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Persona 3, 4, and 5 Drabbles

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Minato strolled through the streets of Iwatodai. He was bored, and was heading to Paulownia Mall to play some games at the arcade. He was nearing the station and went to put his headphones on when a small voice stopped him. He looked around, seeing no one.


'Strange..' he thought. He shrugged it off as his imagination. He went for his headphones once more and heard the little voice again. He looked down and saw a kitten at his feet, looking up at him. Minato smiled and crouched down to pet her. "Hey there you.." he voiced to the cat softly, who purred in response. He noticed she didn't have a collar. 'Hmm... Must be a stray..' he thought. The kitten was shivering at the cold, but was still rubbing against him. Minato felt bad for the poor cat. 


He noticed a twig nearby and picked it up, sitting back down in front of the small kitten. The small creature glared it down and jumped to grab it, failing when Minato moved it to the side. The kitten meowed and jumped after it again, succeeding this time. Minato laughed a little. 


Before he knew it, it was dark. The boy ended up playing with the cat all day. He smiled when the cat curled up in his lap. Minato looked at his phone and looked at the time. 11:12 PM. Dark Hour would occur soon, he had to head back to the dorms. He turned his attention back to the sleeping kitten, who was shivering in her sleep. She must be cold. He really didn't want to leave her here, since it was so cold out, but Mitsuru wouldn't allow a cat in the dorm with Koromaru around, but he just couldn't abandon it.


Minato shook his head. Maybe if he snuck her in, and secretly took care of her.. Hm... that could work. He set the kitten down and took his jacket off, placing it on the shivering kitten, who looked up at him. "I'll be right back. Stay here, okay?" The kitten meowed back and he smiled, and head off.


The mall was still open so he made his way there. Once he arrived he went straight to Aohige Pharmacy, to pick up some cat food and little toys for his new friend. He payed and head to where he left the small creature. She meowed once she saw Minato, ran to him and rubbed against his leg. The boy laughed as he placed the bag down and picked his jacket up and shook the dust off before putting it back on. He picked up the cat and held her inside his jacket, zipping it up. "Mitsuru-senpai... Please don't execute me.." He picked up the bag and head back to the dorms.


Once he arrived, he opened the door a little bit, checking around the lounge for anyone. It was empty. 'Alright...3..2..!' He held onto his friend in his jacket and bolted for his room. Minato quickly unlocked the door, slid inside and shut the door. He sighed in relief and opened his jacket. The kitten jumped out and meowed. Minato jumped and put a finger to his mouth.


"Shh! If everyone finds out you're here, they might kick you out!" He whispered. The kitten put her head down as if she were saying sorry. Minato smiled and pet her head, as if telling her 'its okay.' "Now, you must be hungry right?" The kitten shot her head up at this and softly meowed. The blue haired boy chuckled and reached for the bag and got out can of food. He opened it and set it on the ground. The kitten started eating right away, gobbling up everything in a matter of minutes. Minato laughed again. "I'll take that as a yes."


When the kitten was finished he pat her on the head. He made a sound of remembering something. "We still need a name for you, yeah?" The kitten looked up and him. "How about Shadow?" He asked, to which the cat looked away as if saying no. "Hmm... What about Rin?" The cat looked in the other direction. Minato thought for a moment, then it hit him. "How about Hamuko?" The kitten lit uo and meowed. He smiled. "Hamuko it is!" 


Minato got ready for bed and in his covers. Hamuko jumped on to the bed and curled up with the boy. Minato smiled, falling asleep with his new companion.