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Devil Looks Like A Lady

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“Lucifer, looks like we’ve got a new case!” Chloe stated, slapping a file down on the table in front of him. He was slightly late in getting to the station as he had woken up late. He needed to eat just as much as any human, if not more so. He burnt through food fast.

His partner seemed in a good mood though, probably because she had finished the paperwork from the last few cases yesterday and that always meant less work for her.

He picked up the file and looked through it. He grinned widely. “Ooh, a killer who only goes after women. Any similarities between them?” he asked, as he began going through the pictures included with the file.

“Dark hair, brown eyes, slim or athletic build. That’s all we have so far.”

“Nice. Another body drop?”

Chloe sighed. “Yes, and we have to go now. What took you so long?”

He frowned. “I was eating breakfast. I woke up late. But, I’m here now. Come on, Detective. A dead woman awaits us.”

She rolled her eyes at him, but got up herself and went in the direction of her car. He followed like a good, obedient consultant should, as he always did. He opened up the passenger side door and slipped into the car, only having to wait a few seconds before Chloe joined him. She had the car running and was driving them to their destination before he could think of anything suitable to say to her about her driving skills and speed.

He decided this once to let it go and just lay back and enjoy the drive. He opened the window to enjoy the breeze. Driving with a window open or a top down was the closest he got to flying lately, even with the re-emergence of his wings.

He didn’t much like thinking of them, or using them for their intended purpose, so kept them hidden and out of sight with only a few exceptions in emergencies. That didn’t stop the want to fly though. Funny how he rarely had the urge when he didn’t have his wings for 5 years, but now they were back he wished he could go everywhere with his wings out.

One good thing about his wings was that he had a much lighter and friendlier way to introduce Chloe to the fact that he was the Devil. Having her know who he was helped immensely. For one, she no longer told him to stop putting himself down every time he called himself the devil.

Yet again, she had no idea the devil was still an angel. That had never changed, even without his wings, though he preferred to not think he was related to those flying dicks since they basically abandoned him. She had still believed, after he had told her time and again the Devil punished evil and was not evil himself, that calling himself the devil was saying he was bad or evil.

She got it now, and she hadn’t been traumatised half out of her mind like poor Doctor Linda had been.

Since the disappearance of his Devil face, though, he only had his wings to prove who he was.

He had, as he had promised her, shown off his wings as soon as he got her alone in Ella’s lab. She had been a bit shocked, but at least it took her only a few hours to get over that.

He shook his head out of the memory of that moment as the car started to slow down, looking for a place to park as they reached the crime scene. He was out and walking towards the police tape he could see at the corner of a nearby building. As he reached it, he frowned. It was between two buildings, one smaller than the other and leading to a small alley, leading to a brick wall.

In the middle of the alley was a young woman who was clearly dead. As fit the profile on the victims so far, she had thick dark hair and brown eyes. Her legs were spread wide, her dress hiked up around her hips. He winced as he knew what that meant.

Chloe joined him, staring down at the dead body of the woman, a small frown on her face. “Poor girl. What a way to go...”

Lucifer hummed. “Yes, it is quite a horridly inappropriate way to go. How did she die?”

“The other three were stabbed to death after the rape. The semen sample we got from the first brought up no match, of course, which means this bastard is going to be harder to catch.”

Nodding, Lucifer knelt down and stared at her eyes for a few seconds. She had been dead for a few hours now and her soul was long gone, probably to heaven. She looked young enough that she hadn’t yet reached her thirties.


“Detective! We found someone who knows this one. Says she’s her girlfriend. She lives two doors down from where this happened. She says she didn’t see anything, but she heard her screams, but she was too scared to look. She called it in while it was happening.”

The beat police on patrol must have gotten there too late and already done preliminary search and questioning. Now, since it had gone to homicide, they were on the case.

“Looks like this is the same guy. Come on, let’s go and speak to the girlfriend.”

Lucifer nodded and frowned down at her. “Do you know the sexual orientation of the other girls?”

Chloe looked up at him, startled. ‘Huh, no. The first girl was found by her mother. The second by her father. The third found by a stranger walking his dog. I’ll have to call in on the parents and ask.”

He nodded. “Yes. It may be that someone has a grudge against dark haired, brown eyed lesbians. Maybe spurned by one he loved romantically or something obsessive like that.”

Chloe shook her head. “We don’t know if the other three girls were lesbian or if they were bi or straight for that matter, but it is a good thing to try and connect them all.”

He hummed again, in agreement at that. He found he was actually looking forward to bringing this one in. Not only was the case not boring so far, but it had the possibility of having people who had come through his club. He tended to attract members of the LGBT+ community, as a safe place. He was well known to be pansexual by now.

He would have to keep a harder eye on the dark haired, brown eyed ladies who came in or left with a woman until this guy was caught and warn them about this guy.

