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The Ambrosia Apartments

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The sound of tape ripping off cardboard filled your new apartment. You opened up yet another box and began sorting through it. You weren't a fan of moving at all - who is really? Yet, you knew that once everything was done, this move would pay off.

Your apartment was gorgeous - even if a little bit old. As you walked inside, the kitchen sat to the right, and the living area to the left. Ahead, down a small hallway, was a large window, letting sunlight pour into the room, and it opened up to a small balcony. The bathroom was closest to the kitchen, and the two bedrooms were on either side of the big window.

Your roommate and best friend, Elisabeth, was unpacking another box, looking as tired as you felt. Letting out a small sigh, you paused, standing up straighter.

"Let's take a break," you suggested. "I'll make something to eat."

Elisabeth let out her own sigh of relief, moving her hair away from her face.

"That's the best idea I've heard all day," was her reply.


"Olga, are you home?"

Ezio knocked lightly on the apartment door. Olga was an elderly Russian woman living on the bottom floor of his apartment block. She was almost like a grandmother to him and the other Assassins living in the building. They felt protective over her and wouldn't hesitate to step in if they thought she needed help of any kind.

He heard shuffling behind the door, and then it slowly opened to reveal the older woman.

"Ezio," she greeted in her thick accent.

"Ciao, Olga," he returned.

She moved aside to let him in, gently pushing him into a chair at her dining table.

"I wanted to know if you have any flour I can use?" He asked.

"Flour?" She repeated and he nodded in confirmation.

"I'm making Lasagna," he explained.

"Trying to impress a girl?" She teased, eyes sparkling.

"No, nonna," he shook his head with a small smile.

"You boys are all so handsome," she commented, moving over to her pantry. "It's time you got girlfriends."

Ezio said nothing, watching as she grabbed the flour for him.

"There's two lovely young ladies who just moved in," she continued. "They're on the same floor as you all."

His eyebrow rose at that. How had two young women moved in and managed to escape his notice?

"Really?" He asked, intrigued.

"Yes," she said, handing the flour to him. "You should introduce yourself."

"Si," he agreed, standing up. "Grazie, Olga."

"It's no trouble, Ezio,"

He smiled, placing a quick kiss to her cheek and then left. Making his way over to the elevator, he let his mind wander, thinking about what the new girls might be like. He didn't need to guess which apartment they had moved into. There was only one on their floor that was not occupied by Assassins.


You let yourself sink into a chair and take a break. There were still a lot of boxes to unpack, but you'd gotten a fair bit done. You reached over to pick up one of your cases of make up, checking it over to make sure it hadn't been damaged during the move. As a make up artist, it was important that your equipment stayed intact.

A knock on your front door stopped your examination of the box and you looked up. Curious as to who it might be, you walked over to open it.

You were greeted by a very handsome man. He was tall and toned; defined muscles evident underneath his cotton shirt. He looked you over with golden eyes and you noticed a thin scar running over his lips, on the left side of his mouth. His hair was dark, and his skin lightly tanned. You could smell the fragrances of neroli oil and basil surrounding him, and it was very pleasant.

"Buona Sera," he greeted you in a rich, deep baritone.

So he was Italian. Interesting.

"Hello," you replied, giving him a small smile.

He grinned in return, leaning slightly closer.

"I heard that we had new neighbours, and wanted to make you feel welcome," he said smoothly.

He held out a baking dish, and inside was what looked to be freshly made Lasagna.

"Did you make this for us?" You asked, overcome with gratitude for the kind gesture.

"Of course," he replied.

"Thank you so much," you said, giving him a heartwarming smile. "Why don't you come in for a bit?"

He nodded, quickly taking the opportunity to enter your apartment. You called out to Elisabeth, wanting her to meet your new neighbour, whilst the man placed the Lasagna onto the kitchen bench. She quickly appeared from her bedroom, long brown hair falling messily over her shoulders. She was dressed only in a baggy tracksuit. Clearly not prepared for your present company.

