with Danny Fenton? Although I must admit that they look really different, the only reason I connected them was I saw his features closely and picked his speech.”


Chapter Text

Pamela was in a bit of a stupor as the girl in front of her asked to come in. besides the 2 weird boys her daughter hangs out, she’d never been asked by another person to enter to see her daughter. So when a girl, an actual normal girl, suddenly appeared in front of her, asking her to see Samantha, Pamela blinked and then squinted at the girl.
“Yes Miss…?”
“I am sorry about my modals, my name is star I worked with Sam in a project some days ago, and I wanted to ask her if she wanted to hang out.”

“Hang out? With Sam?” she asked dumbly
the girl might as well speaking Russian

“Going to the movie theater, the mall, going to bowling, you know hang out, although if she isn’t here I will come lat….”

Before she could say anything else Pamela dragged her inside

“Very well Star. I will get you to her…SAM A FRIEND HAS COME TO SEE YOU!”

Sam got down and stared shocked at Star.

“Star? What are you doing here? ”

“Good to know you know her, listen Samantha I have to leave as I told you before, here is the money in case you go out, have a good day girls”

And then she left. Murmuring happily something about her daughter and finally has friends.

With Pamela gone and Sam frozen, trying to process what her mother had told her.

Star took charge of the situation and stepped towards Sam a smile on her face.
“Hi Sam, It’s me. Danny I know you are here, I can feel the cold in the air, you should probably become visible this concerns you too.” Star said

Nothing happened

“I still remember you Sam and I know your secret”

After a few moments of star looking at the cold air Danny did it

“How?” both asked stupefied

“Don’t worry I am not going to give you away, Sam wouldn’t like it, as for how? I spied when Sam dragged you to talk alone with you, don’t look at me I was concerned when my only friend wanted to talk with a guy I have never hear of, I was worried, anyway, I heard everything and when Desiree granted your wish I used the specter reflector to remember everything like Sam did before”

Gulping, Sam gaze went to star´s eyes looking for recognition; star gave her a soft smile and a nod to show her she remembered.

Hesitantly, Sam stepped forward, swallowing the lump in her throat and hastily wiping the barely formed tears from her eyes as she gave a tentative smile.
“Y-you really remember me?” she asked
“yes I do”

After a few embarrassed and emotional moments

“By the way Sam I wanted to ask you if you wanted to hang out”

“I would love it Star but I had plans for today” Sam said

When Sam said that, Star found her blue eyes going immediately to Danny’s crotch. She hadn’t really registered it, more interested in finally telling her friend she remembered her, but now that she was paying attention she could see Sam’s tits were erect and Danny’s cock was growing under his suit.

Wait growing? Star looked again and her eyes widened dramatically as Danny’s cock thickened and hardened right before her. You didn’t need to be a genius to know what Sam´s plans were
Sam noticed this and a slow grin spread across her face as she realized her friend was in a bit of a trance.
“Would you like to give it a try Star? Last cock you’ll ever need, I can guarantee that.”
Star swallowed another lump in her throat, but this time it was for a very different reason. Star was a lesbian that was a fact, her discreet ogling at the school showers and crush on Val proved, another fact was that she had fallen in love with Sam Manson in the few moths she had been her friend.

But she also knew that now Sam was also in love with Danny, she could try to separate them, risking Sam not wanting to see her again, hurting Sam and making everything complicated, or she could try to adapt.

So despite her trepidation and her reservations of sleeping with a man, Star found herself nodding and taking an unconscious involuntary step towards the cock in front of her.

