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The bell rang in the superheroes school.

Immediately the teenagers poured out of the classes and into the corridors.

It was lunch time, which meant that the students had a whole hour of break from lessons.

Since it was a nice spring day many had brought a packet lunch from home and went outside to eat on the grass, relaxing under the warm midday sun and breathing some clean air.

Most of them, though, went to the cafeteria in order to eat something better than a sandwich.

Soon the corridors got empty, except for some late students who chatted and flirted with each other. Or simply their lesson finished late.

From an outsider point of view, Victor was the typical cocky jock, loud and annoying. From his classmates point of view, however, he was the king of the assholes.

When interacting with him people had two choices: kiss his ass or being bullied. If they were lucky enough he would just ignore them completely, deeming them boring and uninteresting.

However, if someone caught his attention and didn't feel honoured to be in his presence they were doomed to endless bullying.

That last one was Logan's case.

Victor had noticed him since the first day because they were always in the same classes since they had similar powers: heightened senses and feral instinct. He had tried to get the shorter boy in his clique, but Logan had refused his "friendship".

That was why, since that moment onwards, Victor had bullied him.

That quiet spring day wasn't any different from the others: as soon as the lesson had ended late the blond guy had followed Logan to his locker.

The latter hadn't even had time to open it before the other loudly hit it with a hand, trapping his victim between himself and the locker.

-What do you want now, Creed?- Logan growled at him, slowly turning around to face him.

-Must I want something from you? Maybe I just wanna talk.- the other replied with a grin, his long canines showing.

The shorter boy snorted.

-Sure and I'm the Queen of England.- he snarkily answered back.

Victor laughed.

-You'd look cuter in a dress.- he mocked the other.

-Go fuck yourself.- Logan growled at him.

He tried to push him away to open his locker and take his lunch money, but Creed was too heavy for him.

-You know, I think you'd look even cuter in girl panties.- Victor mischievously said, taking the other's chin with a hand to force him to look at him.

-Fuck off!- Logan replied in a disgusted tone of voice, slapping the bully's arm away from him.

The taller boy immediately grabbed his victim's neck and pushed him hard against the locker.

-You know that I won't leave you alone until I get what I want from you.- he purred against the other's face.

-Let go of me.- Logan threateningly growled.

-I'll break you sooner or later, runt.- Victor reminded him.

The shorter boy uselessly punched and kicked the bully, worried about his excited smell.

Creed was about to have some fun with his victim, but he was prevented from doing so by a teacher passing by.

-What's going on here?- the man asked, glaring at both students.

-Nothing. We were just talking.- Victor innocently answered, smiling and taking a step away from Logan.

The latter immediately took advantage of it to retrieve is lunch money and walk towards the cafeteria.

That was a close one, he realised with a shiver. If it wasn't for that teacher he didn't know what the other would have done to him. And he absolutely didn't want to find out. He had to learn how to fight better if he wanted to prevent the other from doing whatever he wanted to him.

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It had been a few days since what Logan had called "the locker incident". He had been trying his best to avoid Creed, successfully managing to never stay alone with him.

The bully had been clearly annoyed by that, especially since he couldn't say what he wanted to when teachers were around, so he had resolved to vent his aggression during fight training.

His feral instinct together with his heightened senses made him a naturally good fighter, which was boosted by his size.

Any student had always known that being paired with him meant getting their ass kicked, but those last few days had been a real nightmare: broken bones and knock outs had become an everyday occurrence which forced the nurse to get back-up and complain about it to the principal.

The latter had reported that to the teachers, who had shrugged and called them training accidents. What else could they do a part from asking Victor to go easy on his opponents? They couldn't prevent him from fighting, it was his best subject after all.

The student obviously never listened to those requests, complaining that he was already going easy on them and that he couldn't just stop fighting and let his opponents hit him. They wouldn't have that chance in real life, he argued. The teachers couldn't reply to that, it was true.

