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Olivia looped her left arm in Jesse’s right as Axel did the same on the other side and Reuben pushed against her leg, preventing her from walking into the street. The four were heading to Jesse, Olivia, and Reubens tiny apartment. Axel always asked them why they had such a small place and Jesse’s response is always ‘the smaller the home, lesser the amount of walls to bump into.’

“Jesse, you need to learn how to walk on your own. I’m sorry but I don’t want to die and worry about you walking into things in the afterlife.” Olivia complained to her best friends.

“I’m sorry, you whiner.” Jesse laughed. “You cant blame me for being nervous about walking by myself.”

“Ive got a plan.” Axel’s deep voice cut in, which was followed by a groan by Olivia.

“Oh no. That’s never good.” Olivia stated, earning a giggle from Jesse.

“How about we just let her go but stay near the street so she doesn’t walk in and die.” He said.

“Ugh. It’s worth a shot.” Olivia let go of Jesse’s arm and Axel does the same. Jesse stops and begins to walk slowly forward. “Keep it up, Jess.” And so, Jesse continued to walk before feeling a hard push on her right shoulder and hearing something hit t

No. Not again.

“I am so sorry.” Jesse put her arm for the victim to grab even though she didn’t know if she was facing the right way.

“Ugh! Watch out loser!” A new voice barked out.

“Aiden! That’s rude!” Another whisper yelled. “It’s fine. I know you didn’t mean it. I’m Lukas by the way.” Then silence.

I’m missing something, aren’t I?

Jesse stood still before she felt someone tug on her shoulder. She heard Olivia’s voice whisper “Jess, he’s waiting for a handshake.”

“Oh!” Jesse gasped, slowly putting her hands out trying to find the Lukas’, once she found his arm, she gripped his wrist and followed his arm to his hand she shook it with her left hand, she put her right down. “I’m so sorry. I’m Jesse.”

“O-Okay. It’s cool to meet you.” He stuttered.

I freaked him out.

“What a weirdo?” The rude voice from earlier retuned to taunt her. “What wrong with you anyways?”

“Shut up!” Axel shot back. “It isn’t her fault that she’s blind.” Jesse sighed.

“Axel! You weren’t to tell anyone!” Olivia yelled at him. Jesse looked down and turned red.

“Axel, I thought you were gonna keep quiet about that.” Jesse said, embarrassed.

“Jess, I’m so sorry!” Axel explained. She nodded.

“It’s fine. I usually tell people when I get to know them. Well, I’m blind.” Jesse told Lukas.

“Oh. Okay.” Lukas said. Then silence.

“It’s that okay?” Jesse asked.

“It’s not that. I’ve just never met a blind person before so I didn’t know if I should say ‘sorry’ or ‘that sucks’ or-“ his explanation was interrupted by Jesse’s light laughter.

“It’s fine.”

“Well, maybe we can all hang out sometime.” Lukas suggested. Jesse was about to nod before hearing the annoying voice from earlier.

“I am not hanging out with these loser, Lukas.” Aiden stated, angrily.

“Good for you.” Lukas spat back, giving Jesse a laugh.

“Well, we can hang out now if you’d like. We were just heading out to mine, Olivia, and Reuben’s place. Reuben is my pig.” Jesse smiled.

“Oh. Hey there Reuben.” Lukas greeted and Reuben snorted happily.

“Ready to head out?” Jesse asked her friends. She just assumed that everyone nodded. Lukas watched as Jesse lifted up her arms as her friends took them. He watched as the cute piglet snuggled against his new friend’s leg.

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The five awkwardly walked in a line to the Jesse-Olivia-Reuben apartment. Of course, Lukas was extremely uncomfortable pumping into Olivia, who was keeping Jesse from dying, every two seconds. Lukas may have been one to hang out with the ‘cool kids’, but with new people he was an awkward, anxious mess. Jesse and Lukas had that in common. The blond just followed the others before reaching the apartment building. It was pretty cute. It seemed to have around twelve apartments on each floor (which there were five of.)