Elizabeth's eyes instantly widened when she saw the Italian man in your apartment. Honestly, he could have put Adonis himself to shame. You felt bad for calling your roommate out though, as she was clearly uncomfortable with the way she was dressed in front of him.

"Ciao, bella," he greeted, looking at her with interest.

Elisabeth visibly blushed at his words.

"Elisabeth, this is..." you trail off. "I'm sorry, I never asked for your name."

You let out an awkward laugh, but he only smiled at you.

"No, no, it was rude of me not to introduce myself first," he replied, his deep voice effortlessly smooth. "I'm Ezio Auditore."

He reached out for your hand, lifting it up to place a kiss over the back, his alluring gaze never leaving your own. Heart fluttering in your chest, you gave him your name in return.

"Bellissima," he praised, liking your name. "Olga, the older lady from downstairs told me you moved in."

"Oh," you nodded, remembering the old Russian woman. "Yes, she's lovely. Do you know her well?"

"Si," he nodded. "My friends and I are close to her. Those who tried to take advantage of her in the past... lets just say we took care of them."

There was something about the way he said those words that made you freeze. He was undeniably handsome, and had been warm with you so far, but there was an aura of danger around him that you couldn't ignore. You wouldn't want to cross this man and get on his bad side.

"We're very protective of her now," Ezio continued. "She's like family."

"That's sweet," you replied, trying to ignore any feelings of uneasiness.

"She seems to know everything that happens in this building," Elisabeth piped up, walking over to join the two of you.

"Si," Ezio agreed, giving her his attention once again. "But I have a keen eye myself. You are the first women to escape my radar."

You had to bite down a laugh at his words, but Elisabeth smiled flirtatiously at him, quirking a brow.

"And where is this 'radar' actually located?" She questioned, looking pointedly downwards.

You watched as Ezio leaned forwards, coming closer to her. His voice lowered, taking on a seductive lilt.

"Would you like to find out?" He purred. "You won't be disappointed."

Elisabeth bit her lip and he winked at her, his own lips lifting up into a suggestive smirk. He was undressing her with his eyes, taking in every inch of her body.

You cleared your throat awkwardly, uncomfortable with the atmosphere in the room. Instantly, Ezio's gaze flickered over to you, the lust in his eyes becoming even more prominent.

"Don't worry, mia bella," he teased. "I haven't forgotten you."

He looked you over, just as he had with Elisabeth, yet his eyes were darker, observing you like a man starved. You blushed under his heated gaze, and cleared your throat yet again.

"Thank you for the warm welcome, Ezio," you said. "But we have a lot of unpacking to do, so..."

He took the hint, his eyes meeting yours. He placed a kiss to Elisabeth's hand this time and she looked as though she would melt on the spot. She was clearly taken with the charming Italian, but you realised that it was hard not to be.

He turned back to you, sending you a wink.

"I have to say, I'm very happy you've moved in," he said, addressing you both. "A presto."

And then he was walking out the door, closing it behind him and disappearing from your sight.

You turned to Elisabeth, exchanging a knowing look with her.

"Well, living here is definitely going to be... interesting," she observed.

"Yeah," you breathed out, looking over to the door where Ezio had been moments before. "That's putting it lightly."


"She's moving around, she's lost her way back... She'd rather stay high, stay high, bitch is tryna hunt..."

You sang out loudly with Elisabeth, the two of you getting hyped up for a night of clubbing. With you being a make up artist, and your roommate being a hair stylist, there was no way you both couldn't look absolutely stunning.

You were wearing sheer black pantyhose with black stiletto ankle boots that had silver studs on the back. Your denim short-shorts were high waisted with a black belt. Tucked into them was a loose cream top, hung low at the front to reveal a studded bra. Over that you wore a tight fitting leather jacket.

Elizabeth had opted for something a little more simple and chic. She wore a knee length dress, the skirt black and flaring out from the waist down. The bust was a black and white pattern, while the belt was red. On her feet were a pair of black stiletto heels.

With the music and your singing so loud, it was almost a miracle that you heard someone knocking on the front door. You turned the music down, checking if you'd heard correctly and heard the knocking again.

