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Moving into a new place is never easy.

Fresh out of college, Izuku decides it’s finally time for him to get his own place. After he accepted the job offer, he thought it might be a good time to move out from his mother’s place. The job sounds really nice, a decent pay, and at a prestigious up and coming company as an accountant. And the apartment, well during the tour, Izuku found the place to be delightful. It has a balcony, which also provides a great view of the city, there are two bedrooms, and the rent is really cheap like it’s pretty unbelievable he could get a place this good with a price like this.

Yet, he still finds it difficult to move on from his old house. He has been living there for his whole life after all.

Izuku sighed a breath of relief as he finished moving in all of the boxes from downstairs. He gave the movers some tip money before they walked away. He sat down on the floor since he hasn’t bought a cheap couch yet, probably tomorrow. Looking at the apartment, he observed some things about the design. Most of the elements were geometric-shaped, this is one of those modern-styled apartments, he thought. It’s certainly not very spacious, but it’s enough for him, he smiled.

He stood up, wanting to start unpacking right away. But suddenly, a knock came on the door as he opened the first box.

“Deku?” the voice on the other side said, “Open up, you dimwit!!”

Izuku opened the door to find a person about his age with a spiky ash blonde hair standing in front of his door. It was Katsuki Bakugou, of course, his childhood friend, and now, apparently his neighbor. Bakugou quickly let himself in, looking at the scattered boxes on the floor.

“You still haven’t started yet?” he asked.

“Well, I’m about to,” Izuku answered, “It’s gonna take a while, though…”

“Tch… you weak nerd,” he scoffed, “I could finish all of this in half an hour!”

“No you couldn’t…, it’s going to take at least three hours, even for someone like you, Kacchan,”

“IS THAT A FUCKING CHALLENGE??” Bakugou yelled, “Wait a second… are you trying to trick me to help you unpack?? Joke’s on you, asshole!!”

Izuku grinned at the remark as he opened more and more cardboard boxes. He never really had any intention to trick his friend into helping him unpack, but… he wouldn’t really mind if he does that.

“How’s the place, so far?” he asked.

“Honestly, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted…” Izuku answered, “I still can’t believe the rent is really cheap! How’d you and mom pulled it off, again?”

That’s right, it was because of Bakugou and his mother’s insistence to the landlord that he managed to get such a low rent. Originally, the landlord didn’t even allow Izuku to rent the place, and he was really in love with the place! Having visited Bakugou many times in the building, he thought the building and the apartment were perfect. But when he’s about to rent the place, for some reason, the landlord doesn’t allow him. It took some time and effort, but his mother and Bakugou managed to convince her otherwise and he was allowed to stay in the building.

“It’s called negotiation, dummy!” Bakugou answered, “Never settle for less! Always bargain your way out!”

Up until this day, Izuku never knew what or how Bakugou and his mother managed to convince the landlord to let him rent the place. The word “negotiation”, and “owe her a favor” seems to come up a lot whenever he asked about it. But they never really went into details, so most of it remains a mystery to him…

“You know some of my neighbors, maybe, Kacchan?” Izuku asked.

“How the fuck should I know any of these idiots??” Bakugou said, “Most of them are just a bunch of useless extras anyway…”

“That’s… pretty mean…”

“It is what it is!!” he shouts, “If you want to know the idiots living here, go fucking knock on their door and meet them yourself, or something!”

“That’s a great idea!” Izuku smiles, he quickly stood up and headed for the door, but got stopped by Bakugou at the last moment.


“Oh, right…”


It took him around seven hours, but he finally finished unpacking almost all of his things. There are still two or three boxes left, but it’s not important things, he thought, so he could finish unpacking tomorrow. Izuku looked at the clock hanging on the wall, the time shows 6 PM. It certainly doesn’t feel like it, he thought the unpacking only took four hours or so, but no, it took longer than he thought.

His stomach growled, having forgotten to eat lunch because of the whole unpacking thing. Instead, he earlier fills his stomach with a protein bar consisting of wheat and nuts covered in sticky honey. He looked for the cooking utensils, but they weren’t there in the kitchen cabinets. And then he realized the utensils are probably in one of those “unimportant” boxes he was about to unpack tomorrow…

After getting the utensils out, he later realized he hasn’t bought any ingredients for cooking yet…

“Well…, might as well eat out for today…”

Izuku took a quick shower after that, putting on his hoodie and black jeans pants before fixing up his hair. But before he could walk out, a knock suddenly came at the door.

