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We walk a long road

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You sit there in the backseat of a taxi cab, watching as the car passes trees and farmland. It’s only been a month since your grandpa died from not so natural causes, no one really knew how old grandpa was and, even if people did know they were asked to keep it a secret. All you knew was that he was super old and ended up living till he was in his hundreds or something. You asked him how he was still alive (and look like he was still in his late 50’s) but he just replied with a simple “I’m not ready to die yet.”, but not too long ago he ended up just tripping over a rock or something and then ended up landing him in the hospital for 2 weeks. He told your mom that he decided he wanted to die now and then the next morning he was dead, honestly, that man was magic. You inherited his farm that he once lived in, in hopes for you to one day live there. Your grandpa was always so persistent with it and you never really understood why, all you know about this farm is that mostly the farm part was bought by a nice old lady that just recently passed away, so her kids (a guess) took it upon themselves and keep the farm going. All you own is the small house that came with the farm, which you're fine with because you are just living by yourself so you wouldn’t need much space anyway. You had just finished up your last year of college, you had been hoping to become a doctor not really knowing what you wanted to be in the future, but plans changed and now you’re taking a break from school and hoping to have time to yourself and think about what you want to be or do with your life, maybe you’ll just become a farmer instead.

The car stops and you know that you have reached your final destination. You take a deep breath, slowly you open the car door and take your things that you brought with you. You see the house you are about to live in for the next couple of years and, yes the house is small but it’s the kind of small that’s cute.. a little too cute for your grumpy old grandpa’s taste. Your bag begins to roll with you as you walk to the front door, you can hear the cab leaving as you look for your keys in your bag. You open the door to your new house, a bit scared to see what the house offers on the inside. You step in and see a long hallway, to your right you have some racks to place your shoes with and to your left is another shoe rack. With a gentle slide of taking your sneakers off you begin to explore the house, down the long hallway there are pictures and small paintings of what you assume are your family and some of his friends. There are some drawings that look like children have made them, some you recognize as yours the rest not so much probably some of the neighbor's kids. You notice that the lights have a nice warm effect on the white walls, which is always nice. To the left is a door, you open it and peek in. It looks to be the bathroom, it’s nice. The bathroom is more like a Japanese bathroom, with the shower top and the bath beside it. After having a peek at the bathroom you go down the rest of the hallway, at the end of the hallway is what seems like the living room. There are two small couches and a chair (It’s one of those big comfy chairs that you sink in, something like a grandma would have.) in front of the couch that’s in the middle is a small table with a small tv on it. Next to the small living room is a door, you decide to check what’s behind the door later (probably the backyard). You look to your right and see a small bed, it’s small and cute nothing too special. To your left was a long dining table and if you look in the corner you’ll find the kitchen, in the kitchen, there's a small table located in the corner.

You decide to go ahead and put all your belonging away that you had brought with you, you begin by placing all your clothes in the dressers and placing some shoes you have on the shoe racks. You find a picture of your grandpa and grandma together, it's an old photo but it's still in pretty decent shape, you place it on one of your dressers. You go to put your suitcase under your bed but something is preventing it to go down, you get on your knees and bend down to see what the problem is, an old dog bed blocks the way. It must be grandpa's old dog bed that surprisingly lived a very long life to like your grandpa, why is your family so scary? You take it out underneath the bed and place it next to it while you proceed to slide the suitcase under the bed with your foot, “maybe I should get a dog or a pet” you mumble to yourself. After you done that you go to the back door and take a peek to see what's behind it, surprisingly a very big backyard. In the middle is a huge chicken pen with what looks like a broken fence surrounding it. The grass is a bit overgrown but nothing too difficult to fix (maybe you could ask the neighbors for their lawnmower) You begin to yawn as your stomach starts to grumble, “jeez I should probably make something to eat” You go back inside and go to the kitchen. Before you had come to the farm your parents had visited first, taking what they wanted and filling the house up with food before you came. It was nice of them and they got pretty decent food that you seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

After preparing dinner and eating it you notice you have lots of leftovers, more leftovers you could possibly eat by yourself. You remembered you that there use to be an old lady that lived by your grandpa when you visited when you were much younger, she was sweet and nice and very accepting. You kinda wished that you had got to know her a bit more before leaving the farm for a couple of years, you look outside of your window above the sink to see if any light is showing that someone is home. In your luck there are lights that are on, you quickly put the containers into a small recyclable bag and rush to the front door to put on some slippers. As you walk out you could see the sun setting, the sky turning a purplish pinkish color mix if you had brought your camera with you, you would have taken some pictures. The walk to the house is pretty short, you had stopped a couple times by getting distracted by animals and pretty flowers that you wished you could take home with you. You finally reach the front door of the house, the wind blows through your hair and your stomach is doing that feeling as if beautiful butterflies lived inside you. Yes, you are nervous, you don’t have much experience with talking to people since you decided you’d be better off alone so you could study harder without distractions. You take a few deep breaths after you been standing in front of their door for a solid 4 minutes, 3 gentle knocks come from the door as your hand hits against it, you’re hoping they didn’t hear it and you could move on and go back to your house but, before you could leave you hear footsteps and your heart kinda sinks a little.

