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Girls Love Girls

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Day 1: Lazy Mornings - Femslash February - Clary Fray + Maia Roberts

“Babe, turn the light off.“ mumbled Maia from under the covers. Besides her she felt her girlfriend’s body shake as she laughed, her arms coming around to wrap around her middle. 

“That’s called the sun, and I have no power against it. Sorry.“ The redhead said, placing a soft kiss on the crown of her girlfriend’s head. Maia mumbled some more before, turning over and glaring at Clary.

“Liar, you shoot sunlight out of your hand. So shoot out a curtain or something. Let me sleep.“ Maia whined, and Clary couldn’t help but kiss her nose, before pulling the covers up and other the both of them, effectively enclosing them in darkness.

“Better?” She whispered as Maia curled up next to her.

“Much better.“