“Coming!” he shouts as he walked to the door. When he opened it, he found there was no one standing behind it. Strange… did someone play a prank on him?

Just as he was about to close the door, he noticed the plate of food sitting on the floor. It was a serving of rice, chicken teriyaki, and a bowl of miso soup wrapped around plastic to contain it. Izuku bent down to look at the meal and he reads the note attached on top of the plate.


Hello there!

I heard from Bakugou you were moving in today. And I thought you might be hungry after unpacking those boxes I saw in the lobby. So I made you some dinner for tonight, welcome to the building, neighbor!

(P.S.: when you’re done, just return the dishes to Bakugou’s apartment upstairs, thanks!)


There was no name or floor or the apartment number on the note. It was all very strange. He took the meal into his apartment, but he feels a bit suspicious about it. First, he doesn’t know who sent or cook the thing, and second, why return the dishes to Bakugou’s apartment? Does this stranger even live here if they couldn’t show on what floor they live?

He called Bakugou just to make sure.

“Ah, dang it!” Bakugou said on the phone, “Stupid hair for brains sent you that meal!”

“Who?” Izuku asked.

“He’s this…” he suddenly paused his sentence for a little while.


“He’s this… neighbor guy who lives upstairs, a-and… he worked all day and night at his place so he rarely comes home here! Happy, you idiot??”

“I mean I guess…” he answered, “If that’s the case I don’t really get why he even bothered making me this…, and it came when I was about to go out for dinner, it’s like the guy knew I was hungry or something!”

Izuku chuckled at the notion, but he could hear Bakugou scoffed a simple “tch,” after hearing his joke.

“Okay then, I’ll eat the whole thing…” he said, “But wait, why does the note say to return the dishes to your place?”

“Just eat the damn meal, Deku!” Bakugou shouts, “Don’t ask anything about the fucking dishes! Just be grateful that hair for brains made you dinner! Now, goodnight!”

Izuku puts down the phone, he stared at the meal for a second. Thinking Bakugou might’ve been too embarrassed to admit he was the one who made it because he cared for him.

That thought disappeared around a minute later after he took his first bite. The meal tastes… heavenly inside his mouth. He knew Bakugou too well, and there’s literally no way he made something as good as this…


Izuku woke up a bit early for today, seeing the sunshine on the wide window from his room. This apartment is truly the best, he thought. Opening the balcony doors, he hears the sound of the city in the morning. Cars slowly honking as they rushed to work or school, the light sound of moving bullet trains and the sound of birds chirping from the nearby small park in the neighborhood.

Having shopped for ingredients last night after eating his dinner, Izuku tries to decide what to eat for breakfast this morning. He was thinking about French toast or waffles, but then that knock on the door came again just like last night…

He opened the door to see there was no one, again. He looked down to see there was a plate of food, again. This time, it was a serving of pancakes with butter and maple syrup on top of it. It was wrapped in the same plastic wrapper, and there’s another note attached to it, basically saying he should return the dish to Bakugou’s place when he’s done.

Okay, this was getting strange…

Just who is this “hair for brains” person Bakugou said on the phone last night? And if he’s really busy, why did he even bother to make breakfast for this new neighbor he never even met before?

“Just be grateful that hair for brains made you dinner!” he remembered. Well, maybe he could ask Bakugou about this later, but for now, well… at least he got a delicious free meal.


It’s Sunday morning, so everyone should be inside their apartment, right? He wanted to meet some of his new neighbors for today, but before that, he should probably return the dishes back to Bakugou as instructed.

After cleaning the dishes, he went upstairs to his friend’s apartment. It was pretty convenient that Bakugou’s place is just right above his own apartment. Izuku knocks on the door and was greeted by the sight of his friend, with a toothbrush in his mouth.

“The fuck do you want?” he asked, “Make it quick, I’m busy!”

“Oh, um… I just wanted to return the dishes your friend left at my place last night…” Izuku answered, handing the plates to Bakugou’s hand. He noticed something on the back, though… a stack of pancakes?

“Um… Kacchan is that… pancakes?” he asked.

“What about it?”

“Your friend sent me breakfast this morning…” Izuku said, “It’s also a plate of pancakes, coincidentally…”

“Tch…” he snarled, looking at Izuku’s curious face, “Don’t you have someone else to bother? I thought I told you I’m busy…”

Bakugou then closed the door on Izuku’s face, which was… nothing new really. Having been friends for most of his life, Izuku of course, always knew what kind of attitude or behavior to expect from Katsuki Bakugou.