Then, Sam’s hand was on her shoulder and she was being guided even closer. 
Once they stood in front of Danny’s body, Sam brought Star down to her knees, coming down onto her own knees right beside her as she grabbed hold of Danny’s cock and stroked back and forth a few times.
“I know you had never had a dick, so do it like this Star.” Sam said moving her hand around Danny´s dick
Nodding Star reached up, still in a daze, and did as Sam had shown her. The blonde girl stroked Danny’s big thick cock as it got even bigger and even thicker, her eyes growing to the size of saucers at just how large his member was getting.
“You have to put it in your mouth now Star. You’ve got to lick it, lubricate it or it will hurt your virgin cunt when it enters.”
Star blinked as Sam’s soft voice filled her ear. At some point the Goth had gotten behind Star. Now Sam was groping her from behind, slowly undoing Star’s clothes and stripping her of piece after piece of clothing

Still in a trance, Star leaned forward and did as Sam said.

The cheerleader moaned as she felt the taste of Danny’s shaft touching her tongue. He was delicious and so was the strange fluid escaping from the tip of his cock. Continuing on, Star stretched her jaw open to the absolute limits as she sucked as much of Danny’s Grimm dick into her mouth as she could.

Due to the girth of his member, this turned out to be a grand total of three inches before she just couldn’t get any more of the massive thing inside of her maw.
Star settled for sucking on this bit, even as Sam’s hands ran over her now exposed slight chest as well as down into her panties, pressing against her wet pussy. Continuing to stroke Danny’s huge dick with her feminine hands, Star looked up into his blue eyes as he looked down at her with a smile on his face. He was enjoying it.

“That is great star” he said thanking her

the feeling of satisfaction those thanks gave her was so great that star couldn’t help but suck harder, not many people actually congratulate her or recognize her in anyway, so when they did it felt unaccountably good.

She shuddered as she continued to suck at the tip of Danny’s cock, moaning constantly now that Sam was playing with her body as she was.
Eventually though, Sam’s hands stopped and she suddenly pulled Star back, a cry of dismay escaping her lips as she was torn away from the amazing dick she’d been lewdly sucking on.
“Shush Star, it’s about time to move onto the next part don’t you think? Let’s have some more fun.” Sam said

In a single moment, Star found herself picked up by Danny. Danny’s physical strength was greatly enhanced by his ghost powers, that much was clear when he was able to just carry Star from the ground and take her upstairs to Sam´s bedroom like the cheerleader was a toddler.

Blushing furiously, Star found herself set down on the couple’s bed as they loomed over her. Sam quickly pulled her last piece of clothing, her panties, down her legs and off of her.
She was completely laid bare when Danny came for her and Star couldn’t help feeling that this was right. This right here, it was meant to happen. Of course, that was mostly the hormones, musk, and the arousal talking, but either way, she didn’t resist when Danny spread her legs wide and then settled between them. She did swallow again; nervous as she looked down at the massive cock settled between her thighs.
The tip of Danny’s gigantic shaft pressed against Star’s virgin pussy and the cheerleader moaned out again, unable to help it. She couldn’t even bring herself to try and stop him, despite being equal parts afraid and aroused in that moment.

Danny spent a long moment lubing up her already wet pussy lips with his precum. Soon enough, Star’s tiny entrance was elastic enough to take his tip inside of it and once he’d found this out, Danny greedily pushed forward. The first four inches of his dick went inside of her and Star lost her virginity in that moment.
It also felt like the boy was splitting her in half, even if she was very flexible thanks to yoga and cheerleader practices, she was left gasping for breath even as Sam slid into place behind her and pulled Star’s head into her lap.
“It’s okay Star, its okay. Just relax, it’ll feel so good soon.”
Star nodded as best she could and together both girls looked down at where Danny was feeding more and more of his impressive length into her pussy.

It was unbelievable and even now Sam was still having a hard time comprehending how Danny was able to fit so much into such a tiny hole. Even though Sam already had seen him putting it inside Val´s and Desiree´s holes, and feel it in her own holes.

Of course, soon enough there was an ever present bulge as his cock pushed right past Star’s weakened cervix and into her womb.
Star continued to gasp for breath as Danny kept on going until he was fully hilted inside of her. By the time their crotches were touching, Star’s womb was stretched around his massive cockhead like a condom and his dick was pushing out from her stomach, showing off just how elastic Ghost seed was capable of making a girl (similar to how a ghost can make a human intangible).