They reached the third floor and walked for a minute before going into apartment 3-11. Olivia fiddled with her key and opened the door. They awkwardly shuffled onto the light grey couch.

Jesse stared out right in front of her before saying “So, welcome to our humble abode, Lukas. Feel free to make yourself at home. I just need to go get something.” Olivia lifts her arms lightly but Jesse refuses it. “Thanks but I need to learn how to walk on my own. I’ve been blind all my life but I haven’t learned anything.”

“Are you sure?” Olivia asked.

“I’m sure.” Jesse says before grabbed the back of the couch. We gently grabbed onto Axel’s shoulders. “Sorry.” She giggled.

“It’s fine, Jess.” He laughed. She made her way around the couch and attached herself to a wall and followed it to her bedroom door. She opened it and proceeded to walk inside. She went through her drawer and grabbed her normal glasses. Jesse typically wears sunglasses in public because she doesn’t like drawing attention to herself. She took of her sunglasses and replaced them with her normal ones. She walked out of her bedroom and made her way to the couch.

Lukas speaks up with a question, “What color were your eyes.” Jesse followed his voice and looked at him and looked down.

“What’s your problem!” Axel stands up.

“Axel, sit down. I’m sure Lukas didn’t mean to be insensitive.” Jesse smiled. “My answer to your question is that my eyes have always been this color. They’ve always been grey.”

“Oh.” Was all Lukas said. “I’m sorry for being insensitive.”

“It’s okay. I know it wasn’t intentional.”

“Oh crap. What time is it?” Olivia suddenly stated.

“2:15.” Lukas said after looking at his watch.

“We have work!” Olivia and Axel yelled I’m unison. They swiftly slid to the door and wrapped themselves in their jackets.

“Lukas!” She yelled, startling said male. “Do you mind looking after Jesse until 6? My shift ends at 5:45 so i could be home by 6.”

“Ugh! I don’t need as babysitter, Liv!” Jesse fired at her friends.

“Can you blame me for being worried?”

“I’m blind, not 4!” Jesse exclaimed.

“But you’re still learning. I want more than anything for you to be safe. If you get hurt while I’m gone, I could never forgive myself. Besides, he wont be babysitting you, he’s just making sure you don’t walk into things.” Olivia reasoned. Jesse groaned.

“Alright! Are you okay with that?” Jesse asked Lukas.

“Yeah. It’s cool. Its just like hanging out with a new friend.” He said.

“See? He gets it, Jesse.”

“Alright! Just go to work!” Jesse sighed.

“As you wish, be safe!”

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“This is so weird.” Jesse spat out, putting her chin in the middle of two hands.

“Yeah. It’s super awkward.” He gives a slight chuckle. She huffed. “So, what’s your favorite movie?”

“I don’t watch movies, but listen to them. I remember when I was little, my parents would always put on Finding Nemo for my baby brother and I would memorize the whole script.” Jesse smiled at the memory. Lukas smiled, too.

“You wanna put that movie on?” Lukas asked. She nodded. He flipped the channel, then put on the movie. As soon as she heard the sound of the fish talking, she began to smile. Lukas caught himself staring and planted his gaze on the screen. Then, he noticed her eyebrows scrunch up and she had a perplexed look on her pale face. “You okay?”

“What do I look like? I’ve never actually asked Olivia or Axel what I look like. Speaking of looks, how do you look?” She asked, turning to face me.

“Well, you have very long raven hair. You have a thin sort of button nose and you have freckles.”

She gasped. “I have freckles. What about you.”

“Well, I have blue eyes, I’m blond, and I have a nose on more of the thin side.” He explains.

“I’ve done this with Olivia, Axel, and Petra before. I sort of conjure an image, but the thing is, I don’t know what people look like. And I know that sounds bad!” Jesse states.

“It does.”