He returned back to his apartment to unpack the rest of the boxes, thinking he should at least wait until around 9 or 10 PM to start moving around the building to meet his new neighbors. Half an hour later, a knock came on the door again. It’s only 8.48 AM, he thought, isn’t it a bit too early for lunch?

He opened the door to find an actual person standing before him, no free foods this time…

“Deku-kun… hey!” the person greeted, it was Ochako Uraraka, one of his friend he met in college. “I was um… in... the neighborhood, a-and I… wanted to… visit you!”

“Uraraka-san, are you… okay?” he asked his friend, who was gasping for air at the moment, “Did you just ran or something?”

“Um… yeah!” she answered, “I, um… I just… finished jogging… around the neighborhood!”

“Okay…” he accepted the answer, but still feeling a little bit suspicious, “Come on in…”

“T-thanks…” she said, “Do you… have…”

Izuku hands her over a cold bottle of water from the fridge, which she quickly chugs until the bottle was empty. “Oh my God… thank you for that!!” she said, “So, um… how’s the place so far?”

“It’s pretty great!” Izuku answered, “The view looks really great, and there’s this neighbor guy who sent me dinner and breakfast as a welcome gift. Haven’t actually met the neighbors, though, but I’ll probably go around after this…”

“Let me come with you!” she said.

“What?” he asked, a slight chuckle appeared on his face, “You don’t have to do that! I can do it on my own, you know?”

“I know, but, um… I, um… I want to see some of your new neighbors too!”

“What are you, my mom?” Izuku sighed, “Okay, fine, you could come with me. But they’re just normal neighbors, right? What are they gonna do anyway? Eat me?” he laughed.

“Yeah, haha…” Uraraka laughed along, “Eat you…”


“Okay, let’s start with the one living across from me, I guess…”

Izuku knocked on the door with the number 3D across from his apartment. Uraraka standing along behind him, waiting for the neighbor to open the door. He noticed both of her hands are inside the pockets of her hoodies, which is a bit unusual. She could only respond with a smile to his friend before they hear the sound of the door opening.

“H-hello?” the person behind the door asked. The person only partly opened the door, as if they were only trying to peek instead of greeting the guest. Izuku could only see that it was a man, and he sort of looked a bit older than Izuku, though.

“Hi there,” Izuku greeted, “I’m Izuku Midoriya, your new neighbor across the hallway. And I, um… I’m just introducing myself to the floor,”

“O-oh,” the neighbor said, “Y-you must be that new hu… I mean, that new neighbor lady Mi…, um… I mean Kayama-san told us about…”

He opened the door a bit wider now, and Izuku could see his full face. He has a dark messy hair, and his posture is a bit slouched, but the strangest part was his ears, it looked a bit pointed. Which is pretty unusual for a normal person…

“I’m Tamaki Amajiki, um… nice to meet you Midoriya-san…”

“Nice to meet you too, Amajiki-san! Did Kayama-san told you about me?” Izuku asked.

“S-she told everyone, um… once a month w-we usually have this resident meeting thing, a-and last month she kinda told us about the new neighbor moving in…”

“That’s kinda weird…” he said, “I don’t really see why my arrival should be announced like that…”

“Deku-kun!” Uraraka interrupted, “W-we have more neighbors to visit, right? So, um… maybe let’s not ask things like that? I’m pretty sure it’s a normal thing!”

“It’s actually, um…” Amajiki said, “It’s because of that place… y-your apartment hasn’t had a tenant for a while, so…”

“Oh, I see…!” Izuku said, “Yeah, it would be pretty weird someone just lives there since it’s usually always empty!”

“Okay then, we’ll be going!” Uraraka said, trying to push Izuku away from the door “Thank you for your time, Amajiki-san!”

“O-okay… and be careful…” Amajiki replied as he closed the door.

“What does he mean by ‘be careful’?” Izuku asked.

“Dunno, probably just… mean neighbors or something…”


They walked a bit over to the next door on the same floor. Izuku then knocked on the door that has the number 3E in front of it. “Coming!” he could hear from the other side of the door. And a few seconds later, the neighbor finally opens the door. It was a girl, with a short purple hair and bangs on her head. Izuku noticed the small black choker on her neck and the bored and unimpressed look on her face…

“Who are you? And why is Ki…, uh… nevermind…” she asked.

“Um… I’m… Izuku Midoriya, your new neighbor over at 3B, and I just wanna introduce myself to the neighbors around here!”

“Oh,” she said, “Yeah, I heard about you. I’m Kyouka Jirou, good to meet ya! Hope you don’t mind the noise…”

“Noise?” he asked.

