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forever, you & i

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The first time Hoseok wakes up, he automatically notices warmth provided by an extra body is now gone and he's pretty sure he hears something from the kitchen. He checks his phone for the time, the time being 8:32 am and decides, it's too early to be getting up in search of his personal heater and goes back to sleep.

The second time Hoseok wakes up at 10:06, the spot next to him that's usually filled with another body is still empty. At least now, Hoseok feels more energized to actually get out of bed this time to search for his boyfriend, wherever he might be. 

Before Hoseok can even move the covers off him to get out of bed, the door suddenly opens and revealing his boyfriend, Yoongi, holding a tray that has a big bowl seaweed soup, a smaller bowl with rice, all of his favorite sides, and a cup of what he assumes to be tea on it. He watches Yoongi set the tray on the bedside table, grabbing the cup and handing it over to Hoseok. He looks up at him in confusion, nonetheless, accepting the drink and taking a small sip. Peppermint tea, his favorite. He makes an appreciative sound as the sweet liquid rushes down his throat. He looks up to his boyfriend who is watching him enjoy his drink, a scowl still on his face with his arms crossed. Hoseok sends him a smile, "Thanks for the food hyung! What's the occasion?"

Yoongi shakes his head and sits on the edge of the bed besides Hoseok. "Did you forgot about how it's your birthday today idiot?", Hoseok knows there's no malice in his tone in the slightest. "Had to wake up extra early so I could go to the grocery store and get all the ingredients to make your seaweed soup." If there's one thing Hoseok knows about Yoongi in the four years they've been together is that he is absolutely not a morning person, making sure to avoid waking up any earlier than 9 o'clock if possible. When Yoongi had asked Hoseok what he wanted to do for his birthday last night, Hoseok had joked that he just wanted for his sweet hyung to make seaweed soup for him. Yoongi's response was a scoff and a "in your dreams", so Hoseok wasn't actually expecting for Yoongi to actually do it. Usually Seokjin hyung cooked seaweed soup for him whenever he and the rest of the group came over in the morning to celebrate Hoseok's birthday, the fact that Yoongi took over that responsibility and most likely made sure to tell the others so they could be alone meant a lot to him.

"Woah, my Yoongi hyung cares about me after all." He teases and he sets his now empty cup back onto the tray. Yoongi slaps Hoseok's arm, prompting a laugh out of him. "Of course I care about you, dummy. Happy birthday, Hobi." Hoseok smiles at the sincerity in Yoongi's words, reaching. reaching over to cup Yoongi's cheeks in his hands and pulling him into a kiss, "Thank you hyung, I love you." Yoongi responds almost instantly, melting into Hoseok's touch and kissing him back, "I love you too baby."




Once Hoseok was done with his food, making sure to eat every last bite, he decides to take a quick shower which ended up taking 30 minutes longer than intended when Yoongi decided to join in and give Hoseok a birthday blow job (a very good blowjob actually) and get dressed. Hoseok usually celebrates his birthday by having movie marathons and dinner with the boys but this year instead Yoongi decided to plan the first half the day to be spent together alone with Hoseok and then meet up the boys the boys for dinner later on in the evening.

The two just spent the day walking around the city, their hands entwined the entire time. About the time when they finished off their ice creams that Yoongi bought for them ("Ooh, hyung is spoiling me", "Next time I won't buy you anything.") they realized they should start heading over to the restaurant they planned to meet up with the others if they wanted to make it on time. When Hoseok and Yoongi arrived at Hoseok's choice of his favorite Korean BBQ, where the boys were already seated with plates of uncooked meat already placed on the table.

"Look who finally came, the birthday boy himself!" Seokjin's teasing voice rang, causing Hoseok to let out a laugh as he took a seat, Yoongi taking the one right next to him. "Sorry we we're late, we got preoccupied", explained Yoongi. "They were probably too busy fucking the whole entire day." said Jungkook, who maybe shouldn't have said that seeing as he's in the seat right next to Yoongi, perfect for Yoongi to be able to smack his head. "Shut it, kid." Yoongi said, blocking out the whines of Jungkook asking Yoongi why had he hit him for, the whole table erupting in laughter. Jin had leaned over to pet his boyfriend's hurt head, his whines dying out as he preened at his boyfriend's attention. Yoongi has scowled at them as he began placing meat on the grill, "disgusting."

"You sure you get any room to talk there Mr.'fours years and counting' ?" piped up Namjoon, Hoseok automatically turning into a shade of red with Yoongi looking no better and quite speechless, "whatever." he feigned ignorance, instead choosing to put all his attention onto the grilling meat. It was no secret that Hoseok and Yoongi were the longest lasting couple in the group at 4 years almost 5 in late July with Taehyung  and Jimin barely only at 3 years and Seokjin and Jungkook at a year and a half. Hoseok still had a hard time accepting that he's been with Yoongi for this long, their relationship starting in Hoseok's sophomore year and Yoongi's junior year in college, now both graduated with good jobs, Hoseok as a choreographer and Yoongi as a producer at an entertainment industry. It seemed almost surreal to him that this was his life, the fact that he gets to share it with someone like Yoongi makes it even better (Hoseok thinks he would have been happy with any kind of life as long as Yoongi was beside him). 

