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The Experiment

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Jim Kirk pulled the PADD from the fingers of the dark haired Vulcan professor.

“We should be having sex.”

The pressor took back the PADD without lifting his gaze to Jim. “No.”

“Oh come on, Spock.” Jim rested his chin on his hand. “I always put out on the first date.”

“You should raise your standards.”

“Hm. Probably. But I think that’s why you had such a bad time last night.”

“I did not say I had a ‘bad time’.” Spock continued to work on his PADD instead of paying attention to Jim.

“Did you have a good time?” Jim asked doubtfully. From his own experience, their date last night had been a disaster from beginning to end. Nothing went right and they hadn’t agreed on anything. Jim had ended up feeling pretty bummed and embarrassed by the whole thing. There hadn’t even been any kissing. In fact, Spock had seemed to be in a hurry to end the whole evening.


“There you see. We should be having sex,” Jim said again. “You’d have changed your mind.”

Spock finally looked up at him, though his expression remained blank. “We are not compatible.”

“How do you know that since we haven’t done it yet?”

“I do not speak of sexual congress, I speak socially. We do not share the same interests or even the same belief system. The mere fact that you express the intent for us to engage in a casual sexual encounter convinces me that you do not know me at all.”

“Well, I know normally, Vulcans aren’t interested in casual sex,” Jim said, smiling.

“And why would I change my mind now then, Cadet?”

“As an experiment.”

“An experiment.”

“You’re a scientist, right? I want to show you that we can have a very satisfying sexual relationship.”

“Merely having sex does not amount to a relationship,” Spock pointed out.

“Let’s say we have sex for a period of time. Regularly, of course.”

Spock arched a brow.

Jim grinned. “At the end of that period of time, if we both want to go our separate ways, then we do.”

“What if only one of us wants to go our separate ways, but the other one is interested in continuing?”

“Then it still ends. It has to be both of us wanting to continue.”

“The idea for this is entirely illogical.”

“Is it? We both get something out of it. Great sex. No strings attached unless we want them to be, at the end of it all. If not, you continue on to finding your forever sexual partner and I continue on with my life, too.  Logically, this way you get to experiment with casual sex, something few Vulcans get to do—”

“Or want to do,” Spock pointed out dryly.

“Really?” Jim smirked. “You aren’t the least bit curious?”

Spock looked away, out over the Academy cafeteria where they were currently located. “Some minor curiosity I suppose.”

“Casual sex in general or casual sex with me?”

Spock returned his gaze to Jim, raising an eyebrow that managed to make him look particularly snooty. “Casual sex with you,” he admitted. “You have something of a reputation and clearly I found you attractive enough to agree to last evening.”

“Do we have a deal then?”

Spock shook his head. “Hardly.”

“Come on, Spock. What have you really got to lose?” Jim lowered his voice. “It can be secret if you want it to be. No one but us has to know unless at the end of the experiment we decide to continue, right?”

“And how long of a period are we speaking of?”

“Well. Um. I hadn’t thought of that,” Jim said.

“It would seem that you came up with this experiment of yours at the spur of the moment, is that not correct?”

“Maybe,” Jim acknowledged. “Look, I didn’t expect to have a bad date last night.”

“You have never had an unsatisfactory social engagement?”

Jim licked his chapped lips. He gripped the end of the table as he leaned forward. “Not really because at least, well, we had—”

“You engaged in sexual activity.”

“Yeah.” Jim suddenly found himself blushing at Spock’s scrutiny. “There-there really hasn’t been that many, honestly. And to be honest, an unsatisfactory social engagement with someone I really like? No.”

“Perhaps you are not as fond of me as you believe.” Spock set his PADD down. “Our incompatibility was the cause of our ill-suited date, Jim. No amount of physical release is going to change that.”

Jim tried to hide his disappointment. “You’re turning me down?”

Spock pursed his lips slightly. “I should.”

He blew out a breath. “How about one time then? If it’s just not at all good for you, doesn’t convince you to continue with the experiment, than that’s the end of it. If you do have a good time, then we continue with the experiment.” Jim paused. “For say, three months.”

“I must go.”


The Vulcan stood and began to pack up the messenger bag that had been sitting on the chair beside him. “I will let you know of my decision by the end of the day.”

Jim closed his mouth. He nodded. “Fair enough.”

He watched as Spock left the cafeteria, noting his perfect posture and elegant way he moved. He drummed his fingers on the table. He’d blown it last night. Bringing Spock to a steak restaurant. What the hell was wrong with him? Too stupid and nervous to even think there would be nothing for Spock to eat there. Not much anyway.

And then Jim had said whoever programmed the Kobayashi Maru had been the biggest asshole.

Yup, that asshole was Spock. Or so Jim had been coldly informed.  

Then he’d brought Spock to a bar, because, well Jim suddenly, seriously, needed a drink. Only Vulcans didn’t drink, especially Vulcans named Spock. And someone had groped Spock. That was when the Vulcan had enough and made a beeline for the exit of the bar and their date.

With Jim’s luck, Spock would keep his ‘experiment” suggestion as a firm no.

He got up and went to his next class and after class, he had a message on his PADD.

Eight. My apartment.