His scores went through the roof while almost everyone else's got lower. There was only one other student that managed to keep up with his scores and it was the reason why he was so violent: Logan.

It was just a matter of time (and of number of opponents) before the two had to face each other.

-Next pair: Creed and Howlett.- the teacher announced.

Victor grinned in amusement, getting to the fighting stage first.

Logan internally groaned in annoyance, but he didn't show any hesitation nor fear as he joined his opponent.

The taller boy cracked his knuckles, looking down at the source of his bad mood.

-Are you ready to get your ass whooped?- he provoked him.

-Are you?- Logan coldly replied.

Creed laughed, then they both got in position.

As soon as the teacher gave them the starting command they jumped towards each other.

They punched and blocked, kicked and dodged, moving all around the stage. They were growling like animals, their posture and behaviour getting more and more feral as the fight went on and they relied more on their instincts than on their training.

The teacher was impressed by how similar their fighting style was, yet he could see their differences: Victor relied on his sheer strength and huge size, while Logan relied more on his agility and speed. They both clearly had a lot of stamina, he had never seen such a long-lasting match in his career.

The other students were watching in awe at that amazing fight, admiration for Logan growing inside them. They had always thought no-one could withstand Victor in a fight, and yet he was going at it as an equal opponent.

When they separated to catch their breath everyone could see the bruises on their faces and arms, the sweat running down their bodies, their muscles tensed and ready to strike again. They were glaring and growling at their enemy, not even blinking in order not to lower their guard.

The teacher was about to call it a tie when the two shouted at each other and lunged to start again. He let them go on.

The students started whispering excitedly, many of them hoping that Logan could teach a well-deserved lesson to the king of assholes.

It was clear that they were getting tired: they slowed down, their hits got less accurate and weaker, they had a hard time blocking or dodging. They took their blows like champions, too focused on winning to even feel the pain.

In the end Victor managed to punch Logan right in the face, making him lose balance and fall backwards.

The shorter boy promptly stood up, his split lip bleeding. He was panting, but his eyes were still burning with stubbornness.

Creed was half-grinning triumphantly. He was panting too, but he had drawn blood; he got excited and the new rush of adrenaline gave him strength again.

Logan was hit again and again, he got his eyes black and his nose broken, but no matter how hard he was hit, he refused to give up and always promptly stood back up.

-Ok boys, this is enough. Howlett, admit your defeat and you two can get to the infirmary.- the teacher butted in.

-Never!- the student growled.

The man sighed. How he hated dealing with sore losers.

-Then let's call it a tie.-

-No!- both students protested.

-Boys, you can't both win. It's either a tie or Creed wins.- he calmly explained.

-I'm not giving up!- Logan protested.

-You lost anyway! You heard him!- Victor angrily replied.

-I'm not giving up to you!-

The teacher sighed. Damned boys!

-Well, you lost anyway. I appreciate your resolve, Howlett, but I can't allow you to go on. Now both of you go to the infirmary to get patched up.-

Creed grinned triumphantly, looking down at the loser. He held out his hand to him, something he never did for anyone he had beaten up.

Logan smacked it away, groaning in pain when he got up. The adrenaline rush was fading and all the pain he had ignored until that moment had hit him like a truck.

As they left the room they could hear the other students whisper excitedly, but they couldn't understand what they were saying.

-Not bad for a runt like you.- Victor commented after a while.

-Shut up.- Logan angrily replied.

The other chuckled, but he didn't say anything else until they reached the infirmary.

-After you.- Creed mockingly said as he opened the door.

The shorter boy glared at him, but he went in, followed by the bully. He didn't notice that Victor was staring at his ass.

-Oh dear.- the nurse commented upon seeing them. -Fighting training against each other?- she asked.

-Yes.- they both replied.

-Sit on a bed and take your shirts off.- she ordered.

They obeyed, sitting on the two beds and waiting.

The nurse disinfected Logan's cuts and fixed his nose first, then she spread ointment on his bruises and bandaged them. He let her until she tried to touch his black eyes.

