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Angels and Demons

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A world existed above the Earth that was unlike any other. A peaceful place where people could rest after a long, stressful life. It was Paradise; a kingdom above the clouds where angels resided. From here, the angels could watch over the Earth, and their loved ones who were left behind.

Tweek often stared down at the Earth, twitching and spazzing, not because he was watching over anyone, but because he was always paranoid that Paradise would be attacked. Even though all the other angels assured him that was impossible. But then again, even in life Tweek had been a very nervous person.

Every angel had different colors in their robes, wings, and halos. They weren’t all gold and white. Tweek’s was a greenish olive color that he had never been very fond of. His wings looked like they belonged to an old bird, as Tweek’s wings were constantly shedding feathers merely out of stress. His halo did very little to tame his mane of wild blond hair.

Leaning out over the edge of the cloud he was resting on, Tweek could see all the little people on Earth walking around, living their lives. He felt a shudder run through him. He thought when he got to Paradise things were supposed to be better. But why did it feel like things were the same as when he was alive?

He was so focused on the people below, Tweek didn’t even notice the other angel fly up behind him and land on his cloud. That is, until he spoke.

“Whatchya doing, Tweek?” the angel asked in an obnoxiously loud voice.

“GAH!” Tweek exclaimed in fear and leaped up, several feathers falling from his wings. Tweek fell back into the fluffiness of the cloud, and clutched his chest, trying to get his breath back. “Kenny! You know I hate it when you do that!” he scolded.

Kenny had an orange glow around him, and his wings were large and magnificent. Unlike Tweek’s. Kenny grinned down at him.

“Sorry, Tweek. Didn’t mean to scare you,” he said. He would have been more convincing if he wasn’t trying to hold back a laugh. Tweek huffed.

“Yeah, I totally believe you,” he muttered. Kenny grinned at him.

“Anyway, what were you doing?” he wondered.

“What I’m always doing that people should take more seriously,” Tweek scolded, “Keeping watch to make sure we don’t get attacked by demons!”

Kenny stared at him, then burst out laughing. “Tweek, you’re so paranoid!” he laughed, “You know demons can’t get up here! Sure, they can fly, but they can’t fly up this high! We’re totally safe! Besides, we’re the ones that have power over the demons!”

Tweek cringed and twitched violently. “B-But they’re demons!” he argued, “They’re tricky and can’t be trusted! Who knows what they’re planning!”

“They’re not planning anything, Tweek,” Kenny told him, rolling his eyes, “You need to get those thoughts out of your head!”

“Kenny! Stop picking on Tweek!” A new voice called. They both looked up and saw the archangel Stan flying towards them.

Stan was the second in command of the angels, who made sure Paradise was safe and everyone was happy. His robes were brown, but his wings and halo were blue, and he had a red glow. He could be tough sometimes, but he had a fun-loving mischievous side as well.

He flew down and landed in front of the two of them. “Kenny, you know better than to stir up trouble,” he scolded, “I could hear your voice all the way from the garden.”

“So sorry, Stan,” Kenny replied, “I was just telling Tweek that there’s no way the demons can ever get up here.”

“You don’t have to be so rude about it, though,” Tweek muttered. Kenny shrugged, then took off, flying off for a place above them. Stan sighed before turning to Tweek, who still looked upset.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“I guess,” Tweek mumbled his reply, “NNG! I just wish someone would take me seriously for once!”

“Tweek, I know you think the demons are planning something, but trust me, they’re not,” Stan assured him, “They’re not clever enough to attack us. They don’t have any way to reach us. And we’re powerful enough that when we go down to Earth we can keep them away from us. Ok? Does that make you feel any better?”

Opening his mouth, Tweek was about to say no, but then he decided against it. “Yeah,” he said, “Thanks, Stan. I feel much better.” He hoped Stan couldn’t hear the bitterness in his voice. It seemed to work as Stan smiled.

“Good,” he said, “Well, if you excuse me, I have important business to attend to on Earth. Don’t wait up.” With that, Stan leaped up and plunged through the clouds towards the ground. He often went down to Earth, but he never told anyone why, not even his girlfriend, Wendy.

Tweek watched him go before sighing and back down on the cloud. Recently he had been seeing increased demon activity down on Earth, and it really scared him. He knew they were up to something. He just didn’t know what.

“GAH! What are they planning?” he hissed, pulling at his hair. He looked down at the ground again. He could see an imp demon following a boy around and causing him all sorts of bad luck. Humans couldn’t see demons and angels, and demons liked to take advantage of this by tormenting humans with pranks and other things like that. While angels liked to use their invisibleness to perform “miracles,” demons were the exact opposite.

Sighing, Tweek wished he could go down there and stop that demon from messing with the human. After all, angels naturally had power over demons. But Tweek had always been weak and scared, even of demons.

Before Tweek could watch anymore, someone suddenly fell from above and landed on him with a loud “oof!” Thankfully, whoever landed on him was not very heavy, as to not break through the cloud. Tweek quickly rolled over, shoving whoever it was off.

“ARGH! Butters! What are you doing?” Tweek exclaimed, pulling at his hair, “You scared the shit out of me!”

“Well, gee sorry, Tweek!” Butters said, “I accidentally fell off my cloud.”

And people think I’m clumsy, Tweek thought to himself. He sighed. “How do you fall off a cloud? Did you forget you could fly?” he asked.

“I guess I, uh, fell asleep,” Butters admitted, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment, “And I sorta rolled over and fell off.”

Butters was still a young angel, in that he had only entered Paradise recently. His colors were blue and yellow, and his wings were still rather small compared to someone like Stan. Because he was still new to all of this, sometimes he forgot he could fly. Often times he was more scatterbrained than Tweek was.

“Are you all right Tweek?” Butters asked, rubbing his knuckles together. Tweek sighed.

“I’m fine,” he replied, “You just startled me.”

“Well, that’s a relief!” Butters brightened, “What were you staring at?”

“GAH! What do you mean?” Tweek shouted.

“Well, you were lyin’ on your stomach when I fell on you,” Butters pointed out, “I just thought you were staring at something. Weren’t you?”

Tweek felt his eye twitch. “ERG! No!” he lied, “I wasn’t staring at anything.” He didn’t want Butters to think he was crazy as well. Butters flashed him a bright smile.

“Okey dokey then!” he exclaimed happily, “Well, I’ll see ya later, Tweek! Don’t forget we have class today!” Then he jumped up and clumsily flew off, flapping his wings furiously to stay airborne.

Tweek groaned. He hated class. Why did angels have to have a class, like they were in school or something? It’s not like Mr. Mackey, their teacher, really taught them anything important. He didn’t have anything against Mr. Mackey, he was nice enough, but the class was just so pointless! Did they really have to learn every little thing about the history of angels and demons? There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

Annoyed, Tweek decided he didn’t really want to deal with class today. There were always too many people, and some of them really liked to make fun of him and his paranoia. Getting to his feet, Tweek spread his wings and flew down to Earth.

There was a beach that Tweek often went to when he wanted to be alone. There was a large rock formation that made a sort of hut-like shelter that he liked to hide under. That way no one could see him when they looked down from Paradise.

Flying down to the rock, which overlooked the ocean, Tweek quickly made sure there was no one around before slipping underneath. Sighing, he sat down and stared out at the ocean for a moment before laying down. He curled up, and before he knew it, he had drifted off.

When he woke up, it was dark out. Surprised, Tweek sat up and blinked. “How long was I out?” he wondered out loud.

There was the sound of something dragging in the sand, startling Tweek. He held his breath as he came to a terrifying realization.

He was not alone.