The door opens slowly and a young woman appears on the other side of the door, “Hello! How can I help you?” the woman asked. Her voice was soothing and gentle it was really nice to hear, “Oh uhm, I just moved into that house over there” you say quietly barely above a whisper. “And I made to much food so, I thought you’d like some..” you look down as you hand her the bag, you were never good at being very social but you still ended you getting the job done some way or another the lady looked at you and gave you a gentle smile “you must be (insert grandpas name) granddaughter! He told me you were very pretty and surprisingly he was right this time” she let out a small laugh “oh yes I decided to live here for a little while and hopefully decide what I want to do with myself” you give the older lady a awkward smile “How sweet” the lady responded “well me and my husband are going to be leaving the farm for a while and go on our second honeymoon” she said cheerfully as you watched her husband slide his arm around her waist and pull her closer “My son and his bandmates are going to be visiting but unfortunately we already have the house rented while we’re out and I’m sure the people renting don’t want to deal with my troublemaker of a son and his friends..” she said defeatedly “I told them they could stay with Grandpa (insert your grandpas name) house but I didn’t know you were moving in so soon I’m sorry and this a lot to ask but do you think they could stay with you?” the woman said desperately as she grabbed your hands god you wish you didn’t have a weakness helping out people because obviously you're going to say yes and help them out and let a bunch of boys stay in your (very small) farm house you let out a sigh while turning your frown into a smile “of course I will! Anything for one of my grandpa's friends” you say and you can already see how happy the woman is from the sparkles that twinkle in her eyes “Great! They’ll be here in about a week do you think that’s enough time for you to get unpacked and settled?” she asked “Yeah but I was hoping to set up the farm a little and clear things up a little... Maybe get a chicken coop set up?” you reply the woman's lights up immediately “Yes we can help you! We’ll go buy the supplies tomorrow and be around maybe noonish? How does that sound?” “perfect thank you and can’t wait” you smile and give the older woman a gentle slight bow “alrighty hun we’ll let you go now and enjoy the food you cooked thank you again for letting the boys stay” you give her a smile in return and say your goodbyes to both of them you turn around to leave as you hear the soft click of the door closing you hold your hands behind your back as you have a slight skip in your walk while you walk down the road back to your house a smile creeps onto your face because you never really thought you would make friends that quickly even if their quite older than yourself theres a part of you thats excited to have people staying over at your house even if their strangers you haven't had people other than family over since you been busy with studying and such you just never gotten the time to hang around with others but now that you have so much free time you don’t really know what to do you begin to notice that its quite dark outside and that the street lamps are now on for some reason it reminds you a little of home something about the yellow tint of the light mixed with the dark blue sky makes you smile even more you look at your watch and notice that your walk home has taken a bit to long so you decide to walk a bit faster the rest of the way to your home you let out a sigh as you finally reach home and unlock your door with your keys you hear the gentle click of the door as you finally unlock it opening as you open the door slowly you slip your shoes off and tiredly walk over to your bed and let your body fall onto it you groan as you realize you still have to shower and and clean up a bit more its 11:23 pm when you finish doing everything and god you sure are tired when you finally get into bed you begin to hear a soft pecking at first you think it’s nothing but it happens again then again and again you start to get irritated very quickly so you get up to see what was begging for you to stop sleeping and give it attention you walk over to the door and open it slowly you look out and see nothing your mad and confused because you really don’t want to deal with what feels like someone trying to prank you or