"I'll get it," Elisabeth offered, moving out of the bathroom.

You nodded in thanks and then did the finishing touches to your eyeliner. Once done, you looked down only to find your lipstick missing. You moved out to find Elisabeth just as she opened the front door.

"Would you mind keeping it down?" A male voice asked, sounding tired and a little frustrated.

You couldn't see him, as Elisabeth was obscuring your view, but his voice definitely sounded attractive.

"Sorry, we didn't realise how loud we were being," Elisabeth replied sheepishly.

"No, it's fine," he said, suddenly sounding alert, and a little bit... flirtatious. "I'm just in the middle of a business call."

You stepped forward, curious about the man and wanting to know what he looked like. Approaching Elisabeth from behind, you slung an arm around her shoulder, peering over to see the man.

You weren't disappointed.

He was tall with golden-brown skin and golden blonde hair that was tied back. His eyes were blue, like the ocean and he had light stubble. He was shirtless - something you definitely appreciated - and this enabled you to see all of the different tattoos on his muscular chest and arms. His faded jeans sat low over his hips, teasing what lay downwards, underneath the denim. He looked like a surfer, and he definitely had body of one.

His enticing blue eyes shot up to meet your own, and he straightened, a smirk forming on his lips. He shifted, moving to lean against the doorframe, one of his thumbs hooking into the waistband of his jeans, pulling it lower, teasing you, but not as low as you would have liked.

He grinned as he saw you appraising him, and you bit your bottom lip at the sight.

"On second thoughts," he continued, voice silky and seductive. "Don't worry about the noise. You can sing as loud as you want."

You pulled away from Elisabeth, moving to stand beside her instead. Now that he could see you better, he gave you an appreciative once over. You picked up the distinct smells of salt water and rum as you got closer to him.

"I'm Edward by the way," he introduced himself.

You and Elisabeth both introduced yourselves in return, and he grinned at the two of you. Your roommate practically swooned at the attention from the man, and you looked away, a little embarrassed by her behaviour. Your eyes widened when they caught sight of the clock on your kitchen wall.

"Elisabeth," you said, trying to get your roommate's attention. "Move your booty, or we're going to be late!"

She nudged you lightly, blushing. At this, Edward's grin only widened.

"It's been a while since I've seen a booty as gorgeous as yours lass," he commented, giving Elisabeth another appraising look. "Well I'd better get back to my call. Bishop hates it when I leave her hanging. 'Til next time."

You began to pull Elisabeth back into the apartment as he walked away, but then he threw you one last look. You paused, watching as he gave Elisabeth a wink, and she actually shuddered at the action. Her eyes were fixed upon his tattooed back with her mouth slightly agape.

He disappeared into his apartment - the one right next to yours. Honestly, you couldn't blame your roommate for acting like a blushing schoolgirl. As you both entered your own flat, thoughts of Edward, the man next door, still lingered in your mind.


Not too long after that, you and Elisabeth were back out in the hall. You stood beside your roommate as she struggled with the old lock on your apartment door. You were about to offer that you could have a go at trying to lock the door, but something else captured your attention.

"Elisabeth, can you smell that?" You asked. "It smells like... rich dark chocolate and...espresso..."

You breathed out the words, lost in the delicious smell. But Elisabeth only huffed as she continued to struggle with the lock.

"You must be hallucinating," she replied. "And you haven't even had a sip of alcohol yet. I can't smell anything."

"No, I can definitely smell it..." you mumbled, mostly to yourself.

The smell was becoming more and more distinct, and you turned around to face the hallway, only to come face to face with a man instead.

The first thing you noticed were his irresistible lips, which were parted slightly as he stared at you. His brown hair fell slightly into his warm chocolate eyes, which reminded you of his intoxicating scent. Dark stubble lined his jaw, and you noticed that there was something red spattered across his nose and cheeks.

He seemed too stunned to notice though, as he was openly staring at you, his eyes showing intrigue. You felt your cheeks darken as his gaze seemed to burn into your very soul, dark and heated. God... The men on this floor were going to drive you crazy. The three you'd encountered so far were all gorgeous and alluring.

