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The Perceptive Badger

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On July 31st, 1980 Kreacher was informed of the heir to the Black fortune, one half-blood Harry Potter. When his master, Sirius Black, told him not to bother the young boy he had no problem heeding his order.

Days and days went by, the blood traitor Sirius Black despised him and insulted him and sometimes Kreacher wished to be freed, for any fate could be better than this.

But then, Master Sirius was convicted of murder. Kreacher hated Master Sirius, but he was also a house elf, and when house elves are left with nothing to do, they get rather cranky.

Now house elves are special. They share a bond with all of their charges, but the strongest bond is to the current lord and master. Because Sirius was in jail, he was no longer the lord of Black. So, Kreacher could literally feel the sorrow coming off his young charge.

Since Sirius was no longer his master, he was able to go to the young boy.

“Hullo?” a high voice rang out in the dark.

“Master Potter.” Kreacher greeted, but the young master wept harder.

Now many people thought Kreacher hated everyone, but he’d taken care of a lot of young charges in his day. None as emotional as the current Black heir, but still.

So Kreacher reached out in the darkness of a small space, the floor was scratchy and hard and there was only a tiny bit of light coming from a grate on the door. He pulled the young master into his chest. “There, there. It will be being alright young master.”


Harry was young, he didn’t really know what went on. But he did know that one day he was with his mum and dad, he could see their love shining from their faces, and the next day all of that was gone.

He remembered bits and pieces, an ugly man, pain, a green light and then darkness. He’d been taken somewhere that smelled like flowers and plastic and burnt toast and put in a small space with some things he’d knocked over, long and thin. He didn’t know what they were.

And so he cried, because he wanted his mother. But his wails just alerted a loud voice who’d pulled him by his shirt, smacked his face, and thrown him back into the small room. So he cried softer, trying to be quiet and when he heard a rather loud “Pop” he didn’t know what it was.

“Hullo?” he had little hope that it was anyone, but he still needed to know if someone was there.

“Master Potter.” A screechy voice said, and Harry cried harder because he didn’t know who this was. Then he was pulled into a chest, it smelled of pine. The body felt small and he could hear an erratic heartbeat, but he didn’t know who this person was, showing him comfort.

He sat back. “Num?” He asked, he was only 15 months old.


“Kah?”  He asked, and was rather proud that he got that much out. He reached his hands out to run over the man. He couldn’t see, but he could feel.

The man was taller than him, but not by much. His back seemed hunched, his eyes sunken. He had a rather large nose and very large ears. He didn’t seem to be wearing much and Harry wondered how odd his parents were in this large world.

He fell asleep in the man’s arms, and felt hope for the first time all day.

The next morning his aunt “tune” as he called her, had him clean. He constantly bumped into things and she liked to yell. She gave him something to put on his face but he didn’t know what it was. When he tried to take it off though, she yelled again, so he dealt with the thing.

That night he was back in his spot, and Kreacher came back. He wondered why Kreacher wasn’t there in the day. But he couldn’t ask that, so he just lay his head on the man’s chest and felt asleep to his heartbeat.


Kreacher wasn’t very good with time. He watched the young master do the work of a house elf, day after day. He left after realizing the muggles weren’t feeding the young master, and would get food with the little money left in Grimmauld place.

Most nights his young charge would fall asleep on his chest. One night, Kreacher cleaned the house while the muggles slept, so that his charge wouldn’t have to do it the next day. But in the morning the large man beat his charge for it, so he didn’t do it again.

When the young master healed from that particular beating, he would unlock the door, which was locked from the outside, and lead him silently through the house, so that he could memorize the landscape. For a while the muggles were happy with that, the boy stopped tripping over things and walking into furniture. However, it was asking too much for that to last. The man decided to start moving things, an inch here, a few inches there, and his charge bumped into things more.

The man would get angry and Kreacher wondered what he could possibly do. The young master was well fed, because of him, but money was running out and he came back to the cupboard each day more battered and bruised than the last. The young master didn’t ever complain, but Kreacher knew that this was not right.

So Kreacher did the only thing he thought he could. He went to Gringotts. Now usually house elves weren’t allowed in Gringotts. Actually they never were. The wards kept them out, so when he saw Wizards and Witches enter he would ask them to send a Goblin out. He had little hope of any of them doing such a thing, but then a woman with red hair and a lot of kids told him that she would send one out.

“Hello?” A goblin said.

“Master Bogrod. I must be asking a favor” Kreacher greeted.

“What is it?” Bogrod said.

“Master Potter, the heir of Black is be needing things to eat. He is not be getting food from his guardians, I be needing some Knuts to buy him food.”