creep you out and make you move away yeah tappings not gonna make you suddenly move away you feel a sharp pain at your legs and when you look down you find a rooster a fucking rooster what time was it again? Oh yeah 11:00 at night you try and shoo it away but it doesn't leave you let out a sigh of defeat and quickly grab something in the kitchen you end up finding sunflower seeds and you hope the rooster will like it enough to leave you run back to the door to find the chicken still there waiting as if they were royalty and you were just a dumb servant as you’re about to pour some seeds on the porch the feathered bird squawks at you you let out another sigh as you go to your kitchen once to grab a bowl and pour the seeds into them you walk back to the rooster with the bowl in your hands you set it down as you watch the bird gobble it up you smile as you close the door you turn off the lights as you return to your bed it only takes a few minutes for you to blackout and wonder into your dreamland


You wake up the next morning to the sound of a hammer hitting something and a very heavy bird on your chest- “oh my god” slips out of your mouth as you realize that the same damn rooster from last night is now sleeping on your chest you wonder how when and where did it come once the chicken notices you it hops off of your chest and sits at the end of the bed you and the rooster have a stare down for a good few minutes until you notice the loud sound of a hammer hitting something once again you move to get up but stopped by something pulling your sleeve of your shirt you look over your shoulder and of course it was the dumb chicken you shoo it away and proceed to slide on your slippers and head over to the back door where the sound seems to be coming from you open the door and look through the screen door which was in front of the original door you see a man working on the chicken coop you said you wanted to fix you slide your house slippers off and slide into your regular slippers you approche the man quietly “Hello sir” you say as you look over his shoulder the man slightly flinches “Ah hello my wife told me to help you with the chicken coop I’ve also helped you clear a bit of the weeds and such” he told you you look around you a notice how neater the area around is “Ah, thank you I’m sorry I slept in I should have woken up sooner.” you say as you stare down at your feet watching how your toes wiggles “It’s no problem dear I noticed you had a rooster already when did you get him? He’s beautiful” he asks “Oh, well I didn’t really get him; he kinda came last night I decided to feed him and hope he would go away, but I ended up waking up to him on my chest.” the man laughs as he hears your reply “ah I think your grandfather knew that chicken or well owned him that chicken pretty much lived here and your grandfather didn’t seem to care haha didn’t even give the damn thing a name” he laughs once more as you begin to smile “well if he’s gonna live here now or well keep on living here what should we name him?” you ask as you and the man watch the bird flap his wings and chase other birds away from his property while making wired squawking sounds “Taehyung” the man says “Taehyung?” you ask while tilting your head “Yes Taehyung he reminds me of my son haha so random really” he laughs “Alright Taehyung it is” you smile as you and the man laugh together the rest of the week consist of you finishing Taehyung’s coop where taehyung ended up choosing the color which was a nice cherry red and buying other goods for him like a dog bed that rested at the end of your bed and dog bowls due to the fact that the chicken acts like a dog somehow other than that the kim family help you clear up the farm and make it much more prettier on the front porch there are plenty of pants you even got a pond and fountain working the small backyard consisted of a small garden more decorative flowers and plants Taehyung’s chicken coop and another pond that was a home to a duck family and two(2) frogs your not sure how you manage to do this in a week but by the time you’re finished with all these things it’s already saturday your having dinner at the Kim’s house you seemed to have forgotten that there were a group of boys that were going to stay with you for who knows how long but you seem to remember when you hear a knock on the door and once you open it you’re met with a group of seven(7) boys seven(7) very, very pretty boys you honestly really wanna die now.

