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Dangerous Lessons Review

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The little details can make or break a scene, and there are, unfortunately, a lot of little details that break the immersion in this movie. There are also many that make it, most of which come from Louise Lombard, who largely carries the movie. (Despite having the most inconsistent accent I’ve ever heard from her.)

Ella Wahlestedt and Jo Marie Payton are great as well in the supporting roles of Nicole and Linda, respectively. Richard Haylor, William Haze, and Carole Wood (James’s mom) give solid, believable performances but are lacking in any “spark” that makes them stand out. Alex Esola misses the mark a couple times, but is overall decent. Brooklyn Murphy (Detective Meyers) stands out as being the only truly bad performance, but thankfully is only in four scenes.

The movie suffers from a high cheese factor, most noticeable in the score (which can sometimes be distractingly dramatic). The editing is at times choppy and nonsensical, and the continuity/timeline of the movie suffers from some serious issues as well, making it seem like the entire movie takes place over a shorter period of time than it actually must.

Despite the above criticisms, however, it is an enjoyable movie. The characters all have appropriate chemistry and believable motivations, and the storyline has an even flow.

Regardless of its problems, Dangerous Lessons is a movie I definitely recommend to any fan of Louise Lombard, and one I might recommend in general (depending on one’s thoughts on the subject matter).