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I've Always Got Your Back

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When Lin turned the door knob and walked into the house, she knew something was wrong. The living room looked untouched, not a pillow out of place after she had cleaned it up this morning. The kitchen and dinning room did not occupy the usually five, nine-year-olds that always seemed to find themselves there even though, Su was told not to bring company over without Lin or their mother, Toph, at home. In fact, it didn't sound as if Suyin was in the house at all. This caused her to frown, if that girl had went wandering out into the city again, she was going to kill her.

Quite literally this time.

She threw down her book bag in a huff and turned back to the door when she heard a sniffling sound. Lin paused and tilted her head to the side.  


There was no response and Lin bit her lower lip, before she decided to actually check down the halls to see if Su was there at all.  She skipped over her room and their mother's room and went straight towards Suyin's room and founded that it was shut and locked.

"Su?" Lin called out again, her hand on the knob. "Are you in there?"

"Why would I lock the door without me being in it?" The younger girl asked.

"I dunno," Lin shrugged. "Why bother to lock the door if I can metalbend it unlock?"

"So you know to leave me alone!"

Lin heard the crack in the nine-year-old voice and her frown deepened.

"Su, what's wrong?"



The fifteen year old girl was met with silence and she let out a groan. As she metalbend the door unlock, she muttered under her breathe that Su was such a brat. She pushed opened the door and found her sister, wrapped under her blankets.  She sat at the edge of her bed and she attempted to wrestle her sister's blankets from the younger girl, but she held on strong and finally Lin relented and let go of them. She leaned back and looked at the lump that was her sister and sighed.

"Well, if you won't tell me, I'll just sit here until mom gets home."

"You wouldn't."

"Try me."

There was a moment of silence before the lump move around until, Su's head popped out of blankets and a surge of concern and anger went through Lin. Suyin's green eyes was tint with red and her face was streaked with fresh and dried tears. Under Lin's gaze, Su quickly wiped her face and looked away. Lin reached over to touch her little sister's face but the girl dunk and went back under her covers.

"You can go away, now." Su muttered.

"Not until you tell me why you're crying."

"It's nothing, really."

Lin sighed and moved even closer to her sister. "Su, you don't cry for nothing, especially not like this. So tell me what's wrong."

There was another moment of silence before Suyin let out a shaky breathe.

"I'm adopted, aren't I?"

"What? No, where did you get that from?" 

Suyin threw off her blanket and sat up, so that she could look Lin in the eye.

"Oh, come Lin, I look nothing like you and mom. So, I have to be."

"Who told you that?"

Suyin opened her mouth before she quickly closed it and looked away. "It's obvious, Lin."

Lin chewed the inside of her cheek as she watched the way her sister slummed down into her bed. The younger girl looked down at her lap as she wrapped her arms around herself. She felt the corner of her lips turned down, hating that she was put in such a difficult situation. It would be easy to just say that they had different fathers and be done with it but something told her, that it wouldn't solve the problem so she sighed and pulled Su into a hug.

"Su,  you're not adopted and I can prove it to you."


Lin rose from her spot on the bed and offered her sister her hand. "Come on, I'll show you."

Su stared at the hand doubtfully before she accepted. Lin gently pulled her out of bed and led her to the dresser where the big mirror was at. They stared at their reflection and it gave Lin time to gather her thoughts. How she went about this would confirm Suyin's fears or get rid of them. It bugged Lin, that this was a problem for Su now. Not once had she asked when she was little or showed that it bothered her. Lin watched out of the corner of her eye as Suyin kept glancing at her, and the older girl inwardly sighed. There were times where she wished it wasn't up to her to handle it, that their mother would actually step up and took hold of the situation. Though, Lin knew that she valued their free will over everything else, opting  to let them figure it out, this annoyed her to no end. Their mother could offer just a little of guidance, be a constant in their lives, that would be nice.

After another moment of silence, Suyin spoke up.

"Lin, I don't understand."

"If you wait a minute, I'll explain, brat," Lin said rolling her eyes. "Lean forward."

Suyin looked up at Lin before she did as she was told. she pulled herself onto the dresser so that she was even closer to her reflection. Lin followed suit and and sat at the edge of it.

"What do you see?" 

"I see that I have darker skin than you and our noses are different," Suyin said. "And you look mean."


Lin nudged Suyin with her shoulder causing her sister to laugh. She shared a smile with Su and watched as the girl wiped away her tears again. Her smile faltered slightly at the thought of how this all came to be. Who would even bother bringing it up to her anyway? It couldn't have been Kya, Izumi, or Tenzin, even Bumi wouldn't have done it by accident. It had to be one of her friends or, worse, passing strangers that saw Su without her and thought it would be fun to mess with her. 

"I still don't see what the point of this is. How does this prove anything?" Su muttered, her smile gone now.

"Well, look back in the mirror," Lin said. "And look closer."

Suyin sighed and looked up and back at the mirror. "Okay?" 

"What do you notice about your eyes?"

She rolled her eyes. "They're green."

Lin flicked Suyin's forehead. "Well, no really. What shade?"

"I don't know! A light green, I guess."

"Yeah, the exact shade of green that mom has."

"No it's not! Hers is like glazed over because she's blind."

"Alright fine, hers is an even lighter shade but you guys both have similar green eyes."

Suyin said nothing and frowned at her reflection. She shrugged at Lin's words and she moved to leave but Lin placed her hands on her shoulder to keep her there.

"Come on, Lin, let me go. . ."

"Just wait, tilt your head just a little."


"Just do it, I'll do it with you."

 The girl looked at Lin doubtfully but did it anyway and as promised Lin followed suit.

"When your eyes in certain light. . ."

"It comes off as a greenish-yellow."

"So does mine. Not the exact shade but something similar."

Su's eyes darted from her reflection to Lin's and saw that she was telling the truth, and Lin saw the relief in her eyes but noticed the way she chewed on her lip.

Suyin wasn't entirely convinced.

"Listen Su, you're a Beifong, and I know it because I remember mom bringing you home." 

Lin wrapped her arm around Su's shoulder and pulled the younger girl towards her so that she could lay her head on Lin's shoulder. The older girl rubbed her arm as she rested her head on top of her sister's.

"I remember being so happy to finally being able to see you." Lin started.

Su snorted. "You? Happy to see me?"

"Well, if I knew back then that you were going to give me hell, I would have begged mom to take you back."

Su wrinkled her nose at this but there was a small smile on her face. 

"But little six-year-old me had no clue what she was going to go through for the next couple years," Lin continued. "So yeah, I was happy to see you. One look into your eyes and I knew that you were my sister. Mom even informed me that you were my sister, we have the proof that Mom carried you for nine months, all you have to do is ask Aunt Katara for the pictures."

Su nodded as bought her hands close to her as she laced and unlaced her fingers together. Lin didn't need to look at Suyin's face to see the lingering doubt and she shrugged Su off of her so that she could turn her body to face her sister and be able to use her hands to bring Su's face close to hers.

"You are a Beifong." Lin said each word slowly so that it could sink in.

she searched into Su's eyes before she continued.

"You're stubborn like one, fierce like one, and sarcastic like one. If you were adopted, I would've told you because you have ever have right in knowing that but you're not. You are a Beifong by blood and we are a force to be reckoned with. Who ever told you that you weren't a Beifong is jealous and spiteful and did it to hurt you, don't let them get in your head. Okay?"

She clasped a hand onto Su's neck and the younger girl nod.


"Alright. Now tell me who these assholes are."