“Master Potter’s guardians, the Dursleys get a monthly stipend for his care.” Bogrod said.

“They is not be using it correctly then.” Kreacher said.

“You must bring Master Potter here during banking hours, then we may talk of money.” And with that Bogrod left.

Kreacher was not sure how he was going to get Harry to Gringotts during the day, but the next week, with scarcely a crumb of food for his charge, the Dursleys went out. For Dudley’s birthday, he overheard. Luckily the Dursleys liked to spend a weekend for Dudley’s birthday. It was on a Saturday this year, they decided to take him out three days so they went out Monday as well. Kreacher thought it was just an excuse for Vernon to miss work but he immediately apparated to Diagon when they left that Monday.

“You be asking for Bogrod Harry.”

“Okay” Harry said as he stumbled up the steps of the bank. Luckily no one was around to see it.


Harry trusted the strange man that slept with him at nights. He was his only friend. He knew the man was not a child, and he wondered of the world outside of Privet drive. So when Kreacher took him to what was dubbed “Gringotts” and told him to go in, he didn’t hesitate. Before they left Kreacher had told him that his kind was not allowed in Gringotts, and so Harry walked up the stairs alone.

He made it inside, but the area was completely open, unlike his home. The landscape was foreign and so he stood, rooted to the spot, and hoped someone would come and help him.

“May I help you young sir?” A scratchy voice said beside him.

“Bogrod?” He asked, his vocabulary hadn’t expanded much since he lived at the Dursleys.

“My name is Gomuk” the voice said. “I will get you Bogrod.” The presence left his side and Harry stood there waiting.

“You asked for me?”



“Kreacher took me, but he can’t come in.” Harry said.

“Then we shall go out.” Bogrod said. Harry didn’t move. “What are you waiting for?”

“Will you guide me? I can’t see” Harry asked and a hand with long fingers took his.

“Harry!” Kreacher greeted and took his hand in the more familiar knobby one. “Bogrod this is Harry Potter, Black heir.”

“Mr. Potter.” Bogrod said. “Kreacher told me last week that you needed an allowance, but we pay your guardians.”

“What’s an allowance?” Harry asked.

“Money, to buy food and such.” Kreacher said.

“Oh, you must not be giving them enough.” Harry said. “Kreacher feeds me sometimes, the Dursleys never have enough for me.”


Kreacher was waiting outside and getting rather nervous when Bogrod led Harry down the stairs.

He was pleased when Bogrod bowed to him, to show him respect but he knew the young master couldn’t see it. His young master was so innocent. He thought the Dursleys didn’t have enough food for him, while Kreacher knew for a fact they just didn’t think he should get any.

“Hmmm.” Bogrod said. “How do you like your home?” He asked Harry.

“It’s fine. Kreacher stays with me.” Harry said.

“Dursleys house is not being fine.” Kreacher announced saying fine with disdain. “They be keeping master in a cupboard, they not be feeding him, and they make him work like a house elf.”

“What’s a cupboard?” Harry asked.

“It’s where we sleep, Harry.” Kreacher said.

“Oh, well, I don’t really care where I sleep.”

“There be spiders in the cupboard.” Kreacher admonished.

“It’s okay. They just want somewhere warm. I can’t see them anyway.” Harry said.


Bogrod looked on in horrid fascination of the boy-who-lived arguing with a house elf over his sub-standard living space.

“Kreacher?” He butt in. The house elf looked up at him. “I wonder if one Andromeda Tonks would be of help.”

Kreacher’s face lit up. “Master Harry. I be getting a better adult to take care of you. Stay with Bogrod.” He said and gave the boys hand back to the Goblin.

“Bogrod?” Harry asked holding the man’s hand. “Why is Kreacher not allowed into Gringotts?”

“House elves aren’t allowed into Gringotts.”

“What’s a house elf?”

“Kreacher is a house elf.”

“So a small man with big ears?”

Bogrod was horrified. This young boy knew nothing of the world he’d saved. “Not quite.”

“Why are your fingers so long?” Harry asked.

“I’m a goblin.” Bogrod said. He could tell the young boy didn’t understand.

“Harry. I is to be taking you to the Tonkses” Kreacher came back.

“Thank you for your help Bogrod” Harry said and was gone in a moment.

Bogrod was still rather stunned, but he went into the bank and changed where the allowance was going, to the Tonks’ household, instead of the muggles.


Kreacher didn’t much care for the blood traitor Andromeda Tonks, but he knew she would treat Harry better than the muggles. She had a daughter too, hopefully she was better than “Dudders.”

