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You're Beautiful

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"You look like you've had a long day," says Kuroo with a cheeky smile as he slides a drink across the counter. "This one's on the house."

With a weary smile, Tsukishima Kei gratefully accepts the drink he always gets without a care. Knocking the drink back, he relaxes as the bitter, hot liquid slides down his throat. Setting the glass on the counter with one hand, he uses the other hand to swipe his wallet out of his pocket. Immediately afterward he orders another round of the same drink at the same bar that he goes to after a tough day at work. Luckily, his best friend Kuroo holds no judgments towards his drinking antics. An action like that may seem unalpha to some but Tsukishima couldn't care less as he again downs the glass in one go.

After setting the cash on the counter, Tsukishima bluntly thanks Kuroo while ignoring the flirtatious look a woman to his left sends his way as he prepares to leave. If only the poor girl knew that he wasn't straight and he was in fact gay. Like, really gay. He almost felt bad for her, but that would be a big step forward for Tsukishima.

"Tsukki you're looking flushed, do you have a fever?" Kuroo asks with feigned concern, fully knowing that Tsukishima had a bit too much to drink. Tsukishima rolls his eyes as he ignores Kuroo's comment, too out of it to have a snarky remark, and replies "I'm heading out, I'll see you tomorrow." Kuroo just laughs silently to himself as he says "Alright, but really be careful on your way home. You're not as sober as you think you are." Smirking, Tsukishima says "Yes Mom."

Checking his phone, he sees an email from his boss. Even when he's not in the office, his boss finds ways to piss him off. With a tsk, he ignores the man's long, passive-aggressive email by shoving his phone into his pocket, slinging his work bag over his shoulder, and stalking out of the bar.

The brisk, cool air hits him hard as he attempts to not sway from the one too many drinks he may have had. Zipping up his grey jacket, Tsukishima begins walking towards the station in an attempt to catch the last train home. It's a clear December night as Tsukishima gazes up at the moonlit sky, his hot breath forming clouds around him. Lightly jogging down the stairs and through the station, Tsukishima sees the subway doors about to close. Breaking into a sprint, Tsukishima narrowly slides his way through the closing doors as he just barely makes it onto the train.

With the train being so crowded at this time of night, Tsukishima looks for an open space towards the center of the train to stand. Already dreading the long trip home, Tsukishima wished his stop wasn't the last station.

Tsukishima had never been more grateful to be tall and alpha like. It made shoving through people easier.

In the process of weaving through relatively squished bodies, Tsukishima didn't realize he had stumbled into someone until he heard a high pitched squeal. Acting out of reflex, Tsukishima swiftly grips the arm of a young man who was about to take a tumble to the ground. However, due to his non-sober state, Tsukishima began to lose his balance again. In an attempt to keep himself and the man below him from falling to the ground, Tsukishima throws his other arm around his waist, dipping lower as they finally stabilize.

The first thing Tsukishima notices about the man is his hair. I mean - that hair. It was a bright orange that seemed to glow and looked wickedly soft, windswept like he'd spent the entire day running.

Next were his bright, amber eyes, wide with surprise in a round, small sweet face. And OH GOD his face. Innocence plastered all over his slightly agape mouth, chest rising and falling as he attempted to catch his breath from his almost-crash to the hard floor of the subway. Hah, like Tsukishima would've let that happen to this small male.

All together. He was adorable. And cute. And oh so omega. Everything about him screamed omega from his petite yet muscular frame to his scent . . . his scent.

Leaning in slightly, Tsukishima began breathing in lightly around the omega's neck to take in his scent. Pausing for a moment, Tsukishima's eyes widened as the scent flowing from this ginger enraptured him. This sweet scent was like summer warmth and a breath of fresh air in a field of flowers. It was intoxicating and addictive. Tsukishima didn't know someone could smell so damn good.

The omega's scent must have stirred something inside him because Tsukishima unintentionally released a few alpha pheromones. In response, the omega below him shyly turned his neck to slightly expose his scent glands: a small sign of submission.