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You stand there staring for a while as you try to finally wrap your head around that 7 pretty boys that seem to be around your age are going to be staying in your house, that only consist of 2 rooms. When you were told that 7 boys would be staying with you, you kinda thought they were gonna be a bunch of hormonal teenagers that were just going through a phase of trying to be in a band, but probably give up in the future. Oh boy, you were wrong, really really really wrong. You snap out of your thoughts when you hear a soft “Are you okay?” coming from a pink haired boy that really reminds you of a mochi for some reason, “uh, yeah I am.” you reply as you move out of the way, “come in please” as you and the 7 mysterious boys walk back to the kitchen you can’t help but notice that you are blushing quite a bit, maybe it’s from the lack of being around people or just boys in general? To be quite honest your father wanted you to like girls, it was really uncommon where you grew up for Parents to really feel like that, but your father absolutely hated it when you had boyfriends, he thought they were greedy no good dirtbags that could go rot in hell. And it’s not like you really cared all that you wanted to do was get through school and be successful in life then, you could start worrying about a relationship and maybe have a future family with that person. As everyone sits back down you listen to the bickering coming from everyone, mostly coming from a boy with honey-colored skin and soft doe eyes, with a cute freckle on his nose that you could barely see, but you were one that paid close attention to details. he was arguing with the Kims about something along the lines of “you said the door would be unlocked. It wasn’t unlocked, you lied!” or whining about how his legs hurt from walking from the small farmhouse to the other. You begin to laugh at how ridiculous he was being “Yah, Kim Taehyung be respectful we have a guest at our table!” Mrs. Kim scolded loudly as she hit the back of the boys head. Said boy would proceed to glance at you, his expression screaming with annoyance, but soon that expression changed to a confused one it kind of reminded you of a puppy. “Hey! When did you get there!” the boy asked with excitement and a bit of confusion mixed in as he stood up and hovered over the table trying to lean towards you. “She was the girl that opened the door, you idiot, how can you forget someone so quickly god.” was said by a man with silky black hair that reminded you of a cat. “Now, sit down and behave.” his voice sounded so cold that it sent shivers down your spine. The boy quickly sat back down with a pout on his lips, it made you smile at how cute he was. You then realize that all eyes were on you, you began to shift awkwardly in your chair. “Ah I’m Y/N, um, nice to meet you!” you get up from your chair and bow slightly, you sit back down after everyone nods their head giving you the signal that it was ok to sit back down. “As you know” Mrs. Kim started “Me and Appa have been married for awhile... And we were planning on going on another honeymoon.” There was a slight pause “But eomma, didn’t you just come back from one? Plus! We just got here we’ve been planning this for awhile, and we barely have time to spend with you and Appa because of comebacks and tours!” The boy frowned
He honestly looked like he was going to cry, you guess you would too if your parents happened to leave when you planned on spending time together, especially when you don’t get to see them often. “I’m sorry Tae, but I guess things got a little mixed up.” She let out with a sigh “Clearly.” The boy mumbled with a pout on his lips and his arms crossed together. He honestly looked like a child that wasn't getting that very special toy they wanted. “Continuing with the bad news, all 7 of you will be staying with Y/N in her house, due to the fact that we have our house being rented out by another family.” “So we have to stay with someone we don’t even know?” “Ah Tae-yah don’t you remember Y/N? She’s Chul-soo’s granddaughter! You two would play with each other all the time when she came to visit~” she’d coo at the boy, the boy's face was blank, it looked like he was trying to process things and put things together. you then hear a sudden loud gasp. “I KNEW YOUR NAME SOUNDED FAMILIAR!” The boy yelled as he stood up from his seat “Wow Y/N you’ve really changed! You’re so pretty!” “I wasn't prettier before?” you ask the boy with a slight smirk on your lips. He takes another moment to process what you just said, but once realized he blushes and slightly panics. "Not! not! no! you were! or well are! I just meant you-" you cut him off as you laugh and give him an awkward smile. "it's fine I understand" soon your smile fades slightly as you realize you don't remember the boy too well. “Um I’m sorry, I don’t quite remember you. I’m sorry.” you felt bad that you couldn’t remember someone who seemed to remember you so well, after the lack of sleep from studying your memory became junk. “Oh it’s no problem! It’s been awhile so I understand...” the sound of disappointment was clear in his voice, you couldn’t help but want to coil up into yourself and hopefully disappear. “Alright kids, how about you guys get nice and comfortable and get to know each other, while me and appa finish up packing for our trip.” She quickly got up from the table and left after patting the boy's shoulder. “Night Taehyung, and everyone else.” his father said as he soon followed Mrs. Kim. You and the rest of the boys sit there quietly after Taehyung’s parents leave the room this gave you an opportunity to reflect on the conversation you just had this became a habit of yours always analyzing what you said and regretting it afterwards you wish you would stop doing it sometimes or well all the time "I'm sorry, I guess I spoke too much, everyone else didn't really say much during dinner..." your eyes fall down to your lap as a sad smile forms on your lips. "Hey, don't worry about it! we're just all a bit tired that's all" you look up at the boy with the soft pink hair, he gives you a soft smile that warms your heart. "O-oh ok" you stutter a bit which makes you blush slightly, you quickly pick up your dish, "Let's clean up, yeah?" you say as you rush to the kitchen trying to hide your red face in the process. As you walk away you hear a soft laugh come from Taehyung that makes you smile for an odd reason.