Danny paused for a moment, and the only sound in the room was Star’s panting and gasping as she stared wide eyed at the sight of her belly distended outwards with the bulge of Danny’s member.
Slowly, not feeling any pain and beginning to feel pleasure instead, Star calmed down. Biting her lower lip, she whimpered and then moved her Blue eyes from the bulge to Danny’s expectant face.
“P-please Danny… you can move around now. F-fuck me hard!”
He didn’t need to be told twice. He grinned and exchanged an amused glance with Sam over Star’s head before he grasped her legs in his hands and slowly pulled back. The veins on his massive dick caused Star’s body to shake a little as she felt each and every one of them on the inside of her tightly stretched walls.

She moaned out, whining in need. Then, Danny slammed back inside of her and an ugly cry of pleasure escaped her throat.

He began to piston in and out of her with great force, causing Star’s entire body to shake. Her breasts jiggling with the force of his thrusts

Danny groaned out. He had fucked 2 virgin women before, and while they were tight, they didn’t come close to Star, she was tighter than either Sam or Val had been at the beginning. 
Star on the other hand, had never felt so full in such an amazing way before. Just because people said cheerleaders were sluts that slept with anyone that caught their eye it didn’t mean it was true, this was her first sexual experience and while she was handling in a way many will say the rumors were true, she wasn’t sure for how much longer she’d be able to.

Danny was just so big and with Sam smiling down at her encouragingly, the whole situation was just too erotic for the poor girl.
The cheerleader came explosively, a shout escaping from her lips while her entire frame began to shake and convulse. Her stretched cunt expelled pussy juices around Danny’s still pistoling cock, making his passage slick and even easier, allowing him to speed up his thrusting.

All the while, Star’s eyes rolled back in her head temporarily, her body spasming for several long seconds before she came back down from the heights of pleasure.
When she did and when she realized that Danny was STILL fucking her, Star whimpered a little in fear. Not fear of Danny, but of what he was capable of doing to her.

Star knew in that moment what Sam had known as she offered this. Danny was going to ruin her for other men (not like was interested before). She was so happy that her friend shared him.

Star wouldn’t be able to go back to her A´s list life, not after experiencing this amazing cock. It meant that Sam actually loved her and wanted her.

Such thoughts were wiped from her mind a moment later when another orgasm rippled down her form. This time, her tight clenching pussy managed to milk a release from Danny’s thrusting cock and when he came inside of her, Star was truly lost, her eyes going wide at the sheer amazing feeling of her womb being filled with copious amounts of cum from her best friend lover.

Danny pulled out of Star but the girl didn’t move. She just lay there, staring up into Sam’s smiling face and trying to come to terms with what had just happened. Sam grinned in response to Star’s dumbstruck face.
“Want to try something even more fun Star?”
Unable to properly articulate a single word, Star just nodded dumbly.
Soon, the girl found herself laid out atop a naked Sam Manson. The Goth beauty cradled Star’s head to her chest, stroking her fingers through Star’s long hair.

Then, Star’s eyes widened as she felt Danny’s member again. Using all of her strength to look back, Star watched as Danny, now with TWO cocks, pushed the upper shaft up into Star’s cunt and the lower shaft down into Sam’s waiting pussy.

“Danny and I have an open relation, and well one time I was in this same position he couldn’t decide which pussy he wanted to fuck first and somehow he duplicated another dick“

“Open relation? You mean you like to watch him or he likes to watch you rape Valerie or Desiree, or make them to fuck each other” Star said with a smirk

“H-how do you…”

“I had a duplicate key of the small house your grandma give you, and let it in that, don’t worry I don’t care about a ghost that gave you nothing but trouble or a friend (said with venom) that left me as soon as I wasn’t popular”

Sam just blinked, but before she could say anything they felt an intrusion in their pussies

The two young women moaned in unison and then Sam was forcing Star to suckle at her lactating tits (she wished it) as Danny fucked the both of them absolutely and utterly senseless.