-I need to see during the lessons.- he lied. In reality he didn't want to be unable to watch what Creed was doing, he could take advantage of his momentary handicap.

-You won't leave the infirmary for at least an hour, so don't worry about that. I need to reduce your eyes' swelling.- she explained.

Logan bit his tongue, but he couldn't reply to that. He let her push him down and lay on the bed, then she spread some thick ointment on his sore eyes and bandaged them. At last she put a bag of ice on them.

The nurse then moved to Victor, who only had ointment spread on his bruises and a bag of ice pressed on his cheekbone.

-I have to call an healer, you both stay here.- she said.

Logan tensed. That was the worst thing that could happen: he was going to be alone with Victor in an isolated room and he couldn't even see. But he couldn't complain or he would look weak and scared and he absolutely didn't want Creed to think that.

He held his breath when he heard the door close behind the nurse's back. He heard a ruffling of bed sheets and he knew Victor had stood up.

-Don't you dare touch me.- he threateningly growled.

-Why, are you scared I might hurt you?- the bully mocked him.

-I don't want your filthy hands on me.-

The taller boy laughed, locking the infirmary's door in order not to get interrupted.

-You know, I kinda like you. You can still join my crew if you want.- he offered.

-Fuck you.-

-I will fuck you instead.-

Logan didn't have the time to reply before getting crushed against the mattress, a hand pressed on his throat.

-If you scream I'll choke you.- Victor threatened.

Howlett promptly grabbed his arm to force him to let go, growling angrily. He was terrified of what was about to happen, more so by the fact he couldn't see and therefore he was unable to defend himself.

Creed grabbed Logan's crotch and made him whimper in pain. He grinned.

-I will love popping your cherry, runt, and I'm sure you'll like it too.- he lustfully said in his ear.

-Go to hell!-

The shorter boy tried to struggle, but both of Victor's holds tightened and he was forced to stay still.

-Now, do you want the nurse to come here and see me fucking your ass? I guess not, so don't make a fuss or I'll make sure everyone will know about it.- Creed threatened.

-You bastard!- Logan growled.

The bully chuckled.

-At least I'm not a whore like you're gonna be.-

He ripped off the other's shorts and underwear with one hand, then he did the same with his own. He didn't trust Logan not to struggle, so he held his neck firmly all the time.

He rubbed his body against his victim's sighing in pleasure as he got hard.

-You're a disgusting perv.- Howlett growled.

-Am I? Then what are you? You're getting hard too.-

The shorter boy gritted his teeth. He hadn't intended to get hard, it was just the stimulation. His heightened senses mixed with teenagers hormones or something like that. It wasn't like he was liking it!

When Victor pushed a knee on his legs to make him open them he resumed his struggling.

Creed cut off his air until he behaved again, then he forced him to obey and spread his legs for him. He rubbed between his cheeks, loudly sighing in pleasure to provoke his victim.

-I hope you're nice and tight.- he commented.

Logan showered him in insults, making him only laugh. Nothing he could say or do could stop him, if anything his stubbornness excited Victor more.

The bully spat in his free hand and wet his erection, then he pushed it against the other's hole.

Howlett tried his best to stay tensed and prevent him from penetrating him, but was still too weak after the fight to keep it up for long. He hissed in pain when he was forced open.

-Oh yes, nice and tight.- Creed purred.

Logan growled, but as soon as the bully started to thrust inside him he whimpered and moaned. He felt disgusting and filthy, humiliated and perverted because he found out that his body was betraying him by reacting positively to that raw fucking.

Victor sighed and moaned in pleasure, his eyes half-closed as he thrust harder and faster.

It didn't take long for him to come, unloading deep inside the other with a satisfied moan.

The shorter boy had to bite his lower lip in order not to protest, holding the hand that was choking him tight to prevent himself from masturbating. He had felt his orgasm raise inside him since the other had started to ram him, which made him feel even more disgusting. He wasn't liking it at all, he couldn't be liking it at all, he hated it! And yet his body contradicted him.

