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It Felt Right

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It was perfect. Whatever it was.


That’s what Yoongi thought the moment he reached the front of his office at Ham Street. Tiny specks of dust littered his white button down as well as his blond hair. He wagged his entire body, just like how a dog would do, before he entered his office and encountered a sunny Hoseok.


It was really too early for any form of happiness. It was only 10 in the morning, after all.


“Yoongi hyung!” Hoseok greeted him, hands already hovering over Yoongi’s shoulder. Yoongi dodged it just in time; Hoseok’s hand landing on thin air.


It didn’t lessen Hoseok’s enthusiasm though. If any, it only heightened Hoseok’s sunny disposition.


The younger followed Yoongi to the latter’s office with a thought in mind: “That’s quite a smile on your face, hyung? Wanna tell me how you got that?”


Yoongi rolled his eyes. It was so Hoseok to be very annoying in the morning. Yoongi dropped his bag on the carpeted floor of his office and slumped on his chair, fingers subconsciously moving to the right buttons to bring his computer to life.


“I got muscles on my face to do that, Seok,” Yoongi deadpanned. He stood up and reached for the TV which hung above his desktop; the TV always made making music a little bit easier.


Hoseok plopped on the bean bag in the corner of he room. “Very funny, hyung.” He grabbed an unopened bag of Doritos from the floor and proceeded to open it. “Heard a different story from Namjoon though,” The crunching sound of Hoseok gnawing the chips filled the otherwise quiet room.


It irritated Yoongi to no end.


“Close your mouth when you chew, you primitive ape.”


That shut Hoseok up. Or at least made him chew his chips in silence.


“And whatever you heard from Namjoon isn’t true.”


“So it’s true then?!” Hoseok exclaimed. “You have this little train date with that train man every morning that’s why you’re always got that scary on your face!”


Yoongi didn’t need any of this. He hasn’t eaten anything yet. No coffee intake yet. Not to mention Suga the cat spent the entire morning being a little ass and breaking Yoongi’s mother’s precious vase.


That meant a whole lot of explaning, but it was a good thing Yoongi’s mother was weak for Suga.


Yoongi pinched the middle of his forehead and took a deep breathe. He was the older one; he had to be the patient.


Lord, give me patience to treat this ape with civility.


“One - it’s not dates. We just happen to ride the same train at the same time most of the time. Two - my smile is not scary; it is precious.”


Hoseok snorted midchew which resulted to him choking on a chip. Yoongi shook his head, but took the bottle of water he brought with him out of his bag.


“Karma,” Yoongi hissed as he threw the water bottle to Hoseok’s direction.

It all started one windy Monday morning.


It was hard enough that Yoongi had to trudge from his studio to the train platform at Lemon boulevard, but he had to do it in such ungodly weather wearing the thinnest shirt he owned.


To be fair, the weatherman in the 5 o’ clock morning news show did say it was going to be a warm, sunny day. Fuck him.


In summary, this is what happened: Yoongi was not lucky enough to get out of the rain unscathed and it was obvious in how drenched his thin shirt was. Yoongi, however, was lucky enough to get a seat in the forever-full train going to the central business district of the city.


So, Yoongi thought life is still fair sometimes.


Except a tall, fair and absolutely handsome man boarded the train and sat beside him. Unlike Yoongi, he wore a suit and tie, leather messenger bag dangling on his left shoulder. The man had jet black hair that fell to his face in a nice manner. He was built, that much was obvious in the way his skin clung to his crisp, white shirt. The man was tall, taller than Yoongi by just a few inches, but still. Their height difference was perfect for Yoongi to rest his head on the man’s shoulder.


Not that Yoongi planned to do so.


He was just so tired. He didn’t have much sleep, barely 4 hours at most, his cat was an unappreciative ass, and the weatherman had one job and he didn’t do it properly.


And the man’s shoulder just provided comfort in times of despair.


Nobody could have blamed Yoongi.


Besides, Yoongi apologized before he got off the train and the man just smiled at him, so that was a signal he didn’t do anything wrong, right?



It happened again.


The second time happened when there was an emergency at work, something about crashed database and wrong coding, and Yoongi had to rush to the office to fix it.


It was a Saturday and he was in the middle of defeating this guy named WorldWideHandsome in Overwatch when Namjoon called him.


Hence, the unprepared attire when he boarded the train.


Yoongi didn’t really give a damn about outfits and style, but he always made sure he looked like a decent human when he went out of his house.


Although the height of the emergency made Yoongi forget all about that with his tattered old university shirt, black jogging pants and mismatched shoes.


At least they’re of the same product line, just different colors?