What followed was hours of fucking in a number of positions. Some involved the double dicking, some didn’t. But by the end of it, Star and Sam were filled with gallons of Danny’s cum, looking almost pregnant.

“You know before this I considered myself a lesbian, now I am bisexual. Still Sam how you don’t have a trouble sharing him?” said Star in a tired voice

“in the last times I have sex and seen Danny Fuck either Val, Desiree and now you, I have come to realize I get aroused from the sight, I know that I might make me weird liking the sight of the person I love fucking another woman, but well I never liked normal”

“Me neither” with that Star kissed Sam passionately
A wide toothy grin spread across Danny’s face at the sight.

“You know what this mean Fenton?” Star asked


“This means she give us permission to fuck as many sluts as we want”

“Only as long as I am your first, for both of you” Sam said

“Yes Sam you’ll always be the first” Danny said

“You’ll always be our Queen” Star said
Sam just giggled and nuzzled in closer to them.

Eventually finally came time for Star and Danny to leave.

Though they promised to see each other later


Chapter Text

Danny was watching the albino girl, punishing the blonde and black girl and couldn’t help remember how she came in his life


Elsa´s investigation directed her here, in front of this plain looking house.

Without anymore thought Elsa used her sonic screw driver, a million dollar invention guaranteed to open all analogic locks.

“So this is place where Danny the man who took me is living …” she thought for a moment as she wanders

From up the stairs, she hears a faint noise and quietly moves to investigate. Looking through the slightly opened door to one of the last bedrooms, which looked to be the master bedroom, was Danny, who looked to be brutally fucking a Black girl with long black hair that Danny kept firmly in his grasp as he moves. Even still the Black girl moans and urges him on, telling him to hurt her more.

Delivering a few slaps to her already bright red ass, Danny groans and slams himself all the way in. judging from their expression, he was pumping her full of his cum.

“Thank you, master.” The Black girl pants, before looking over at the door. She gasps as she sees Elsa’s eye in the crack of the door


Danny turns to face her, his hand flash green and the door opens.

Elsa gasps as Danny glares daggers at her

“What are you doing here!? Who are you!?” he growls

“I'm Elsa Anderell.” She says slowly, hands up as she walks into the room.

The name seems to have sparked a memory, as he nods and start thinking what to do.

“I wanted to thank you. You know for the wild sex you gave me” She said

“Yeah right, like I would believe that, no one can know that I fucked you or that I have a slave. Not like it matters once I end fucking Val I will erase your memory of our night stand, like I should have done before.” He says not stopping fucking Val during the entire conversation

“I won’t tell a soul, I only want to help you, however I can.” Elsa swears worried at the idea of forgetting her magical night

“Even if I want to enslave multiple hot women as my sex slaves and create my own harem suburb?” Danny snorts as Val gasps at her master revealing their plans.

Danny didn’t care. Elsa would forget him and this conversation as soon as he asks Sam to wish it.

“Yes.” Elsa answers without hesitation, shocking them both

“I don’t care what you want. I’ll do anything I can to help. I’ll even help you train your slaves, or if you would prefer, become one.” She says

Deciding to offer herself as she planed from the beginning, she removes her shirt, revealing the lack of a bra concealing her ample assets

“Please, give me a chance.” She pleaded

“Val, suck me.” Danny glares at the Black girl, who starts at once

“Why?” he asks confused

“Because I love you.” Elsa whispers, “And I want you to be happy. I want to be happy with you. I don’t care if I have to share you, or if every other girl on the planet lives in suffering at your hands as long as we can be happy. I’ll do anything to make it happen. If you want, I’ll willing become a sex slave.” She finished

Danny eyed at naked woman in front of him, after a few moments replied

“Yes.” Danny smiles

“I would like that. Will you swear an oath to remain Loyal to me forever?” he asked

“I Elsa Anderell swear on my life to always be completely loyal to Danny Fenton for as long as I live!” Elsa says instantly.