When Victor pulled out of him and looked down he grinned.

-You said I'm the perv, but you got wet for getting fucked in the ass by my dick.- he mocked him.

Before Logan could reply he grabbed his erection and masturbated him, making him moan in pleasure.

-No!- Howlett had protested.

-You don't want the nurse to see you like this, do you?- the bully said.

The shorter boy gritted his teeth. He sure as hell didn't want the nurse to see his condition, but he didn't want to give that bastard satisfaction either.

Victor jerked him off fast, making him moan and shiver and forcefully bringing him to his orgasm.

He took advantage of Logan's post-orgasm to let go of his neck and dress him up, then he wore his shorts again and unlocked the door.

-I guess you don't want the whole school to know what I just did to you, do you?- he mockingly asked.

Logan angrily growled.

The nurse entered in that moment.

-We'll talk more later, runt.- Victor said.

The nurse looked puzzled for a moment, then she shrugged and told them to stay quiet as they waited for a healer to come.

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After the healer had dealt with their injuries, the two boys were sent back to class. Neither of them could concentrate during the lessons, though, too focused on what had just happened in the infirmary. Their reason for doing so was the exact opposite: while Victor was not-so-subtly gloating, Logan was openly brooding over it.

The other students thought it was because of the fighting training, so they didn't ask anything to them. The only thing was that, when Victor wasn't around, they would give Howlett thumbs up and similar approving gestures.

Logan tried to avoid his rapist as much as he could, but it wasn't easy considering they were in the same classes all the time.

At lunch break, after he had sprinted to his locker to retrieve his lunch money, he found himself in a dreadfully familiar situation: Victor had blocked him against the locker.

-We gotta talk.- he purred with a satisfied grin.

Logan just glared at him.

-Meet me in the bathroom after classes.-

The shorter boy was surprised when Creed left him alone after that. Even more so since he didn't taunt him at all.

He spent the afternoon lessons thinking about a way to avoid that asshole, but he knew full well that his threat to reveal he fucked him to the whole school was real. He could've denied it, of course, but people wouldn't have believed him, at least not everyone, and he couldn't risk that.

It was with a deep sense of shame and dread that he obeyed to Victor's order and went to the bathroom straight after class.

He had to wait of course, what a better way for Creed to show his power over him than to make him impatient about their meeting?

He came alone, which relieved Logan a bit. He hadn't planned to tell anyone yet, at least.

-You really came.- Victor said, even if he didn't sound surprised at all, not with that satisfied grin still on his face.

-What do you want?- Howlett growled.

-Well, first of all I'm here to talk.-

Logan snorted.

-Bullshit.- he replied.

Creed snorted too.

-You still have balls, uh? Ok, then, I'll be quick: I want you to be my bitch.-

-Fuck you!-

-You'd rather let the whole school know you already are?-

Logan growled.

-I'll fucking kill you.- he threatened him, closing his hands into fists.

Victor laughed.

-Good luck trying!-

Howlett was fuming with rage, so he attacked. Unluckily for him the other was expecting it and he was ready to counter: Logan found himself pushed inside a stall and against its door, his face pressed against the graffiti-covered wooden surface.

He growled and struggled, but when Victor painfully pulled his arm against his back he was forced to stay still.

Creed chuckled, leaning down on him to whisper in his ear.

-I'll take what I want from you whether you like it or not. Your only choice is if I should tell the whole school or not about it.-

-You're a bastard!- Logan growled.

He had no choice but to take heavy breaths to calm down, glaring at the bully all the time.

-Good choice.- was Victor's only reply when he noticed the other was collaborating.

He let go of the shorter boy's arm, pressing himself against his back.

-Are you gonna obey like a good boy now or I'll have to choke you again?- he mocked him.