It was all going okay and Yoongi’s mind was filled with possible solutions to the problem when the man, that very same man with the very same muscular built and perfect shoulders, boarded the train.


The man was wearing a baseball cap and was wearing casual outfit. Too casual actually that it rendered Yoongi speechless. He must have supposed to go play basketball with friends, Yoongi deduced. Plain gray cotton shirt, basketball shorts and a pair of Jordans? Definitely basketball.


Which is a big plus for Yoongi considering how much he loves playing it.


(That was a really stupid idea. Back, back, back. Why was Yoongi even rating the man as if he likes him. Yoongi does not like him. He just does not.)


They exchanged eye contact, a fleeting look of surprise decorated both their faces, before a smile grazed upon the man’s feature as he walked towards Yoongi and sat beside him.


He grinned at an appalled Yoongi before he plugged his earphones in his ears. And that was that.


Yoongi thought the entire ride was going to be fine considering how the man kept to himself and Yoongi got himself a full 7 hours of sleep. There was no way a reenactment of the last time they met could have happened.


Except it did.


And Yoongi was so sure the man chuckled and even adjusted the way Yoongi’s head rested on his shoulder.


“See you later, blondie,” the beautiful man whispered and he was gone before Yoongi could have woken up.

“Getting ready for train man?” Jungkook asked from just outside the bathroom door. Yoongi left it open to signal the kids that he was done using it and they could go next.


Yoongi still wondered from time to time how he managed to live with children aka college students that ruined his life every now and then.


At least Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung were good kids. Most of the times. When they wanted to.


Those times did not include that moment when Jimin and Taehyung bursted out of one of the room and came plummeting down the bathroom, spoons and forks on hand. Yoongi instinctively moved out of the way, but Jungkook got himself lost in the heap of human beings on the floor.


“Do I even want to ask?,” Yoongi judged them while standing up. He put extra effort on his outfit that morning - black button down that hugged his waist tight, black denim jeans that accented his legs and showed just a little bit of his pale knees.


Sure, he looked like he was going clubbing, but it was the day he decided to do something about Train Man. It was bugging his mind for so long now. Every time Yoongi managed to sleep on the beautiful man’s shoulder, and every time said man just let Yoongi do so.


Yoongi just wanted to thank the man. Properly.


Like on a dinner.


While he wore fancy clothes that hugged his body perfectly.


“Clean this up, or I’m going to clean you up,” Yoongi barked at the three before he left for the morning train ride to work.

Yoongi had been adjusting his shirt for the last five minutes already when the beautiful man finally boarded in Coach Station. He looked dapper, as usual, with his signature suit and tie and well-styled hair.


Our protagonist froze, but only for a quick second. He took his bag from the seat beside his and placed it on his lap. Really stupid, Yoongi realized a second too late. Made him look too eager to see the beautiful man.


At least it rendered a small smile from the man as said man took his seat beside Yoongi. They exchange a quick smile to each other before the man took his earphones out of his bag and put it in his ears.


Oh well.


There went Yoongi’s plans to introduce himself to the beautiful man. Yoongi sighed for the last time and focused on what waited for him at work rather than the lost opportunity with the beautiful man.


Yoongi was so lost in thought that he did not realize that he fell asleep again. On the man’s shoulder.


He was in the middle of dreaming about Jungkook and two rabbits who awfully look like Jimin and Taehyung when the train abruptly stopped.


It woke Yoongi up, just a bit, but enough to make him realize that his head was settled on a pillow and a blanket was precariously hanging on his shoulders.




Yoongi blinked the remnants of sleep off his eyes and tried his best to focus on the reality presented to him: train stop in the middle of the subway, darkness outside and panic stricken faces of the other commuters?


It rendered Yoongi panicking as well. He pulled himself away from the pillow and looked around his surroundings when the surprised look on the beautiful man’s face greeted him.


“Uhm,” The beautiful man began. His voice, oh god, his voice was heavenly. Yoongi took in the pillow on the man’s shoulder as well as the blanket draped over his body. “The train stopped a few minutes ago and you were still so sound asleep,”


“So you brought a blanket and pillow just for me?” Yoongi finished.


They stared at each other for a good few seconds before they giggled at the situation.


“To be fair, you always end up sleeping on my shoulders anyway, might as well upgrade your bed, don’t you think?” the man joked.


It was then that Yoongi decided that this guy, this beautiful, thoughtful guy, should be in his life for a long time.


“What do you say about hot coffee and pancakes as payment for my revamped bed?”


A second turned into two.


The man smiled.


Yoongi beamed.


“I would love that,” the man said.

Hours later, Yoongi found out that the beautiful man named Kim Seokjin was also WorldWideHandsome aka his unofficial gaming buddy for almost a month now.