After clearing off the table and cleaning up you and the boys all decided to head to the living room. Everyone begins to lay out pillows and blankets for everyone. Everyone then decided to form a circle on the floor to start introducing each other. of course, it was Taehyung’s Idea. Once everyone was seated the boy with raven hair spoke, “Alright let’s get this thing over with, I’m tired and I wanna sleep please.” Annoyance clear in his voice. “I’m Yoongi” he spoke as he rolled his eyes slightly. “Hello! I’m Namjoon” he gave you a soft smile, dimples very prominent. His hair was a mint green, he also had plump lips that made you want to touch them, was that weird of you to think that? It was, wasn't it? “I’m Jimin nice to meet you” the boy with the soft pink hair snapped you out of your thoughts, you could feel your heart melting by just looking at him. He was so cute! His cheeks were a bit chubby, which made you wanna just squeeze them. “Hi I’m Hoseok, but everyone mostly calls me Hobi!” He smiled which reminded you of a heart, he seemed so joyful and happy that it made you smile a bit. His hair was a light orange. “Hi I’m Seokjin, but jin is fine.” “I am also the most handsome man here if you couldn’t already tell. You know, worldwide handsome right here.” Jin added. You couldn’t help but let a small laugh fall from your lips. When you noticed, a blush crept up onto your cheeks while trying to cover your mouth with your hand. you mumble “sorry.” Jin lets out a laugh. “it’s fine, don’t worry!” “ Hello! I’m Taehyung, we already know each other- or well I do! But we used to be good childhood friends!” Taehyung’s voice was much louder than it needed to be when it was this late at night. “Taehyung! stop being so loud!” Jin scolded him while yelling with a whisper, as he hit the back of the boys head. “Jeez sorry hyung, I’m just really excited... And what’s with people hitting my head today?” he mumbled while rubbing the back of his head. As Taehyung and Jin continued to bicker you took this time to really look at Taehyung. He was wearing a low collared shirt that showed off his collarbones well, you notice his hair was also a bit messy. His hair was also dyed a dark red that seemed to fit him perfectly. His voice was lower than the rest of the boys which sounded soothing to you, you felt as if you could listen to it for hours. Your eyes wander back to his face where you find another freckle on his cheek, it was cute and it seems to make you smile more. Honestly, you couldn’t believe you grew up with someone this handsome, and yet you couldn’t remember him. As you begin to look at his eyes, you briefly make eye contact with him for a second before you quickly look away. “Can you guys shut up so Jungkook can introduce himself and we all can go to sleep?” Yoongi looked like he was about to throw Jin and Taehyung out the window. “Sorry hyung!” Taehyung said while gently hitting Jin, while Jin rolled his eyes in response. “Hi! I'm Jungkook” The boy gave you a soft smile that reminded you of a bunny. How adorable! His hair was a light brown and looked like it would be soft to the touch. You talk to everyone for a little longer until you go to take out your phone to check the time, it’s 11 pm and you only just realized how tired you were. You let out a soft yawn and stretch, “I think I should head home now it’s pretty late, I’m gonna guess all of you wanna stay here before you have to come and stay at my house.” They all nod. All the boys end up walking you to the door and you all say your goodbyes, “It was nice meeting you all.” you give them a smile and they all give you one back, its when you're about to walk out the door that you feel a hand wrap around your wrist. You turn and find Taehyung. “Do you want me to walk you home?” You notice a blush on the boy's face and his voice is a bit quieter. “uhh yeah, sure why not.”

