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Many Faces/Many Abilities

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It was a hot and sunny Monday almost-noom,and he was,he wanted to be anywhere but here,he was sure he had something that resembled plans for this summer at some point.Crystal,the leader of the group of cool kids from school/the mall and her A-List friends had finally given him a chance and even called him to hang out with them,Brittany,the beautiful,dark-skinned,smart,curly-haired girl was actually dating him!

Brittany and him were kinda forced to sing Karaoke together,it was pretty cheesy and dumb and he's not that good a singer,but,from the options he has around the mall,she's the best there is.

And he ended up having fun singing at that Karaoke after all.

Yet,he was here.In the middle of nowhere,on some crusty old Campsite that's falling to pieces,all his gadgets confiscated,having to take care of a bunch of little brats and far far away from Scaunchboro and any sign of civilization.

You see,Josh Redgrove was THIS CLOSE to getting his driver's license,in his dreams,that is,he's actually awful,he drove his dad's car off a cliff while on his date with Brittany because a skunk was in his way,he had to do 200 hours of voluntary work for driving illegally and to pay for the car damage,he's here "working" as a Junior Ranger.Josh should feel lucky he got off easy and wasn't killed by his dad with that same car.

Josh's dad is a harsh,strict and tough veteran man,whose...Josh actually loves,respects and looks up to,yeah,that's what I said.Shocking,I know.He's rough and intense,has a huge unibrow and is veeery far from perfect,but did you know he punched a bear once?

Josh doesn't actually remembers it very well,he was 4 years old,but he has a reminder of it for all his life.The severe scar on the place of his left eye.

The Redgroves were on Vacation in a Campsite in Oshawa,they had no idea there were bears there,it was only an urban legend,little 9 year old Ken Redgrove (Josh's older brother) might have manipulated him into going into the woods,their dad went looking for him and the rest is history.

Josh find it kind of stylish to always keep his 'eye' covered anyway,the chicks dig it,just like giant robots.Also,Debbie from The Thornberrys did it,looked good on her and she was a total babe so.......

Doug,the security guard from the mall where he works is the Counselor here,the bald,middle-aged man was the one who recommended this job,Josh accepted because 1. He was desperate and 2. he thinks the guy's pretty cool.He has that dramatic hero way to him,like everything he says sounds like a quote from a movie.He had Winklemeyer the VI (Wink,for short) as advisor,which...was ok,he guessed,the guy wasn't bad but kinda creepy in an almost concerning way.Josh was just glad Mr. Carney wasn't here too *shudders*.

Josh hates to admit it might have been his fault Wink is like this today,he'd seen how the older brunet man was like before for only a day,he seemed cool,friendly,optimistic,kind of a pushover maybe,but at least he was his own self,before....Edward Carney.

You see,Josh always hated to ask for money or other things in general to his parents,they were a humble low to middle class family.A family that consisted of both parents,an older brother,a cat (Mr. Whiskers) and a dog (Daisy),his parents always acted like whatever they bought for him was still theirs and shoved this fact on his face anytime they could,since they didn't have much to spend,he couldn't blame them,honestly.

"I BOUGHT YOU THESE SHOES,I I BOUGHT YOU THAT USELESS VIDEOGAME,I BOUGHT THAT STUPID PHONE,you're gonna listen to me and do what I say or I'll take them all back!"

Last year,Josh was finally fed up and went looking for a job to pay for his own things,Mr. Meaty,a famous Canadian fast food chain has opened a new affiliate here in this end of the world,some called Scaunchboro.It was after school,they payed minimum wage and it was enough for him.

The place and the food were nasty and weird stuff happens there everyday,also the owner (Edward Carney) looked like he'd been alive for a millenia.(Josh and Ben may or may not have had thawed the guy from his frozen slumber just to see if he'd raise their salaries,turns out he didn't,and turned their lives into hell,yes,specially Wink's).Ben was the guy cooking,he was a cool guy,tall,long platinum blond hair,couldn't cook at all,missed work a lot and was always too busy to hang out with Josh.

