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My Love (is for you)

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Jimin looks unreal like this, Jeongguk thinks; splayed on their king-sized bed in nothing but one of Jeongguk’s white button-up shirts, his legs spread wide and his arms secured to one of the bars of their headboard behind him. The shirt is held together only by the middle button, and its sides split just above Jimin’s navel thanks to all the squirming he’s done since Jeongguk bound him. His ankles rest just at the tops of Jeongguk’s thighs, nearly touching the backs of Jeongguk’s pajama-clad calves where he’s bent them underneath himself.

Jeongguk slides his hands up underneath the fabric to rest on Jimin’s sides, and he runs his thumbs over the subtle ridge of Jimin’s bottom ribs to quell the anticipation building behind his whines. A trail of goosebumps prickle under his touch as Jimin grows even more restless; the vibrating bullet strapped to the underside of his cock only provides enough friction to keep him from drifting back to sleep.

He’s kept him like this for close to an hour now, having woken him out of a deep sleep with an eager hand between his legs and soft lips at his neck. He had come quickly across Jeongguk’s fingers, a groggy moan lost in the threads of his pillowcase as he’d ground his hips towards the warmth of Jeongguk’s hand.

Now, Jeongguk does little more than offer Jimin light praise, the pads of his fingers dancing across his skin in simple patterns. He traces up the inside of his thigh to his perineum, then further upwards, avoiding his cock entirely before walking his fingers up the center of Jimin’s stomach. The sensation pulls airy giggles from Jimin that Jeongguk can’t help but smile at. Jimin gazes fondly up at him, the sunlight falling over his bare upper-half from the window behind.

A delicate pink dusts the apples of Jimin’s cheeks as Jeongguk increases the speed of the bullet only slightly. He has yet to touch the plug he’d buried inside of Jimin earlier.

“You alright? It’s not chafing, is it?” Jeongguk asks, concern tinting his words.

“’M fine,” Jimin tells him, tugging on his restraints to emphasize his comfort. Jeongguk stretches up, his hands planted on either side of Jimin’s ribs while he drops a soft kiss to Jimin’s cheek before capturing his lips. The stretch in his thighs as they follow Jeongguk’s hips is a comfortable sting, and it renders him even more exposed to the chilly morning air. Jeongguk’s breath ghosts over Jimin’s mouth when he speaks again and the tip of his nose tickles Jimin’s when it bumps against it.

“I’m gonna turn the plug on, okay?” he whispers, and Jimin nods against the pillow. Their foreheads bump together slightly at that, and the bubbly laugh that that pulls from Jimin is quickly cut off by a surprised moan when Jeongguk sets the plug on its lowest setting. His hips jump off of the bed at the sudden feeling, but Jeongguk guides him back down with a gentle hand on his stomach.

The sound of the sheets sliding against each other while they bunch under Jimin’s whitened grip keeps Jeongguk grounded; reminds him to breathe in the face of the most breathtaking sight he’s ever been privy to. The feeling of something rolling into the side of his leg startles him out of his own head, and he looks down to find the wand Jimin had chosen resting against him. He huffs out a laugh at himself. Jimin looks at him, puzzled. Jeongguk shakes his head in response, easily complying when Jimin breathes “more”.

He increases the speed of the plug gradually but leaves the bullet low. Jimin moans high in his throat, his legs shaking slightly atop Jeongguk’s thighs as he nears closer and closer to his release. A broken whine leaves Jimin’s lips when Jeongguk wraps a hand around the base of his cock and squeezes to stave off his orgasm. So far, they’ve only made it to half-speed.

“Not yet, love,” Jeongguk whispers, flicking his thumb over the base of the bullet, but even that proves to be too much. Jimin inhales sharply, his back arches, and he comes dry despite Jeongguk’s request.

“Oh, baby,” coos Jeongguk, “the dry ones are never good enough, are they?”

He receives only a groan in response, Jimin’s fingers gripping the sheets so tightly his knuckles begin to turn white. Desperate for release, Jimin squeezes Jeongguk’s hips with his ankles and begs for Jeongguk’s touch, for the freedom to touch himself, for something to quiet the tightness in his belly and the unsatisfied ache in his bones. Jeongguk’s words are taunting, and he finds himself opening his mouth to ask to be untied, but he shuts it before he can. Jeongguk always gives him what he wants, what he needs one way or another.

Despite Jeongguk’s tone and his unforgiving words, though, there’s a gentleness in his eyes as he gazes down at Jimin. He bends down, capturing Jimin’s mouth in a sweet kiss, the hand that had been gripping his still-hard cock now cradling Jimin’s cheek.

