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of curiosities and fangs

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1- Mornings

One of the first things the class found out was how much of a morning person Midoriya Izuku was not.

It was saturday morning so nobody was in a hurry to get up, as the morning progressed one by one they stumbled bleary eyed from their rooms heading downstairs to grab something to eat.

It was Kirishima who noticed first. “Hey has anyone seen Midoriya? Figured she would be up before anyone else.”

Sleepily lifting her head from the table Uraraka glanced around sleepily “Hmmm deku must still be sleeping. I tried waking her up earlier but she was dead to the world.”

“It’s almost 10:30 she should get up, Its not healthy to sleep in this late.” Informed Iida

“Fuckin leave her alone. she can sleep for as long as she damn well likes, ” Bakugou smacked Kirishima’s hand away from the pan of bacon. “Besides not everyone likes to be up at ass crack of dawn like you four eyes”

“That is not nice Bakugou,”

“I’m not a nice person.”

Suddenly Mina jumped up poking Kaminari in the ribs, maniac grin on her face as she glanced at the electric user “Let's go jump on her!”

With a shared look the two ran up the stairs, The room went quiet as the bundles of energy left, heads falling back onto the table, cups being re-filled with coffee, tea or juice. A loud bang surprised nobody but the shrill screech and then twin yells of “MONSTER!” had half the class jumping in their seats while Bakugou just sighed and grabbed a container from the fridge labeled ‘Midoriya’ shoving it into the microwave.

Screams and bangs could be heard as Ashido and Denki came bolting down the stairs “Hide us!” shriek the blonde as he skidded under the table and Mina dove behind the couch. “She’s gonna kill us.”

Kirishima laughed snatching a piece of bacon while Bakugou had his back turned “C’mon guys it’s Midoriya she's harmless.”

“Not when you wake her up shes not.” muttered the explosive blonde hitting the one minute timer on the microwave. As if to prove his point Izuku came down the stairs dragging a blanket across her shoulders. A murderous vibe radiated off the small teen.

“Where are they?” Green eyes hidden behind knotted green curls. The banister cracking where she was gripping it.

Nobody said anything. Shocked at the blood lust emanated from the small usually passive girl. The Microwave beeped and Bakugou shoved the warmed container at the angry green haired girl. “Calm down you fucking idiot.”

Izuku hummed taking a sip and leaning against him sleepily mumbling “It’s too bright Kaachan.”

Sighing bakugou dragged the girl back up stairs leaving behind some very confused classmates.

“Is it safe to come out?” Ashido squeaked

“Mina, Kaminari what did you do?”