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❝ What Could Have Been ❞

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Ped steps echoed through the archived hall's, only occupied with the quiet hum of hitched vent's as the figure continued through the seemingly-endless maze of archived data-pads that held the countless stories and records of the rich history that Cybertron proudly bore. The figure gave a groan as the sight of a mech came into sight, his posture all but horrible as he slumped over an open data-pad, seemingly have fallen asleep while either reading it or categorizing it.

"Orion, you idiot, I told you to recharge breems ago, and yet here you are, snoring away." the figure grumbled, slowly reaching forward to rouse the sleeping mech as they stepped back, pulling a cube of energon from their subspace. "Ratchet?" the mech groaned out, optic's blinking blearily as he struggled to online his processor enough to comprehend the sight of his friend standing before him. "What... What are you doing here?"

"I could ask the same of you" the medic snapped, practically shoving the cube at the still sleepy Orion, grimacing as the mech only stared down at the cube in mild interest. "I'm organizing these new data-pads, although I'm afraid I fell into recharge" he chuckled, servo slowly reaching forward to grasp the cube. "How did you know to find me here?" he mused, bringing the cube to his derma's as he turned a curious optic to the medic, the other being offlined as the sweetened taste of energon slowly crept across his glossa.

"Considering you never seem to actually leave this place for more than a few clicks, it was only a guess" Ratchet drawled, giving a hum of approval as Orion quietly handed him the (now empty) cube. "The next time you fall into recharge organizing these fraggin' data-pads I'm going to leave you for someone else to discover" he continued, nearly seething as Orion quietly pointed at him, a playful look on his feature's as he offlined an optic in a winking motion. "Language"

"I'll show you language in a minute, you brat" Ratchet chuckled, reaching forward to gently thump Orion on his helm, vents wheezing in silent laughter as the archivist gave a snort in surprise. "Also, I figured you'd like to know that lover boy is fighting tonight," the medic mused, quietly turning away with a smirk on his derma's as Orion gave an undignified noise while quickly scrambling to his peds as he marched to Ratchet's side. "Tonight?" the archivist whined, some of his more noticeable facial kibble pulling down in a (very obvious) pout as his companion gave a nod. "Tonight."

"Slaggit all to the pit" Orion grumbled, frame slumping forwards as Ratchet failed miserably in containing his boisterous laughter. "Language, Orion" he teased, giving his companion a gentle pat as his vents struggled to intake air, frame still shaking from his laughing fit. "I'm sure if you were to suddenly, oh I don't know, need a medic's assistance, I'd have to advise you take a break from all this work, what you do on this break, however, is up to you"

"Ratchet, your a life saver, literally and figuratively" Orion hummed, quickly latching onto his (somewhat taller) companion with a chuckle as he then released him, and with a nod, quietly raced out the door and towards the arena.

"I swear to Primus, he's gonna be the death of me"