“You okay for more?” Jeongguk asks, his thumb swiping over the swell of Jimin’s cheekbone. Jimin nods impatiently. He turns his head to press a soft kiss to the heel of Jeongguk’s palm.

He appreciates this: the concern that so clearly settles itself across Jeongguk’s features whether he’s aware of it or not, even if there are times in which Jimin wishes Jeongguk would just take and take and take all that Jimin could give him. There are times in which he wants Jeongguk to use him until he’s completely spent, completely at Jeongguk’s mercy.

The vibrations from the bullet alone aren’t nearly enough, only giving Jimin reason to whine petulantly, so Jeongguk presses on the bottom of the plug until it reaches its highest setting. The moan Jimin lets out is close to Jeongguk’s name, though it falls flat on the second syllable as his body rocks downward in hopes of pressing the plug further inside himself. Jeongguk clicks his tongue, shuffling forward to further immobilize Jimin. He holds Jimin’s knees apart, watching the way his hole flutters around the base of the pink plug – Jimin’s favourite – when Jeongguk presses his thumb to it.

Jimin pulls against his restraints, his mouth falling open in a silent scream as Jeongguk puts more force on the plug. He studies Jimin’s face for any sign of discomfort for a moment before focusing between Jimin’s legs once more. Jeongguk carefully pulls the plug out to its tapered tip before pushing it back in harshly. Jimin mewls, and Jeongguk repeats the movement a few more times, watching as Jimin sucks the toy back inside greedily.

When he starts chanting Jeongguk’s name, Jeongguk clicks the button on the bottom of the vibrator once more as well as that of the bullet, shutting them both off suddenly. The look that crosses Jimin’s face is a mix of anger, confusion, and helplessness; his eyes wide and pleading when he looks up at Jeongguk.

“I was good, I- why did you stop,” he whimpers, his voice is slightly torn around the edge from the strain on his throat. Frustrated tears prick at his eyes as his chest heaves, nipples pert underneath the thin fabric of Jeongguk’s shirt. “Jeonggukie, please, I was so good.”

Jeongguk shushes him with a few short, sweet kisses. He then moves to the outside corners of Jimin’s eyes to rid them of the tears that threaten to fall.

“You’ll get what you want, love, I promise. We just have to be a little patient sometimes, right?” murmurs Jeongguk. Jimin nods his head, and Jeongguk stoops to press gentle kisses over his exposed stomach while he lets Jimin come down a bit. When he promises that the haze has cleared enough, that he’s okay to continue, Jeongguk distracts him with bitten kisses down his neck and chest as he restarts their little game. Jimin remains still for the most part, though his hips still twitch lightly in bursts of pleasure and he moans so softly into the skin of his bicep where he’s turned his head to the side.

“You remember our safe word, right, baby?” he asks, but Jimin just shakes his head impatiently.

“Jimin, sweetheart-”

“C-Calico,” Jimin stammers. “Calico, Gukkie, now please.”

This time, he plucks their wand off of the mattress and turns it over in his hands. The head is soft, the black plastic of the body heavy and smooth in his hands. They’ve yet to use this one, so he’s yet to see just how well it works, and the light air of mystery is enticing.

He removes the plug, watching as Jimin clenches around nothing, a string of lube connecting the tip of the plug to Jimin’s rim. Tossing it to the side, he retrieves their almost empty bottle of lube and slicks up two of his fingers. Jimin sucks in a sharp breath when Jeongguk’s forefinger teases at his rim. He’s well-stretched out by now, Jeongguk knows that, but he takes his time working up to two, and by the time he’s buried up to his knuckles, Jimin is incoherent underneath him.

Jimin pulls incessantly at his restraints, desperate to touch himself, yet he refuses Jeongguk’s offer to untie him. Pressing a kiss to the tip of Jimin’s cock, Jeongguk readies the wand by his side, drinking in the soft sounds Jimin now lets out without restraint. Jeongguk leans back enough to hold the wand to the tip of Jimin’s oversensitive, leaking cock. A mewl lodges itself in Jimin’s throat, Jeongguk’s name dying on his lips as tears finally break from his eyes. Jeongguk pauses in his movements, the feeling of his fingers stilling inside of Jimin nearing on aggravatingly uncomfortable. Jimin shakes his head, sniffling slightly.

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” he reassures, “please, Jeonggukie.”