“It does make me upset sometimes but what makes me more upset when people think I always need help. Like, I’ve tried to practice my walking all my life. My parents had done what Olivia and Axel are doing now and I try to tell them that the only way to be able to learn to walk without help, is letting me figure it out by myself.” Jesse exclaims. Lukas looks down.

“Sorry, Jesse.” Lukas. Jesse smiles.

“That’s what I like about you. You don’t see me as someone who needs constant help.” She states as Lukas felt his heart beat a little faster. “And don’t worry about it. Honestly, as frustrating as it is, it’s nice to see that someone cares so much.”

“Woah. That was deep.”

“Anyway, what’s your favorite movie?” She asked.

“I like The Matrix.” The blond said. Jesse gasped, happily.

“It’s such a good movie! Oh! What about TV shows? Have you seen Stranger Things?”

“I have not, unfortunately. What’s it about?” Lukas asked.

“Okay, So there’s this girl named Eleven that....”

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“Are you kidding me?” Jesse laughed, smacking her leg.

“He’s just an idiot. He thinks he can just boss them around.” Lukas sighed. “I cant believe i used to be the leader of that group.”

“Well, you aren’t anymore. Frankly, you are much better this way.” Jesse smiled.

“I like me better this way, too.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” She girl chucked. He laughed too, before he stopped. She heard his silence and she furrowed a brow. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m so sorry about how I used to treat you.” The blond blurted out. Much to his surprise, she laughed.

“It’s water under the bridge.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I was a piece of work.”

“You ‘were’, you aren’t now. People change, Lukas.” She assured him, patting his back.

He smiled. “Thanks, Jesse.”

A loud knock sounded, suddenly. “YO JESS, OPEN UP!”

“Who’s that?” The male asked, eyeing the door closely.

“It’s Petra!” She cheered as she walked to the door, opening it.

“Hey Jess.” The ginger smirked. Jesse smiled, giving her friend a hug. Petra’s eyes wandered around the apartment until her eyes met Lukas’. “What’s he doing here?”

“We were just hanging out, watching movies until Olivia and Axel get back from work. Olivia basically assigned him as my babysitter.” Jesse laughed. Lukas offered a smile but it was not returned. She kept a cold face as they sat down.

“What are we watching?” Petra asked.

“Stranger Things.” Jesse answered. “So, how is Stella?”

She turned a light pink, making the other two laugh. She gave Lukas a dead glare.

“She’s good.”

“That’s good.” Jesse smiles, humming.

“So, why is he here?” Petra asked, rather rudely.

“Petra!” She exclaimed. “I told you, he’s my ‘babysitter’. Don’t be mean.”

“Tell him that.” Petra spat. “He needs a reminder.”

“I’m not like that anymore.” Lukas said.

“What about your goons?” She fired back.

“I don’t hang out with them anymore.” He states.

“Petra, he isn’t like he used to be. He already apologized to me. He is sorry.” Jesse offered.

“Okay, I trust you.” Petra breathed, crossing her arms. “But if he tried anything sketchy, I’ll have no problem kicking his butt.”

Jesse laughed. “Deal.” She smiled as she heard the door knob being fiddled with. “They’re here!”

Petra opened the door with smile. “Hey, guys.”

“Hello, Petra. I didn’t know you’d be here.” Olivia greeted with a smile.

“I was in town. I decided to visit.” Petra answered.

“Hey, Petra.” Axel piped up.

“What’s up.”

“What’re you guys doing?” Olivia asked, popping next to Jesse.

Lukas speaks. “Jesse is introducing me to Stranger Things.”

“You like it?”

He nods, eyebrows raised. “Pretty good.”

Axel fell next to Lukas with a thud. “You guys wanna watch some anime.”

“Absolutely!” Jesse cheers. “How does RWBY sound?”

The group nodded in response as they started from Volume 1 and made their way through the whole thing. Lukas was never an anime fan but he thoroughly enjoyed RWBY. He related to Jaune at a personal level. He quickly realized how close his new friends were to the characters.

What a day that was.