“Hello?” The woman called out and Kreacher led Harry through the rather cluttered terrain of her house. “Harry” the woman had a small smile on her face and went to pick the boy up but Kreacher stepped in between them.

“Harry is being hurt. You is hurting him should you pick him up.” Kreacher said and Harry gripped his hand harder.

“Where are you hurt Harry?” Andromeda asked.

Harry shrugged.

“Well, let’s have you take off your clothes then, to see the damage.” Andromeda said.

“It’s okay master Harry. Tonkses not be hurting you.” Kreacher said.


Andromeda had been rather startled when the old Black house elf had popped into her kitchen. And of course when she heard “child” and “abuse” she told the house elf to bring him to her, because no child would be abused on her watch.

But she had not been expecting such a small boy, who was so dependent on Kreacher. And she was not prepared for the welts and bruises that littered his torso.

She thought over her options. Nyphmandora was in school, she had about three hours left. She went to a rather nice healer at Saint Mungo’s. Healer Rowan, the woman was quite popular and Andromeda wondered if she’d be able to fit them in.  She went to firecall them, but like she had thought Healer Rowan wasn’t available at all for the next month.

Now she could bring Harry to the emergency ward, but this was Harry Potter, it would litter the papers.

The only other healer she knew was madam Pomfrey, so she floo called the hospital ward at Hogwarts. Luckily it was late June so there were no students, but that may also mean the matron was on leave.

She was there and had the three step through.


Poppy Pomfrey hadn’t known that Andromeda Tonks had a little boy. And when it was explained to her that this little boy was actually none other than Harry Potter, she was rather shocked.

The boy looked like he had been beaten every day of his life. Though he was a little underweight, he looked to be almost healthy in that regard and when the boy told her that he had Kreacher to thank for that, she nearly fainted.

He was completely blind, and when Poppy cast a diagnostic she fell to her knees.

“What is it?” Andromeda asked from her place beside the boy. She was holding his right hand, while the elf, Kreacher, held his left.

“The cruciatus.” Poppy breathed. Andromeda looked scandalized.

“Right. I don’t know who put him in the muggles care after such a curse, but he’s staying with me and Ted. Alert whoever you need to, he’s not leaving my sight until they are put to trial.” Poppy nodded as she let the two go. The cruciatus…on a baby…to overlook that was truly unforgivable.


Nymphandora arrived home to find a house elf, which her mother hated with a vengeance and a young boy sitting in her living room.

“Hello!” She greeted. “I’m Nymphandora Tonks, everyone calls me Dora though.”

“Harry.” The boy said without looking at her.

“Are you alright?” she asked and sat down beside him, the side not taken by the house elf.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Master Harry is not being fine. Master Harry was told to explore, but the debris is too much and Mrs. Tonkses won’t be letting Kreacher clean it up.”

Dora looked around to see that the floor was littered with her toys: coloring books, dolls, doll outfits, and puzzles. They were strewn about the room. Her mom and dad didn’t really care seeing as she played with most of them on a daily basis but the young boy seemed to mind.

“Mum probably thinks that you can just avoid them Harry.” She said to the young boy.

“Master Harry is being blind.” The house elf said scandalized.

“Kreacher, it’s alright. I’ll just sit here.”

Dora frowned. This young boy was blind? Immediately she got off the couch and put her things in the drawers that were delegated for them. “Come on then Harry, I’ll lead you around.” She grabbed the boy’s small hand and began to lead him around the room. He counted steps, not in a normal way though.


Andromeda was rather stunned when she came back to the living room to find her daughter leading Harry around by the hand. “Dora, what’s going on?”

“Harry’s blind mum. We’re counting steps.”

Apparently Andromeda hadn’t been listening to Poppy, so intent on the damage that she could see, she hadn’t heard the young boy was blind, else she would have led him around herself.

“I’m so sorry Harry. I wasn’t listening.”

“It’s okay Mrs. Tonks. Dora’s helping me.”

“Please, call me Andromeda, or mum.”

“Mum, Andromeda is a big word for a three year old.” Nymphandora said.

“Right, how about Andy then?”

“Okay Andy, thank you” the young boy said.


Edward Tonks was a simple man. He worked at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magic Public Information Services.

He loved his wife, and his daughter, and got home at five-o-clock on the dot every night, where Dora would bowl him over with a hug.

But that night, when he got home, Dora wasn’t there. He wondered if she was growing out of it, and he truly hoped not. It was one of the best parts of his day.

“Hello dear.” Andromeda said as she kissed him on the cheek.

“Where’s Dora?” Ted asked.

“Oh. We have a guest. I do hope that’s alright.”