“Good, latter I will wish Desiree to make you unable to lie and swear it again, at the moment would you like to prove your loyalty and help me to fuck Val?” Danny smiles approvingly

 “Yes!” she jumps, hugging him.

“Well then, my dear Elsa, let’s train this slave together. Val, for now until I tell you otherwise, you serve her as well.” He said

“Yes master.” Val says after removing his cock from her mouth.

“Master, I wouldn’t call her by her name.” Elsa smiles, “She’s a slave. Slaves don’t need them. You should degrade her just by talking to her.” Grabbing her by the hair, Elsa growls, “Isn’t that right, Slut?”

“Yes!” Val screams in pain.

“You will call me Mistress or my lady.” She smirks, throwing her back towards Danny.

Danny stares at her in amazement before noticing that Val was no longer on his cock, and was instead climbing back to her knees.

“Get back to work!” Danny yells, impaling his cock down her gagging throat.

As Val struggles to breathe, Elsa walks over to the pile of clothes, “Are these her’s?”

“Yeah.” Danny calls, giving Val a second to catch her breath before skullfucking her again.

“Then I’ll put them someplace safe. Slut’s don’t need to wear anything in the house.” She nods as Danny squirts his cum down his slave’s throat.


Elsa’s truly been a godsend. Thanks to her, they had more freedom to move in the school, hell they pretty much didn’t even need to go, Sam was in better terms with her parents, Star and Valerie had more freedom with their parents new jobs, Desiree has become the perfect slave (the others were getting there). Unwavering, willing to follow any order, no matter how disgusting, and always available.

Tonight’s a good example. Even knowing how painful her punishment will be, she is still ready to take it without pleading for mercy.

“Nineteen! Thank you mistress!” Desiree cries loudly as Elsa whips her ass again.

“Slut move.” Elsa growls, and Val moves away at once. Elsa pokes Desiree pussy lightly before pulling it back and slapping her right on the swollen clit. She screams in pain as Elsa moves to slap her again.

Realizing the danger, Desiree hastily says

“Twenty! Thank you Mistress!”

“Good.” Elsa nods, taking the cuffs off, and Desiree falls lifelessly to the ground, panting in agony

“You’ve done well. Now, you will be asked to redeem yourself. Succeed, and you will be allowed to cum. Fail, and you’ll be right back here with me.” Elsa warmed her

“Yes mistress.” Desiree says weakly, all thought of disobedience lost after the first ten lashes.

“For now, it’s Val’s turn. Thoughts?” Danny grins as the Black girl slave stops licking Desiree pussy and readies herself

“Well, she’s done a good job of serving us .But I think she broke your command, didn’t she?” she asks

 “Yes, she did.” Danny glares at the Black girl slave

Val just bowed her head in shame,

“I ordered you to make her cum, and she didn’t cum.” Danny said

“I’m sorry, master, please do as you wish with me…” Val says sadly

“Five minutes under electric stimulation, while you’re beating her with a riding crop.” Elsa grins

“Done.” Danny smirks, and Val stands at once, arms up to be shackled in as Desiree’ had been.

“Looks like she’s ready.” Elsa smirks

“Bitch, Eat Elsa out while she plays the control. If she cums before we’re done, you’ll be allow to cum.” Danny ordered Desiree

"Yes master.” She says, crawling in between Elsa’s legs and starts licking as Danny locks Val in place, helpless against the punishment to come.

“I want to hear you singing bitch” Elsa press the button, and as soon as she does Val whines and screams under the electricity running her body.