“Sometimes I have band practice here, maybe the sound could get to your place…”

“N-no, I don’t really mind about that!” Izuku said, strangely he felt a bit… flustered? “Y-you have a really beautiful voice, by the way, r-right Uraraka?”

“Yeah…” Uraraka answered Izuku notes the sarcastic tone in her voice, “Really great voice…”

“A lot of dudes said that, but maybe you’re surprised that I’m not the lead singer or something. Ah well, it’s not like I could sing or anything… anyway, is that all?”

“Y-yeah!” he answered, “Thank you for your time!”

Jirou quickly closed the door. Izuku turned around to see Uraraka looking a bit pissed, while he felt a bit confused by that encounter…

“W-what the heck was that?” Izuku asked, “W-why did I… why did I get nervous in front of her all of a sudden? A-and… Uraraka are you angry at something?”

“Well, um… Deku-kun…” she explained, “She doesn’t, um… it’s nothing really! Maybe you’re just a bit nervous around her, some people have that certain, uh… charm,”

“You’re acting a bit weird today, you know?” Izuku asked, “Something wrong, Uraraka?”

“Nothing!” she exclaimed, “I guess I’m just… a bit tired…”

“Maybe you should go home,” he said, “Besides, I can do this alone all by mys…”

“NO!!” she suddenly shouts, “Um… there’s not many people left, right? Besides I’m fine! Let’s walk over to the next place, s-shall we?”


If Izuku remembered correctly, there are around six people living on each floor. He doesn’t have to meet all of them for today, maybe he could know the rest from that tenant meeting Amajiki-san said earlier. So, counting him, that means he still has three more doors to knock for today.

Walking to the next place, he made a quick thought in his head. Something seemed… a bit off around here. Uraraka was acting more… strange and cautious than usual. He looked back to see her smiling face, but he could see the act behind it. He knew Uraraka for a while now, around four or five years, and during that time he learned a thing or two about her. And today, well… he could see that she was clearly worried about something. Mean neighbors? The new job? The move? Or is it something personal for her? Whatever it is, Izuku couldn’t put his head around it…

Knocking on the 3F door, Izuku could hear the tenant inside shouting “I’m coming, I’m coming!” from behind the door. He noticed it was a man’s voice, but there was another sound coming from the back that suddenly grabbed his attention.

“Hey wait, where are you…” Uraraka said all of a sudden, which attracts Izuku’s attention for a moment.

“Something wrong, Uraraka?” he asked.

“N-no…” she answered, “I was just um… I was just looking at this video on my phone…”


He took that answer without any doubt, without questioning anything to her. He simply thought she’s probably a bit overwhelmed or worried too much about that mysterious thing, so he probably shouldn’t push her about it. It was strange though that her phone wasn’t even in her hand by the time he looked back at her.

The door opens to a man about Izuku’s age with a blond hair and a black stripe. “Sorry it took a bit long, I was, um… cooking…,” he said, “Can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Izuku Midoriya, your new neighbor living at 3B!” Izuku greeted, “I was just going around to introduce myself to the floor here…”

“Oh! Nice to meet you dude!” the man shakes his hand with Izuku, “Denki Kaminari! I sometimes hang out with your friend upstairs, Bakugou!”

“My friend?” Izuku asked, feeling a bit confused, “How do you know I’m friends with Kacchan?”

“Uh, um…” Kaminari tries to answer, “It’s um… because, um… he sometimes talks about you?”

“Kacchan talks about me? I… that doesn’t really sound like him…, but I’m glad he did! Are you okay?”

Izuku could see his neighbor’s face was looking a bit nervous and scared at the same time as if he was fearing something. “N-no, I’m completely fine!” he answered, “Anyway, um… I kinda… have something to do, so… oh hello?”

“Hm?” Uraraka said, as Kaminari noticed her presence.

“I didn’t see you there!” he said, “You’re that girl from the Stag bar downtown, right? Sometimes I go there after work!”

The Stag bar, no that’s the wrong name. The place is actually called The Royal Stag, it’s located downtown, maybe around a 15-minute walk from Izuku’s new workplace. Uraraka happened to work there, no that’s also the wrong term. Correction: she owns the place, apparently it was a college graduation gift from one of her uncles. Izuku sometimes wonders if Uraraka has a wealthy family, but that information never really mattered for him…

“Oh!” she said, “I’m the owner of the place actually, and next time you’re there, I’ll treat you a glass, on the house!”

“That’s awesome! Thanks!” Kaminari said, “Well, gotta go now! See you later, Midoriya-san!” he then closed the door.