Ted walked into the living room to see that it was completely devoid of clutter. ‘What happened?’ he wondered and then he saw his daughter on the floor with a young boy.

“Hello.” He said in his soft voice.

“Dad!” Dora called out and ran up to him. “This is Harry. Mom says he’s gonna stay with us. Isn’t he cute?” She ran back to the boy and grabbed him by the hand bringing him over to her father.

“Hello Harry.” The boy had a small smile on his face. “I’m Ted.” He reached his hand out. Dora frowned.

“Harry’s blind, Dad.”

“What?” Ted asked.

“I’ll tell you about it tonight dear” Andromeda said. “Now, time for dinner.”

Ted saw a house elf in the kitchen, Dromeda hated house elves.

He watched the house elf help the boy cut the chicken that he had cooked.

Dora was talking about school and she asked if Harry was going.

“I can’t read” The boy said as he gestured to his eyes.

“I think I know someone who can help with that.” Ted found himself saying. And he did know someone. Arthur would likely be able to help him combine muggle and wizarding items in order for the boy to read. “I’ll take you with me to meet him tomorrow if you’d like”

The boy smiled in answer. Ted vowed that he would do anything to keep this boy as his son.


Harry went to bed that night and Kreacher wasn’t there. He waited and waited, and finally heard Dora go to bed.

“Dora.” He called out.

“Dora.” Slightly louder.

“Dora.” He was desperate now.

“What’s up Harry?” Dora asked as she came into his room.

“Kreachers not here, I always sleep with him. Can I stay with you?”

“Of course” The girl picked him up and brought him to her room. “Kreachers at the Ministry with mom. I’m sorry she didn’t tell you, she didn’t know. I’m sure he’ll be back later.”

Harry’s tears slowed as he nodded into her chest. Dora smelled of oranges and it was soothing.


Andromeda got back late from the ministry. They wanted to sweep it all under the rug. It also didn’t help when the Chief Warlock, Albus Dumbledore, said he was the one to place Harry at the Dursleys. She called for his immediate dismissal, but nothing came of it. She was so tired when she got home that she just curled into Ted’s warm body and fell asleep.

The next morning she went to check on Harry, but he wasn’t in his bed. She started to fret and began running around the house frantically. She finally checked Nymphandora’s room to find her daughter and Harry sharing a pillow, with Kreacher sleeping at the foot of the bed. It was a sight.

She started to make breakfast and was a little startled when Harry called out “Good morning Andy.”

“Morning Harry. How did you know it was me, love?”

“Kreacher told me, but you also smell like apples. Dora smells like oranges and Ted smells like wood.”

Andromeda smiled.

“Are you excited to go to the Ministry today?” She asked.

Harry shrugged. “Is Kreacher coming with me?”

“Kreacher has to come to Hogwarts with me.” Andromeda said.

“Oh.” The boy’s face fell. “But I get to stay with Ted?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes love.” The boy smiled slightly.


Harry liked Ted. He was very tall, but he carried him around with ease, Dora was the same. They didn’t hurt his bruised body when they picked him up. Madam Pomfrey had taken care of some of his cuts, but the bruises required bruise paste for a week to heal. His woody scent reminded him of Kreacher. They made their way to the place Ted worked, Harry couldn’t really tell anything but he knew they were moving around on something it made him dizzy. There were also a ton of people and smells. It was scary.

“We’re in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts department.” Ted told him softly, “We’re going to go see Arthur Weasley.”

They walked a little ways, everyone seemed to know Ted and said hello.

“Ted! What are you doing down in our department” A loud voice that reminded him slightly of Vernon rang out. Harry flinched.

“Hi Arthur. You see Harry here is blind, Dromeda and I just took him in. I was hoping you might be able to help him with his reading. Maybe modify something muggle?” Ted asked.

“Hello Harry!” The man boomed and Harry flinched again, hugging tighter to Ted.

“Arthur, you’re yelling.” Ted said.

“Oh sorry.” The man was quieter this time. “The twins will probably be able to figure this out better than me. Brilliant those two.” Arthur said.

“Maybe you can ask them tonight?” Ted asked.

“Of course. I’ll fill you in tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” Ted said. He wondered if he should bring Harry back home, but Dora was at school and Dromeda was at Hogwarts so he brought the boy with him to his department.

Literally everyone stopped him, wanting to meet his son, Ted knew that they should adopt the boy and officially make him a Tonks. He was respectful and quiet, and while Ted worked he sat there.

Ted had books and puzzles for when Dora came in when she was younger, but he also knew that some of his coworkers had toys for their children. So he asked Dirk what toys he had. Turned out the man had a Tupperware balls toy and Harry was overjoyed with it.

