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Sam and Dean were doing research as usual while the girls were out getting food and stuff for the trip and taking a break from research earlier. It was getting late so Sam decided to call Emily but she didn’t pick up, Dean skimmed through reports about their case, The girls came out a bit later, hauling around three bags of food.
Sam rolled down the window and chuckled, “You guys know we’re only gonna be gone for three days, maybe four”. The girls piled into the back of the car, “Yeah, we get that, but we want /actual/ food.” Sam sighs, “But Mcdonalds isn’t /real/ food..”, Emily groaned, eating a few of the french fries, “Yes It is!” she yells, whining. Dean rolled his eyes playfully and started the car, after the girls got settled they pulled out of the parking lot and left, beginning their long car drive.

The girls in the back were just laying back and trying to get some research in, Emily looking at the print out of the information and the twins just read some books and folklore. They were going to hunt Vampires, they were always the hardest, but when you have five hunters and Lucifer’s child you can do a lot. Jack, Lucifer’s Son, was still training but learning fast. Adriana and Jack are dating, Emily and Sam are dating, and Carmela and Dean are dating. They are all one big family and all liked their job, it could be a pain in the ass, but they managed.
Emily ended up falling asleep at some point during the drive, Sams coat over her as a blanket. The sun was just beginning to go down. They had soon stopped at a motel and got out, Carmela woke up Emily, She groaned and got out of the car. Emily slipped Sam's coat on and grabbed her bag- beginning to walk to the door of the motel. The girls got a room and the guys got a room, Adriana usually slept during the day and would stay up all night doing research. There were only two beds and it helped them if they all went to sleep one would be on the couch and complain all night anyway.
The girls got in their room and not to much later the guys got in theirs, unpacking some clothes for the days and getting research out. After getting packed up the guys knocked on the door. “Carmela, can you get that”, Adriana says as she gets out her laptop from her bag along with a stack of papers. The only thing they couldn’t find was their location in Arkansas it seemed as if they were moving around the state.

Carmela got up to get the door, it was the guys, they had updates on the case and they had to leave as soon as it was possible. Emily quickly showered, dried her hair and got dressed, she grabbed her gun and loaded it, extra ammo in her pocket. She waited for the other girls to get ready to leave.
The six eventually were already and left, piling into the car. Dean turned on the music and turned it up, Emily groaned- “Dude it’s like 10 pm, turn off the music- or at least turn it down..” she sighs. Dean rolls his eyes, knowing the twins would probably go off on him as well for turning up so loud, they were always like that when it got late. Sam leaned over and turned it down.

They soon arrived at the hunt sight, they got out- Dean and Sam went to the trunk and got the things they needed for the hunt. Carmela and Adriana got their guns and Emily put her extra ammo in a bag, then put the bag on her back.
“I think it would be better if we stayed in groups,” Jack said, following behind the girls as the walked towards the large abandoned building. Emily hums, nodding- “Sam, Me and Adriana can go together and Jack, Carmela, and Dean can all go together.” she said, spinning her gun around in her hand.
Dean nods, clicking his tongue, “Divide and conquer, you guys take one side, we take the other- then push them into the middle till they have nowhere to go.”

Carmela and Emily nodded, the walked towards the south entrance followed by Sam- trying to stay as quiet as possible, while Dean, Adriana, and Jack went into the front entrance. Emily looked back at Carmela and Sam as they were walking. “You know who we haven’t seen in awhile,” She said, Carmela goes “Hm?” Quietly. “We haven’t seen Castiel in awhile..” Emily said quietly.
“Yeah, It seemed like after we got Jack back he just kinda disappeared and we really didn’t see much of him- We see him once or twice but not much more than that.” Carmela spoke quietly, stepping over the large holes there was in the concrete parking lot.

They finally reached the large back door of the building, it wasn’t really a back door and it was more of a large square hole in the wall. There was still crates and boxes scattered around the building, it looked like whatever was there prior to it being abandoned kinda just up and left, like one of those movies you’d watch about a natural disaster and they just had to leave without packing anything up.
Emily looked around the building, not stepping inside yet. She looked around- She saw shadows and cocked her gun, Stepping inside- the sound of her foot hitting the floor and the cocking of her gun echoed around the large room.