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keep me safe (keep him warm)

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jeongguk still remembers the day he met taehyung like it was yesterday. it had been cold and rainy in brooklyn that day, and taehyung’s hair had been dripping wet when he was escorted to the police station, his older brother in tow. jeongguk had wordlessly handed him a towel from his own locker, earning himself a blinding smile in return. from that day on, the only officer that was in charge of taehyung when he was doing his biweekly visits, was jeongguk. it was weird, at first, being around taehyung and having to admit that the boy, while still being an offender that should be anything but jeongguk’s friend, was a joy to be around. his crimes were never ill-natured and the charges were often dropped, sometimes thanks to the boy’s own charms and sometimes because jeongguk can be really persuasive when he wants to be. of course, taehyung didn’t need to know that. it didn’t take long for all the other officers to warm up to the teen—it happened in the time span of a few weeks actually—and soon he became a much appreciated visitor, no matter if he showed up in handcuffs or was just dropping by voluntarily. sometimes he’d bring jeongguk coffee, if he was lucky even a bagel or a donut, but most of the time he just came by to sit in the chair next to jeongguk’s desk and talk for an indefinite amount of time, about anything and everything that came across his mind. one time, when his job took every last ounce of energy out of jeongguk’s body and he’d taken the liberty to crash on the couch in the break room, he’d woken up with a blanket draped over his body and a cup of cold coffee standing on the ground next to the couch. the smug gazes his colleagues gave him when he exited the break room was enough to confirm his suspicions of taehyung’s visit.

in retrospect, falling for him was the easiest thing jeongguk had ever done.

now, almost a year and half after they’d first met, taehyung is still just as thoughtful, bright and warm as before, if not even more. he’s grown into himself, gotten more confident and mature, but in moments like these jeongguk remembers that he’s still just a kid.

taehyung is singing along to asia’s ‘heat of the moment’ as they’re cruising down the streets of brooklyn on their way to hunter’s apartment. jeongguk grins smugly, allowing himself a couple of glances at the hyped up boy whenever the traffic allows it. taehyung is out of breath when the song finally stops, chest heaving and eyes sparkling excitedly.

“guk! this is going to be so much fun!” taehyung exclaims as they pull up to hunter’s apartment complex, close enough to be able to spy through his window but far enough so hunter won’t see them in case he’s really in there.

jeongguk snorts. “you know that being on watch really isn’t all that fun? we just sit in here and wait for something to happen. music has to be off so we can hear announcements from the radio scanner. sometimes one of us falls asleep. i don’t know why anyone would prefer this over an actual, comfortable bed.”

he gives taehyung pointed look. the younger pouts, but stays adamant about not leaving jeongguk’s side. “i’m safer with you. are we still allowed to talk?”

“of course.”

jeongguk’s heart should not be beating this fast.

taehyung’s head lolls to the side, on his shoulder, and they make eye contact. the air shifts. the calm, comfortable atmosphere is gone, replaced by something more dangerous. the air is heavy, and taehyung is not supposed to look this beautiful, the street lamps outside casting alluring shadows over his face.

“why didn’t you tell me?” taehyung mutters. his voice is close to a whisper.

“would you believe me if i said i just wanted to protect you?” jeongguk says, a smile playing on his lips. taehyung chuckles, reaching over the console between them and grabs jeongguk’s hand, intertwining their fingers easily.

“i would. but i know there’s not all there is to it.”

jeongguk’s gaze falls down to his lap, his thumb stroking the soft skin of taehyung’s hand. taehyung shifts in his seat, moving one leg under the other until he’s facing jeongguk.

“remember a few months ago, on my parents death anniversary, when you took me to this really good pizza place downtown and let me eat so much that i almost fainted?” taehyung asks, laughing at the last few words. jeongguk joins him when he recalls the day at the pizza joint his own parents used to take him to. he had wanted to share the special place with someone equally as special. “you were so worried about me that you even drove us to the hospital.”

“you looked like you were on the brink of death! don’t joke about that!” jeongguk defends himself, but he’s wheezing too, gripping taehyung’s hand harder.

“what about that time we had a bowling match in the precinct and broke namjoon’s office door? remember that?” taehyung asks and doubles over upon seeing jeongguk’s disgruntled expression that softens back out after a few seconds. seeing taehyung laugh always makes butterflies erupt in his stomach.

“i had to do so many long hours because of that.” jeongguk groans.

“oh come on, i was right there with you for most of them! it couldn’t have been that bad.”

“all you did was sleep and drool on my desk!”

“yeah, but there was an attempt!” taehyung defends himself halfheartedly. he knows jeongguk would never hold a grudge against him. it’s quiet in the car, a comfortable but heavy silence settling over them.

“why are you telling me this? i mean, why are we talking about all of that?” jeongguk asks, breaking the subtle tension. “not that i don’t appreciate you refreshing my memory.”

taehyung sighs, leaning back in his seat like he’s been caught. he eyes their intertwined hands, squeezes comfortingly.