The walk back to your house is quiet and awkward, you’re not sure what to say and your pretty sure Taehyung doesn’t know either. “I’m sorry I don’t remember you that well...” Your eyes are glued to the ground as you watch your feet walking against the road. “It’s ok, Y/N.” he lets out a laugh which feels like music to your ears. “I can’t blame you it’s been about what? 14 years? So don’t worry about it.” “You’ve always been a hard worker so I guess I kinda assumed you never had time to think about family or anything other than your work.” you nod in response. “You seem to know me well.” he lets out another laugh “Yeah, I basically dedicated my life to learn everything about you. I had the biggest crush on you for a while.” A light blush forms onto your cheeks. “Oh...” “yeah, it kinda stopped after I realized you won’t be visiting the farm anytime soon." You can hear the sadness in his voice, and you can feel yourself getting sad and your not sure why. You hear Taehyung stop walking and you look up and realize that the both of you are already in front of your house. “Well I guess this is your stop huh?” he smiles at you his boxy smile on full display. you smile back. “Yeah, I guess.” A small laugh falls from your lips while you hold your hands behind your back and rock side to side. Taehyung’s about to leave before you yell out his name quickly “Taehyung!” You watch as he turns around and looks back at you. “Yeah?” “let’s get to know each other better from now on, yeah?” You watch as the boy's lips turn into a small smile. “sure Y/N” “Alrighty, yeah.. cool! I’ll see you tomorrow then!” You say as you walk backwards to your house, your eyes not leaving Taehyung’s until you suddenly stop when your butt hits the gate in front of your house. You let out a small ‘ow’ while you hear a laugh from Taehyung. “Bye Y/N” He gently waves his hand at you. “Bye Taehyung!” When Taehyung finally disappears into the night you run back into your house, tripping over yourself when trying to take off your shoes in a rush. You’re not sure why you're in a rush but you quickly take a shower and change into some more comfortable clothes. you decide cleaning up the house a bit you wanted your house to be as clean as possible if people were going to be staying with you. You hop in bed where you finally find yourself falling asleep or well until you noticed you had forgotten something. Taehyung! You forgot to let Taehyung in! you quickly put on some slippers and rush to you your backyard, where your chicken coop was located. And there he was. Taehyung. You find the rooster to be tapping his foot slightly as if he was mad that he had to stay out here all day, AND for that fact that you almost forgot about him! you let out a sigh as you pick up the bird and walk back to the back door. Right next to the door were some disinfection wipes, you pull a couple out as you gently clean the rooster's feet. No way in hell were you just gonna have a dirty cock running around your house, spreading dirt on your nice wooden floors. You open the door then gently set Taehyung down while slipping your shoes off. You watch as the bird runs to the dog bed underneath your bed. Having a sleeping bird in your face wasn't that nice so you got him that bed, and he seemed to love it. You slip back into bed where you can finally rest your eyes but.. that would have been too easy, huh? Taehyung decided to be bursting with energy, so all night you had a rooster running around the house knocking things over and making a mess of your place. After finally getting the bird to go to sleep and cleaning the house AGAIN, you finally get the rest you deserve, but only to be woken up again an hour later. This time it's your alarm clock and Taehyung yelling at you to get up. You let a sigh out a sigh of defeat "fuck."

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Hello everyone! I know this isn't a new chapter unfortunately and more of a status update. I'm not sure when I'm going to put out the next chapter, as much as I love the idea of this story I can't get inspired to write for it, this is probably due it's a reader x Taehyung fic. I personally don't care to write reader fics at all I prefer male x male things. you're probably wondering why I started writing it in the first place and to be honest I only did it for my sister because she was really hyped about this story. Anyways what I'm trying to say is that this story will continue but it won't be my main priority as I want to start on other stories that inspire me more! I'll try to write for this story little by little but I can't promise there will be a new chapter anytime soon. I really appreciate all the people who commented and gave me kind comments as I'm not the best at writing but regardless thank you to all of you who have been patiently waiting and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. -Rin