Elizabeth turned around from the door, to see what you were staring at, only to cry out in shock.

"Oh my god!" She exclaimed. "You've got blood on your face! Why do you have blood on your face!?"

The man startled, his eyes unfortunately breaking their gaze with yours. He turned to your roommate, letting out a quiet chuckle. She had her hand over her mouth in shock, and this caused him to falter slightly. He paused for a few moments, almost as though he was trying to think of an excuse.

"Paintball," he said quickly. "I was... playing paintball..."

Elisabeth frowned, placing her hands on her hips. She was clearly not convinced, but didn't push the topic either. You looked back at the man, still not quite over the trance he'd had you in moments before. His eyes immediately met yours, almost like there was a magnetic pull between the two of you.

You offered him a smile, and he returned it tenfold. His smile made your knees weak, and you looked away, not sure if you could handle the intensity any longer. He didn't seem to like that, however, as he reached out for your hand, lifting it to his lips and leaving you with no choice but to meet his gaze again.

"I was wondering when I'd meet our new neighbours," he said, his voice rich and velvety. "I'm Arno Dorian."

Trying to compose yourself, you told him your name, and then Elisabeth did the same, bringing his attention back to her. He stepped away from you, also raising her hand to kiss it.

"Enchanté," he said, turning back to you.

You nearly melted on the spot right then and there. He was French!

"You both look lovely," he praised, looking over Elisabeth, and then you. His eyes seemed to linger on you though, taking you in more slowly. "Are you going out?"

You nodded, and Elisabeth took the opportunity to cut in.

"Yes," she said hurriedly. "We really should be going."

"I won't keep you then," he told her with a charming smile.

He moved away from you, and you appraised him from behind. He was tall and lean, but what really caught your attention were his strong, muscular thighs. And that ass - oh, you had to look away before your thoughts became too obviously inappropriate.

He stopped at the apartment you'd seen Edward enter earlier and you realised they must be roommates. He paused at the door, looking up to meet eyes with you once again.

"Have a nice night," he told you both. "À un de ces jours."

You let out a long breath of air when he disappeared from your view. Something about that meeting had been very intense.

"Come on," Elisabeth said, pulling you from your thoughts. "Let's get going."

You nodded, forcing yourself to tear your eyes away from last place you'd seen him.


Days later, you were down in the foyer, collecting the mail from your letterbox. You sifted through the envelopes, looking for anything but bills. But then the letters fell suddenly from your hands as you were tackled to the ground by something large and furry, knocking the wind out of you. Once you'd caught your breath, you looked up and into the face of a gorgeous Alaskan Malamute.

The dog quickly leant forward and began licking all over your face. You squirmed underneath the large animal, letting out a laugh at its antics. You tried to get out from under it, when something caught your eye.

Instead of an ordinary tag hanging from it's collar, there was a strange symbol. It kind of looked like an A, but without the horizontal line. And there were elaborate designs around it. But before you could dwell too much on the dog's collar, you suddenly felt more weight on top of you.

Oh god, you thought to yourself. Is it another one of these bear-like dogs?

But then you saw warm brown eyes peering down at you, and they definitely didn't belong to a dog. No, they belonged to a very attractive man. He was tall, with a muscular build. A bear of a man.

Yet, as imposing as his physique was, his eyes were soft and concerned. He tore his gaze away from you and pulled the dog off of your body.

"Nikita," he chastised the Malamute. "Bad girl. Sit."

His voice was quiet, but firm all the same. You sat up and watched as Nikita obeyed the man's command, and he pat her, praising the action. He then turned to you, offering you his hand.

You accepted, allowing him to help you up. Once you were standing, you noticed that he smelt of pine. You looked him over, fully taking in his appearance. His brown hair fell to his jaw, and the top half was tied back, only allowing a small section of hair, with a few beads over it, to fall forward.