The way the boy used his hands was remarkable. And Ted made sure to get the forms to legally adopt him on his way out.


Andromeda was a little startled when she got to Hogwarts to find Professor McGonagall waiting for her. She was expecting the Headmaster.

“Hello Mrs. Tonks” McGonagall greeted. “I see you haven’t read the prophet.”

Andromeda shook her head no. McGonagall handed her the Paper. “Chief Warlock and Headmaster of Hogwarts dies in tragic accident”

“What happened?” Andromeda asked the new Headmistress.

“Albus was quite upset about the boy. He threw himself off of the astronomy tower, the paper made it out to be an accident, but it was suicide.”

“I can’t say I’m sorry.” Andromeda said.

“So, what can I do for you?”

“Well I guess nothing now, I was going to yell at Dumbledore, and make him watch Kreacher’s memories.”

“I’d like to see them if you don’t mind, so that I can be prepared when he gets here.”

Andromeda nodded and Kreacher showed both women his memories, they both swore to protect the boy.

And when Ted got home with the official adoption papers Andromeda hesitated to ask two people.

“Harry, Kreacher?”

“Yes Andy?” Harry asked.

“Would you like to become a Tonks?”

“What does that mean?” Harry asked.

“It means we’d be your guardians, no one could take you from us. And Dora would be your sister.” Ted said.

A smile broke out on the boy’s face “I would love to be a Tonks then.”

The four Tonks’ hugged and all went to beds with smiles on their faces.


Harry loved his new family. Dora let him sleep with her, and Ted had gotten her a larger bed since Kreacher stayed with the two as well. Ted’s voice was soothing and he got Harry things that worked with his blindness. His colleague, Arthur, had his sons create a device.

They dubbed the device the babblesworth. Harry had met the two and they were rather funny. The way it worked was you took a small piece of…well harry didn’t know what it was but you stuck it on a book and it read it to you through something you stick in your ears. They were working on ways to pause, direct, and search through the device for right now it just read a book all the way through and if you took it off, it started over again.

Harry was really anxious on his birthday that year. He liked Andy, but she was a little overbearing sometimes. Dora was at school and Ted was at work. He just could not stop crying and he wanted Dora, even Kreacher couldn’t stop him.

Dora was the best big sister he could’ve asked for. She let him sleep in her room and read her books and she would make cool animal noises. She was a metamorphagus see, and she could do all sorts of cool things, but Harry couldn’t see them.

Dora went to a special school, because she had trouble controlling her magical abilities and when Harry couldn’t stop crying, Andy took him there.

She walked him through the school and took him to the principle. Mr. Enzo. Mr. Enzo was nice enough, and he took Harry to Dora’s class. Andy decided to go see McGonagall and asked if Harry could stay the rest of his day. The principle said yes and led him to the classroom.

“Ms. Ella” Mr. Enzo greeted as he opened a door. “I was wondering if Mr. Tonks could sit in on your class today?”

“Dora, I didn’t know you had a little brother.” A female voice said. “Of course, come sit next to Dora dear.”

“I’ll be right over Harry,” Dora said.

“No need Miss Tonks I’m walking him over.” Mr. Enzo said.

Harry felt Dora take his hand and he hugged her tight. “What’s wrong little brother?”

“I dunno. I just missed you.”

“Okay. Come sit.” She place him on a chair. “We’re learning maths, so be quiet. Did you bring anything to do?”

Harry shook his head no.

“I’ll get you a book.”

“What’s math Dora?”

“Hmm. Ms. Ellie can Harry have an extra math sheet?” Dora asked. “Here, did you bring babblesworth?” Harry nodded. “See if you can make sense of this then. Don’t worry if you can’t though, its years above your age range.”

Harry smiled. “Thanks Dora.”

Harry could hear the scratches of pens on paper as he stuck babblesworth onto the paper. “One times one equals” a pause “two times one equals” then he heard someone breathing in front of him.

“Hi Mr. Tonks. I’m Miss Ellie.”

“He’s blind Miss Ellie, he can’t see your hand” Dora said quietly.

“Oh.” Ms. Ellie exclaimed. “Why did you ask for a sheet then?”

“Babblesworth will read it to him.” Dora said.

Harry took the device off of the paper and held it in his hands.

“What a funny contraption.” She said. “And how do you write?”

“We haven’t figured that part out yet.” Dora said.

“Maybe a quick quill?” Ms. Ellie supplied.

“We’ll get one when we go to Diagon for my books for Hogwarts, Harry. Do the numbers make sense to you?” Dora said.

“Kreacher taught me how to count, but I don’t know what times mean, isn’t time a measure of the daylight?” Harry asked.