Jeongguk nods. He thrusts his fingers up into Jimin’s tight heat in search of that sweet spot inside of him, wand unrelenting against Jimin’s cock. Curling his fingers upward, he finds Jimin’s prostate and Jimin moans unabashedly, the end tapering off into an adorable whine. His assault on the spot is unabated, and Jimin’s whimpers increase in both pitch and tempo until his entire body tenses, white strips of come decorating his chest and stomach.

He doesn’t stop until Jimin’s completely spent, sweat-soaked portions of the sheets clinging to parts of his body despite the cold seeping in from outside. Finally, he shuts the wand off and removes the bullet from Jimin’s softening cock, putting them aside to be dealt with later. Then, he stands to remove the bindings around Jimin’s wrists. There are faint marks from his ceaseless tugging, but luckily nothing that looks too painful.

Jeongguk disappears for a moment, and Jimin can hear the sink in the bathroom down the hall turn on, then the telltale sound of the bottles sitting on the shelves of the fridge door being jostled. Jeongguk returns holding a warm wash cloth and a bottle of water that he sets on the bedside table, and he makes quick work of wiping Jimin clean before he does his own fingers. He throws the cloth at the laundry bin in the corner of the room, then turns his attention back to Jimin, his gaze softening as he admires the sight.

Jimin hands lie limp at his sides, white gold glinting in the harsh morning sun. His chest heaves, and his eyelids flutter against the sunlight that reaches his eyes now that Jeongguk has moved from his previous position. Faint marks litter his neck and chest, and the cute pink of his soft cock lying against his stomach is a little distracting. He diverts his thoughts away from that, though, deciding that Jimin’s had enough for now, that his own desires can wait.

“C’mon, up,” Jeongguk directs, his hand between Jimin’s shoulder blades to steady him as he goes. Jimin falters slightly, his arms a bit sore from being stuck in one position for so long.

“Easy, love,” murmurs Jeongguk.

Once Jimin’s sitting, Jeongguk offers him the blanket that he’d taken from atop the storage chest at the foot of their bed; a red-checkered fleece with a fluffy, white underside. It’s Jimin’s favourite, and he gratefully accepts it. He stands to wrap it around himself and Jeongguk takes his place, his arms and legs spread for Jimin to make himself comfortable. He fits easily between Jeongguk’s legs, his own thrown over one of Jeongguk’s and his head rested against Jeongguk’s bare shoulder. Jeongguk squeezes him tightly and presses a lingering kiss to his forehead, Jimin’s hair tickling his nose as he does.

“Water?” he asks, already reaching for the bottle he’d brought with him. Jimin nods fervently, and Jeongguk steals his way underneath Jimin’s blanket after he’s taken the bottle from Jeongguk’s hand. He holds the corners of the blanket tightly around Jimin in hopes to shield him from the cold.

Jimin caps the bottle when he’s satisfied, and Jeongguk lifts his hands from between their bodies to inspect the marks on his wrists. He swipes his thumb over them gingerly and reaches for a small bottle of moisturizer on the bedside table. Uncapping it, he pours a generous amount into his hand. Jimin hisses at the touch of Jeongguk’s fingers against his skin.

“Does it hurt?” worries Jeongguk, but Jimin shakes his head.

“Cold,” he tells him and Jeongguk nods in understanding. He continues with the lotion, travelling up from Jimin’s wrist once he’s finished to get rid of some of the excess. Jimin merely watches, his eyes unfocused and his lips parted slightly. When Jeongguk is happy with the job, he runs his fingers through Jimin’s sweaty hair, blunt nails scratching lightly at his scalp. Jimin absentmindedly plays with the drawstring on Jeongguk’s pants, his knuckles bumping against Jeongguk’s lower stomach as he does. Jeongguk watches him, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“What about you?” Jimin asks. He doesn’t look up from his hand as he swipes the pad of his thumb over the skin just above Jeongguk’s belly button.

“Don’t worry about me,” he assures him, “you up for breakfast?”

Jimin sighs, flattening his palm against the small rolls of Jeongguk’s stomach that always show themselves when he hunches himself over like this. Jimin loves them. He walks his fingers up the center of Jeongguk’s chest to rest at the side of his neck, then his jaw, guiding him down for a sweet kiss. His thumb nail tickles over the underside of Jeongguk’s jaw.

“Can we shower first? You’re all prickly,” grumbles Jimin. Jeongguk snorts.

“You’re not much better yourself right now, love,” he teases, but he slides one arm underneath Jimin’s knees and the other around his back to lift him nonetheless. He’s careful to avoid doorframes as he carries Jimin to the bathroom, Jimin's giggles filling the air as they go.