He truly didn’t like rapists. Sex was sacred to him.

“I’ll not be working nights from now on, Detective. I own a club. I need to protect the women this miscreant would like to prey upon. I get a lot of lesbians and bi women come through my club who could be potential victims. I won’t stand for that.”

Looking at him, Chloe gave a short nod. “That’s a good idea. It seems this guy would hang around clubs like yours looking for the right kind of women to prey upon. It will be good to see them being protected by you. By now, you’re known to help work with me. We’ve been on the news. So he will know the police are on his tail. On the other hand, he may start going somewhere else, but on the other, the women would stay with you and be safe...”

He frowned as he knocked on the door to the girlfriend’s flat. It was opened in under a minute, by a crying woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. The complete opposite of the profile. He leaned forward and smiled. “Hello, we’re working on the case. Mind if we come in and talk to you about your girlfriend?”

The woman sighed, but shook her head, opening the door to let them in. She led them into the kitchen, where she began to automatically make them a coffee each. She hadn’t said a single word to either of them yet.

Some women shied away from him if they didn’t like men sexually, but he didn’t think this was the case with this woman. She looked shell shocked more than anything. And he couldn’t really blame her. She had heard her lover die in agony in the alley nearby and done all she could to help and keep herself safe.

They all sat down at the table where an already steaming mug of coffee was waiting for her. It seemed she had made them cups out of plain common courtesy, after having just finished making one for herself.

“Hello,” she said, her voice quiet.

Chloe leaned forwards and patted her free hand. “Hey. I know you’ve already talked about this to the police who found her, after you called it in. It’s now gone to homicide and me and my partner here are the ones who are going to catch this guy. And we will catch this guy. But we need to know all we can, so we’ll be asking you some questions. They’re probably ones you’ve already been asked, but we’re a different department and this guy has killed three other women.”

She sniffed and looked up at them. “Three others? Oh no...those poor women. Please, I’ll do anything to help catch this guy...”

“Okay, that’s good. I’m Chloe and this is Lucifer. He runs the club Lux and works with me during the days on cases like this. Did you ever go to his club?”

She nodded. “Yes, me and Shelley went there last night. It was our first time, but we heard it was a safe club for same sex couples. And it was. It’s a good club.”

He smiled at her. “Thank you for thinking so. I try. Now I’m aware of this guy, I’ll keep any eye on the women like your girlfriend.”

She looked at him. “Why only her?”

Chloe sighed. “He goes after dark haired women only.”

She sighed. “If I had known, I never would have went out with her last night.”

Chloe gave the woman’s hand a squeeze and shook her head. “You had no way of knowing. We didn’t know until this morning, because it only just got to us when they found out the three women were linked by their looks and the way they were murdered.”

The woman nodded. Chloe shifted in her seat. “What’s your name?” she asked.

The woman blinked. “Oh, sorry. Umm, my name’s Jennifer. Jenny.”

“Well, Jenny. If you’d like, you could come to my club tonight, free of charge and help me keep the girls safe.”

She seemed to perk up at that. “Really? But...what can I do?”

“Warn any dark haired women preferably with brown eyes that they might be targets of a killer. If they have doubts or concerns, to talk to me. I can fill them in on other details.”

She shook her head. “It doesn’t make me feel good to go out to a place we liked together. But I don’t...I don’t want to be alone and the apartment’s a bit big with just me in it. We lived together. We were thinking about getting married. She was just going down to the shops to get bread for breakfast...”

“I’m sorry that this happened to you and your girlfriend. We’ll do whatever it takes to catch this guy. He’s a nasty piece of work.”

Nodding, Jenny started to sip at her now cooling coffee.

“I’m going to give you my card, Okay? I want you to call us if you remember anything at all about last night you may have forgotten, or if you hear or see anything that might help out. Also, we will let you see some pictures of the other women to see if you know any of them. You might have met at another club. We need to get as much as possible on all four of them. So, we’ll come by some time later after you are less shocky and talk again, okay?’

Jenny nodded to Chloe’s little speech and Lucifer got up, drinking the last of the coffee in the cup he had been given. “We’ll be back later on. But we have to go now, goodbye and see you later on.”

“Bye, she whispered and watched as Chloe got up, taking her still half full mug to the sink.

Together they left as Jenny began to quietly cry at the table. Lucifer sighed.

“I left the file on your desk. Did you pick it up? We now have one confirmed lesbian or bi woman. Let’s see if the others are too.”

Nodding, Chloe got in her car and he slowly followed into the passenger seat. She got the file out of the side pocket, where she must have stashed it without him seeing.

She looked up the address and frowned. “Okay, first victim was found by her mother, so, let’s go chat up her to see if her daughter was into women or not.”


He was eager to find this guy now.