The competition across from them was an all-soy place called 'Soy What?' managed by a hippie blond guy with dreads who was a strict soytarian called Gord,which pretty much meant there was no competition,it always looked so peaceful over there,they had no lunch rush,all they did was yoga all day,Josh thinks he never saw anyone leave that place.

It's an all-boys camp,which doesn't bother him as much as he thought it would,since he's not looking for any other girls right now like he normally would.It'd be fun to see the Ashleys,Tanya or Goth Girl survive this place though,the Ashleys would be gone in less than a day,Goth Girl looks like she can survive anything.

Yes,it also means Brittany didn't try to kill him then and there after the almost-accident too,after some apologies and 'I love you's he got on her good side,stupid Van Helsing,Van Dielsen-what's-his-name,if only Josh had had someone who knew how to drive to instruct him through an earpiece,but that only happens on TV,in reality,you have to face everything alone.

Josh Redgrove was a relatively tall,pale,lanky 16 year old boy,with straight blond hair,full lips and one bright caramel eye.

Anyway,you'd think Josh would already be the most popular kid in school,friends with everyone,invited to all the parties he probably wasn't supposed to go.But he always came off as a geek try-hard to the popular kids,like they could smell the fake and desperation from miles away,he was just a joke to them,and his older brother Ken.Josh never had a best friend or someone to call a 'real friend'.

Also blond and skinny but with longer curlier hair,Ken has always been a bully,always finding the flimsiest excuse to beat up Josh,and the teen let it happen because he's weak and a whimp and- shouldn't Ken have left for Military College by now? Geez,the guy's like 21.

Josh's heard Ken tells his friends he almost went to Law School.Sure.

People rumor Ken's dating his best friend Darryl,taller,bulkier brunet with a ridiculous goatee.Josh thinks it be funny if true,but he would never let their dad know.

Nice blackmail,Josh hopes it's true.

Josh doesn't want to go to the Military though,his dream is being a director/filmmaker,he's always dreamed of making a Ninja Zombie movie.If his parents refuse to pay Film School,he's saving up cash anyway.

Josh got up from the tree he was sitting against,listening to songs from the iPod he was hiding from inspection,it had stuff like Naked Brothers Band,Big Time Rush,Back Bacon Boys,Fall Out Boy,yes even Jesse Lumberpond,y'know,songs he actually enjoys listening to but wouldn't admit to a soul.

It wasn't long ago when the teen (actual adult) popstar Jesse Lumberpond did a concert at Scaunchboro Mall,Josh and Ben did the logical thing and kidnap- saved the guy from the crowd to force hi- exchange favors to make them members of his band so they could be part of his entourage and leech off of his fame and fortune.It...didn't really go as planned but the guy was actually nicer,even better looking and his hair was even more perfect in person,but you won't hear that from Josh.That would land him Military School in 2 seconds.

Was it possible that in the future it could be revealed to the world that BOTH Redgrove Siblings had a thing for guys too? Josh just chuckled at the tought,they'd both be homeless or sent away and again,why is Ken still even home? GO AWAY ALREADY!

Josh realized he didn't care about whoever Ken dated,as long as the bully and his maybe-boyfriend left him alone.

He wishes his dad could think the same.

It was lunch time and the non-geek blond walked in the direction of the cafeteria,he couldn't wait to endure the piece of garbage the food at this place very likely is.Must be a nice mix between public school lunch,Mr. Meaty meal and hospital food.Hooray.

Okay,real talk,best meatball subs he had ever tasted in his life,it wasn't even fair to compare them with the ones from the shitty fast food place he works at,they tasted like Care Bears riding through the sunset on unicorns.Okay,whoever made him get this mental image is gonna pay.

Josh looked in the direction of the kitchen cafeteria,the staff were all teens near his age.Gotta earn that summer job money some way,the blond teen guessed.

The one who seemed to be their chef,looked slightly familiar and caught his attention.He swore he's seen that kid and the others around Scaunchboro,maybe it was that geek loser who lived on the restaurant's dumpster once? Junior Security Guard? He wanted to approach just to be sure.