“i don’t know, i just.” he throws his head back, creating a dull thud against the headrest of his seat. “i wanted to remind you of the good times. i wanted to remind you that i’m not just someone you need to take care of.”

“taehyung.” jeongguk says, almost exasperatedly, but with a hint of a smile playing on his lips. “you’re not a burden to me. i promise. if anything, i really love taking care of you, protecting you.”

his voice is soft, tender. it sounds like home.

“you make it worth my while.”

taehyung has always been impulsive, but he doesn’t know what possesses him when he surges forward and presses his lips against jeongguk’s. they’re warm and velvety smooth, exactly like taehyung expected them to be. jeongguk startles, giving a small oomph sound before coming back to his senses and kissing back. he raises his left hand to the back of taehyung’s neck, pressing him closer, playing with the strands of hair that meet his fingers. when taehyung pulls back, jeongguk’s eyes are still closed and he’s chasing after his lips subconsciously. he looks adorable.

taehyung catches some air, tiling his head forward until their foreheads meet. they’re practically breathing each other’s air.

“was that okay?” he whispers, nipping at jeongguk’s bottom lip. it feels like a huge weight is lifted off both their shoulders, a weight that has been piling up for months.

“very,” jeongguk smiles, stroking the skin at the back of taehyung’s neck, “but if you want a second go, i won’t be opposed.”

he closes the gap between their mouths before taehyung can, kissing him more fervently than before. taehyung gives a breathy moan, opening his mouth and allowing jeongguk to slip his tongue in. the hand that has found its way to the front of jeongguk’s jacket twists and pulls him closer by the sturdy fabric.

“you know what?” taehyung grins against jeongguk’s lips, “stakeouts aren’t as boring as i thought they would be.”

jeongguk chuckles, detaching himself from taehyung to look at the building they’re supposed to keep watch of. his heart skips a beat.

“fuck, how long has that light been on?”

taehyung goes rigid in his seat, eyes zeroing in on the illuminated window on the third floor. williams’ window.

“why put on the light now? if santiago’s suspicions are true, he must’ve been in there for at least an hour.”

“fuck if i know.” jeongguk mutters, unbuckling his belt and requesting for backup over the police radio before giving taehyung the most serious look the boy has ever seen on him. “i’m going up there. you stay in the car. and don’t even think about arguing me on this.”

taehyung nods hesitantly, watching him check his holster for his gun. jeongguk reaches out to the door handle, but taehyung holds him back by his collar before he can actually open the door.

he places a quick kiss to jeongguk‘s lips, his dark eyes shining with worry. “be careful, okay?”

jeongguk nods, pecking the tip of his nose before exiting the vehicle and sprinting across the street without paying attention to the traffic. luckily, he makes it to the entrance of the apartment building unharmed, but not without being honked at by several annoyed drivers. he holds up his badge so the doorkeeper won’t alert security and allows him to sprint upstairs without any fuss. he practically flies up the stairs, taking two steps at a time. his heart is beating uncharacteristically fast. when he’s almost reached the third floor, a tall figure appears on the top of the staircase, seemingly in a rush. it takes jeongguk approximately three seconds to realize that he’s face to face with the hunter williams. the man growls and turns on his heel, running down the hallway towards the emergency door, jeongguk hot on his heels.

“nypd! stay right where you are!” he yells, but williams doesn’t listen. of course. jeongguk, gun already in hand, briefly considers shooting, but then a door opens and a mother with a child on her arm steps out into the hallway and blocks the way. she screeches loudly and raises her hand to her child’s head protectively, almost colliding with jeongguk who hasn’t stopped running. he lowers his gun and manages to sidestep her just in time, but it slows him down, and when he looks back ahead, williams has disappeared behind the heavy metal door with the glowing green exit sign over it. jeongguk swears under his breath but keeps his gun in hand, hoping to be able to catch up to williams. he can hear the man’s aggressive footsteps under him, but he can’t seem to catch up to the man. the door at the bottom of the stairs leads to a small and inconspicuous street, and jeongguk can barely catch a glimpse of williams’ long legs disappearing behind a corner. by the time he’s reached that very corner, williams has climbed into a black sports car and is already steering out of his parking space. he groans and watches desperately as williams’ car speeds down the street, taking a moment to breathe in before falling back into a jog and making his way back to the car.

“what the fuck happened?“ taehyung asks as soon as he’s slid into the drivers seat.

“williams got away. we need to follow him.” jeongguk grunts, obviously not happy with the outcome of his trip inside. maybe if he had been just a little bit faster...

jeongguk puts on the siren and maneuvers his car into the fast paced traffic, following the exact way he saw williams’ car go. “attention to all units in the area, the suspect is on the run. i’m on franklin ave, heading north. suspect is driving a black camaro, license plate unknown.” he announces over the radio, a frown etched deep into his features. his fingers are drumming an erratic beat against the steering wheel, his leg is twitching uncomfortably. he knows he shouldn’t get this worked up, but with taehyung on the passenger seat, every passing second feels suffocating.

“don’t worry, you’re gonna catch him.” taehyung tries to soothe him. jeongguk doesn’t respond.