What. The actual. Fuck.

Here was this pure angel, and he was staring wide-eyed at Tsukishima with his face fully flushed a bright red. Shit. He shouldn't have released his pheromones like that and he felt like an ass for potentially scaring the shrimp. Probably because he was an ass. Surprisingly enough though, the omega didn't even seem fazed as he stared directly into his eyes.

Realizing he was still holding this angel in his arms, Tsukishima thought that maybe it was time for them to leave the compromising position they were in. Before he did though, Tsukishima slowly licked his lips and whispered lowly "Sorry about that, it was rude of me to not look where I was going. And sorry about the other thing as well. You okay?".

The other male simply stared back at him until he finally registered that Tsukishima had said something to him. The omega opened his mouth to respond but nothing came out, only an almost choking sound was heard. Embarrassed, the male cleared his throat into his fist and slightly hiding his blushing face to avoid eye contact said "Oh no don't worry about it, and yeah I'm alright. Thank you for catching me."

Tsukishima's smirk got a little wider as he realized the effect he was having on the omega still below him. With the arm that was wrapped around the smaller man's waist, Tsukishima pulled the omega closer to his firm chest as he began to pull them up from the dipped position they had been in for. . . How long had they been like that? Tsukishima didn't know. All Tsukishima did know was that he also previously didn't register that there was a growling alpha to the right of them. And the moment is now gone. You could say Tsukishima wasn't pleased, but that would be an understatement. Tsukishima's next thought was:

Well, it was fun god.

But for the second time that night, Tsukishima was beyond glad for his superior height and alpha build as he turned to stare down right back at the other alpha. Being larger than the other alpha gave him more satisfaction than he'd like to admit. Without another moment's hesitation, the other alpha pulled the omega's hand towards him and away from Tsukishima.

The alpha with deep blue eyes and midnight black hair didn't further acknowledge Tsukishima's presence as he tore away the eyes glaring daggers at him to look at the omega, concern tainting his gaze. The other alpha began to scold the omega saying "You sure you're okay Hinata? That could've been really bad you dumbass. Do I seriously need to watch over you everywhere we go?" Glaring, the omega puffed out his cheeks in defiance with a retort of his own, "I can take care of myself, the only thing you need to worry about is not falling asleep on me before we reach our station Tiredyama."

Hinata. So that was the omega's name. Tsukishima thought how it suited him perfectly seeing that the meaning of it was the sun, and boy did sun do justice to describe him. They all seemed around the same age, just postgraduates from University he assumed.

Interrupting the bickering going on between the two with the clearing of his throat, Tsukishima locked eyes with Hinata. Hinata stared back at him until his lips turned upwards into a wide grin as he said "Hey, thanks again and remember don't worry about it. I'm just happy you caught me." Tsukishima was taken aback as his smirk softened into a small smile. Leaning down to be more eye level with the omega Tsukishima says, "Really? In that case, anytime." and finished that statement off with a sly wink. Straightening up and smirking at the gorgeous blush he got as a reward for his flirting, Tsukishima lightly waves a goodbye as he continues to the middle of the train.

Leaning against the side of the train, Tsukishima casually fixes his gaze at the two young men he just encountered. Tsukishima watches as Hinata is pulled closer to the other alpha that is repeatedly throwing glares in his direction every so often. However, by doing so, Tsukishima gets the perfect view of the backside of a certain omega. The black slacks Hinata is wearing fit him snug, accentuating his broad thighs, toned calves, and firm ass. Or maybe that's just Tsukishima's own depraved thoughts begging for a peek under those layers.

His phone vibrates in his pocket, tearing him from his longing thoughts. There's a message from his best friend. Apparently, Kuroo was going to call the authorities if Tsukishima didn't return his text by tomorrow. His best friend has always been a bit of a drama queen. Pocketing his phone, he goes back to his new favorite past time.