He looked like the type who rarely smiled, and you couldn't help but desire to make him do so. He was wearing a flannelette shirt, with the first few buttons undone, and a pair of regular denim jeans. He really was very largely built - especially his torso and arms. You briefly wondered what it would be like to receive a hug from him. It would likely be a big, crushing bear hug. His arms strong as they wrapped around you.

"Are you okay?" The man asked quietly, pulling you from your thoughts.

You noticed that he looked a bit uneasy. Probably because you'd just been openly ogling him.

"Uh, yes, sorry," you replied, giving him a bashful smile.

"Sorry about Nikita," he apologised, running his hand over the dog's head.

"It's no problem, um..."

"Connor," he supplied.

You told him your own name in return, and he nodded.

"I know," he said. "Ezio told me..."

"Ah, Ezio, of course," you laughed softly. "He seems to know everyone in this building."

"We're all his friends," Connor replied. "We work together."

You wanted to ask what sort of work they did, but also didn't want to pry into their business when you barely knew them. Instead, you simply nodded.

"I'd better get going," he said.

"Of course," you smiled at him. "See you around, Connor,"

"You too," he returned, already walking out. "Nikita, heel."

You watched as he left the building, the dog dutifully trailing behind him. As you bent down to pick up the letters you'd dropped, you found your mind wondering about the strange, stoic man, and his equally odd friends.


It was a warm, sunny day, and you'd wanted to get out of the apartment. It was the perfect weather to go to the beach. You put on a light dress over your bikini, packed the essentials and were good to go. Walking down the hallway, you reached the elevator, pressed the button and waited.

An odd, boisterous laugh interrupted the silence of the hall. You looked up, wondering where it had come from. A man sprinted around the corner, crashing into you and catching you off balance.

Strong, lean arms were quick to catch you, and you found yourself staring into vibrant blue eyes. The smell of incense was suddenly very strong, and there was also a hint of something else. Something you couldn't quite place.

A man was holding you securely, and your eyes widened almost comically. He was very attractive. Long, dark hair that fell just above his shoulders, a strong aquiline nose, and a protruding bottom lip that looked very kissable. Those lips were smirking at you, and his eyes held a playful spark.

"Where are you, Yusuf?" A low, angry voice called out.

You couldn't see who it was, held by the man as you were. However, his smirk quickly formed into a grin, as the elevator dinged, and the doors opened. His hold on you loosened, and instead he grabbed your hand, dragging you into the lift.

"Come on!" The man, evidently called Yusuf, said.

You staggered a little at the force he used to pull you in with him, but his hands quickly steadied you. Looking up at him, you saw his gaze fixed out onto the hallway, as he pressed the button to make the elevator go to the ground floor.

Just as the doors closed, a soaking wet, clearly furious man came into view. He glared at Yusuf, but the man holding you only grinned mischievously in return.

"Yusuf," the man growled, stalking towards the elevator. "Don't you dare -"

But then the doors closed in his face and the lift was moving downwards. You pulled away from the strange man, moving to the opposite side of the elevator. Handsome as he was, he was still a little bit intimidating.

"What did you do to him?" You asked, both curious and shocked.

At your words, he let out a bark of a laugh.

"Altaïr can't take a joke," he shrugged nonchalantly.

"He was soaking wet," you reasoned.

"It's a custom from my country," he revealed.

"To make people drenched with water?" You raised an eyebrow, stifling a laugh.

"I may have... elaborated a little," he grinned cheekily at you.

The elevator reached the ground floor and you stepped out first, watching as he followed.

"You're the new girl," he commented, staying close as you both walked outside. "The one Ezio was talking about."

"You know him?" You asked, and he nodded. "Of course you do..."

They were both very strange. It sort of made sense that they would know each other. In fact, all of the men on your floor seemed to be very odd. The ones you'd met so far, at least.

"He was right," Yusuf continued.

"About what?" You asked, perplexed.

"You're definitely interesting," was his reply as he began to walk away. "Görüşürüz."

He gave you a small wave and you watched him leave.

You have no idea, Yusuf, you thought to yourself. Yet.