“You’ll get it when you’re older Harry. I’m glad you know numbers though.” Dora said.


They had a very small party that night and Harry asked Dora about Hogwarts. She told him about Hufflepuff and Slytherin, her parents’ houses, and told him that she would probably be in Hufflepuff. Harry was quite excited for Dora to go to Hogwarts, though he was worried about her being away for most of the year. And she would graduate before he went, which wasn’t fair. Assuming he was going at all. He couldn’t very well write, so he didn’t know if he could go to Hogwarts.

Dora was done with school that Friday, but Andy took him to Hogwarts because she thought it would be best to get him to know the halls well before he went. And McGonagall wanted to meet him.

“Harry Potter.” The woman said.



“Harry Tonks” He said.

“Oh, my apologies Mr. Tonks. It’s good to meet you.”

“You as well Headmistress.”

The two women started to chat, and Harry grew rather bored. But he heard a rather familiar “pop” when the tea showed up.

“Hullo?” He whispered.

“Is Master Tonks be needing something?” a high pitched voice asked.

“Are you a house elf?” Harry asked.

“Yes Tinky is being a house elf of Hogwarts.”

“Oh. Hello. My name is Harry. Could you show me around the castle?”

“Tinky is not be knowing if that is being a good idea.”

“That’s why Andy took me here.”

“Well…if Mistress Tonks is okay with it we will go to the great hall.”

Harry felt a pull around his stomach and he knew they were in a much larger room than the one he was in previously.

“The Great Hall Master Harry. Where the students take meals.”


“Is Master Harry be knowing what house he is being in?”

“No, but Dora is gonna be a Hufflepuff.”

“Oh. Tinky be taking Master Harry to meet Professor Sprout then.”

With another pull Harry smelt dirt and was immediately more comfortable.

“Hello?” He heard a woman’s voice say.

“Professor Sprout” Tinky greeted “Me is be taking Master Tonks around the castle. He is be saying that Dora is in this house.”

“Dora? I don’t have a Dora.”

“Dora is coming in September.” Harry clarified.

“And she’ll be one of my badgers.” Sprout asked.

“Yeah, she thinks so.”

“And you are?” The woman asked.

“Oh, I’m Harry.” He replied.

“It’s rather rude not to take ones hand when you meet them” Sprout said.

“Oh sorry Professor Sprout, I’m blind. I couldn’t see.”

“Oh.” Sprout said. “Well then, we’ll have to make Hogwarts like you. It’ll give you trouble if you can’t see the staircases moving.” The staircases moved? He would never be able to attend. “But it seems you already have the house elves on your side, so we may be able to use that to your advantage.”

“Is Tinky still being needed?”

“I’ll take care of him Tinky.” Sprout said.

“Master Harry?” Tinky asked.

“Professor Sprout will watch over me. Thank you Tinky” Harry said.

“Now, how do you feel about plants Harry?”

“I dunno.” Harry answered, cause he honestly didn’t know much about plants.

“I don’t know how we’re going to overcome your eyesight in here. But maybe the plants will let us know.” The woman grabbed his hand and led him over to something, then stuck his hand out. “This is asphodel, a common potions ingredient.”

Harry could feel a small flower, it was on a thin vine with other buds. The petals were delicate and it smelled slightly sweet, clean, and cold. And then with utter clarity he could see the magic in the plant. He pulled back, startled and everything was black again. He reached out hesitantly. The plant looked friendly. He looked to Sprout. “Professor, I can feel the magic in this plant.”


“Yes, but that doesn’t happen with anything else.”

“Have you tried the castle?”


“Here” Sprout said and let him to the wall. He reached out, it wasn’t as clear. A large mass of magic, completely friendly other than one part of the castle which felt eerie to the boy.

“It’s not as clear…but it’s there.”

“Hmm. But not with people?”

“No. Not with people, or house elves, or goblins.” Harry said.

“Harry!” Andy’s voice called out. “You shouldn’t be running off in the castle. You could’ve gotten hurt.”

“I’m sorry Andy, Tinky took me here.”

Andy grabbed his hand and he heard a smile in her voice when she next spoke “You would already be friends with the house elves.”

Harry smiled back.


Dora was going to Diagon Alley with her parents to get her school supplies. She kept a tight grip on Harry’s hand, she didn’t want him to get lost as they made their way through the stores.

Kreacher kept his grip on Harry’s other hand and Dora was sure people were looking at them oddly as they made their way through the alley.

“Gringotts first” Her father announced.

“Oh! We can see Bogrod! But Kreacher can’t go in” Harry said.

“Why can’t Kreacher go in?” Dora asked.

