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Hands of Fate: A Final Fantasy X Story

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Zanarkand's Stadium was alive. You couldn't just know of the crowd's excitement. It was something that's felt all over.

Kaiya could only watch outside, looking upwards at a massive screen. His fist clenched around where his heart is. Red wine eyes filled with determination. "C'mon Tidus…You got this." What he wouldn't give to see him in person, had the fact of his strong dislike towards crowds not be an actuality.

His eyes move this way and that, watching Abes's star player swim about in the sphere of water. The father who disappeared from Tidus's life ten years ago on another screen, can be heard. Show casing an old interview.

Gloved hands cover his eyes, when a rival player tackled Tidus. "That's it, that's it. Good recovery!" He cheered. One fist raised.

Screams sounded from behind. Choosing to ignore them, he focuses on the screen. He'll never forgive me if I miss even a moment. Ah. This is so nerve-wracking, how can anyone watch Blitz Ball and not worry about the players?! He hears next what sounds to be a rushing wave of water. Now becoming curious, he turned on his heel. His eyes don't just widen. They bulged, it felt like.

Water. A wave of it is near crashing down, upon Zanarkand.

His heart hammered against his rib cage, finally finding he could move from where he stood. A strong hand reached for his wrist however. A familiar hand.


The man, garbed in a red coat with one arm in a sling stared down. His amber eyes hidden behind sunglasses go unblinking. "Are you ready?"

"F-For what? I have to get Tidus, we gotta go!"

"Are you coming?"

Baffled by Auron's behavior, Kaiya knew regardless he didn't have much of a choice. It's either stay here. Swallowed by this sudden onslaught of water. Or follow after, his father and Tidus's father's old companion. Nodding once, lips set in a hard line, he jogged towards the already retreating swordsman.

Tidus could be seen racing out with others.

"Auron! Kai!"

"Tidus!" Kaiya cried out, waving him over.

They immediately embraced one another. Kaiya didn't care at this point, how awkward it would feel later. "You're alright! My God, you had me worried!"

"I'm alright. I'm just glad I found you," he explained. Gripping his friend's hand tight in his own. Ocean blue eyes trailing upwards towards Auron. Just now noticing the other's appearance. "What're you doing here?"

"I've been waiting for you. Both of you."

"What are you talking about?" Tidus gaped. Looking Kaiya way, with a raised brow. "Is he weirder than normal or just me thinking that?"

Kaiya rolled his eyes some. Chuckling softly at Tidus's question. "I don't think 'normal' fits Auron's definition…but we should keep up."

They couldn't believe it. Their home's destroyed. Buildings falling over each other, streets in total disarray. Left over water surges through the entire city still. So much for a regular evening…guess that monster movie marathon's, out "Look. Over there." Auron nodded his head. Motioning both to look up.

A monster is hovering over Zanarkand. Concealed in water. "Hang on….I thought….Sin?" Tidus looked his way, as if he'd grown two heads.


Auron nodded. His expression still blank as ever. "Your memory impresses me, Kaiya…that's correct."

"But. You killed Sin before. Right?" He could remember his father's stories clear as day. The day the monster named Sin, wreaked havoc all across Spira.

Yuya nodded once. His feline like eyes studying Kaiya. A different aura hung about him. And not just him, but Auron as well seemed more 'off' than usual. "It's returned." He says to Kaiya.

"How do you know what that thing is?" Tidus arched a brow.

"I don't 'know' it Tidus. Only from dad's stories." Kaiya flinched when a rogue tentacle swipes at a nearby building. Creatures the likes Tidus nor Kaiya have seen appeared. Reminding him of a deformed insect. Sinspawn. Miniature versions.

Auron retrieved something as Yuya did. He handed Tidus his weapon, a long sword while Yuya gives Kaiya a short sword. "Here. Use them."

"You know how to use them?" Tidus gaped, studying his blade.

A smirk crossed Auron's face, readying in his defensive stance. "Don't worry. You won't hit Yuya or myself. Just cut them down."

Keeping himself out of range, Kaiya grips the hilt that is his blade. It glowed in his hands, upon striking the one creature, pleased to see it dissolve. "Don't get cocky. These are only Sin's small fries. There's a lot more to come." Yuya chastised him. Knowing that smirk on his face, all too well.

"Roger that."

Five sets later they could see Sin floating just above where they stood. Auron brandished his katana, swiping at it. "Is he out of his mind?!" Kaiya uttered. Not understanding what his old sensei was thinking.

Tidus could only shake his head. Holding his exact same thought. "You're asking the wrong guy…"

Another battle of Sinspawn created an unfortunate explosion, opening up a pathway. The ground cracked and groaned. Having a lack of balance, Kaiya felt himself fall, his fingers latching onto Tidus's out stretched hand. "Dude, don't let go! I got ya!"

"Same to you! Ah man. So much for that movie marathon." Kaiya grumbled.

He looked up, as Auron and Yuya only stare at them. His heart hammered against his chest.

"This is your story…"

"It all begins here."

He couldn't speak nor Tidus. He didn't know as to what occurred next. One minute Sin sucked them up. And the next…they're falling.

Kaiya settled this to being a dream. Yes. That had to be it. He'll wake up, in his own bed. Tidus will call to remind about that Blitz Ball game.

Everything will be normal again. There would be no Sin.

He doesn't have time responding to Auron and Yuya. A light so bright blinds him. And he falls into freezing water.