You walked quickly to the laundry. Your washing had only been due to finish 10 minutes ago. Surely no one would be wanting to use the dryer yet. You opened the doors to the laundry, convinced that you were right. But as soon as the room came into your view, you froze at what you saw.

A man with an amused smirk was standing by the open dryer, facing you. He was average height, with broad shoulders and strong arms. His hazel eyes were filled with mischief, and his tongue darted out to wet his slightly dry lips, almost teasingly.

His hair was brown and pushed back by the hat on top of his head. He had dark stubble, only interrupted by a scar on his left cheek. Another scar ran through his right eyebrow, which was quirked up in amusement as he in turn appraised you.

But none of these things could hold your attention for long, as your eyes were immediately drawn to what he was holding onto. He held up a hand, a pair of lacy black panties, dangling from his index finger.

"Yours?" He asked, eyes alight with mirth.

"Yes!" Your eyes were wide with embarrassment. "Oh my God!"

You were absolutely humiliated that this man had not only gone through your washing, but that he had also found your underwear, and was now holding them as if he had every right to do so.

In a few quick strides you crossed the room, reaching out so that you could grab the panties back out of his grasp. No such luck though, as he held them high above your head, taunting you.

"I have to say," he murmured, his voice deep and husky. "This is a nice pair of knickers."

"Cut it out panty thief!"

"Panty thief?" He asked, amused. "I've been called many things, love. Sir Jacob Frye, vagrant, handsome devil, but never 'panty thief'. I like it."

"Sir?" You repeated. "What are you, royalty?"

"I'm the bloody king of this building, love. I assure you."

"Oh my god," you scoffed. "Just give them back!"

"Ah, ah," Jacob tutted, leaning down slightly so that he could speak lowly into your ear. "Nothing comes without a price. What will you give me in return?"

"What do you want?" You asked, leaning back to look at him with suspicion.

"I can think of lots of things," he replied suggestively. "These naughty lace panties have given me a lot of ideas."

Your breath hitched a little as you imagined some of the things he might be thinking. Gazing upwards, to his arm held high above his head, you saw that his fingers were lightly caressing the flimsy fabric.

"Feels good," he commented. "But I bet they'd feel even better on you. My fingers touching, caressing, teasing you through this thin, black lace..."

Your breath hitched at his words, his silky smooth voice alone was enough to arouse you. He laughed at your reaction, pulling back and breaking the spell he had over you.

"Didn't think that'd be enough to turn you on, love," he commented, his smirk only wider.

"Just give me my clothing back, and you can have the dryer," you tried to reason with him.

You were annoyed that he'd elicited such a reaction from you and then teased you about it. How could he talk dirty to you one minute, and then act completely at ease the next?

"I don't think so," he replied, tucking the lingerie into his inner coat pocket. "I think I'll keep these. You can have them back later. When you've earned it."

He pat down his hand on the outside of his coat, directly over where your panties now lay.

"When I've earned it?" You scoffed. "You want me to sleep with you, just so that I can have my panties back?"

He grinned devilishly, reaching out and pulling you flush against him. The scent of his leather coat was suddenly very prominent, and you also picked up the fragrance of mint.

"Oh you'll do more than just 'sleep with me', love," he promised, his voice low and seductive. "When I'm done with you, these panties will be the last thing on your mind. All you'll want is me. All of me."

Your breath was shaky, and your eyes hooded as they became cloudy with desire.

"See you again soon, love," he chuckled, moving away from you. "I look forward to it."

You watched in a daze as he left the laundry, giving a light slap to your ass when he passed you. He'd left you feeling more turned on than ever.

After a few moments, when you'd slowly come back to reality, you noticed that he'd not left with any laundry of his own. Looking around the room, you realised that the only basket of clothing was yours.

"Bastard was snooping around on purpose!" You exclaimed, shocked at his audacity.

Yet, despite being taken aback by his actions, his boldness had elicited a desire within you that seemed almost insatiable.


"I can't believe this," you mumbled under your breath.

Water was trickling down from the ceiling, the speed increasing the longer it was left with nothing being done about it. Neither you or Elisabeth could use the bathroom, and something needed to be done now.