-Shut the fuck up!-

-Make me.-

Victor grabbed Logan’s hips to keep him still while rubbing against him.

Howlett froze, holding his breath. It was about to happen again and he couldn’t do shit about it. He pressed his head against the door, placing his fists at its sides to refrain from rebelling again; it was too risky. What if someone were to come inside? He couldn’t allow anyone to find out his shame, especially not after losing that training fight.

Victor chuckled, but he didn’t say anything; he didn’t want the runt to start struggling again, not when his dick was already eager to fuck him. He lowered their trousers and underwear, rubbing skin against skin.

-Ah, it’s already so nice…- he purred.

-Shut up and get on with it.- Logan growled.

-How impatient, did you like it that much?- Creed provoked him.

His victim glared at him, his face red with shame and outrage.

Victor chuckled, but he did what he was told. He was the most impatient of the two of them after all, he already wanted to get to the good part.

He spat on his hand and lubed himself up, then he forcefully penetrated Logan again.

-Fuck, you’re still tight! I’m so lucky!- he moaned.

Howlett groaned in pain, gritting his teeth to endure it. He wasn’t struggling against his rapist, but he surely wasn’t relaxed.

Victor started to thrust inside him, gradually increasing his pace as his pleasure grew.

Logan was hoping that everything would finish quickly, but he dreadfully found out that despite his hate for that situation he was getting hard like he had in the infirmary.

He tried to fight against his own arousal, to hide it and kill it with his hateful thoughts, but it didn’t matter how much he tried, his body was betraying him again.

He bit his lips to choke his moans in order not to get mocked further; hopefully Creed was too busy grunting and fucking him to notice.

At first that hope was true, but then Victor got suspicious about the silence. He slid one hand from Logan’s hips to his dick, grabbing it before the other could stop him.

-No! Don’t touch me!- Howlett growled, grabbing his wrist to stop him.

Victor squeezed his dick and made him whimper.

-No way, this time you’re gonna cum with my dick inside you.- he purred.

Logan shook his head.

-Oh yes.-

The shorter boy was about to snarkily reply, but only moans of pleasure escaped his lips as Victor masturbated him.

-Fuck, you sound so nice!- the bully commented.

He thrust harder and faster at that, moving his hand on the other’s dick at the same pace.

The empty bathroom was filled with their moans of pleasure and the sound of the wooden door being banged rhythmically, but since almost everyone had gone home no one walked in on them.

It didn’t take long for Victor to reach his orgasm, groaning against Logan’s ear as he emptied himself inside him. He held his victim tight against himself as he panted and basked in his post-orgasm.

Howlett hadn’t come yet, so he started to pull on the other’s wrist to let him go.

Unluckily for him that only prompted Creed to start masturbating him again.

-No! Stop!- Logan ordered between moans.

-I told you I was gonna make you cum with my dick inside you. I ain’t letting go till you cum.-

The shorter boy was trembling with the effort to fight against his growing orgasm, shame and humiliation burning in his mind.

-Maybe I’ll get hard again and fuck you some more if you keep on squeezing so nicely around me.- Victor evilly whispered in his ear.

Logan couldn’t tell if it was out of fear or excitement for that threat, but in a few seconds he came with a loud moan. He shivered from head to toe before leaning against the door to support himself.

-Aw, too bad. Maybe next time.- Creed commented.

He pulled out of him and cleaned himself, then he pulled the other’s hair to forcefully kiss him.

As soon as Howlett realised what was happening he bit Victor’s tongue.

The bully pulled away, chuckling and licking his lips. He dragged Logan one step away from the door and pointed at a white stain on it.

-Don’t try to act all high and mighty with me, you like this too.- he reminded him.

The shorter boy growled and glared at him, until he felt something sticky dripping from inside him.

His suddenly shame-filled expression sent a warm shiver to Victor’s crotch.

-See you tomorrow, runt.- he simply said.

He walked out with a satisfied grin, leaving Logan to clean himself and the door before sneakily going home.