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keep me safe (keep him warm)

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in retrospect, jeongguk should’ve known that letting taehyung pick his own outfit would be risky. not for the boy or any other officer really, but for jeongguk himself. the constant exposure of taehyung’s smooth skin whenever his silky shirt slips over his shoulder is enough to distract jeongguk from doing literally anything at all. they’ve gone over their plan at least a hundred times, been through all the preparations, but he still feels uneasy. taehyung has been wired up as professionally as possible with his shirt slipping around his upper body and his ripped jeans clinging on to his legs for dear life.

jeongguk isn’t very religious, but he’s really considering praying right now.

“alright, we’ll be in this truck right here, about two blocks away, and namjoon will-“

“be listening and recording everything, i know.” taehyung sighs, interrupting jimin who looks equally as tired of this as he is. he pats jimin’s shoulder appreciatively, smiling at him in a way of thanking the man for his efforts, because he’s just doing what jeongguk ordered him to do, which is repeat the plan. it’s like a mutual understanding when jimin nods and shoos him off, and taehyung can’t help but cackle. he goes to namjoon’s office where he last saw jeongguk, but it’s empty, so he turns on his heels and starts searching the precinct until he finds jeongguk alone in the briefing room, bent over the table as he studies the map laid out on it.

“stop being so tense. i don’t like it.” taehyung says as he walks up to the detective and pushes the map to the side, taking its place on the table by hopping on it.

“wait-“ jeongguk arches one eyebrow up comically, “are you actually worried? for me?”

taehyung hits his front playfully, but his warm hands never leave jeongguk’s chest, which is by the way covered in a beautiful black button up dress shirt. “no, i’m just worried it might rub off on me.” he states matter of factly, smiling to himself when jeongguk laughs and finally looses a bit of tension in his shoulders.

“you’re a pest, do you know that?”

“so i’ve been told.” taehyung teases, but his smile morphs into a more gentle one when he leans forward and carefully presses his face against jeongguk’s chest. the elder, pleasantly surprised by the sudden affection taehyung is showing him, steps backwards and grabs taehyung’s knees, maneuvering them so he can settle between the boy’s legs. taehyung welcomes the new and more comfortable position with open arms, quite literally, and hooks his arms and legs around jeongguk, clinging to him like a human koala. jeongguk smiles at his antics, wrapping his arms around taehyung’s shoulders loosely.

“careful, i don’t want to smudge my already smudged eyeliner.” taehyung warns but snuggles closer anyway, if that’s even possible. jeongguk chuckles, but taehyung can feel that he’s somewhere else in his mind right now.

“c’mon, whatever you want to tell me, spit it out.”

at this point, jeongguk has given up on trying to figure out how taehyung always manages to read him like an open book.

“you know me, i’m just-“ jeongguk pauses.

“worried.” taehyung supplies helpfully, the detective smiling bashfully.

“i know i’m being annoying, sorry.” he sighs, but taehyung only detangles his hands from behind jeongguk’s back and leans back so he can look him in the eyes.

“jeongguk-ah.” his voice is all serious now, something that catches the elder’s attention. “i know i’m always making jokes about your worried ass, and i’m sorry for giving you the impression that you’re annoying. but the truth is, i really appreciate it, so thank you. for worrying about me, i mean.”

“yeah. okay.” jeongguk smiles genuinely. he cards his hands through the sides of taehyung’s perfectly styled hair, and if it were any other situation, the boy would’ve probably given him hell for it. but this isn’t any other situation, so taehyung lets jeongguk tug him closer. for a moment, peace descends on the both of them, like the quiet before the storm.

too bad jung hoseok is having none of that.

“c’mon lovebirds, let’s go.”

the two detangle themselves from each other slowly and with burning cheeks, tiptoeing around each other until they’ve reached the car and hoseok is setting the mood by babbling about a movie he and jimin watched. from the back seat, jeongguk and taehyung look at each other, a timid smile settling on both their features. and if taehyung reaches out to squeeze jeongguk’s hand, well, then that’s their secret.


as they’re standing in front of the club’s entrance, jeongguk’s heart is beating faster than ever before. he glances at taehyung, who looks like the epitome of easiness, wondering yet again how the boy is now beyond freaked out right now. their plan is risky.

they’re both waiting to be let in by the bouncer, who has gone inside to check if they’re allowed to enter.

either the bouncer gives them the benefit of the doubt and lets them in, or their mission ends here.

“you’re good to go.” jeongguk tries to not look too relieved as they walk past the bulky man and find themselves in a tiny, obscured room that seems to block out the sounds coming from the adjacent room. the elder takes a deep breath, but before he can step forward, taehyung grabs him by his bicep, making him look back in wonder. taehyung looks at him fondly, leaning forward to press a lingering kiss to the corner of his mouth.

jeongguk’s mind is reeling. it could’ve been a simple mistake, a poorly thought through and spontaneous kiss that landed so close to jeongguk’s mouth on accident, or it could be a teasing, extremely thought through kiss. either way is possible with taehyung, who laughs and pulls him forward by his wrist without any comment.

as soon as the door opens, a deep and quiet melody reaches their ears, smells of all sorts invading jeongguk’s nose, dark and heady, making the kiss slip into the back of his mind. now is not the time to be unprofessional.

the main room is, unexpectedly, much tinier than jeongguk would’ve anticipated, but still big enough to comfortably fit a few pool and gambling tables, as well as a little bar to their left. jeongguk isn’t fooled by the first glance anyway, because he’s immediately spotted the double doors at the back of the room. light chatter and laughter float though the room, the music that had seemed so loud just seconds ago now nothing less than an afterthought. the air is thick, smelling of smoke and alcohol, cologne and perfume, and something very distinct that jeongguk doesn’t recognize.

taehyung elbows him lightly, subtly nodding to the right when he has jeongguk’s attention. his eyes follow taehyung’s sign, his sharp intake of breath luckily going unnoticed by the room.

there’s a huge snake on the wall, an exact replica of the tattoo on walker’s foot and the picture in williams’ apartment.