"I'm going to get the landlord," you said to Elisabeth. "He can deal with it."

"I'll come with you," she said, getting up to leave.

Once you'd reached the landlord's apartment, which was two floors above yours, you knocked quickly on the door. Elisabeth was fidgeting beside you, clearly anxious for a solution. She needed the bathroom because she was going out that night. She'd already spoken to the tenant above you, asking him to fix the pipes that were overflowing with water, but he hadn't listened.

Several moments passed, but there was no answer.

"He must be out," you sighed in defeat.

Elisabeth let out an annoyed huff, and you both turned to leave, only to pause when you saw a man approaching you.

"Here to see the landlord?" You asked, and he nodded. "He's out, unfortunately."

The man looked you both over, taking in your tired and frustrated appearances.

"Do you have an emergency?" He asked quietly.

You were going to tell him no, because it wasn't his problem to deal with, but Elisabeth cut in before you had the chance.

"Yes!" She exclaimed, latching onto the opportunity. "The pipes are leaking in the apartment above us. The water is eating into the roof of our bathroom, but the tenant won't do anything about it."

The man paused, considering her words for a moment.

"Which apartment? He asked.

"702," Elisabeth replied.

"I'll see what I can do," he offered.

"Thank you!" Your roommate smiled happily.

"It's fine..." his eyes flickered back to you but then quickly glanced away again.

The three of you walked back over to the elevator and you took the opportunity to observe the man who'd so generously offered to help you both. He was tall and lean, wearing a long, fitted coat, but strangely opted to keep the hood up. Even through the fabric of the coat, you could tell that well-defined muscle laid underneath. Despite his hood being raised, you could see that he had brown hair with reddish hues, due to his shortly trimmed beard.

His eyes were dark and mysterious, and he had a tattoo running vertically from the bottom of his right eyelid and down over his cheek. He walked with confidence, but there was also something about his stance that told you he was alert to everything going on around him.

As you all walked into the lift, he turned to look at you once again, his own gaze curious. You decided to introduce yourself to him, and then motioned to Elisabeth and introduced her as well.

"I'm Aguilar," he replied, sticking to his short responses.

"Nice to meet you," you offered, thinking maybe he was just a bit reserved and needed to warm up to you.

He simply nodded, but it didn't deter you, as his eyes burned into you, clearly holding interest in whatever they saw. He was very handsome, and so you were flattered by the attention. The elevator stopped on the seventh floor. Aguilar moved to get out, and it was only then that his eyes left you.

"I will come down to your apartment when I'm finished," he said, and then walked out into the hallway.

You nodded, giving him a small smile.

"Thank you, Aguilar,"

He nodded in return before walking away to find the man in apartment 702, leaving your sight.

When you and Elisabeth arrived back at your apartment, you strained your ears to see if you could hear what was going on upstairs, but couldn't discern anything. Then, as you opened the front door you heard a distinct yelp from upstairs. Elisabeth didn't seem to hear it, quickly disappearing into your apartment, but you paused, wondering what Aguilar had done or said. Shrugging, you walked inside, trusting that he had everything under control.

Elisabeth had gone straight into her bedroom, preparing to get ready for the evening, once the bathroom fiasco had been sorted out. You lingered in the living area, waiting for Aguilar to come down as he'd promised.

Sure enough, after a few moments you heard a knock on the front door and moved to answer it.

"Any luck?" You asked once you saw him.

"I need to look from down here," he replied.

"Sure," you said with a smile, stepping aside to let him in.

You led him to the bathroom and he stepped into the bathtub, trying to get in the best spot to assess the damage. You stepped in after him, feeling curious yourself. A few droplets of water dripped down from the ceiling - and fell right onto your chest. Aguilar chose that exact moment to turn around and face you. His eyes seemed to instantly drop downwards, landing on the drops of water. His gaze followed as the water moved downwards, and the look in his eyes was dark, almost like he was a hunter stalking his prey.

His tongue darted out to wet his bottom lip, and he stepped closer to you. You caught the distinct smell of oranges and a hint of frankincense as well. He lifted one of his hands, his fingers reaching out to remove the water from your skin, just as it began to slide down in between your breasts.