The conversation quickly switches once Taehyung had mentioned a new photography project he was going to be shooting for, a round of congratulations from the others. From then on, the conversations between all 7 of them just flowed naturally. Cracking jokes with each other, throwing insults at one another with no malice, there's nothing that Hoseok loves more than sitting in a Korean BBQ with his friends, laughing and spending time together with the people that mean the most to him. By the time all the meat was gone, Seokjin and Jungkook had announced it was getting late and they'd have go seeing as Jungkook had classes the next morning and Seokjin had work. Hoseok had stood up to hug each of them, Seokjin had whispered in his ear just before they separated, "This'll be your favorite birthday yet, Hobi." and giving him a wink and leaving with Jungkook in tow, Hoseok staring at him as he walked away. Sure, this birthday was celebrated a bit differently but it wasn't anything special enough for Seokjin to have said something like that. He chose not to dwell on it and sit back down to continue talking with the rest.

Soon enough, Namjoon had left and shortly after Taehyung and Jimin also chose to end the night leaving Yoongi and Hoseok no choice but to also leave with them and head back home themselves. The night was pretty chilly and Hoseok not bringing the right jacket with him as it was a lot warmer earlier in the day was cold walking back home. "Seok-ah, come here." he hears Yoongi say next to him and sees how Yoongi has an arm out, signaling for Hoseok to get next to him for warmth. Hoseok smiles and wastes no time to snuggle up next to him, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend and resting his head on his shoulder, instantly feeling warmer. Although Yoongi was a bit shorter that him, it still somehow worked for the both of them. They continued to walk home in silence with Hoseok feeling Yoongi's hand rub his arm up at down to give him any kind of extra warmth when he heard Yoongi had said something.

"Huh? What'd you say?" he asked, "I asked if you had a good birthday." Hoseok hummed in agreement, "Yeah, it was really good, had lots of fun. Although, Seokjin hyung had said something that this would be my favorite birthday but I don't really know what he meant by that, it wasn't that much different from the previous years." Hoseok feels that Yoongi has abruptly stopped walking, he turns to see him with an unreadable expression, "Yoongi?" He hears Yoongi let out a small groan, "I'm gonna kill for saying anything at all." Hoseok now, was even more confused, "Huh? Did you know what he meant?" Yoongi ruffled his hair, muttering a soft, "screw it." before he saw him take something out of his coat pocket and kneel down in the middle of the empty sidewalk. Hoseok instantly gasps, knowing exactly what's going on, tears already welling in his eyes. He can't believe this is happening (What the fuck? Oh shit... Oh shit shit shit shit) 

"Hoseok," Yoongi begins, "being with you these last four years have been the best couple of years I've ever had. I know it was difficult in the beginning because of my attitude to this whole love shit when I told you of how my parents were but," Yoongi took a pause, looking down at the floor and no doubt remembering the kind of childhood he was subjected to at a young age, how his family fell apart from his father cheating on his mother. It made love a sensitive subject for him ever after Yoongi had met Hoseok,"no matter how difficult it was" he continued, looking back up at Hoseok, "you never stopped trying, never stopped loving me for even a second. And now, here I am, so fucking in love with you that sometimes I don't really know what to do with myself or what I'd do if you suddenly weren't by my side any longer. That's why I decided to do this. I want to be by your side forever and you by my side forever. I want to wake up to you every morning and have a future with you. With you as my husband and the father of my children. Jung Hoseok, will you marry me?" 

Hoseok let out a sob, his tears coming out all too fast to the point where he could say nothing but just nod to Yoongi's question. With a watery smile on his face, Yoongi stood up and grabbed Hoseok's left hand, sliding the ring onto his finger, a simple sliver band with both Hoseok and Yoongi's birthstones next to each other, the date where they first became official carved on the inside, it was beautiful. As soon as the ring was on his ring, he jumped on his now newly fiancé, Yoongi, although surprised, still caught Hoseok, his hands holding Hoseok's thighs as they wrapped around Yoongi's waist. Yoongi kissed his head and whispered small "love you"s to get Hoseok stop crying (he was just so fucking happy). Finally, Hoseok had stopped crying, Yoongi had placed him back down, but Hoseok still didn't let him go, instead, pulling down Yoongi by the jacket to bring him down for a kiss.

"How about we take this home fiancé?" Hoseok teased with a smile when he pulled away. Yoongi didn't need to be told twice as he grabbed Hoseok's hand as he began walking faster home. Seokjin hyung was right, this is the best birthday he's ever had.