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C'è il mare eterno nella mia anima

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February, 1939

The breeze was light and pleasant that particular evening, which was strange during the winter. She didn't complain though. It was quite a nice change from the strict environment of Loggins and Messina's training. She had finished another session with her partners that day. Caesar thought it would be a good idea for the two of them to relax while listening to some music before heading to sleep. (Name) gladly accepted his offer as it had been awhile since the last time she had a moment with her lover. 

There she was, leaning on the marble balcony railing across the opera house, Teatro San Cassiano, with Caesar by her side. Both of them were focused on the muffled singing that could be heard through the building's walls. (Name)'s eyes snapped open when the previous tune gave its place to a soft melody she knew well. 

Soffia dolcemente un venticello

Spirate nel mio cor 

mia dea Fortuna! 

The male singer's powerful voice filled her heart in an instant. That was one of her favourite musical pieces and the man next to her was aware of it. She started singing along in a soft and quiet voice, very much unlike the one coming from the opera house. She knew most of the lyrics and their meaning, thanks to Caesar, but some of it was still foreign to her. Italian wasn't her native language but she couldn't help being fascinated with the country and its people. Caesar would fill in the blanks for her here and there, when she wasn't able to. 

"This song is also dear to me," Caesar's voice interrupted her session. Not in a rude manner, of course, quite the contrary. He was always so gentle during moments like this, "I think, it represents the spirit of the Zeppelis, in fact," he suddenly came into a halt. As if he had just done something despicable, "oh, please, continue, amore mio! I would never dare to interrupt such wonderful singing," he finished with a charming smile. 

Sulla volta celeste

C'è il mare eterno nella mia anima 

(Name) wasn't overwhelmed with happiness like she expected when she received his compliment. It was a different feeling; one she hadn't associated the sound of his voice with. It was dread and combined with the faint words in the background, it grew stronger. 

Con un sol fulmine

capirai tal leggenda 

Quando pensi a me, sempre 


Her singing stopped and silence filled the air between them. The expression on her face was no longer gentle and peaceful; it was unreadable, almost blank. Caesar took this as his lover didn't know the rest of the song and wasn't able to continue because of that. With one motion of his arm and a gentle command, "come here," he held her in his arms, moving his body along with the music in an attempt to dance. 

Sulla volta celeste 

C'è il mare eterno nella mia anima

It was true, she didn't know the rest of the song but it was something else that kept her from offering Caesar a smile or thank him for his thoughtful move. 

Ovunque tu vada 

Ovunque io vada

"Wherever you go, wherever I go..." he translated, still moving to the rhythm. (Name) held on her calm composure for that moment but her feelings clashed inside her chest. 

C'è il mio amor nella tua vita,

c'è l'amor nella tua giornata 

"My love lies deep within your life, my love remains in your days..." Caesar's voice was in perfect synchronisation with the singer. She felt the tears trying to crawl out of her eyes with intense force. Her throat also felt dry and she had difficulty to swallow and breath properly. 

Basta un tuo sorriso,

un tuo sol sorriso 

"It takes just one of your smiles, one single smile..." (Name) broke down silently against his chest. The gentleness of his voice reciting such harsh, yet beautiful words, was too much. She clinched to him, trying to take in his scent, his warmth, everything. She felt like that was the last time she would hold him in her arms or even see him. The dance came to a stop but she still wasn't ready to let go. Caesar started to realize something was off about his lover's behaviour. Placing his fingers underneath (Name)'s chin, he tried to lift her face up, using a little more force than usual. 

Non morirà l'anima mia. È immortal!

Caesar's eyes met with the devastated face of his lover, her eyes full of tears and crying out loud now. Her voice was strong and in the exact same rhythm as the singer's in the background. Caesar was as confused as he was concerned for her and immediately wiped the tears off her beautiful face. 

"Why are you crying?" he chuckled gently, like a parent to a child. His thumbs never left her face, wiping the non stopping tears. 

"Promise me something, Caesar. Promise me you will never leave me," she said, trembling. It felt like bargaining with God, instead of a wish. She still hadn't realized where this outburst came from, this dread. 

Non serve versar lacrime

"I promise, amore mio. Never."