A part of Tsukishima feels guilty for openly staring at the omega like this. If anyone looked at him as if he were a piece of meat, he'd be ready to strangle them. In his defense, Hinata seems just as interested in him. The alpha isn't oblivious to the shy blushing glances Hinata sends his way every so often. It's been a while since Tsukishima has been interested in someone. Aside from his demanding job, his own, personal preferences are the reasons why he's single and unmated. The thing is, Tsukishima is highly picky about who he'll settle down with. And luckily enough for him, despite the grumpy alpha with a protective and possessive arm around the omega, they are both unmated. Whether they are together and just haven't taken that step or if it is a one-sided interest or if both haven't admitted their feelings, Tsukishima is glad to know he isn't out of the running for the captivating sun currently standing across the subway from him.

Watching the small omega in the subway, Tsukishima thinks, is enough to make him forget about his shitty day at work. Now, it has to be known that Tsukishima isn't normally the equivalent to an alpha who's on the cusp of a rut. He's reserved, for the most part. Most people mistake his blunt indifference for uninterest; though most of the time, Tsukishima is uninterested. And, that isn't just in regards to romance, but when he finds something or someone that he likes - well, let's just say that it's hard for him to let go. For instance, this Hinata that caught his eye. Oh, and dinosaurs.

All of Tsukishima's shameless ogling can be attributed to his dulled inhibitions and his nonexistent sex life. The last time he had sex... Well, he doesn't remember the last time he's had sex. Damn. His social life has taken a major hit. Not that he's ever really had one anyway. If someone can't deal with who he is, they don't matter to him. But if he falls in love, he falls hard.

Hinata can probably see from his face that he is pretty drunk off his ass. The tragic part of all this is that Tsukishima doesn't think that he'll ever see him again let alone be in such close proximity again. Sensing Tsukishima's realization, the other alpha looks less tense as he has a triumphant look on his face.

Tsukishima almost panicked until he remembered who he was. Staring squarely back at the other alpha, he calmly smiles. Because Tsukishima will not lose now, and they can sleep on that. Because he has a plan.

Slinging his work bag to the front, Tsukishima takes out a notebook and a pen. The other alpha's eyes narrow, scrutinizing Tsukishima's actions as the omega looks to meet Tsukishima's eyes. Hinata's eyes widen and soften as Tsukishima grins back at him while finishing the task he set out to do. Before Tsukishima could finish properly, the train slows to a stop at the second to last station. When Tsukishima looks back to the spot Hinata was standing, he now realizes they are walking to exit the train.

Moving quickly, Tsukishima rips out the paper he was writing on and jogs to the window on the side of the train where they exited. His work bag still open as a couple of his business cards fly out yet Tsukishima takes no notice as he locks eyes with Hinata who is standing on the platform, looking back at him. I mean really looking at him. As if he wishes so much more could be said and done between them. Tsukishima understands and smiles one of his rare sincere smiles as he holds up the paper to the window.

All Tsukishima could see was Hinata's sweet face covered with a brilliant blush as his eyes began to water tenderly.

On the paper wrote: "You're Beautiful".

Tsukishima mouths "It's true" as he waves goodbye to this man who brightened more than just his day. He was the sun after all.

Waving back enthusiastically, Hinata closed his eyes and smiled so wide and bright that Tsukishima knew that this beautiful smile will forever be in his mind in memory. The last thing he sees Hinata do is mouth back "Thank you".

That small thanks touched him as he knew this meant something for the both of them, whatever it was. Because Tsukishima and Hinata shared a moment that will last till the end, no matter what was in store for them.

After all, people fall in love in mysterious ways.
Staring after the train that just disappeared, Hinata looks down at his feet.

Right there is a business card that reads: Tsukishima Kei.

Hastily picking up the card and putting it in his pocket, Hinata smiles as he is ready for what lay ahead of him.

Jogging to catch up with Kageyama, Hinata blushes for the final time.