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He finally had it. This small piece of plastic was his first step to being a hero. He immediately pried the card from the page it came on and shoved it into his wallet.

His cellphone pinged and looking at the notification, he unlocked it to see:

#1 camie

Bakugo snorted at the picture of Camie and shoved the envelope into his pants before dropping down on the dorm couch to text back.


#3 camie

"Who you grinning at?"

Bakugo killed the power to his phone screen to glare, but Denki's eyes were bugged,"It was that naked chick! Mineta-"

Bakugo grabbed him by the front of the shirt," Do you like this shirt? If so, shut up!"

Denki grinned wide and bright,"Oh so it's like that huh? She IS pretty cute!"

Bakugo spluttered," The fuck? What gives you THAT impression?"

Kaminari called over his shoulder," Hey Sero! Bakugo has a girlfriend!"

"Whaaaaat! How is HE the first to get a girlfriend!?"

Bakugo's stomach dropped at Kirishima's cry of," Bro! I thought I'D be the first to know! What?!"

The other two boys walked over and Bakugo saw Kirishima's frown, Sero's childish grin and scowled," She's not my girlfriend!"

He gave Denki a fierce shake and the other boy threw his hands up in a shrug," That picture was pretty...risqué..."

Bakugo flushed. Was it? He wasn't blind, Camie was a pretty girl, he just...

Bakugo sighed and unlocked his phone," I guess? That's just this memeloving fuck's way of doing everything though so don't get the wrong idea. Really, were just...friends."

After a beat of shocked silence, Kirishima stepped forward," What? You have friends other than us?"

Bakugo scowled," The fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"I wanna meet her!" Kirishima declared and Bakugo flushed.

"No. Absolutely not."

"Aww, cmon Blasty, we won't cramp your style!"

"And who the hell invited you?! Look, just forget it-"

Kirishima smiled kindly," May not be his girlfriend yet, so I don't think date crashing would be-"

"IT'S NOT A DATE! FINE. YOU WANNA MEET SHITTY RENT-A-COP CAMIE, BE MY GUEST. Be ready at this door by four tomorrow or I'll fucking ditch your sorry asses."

He pulled out his phone to furiously text his friend:

camie #4

#5 camie

Bakugo snickered as he pocketed his phone to see the dumbstruck idiots gaping at him," She said it's fine."

"What?" he snapped and Kirishima pointed awestruck at his face, Sero gesticulating wildly as Kaminari just made the dumbest expression yet.

"Bakubro. You laughed. Like you genuinely..."

"I laugh all the fucking time!"

The other boys looked at each other helplessly and Bakugo turned to head up the stairs to his dorm. They were SO gonna regret tagging along:

camie #6

camie #7