Just before leaving, they suddenly hear the sound of Kaminari screaming inside his apartment.



Come to think of it, it was sort of strange that no one acknowledges Uraraka’s presence before they went to Kaminari’s place. She wasn’t the sort of girl who could just hide her presence, right? Her bubbly and happy personality is a contrast to what just happened recently…

That charm and happy face is probably the reason he fell for her during their first year in college. But apparently, that wasn’t enough, so they broke up in their third year. There were no hard feelings, it was a mutual and inevitable decision for both of them.

And so, they remained friends.

They turn to the opposite direction, having reached the end of the hallway. Izuku knocked on the 3C door, and to his surprise, the tenant quickly opened the door as if he was waiting for it or something. It was a man about his age, with a dark hair, and he’s wearing a black hoodie with the raven symbol on it.

“Greetings…” the neighbor said, “To what may I owe the pleasure?”

“Hi, there!” Izuku said, “I’m…”

“Izuku Midoriya…” he interrupts before Izuku could finish his introduction, “Yes, I know who you are. My name is Fumikage Tokoyami, and I have been assigned to be your guide on your first day of work tomorrow,”

“Oh!” he said, “You work at Musutafu Furnitures?”

“Yes I do,” Tokoyami answered, “I have been given your employee file yesterday and was about to contact you this afternoon. But I did not think that you would come to me personally, unless…”


“Are you the new tenant living at 3B? They told me some information about that, but I did not care to listen very much…”

“Yeah!” Izuku said, “I’m your next-door neighbor from now on!”

“Well, if that is everything, I should perhaps get back to my chores,” Tokoyami closed the door, “Pleasure to meet you, Midoriya-san,”

“He has a weird language, don’t you think?” Izuku asked Uraraka standing behind him.

“It’s sort of normal for his kind, I guess…, uh, um…” she said, there was a brief pause and a look of fear on her face, Izuku notes.

“His kind? What do you mean?”

“I mean, uh… I could, um… he looks really rich to me…”

“Oh, really? I didn’t see that…” Izuku said.

“Trust me, you get to know all kinds of people after working at the bar for almost two years, Deku…”


“Okay, this is the last one on this floor!”

They walked over to the 3A apartment door to meet the last neighbor on the floor. Izuku was about to knock on the door when Uraraka suddenly grabs him by the shoulder.

“Deku-kun, um…” she hesitates to say, “Maybe we should skip this last one?”

“What?” he asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I, um… I don’t know, I just got a, um… a bit of a bad vibe about this place…”

“Bad vibes?” Izuku became a bit confused all of a sudden, “Okay, is there something wrong, Uraraka? And since when have you ever used the word ‘bad vibe’?” he chuckled.

“I really think we should skip this place…” she argues, “Come on! Let’s just go back to the apartment and maybe I could make you a nice glass of…”

But the door to the apartment in front of them suddenly opens, with the neighbor looking a bit annoyed at the pair. It was a man about his age, Izuku thought, his complexion is… somewhat a bit pale, he has those dark bags under his eyes, probably a workaholic or something. He was wearing a black shirt with long brown pajama pants, and his hair… a purple mess, almost equally as messy as his own.

“Can I help you?” he asked, “You know I could hear you thr… I mean you two arguing in front of the door, right?”

“I, um…” Izuku nervously said, “I’m Izuku Midoriya, your new neighbor over at 3B! N-nice to meet you!”

“Oh,” the man said. Izuku notes he looked a bit tired, or bored, depends on how you see it and is he… sniffing something?

“I’m Hitoshi Shinsou,” he shakes his hand with him, “Nice to meet you too…, so, um… look, do I give any bad vibe to you th… I mean you two?”

“Oh my God…” Izuku said with a blush on his face as he was embarrassed, or maybe that’s not it?

“I’m so sorry you had to hear that!” he apologized, “N-no, of course, you don’t give bad vibe or anything! It’s just m-my friend here…”

“Oh, I see…” Shinsou said, “Look, um…”

“Uraraka-san,” she said, “Ochako Uraraka, and I, um… I want to apologize for what I said before. Maybe, um… maybe my instinct was wrong,”

“Yeah, maybe he’s wrong…” he said. Izuku notes they both looked a bit uncomfortable and annoyed by… something. “Look, I don’t wanna make a fuss about all this, but, um… let’s just start over fresh, okay?”

“Okay,” they both answered, “Thank you for your time! It was nice meeting you!”

“Yeah, you too…” Shinsou said as he closed the door.