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The Experiment

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Jim woke up hungry. And it was no wonder.

He and Spock had gone at it for hours. Making up for lost time, that was for certain.

Spock still slept even now and Jim was reluctant to wake him. To Jim’s surprise there was a new vulnerability to Spock he had not noticed prior to Spock leaving for Vulcan. And during their love-making Spock had been almost unbearably intense. For a moment, Jim was overwhelmed. But it had also led to the most incredible sex of his life and that was saying something because ever since he’d begun this thing with Spock every time had been the best.

As he continued to stare at Spock, his lover, and yes, he could call Spock that, for sure, began to awaken. Little signs appearing as he became aware. A tiny frown, the furrow of his brow, the fluttering of his lashes. They’d awakened together, slept together, for the first time. And it felt…right.


“Good morning, beautiful.”

“Jim.” Spock shook his head. “It is you who are beautiful.”

“I’ll fight you over it,” Jim teased.

“I have no desire to be at odds with you over anything,” Spock admitted, softly. “It is morning then?”

“Yeah, about seven or so.”

“I apologize.”

Jim frowned. “For what?”

“I intended to have dinner with you and that did not occur.”

He laughed. “No, it sure didn’t. And I’m starving now, I might add.” He leaned over Spock and placed a kiss on the Vulcan’s cheek. “Don’t want to scare you with my despicable breath.”

“Mine is of equal distaste.”

“Want to go out for breakfast or should we eat here? Um. I bought a few things. We can probably make do.”

“You stayed here then?”

He felt himself redden. “Well, I—”

“Jim, I wanted you to. This is pleasing to me.”

Jim grinned. “Only you would find it pleasing that I’m eating you out of house and home.”

“A peculiar saying. I will view the contents of the kitchen and if it is suitable I would prefer that we stay in for now. Later I can go to the store to obtain additional supplies.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“You may make use of the shower first and I will investigate how things stand.” Spock rose from the bed and headed into the bathroom. He only took a moment, obviously to see to personal needs, before emerging. “It is all yours.”

Before he got into the shower, Jim sent a brief message to Bones. Also known as his mother-hen. 

FYI, I’m with Spock. He’s back. Things are really good. Don’t know when I’ll be home. Not in any hurry to leave. And I think he might not be in a hurry to get rid of me either.

He added a smiley face and hit send.

He probably took longer in the shower than he should have, but he made sure to wash everything very thoroughly, and it felt great to take a long hot shower, and when he emerged he was hit with the scents of coffee brewing and eggs cooking. He might even smell bread.

And it was so damn domesticated and weird that for like three seconds he got weirded out.  

“Stop it, Jim,” he said out loud. “This is good. Really good.”

He got dressed in loose fitting sweatpants he’d brought over with him when he’d been staying there without Spock and a sloppy gray t-shirt that he kept around just because it was soft. 

When he got out to the kitchen, Spock stood in the middle flipping over eggs in the pan. It occurred to Jim that he wasn’t even sure Spock ate eggs. It was him who’d bought them while Spock was visiting his parents.

“Your coffee is there, ashayam.”

“Thanks,” Jim said with a smile as he saw the mug Spock pointed out. It was made just the way he liked it too. “What does that mean?”

Spock looked at him in confusion.

“You said a word there at the end. Vulcan?”

Spock’s cheeks turned a bright shade of green and he looked away to concentrate on the eggs. “Sit there at the table. I will bring your food.”

When Jim did so and Spock still hadn’t provided an answer, Jim realized that Spock wasn’t going to respond. And Jim had a choice. Let it go or pursue it and make Spock uncomfortable, because obviously he didn’t want to say. So Jim let it go.

Spock put his plate of eggs before him and noticed he had also made potatoes and put on this weird flat looking bread stuff also on there. It smelled good.

“What’s this?”

“Kreyla. I brought it back from Vulcan,” Spock explained as he took the seat next to Jim. His plate only contained the potatoes and Kreyla and he had tea instead of coffee.

“You know you didn’t have to go to the trouble of making me eggs,” Jim said, even though he was happy to have them. “I could have made them.”

“It was not troublesome.”

“Mm. Well, all of this is really good. The Kreyla too. Thank you.”

“You are very welcome. Jim?”


Spock hesitated and seemed to take a deep breath. “Waking up together this morning was a very pleasing experience.”

He smiled. “I thought so too.”

Spock nodded. “I would like to ask you to share in the occupation of this apartment.”

Jim set his fork down with a clatter that made him wince. “What?”

The green in Spock’s cheeks were back, but he repeated, “I would like to ask you to share in the occupation of this apartment.”

He moistened his lips. “You mean…live here?”


“With you?”


Jim blinked. His stomach sank a little which was probably a weird reaction. But…if Spock was forced to live with Jim then he would know just what a freak Jim probably was and—

“As an experiment,” Spock said quickly.

“An experiment,” Jim repeated, trying out the word, the idea. After all, the experimentation of their relationship was Jim’s idea in the first place and it had, so far, worked out well. The weird sinking in his stomach went away. “Yes. An experiment.”

Spock paused for a seemingly long time. “Then you will move in?”

It was a big step for them. Experimental or not. But at least Spock would have an out if he needed one. If it occurred to Spock that Jim really was the loser Spock first thought he was then Spock could simply tell Jim the experiment had failed.

And Jim would pick up the pieces of his heart. Somehow.

But for now, Jim didn’t have to think about any of that. For now, it was good. Really good.

“Yeah. I will.”