"Joder!" He breathed out, his fingers still teasing your skin, even though the water was now gone.

"What's the verdict?" Elisabeth's voice came from the doorway.

Instantly, Aguilar recoiled his hand away from you, turning to face your roommate.

"You'll need a plumber," he concluded.

"Seriously?" She sighed to herself, realising that she would have to work around the leak if she wanted to go out that night.

Aguilar stepped out of the tub, but then turned around, offering you his hand to help you out as well. You took it gratefully and then led him back to the door.

"Thank you for all of your help," you smiled up at him.

"It's nothing," he replied.

His eyes were so intense as they looked at you, not lingering on your face, but moving down and taking in every inch of your body. Suddenly, his gaze snapped up to meet yours again, and his lips quirked into a barely recognisable smile.

"Let me know if there's anything else you ever need help with," he offered.

"I will," you replied with a nod, wondering if his words held any hidden meaning. You wouldn't be complaining if they did.

His smile widened ever so slightly and then he walked out of the apartment, leaving you to cool off from the slight state of arousal he'd evoked in you.


Your pace quickened as you walked down the hallway, ignoring the masculine voice that called out to you. Likely, it was one of the strange men living on your floor. Whatever it was, they could tell you later. You were running late to work and couldn't stop for a chat.

You inwardly cursed Elisabeth for leaving without you. So, you'd forgotten to set your alarm... couldn't she have woken you? You were almost to the elevator when the voice called out again, closer this time. Hopefully you'd make it into the lift before he caught up.

You let out a started yelp as you were suddenly stopped in your tracks and pushed against the wall, though not harshly enough to hurt you.

Annoyed, golden eyes stared into your own, and your senses were suddenly flooded by the smell of sandalwood. You recognised this man from before, with Yusuf. What had he called him...?

Altaïr, you suddenly recalled.

His golden orbs burned into you, and you couldn't help but be reminded of someone else. Ezio had golden eyes too. And that wasn't the only thing they had in common; Altaïr had a scar running over his lips that was identical to the Italian's.


The look in his eyes was dangerous, intimidating, but you couldn't help but feel excited by his close proximity to you. What was wrong with you? He was forcing you against the wall, yet you were attracted to him?

"Why are you running away from me?" He asked, clearly frustrated.

His voice pulled you from your thoughts.

"I'm not," you denied. "I'm late for work. Whatever it is, can't it wait?"

He moved closer, his body effectively trapping yours, and you became suddenly nervous. Like all the other men on this floor, he was insanely good looking, but with an underlying hint of danger.

"No," he stated shortly. "Where's Yusuf?"

"W-what?" You sputtered. "How would I know? I've only met him once."

His eyes narrowed, untrusting of you and your words.

"I can't find him," he said. "I look everywhere, but he evades me. The only place I haven't looked is your apartment."

"My apartment?" You repeated.

"Yes," he replied, tone impatient.

"Why would he be there? I don't even really know him!"

"If he's not there, then prove it," he challenged.

You weighed up your options. You could continue to stand here arguing with him, and effectively arrive even later to work. Or, alternatively, you could relent and get to work quicker.

"Fine," you agreed.

He pulled away from you, but kept close, as though distrustful. It seemed he thought you'd try to run away from him again. You walked in silence until finally arriving at your apartment door. You swung it open, allowing him to step inside.

"See?" You asked pointedly. "There's no one here."

His eyes checked every inch of the room, before turning to face you again.

"Tell me if you see him," was his curt reply.

And then he left. Just like that. You were surprised that he didn't check the other rooms of your apartment, finding that strange. But more than that, it irked you that he didn't apologise for pushing you against that wall, or ordering you to prove that you weren't hiding the impish Turk. He seemed unwilling to admit that he'd been wrong.

Yet, as stubborn and arrogant as he seemed to be, you couldn't help but be intrigued by him. Just like all the other men on your floor. They were all a little bit bizarre, but they had definitely piqued your interest.