“He’s a house elf” Harry said, and Dora didn’t understand.

She carefully led her brother up the stairs, and they were about to walk further into the bank when a Goblin came up to them “Master Potter!” it said.

“Bogrod?” Harry asked.


“It’s Tonks now. Thank you for your help last month. This is Dora.” Harry said as he held up their hands.

“Hello Miss Dora. It’s nice to meet you. Come this way Tonks, I’ll help you.”

Dora was quite surprised, she had been to Gringotts before and the Goblins usually took forever.

Her parents went down with another Goblin while Dora and Harry sat with Bogrod.

“Here Harry, I got this from your vaults. I hope you don’t mind.” Bogrod said as he held out a ring.

“What is it?” Harry asked as he took it.

“It’s the Potter crest ring Harry. It shows you’re the heir. But…that’s the black crest as well.” Dora said.

“Yes. Mr. Tonks is heir to both Black and Potter.” Bogrod said.

“Thank you Bogrod” Harry said but he still held the rings in his hands

“Here” Dora said as she took them. She put one on each middle finger, and they resized to a better ratio with the small hands they were on.

“Oh!” Harry exclaimed. “Cool!”

Their next stop was Flourish and Blotts and Kreacher ran off in some direction, taking Harry and Dora with him.

“Miss! Miss!” Kreacher called to a woman, she turned around. “Kreacher must be thanking you for your help.”

“Oh it was no bother” The woman said.

“Hello. I’m Dora” She said as she reached her hand out. “You helped Kreacher bring me my brother. Thank you.” Dora assumed this was the woman who helped Kreacher.

“Oh. It was no trouble. I’m Molly. Molly Weasley. And these are my sons, Bill and Charlie. Charlie’s going into his first year.”

“Dora is too!” Harry said excitedly “What house do you think you’ll be in Charlie?”

“Gryffindor.” The boy said shyly.

“Mrs. Weasley?” Harry asked. “Are you related to Arthur, Fred and George?”

“Why yes.”

“Fred and George made my blabbersworth, Arthur helped too.” Harry smiled up at the woman.

Dora looked back to Charlie, who seemed to be looking at Harry appraisingly. “We’re doubly grateful to your family then Mrs. Weasley. First you bring me my brother, and then you open his world to books.” She was smiling up at the woman.

Dora’s parents seemed to be behind them now.

“Quite right Dora. I’d like to pay for your sons books if that’s alright? It’s nowhere near thanks enough, but it’s a start” Dad said.

“Oh I really-” Mrs. Weasley began

“We insist” Mom said.

The parents bustled around the store getting the school books while Dora led the two boys outside.

“What house are you in Bill?” Dora asked.


“Hopefully we can be friends. Unfortunately Harry and I won’t be in school together.”

“Of course, any chance you’re good at potions? I’m pants at it” Charlie said.

Dora smiled.


Andy was beside herself. Harry was generally a very good and quiet kid. He’d had one breakdown earlier in the summer and she’d had to take him to Dora’s elementary school, but other than that he was the perfect child. Now he was crying again and just wanted his sister.

She floo called McGonagall who allowed him through and McGonagall said it was no problem for her to take him to the potions classroom and send him back for dinner.


Professor McGonagall was leading him somewhere and suddenly he recognized the smell of cauldrons.

“Dora?” He called out into the potions classroom.

“Harry, what are you doing here?” Dora was hugging him

“I missed you.” His tears slow.

“Can he stay Professor Snape?” Dora asked.

“I really don’t think that would be wise.” Snape said.

“He’ll just sit here, I promise.” Dora said.

“Please Professor Snape” Harry asked.

“I personally guarantee he will behave.” Headmistress McGonagall said.

“Fine. But sit on a stool and stay there.” Snape said. Harry smiled.


Dora could tell her desk mate was begging to ask about her brother. No one called her Dora, not even her closest friends, everyone called her Tonks. She knew it wouldn’t be an issue seeing as Harry and she wouldn’t be in school together. It was only the second month of classes, and she wondered what set Harry off. He was quite close with her, but he loved mom and dad as well. But sometimes she knew he just needed her. She wondered how frequent his trips to the castle would be. Currently hey were in the middle of brewing a forgetfulness potion.

“Dora!” Harry called out in alarm. The whole classroom stilled.

“What is it Harry?” Dora asked

“Someone is about to put dung beetles into their potion. It’ll cause an explosion.”

Dora looks around the room, “Charlie! Put those down.”

“Charlie’s in this class?”

“Yeah over here Harry!” Charlie said.

“Hi Charlie, why are you in potions, you’re pants at it?” Harry said with a cute grimace.