Meanwhile, Danny had taken up the crop that Elsa had dropped from Desiree punishment and started whipping her tits, ass, and pussy at random. She was screaming already, so she only screamed slightly louder whenever Danny hit her.

This is it. This is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life. Eating pussy and getting fucked into next week on a whim. - She thinks as she starts fingering the albino’s pussy

“One minute left, Bitch.” Elsa warns, intensifying the voltage.

As Val screams louder than ever, Desiree eyes widen.

If I can’t make her cum, that could be me! - She thought

With renewed vigor, she licked and sucked every inch of Elsa’s pussy, fingering the pussy and the ass in an attempt to make it in time.

“Thirty seconds!” Elsa moans, rubbing her thighs against her head.

I’m almost there! - Desiree thought, and decided to finish up.

Removing her head from the pussy for just a second, she clamps her lips around the clit and starts sucking. It wasn’t even five seconds later that Elsa squeals, Cumming all over her face.

Despite Cumming, Elsa doesn’t shut the machine until the alarm Danny put goes off. With the alarm ending, she sits in a chair over by the wall.

“Damn. And here I was hoping to get another go at this Bitch.” Elsa said

“She got you good, huh?” Danny grins as he releases Val from the shackles.

“Real good. Only one I’ve had better was you last night. Speaking of, can you hurry up and get Bitch out of the way? I want you all to myself master.” She smirks

“Fine.” Danny sighs like it was a great burden to screw a sexy genie.

Still grinning, he walks over to Desiree, who was kneeling next to Val, and drags her up by the hair

“Bend over.” He orders

She complies, and with her ass in the air in front of him, he takes a moment to consider where to fuck her. Deciding that since it was meant as a reward of sorts, he shove himself into her pussy, making her moan in delight. Without holding back, Danny ruthlessly pounds into her, slamming his cock against the entrance to her womb. Throughout the whole thing, Desiree was moaning loudly, bucking her hips back every time Danny withdrew.

“I’m about to cum. You can cum too.” Danny groans, and he releases himself inside of her.

Finally, the dam was broken and all the pent of pleasure released itself all at once. With a loud scream of pleasure, she cums harder than she ever had in her after life and collapses onto the cold stone floor of the dungeon.

Elsa stands and walks over to him

“Wow. Maybe you should do that to me next time…” Elsa says

“What the torture or the massive orgasm?” Danny smiles.

“Umm, both? But for now, let’s go upstairs. We should have some fun while we’re waiting for Sam and Star, shouldn’t we?” she smirks saucily

He nods

“You are right, one more thing, though.” He says

Looking down at Desiree and Val, who was struggling to get back into a kneeling position after that last orgasm, he says

“Now, I’m leaving you with each other. You may do as you like for now, provided that you follow the rules you were told, you will tell us of how many times you broke, and we will discipline you accordingly, don’t think of lying, Sam will wish to tell us the truth and we will punish you harsher. Understood?”

“Yes… Master…” they said in between deep breathes.

“Good, now, on to far more enjoyable pursuits!” Danny smirks, scooping Elsa up bridal style

With that, the two ran from the dungeons and back up the stairs, leaving their slaves kneeling on the floor, tears covering Desiree’ face.

Once they were back in the bed room, Elsa gave Danny a searing kiss as she impaled herself onto his cock, causing both of them to moan with delight. Her pussy was the greatest, hands down. It was almost impossibly tight. When he’d taken her virginity in Wisconsin, he almost couldn’t even get into her pussy it was so small.

Though their first fuck had been a bit rougher than Elsa had expected (being against her will in the beginning), it didn’t stop her from moan and begging him not to stop at the end.

The tightness hadn’t changed much after that, but at the very least he could stick it in without any difficulty, though removing it was still something of a challenge.

“GOD! I have needed that all day!” Elsa moans as she sinks all the way onto his cock

“Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got all night.” Danny smiles, pounding into her as she moans again.

“Good.” She smirks, kissing him again