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Phineas & Ferb Ruin Childhood Collection

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Phineas knew it was wrong but he was unable to help himself. He is young man coming up age, so it wasn’t surprising he was acting out. Usually he will not let his thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes get the best of him however ever since Candace returned home from college he had been having lewd thoughts. Surely, it is unforgivable to be honest but what was the teenage boy to do? Masturbate to porn? Go on cam sites, watched cam girls masturbate? Well, those choices weren’t so bad, but still watching porn and cam girls masturbate was not fun definitely if he could not feel the woman!

Aside from that Candence was here. He could not masturbate if his sister was around. Now, that is a lie. He could, but he decided not to―least he needed was for Candace to see him masturbate. In the past, he would be embarrassed if Candace saw him masturbate, but nowadays he didn’t care. If Candace saw him wanking he would asked her to join in! Even if he asked her he knew Candace would never joined in. He’d asked her to masturbate with him once, and instead of joining she simply ran out of his room with her face red as a tomato! Her face was priceless! He still remembered how he reacted. She acted as if she never seen a dick before. He knew she fucked Jeremy countless times―he had heard her. Boy, oh boy did her moans turned him on! He constantly jack off to her. God forgive him, but he couldn’t help himself.

He was getting tired of masturbating. He needed to fuck something. But, presently, that wasn’t going to happened. Candace was staying here for the summer. Mind you, Phineas is not complaining at all. He loved his sister dearly, so of course having her staying over the summer was very eventful. Apart from her staying over the summer, Phineas knew she didn’t want to stay Jeremy’s place considering he had too many roommates. Whereas if she stayed at Stacy, she surely will be a third wheel. So, here she was at home.

“Hey Phineas,” She greeted as she walked into the kitchen. “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Phineas replied, casually. “What’s your plans for today?”

“Nothing,” answered Candace. “You?”

“Nothing as well.” He said.

“I am surprised, I thought you would be out with Isabella today.” Candace assumed this was the case because the two were dating. If Phineas wasn’t out with Isabella, he was usually with Ferb, Baljeet, or Buford.

“I broke up with her.” Phineas revealed.

“But why?” Candace could not help, but ask why he broke up with her.

“She wasn’t satisfying me.” Her brother said, simply.

“So, you dumped her?” Wow, Phineas, you are cold hearted! Raced through Candace’s mind.

“Yeah, of course! Don’t believe me, look at my texts.” Phineas said, showing his sister his messages.

“Phineas―” Cadence started.

“I do not want to hear it sis, I already got an earful from mom and dad.” Phineas butted in, and sighed exasperatedly. Not mention Isabella’s friends! Now that was horrific! Isabella’s friends were furious with him. They sure gave him a piece of their mind! Believe me, Candace better be happy she wasn’t there for that!

“If she wasn’t satisfying you, did you tell her at least?” Communication is key for relationships! Candace learned that the hard way when dating Jeremy. He wasn’t mind reader, and if there was something wrong she needed to tell him.

“Of course I did,” I have always communicated to Isabella. “But, she complained a lot.”

“Complained about what exactly?” Totally engrossed in the conversation not mention curious about what Isabella was complaining, Candace went ahead and ask Phineas why she whining.

“I was big, and was hurting her.” Uh oh! Grimace Candace. Candace knew Phineas very endowed because she has seen his private part before, but damn, she thought Isabella could handle it.

“Did you go slow and use lube?” Phineas nodded. Lube is key also. Definitely if is hurting her, if she lubricated thoroughly it will hurt less, or in Candace loosen her up.

Candace use lube before―not on her first of course, but during anal―now using lube during anal is important. It make it an easier access inside the lovable hole.

“Well maybe you are too big for her?”

Phineas shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

“Don’t worry you will find a girl who really wants it.” What the hell, is that suppose to be prep talk or something? If so, Phineas simply smirked at Candace.

“Like who?” Phineas looked at his sister inquiringly, who shrugged her shoulders.
“Well, you know what we can do sis?”


“Maybe you can try to satisfying me?” Candace's eyes widened. Phineas had to be kidding me!

“Hahahaaa… phew that was quite a joke, Phineas!” Candace laughed, uncontrollably―there was tears in her eyes from laughing so much.

“I am not joking,” Yeah, Phineas wasn’t joking alright. Look at his face it was stern. “I am serious, sis.”

“But, we are brother and sister!” His sister protested.

“So?” Phineas could care less.

“So, it is wrong, Phineas!” huffed Candace.

“It isn’t wrong,” Let it sink in for awhile for Candace. He knew she would never do anything taboo… unless he persuade her. “It is going to feel so good, promise.”

“I do not know,” The way Candace bite down on her lip so uncertainty―was so tempting. “This doesn’t seem right, and aside from that I am dating Jeremy.”

“Who cares,” Here, Phineas goes again not caring. “If he was a real man he would be here right now taking you out somewhere and pleasing you with his tongue.”

“His tongue,” She gawked. “You kidding right? I am not just with Jeremy for sex you know.”

“I know, but I know he doesn’t fuck you like you want him to.” Phineas pointed out.

“What the hell Phineas… how do you―” Candace begin to talk―and was about to ask…

“―I know everything about you, sis.” Her brother interjected.

Next thing Candace knew, Phineas lifted her on the kitchen counter and started unblucking his pants. Candace knew it was wrong, but she was getting wet upon seeing Phineas pulling out his hard cock. She blushed furiously, averted her gaze away from Phineas, but Phineas took charge, went ahead pulled down down her panties. Slowly, but carefully, he pushed the head of his dick into Candace’s snug yet tight pussy. Candace writhed in sexual gratification as Phineas thrusted in and out―notice too, Candace’s nipples were growing hard as well.

“Mmm fuck,” Candace screamed out. “Fuck me!”

Phineas picked up the pace, begin fucking Candace deep and hard, which cause the college student moan louder not mention cum as well. Upon feeling, Candace juices on his dick felt so good. Fuck, Candace pussy was tight! Perfect for him to fuck too! Phineas knew for sure this wasn’t going to be last time Candace and him fuck! They have all summer long to do fucking! Aside from fucking, they spend time together too. Phineas doesn’t just want to fuck his sister―if possible he wish for a relationship perhaps? Call him crazy, but Phineas always loved his sister more than just a sister.