The whole room laughed. “It’s a required course.” The boy said with a large blush.

“Oh.” Harry says.

“Alright everyone back to work!” Dora called out.

Dora was well liked among her classmates, and when she took that tone they all listened to her.

When Snape told them it was time to leave he asked for Harry and Dora to stay behind.

“Mr. Tonks. How did you know that was about to happen?” Snape asked.

“Oh, well Fred and George like to brew and they let me smell and feel all the new ingredients. I’ve already read the potions text, Dora let me borrow it and so I know the directions. I have a heightened sense of smell due to my blindness you see.”

“Hmmm.” Snape said. “I owe you a cauldron then. Dismissed.” Snape said.

Dora walked them out into the hallway and Harry pulled her to the side, he was running his hand along the wall. “We’re going to the great hall okay?”

Harry nodded. When Dora tried to lead them there though, Harry pulled her in another direction, she went with it. They arrived in the great hall for lunch before her entire potions class, and Dora was confused.

“How did you know the way Harry?”

“The castle told me.”

Harry had told Dora the he could feel the magic of the castle, but she didn’t know it had a focus. “Wasn’t it a blur a few months ago?”

“Yeah but I didn’t ask it to lead me somewhere back then.” Dora filed that away and sat down to wait for her friends.

“Tonks” A second year Charles Gregor greeted. “Who’s this?”

“My brother, Harry.”

“Hello” Harry said.

“Harry!” Charlie Weasley came up to the boy and hugged him from behind. “You all don’t mind if I join you for lunch do you?” Tonks shook her head no. Charlie was a good friend. “You saved my butt in Potions Harry, I owe you one.”

Harry smiled. “Is Bill here too?”

“Yeah. You want me to get him? I don’t think he noticed you were here. McGonagall will probably make an announcement though.”

“Attention” they heard McGonagall from the front. “We have a young visitor today. Mr. Harry Tonks. He is going around with his sister for the day. Please mind your feet, he’s only four.”

“Told you.” Charlie said.

“Harry!” Bill greeted. “Good to see you mate. What class were you in?”

“Potions. Saved me from Snape’s wrath.” Charlie said.


Harry found that the great hall, which once seemed large, seemed rather small and loud with all the people in it. He leaned his head against Dora’s shoulder.

“You okay Harry?”

“Busy.” He said. He knew Dora would understand.

“Don’t worry. We have Transfiguration soon, that’s McGonagall’s class, it’ll be quiet there.”

Harry nodded. Dora conversed with her friends and he wasn’t sure that he’d be able to make it here, not in his current state.

Dora led him over to a wall after lunch and said “Lead the way” he happily asked the castle the way to the classroom and Dora kept hold of his hand.

“Tonks.” McGonagall said. “You’re never early for class.”

“Harry knows a secret way that’s faster.” Dora said and smiled at her little brother. “Plus the hall was getting a little loud, and smelly for him.”

McGonagall nodded. “Well, we’re transfiguring cups today. Maybe you’ll be able to feel their magic Harry.”

Harry smiled “I hope so!”


Andromeda waited at the floo to catch Harry just before dinner. He came stumbling out. She could only imagine how disorienting it was without one of your senses. But when she looked at his face, she knew she made the right decision, he was wearing a huge smile.

“Hello love”

“Hi Andy.” He said and hugged her legs.

“How was Hogwarts?” Andromeda asked.

“So good! The castles magic leads me around, but it’s really loud and smelly.” Harry answered with a scrunched nose.

“Are you excited to go there in a few years?” Andromeda asked.

“I dunno. I like the professors but there’s lots of kids there, it’s a little…” Harry trailed off like he didn’t know the words.

“Disorienting?” Andromeda supplied.

“Yeah that.” Harry said and Kreacher came over with a cup of hot chocolate.


Ted realized pretty quickly that his son was brighter than average. They’d tried to put him in Dora’s school for preschool but he hadn’t liked the other children there.

Then they’d tried a school for the blind and while Harry was now good at reading books in brail, he thought that it wouldn’t work if he wanted to learn at Hogwarts. Ted agreed with him. So that led to Harry being homeschooled by Dromeda, who had gotten enough books to last her through the year, and scarcely three months in their son was finished with them.

Ted decided that he should learn about the muggle side of things after that, and so he took to tutoring the boy on the weekends. Dromeda unfortunately couldn’t take that over so he just told her to start on the next year’s curriculum.

Ted was also quite grateful to Miss Ellie for recommending a quick quill. There was no way that Harry was going to be able to write, but he wondered how the boy would take the OWLS and NEWTS since they weren’t allowed, he’d have to look into it.